2020 Review of the 8 Best Window Air Conditioners with Heat

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Table of Contents

A window air conditioner is a fantastic addition to any home environment, working at improving the air flowing throughout. However, a window conditioner that has an added heat element is undoubtedly a significant buy which combines the best of both worlds!

Such a window air conditioner with heat as this not only works to improve the air flow through the room but can double up and warm the room in question with just one touch of a button.

The problem many people experience when purchasing a window air conditioner on its own is then having to buy yet another appliance to warm the room afterward. A vast majority of systems will tend to provide a solely cooling element or a solely heating element. Therefore, this means not only buying them separately but then finding a place to install them separately, should you wish to benefit from both types simultaneously.

This is where a window air conditioner with heat comes in. One of the easiest of appliances to install, it is also one of the most economical regarding its running costs. This is because combined models will ensure complete efficiency in running to the required temperature of the room, and then switching off when it has been reached.

These are also the safer option for many homes in the room, mainly because they reduce the hazards that the more portable of units and heaters pose. Portable units need to be closely monitored every time they are in use and will also pose potential tripping hazards due to their trailing cords. A window air conditioner with heat ensures none of this while, keeping it at a safe distance from pets and wandering little hands!

We’ve searched the online market place to bring you no less than eight of the best window air conditioners with heat. We feel that these are some of the best-rated models which work effectively at both cooling and heating the intended room. They also all work to offer some fantastic as well as individual benefits and features as they do so.

Available to purchase from Amazon and directly from the fantastic air quality solutions company Sylvane, these are some well-priced models which we believe perform an excellent job in the home environment.

1. Friedrich Chill 8,000 BTU Window AC with Electric Heat

The first model on our list is Sylvane’s Friedrich Chill 8,000 model. Fantastically priced mid-range, this is aimed at that residential and even light commercial of spaces. Friedrich Chill 8000 BTU Window Air Conditioner - angle

Featuring an initiative electronic control panel, this is said to be one of the easier of AC and heat units to access.

Included with your purchase here, alongside the unit itself, is an installation kit, remote control, and owner’s manual.

This is a heavy duty constructed model which boasts a 20-gauge steel design and an outer coat of aluminum that resists rusting.

This finishing, alongside a solid top sleeve to protect from falling debris, ensures continued durability over the lifetime of its use.

Offering three modes of operation, you can cool heat or select the fan only method here. Working to remove around 3.1 pints of moisture per day naturally, it also allows you to keep the room comfortably warm when you need it most.

A most economical model, this will work to alternate the various cycles, therefore reducing energy consuming and operating costs.

With many additional features included, this model has a washable filter, push button controls, a slide-out chassis, and heavy-duty side curtains to reduce any exterior light and noise.

Additionally, it will automatically restart retaining your initial settings, after power failures while preventing kick in intrusion through its smart anti-intrusion protection.

The Friedrich 8000 BTU model is designed for those areas of up to 325 square feet in total and works best for such rooms offering continual cooling and supplemental heat as and when required.

2. Koldfront 12,000 BTU Heat/Cool Window Air Conditioner

Our lowest priced model on this list here is the Koldfront 12,000 BTU, available for purchase through Amazon. Koldfront WAC12001W 12,000 BTU 208/230V Heat/Cool Window Air Conditioner

This is a heat/cool window air conditioning unit which can provide comfort for a total of up to 550 square feet when cooling and up to 400 square feet when heating.

The most energy efficient of appliances, this provides users with several energy-saving features. These include a sleep mode, an energy saving mode, a controlled thermostat operation, and a check filter light!

With the ability to set your preferred temperature, whether warm or cold, this has an easy to access control panel where by you can easily read the digital temperature display and quickly select your preferred settings with one touch.

Also, this comes complete with a remote control so you can make your choices from all the way across the room.

This model is an eco-friendly refrigerant one. Therefore, it works hard to ensure it doesn’t harm the ozone layer through its R-410 properties.

Perfect for those smaller of spaces, its directional louvers move the air around in a total of four different directions. It also offers a choice of three fan speeds, so you have full control of the air flow.

There is also a dehumidifying option here which allows you to dry your space if necessary, which successfully removes as much as 60 pints of moisture a day.

A fantastic sleep function mode here ensures you can periodically adjust the temperature for up to six hours before it resumes to its set temperature. There is also a 24-hour timer function available.

Coming complete with installation hardware, as well as a weather seal, this can maintain temperatures between 62°F and 86°F.

3. Friedrich Chill 12,000 BTU Window AC with Electric Heat

Another popular Sylvane choice, and yet another Friedrich product, this is the 12,000 BTU modelFriedrich Chill 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioner - angle

Supplying a more substantial room size than the 8,000 Friedrich model, this aims to provide comfort to rooms of up to 500 square feet in total.

Complete with the unit itself, an installation kit and an owner’s manual, this claims to offer a more powerful of operating functions and has an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 11.3 as standard.

A most versatile of models, this also allows you to select up to three choices of fan speeds. These include an ability to cool, an ability to provide extra heat or the ability to act as a primary fan.

Featuring a Money Saver mode, it also works hard to alternate cycles, therefore, ensuring an easy process, but one which doesn’t continually run when in cool mode. This is great when it comes to reducing your energy usage.

Additionally, this model also works to naturally dehumidify when in cooling mode, therefore reducing any excess moisture present in the room.

Constructed using a durable and heavy steel design, the aluminum end plates attached to this unit ensure rusting is resisted throughout use. It also houses a commercial grade fan which is robust and fully enclosed, providing continued protection throughout.

The fan element of this model works on the lower temperature, therefore ensuring the AC unit itself doesn’t overheat at any time.

Featuring a simple push button control, this eco-friendly and ozone friendly model also promotes a washable filter in its make-up. Therefore, you save money as there’s no need to buy replacement ones, merely wash them regularly to protect against further growth and bacteria.

4. Friedrich Chill 18,000 BTU Window AC with Electric Heat

Sylvane’s Friedrich 18,000 model is an excellent choice for those wanting a blast of cool air to anywhere in the home and then an option to add supplemental heat when it suits them. Friedrich Chill 18000 BTU Window Air Conditioner - angle

With a superior construction throughout its design, this is a product which has been made to operate for many years to come and all at a quieter process as it does so.

This powerful unit claims to have an 11.2 EER and is actually from the Friedrich Chill Plus Line. It is therefore ideal for residential and even light commercial cooling purposes.

A most versatile operation is possible using this model as it has three fan speeds, alongside an ability to cool or provide supplemental heat – or act as a stand alone fan.

With a powerful 18,000 BTUs of cooling power and 12,000 BTUs of heating power, this can keep your indoor environment comfortable at any time and all throughout the year.

Coming complete with an installation kit for ease of fitting, this is a thoroughly durable unit, very well constructed and offers plentiful additional features.

These include a 24-hour timer, a washable filter and anti-intrusion protection to push button controls and an additional remote control as standard.

In addition to its warming and cooling properties, this model also works to reduce the excess humidity levels present in whatever room it’s paced in. This means it can work to eliminate up to 5.5 pints of moisture every hour! This involves the removal of a staggering amount of up to 132 pints over 24 hours.

5. Friedrich Chill 23,500 BTU Window AC with Electric Heat

One of the costlier of units on the list, this may be at the higher price end here, but what if offers in return for this initial outlay is staggering. Friedrich Chill 23500 BTU Window Air Conditioner - angle

This Friedrich model can serve spaces that measure up to 1,300 square feet! This is all thanks to its 23,000 BTUs of cooling power.

Including the unit itself, there’s also an installation kit with the owner’s manual to get you up and running instantly. You can also derive an immense heating power from this model using its 12,000 BTUs element.

A thoroughly durable model, this has a most trusted construction made entirely from durable 20-gauge steel and aluminum end plates. This all means no chance of rusting while the fan is fully encased to prolong its overall operating time.

A most eco-friendly of designs, this model has an impressive rating of 9.8 EER, which is something not often seen in a powerful air conditioning unit such as this size.

With multiple modes to select from, this appliance also works to naturally dehumidify your space too. It does all of this while reducing both energy and operating costs as it does not continuously run in cool mode.

With many additional features as standard here, a remote control is included with your purchase so you can either select your settings on the LCD display or from the comfort of anywhere around the room. Alternatively, you can simply press the push button controls when selecting the temperature, programming the timer, changing modes, or when selecting a fan speed.

Additionally, this works to remove 6.5 pints of moisture level present, will automatically restart, has anti-intrusion protection and heavy-duty side curtains to reduce any unwanted exterior noise and light.

6. LG 12,000 BTU Window AC with Heat

Our final model on the list for review here is the LG 12,000 BTU. Sold by the knowledgeable air quality company Sylvane, this is once again a window air conditioner type but one that makes the installation, use, and continued operation the more comfortable to deal with. LG LW1216HR 12,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

This works to deliver a more comfortable room environment for up to 550 square feet in total. Capable of delivering up to 12,000 BTUs in cooling and 11,200 BTUs heating power, it’s an ideal solution for all seasons.

Completely energy efficient, this has an EER of 11.3. In addition to this ratio, it has several fantastic energy saving features built into its design.

This includes a highly efficient energy saver mode whereby wasted energy is prevented. This is because this model encourages the fan to stop each time the compressor stops cooling. Then the fan will turn on to check the room temperature to determine whenever cooling is needed.
Also, the programmable timer is an ideal way to pre-set the air conditioning element of this unit and can be done so up to 24 hours in advance.
Finally, its programmable thermostat allows you to control the temperature as and when you prefer to, anywhere from 60°F to 86°F.

Regarding the heat mode of the LG model, with just a straightforward press of the button, you can keep the room comfortable throughout those colder of months with a fantastic 11,200 BTUs heating performance. Other features include; 2 fan speeds, 4-way direction air flow, and an auto-reminder for filter cleaning.

Complete with a remote control, you can either use the more accessible control panel on this unit or simply control it from across the room. Whichever method you prefer, there’s no denying that the manual operation on this model is one of the easiest making any adjustments to the settings mere seconds to perform.

7. LG 7,500 Window-Mounted 3,850 BTU Supplemental Heat Function Air Conditioner

This LG air conditioner is available to purchase from Amazon and aims to ensure that you feel the most comfortable as possible in your own home. It does this through its duel element of providing not only cooling capabilities but by supplementing heating as an additional heat source as well. Best Window Air Conditioners with Heat

This offers you an energy efficiency ratio (ERR) of 11.2. Using a standard electrical outlet of 115 volts, it offers two cooling speeds, two heating speeds, and two fan speeds to select from at your leisure.

For the cooling element, it has BTUs of 7,500, meaning it can cover rooms up to 320 square foot in this function.

Regarding its supplemental heating elements, it has 3,850 BTUs, enabling it to deliver a room of up to approximately 220 square feet in total.

The control panel and the additional remote control included with this purchase make this one of the easier of models to access and use.

The remote features a power button, temperature selection, fan speed, timer,and mode choice – while the control panel itself offers precisely the same opportunity -albeit with a digital display as well.

When fitted and installed, this model is a simplistic style which is shrouded in the durable casing to ensure continued durability. A most portable and sturdy of styles and designs, it is ideal as a supplemental occasional heater type.

One of the cheaper of models listed here, this is ideal as a replacement unit and one which doesn’t take much time or effort to fit with ease into an array of windows.

Final Thoughts on Best Window Air Conditioners with Heat

Now you’ve had a chance to look through some of these best-rated models, we’re hopeful that you have a better idea of the many benefits and advantages they offer.

A window air conditioner with heat will not just cool and warm a room, but also work to produce a multitude of fantastic benefits during its operation. Whether it’s reducing the moisture level of excess humidity, reducing your energy levels or even reducing your energy costs, these products offer fantastic all-around action and work hard to ensure the living environment they’re placed in remains comfortable all year round.

Best of all, with the ability to fit them swiftly and safely into a window, they make the installation process easy and allow a more practical solution for many more residential areas, and even those light commercial of places, as a result.

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