2021 10 Best Wall Mount Bathroom Sink Faucets Reviewed

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Table of Contents

While a deck mount faucet is a widely popular choice for the bathroom, a wall mount faucet is actually a better choice for getting a limited bathroom counter space to look and feel cleaner.

It can be hard cleaning up and keeping a wet area neat and attractive, which is why maintaining a clean washroom without any dirt and grime is a real challenge for some.

Having a wall mount faucet helps in a way because since it is not on the deck, there are no crooks, corners and ledges where dirt and grime can collect, leaving your bathroom counter and the back of your sink vacant and easy to clean with just a wipe.

And because the back counter of your sink is left vacant, you can put your essentials like facial washes, creams and whatnots on it as an adornment or for convenience of use.

Aside from its practical benefits, if you are conscious about the design of our bathroom or if you are planning to have a highly presentable one, a wall mount faucet can also come in handy.

A far cry from most common types, a wall mount bathroom faucet can lend a unique aesthetic by just simply hanging there by the wall, acting as an embellishment and giving your wash area modern deconstructed aesthetic. It can look industrial or it can look vintage, depending on the design of your chosen faucet.

By acting as filler to an empty wall, having a wall mount faucet can open doors to more design possibilities.

One of the things that you have to keep in mind when buying and installing one, is the distance to the location of your faucet. The point is to get the water to flow straight down to the sink instead of hitting the walls of the basin and splashing water right at you. Additionally, you have to make sure, as well, that the faucet that you are buying is meant for wall mounting, as you just can’t get a unit and install it on the wall.

Because the choices out there are vast, we have compiled below some of the best and most popular wall mount faucets in varied designs, for almost every type of bathroom.

Review of the Best Wall Mount Bathroom Sink Faucets

1. SITGES Double Handle Wall Mount Bathroom Sink Faucet

Black coated and matte finished, this three-piece sink faucet can fit in with almost any existing bathroom interior just waiting for something to spice it up. If you are thinking of a two-toned minimalist interior, a jet black element can add a powerful focal point to a bland wash area. It can also work with colorful interiors because the black shade can unite and hold everything together.SITGES Double Handle Wall Mount Bathroom Sink Faucet

In terms of functionality, this double handle wall mount faucet also checks the boxes for its undoubtedly dependable quality.

Featuring a long spout that goes straight downwards to avoid some unnecessary splashing, it is accompanied by two handles with a classic cross design that’s reminiscent of a pretty little farmhouse but with a black matte twist.

This unit’s cross knobs are especially made and tested to withstand daily use and still remain perfectly intact for years.

It also has a ceramic disc cartridge system that’s proved to be drip-free even after 600,000 uses. Furthermore, having gone through acid spray test, water tightness test, and appearance test among other processes, longevity is assured here.


  • Overall dimensions: 3.5” height by 8.7” length with a spout reach of 7.08” and 8” faucet center
  • Solid brass with black matte finish ( model is also available in Gun Metal Grey, Brushed Nickel, and gold shades)
  • Two cross design handles for water flow and temperature control
  • Drip-proof ceramic disc cartridge system that is tested efficient after 600,000 uses
  • Water flow rate of 1.5GPM/5.5LPM maximum at 60 PSI (ASME Standard)
  • Patented aerator that provides smooth and splash-free water flow
  • Removable nozzle for easy clean-up and maintenance
  • 100% Acid spray, water tightness and appearance tested
  • Fits 3-hole configurations with 8-inches spaces

2. American Standard 7295.252.002 Heritage Wall Mount Swivel Spout Sink Faucet

You certainly will not have to put in too much of an effort in making your bathroom look stylish once you have installed this beautiful American Standard Heritage wall mount faucet.American Standard 7295.252.002 Heritage Wall Mount Swivel Spout Sink Faucet

Made from the finest quality of brass with a shiny chrome finish, this wall mount faucet comes looking like a cut-out from a brochure of a classic, old grand hotel.

The double porcelain handles further accentuates the old world glamor feel.

It has a built-in soap dish that’s attached just right above the spout and is made from the same shiny brass material. And because this brand cares for your safety, the brass material used for this model is tested and meets the Safe Water Drinking Act requirement.

With its well-engineered lever handles, you can now forget about stuck knobs and leaking. Further, its lever handles are ADA (American with Disabilities Act) approved, making it efficient for everyone.


  • Overall dimensions: 10.30 in width by 6.80 length and 5.2 in depth, 5-5/8 inches spout
  • Durable brass material with corrosion-proof polished chrome finish
  • Two porcelain farm sink metal lever handles (also available in metal handles)
  • Ceramic disc valving that ensures leak-free operation even in years to come
  • Design that can also be installed as deck mount as well as wall mount
  • ADA approved

3. Moen T6906BN Voss Two-Handle Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet

If you are looking for something that can dramatically change the feel and tone of your bathroom without much fuss and complicated designs, the crisp and edgy but simple make of this Moen double handle wall mount bathroom faucet might interest you.Moen T6906BN Voss Two-Handle Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet

Motivated by perfection as well as lessening human impact to the environment, the much trusted company Moen has been changing the bathroom fixture game for more than 80 years now.

Warm metallic grey with a tinge of a bronze, this three-piece faucet comes with a classy matte brushed nickel finish that makes it look like an expensive piece meant for an upscale accommodation. It’s like your wall flower friend that’s sitting silent and simple in one corner but serves an impactful presence throughout the room.

Moen’s commitment to producing water-efficient products can also be seen by this model’s build which is WaterSense certified. Because the brand knows that every drop counts, this model is designed to use way less the amount of water than the regular faucet, so you’re contributing to water conservation and waste reduction every time you use your Moen wall mount faucet.


  • Overall dimensions: 7.38 x 9.25 x 2.63 inches
  • Metal with brushed nickel finish and warm-grey metallic shade (also available in bronze, chrome, gold and polished nickel finishes)
  • Double handle for flow and temperature control
  • Flow rate of 1.2 GPM and water consumption of 1.5GPM
  • WaterSense certified
  • ADA compliant
  • Requires a #9700 valve for installation

4. Dr Faucet Waterfall Faucet Bathtub Wall Mount 2 Hole Bathroom Faucet

Imagine being in a classic roman bath, with its beautifully crafted faucets that are works of art in themselves, with little waterfalls releasing gentle flow of water and tickling your tired skin, just hearing the calming ASMR-like sound of little waves through your tub. Feels like nature if you close your eyes. Can you believe that it’s still possible today? Yes, it certainly is, with a Dr Faucet Waterfall bathtub wall mount faucet.Dr Faucet Waterfall Faucet Bathtub Wall Mount 2 Hole Bathroom Faucet

Now you can feel like Midas himself every time with this gold 2-piece unit for a luxurious bath experience.

Featuring a stunningly curved wide spout that produces a little waterfall treat every time you use it and its individual switch, this model looks more like a wall ornament rather than a utility piece.

But notwithstanding its appearance, it is also long lasting, with its tarnish and rust-proof copper material, then coat this treat off with a gold finish and you’ve got yourself a very practical and decorative bathroom faucet with a well crafted handle that promises smooth operation for years to come.


  • Overall dimension: 5.12” x 3.74” x 7.68”
  • Spout is made of copper while the single handle is of metal with Ti-Gold finish
  • With 2 holes and a wide waterfall spout reach of 6.9”
  • Uses a controlled hot and cold mixer valve with US Standard NPT 1/2″ Female Tapered Thread
  • No adaptor needed for installation
  • Scratch and corrosion-proof

5. SITGES Antique Two Handle Bathroom Sink Wall Mount Faucet

Vintage interior design certainly never goes out of style and we can understand why. Just look at this classic faucet from SITGES, with its 3-piece ensemble that will surely make a statement in any bathroom. Wall Mount Bathroom Sink Faucet

The spout’s long neck sure is an eyecatcher with its elegant curves, and add that the two cross handles with a luxurious porcelain element and you’ve got yourself a jewel in the bathroom.

The premium brass material of this unit is made to be scratch and rust resistant, so it will still look good as new even after years.

Moreover, this model boasts of a polished inner surface that keeps tarnish at bay and guarantees that every drop you use is naturally clean.

After 600,000 test uses, its solid brass ceramic cartridge secures its leak-proof performance and its patented aerator regulates the water flow excellently so the stream that you get is smooth without splashing around.


  • Overall dimensions: 8.06” x 2.36” x 2.32”, Curved spout reach of 8.75”
  • Cross lever handles with porcelain design
  • Premium brass with gold brushed finish (also available in matte black and nickel brushed)
  • Scratch- and corrosion-resistant
  • Polished inner surface
  • Ceramic disc cartridge system
  • Constructed to fit 2 holes with 8 inches space configurations
  • Patented Neopearl Aerator
  •  Concealed hot and cold mixer valves
  • 1.5 GPM flow-rate

6. Delta Faucet Ara Wall Mount Bathroom Sink Faucet

Aiming to design products that can transform the way people use water in everyday situations, Delta’s contemporary black wall mount faucet is perfect for elevating your bathroom game.Delta Faucet Ara Wall Mount Bathroom Sink Faucet

Featuring a geometrical build with plentiful clean lines, this one-of-a-kind wall mount faucet will surely make for a perfect statement piece.

This 3-piece unit features a streamlined straight spout with two handles in matte black finish that will beautifully contrast with any bathroom theme you may have, from transitional to contemporary interiors.

Also WaterSense certified, this unit is not only stunning but cost effective and environmentally friendly as well, using 20% less water than your standard bathroom faucet.


  • Overall dimensions: 8.19 x 13.75” x 3.94”, 8” spout reach
  • Brass with matter black finish (Also available in chrome and stainless finishes)
  • Made for 3-hole, 8” installation
  • Widespread Handle placement
  • 1.2 GPM flow rate
  • ADA compliant and WaterSense certified

7. Skowll Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet

An industrial look can also look posh and elegant as proven by this 3-piece faucet by Skowll.Skowll Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet

Perfect for nautical style interiors, this luxurious-looking  faucet features copper material, coated with brushed gold  with an anti-slip gear design for its double handles.

Its 360° swivel spout is useful for getting water for buckets under the faucet and other tasks in the bathroom other than bathing purposes.

Luxury can be felt not only with its look but with the water flow itself thanks to its mouth that is designed to release soft, almost foaming water.


  • Overall dimensions: 7.64” x 8” x 2.56”
  • Two gear handles and a swivel spout
  • Made of Copper with brushed gold finish that is corrosion- and tarnish-proof
  • Hot and cold mixer valve
  • 5.7 LPM flow rate

8. KunMai Waterfall Wall Mount 2 Hole Bathroom Sink Faucet

This particular KunMai Waterfall faucet features a one-of-its-kind design that is ideal for fashion-forward interiors with its clean, sharp edges and the immaculate linear aesthetics that interior-design connoisseurs will surely love!KunMai Waterfall Wall Mount 2 Hole Bathroom Sink Faucet

Moreover, thanks to its wide mouth, this wall mount faucet creates a pretty little waterfall effect whenever you turn the water on, making it perfect not only for sinks but for bathtubs, as well for that luxurious spa-like experience.


  • Overall dimensions: 9.76” x 5.98” x 5.83”
  • Made from lead-free brass with chrome finish that is scratch- and corrosion-proof
  • 2.5 GPM flow rate
  • Features a waterfall open spout with one switch that are attached in a wall plate
  • Made for 2-hole configuration
  • Ceramic valve included

9. Zukki Copper Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet

Choosing a faucet can be tricky, especially when considering its water flow performance.Zukki Copper Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet

Thanks to its splash-proof aerator you can now have a stream that is both strong, steady and gentle, all while letting you save water for over 30%-70% with this Zukki faucet.

Moreover, its copper material coated with chrome finish ensures that it stays scratch and rust-free for years to come.


  • Overall dimensions: 9.8” x 7.13” x 3.58”
  • Flat spout with a single handle all in a wall plate
  • Made from chrome-finished copper material that is anti-rust and –corrosion (also available in black)
  • 6 LPM water flow rate
  • Splash-proof aerator
  • Ceramic cartridge that went through 500,000 –use test

10. Sumerain Wall Mount Two Handle Bathroom Faucet

The epitome of minimalist cleanliness, this faucet from Sumerain proves that having a classy bathroom doesn’t have to come at a price.Best Wall Mount Bathroom Sink Faucets

With a gently curving flat spout and two uncomplicatedly-designed handles with chrome finish, this particular model looks amazing on its own but can also blend all too perfectly with almost any bathroom interior there is.

Made from the finest quality of brass, you can be assured that you are getting a durable faucet that requires minimal maintenance, and will stay scratch- and rust-free for years to come, even with children in the house.

Moreover, it’s remains leak-proof and dependable even with countless of uses.

Matched with a vessel-type sink, this will make for a picture perfect bathroom ensemble.


  • Overall dimensions: 14.5” x 9.3” x 3.6” with double handles
  • Made from durable brass with a rust- and corrosion-proof chrome finish
  • 1.5 GPM water flow rate
  • Uses a low-wear ceramic cartridge
  • A rough-in valve is also included
  • Made for 3-hole and 8”-spaces installation

Wrapping Up

Though seemingly an insignificant element in the bathroom that’s considered to be more of an utilitarian fixture than anything else,  a well-crafted and stylish faucet can actually elevate the overall look of your bathroom.

Further, with the right wall mount bathroom faucet, you can actually also free more space and open more design possibilities for accessorizing this underrated part of the house. With the extensive list above, there is no excuse to not have the bathroom of your daydreams today!

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