2020 10 Best Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucets You’ll Love

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One of the crown jewels of your bathroom decor will be the faucets. While they come in many styles, few can beat the waterfall style of dispensing water that brings you close to nature every time you open the faucet. This aspect coupled with creative design and thoughtful materials as well as innovative technologies, is what makes the waterfall bathroom sink faucet such a powerful, transformative, practical and decorative fixture in your bathroom space.

Below, we bring you an array of some of the best waterfall bathroom sink faucets that are not only practical, but are also sure to enliven your overall bathroom.

1. BWE Waterfall Bathroom Faucet Single-Handle

The bathroom offers numerous opportunities to spruce up your decor with delightful elements. The faucet you opt for on a single or double vanity will add character and style to your bathroom. This Waterfall Bathroom Faucet by BWE has a beautiful, gorgeous finish that brings out an antique feel adding a touch of vintage glamour to your space.

While most faucets can appear pretty at first sight, a good number of them are made from poor quality material that does not last. This particular waterfall faucet delivers both on aesthetics as well as quality. It is constructed from solid brass and finished with oil rubbed bronze for an exquisite look.

The technical design of this faucet ensures operation is extremely easy. That is made possible by the single lever handle that controls both water and temperature adjustment. This faucet is not just a pretty face so you can expect durable service from it. Longevity is guaranteed by a ceramic disc valve that has been subjected to and withstood the on/off test 600,000 times at a right angle.


  • Dimensions: Spout Reach : 3.9 inch; Spout height : 2.1 inch; Overall height : 7.28 inch
  • The waterfall spout is open surface
  • Has single lever faucet for water control and temperature adjustment
  • Has an antique oil rubbed bronze finish
  • Compatible with 1 or 3 hole bowl sink
  • This is a deck mounted unit

Customer feedback

Most customers immediately loved the heavy, solid feel of this faucet. A customer who got this item shared that they wanted to find faucets that would match or at least complement their decor style. This faucet fits the bill to perfection and looks beautiful any bathroom. Some customers also wanted to find a single hole mount with a “waterfall” style dispensing method. The good news is this will work with both center mount as well as a 3 hope basin.

If you have a 3 hole basin, then you need to get the optional 6.5 inch long cover plate for a neat finish on the installation. The unit also comes with a 3/8 inch pair of standard hose.

2. Parlos Waterfall Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Some people find that waterfall faucets can tend to create an over splash on most sink bowls. While that may be true with some options on the market, this Parlos model has been crafted perfectly for a steady waterfall dispensation of water that gently yet generously into a sink bowl.

Not only will you thoroughly enjoy the use of this fixture, but it will also inject a fantastic aesthetic to your bathroom thanks to the thoughtful design and excellent craftsmanship.

Operating the faucet is very easy with two control levers. One lever is responsible for turning the flow of water on and off while the other is for water temperature adjustment.

This is a solid faucet made from brass metal with a clean nickel brushed finish.

The faucet is designed for a 3 hole sink and is a fairly easy to install. It comes with a faucet, hose and a drain with overflow


  • Dimensions: 4 inches overall height with a wide spread installation between 6 to 12 inches
  • Has an open surface waterfall spout design
  • Comes with two side levers for water control and temperature adjustment
  • Features a brushed nickel finish
  • Compatible with 3 hole sink bowl
  • This is a deck mounted unit

Customer feedback

Those who purchased these faucets absolutely loved them. One customer mentioned that these totally exceeded their expectations as they look amazing in their master bedroom and function so well. Many customers loved their efficient performance that they installed the faucets in other bathrooms in the house.

Overall, this faucet is well made with a high quality solid brass construction and waterfall dispensing design. The brushed nickel finish offers a warm look and will blend well with most bathroom color schemes. It is also easy to clean.

3. Bath Lavish Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet

Easy to install and absolutely gorgeous build are some of the winning qualities of this faucet from Bathlavish.

When you handle the faucet, you immediately feel its heavy duty build that speaks longevity. This fixture is constructed from brass metal and finished with a brushed nickel for a fine polished look. Better still, it’s also available in other finishes like gold, chrome and bronze.

Most sink bowls are either used on single or three hole basin but with this unit you can go for both options. That is because it mounts as a single hole but also comes with a 6 inch deck plate that will cover the other two holes neatly in the event that you have 3 hole sink bowl.

The faucet has an overall height of 7.7 inches and tilts forward slightly towards the sink. Operation is extremely easy for all users in the house including kids. It is simple to use as there is only one lever that moves very smoothly to adjust flow of water to a trickle when you want to conserve water. You can also have it on free flow when you need a gushing waterfall. The same lever also serves to adjust temperature.

The brushed nickel and clean straight lines give this faucet a contemporary design that will enliven any modern bathroom.


  • Dimensions: 7.7 inches overall height, Spout Reach is 4.53 inches and a Spout Height of 5.7 inch
  • Has a open surface waterfall spout
  • Comes with one lever for water control and temperature adjustment
  • Features a brushed nickel finish. Available in other colors too
  • Compatible with 1 or 3 holes sink bowl
  • It is a surface mounted unit

Customer feedback

Customers who got this said that they were very impressed with this product because of its durable solid build and contemporary uncomplicated design. Female customers mentioned that they could install it in under 30 minutes. It is very popular with customers who love a uniform look that many decided to install it all their bathroom areas.

Other users mentioned that they love the intuitive ease with which the handle responds to your hand. The handle is malleable and requires very little force to operate. Most users and interior designers mentioned that they love this faucet because of the expansive finishes that it comes with other than brushed nickel. The fixture can also come in gold as well as different shades of oil rubbed bronze and chrome. This allows consumers to find just the right color and shade that would best complement their bathroom decor.

4. Aquafaucet Led Waterfall Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucet

This Aquafaucet model is a widespread bathroom faucet that has a fluid low profile build. The design is curvy, rounded and has a wavy look reminiscent of water in nature. Its spout is a waterfall style dispenser with a notably different look from most. The difference is that the spout has a closed design other than the lateral 3.25 inch long slit.

While the more open spout design is quite trendy, appealing and looks amazing, those who live in areas with hard water have a common observation that water tends to sit on the open area of the spout even when the tap is closed. As a result, calcium deposits tend to build and can quickly discolor your beautiful faucet taking away from the aesthetics of the fixture.

This closed, low profile, curved design is not only beautiful, but it also does not have any issues of water sitting after closure. This faucet is made from brass metal with a chrome finish for a glossy look that blends well with pretty much any decor.

The LED feature is an exceptional option on this faucet. It’s blue for cold water, green for lukewarm water and red for hot water. But you can only make out the LED lights if it is super dark and you’re looking down at the water level. It must be noted that this 2 handle wide spread faucet can only be installed at a distance of between 8 – 16 inches. Because of this widespread specification, you want to double check your sink before purchasing the faucet.


  • Dimensions: 2.76 inches overall height, Spout Reach is 4.65 inches and a Spout Height of 1.69 inches
  • Has a closed waterfall dispensing style
  • Comes with 2 levers for water control and temperature adjustment
  • Features a chrome finish or bronze or brushed nickel
  • Compatible with 3 hole sink bowls
  •  LED light according to water temperature
  • It is a surface mounted unit

Customer feedback

Most customers who purchased this faucet were under the impression that because of its very affordable price point, it might work poorly. Users were pleasantly surprised with how well it looked and worked. Customers also appreciated the fact that they could choose among several shades to complement their bathroom decor. Other than chrome, you can get this in bronze or brushed nickel.

5. Greenspring Modern Deck Mount One Handle Waterfall Lavatory Bathroom Faucet

The Greenspring faucet is a beautiful addition to any bathroom vanity. It embodies elegance in design while bringing a touch of nature to your space. After all a waterfall remains one of those features of nature that is not only breathtaking but also evokes a feeling of beauty and wonder.Best Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucets

The faucet has a heavy duty build while still retaining a delicate feel. That sounds contradictory but in essence, it speaks to the brilliance of the design and the delivery. Once installed, the faucet has a forward tilt with one lever for easy operation.

The spout in this case is a slightly slanted thick glass plate. When you lift the lever, water cascades on the glass surface and forms a water fall as it pours into the sink bowl. The design is gorgeous in a simple yet refined way.


  • Dimensions: 5.20 inches overall height, Spout Reach is 5.35 inches and a Spout Height of 4.75 inches
  • The spout features an open surface waterfall dispensing style
  • Comes with one lever for water control and temperature adjustment
  • Has a chrome finish
  • Compatible with 1 and 3 hole sink bowl
  • It is a surface mounted unit

Customer feedback

Customers reported that the beauty of this design offers pure tranquility and infuses a meditative element into your space. The combination of a chrome finish with a glass spout and the simplicity of a one operational lever offers easy use for all members of the family.

This faucet exudes extravagance but can be purchased at a shockingly affordable price. Customers who got this were extremely happy with their purchase. This faucet comes with an optional deck plate to make installation on a 3 hole sink possible with a neat finish.

6. Wovier Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet

Every bathroom has a different look and perhaps you would like to take a slightly different approach that still delivers on elegance but with a slight feel of the unconventional.

The Wovier waterfall faucet can bring that pleasant yet elegant rebelling effect that is away from the norm. That look begins with the unusually tall style faucet design that gently arcs with a slight forward tilt.

Instead of an under basin, this faucet is best suited with an over the top basin whose bottom sits on the surface of the counter. This design has an artistic appeal and it offers playful interaction with surfaces such as marble, wall tile and even the lighting in the room. When you add gushing water in a waterfall style from this tall and flawless chrome finished faucet to the equation the result is nothing short of spectacular.

The faucet has a single lever whose mechanism renders it smooth and soft to the hand. That is owed in part to a high-quality cartridge and prominent sealing properties.


  • Dimensions: 11 inches overall height, Spout Reach is 6.4 inches and a Spout Height of 7.8 inches
  • High profile closed spout waterfall dispensing style
  • Comes with one lever used for water control and temperature adjustment
  • Features a chrome finish or gold, brushed nickel or bronze variations
  • It is compatible with 1 hole sink bowls
  • It is surface mounted

Customer feedback

Customers simply love this faucet because other than the elegant look, most reviewers mentioned that it has great pressure and they often had to adjust the connection under the sink to reduce pressure. It looks good and functions even better.  Customers who liked this, also appreciated that it comes in several colors such as gold, brushed nickel and oil-rubber bronze. This faucet comes highly recommended for anyone looking to style their bathroom.

7. BWE One Hole Single Handle Square Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet

Clean cut lines and a solid brass build is what gives this bathroom sink faucet that neat look. It stands straight and at a decent height that is neither overly imposing nor too low profile. The lever is broad surfaced yet slim with a smooth feel when lifted and dropped. Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet

Installation is quick and easy as this faucet has been designed to work with both single and 3-hole basins.

It is worth noting that the faucet comes with a deck mount that facilitates a neat mounting in the event that you have a 3-hole basin. You will not be needing the deck plate for a single hole basin.


  • Dimensions: 7 inches overall height, Spout Reach is 5.5 inches
  • Has a closed waterfall dispensing style
  • Comes with one lever that allows water control and temperature adjustment
  • Features a brushed nickel finish and a few other colors
  • Compatible with 1 and 3 hole sink bowl
  • This unit is deck mounted

Customer feedback

Make sure to read the specification of this faucet well. While this unit is beautiful, it’s bigger than expected. You want to makes sure that you have the right sized basin that is not too shallow for this unit. If your sink is shallow, the faucet still looks amazing but you will have no choice but to reduce the pressure from the connection below the sink to prevent splashing. Customers appreciated that other than brushed nickel, they had other color choices from bronze, gold, chrome and black to suit their varied decors.

8. Senlesen Waterfall 3 Holes Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucet

The gorgeous Senlesen Waterfall faucet has the feel of an ocean wave. The neatly finished brass spout has a gorgeous closed bold curve that dispenses the water. It is pleasantly crafted and the faucet is designed with a wide spread 3 hole basin installation in mind. Two clear crystal knobs on brass stands are used to operate the flow of water as well as adjust the temperature.

The overall design is contemporary, beautiful and uncomplicated bringing a sophisticated feel to your bathroom

Installation is a breeze. Just be sure that the 3 holes on your sink fall within 8-16 inches to ensure compatibility.


  • Dimensions: 6.8 inches overall height, Spout Reach is 5.9 inches
  • Has a closed waterfall dispensing style
  • Comes with one lever for water control and temperature adjustment
  • Comes in brushed nickel, gold or chrome finish
  • Compatible with 3 hole sink bowl
  • It is surface mounted

Customer feedback

Customers who got this item expressed that they liked the simple elegance that this faucet brought to their space. For as long as your basin holes are within the specified dimensions, the installation should be pretty smooth. Customers also loved the look of the crystal knobs and the elegance that they bestow on the unit.

9. Lovedima Bathroom LED Lighted Waterfall Sink Faucet

This is a beautiful sink faucet with an exquisite waterfall concept. One of the best features in this unit is the hardy brass which meshes in with the seemingly delicate clear and thick glass spout. The faucet has a slight forward tilt that beautifully cascades water into the open surface glass spout to deliver a waterfall flow into the basin.

Temperature control and water flow adjustment is made possible by the two round shaped crystal knobs on either side of the faucet.

The LED light on this faucet adds an interesting dynamic to the waterfall appearance. It is powered by water flow and will be activated once the water is turned on. The LED colors are determined by the temperature of the water.


  • Dimensions: 5.71 inches overall height, Spout Reach is 5.51 inches
  • Features an open glass surface waterfall dispensing style
  • Comes with 2 levers for water control and temperature adjustment
  • It comes with a chrome finish
  • Compatible with 3 hole sink bowl
  •  LED light equipped
  • The unit is deck mounted

Customer feedback

Users who got this product shared that this faucet brought the perfect finish with a brightening shiny touch that makes the decor of your bathroom pop. If you are doing a bathroom remodel, this will definitely spice things up in the right direction. The LED lights turned out to be bright and extremely useful according to many users. Additionally, the knobs and trough are glass and said to be particularly gorgeous.

10. BWE Waterfall Single Handle Hole Bathroom Sink Faucet

More often than not, simplicity in design elements can be the key to uncomplicated elegance in minimalist bathroom themes. This single handle bathroom faucet has a tall majestic look as it stands at an overall height of 7.28 inches.Waterfall Bathroom Faucet

With a warm grey metallic finish, beautiful contours and a partially open spout, it presents a regal look that would match modern decors as well as rustic ones.

This faucet possesses an understated elegance and will work for all bathroom vanities in the home.


  • Dimensions: 7.28 inches overall height, Spout Reach is 6.5 inches
  • Comes with an open waterfall dispensing style
  • Comes with one lever for easy water control and temperature adjustment
  • Comes in chrome, bronze and brushed nickel finish
  • Compatible with 1 and 3 hole sink bowl
  • It is surface mounted

Customer feedback

Customers who got this product said that the faucet has a high flow and it is loud with the sound of water gushing out to recreate a realistic waterfall sound. This option has a good height so that you do not have to hunch over for reach. Customers also liked the fact that the faucet is angled which eliminates the problem of water sitting on the surface even after having closed the faucet.


For your bathroom to look warm and inviting as you would like it to, you have to start by finding the right fixtures to bring about that transformation. While counter tops, basins, lighting and flooring are a big part of that, you cannot afford to overlook the faucets. If anything, it is the faucets that crown your whole bathroom decor. With a great looking and functional waterfall bathroom sink faucet, you cannot go wrong and neither will you need to break the bank to achieve elegance.





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