Top 10 Best Whole House Evaporative Humidifier Units of 2020

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Table of Contents

A fantastic way of adding much needed moisture to the air, a whole house evaporative humidifier unit will work to ensure those dryer of living environments receive an excellent level of air quality all-round.

Whereas standard humidifiers will tend to work on offering relief to just one area of the home, a whole house humidifier will supply assistance to the entire house – therefore including every room in the building.

As a result of this coverage, these model types are ideal for covering more extensive surface areas and can cater better to domestic environments as a result. Better still, they are the most perfect of solutions for those homes that really do struggle with humidity levels.

However, if you’re simply looking to improve the overall air quality in your home and would like to ensure a healthier environment overall, they also work just as well here.

We’ve done a thorough research of the online market and selected no less than ten of these incredible units for you to look through. These are available on Amazon or Sylvane.

1. Aircare Moist Air Evaporative Whole-House Console Humidifier

We start here with the lowest priced model on our list. This comes from the fantastic suppliers at Sylvane and is the Aircare Moist Air console modelAIRCARE MA1201 Evaporative Console Humidifier - side angle view

This is the model which has been recommended as the number one console style humidifier by a leading consumer reporting magazine!

Working on adding soothing cool mist moisture to your entire home, this can cover an area that is around 3,600 square feet. By doing this, it can release an astounding amount of 11.44 gallons of cool moisture to humidify each day.

Simple to both operate and maintain, this offers push buttons and an easy access digital control panel. Displaying everything that you need to see to manage and set up your preferred choices.

Featuring a mineral absorbing filter, this humidifier will remind you when the wick filter needs to be replaced.

Best of all, the Aircare has a humidistat control, which is perhaps one of the most convenient. This means that it will work for you to maintain the best level of humidity for your home, hands-free. You simply set your desired humidity levels, between 25% and 65%, and when the level in your home falls below such settings, the most efficient of fan speeds will kick into combat this.

Allowing a choice of four fan speeds, this is also one of the quieter of models, making it ideal for use even when all members in the home are sleeping.

While whole house console humidifiers are often heavy and can’t be moved as freely as one would want, this Aircare Moist Air console model is a largely portable model as it comes with rolling caster wheels. Therefore, you can move your appliance around the home to wherever suits you best easily.

2. Aprilaire 865 Fan Powered Whole House Steam Humidifier with Wall Mount Fan

The highest priced on the list here, this is the Aprilaire 865 which is fan powered, so doesn’t require an air duct to operate. Aprilaire 865 Whole House Steam Humidifier with Wall Mount Fan

This is a whole house steam humidifier which comes complete with a wall mount fan. It is therefore aimed at those homes without HVAC duct systems.

Furthermore, this unique model, which has been manufactured in the USA, has been designed using electrode technology. Aprilaire, its creators, claim to be the original inventors of the whole home evaporative humidifiers. They are also renown in the industry as being amongst one of the best when it comes to quality indoor air solutions.

This model is a high output steam humidifier which, when mounted on the wall, can push humidified air into the living space of your home without relying on a HVAC duct system.

Offering full coverage of up to an astounding 6,200 square feet in total, this is ideal for those tightly built of homes.

Here, you can select from a fantastic six levels of output. Therefore, you can add anything from 11.5 to 34.6 gallons of moisture directly into the air each day. This can be determined by preference, voltage, and installation.

This is also a great solution when using in those homes where the climate is arid, for example,desert climates.

Furthermore, this model can help look after the health of all those in your home. Studies carried out on Aprilaire models have suggested that these models help maintain the optimal humidity in the living environment. Therefore, they can work on reducing any symptoms created by allergies which are created through poor air quality.

3. Aprilaire Model 700 Whole House Humidifiers

Our second Aprilaire choice for our selection here is the 700 high capacity model. This is a powered flow-through model type; therefore, it works with your homes existing heating and cooling systems. Aprilaire Model 700 Whole House Bypass Humidifiers - automatic control

The idea of this appliance is to deliver a proper supply of humidified air to all the rooms in your home.

It does this via a most natural of evaporation processes. This means it has a simple two-step procedure. Connecting to your HVAC system, the water will flow to the top of the model when the control is triggered to request more humidity in the room.

The moisture is evaporated into the dry air to create a healthier level of air quality. This humidified air is, as a consequence,delivered throughout the rest of the home via the HVAC system’s return duct.

Covering a range of up to 2,100 square feet in total, it claims to be able to distribute up to a fantastic 18 gallons of moisture every day of the week.

This model is designed to counteract the adverse effects of chronically dry air that many homes, unfortunately, can experience over time. This is particularly problematic for those homes in certain climates and for people who suffer from dry air symptoms on an ongoing basis.

Featuring a built-in fan, this model also boasts an integrated drain. This allows it to flush any problematic mineral build up away from the machine itself. Therefore, water will not accumulate inside the unit.

With many additional benefits, including panel indicators, reduced energy costs, and an interior protection assurance, this is an all in one reliable solution which is ideal for the domestic environment.

4. Honeywell HE360 Whole House Powered Flow-Through Humidifier

The first Honeywell whole house humidifier on our list, this is a small, but perfectly formed model which offers a powered flow-through operation. Working in unison with your homes current HVAC systems, it works to disperse the most soothing of moisture throughout your environment as you heat it. Best whole house evaporative humidifier

It aims to remove that feeling of being uncomfortable that pervades the living environment when the air quality is reduced, and the damaging effects of dry air are prevalent all-round.

An easiest to install solution, this is claimed to be best in use when used with multi-stage and variable speed systems.

Claiming to service as much as up to 4,500 square feet in total, this model also comes complete with a humidistat which is duct and wall mountable. Thus offering you the ease of control over your home’s humidity levels at all times.

Requiring no bypass ducting, the Honeywell HE360 provides an easy humidity control while remaining as maintenance free as possible throughout its lifetime!

This means that it will stay cleaner for longer than standard models, due to its flow-through unique design. Therefore, it results in less overall maintenance here.

Through humidification, the Honeywell will work to draw heated air through the enclosed humidifier pad, which is moistened. It claims to be able to do this most effectively by distributing up to an impressive 18 gallons of moisture per day.

Complete with a jam-packed package, you’ll also find here your drain connection, a saddled valve, a humidifier pad, a transfer and wire, a motor mount template and installation kit.

5. Aprilaire 600 Whole House Humidifier

Our third Aprilaire choice listed here is the 600 model, which is an automatic compact furnace humidifier. Aprilaire 600 Whole House Humidifier, Automatic High Output Furnace Humidifier

This works to offer full coverage up to a total of 4,000 square feet overall when used in those tightly built of homes. It does this by providing up to 17 gallons in the capacity of moisture per day.

Featuring dual sensors, this automatic model can monitor and also respond to both the outdoor temperature and the indoor relative humidity present. This is done 24/7 and throughout the whole home. Therefore, you can simply set it and then forget all about it!

The digital control is a useful concept, showing the percentage of the humidity and an indicator to let you know when it is running. However, it also works to alert you to when you need to change the water panel, as well as reminding you when it needs a service.

Also, the blower activation switch here will set the humidifier to run continuously or to run only when the furnace is running.

As with most Aprilaire products, the 600 model is the best choice for those concerned about humidity levels and health issues. This is because of the fantastic design which sees it maintain the optimal humidity in your home of 35% to 45%.

With studies placing this percentage as the best at reducing problematic allergens and bacteria, this makes it a perfect choice for those looking to improve air quality for the sake of their overall health.

6. Skuttle 90-SH1 Stainless Steel Drum Humidifier

The first of two Skuttle models on this list, here is the stainless steel drum evaporative humidifier. Sold by Sylvane, this is a single space-saving solution all-around with its cleverly enhanced design. Skuttle 90-SH1 Stainless Steel Drum Humidifier

Claimed to be the type of humidifier which is well known due to its high efficiency, bypass drum types are said to create more humidity than their other in-duct counterpart models.

This, in turn, makes them the most ideal choice of appliances for those who live in a very dry climate.

This particular model will work in line with your furnace and distribute warm humidified air throughout your living environment.

This is designed to mimic the natural way of warm air evaporation, using the aid of a rotating evaporator pad or drum.

This is controlled automatically by the external humidistat.Therefore, all you need do is set your required humidity level, choosing from one out of three output settings. Whenever the standard in the home falls below this, the humidistat will automatically activate the humidifier.

With an ability to cover up to 4,048 square feet in total, this will aim to release an amount of 17 gallons over each day.

With some fantastic additional features and benefits, this model works to ensure no impurities are created – instead clean humidity. So, bacteria and other pollutants are left behind as the water is evaporated.

An energy efficient appliance, this offers a durable cabinet housing and a more user-friendly of designs. It is also an energy efficient model, using a minimal amount of water and electricity – therefore is one of the more cost-effective of evaporative humidifier units.

7. Aprilaire Model 800 Whole House Steam Humidifier

Another highly priced humidifier on the list here, and yet another Aprilaire product, this is the 800 model which works as a whole house steam humidifier. Aprilaire Model 800 Whole House Steam Humidifier

Ideal for those who are looking for a more specialized system to humidify their whole home, this offers a vast improvement than the more traditional of in-duct evaporative humidifiers.

This is the perfect of choices for those homes whereby evaporative humidifiers are deemed less practical.

This model works independently of your HVAC system and delivers the most optimal humidity levels. This means a distribution to all the rooms in your home, covering as much as 6,200 square feet in total.

This ensures that you can deliver up to a staggering amount of 23.3 gallons of humidity per day at 240 volts, 20.5 gallons at 208 volts and even 11.5 gallons of moisture per day using just 110 volts.

A most practical choice for those home types that are prone to experiencing milder winters as well, this system is designed to run independently of your HVAC system. It does this by using your existing ductwork to deliver optimum humidity levels to your home’s rooms.

The steam is generated by the engineering of two electrodes that extend into the water reservoir of the canister. Then the current, which flows between these two electrodes, will cause the water to boil – therefore creating steam.

One of the easier of models to install, this purchase comes complete with a multitude of accessories to enable you to get it fixed, fitted, and working in a short space of time.

Whether you want it to operate manually or automatically, this is a simple to access and quieter running model throughout.

Giving ongoing protection for your home’s interior, this will ensure that your home’s infrastructure stays intact by utilizing only optimally humidified air.

8. Honeywell HE240 Whole House Bypass Humidifier

The second Honeywell model on our review list is the Whole House Bypass humidifier model. Available for purchase through Sylvane, this has been created to combat the problems that most tabletop humidifiers create – that is mere temporary relief. Honeywell HE240 Whole House Bypass Humidifier

This is because such models are not solely designed to cover a whole house, rather a small area or single room. Also, such models require a lot of maintenance throughout their lifetime.

This is where the HE240 model excels. This is designed in a better way to halt dry air from preventing you from finding indoor comfort, alongside combating those problematic issues that arise here.

Working alongside your current forced furnace, it distributes a comfortable level of humidity by quickly installing onto the warm air supply or return air duct. The result is a moisture-rich vapor which permeates throughout your home.

This model also includes a fantastic and thoroughly easy to use humidity control. This means it works to monitor the humidity of your home while activating when it is necessary if it falls below the set levels.

Working to provide relief to as much as 3,000 square feet in total, this can put out around 16 gallons of moisture into the air per day.

Also, it will work to keep the unit itself clean by routinely rinsing and then draining itself. This means no stagnant water remains and micro-organisms are kept out of the supply.

With PerfectFlow area distribution and an energy saving operation, this is easy to install and even provides an online video for further reference.

9. Aircare 9-Gallon Pedestal Style Humidifier

Our second Aircare model and choice on the list here, this time it’s the Digital Pedestal Humidifier. Aircare EP9800 Pedestal Humidifier Front View Espresso

A different take visually on the standard humidifier, this is an  Aircare Whole House Pedestal model which is not only designed to offer the most practical of features to your home; but also look the most elegant at the same time to attractively disguise it as furniture!

This double-duty appliance supplies all areas of the home with a cool evaporative mist, serving those living environments of up to 2,400 square feet in total.

This means that each day, it can provide the area around it with up to 7.4 gallons of moisture, and all from its fantastic 3.5-gallon front pour-in reservoir.

Claimed to offer a unique, time-saving humidification process, this is constructed to ensure that time will never be wasted. This means it is equipped with various benefits to make it one of the best home appliances.

This includes a digital humidistat, whereby you can obtain control of your humidity levels with precision.

It then has variable speed control, whereby you can select from no less than nine speeds ranging from ultra-quiet to ultra-powerful. This means there’s bound to be a setting for every member of the home!

Additionally, it offers digital control plus a remote control. Thereby making it a lot simpler to operate in the process.

Ultimately, this model is thoroughly easy to maintain and needs minimal time spent on this area.

Designed to automatically shut down when the levels are reached, or when the unit is empty, it is easy to refill and will let you know when it needs filling back up. Plus, its larger capacity tank means less time spent on water refilling.

10. Skuttle 86-UD Under Duct Drum Humidifier

Our second Skuttle model and final model on the list for review here is the Skuttle 86-UD humidifier. Best whole house evaporative humidifier

This is an under duct drum humidifier which varies greatly visually when compared to the first Skuttle model on our list!

With the intentions of working alongside your furnace, this aims to provide a thoroughly comfortable level of humidity to all the rooms in your home; and all simultaneously.

It does this via its unique drum style, which is relatively quick and straightforward to install and extremely low maintenance when up and running.

This is a flow-through under duct model, which can be said to be a great alternative to those harder to maintain portable humidifiers that some people use as temporary measures throughout the home.

Covering a vast range of the home, as much as up to 4,048 square feet in total, dependent on your home’s insulation level, this model can be installed as part of your home’s forced air heating system. It will then distribute warmer humidified air all throughout the house with ease.

The whole concept of this appliance is to mimic the natural process of warm air evaporation. Then, with the help of a unique evaporator pad or drum which rotates, wicks up the moisture to the warm air stream.

The result is not only warm but fresh humidified air which is supplied through all the rooms of the home, and all through the air ducts.

Dispensing a practical level of 17 gallons of moisture per day, this provides more humidity overall, prevents impurities, is a lower energy operating choice, and is entirely hassle-free when mounting.

Final Thoughts on Best Whole House Evaporative Humidifier units

Now you’ve had a chance to look through some of these best-rated models, we hope to have offered you a clearer idea of just what these fabulous appliances can do.

Console or pedestal whole house evaporative humidifiers require no particular expertise to install, other than just placing them in a central location in the home for the best optimal humidification results. They are designed to be appealing and able to disguise as part of room furniture. In-duct humidifiers or furnace humidifiers on the other hand, are conveniently installed next to your furnace and connect directly to your water line to humidify all the rooms in your home and may require you to consult an HVAC technician for installation.

Therefore, if you’re looking to put in place a humidifying solution to the whole of the home, rather than just one specific room, anyone of these reviewed models can offer you the best evaporative experience you need.

All the above evaporative whole house humidifier units are adequately priced and able to generally humidify homes measuring up to 3,000 square feet and more efficiently and effectively. They will all ensure a better quality of air flow throughout every corner of the home, while guaranteeing the people inside it remain comfortable and healthier as a result.

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