10 Best Weighted Blankets for Anxiety and Other Disorders in 2021

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If you suffer from any disorder which leaves you stressed throughout the day, you’ll no doubt find it almost impossible to get a good night’s sleep. Weighted blankets are designed to combat such issues and offer immediate relief to all sufferers experiencing sleep problems or an alternative form of medication. Studies and years of clinical use have shown that weighted blankets do work in promoting the brain’s release of serotonin while reducing cortisol levels, to alleviate the symptoms of stress, anxiety, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, an obsessive-compulsive disorder and other conditions. They emulate the feeling of a comforting hug to give you a sense of peace and comfort as you sleep.

The weighted blankets are usually heavier than the usual kinds of blankets that people typically buy. They feature pellets, chains or balls woven throughout, which makes them heavy but with equal weight distribution across their entire surface.

A weighted blanket weighs between 5 to 30 pounds, making it heavier than normal sheets or comforter.

Benefits of a weighted blanket for anxiety

Anxiety disorder comes in different stages, this range from a little form of anxiety to a prolonged form of anxiety that runs into months or years. This could be sporadically or consistently and can cause harm to one’s health. The weighted blanket comes with an added weight that is specially sawn into the blankets. This help to stimulate the production of serotonin that later converts to melatonin; this melatonin is the hormone that tells the body to sleep. Also, serotonin produced by this weighted blanket is often prescribed by medical doctors to people suffering anxieties as this is supposed to suppress the feelings of restlessness and enhance our mood.

By providing deeper pressure, weighted blankets promote relaxation and help to break this cycle. As the melatonin level in the body increases as a result of this stimulation by the weighted blanket, we feel physically and mentally exhausted and ready to sleep. This is like a feel-good hormone produced in the brain.

Weighted blankets also help to ground your body while you are sleeping by pushing downwardly. This process is known as earthing or can also be called grounding. This leaves a calming feeling and effect on the individual.

One other way that weighted blanket help in relaxing people is through the process of stimulating a deep pressure touch (DPT), this is a type of therapy that makes use of a firm hands-on pressure to reduce the effect of chronic stress and a high level of anxiety.

Recent studies have shown that earthing helps to reduce a stress hormone known as cortisol. This stress hormone is produced when the brain believes that you are under a series of attack. This led to a build-up of this fight or flight response by the brain. This stress can escalate the cortisol level and leave a negative impact on the immune system, affect the digestive tract and also increase the blood sugar level in the body. High cortisol levels most especially those that don’t drop down to its normal level naturally, often cause multiple complications. This complication could lead to mental disorder, depression, weight gain, and anxiety.

A recent study from the Journal of Alternative and complementary medicine shows that grounding of the human body during sleep is a very effective way of synchronizing cortisol secretion with its 24-hour circadian rhythms most especially in ladies.

It is advantageous for people having this consistent bout of anxiety to wrap around them a weighted blanket when they begin to feel the anxiety taking over their thought. This can be in the form of panic attack, cantankerousness, bad temper, irritability, or lack of concentration. This very comfortable blanket provides one with a sense of security, unlike the regular blanket.

Weighted blankets have been seen to reduce anxiety among children and adults. They’re usually safe to use. They help people with this anxiety to achieve a relaxed state, allowing them to sleep more deeply.

So now that you know how a weighted blanket works and its, lets look at some of the best-weighted blankets currently available to purchase on Amazon:

Best Weighted Blankets for Anxiety and Other Disorders

1. YnM Weighted Blanket for People with Anxiety, Autism, ADHD, Insomnia or Stress

YnM Sell an allergy free weighted blanket which is of premium grading and works on harnessing the power of deep touch stimulation, distributing it across the body as you sleep. YnM Weighted Blanket for People with Anxiety, Autism, ADHD, Insomnia or Stress

Available in a stunning selection of colors, there is also a choice of 12 sizes ensuring that customers get to select the right weight and size of their weighted blanket which suits their individual needs.

With an aim to provide excellent sleep therapy solutions to those suffering from anxiety ADHD, autism, insomnia,and stress,in particular, the YnM weighted blanket is made from 100% cotton material and substantially more glass beads in its composition with less fiberfill – which is better when controlling body temperature.


  • Made using non toxic, odorless hypoallergenic glass beads to repel allergens so allergy sufferers can comfortably use this blanket without runny noses and constant sneezes.
  • Great at thermal regulation and temperature control due to its glass beads and fiber fill ratio.
  • No noise in bed as the glass beads sewn into the pockets are surrounded by soft and light fiberfill to eliminate noise during shifting while you sleep.
  • Evenly-Distributed Weight that comfortably surrounds the body and conforms to your shape while you sleep.
  • Does not shift on the bed as it comes with five loops to secure it and ensure it stays on the bed.

Customers purchasing this weighted blanket feel that it works to encourage a calmer nervous system while helping you to relax and fall asleep quicker and smoother than ever before.

2. Premium Weighted Blanket for Relieving Anxiety, Stress, Agitation and Insomnia

Platinum Health’s weighted blanket is a premium product which the company feels that at 60” x 80” offers every single customer a perfect instantaneous fit, which they back with scientific studies! Premium Weighted Blanket for Relieving Anxiety, Stress, Agitation and Insomnia

This product allows users to relax and access penultimate comfort through exclusive even-flow technology, which equals an inclusive cloud soft blanket with stardust mini beads and a glass bead weighting system.

This weighted blanket’s design is not therapeutic looking with the lumpy, square pocket stitching common with other wighted blankets, which they say is better for the purposes of being calming. Instead its ultra-luxurious minky fabric cover with silky smooth one side and a unique cooling system the other hides all that lumpy weighty look.

Customers can simply choose their preferred color, from a selection of seven types which also comes complete with a premium cover in the price.


  • Cooling technology: Calmforter weighted blanket features SensaCool cooling technology to prevent overheating and waking up drenched in sweat.
  • Versatile reversible cover design: Means you get the opportunity to choose your therapy depending on your body needs by a flip of the blanket. If you want a warmer sleep, you can position the velvety soft smooth side against your body. If you prefer to sleep cool the position the luxurious SensaCool Dot side against your body will work best for that.
  • Even distribution of body weight: This weighted blanket features a Evenflow technology for better overall weight distribution resulting in a blanket that is more calming and comfortable.
  • Not noisy: The glass beads used in the weighted blanket do not make any noises during shifting in bed
  • Quality blanket: The glass beads used are 100% safe and high density as opposed to being bulky, with a small diameter for a smooth cozy feel while you sleep.
  • Easy to clean: No need to wash the entire blanket here as the outer cover easily zips apart for fast, easy washing and quick drying.

Customers purchasing this weighted blanket find it works perfectly with sensory issues and various sleeping problems, especially as it’s super soft in feel.

3. Dr. Hart’s Weighted Gravity Blanket Deluxe Set for Effective Anxiety Relief & Natural Sleep Aid

Dr.Hart’s weighted blanket is also in a standard perfect size of 60” by 80” but also offers customers the choice of 15 pounds, 20 pounds or 25 pounds in its overall weight. Dr. Hart's Weighted Gravity Blanket Deluxe Set for Effective Anxiety Relief & Natural Sleep Aid

Scientifically engineered by a qualified neurologist, it has been developed by an expert designer working on its makeup, offering all users immediate stress relief and encouraging a broader and more natural sleeping pattern.

With its mixture of luxurious materials, it instantly offers peace, calm and serenity to all who use it encouraging the body to react to its pressured touch. Likened to a safe firm hug, the blanket reduces anxiety while lowering cortisol.


  • Developed by a practicing medical doctor: This weighted blanket was developed by Dr. Karen Hart, a practicing neurologist and a retired officer with decades of experience in treating the symptoms from stress-induced disorders.
  • Made from premium quality materials: Noiseless, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, odorless and non toxic quality patented Dream Beads made of quartz micro-spheres have been used in the construction.
  • Does not get overly hot: Instead it breathable with a cooling effect thanks to its bead technology make up.
  • Easy to wash: Eliminates the need to wash the whole blanket regularly as it comes with a minky microplush removable cover that is machine washable.

Customers using this weighted blanket find it offers them an ability to finally sleep throughout the night after many years of disturbed sleep and various problems persisting well into the night. The size of the blanket is also highly rated.

4. Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket Compression Therapy for Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, ADHD

Quility provides a premium weighted blanket which also comes complete with a removable cover and works to ensure 100% satisfaction guaranteed for all users of the product. Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket Compression Therapy for Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, ADHD 

Using premium material in its makeup, this product is incredibly soft to the touch and it includes non-toxic hypo-allergenic glass beads to keep the blanket in place throughout the night.

Believed to be a natural stress reliever, this is the ideal weighted blanket for those looking to combat symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, ADHD, restless leg syndrome and even PTSD.

In five choices of colors and a vast ten sizes, this weighted blanket works explicitly to improve mood and general well-being and acts as a natural sleep aid.


  • Easy to clean: Comes with a removable polyester duvet cover that is machine washable.
  • Premium quality: Made from 100% cotton material with polyester pockets filled with non-toxic, odorless, allergy free glass beads.
  • Breathable for temperature control: 100% cotton fabric is breathable which encourages free movement of air and does not trap excess heat.
  • Does not shift on the bed: As it comes with 8 loops to secure it on the bed.

Customers purchasing this product love the overall look and feel and find the pressure to be spot on, with the weight evenly distributed perfectly all over.

5. Harkla Adult Weighted Blanket for Sleep, Anxiety, Autism or Sensory Processing Disorder

Harkla have a premium weighted blanket which they claim offers all users that sense of what they’ve been searching for all along! Harkla Adult Weighted Blanket for Sleep, Anxiety, Autism or Sensory Processing Disorder

This product has more added-dots than usual to the top of it for extra sensory input meaning additional comfort for those with SPD, ADD, ADHD,and PTSD. Harkla believes it works effectively at calming down and helping those after meltdowns, trauma recovery,and even dementia sufferers.

In a selection of sizes ranging from five to 25 pounds and in six great colors, this is a plush Minky soft and fleece-like blanket which the company feels is perfect for those needing additional therapy from their weighted blanket.

Customers love the sensual feel of this blanket plus its ability to encourage a better and quality night’s sleep each time. The weight is also considered near perfect.


  • Easy to clean: The 2-Piece style allows you to easily and separately wash the cover.
  • Premium quality construction.
  • By buying this you are giving back to the community: Every month they donate 1% of their sales to the University of Washington Autism Clinic.

6. Amy Garden Weighted Blanket for Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Insomnia or Stress

Amy Garden offer customers a premium weighted blanket which they continually work on to improve what it can provide to all ages of people suffering from autism, ADHD, anxiety, stress and insomnia. Amy Garden Weighted Blanket for Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Insomnia or Stress

In three straightforward colors and six sizes, the inner layer which is the weighted side is made using 100% breathable cotton. There is also hypo-allergenic, odorless and non-toxic glass beads evenly distributed throughout the blanket.

Like most manufacturers of weighted blankets, they offer full information on selecting the right weighted blanket for your individual needs based on your current body weight. By getting this part just right, you end up with a blanket that will relax your nervous system, help you de-stress quicker and, of course, fall asleep quickly.


  • Made from 100% Organic Cotton with safe, Non-Toxic Glass Pellets
  • Extra Breathable cotton fabric
  • Evenly Distributed Weight

Customers choose this product for its life-changing abilities, with so many satisfied customers raving about how useful the Amy Garden weighted blanket really is. The only thing that they didn’t like was that the weighted blanket and the outer duvet cover are sold separately!

7. Hypnoser Weighted Gravity 2nd Generation Heavy Quilt Blanket for Insomnia, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety Relief and Stress

Hypnoser sells a 2nd generation weighted blanket in a vast selection of sizes and striking colors, for everyone to take advantage of the unique technology used throughout this product. Hypnoser Weighted Gravity 2nd Generation Heavy Quilt Blanket for Insomnia, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety Relief and Stress

Made from 100% breathable premium cotton, this blanket works to enrich your sleep each time through its additional weight which combines with the non-toxic, odorless beads to keep it over you throughout the night.

Believed to offer immediate relief to those with ADHD, ADD, autism,insomnia SPD, PTSD, anxiety, restlessleg syndrome, sleep apnea,and night terrors, Hypnoser’s weighted blanket hopes to offer respite to anyone who finds sleeping through each night difficult.


  • Quality product. The weighted blanket is made of 100% premium breathable cotton with non-toxic odorless glass beads.
  • It is hypoallergenic: It keeps the bed surface free from allergens.
  •  The fabric is easy to maintain and clean.

Customers of the Hypnoser weighted blanket thoroughly rave about the many benefits this 2nd generation type offers believing the weight distribution is spot on. It has received many positive reviews from many satisfied customers!

8. Good Knight Weighted Blankets for Anxiety, Autism and Stress

Good Knight Blankets weighted blanket may be visually simplistic, in a one grey color, but this hypoallergenic poly-pellets offering is instrumental at offering sleep satisfaction every time! Good Knight Weighted Blankets for Anxiety, Autism and Stress  

In three sizes including 15, 17 and 20 lbs, the extra weight taken from this blanket works to calm the nervous system while offering that ultimate warm feeling of a hug. This, alongside the quality material used in its makeup, ensure the user is able to fall asleep faster than ever before and, most of all, sleep better than ever.

The weight distribution of this blanket is even throughout to ensure it stays the course as you sleep.


  • Premium 100% cotton with tiny non-toxic, poly-pellets
  • Evenly distribution of weight across your entire body.

Customer reviews of this weighted blanket suggest it’s great for adults and kids alike, offering a sense of being tucked in nice and snug throughout while stopping many people tossing and turning throughout the night.

9. Weighted Idea Cotton Weighted Blanket Occupational Therapy for Anxiety, Insomnia, Agitation, Autism and ADHD

Weighted Idea offers many sizes and many colors from their weighted blanket, which they claim offers outstanding occupational therapy for those suffering from anxiety, agitation, autism, ADHD and insomnia. Weighted Idea Cotton Weighted Blanket Occupational Therapy for Anxiety, Insomnia, Agitation, Autism and ADHD

Considered a more natural and healthier remedy to an ongoing problem, the deep touch sense element of this blanket works at naturally re-balancing the nervous system while reducing stress levels.

Fresher and more breathable for the body, due to its cotton fabric and thin cotton filler combination, this product also offers smaller and evenly sized pockets to improve your overall mood, helping you sleep much better as a result.


  • Made using a 100% Premium Cotton breathable cotton fabric.
  • Even distribution of weight.

Customers buying this blanket find it a lot cooler than other weighted blankets, believing it less restrictive than similar products.

10. ZonLi Cool Weighted Blanket Summer Great for Insomnia, ADHD, Stress and Anxiety Relief

ZonLi’s cool weighted blanket is available in a massive range of sizes and colors and is comprised of just one weighted inner blanket to help customers produce more of those feel-good hormones, as well as sleeping soundly beneath it! ZonLi Cool Weighted Blanket Summer Great for Insomnia, ADHD, Stress and Anxiety Relief 

Aimed at sufferers of stress, anxiety,and insomnia, with its natural, non-toxic filler, new product process and stable durable buckle, ZonLi takes full advantage of unique technology encouraging users to produce more dopamines and endorphins throughout the day.

With premium material in its makeup and environmentally friendly fillings, including non-toxic and odorless beads, this is a two-layer microfiber blanket which is thoroughly breathable and therefore suitable for many people to take advantage of when sleeping.


  • Quality weighted blanket: It is made of 100% breathable natural cotton with non-glue polyester padding and Hypo-allergenic,non-toxic,odorless Glass Beads.
  • Even distribution of weight.

Customers using this weighted blanket find it a fantastic product which they can use with no hassle all the year round. With so many positive reviews, some recommend this weighted blanket as the perfect problem solver.

Who else benefits from weighted blankets?

Weighted blankets, LapPads or Wraps can be of benefits to so many other people who wish to relax and calm down in many different ways. It can be used in covering your whole body while sleeping, laying it across your laps or legs or around your shoulders. Weighted blankets provide relief and comforts as it supplements the treatment of other sensory disorder and therapy. Some other people that can benefit from this weighted blankets include:

  • Insomnia
  • Sensory Disorders of any kind
  • ADD/ADHD Spectrum Disorder
  • Sleep Disorder
  • Asperger’s and AutismSpectrum Disorder
  • Sensory Integration Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorders
  • Anxious and Panic Symptoms
  • Cancer patients
  • Peri-menopause and Menopause Symptoms
  • Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)
  • Alzheimer patients
  • People who have Parkinson’s diseases
  • Older people from 65 years and above.

Who is excluded From Using Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are harmless when used properly for teens and adults. Due to the heavy nature of this blankets, some set of people are excluded from using the blanket. A study by a nonprofit spiral foundation in Newton warned against the use of weighted blankets on little children. Till date, two deaths have been linked to the misuse of this weighted blanket in covering kids below 10 years. One such incident occurred in Quebec when a 9-years-old boy rolled up in the heavy blanket and suffocated and another of a 7-month old babe.

Others excluded from the use of it due to the heat and weight of the blankets include:

  • People suffering from a chronic health condition
  • People having circulation issues
  • People having temperature regulation issues
  • People having respiration issues

It may sound funny but other groups also excluded from using the weighted blankets includes pets such as dogs and cats.

Weighted blankets aren’t for everyone, therefore, before you use a weighted blanket, consult your doctor for advice:

Benefits and cons of weighted blankets

A weighted blanket for a sensory disorder such as insomnia, anxiety, sleep disorder, anxiousness and panic symptoms and other mental or physical disorders comes with so many benefits (Pros) and some cons. We would be looking at some of the major benefits why you should need one. Some of the most common benefits of a weighted blanket include the following:


  • Weighted blankets help in improving one’s focus and attention
  • Weighted blankets help to reduce the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive behaviors (OCD)
  • It helps to improve one’s sleep and also help with people having insomnia
  • Weighted blankets help in improving our mood by triggering the release of dopamine and serotonin from the brain. This is neurotransmitters that trigger the feel good feelings in us.
  • Weighted blankets also help in the reduction of anxieties at night and also during the day time


  • Might not be suitable for kids below 10 years old
  • You will need to experiment with different weight to get the one that best suit you or your child.
  • Relatively difficult in washing due to its heaviness – always make sure that it has a removable cover
  • Not suitable for pets
  • The high price of getting one
  • The sensitivity of material – make sure you look for the one that suits you and your kids

The benefit of the weighted blankets as seen above out numbers the cons.

How heavy should a weighted blanket be?

Getting to determine the proper weight of a weighted blanket can easily be gotten from a determination of your weight. Most weighted blanket manufacturers recommend that buyers of weighted blankets should buy a blanket that is 10 percent of their body weight. It is also recommended that kids should make use of blankets that are 10 percent of their body weight plus an additional 1 to 2 pounds.  It is also encouraged that users of weighted blankets should pick from blankets that are made from natural fiber such as 100 percent breathable cotton since synthetic fabrics and polyester are typically much hotter than its counterparts.

It is also important that you should also consult your doctor or an occupational therapist when you want to choose which weighted blanket is ideal for you and most comfortable and efficient for you.

Other Things to Consider

Apart from the consideration for body weight and the comfortability of the blanket to you. Some other consideration worth noting when purchasing a weighted blanket include

  • The blanket should not be too heavy to restrict movement or difficult for you to effectively manage
  • Elderly individuals and those with health challenges should be considered before any purchase is made.
  • Make sure that the weight of the weighted blanked is evenly distributed throughout the blanket. This is important to avoid the blanket increasing the temperature of the bedding.
  • Make a proper research on the product before purchasing

 Safety concerns of using weighted blankets

  • It would be reckless to say that there is no risk inherent in using a weighted blanket. Placing a heavy item on top of a human being especially when the individual has a health challenge can be risky. Adequate plan should be made when placing the blanket
  • Extra care should be taken when you intend to use a heavy blanket for a young child. Make sure that they possess the physical strength to remove the blanket at any time.
  • For no reason should it be used for a small infant. For children under the age of 2 years, you should never leave them to them self.
  • A weight limit of at least 10 pounds of individual body weight should be maintained.
  • Do not at any time wrap a child in any way with the blanket. Just place it on tope for comfort and easy access so that they won’t easily get trapped.
  • Make sure to weigh the blanket for a while before sleeping off. Give yourself 10 to 15 minutes to ascertain that your strength and maneuverability is not going to be compromised while asleep.
  • Do not use a weighted blanket if you have a phobia for enclosure (Clautrophobia or Cleithrophobia) as this can ignite the panic attack.



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