12 Best Wall Mounted LED Lighted Bathroom Mirrors 2021 Review

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Your bathroom is a sanctuary where you groom yourself and relax among other things. So it makes sense why you may want to invest in the best possible wall mounted LED lighted bathroom mirror to up the ante in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

In addition to practicality and general decor in the bathroom, another great benefit of owning one of these mirrors is the long service life they offer.

So if you’re in the market for such a mirror, below we have reviewed no less than 12 wall mount LED lighted bathroom mirrors to suit various needs across the board.

  1. DP Home Smart Bathroom Mirror with LED Lights

The DP Home Smart Bathroom Mirror has a bold fluid design that will agree with most bathroom decors.

The size is imposing at 60″L x 28″W with 2″ depth but this mirror works perfectly in both smaller bathrooms as well as larger vanity bathroom areas. That’s because it can either overlap a vanity with one sink bowl or encompass a vanity that has 2 sink bowls.  Either way, the outcome is still stylish.

The design incorporates LED lighting around the edges of the entire mirror. The lighting can be switched on/off at will. That’s thanks to a wireless mechanism that is super sensitive and can be controlled by the simple touch of button on the surface of the mirror.

It’s worth mentioning that the instant lighting is of excellent quality. It has no flicker, no UV and is mercury free. You can expect it to serve you for at least 30 years with exceptional consistency.

The lighting is excellent for close illumination of the face when shaving, applying makeup or styling your hair. Its lighting can also be left on for aesthetic effect when someone walks into the bathroom. The frameless design adds to the aesthetic beauty of this unit and makes for functional lighting when you need some illumination.

The construction of the mirror is solid and neat. It is a wall mount with no visible screws or switches. It looks exquisite in any home or business establishments such as restaurants, retail, spas, hotels, bars and offices.

The bathroom area is often wet and riddled with dampness but this mirror’s construction takes that into account because it contains no copper. The unit is fully anti-rust and offers crystal clear images with up to 35% more clarity over conventional mirrors.

The LED lighting is an energy saver, allowing you to save up to 68% of energy when using this unit.


  • Dimensions are 60″L x 28″W with a 2″ depth
  • Mirror is surrounded with an all round strip of LED lighting
  • Touch Button control
  • The edges have a gorgeous frameless design
  • High quality mirror with 35 % more clarity compared to conventional mirrors
  • The unit can be wall mounted horizontally
  • Needs to be hardwired.
  • Color temperatures of between 5500K and 6,000K

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this mirror shared that it is a good option for doing bathroom remodels. It covers a decent horizontal distance that fits well with longer vanities. Contractors styling bathrooms in new homes mentioned that their clients love the outcome of their bathrooms by the time they are done with them. The idea of a large quality mirror in the bathroom accentuates the overall decor of the space. The wall mount installation of this fixture is very straightforward.

  1. Hauschen LED Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror with Anti Fog+Dimmer Function

Functional and decorative fixtures going into the bathroom have to be carefully selected. That’s because the bathroom is generally a wet area and the dampness can cause faster wear or damage to most fixtures including low quality mirrors. Wall Mounted LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

But, that’s the least of your worries with the Hauschen LED bathroom wall mounted mirror. This unit is well constructed with superior materials that ensure a neat finish while remaining durable and rust free.

This unit contains no copper and is therefore corrosion free. You can expect this silver mirror to maintain its aesthetic look for decades to come.

The size of the unit is rather imposing, which is great because you can see most of your frame during any grooming session. The unit measures 36″ by 48″ and that means it can fit very well on a vanity with a single or double sink.

Furthermore, the unit’s versatility becomes clear from the fact that it can be wall mounted horizontally or vertically to accommodate preference or design demands of a given space.

This Hauschen LED Bathroom mirror has some excellent features that are both convenient and practical. The LED backlight for instance, is high quality and energy saving. Depending on the size of the bathroom, it can serve as a primary or auxiliary light.

The LED mirror light can be switched on or off using a responsive touch button on the mirror surface.

Additionally the units lighting supports control via wall switch as well. The LED light can be dimmed to 20% and brightened to 100% which  is suited to your lighting needs in the bathroom.

Fogging is very normal in the bathroom especially after a hot shower. This unit saves you valuable time by the time you are stepping off the shower the mirror has already defogged automatically and is ready for use. The defogging technology in this fixture ensures a clear reflection even after enjoying a steamy shower.

It’s hard to imagine that all these feature are packed into a slim designed mirror that has a mere depth of 1.4″ inches only


  • Dimensions are 36″L x 48″W with a 1.4″ depth. Available in 36 x 28 inches and 32 x 40 inches
  • Touch button and wall switch control
  • The mirror is surrounded with a single strip of quality adjustable LED lighting
  • Edges of the mirror have a neat frameless design
  • The reflection of the mirror is crystal clear with defogging capability
  • The unit can be wall mounted horizontally or vertically
  • With dimmer memory
  • Can either be hardwired or plugged-in
  • Color temperatures of between 3000K-5500K

Customer feedback

The mirror is absolutely gorgeous. Customers said they loved the frameless design coupled with the LED lighting that brings a fluid decorative look to your bathroom that you will enjoy. They also love the fact that the mirror can be mounted horizontally or vertically. This provides the necessary flexibility and ensures the best aesthetic outcome based on the peculiar challenges and difference in every sight. Customers mentioned the installation was easy and the results enlivened their bathrooms.

Those users with larger bathrooms such as is the case of a spa or hotel, opted to install several of this as the space demanded.

  1. Keonjinn Wall Mounted Bathroom Mirror with Anti-Fog and  LED Light

The Keonjinn Wall Mounted mirror comes with a neat frameless design. This mirror is also equipped with a strip of LED lighting which adds to the aesthetics of your bathroom.LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

While the LED is a beautiful feature, it is also a practical one that allows you to see yourself with absolute clarity when prepping for work or leisure. The lighting in conjunction with the clear reflective quality of the mirror makes dressing up, applying makeup or simply styling your hair a detailed experience. The size of this unit ensures you can see yourself properly and clearly.

This unit is installed horizontally covering a length of 60″ inches and has a height of 28″. Even better is the fact that the mirror is anti-rust and the LED light has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours which is equivalent to 45 years of normal usage.

The touch control for on/off is impressive and adds to the fluid look and function of this fixture. It’s worth noting that the power and defogging button are separate. One can also dim or brighten the LED lighting accordingly with the help of a touch button on the surface of the mirror.

For your peace of mind, you will be glad to know that this unit is IP44 rated. This means that it’s certified safe to light in wet bathroom environments.


  • Dimensions are 60″L x 28″W with a 2″depth. But it is also available in 72 x 36 inches, 48 x 32 inches, 40 x 24 inches and 24 x 32 inches
  • Touch button and wall switch control
  • The unit is surrounded with a strip of quality dimmable LED lighting
  • The edges of this mirror are nicely trimmed with frameless design
  • This mirror has crystal clear reflection and defogging capability
  • With brightness memory
  • The unit can be wall mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Has to be hardwired.
  • Has color temperatures of between 3000k- 6000K

Customer feedback

Both types of customers who have long and short vanities appreciated the beauty and functionality of this LED mirror in their bathrooms. Some users who own restaurant, spas , gym locker rooms and hotels also opted to use several of these mirrors to accommodate extensive running lengths and vanities with multiple sinks. Customers mentioned that this mirror also worked well with longer ‘L’ shaped bathroom vanities.

  1. Bath Knot LED Bathroom Vanity Lighted Mirror with Defogger and Touch dimming Switch

A high quality mirror such as the Bath knot LED mirror can make all the difference in enlivening your bathroom.

This mirror is well constructed with a clean finish with a frameless look that adds to the allure and continuity of the design.

When the LED light is not on, the mirror does look even bigger than it really is. When the LED strip around the mirror lights up, it accentuates not only this mirror, but the surrounding vanity surfaces and sink bowls as well. As a result, it harmonizes the entire decor of the entire bathroom.

The unit has two separate touch buttons on the surface of the mirror. They serve to switch LED strip on/off as well as control the brightness of the light. The other button activates the defogging function so that you do not waste time wiping down the mirror in order to see yourself after a steamy shower.

While your bathroom may already look great with a normal mirror, you can be sure it will look and feel stunning with this high quality mirror.

While the unit does not come with a wall switch as another control option you will be happy to know that this mirror is compatible with a wall switch that enables a user to have alternative access for controlling the LED lighting. It can also control the defogging capability.


  • Dimensions are 36″H x 24″Lx 1.5″ D
  • Touch button or wall switch control (to be bought separately)
  • It is surrounded with a strip of quality dimmable LED lighting
  • Come in a beautifully trimmed frameless design
  • The mirror is high quality with a clear reflection and defogging capability
  • The unit can be wall mounted vertically
  • Easy plug-in install
  • Maximum of 6000K color temperature

Customer feedback

Users who were looking for an LED vertical mirror, mentioned that they were happy settling for this option because of its solid build using both glass and aluminum. These materials guarantee that it won’t rust in a damp environment such as the bathroom. Most home owners got several units for installation in various bathrooms. Those who had larger bathroom, opted for several pieces for the sake uniformity and functionality on their bathroom decor.

  1. Hauschen LED Lighted Vanity Bathroom Mirror With Anti Fog & Dimmer Touch Switch

This bathroom mirror is from the reputed brand Hauschen. So one can be sure that the quality is top notch. The design of this mirror shows that the brand understand how mirrors play a critical role in your home’s decor and infuse a sense of style whilst retaining functionality.

If you are going for a slightly different look, then the circular design of this mirror should be a welcomed departure from the vertical or horizontal options.

This IP44 certified circular mirror has a frameless design.

What gives it great definition when it light up is the LED high quality running strip that lights up the circular edge for an exquisite aesthetic.

The LED is dimmable on three levels 20%, 60% and 100%. This is a good feature as it not only helps you to save energy but also provides options for suitable lighting depending on the time of day or night.

If you are tired of swinging your arm on the bathroom mirror very much like a wiper on a car’s windshield, then you will no doubt appreciate the innovative defogger pad situated at the back of this mirror. Steamy showers do not have to slow you down as you prep your face.


  • Dimensions are 30″ diameter
  • Wall switch control
  • The mirror is surrounded with a strip of quality LED lighting that can be adjusted accordingly
  • It comes in a beautifully trimmed circular frameless design
  • The mirror is high quality with a clear reflection and defogging capability
  • Offers flexible wall mounting due to it’s circular design
  • Hardwiring installation
  • Between 3000K-5500k color temperatures

Customer feedback

One if the many things that customer expressed is that this is one of the mirrors that they have owned which quickly delivers on clarity even after steamy shower thus saving them valuable time when in a rush. Many praised the efficacy of the defogging pad because it meant kissing goodbye to the streaks and swirls on the mirror that inevitably result due to wiping.

Other consumers of this product mentioned that they loved the circular design. While most found one unit to be enough, larger bathroom may require two or more. But that’s no trouble because they look amazing whether in a bathroom at home, restaurant or hotel.

  1. B&C 72×30 inch Backlit Bathroom Vanity Mirror

This mirror by B&C is of high quality. It is a fixture with polished edge for finger protection and a petite frameless design with a slim depth of a paltry 1.06″ thickness. That should not be misconstrued to mean weakness. On the contrary, this mirror has a higher stability than thinner grades and is said to be 3 times more durable when compared to conventional mirrors.

This mirror’s back plate is made from silver and is absolutely copper and lead free. That means you do not have to worry about the mirror being corroded by rust as the unit has been designed to repel and resist rust.

It also explains why the mirror boasts of a superior optical quality offering a crystal clear reflection when shaving, brushing teeth or grooming.

The LED strip of lighting on the mirror surface does a good job of illuminating the mirror without glare, UV or flickering. Controls that facilitate the switching on or off, dimming of this light and defogging are on the surface of the mirror.

The controls are easy to use. Three touch button controls make for a quick adjustment of both color and dimming function. The unit also has memory and therefore restores the lighting to what it was before being switched off.

It is compatible with the wall switches should you want that alternative for defogging control. However, that function too is provided on the mirror surface touch control.

This is  IP44 rated safe to use in damp bathrooms.


  • Dimensions are L20″ x H30″ xD 1.06″ inches
  • Wall switch compatible/touch control
  • Surrounded with a strip of high quality dimmable LED lighting
  • Comes in a minimalist frameless design
  • The mirror is high quality offering a clear reflection with defogging capability
  • Memory of last dimmer configuration
  • The unit can be wall mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Hardwiring installation
  • Has between 3000K-6500k color temperatures

Customer feedback

User who purchased this unit appreciated the high quality design of the mirror and the neat frameless slim design that it presents. Customers also liked the defogging capability because it means no wasting valuable time in the bathroom trying wipe of fog in order to see oneself.

  1. Artforma Bathroom LED Lighted Mirror

For those looking for a high-tech horizontal mirror that can cover the expanse of longer vanities, like those with a double sink, then this Artforma IP44 rated mirror is for you. It is the sort of mirror that makes you look forward to use the bathroom every single day.

The unit’s reflection is extremely clear and the mirror has an imposing feel. But, that’s to be expected from a length of 55″ and a height of 35″.

The mirror’s control buttons are handy and located on the mirrors surface. That means that the lighting and dimming function are accessible, stepless and easy to use.

The defogging function is always a welcomed feature as it helps save time after a lovely steamy bath while also enhancing the functionality aspect of the mirror.

While these features are almost standard in most high quality mirrors, this unit is customizable and can be laden with more incredible interactive extras if you so wish.

For instance, you can have the mirror with a small circular section that has 3x magnification allowing you to closely scrutinize parts of your face when grooming.

It can also display a digital clock that keeps you informed of the time even when you are in the bathroom so you don’t get late.

Incase you are wondering what to expect of the weather for that day, the Wi-Fi weather station displays your location’s  current weather, temperature and time.

What’s more, the configuration of the mirror can be conveniently done through a dedicated mobile app on your phone.

It’s worth noting that the weather station is highlighted independently from the mirror lighting.

Additionally, if you love playing music when in the bathroom, you can listen to your tunes from your phone directly from the mirrors speakers via Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Dimensions are L55 x H35 xD 1.57″ inches
  •  Touch buttons control
  • Surrounded with a strip of high quality dimmable LED lighting
  • Comes in a minimalist frameless design with a myriad of pastel colors to choose from
  • The mirror high quality reflection is further enhanced by an improved OptiWhite surface which allows you to see more detail
  • Anti-fog function
  • Equipped with LED display clock (optional) (optional)
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi weather station for current weather, temperature and time based on your location. (optional)
  • LED makeup mirror with magnification of 3x. (optional)
  • Equipped with speakers + bluetooth for smart device connectivity (optional)
  • The unit can be wall mounted horizontally
  • Needs to be hardwired
  • Uses between 3000K-7000K lumens

Customer feedback

Users who got this unit were extremely delighted by the elegance it infused in their bathroom decor. They love the highly customizable aspects of this mirror such as being able to choose the size, switch type, LED color, LCD Panel and even Bluetooth speaker. The features and extras on this mirror are innovative and customizable to suit every taste.

  1. D’amour LED Lighted Dimmable Bathroom Vanity Mirror

With dimensions of 24 inches by 36 inches this D’amour mirror is a perfect fit for all types of vanities and it will also work in all sizes of bathrooms.

It is sufficiently bright because it uses white light and the LED light is impeccably placed around the interior of the mirror. This unit is hardwired so you have to add a wall switch to enable you to control it. However, this is made easy by the manufacturer who places screw and plug mount options to make the installation quick and easy.

The good news is that this unit is ETL listed for the entire unit in both the United States and Canada. They also offer buyers a limited two year warranty on the mirror.

The LED lights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours averaging over 45 years with normal use of three hours a day.

This mirror has an automatic anti-fog feature which clears fog as it begins to cloud the glass. The clear reflection makes it a favorite in hotel rooms but it can also be used in residential spaces.


  • Dimensions are 24”width x 36” length x 1.5” height
  •  On/Off touch button control
  • It is surrounded with a strip of high quality LED lighting that can be dimmed
  • Comes in a neat frameless design
  • The mirror has a high quality reflection and has the anti-fogging feature
  • Dimmer memory
  • The unit can be wall mounted both horizontally and vertically
  • Plug-in or Hardwired installation
  • Has a maximum of 6000K color temperatures

Customer feedback

Customers loved how easy it was to hang the unit onto the wall using the screws and plug provided. This is a lightweight which worked for a majority of customers who were looking for something simple and effective for their children’s room or guest bathrooms. They also love that the dimmer is built into the unit making it convenient to use. Even the process of hardwiring the unit to the wall didn’t seem to be a turn off for most customers.

  1. Qimh Wall Mounted LED Lighted Bathroom Vanity Mirror with Touch Button

This mirror has one of the most contemporary designs in all the options we have reviewed on our list.

It comes with a simple control system featuring a single touch button that switches it on and also controls its functions. If you are looking for a unit with a seamless design this is it. The screw hole is quite discreet and you could even miss it thinking it is part of the overall aesthetic.

The IP44 rated Qimh mirror is a suitable choice for people who are going green in their environment as it features copper free materials that are environmentally friendly.

It is also coated with anti-rust treatment to give it better longevity and it comes with explosion free safe glass. Explosion free glass guarantees users that the mirror is not prone to accidents that can pose a hazard.

The mirror itself is said to be fitted with three times the magnification of conventional mirrors. The 5.5 inch mirror also has no UV neither does it flicker when switched on. The combination of magnification, water proofing on the mirror and controlled brightness make this the ideal mirror for business establishments like salons and barber shops offering make up and other grooming services.

At home it will work well over a vanity with a contemporary design. It offers users 40,000 hours of service life with low power consumption.


  • Dimensions are L32 x H24 xD 2.1 inches
  • Touch Switch for operation
  • Surrounded with a strip of high quality adjustable LED lighting
  • Comes in a minimalist frameless design
  • The mirror high quality reflection is further enhanced 3 times magnification
  • It is compatible with both vertical and horizontal wall mounting
  • Plug-in installation
  • Has between 3000K-6000K color temperatures

Customer feedback

Buyers love the option of using the mirror in warm, cool and white light depending on their needs. They found it easy to install and operate. A majority of the users were impressed by the thickness of the glass which makes it durable and burst -roof. Customers also found that they could rely on its brightness to illuminate their spaces without using their regular lighting.

  1. Petus PetusHouse 24 Inch Round LED Lighted Bathroom Wall Mounted Vanity Mirror

Do you want a mirror that remembers to light up just the way you like it? Then this is the mirror to get for your needs. It comes with a memory dimmable button which you hold down to adjust the brightness and voila! It memorizes the brightness level you have used for the next time.

This IP44 and UL certified unit can either be hardwired or plugged in but the manufacturer insists on using a professional electrician to install it. They provide a simple installation manual to aid the electrician in addition to the screws and brackets that make it easier to hang up.

The PetusHouse anti-fog vanity mirror is round with a diameter of 24 inches which makes it neat and handy in a small bathroom.

This is such a solid buy that the manufacturer offers buyers a 5-year warranty for any quality issue. It has two color temperatures: daylight and white light. Both are sufficiently bright with 2800 lumens.

It offers users 50,000 hours of service life. This is a very long lifespan for the mirror but one must make sure it is installed the right way and of course use correctly to enjoy the longevity of the unit.


  • Dimensions are 24 inches in diameter. It is also available in 32 inches
  • Smart touch button
  • Surrounded with a strip of high quality dimmable LED lighting
  • Comes with a black framed design
  • Brightness memory
  • The mirror has a high quality reflection with anti fog feature
  • Plug-in or hardwired installation
  • 6000K color temperature

Customer feedback

Most customers love the simplicity of the unit and how easily it fits in any type of bathroom. The black frame is very eye catching according to a number of customers, making the mirror the centerpiece furniture in their bathroom space. They also appreciated how easy it was to install this unit especially since the accessories for mounting are provided by the manufacturer.

  1. Krugg Octagon LED Bathroom Lighted Wall Mount Vanity Mirror

This is another contemporary offering available for people who like to have a little fun with their fixtures. It has an octagon shape but that is not all. The defogger keeps the mirror functioning at optimum no matter what the temperature is in the bathroom.Wall Mounted Lighted Bathroom Mirror

To defog, this Krugg bathroom mirror is fitted with a heating coil pad on the rear which clears condensation and keeps the mirror hygienic. The design of the mirror is Tudor which fits in with a myriad of bathroom décor themes.

The mirror offers functional lighting for the most basic grooming tasks. It provides you with the true colors of whatever items you are applying so that you look the same in real life as you do in front of the mirror.

The unit utilizes silver backed glass which is top grade.

This mirror uses a sensor dimmer to create the perfect light. This feature is exclusive to Krugg mirrors only and it is activated using a single button.

The unit provides users with up to 50,000 hours of lifetime use translating to decades of use. Of course, it also has eco-friendly materials used in the construction like energy saving LED bulbs that last longer but use less energy compared to traditional bulbs.


  • Dimensions are L60 x H30 xD 2 inches
  • Touch sensor button
  • Surrounded with a strip of adjustable LED lighting
  • Comes in a frameless design
  • The mirror high quality reflection with defogging capabilities
  • The unit can be wall mounted horizontally and vertically
  • Hardwiring type of installation
  • Maximum color temperatures of 6000K

Customer feedback

Many customers found the frosted glass of the mirror a durable and high quality option which encouraged them to buy more units for the other bathrooms in the house. They also loved the octagon strip that remains aesthetically pleasing even when the LED lighting is not on. A majority praised the lighting calling it crisp and without the annoying flickers and glares of other mirrors.

  1. Gesipor LED Bathroom Wall Mounted Smart Bathroom Backlit Mirror with Defogger +Bluetooth

If you are looking for a detailed mirror with several smart features stumbling upon this IP44 and UL listed Waterproof mirror may mean an end to your search.Lighted Bathroom Mirror

From a touch memory switch to Bluetooth capability, this Gesipor mirror makes it easy to combine grooming and catching up on information easy and fast. And it does all these while defogging to provide you with a clear reflection immediately after your shower.

This mirror offers users three temperatures: Daylight, white light and warm light. With a button press you can change the light color to suit your needs. The memory feature retains the brightness level you had inputted before so you do not need to keep adjusting the lighting all the time.

The mirror has 30,000 hours of service life for the user and it comes with an anti-leakage strips that prevents light from leaking out of the unit. The defogging button gets the unit working 3 seconds after being pressed and it works fast and efficiently.

The in-built dimmer is also a huge plus and it also makes this the ideal unit for public spaces like spas, bars and retail spaces.

You can also play music using the mirror to give you the right ambiance when you are preparing for your day. You can even pick up phone calls using the unit because it is Bluetooth enabled.


  • Dimensions are L36 x H28 x D 2 inches
  • Touch sensor button
  • Surrounded with a strip of high quality LED lighting that can be dimmed
  • Comes in a minimalist frameless design
  • The mirror has a high quality reflection and defogging capabilities
  • Bluetooth fitted
  • Dimmer memory
  • Time display
  • The unit can be wall mounted horizontally and vertically
  • Plug-in installation
  • Temperatures of 6000K maximum

Customer feedback

Some customers appreciated the fact that they didn’t have to invest in an anti-fog spray on top of buying the unit because the defogging feature on this mirror is quite effective. They also loved the Bluetooth enables audio as well as the date and time reflected on it daily. Many also commented that the brightness is adequate for their grooming purposes without causing a glare.


The wall mounted LED lighted bathroom mirrors offer excellent lighting in addition to accentuating the general look of a room. The models we’ve chosen have a sturdy construction, are easy to use and in general some of the best in the market.


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