4 Best Window Evaporative Coolers Worth the Money 2021

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Table of Contents

A window evaporative cooler for a window space is a cleverly designed unit for air and temperature conditioning in the home. Often considered similar in operation to that of an air conditioning system, a window evaporative cooler that sits neatly in your window space has one massive advantage over AC units. That is, rather than recirculating the same air around the room, it works to provide a steady stream of fresh air into and around the home instead.

For this reason, these models are considered a more effective but equally natural and healthier means of cooling the room; all the while doing so as an energy efficient product. Working on pushing the cooler air into the place, any warmer air is then pushed out through the window.

In addition, one of these window evaporative coolers in your home, will help you save on valuable floor space most especially for small homes, apartments, and condos.

A cheaper solution not only when purchasing but also when installing, these model types are even more cost-effective. This is because they use less energy than standard AC units.

We’ve done our research and uncovered what we believe are amongst four of the best Window Evaporative Coolers for Window Spaces in the market. All available for purchasing online, these models are some of the most effective at performing, they are sturdily constructed, they are durable and are also relatively simple to install.

1. Aircare Model RN50W Window Evaporative Cooler

Sylvane was set up by those who themselves suffered from severe allergies and couldn’t find the right products to help combat their symptoms. Aiming to create some of the best indoor air quality products available on the market, they offer no less than three window evaporative coolers for sale direct from their online store. Essick Air RN50W Window Evaporative Coolers

The first product review here is their Aircare RN50W model, ideal for windows for spaces that don’t allow for a freestanding evaporative cooler

Though this may be the most expensive on the list here, the many key features and the extreme ability to cool any room it’s placed in, more than makes up for this increased price tag, to give you complete value for money!

When you purchase this model, you’ll find the window evaporative cooler itself, three Essick air cooling pads, an owner’s manual, and an installation kit. The installation kit is comprised of leveling legs, window retainers, and window filler panels.

Proudly made in the USA, this industrial type air cooler also comes complete with a fantastic eight-year limited warranty on the cabinet and one year’s limited warranty on the parts.

This cooler focuses on cooling those more extensive areas of the home, up to 1600 square feet in total. It can lower the temperature of the room by as much as 15 to 20 degrees!

Utilizing a natural evaporation process to achieve this coolness, it does not use toxic chemicals to aid this process. Instead, it works only on those natural resources which we know as water and air.

Claimed to perform best in those more dryer of climates, this will work to eliminate hot air present while releasing fresher and cooler air back into the space. It also states that it does this at just a fourth of the electrical energy that an AC unit requires.

The RN50W model comes with a variety of additional features and benefits. This includes a remote control, which allows you to operate and control your water pump and fan speed at up to 20 feet away from the unit itself.

It also boasts an overload protection, which means should it ever overheat, it will automatically switch off to allow it to cool down.

It has a waterless option where you can simply turn the water pump off and use it without water for ventilation purposes.

UL safety certified, this is an eco-efficient model which eliminates any need to access ozone-depleting refrigerants.

A continuous operational model, you won’t need to have to keep refilling this – instead, connect it easily to a standard water hose for hands-free operation throughout.

Made up of an entirely durable construction, this will not corrode, and you won’t witness any rust from exposure to the outdoor elements.

Overall, this is a low energy operating model which is highly efficient and delivers on exceptionally high performance. With reduced installation costs, this is a quieter working model that ensures little noise pollution but continued successful cooling power where you need it the most.


  • Will cover large areas of up to 1600 square feet.
  • Ideal for those who suffer from allergy attacks as it comes equipped with moist pads that act as air filters to trap for dust, pollen, smoke, and odors, thereby providing nonstop respite to allergy sufferers.
  • Sturdy and durably constructed with all-steel cabinets and interior components and corrosion-resistant polyester powder coating on the exterior.
  • Operates efficiently with little noise produced during operation.
  • Comes with a remote control to allow you to easily operate it, turn the water pump on and off, and change the fan speed.
  • Equipped with an automatic thermal overload protection switch that shuts off automatically if the motor overheats.
  • Operates on natural resources air and water, without the presence of toxic ozone-depleting refrigerants making this unit an Eco-Friendly green method of cooling.
  • Economical due to low operating costs – utilizing only a fraction of the electrical energy required to operate a central AC unit.
  • Waterless Option available for use on cooler nights or very humid days if you want.
  • Allows for hands-free continuous operation when connected to a standard water hose. 
  • Easy to set up with the included installation kit at reduced installation costs as it requires no wiring or venting. 

2. Aircare Model RN35W Window Evaporative Cooler

The next Aircare model on the list from Sylvane Store is the RN35W model. This is slightly cheaper to purchase than the RN50W model, but this is because its square feet recommendation is for areas up to 900 square feet in total. Essick Air RN35W Window Evaporative Cooler

However, as you should expect with all AIRCARE models, the RN35W still offers all those immense benefits and features of its more expensive counterpart.

Furthermore, the ability to lower the temperature in your space by using this model by as much as 15 to 20 degrees also mirrors that of the RN50W model!

Claimed to use as much as 75% less energy than the traditional AC unit, this is a most energy efficient cooler that should work to reduce your overall cooling costs.

Included with your purchase here is the evaporative cooler itself, an installation kit for both vertical and horizontal windows that includes window retainers, window filler panels and leveling legs, an owner’s manual, a remote control, and a complete cooling pad set.

This also offers a fantastic eight-year limited warranty on this cabinet, with a one-year limited warranty on its parts.

The RN35W works by pulling in the hot air of 3330 cubic feet every minute. It does this via the model’s side vents, and then it flows throughout the saturated pads. This is where the evaporation occurs. Later, the fresh air is released back into your living space throughout from its grille. Instantly, the temperature drops.

However, the difference here when compared to an AC unit is that this air is fresher but equally healthier. As this model comes complete with pads, their aspen tree fiber makeup works to filter out all harmful allergens. This includes problematic allergens such as pollen, dust, smoke, and odor.

Workable via a remote control, here you can operate the cooler, turn its water pump on and off, and change the fan speed all from the comfort of your chair.

A noiseless model in operation, this also works to effectively reduce any noise pollution present. This is mainly due to its quieter blower.

Automatically shutting off to ensure continued safety throughout use, its thermal overload switch provides continued peace of mind.

A waterless option once more and an eco-friendlier choice of a cooler, this model is made of durable components and ensures a corrosion resistant coating all-round.

Better still, the RN35W is a more budget-friendly choice of evaporative cooler. This is due to its offerings as a high performing model but one which ensures lower operating costs overall. This means it works to only use a fourth of the electricity that is generally required when running those central ACs.


  • Long lasting  as it’s constructed using all-steel in both the interior and exterior with Corrosion-resistant polyester powder coating.
  • Comes with a romote control for easy operation.
  • It’s Quite in operation.
  • Fitted with an auto shut-off thermal overload safety feature.
  • Green and envioronment friendly method of cooling with no need for toxic chemicals.
  • Great for reducing allergy attacks as the cooler comes with pads that filter out dust, pollen, smoke, and odors.
  • Waterless option for cooler nights or very humid days.
  • Offers lower operating costs as compared to the amount of resources required to operate central ACs.

3. Aircare Model N28W Window Evaporative Cooler

The cheaper of the three AIRCARE models reviewed here, this one is the N28W model. A smaller in stature design, this evaporative cooler is suggested for those areas of up to 600 square feet in total. Essick Air N28W Window Evaporative Cooler

Included with this purchase is the cooler itself, an owner’s manual, an installation kit which includes window retainers and filler panels and leveling legs, plus a complete cooling pad set.

The N28W model is designed to keep your home at a cooler, more comfortable temperature throughout those drier and uncomfortable warmer periods. However, it does this in the greenest of ways.Therefore, it not only helps the environment but also works hard to save you money in the process.

Unlike an air conditioning unit, this cooler does not require the use of any ozone-depleting chemicals in its operation. Therefore, it relies solely on air and water and a more natural process as a result. In turn, this combination of pure water and air means you can effectively cool the temperature of your environment by as much as 30 degrees.

This model has the added benefit of a convenient control knob. Therefore, you can operate two fan speeds with minimal effort required.

Additionally, this use of air and water combined means you save up to as much as 75% of the traditional costs associated with an AC unit. This is claimed to be an inexpensive model to run and equally an easier one to install. Coming complete with the kit you need, all Aircare systems are said to be some of the most straightforward to install all by yourself.

This model works to supply consistently fresh and indeed cooler air throughout the room it’s placed in. It also does this in a healthier way utilizing its aspen tree fiber cooling pads. Therefore, if anyone in your home tends to suffer from severe allergies during the spring and summer months, these pads work to eliminate the major causes of such symptoms. This means they effectively work at removing pollen, odors, dust, and smoke.

This model is the simpler to operate, with just one control knob making it easy for all to use. Additionally, it offers many of the benefits of its more expensive counterparts. This includes a durable construction, a waterless option, an overload protection, and a quieter running feature throughout operation.


  • Eco-friendly with no ozone-reducing refrigerants unlike traditional ACs.
  • Ideal cooler for allergy sufferers due to the cooling pads that effectively trap dust, pollen, odors, and smoke.
  • Sturdy and durable with all-steel components inside and out plus it’s also rust proofed using a corrosion-resistant polyester powder coating. 
  • Works quietly.
  • Automatic on/off safety thermal overload switch that offers protection against overheating.
  • Economical option for home cooling as it can reduce cooling costs as much as 75% compared to traditional AC units.
  • No remote control but instead you get a convenient manual control knob for easy operation.
  • Waterless option also available with this unit.
  • Easy to install with an installation kit that is included saving you 50 to 80% installation costs compared to a traditional central AC unit.

4. MasterCool Model MCP44 Window Cooler with Slim Profile

Equal to the price range of the AIRCARE RN50W, this MasterCool evaporative window cooler is available to purchase from Amazon. Best Window Evaporative Coolers

A more lightweight and generally smaller model in appearance, this offers a slim profile but can work to provide fresh and cleaner air to a staggering 1600 square feet.

This is a more versatile of designs with the emphasis placed solely on higher performance, an optimal of output, and an excellent cooling efficiency for those larger of environments.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a more inconspicuous of designs from your cooler, this narrower of models may be more appreciated in your home as it can complement many a room and exterior where it’s placed.

A slimmer build of coolers all-round, not only is this model the smaller of coolers in its looks – but its UV resistant polypropylene makeup ensures that it retains a weather resistant surface throughout.

Installing the MasterCool is claimed to be a simple process. A much convenient cooler model to connect, it is designed to fit into those sash or slider-style of window types while doing so without any hitches.

What’s more, this is stated as one of the easier of evaporative coolers to operate. This is due to its touch control panel. Coming complete with a handy remote control, here you can set it up to work at the touch of a button wherever you may be in the room.

Included with this purchase are two-inch cellulose pads that provide the ultimate in cooling efficiency alongside a superior performance. This equals a powerful routine of up to 4,000 cubic feet of air per minute.

A low maintenance model, its filter can be easily replaced, while its weather-resistant case will ensure many years of durable use to come.


  • Covers large areas of up to 1,600 square feet.
  • Remote control included and a digital touchscreen control panel for easy operation.
  • UV resistant polypropylene body ensures it can withstand the elements for increased durability.
  • Up to 75% lower energy costs as compared to traditional refrigerated air conditioning.
  • Lightweight and slim compact in design.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.

Final Thoughts on Best Window Evaporative Coolers for Window Spaces

Undoubtedly, these specific window evaporative coolers are perfect for those areas where low humidity is a recurring problem. They also make it possible to stream a steady flow of fresher healthier air into the room, as opposed to the staler recirculated air that AC units, unfortunately, tend to offer.

Though it is worth noting that they perhaps do require a little more regular and ongoing maintenance than those air conditioning units, the results derived from them more than make up for this small requirement.

And, while they may initially seem like a more expensive layout, because many of them are the eco-friendlier of models to run, this initial cost soon pays for itself through the many reductions in your ongoing energy bills long term.

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