2021 10 Best Wall Hanging Jewelry Organizer Cabinet Armoires

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Table of Contents

Jewelry comes in different styles, designs and materials. Some, such as bangles and necklaces are easy to store while others such as earrings can be difficult to locate once you misplace them. For this reason, a wall hanging jewelry organizer cabinet, or an armoire has become a must-have companion for some ladies as it provides ample, well organized spacious arrangement and display for all your precious jewelry as well as cosmetics and other fashion accessories and skincare items.

But, did you know that the history of the armoire dates back in the 14th century? Well, following a dire need for a practical storage solution, the armoire was born but only stayed in the realm of the wealthy and the nobbles to store their finest clothes, jewelry, and perfumes among other belongings.

However, as years passed, the armoire was remodeled to suit a wide range of needs and configurations. Today, some of these pieces of furniture have thin and slim profiles that allows them to be mounted on walls or doors to save on space.

So, if you have a substantial amount of jewelry, this guide has reviewed ten of some of the best wall hanging jewelry organizer cabinet armoires that are sure to get the job done.

A Review of Ten of the Best Wall Hanging Jewelry Armoires

1. Songmics Lockable Wall/Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire Organizer with Mirror

By far one of the most popular, the Songmics Jewelry Armoire Organizer would not fail to impress your significant friend, sister, mother, daughter or woman when gifted during an anniversary or a mother’s day celebration.

It is a classy, affordable, and space-saving jewelry organizer that offers a brilliant space-saving solution without taking much of your wall space. Weighing just 21.9 pounds with dimensions of 14.5 x 3.9 x 47.3 inches, this armoire is easy to mount and manage.

This armoire can either be screwed on the wall or strewn on the door using hooks. Its tall vertical design is a major advantage as it offers ample storage space for all your personal valuables.

Furthermore, when you open the lockable door, you’ll be welcomed with an array of 6 cozy Blue LED lights that illuminate bright light to help you select your best jewelry.

Aside from the lights, there’s a dark shinny velvet cover that provides a glamorous display to your precious jewelry. The storage space is also huge as it comprises of a long bracelet rod, a large ring cushion, 138 earring slots, 32 necklace hooks, 5 shelves, and 2 drawers for storing tiny accessories.


  • 3 color options to choose from
  • 6 automatic LED lights
  • Offers both wall and door mounting options
  • Locking with keys
  • Dedicated full length mirror for a head-to-toes views
  • 3 height-adjustable options
  • MDF, velvet, and glass construction
  • Plenty of storage space

The Songmics Jewelry Armoire Organizer is designed with a 43.3” full-sized mirror that’s well protected by a solid MDF frame. The mirror offers a full head-to-toe view of your outfit meaning you don’t have to spend extra bucks purchasing a separate mirror.

The LED bulbs are also a huge advantage as they’re powered by 3 AAA batteries though they’re not included in the deal. This armoire is available in White, Gray, and Brown color options so you’ll have the benefit of choosing the color that blends with your interior aesthetics.

Customer feedback

Most customers who’ve purchased this Jewelry Armoire Organizer are stunned with its many configurations and great quality. Most of these customers are impressed with the large storage space and the two drawers at the bottom.

The mirror, the LED lights, and the overall construction are quite outstanding according to most customers. Most are also happy with the adjustable hooks that clip on the door.

2. Langria 10 LED Wall Jewelry Armoire Organizer with Mirror

The Langria 10 LED Jewelry Armoire is very similar to the Songmics model above in terms of design and configurations. Its elegant design and exquisite appearance are quite welcoming especially to homeowners looking to add a bit of taste to their bedrooms.Wall Hanging Jewelry Organizer Cabinet

As a dual performance armoire, the Langria is fitted with a full standing mirror that offers an exclusive head-to-toe view of your outfit. When it comes to the display, this armoire can either be screwed on the wall or mounted at the door using hooks.

The best thing about these hooks is that they rest securely against the door. Not only that, they offer 3 height-adjustable options.


  • 2 color options that include White and Brown
  • 10 automatic LED lights
  • Lockable doors with keys
  • Large storage space

This Jewelry Armoire is also equipped with a lockable door to keep curious kids away. It weighs just 20.9 pounds with sleek dimensions of 3.5 x 14.4 x 47.8 inches meaning it doesn’t eat much of your wall space.

The interior is illuminated with 10 LED bulbs which turn on automatically when the door is opened. The interior space is well organized and it comprises of 110 earring slots and holes, 84 ring slots, 6 shelves and 2 drawers, 32 necklace and bracelet hooks, a hanging rod and a pouch for keeping some makeup brushes.

Customer feedback

Customers who purchased the Langria 10 LED Jewelry Armoire loved the careful workmanship and the elegant design of this armoire. The MDF framework is curvy both at the top and the bottom while the mirror has a protective film that prevents scratching during the installation process.

Most buyers are also happy with the ample storage space and the awesome LED lights that automatically turn on/off when the door is opened or closed.

HollyHOME Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Armoire

The HollyHOME Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Armoire is a decorative unit that has a sleek modern design and a white color that blends well with most interior walls. Unlike the Langria and the Songmics models above, the HollyHOME is quite small though it has managed to trade its small size with brilliant touchscreen technology.

The white MDF combined with the black velvet cover and an LED light makes the interior of this armoire very stylish. When it comes to size, the HollyHOME doesn’t have a large interior. However, it does offer a decent space that’s enough to house 85 earring slots and holes, 2 storage shelves, 3 lines for rings and earrings, and 18 hooks for necklaces and bracelets.


  • Touchscreen mirror with an LED light
  • MDF construction with real glass mirror and black velvet cover
  • Dedicated anchor screws for easy wall mounting
  • Lockable door

The HollyHOME is a classic addition to any living room or bedroom space thanks to its sleek design. It has a touchscreen full-sized mirror that’s beautiful and very convenient. Set up is also a breeze as it comes when it’s already pre-assembled leaving you with the hassle of just mounting it on the wall using two anchoring screws.

Customer feedback

Other than the sleek design, most customers love the touchscreen technology employed in this armoire as it makes it user-friendly and very impressive. The white finish on the MDF is also customer approved as it allows this armoire to blend well with the rest of the interior aesthetics.

4. Excello Rustic Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer

If excellence was defined with a shape, then the Excello Rustic Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer could be pretty close to it. Its unique rustic design adds a vintage charm to your interior décor while still demonstrating how ancient noblemen organized their precious jewelry.

Although it’s not as large as some of the modern jewelry cabinets, the Excello has traded size with brilliant vintage construction that adds a luxurious classy tone to your wall.

The construction consists of real wood with a Brown, White or Black Barnwood finish that will work well with your décor.

Though small, the Excello has a silver wire where you can hang your earrings, hooks for necklaces, slots for earrings, a cork for pinning studs and photos, and a hanging bar just below where you can display your precious bangles and bracelets. To compensate for its small size, a 17” wooden bar has been added to provide additional space for hanging extra jewelry.


  • Available in Black, Brown, and White color options
  • Rugged wood finish
  • Hanging bar and storage bar at the bottom offer additional storage space
  • Barn-style doors with strong hinges offer additional safety
  • Dedicated mounting brackets, anchors and screws allow easy installation

The Excello Rustic Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer weighs just 5.1 pounds making installation fast and easy. It also arrives pre-assembled leaving you with a small task of using the dedicated wall brackets, anchors, and screws to mount it.

The Excello is also compact measuring 12″x 17″x 4.5″ when it’s closed and 12″x 34″x 4.5 when open. The top is designed with a small shelf where you can display some flower jars or jewel boxes in case you need to keep your small accessories secure.

Customer feedback

Most shoppers who purchased the Excello were impressed by its simplicity and rustic design that adds a lot of depth and character to the interior décor. The barn-style doors have also inspired most shoppers who loved the strongly reinforced hinges for added safety.

5. Giantex Door/Wall Jewelry Cabinet Box Armoire

The Giantex Jewelry Cabinet is a very unique armoire that comes with exclusive features that make organizing your jewelry and makeup supplies quite easy. This armoire is fitted with a lock and 2 keys to offer immense security to all your valuables.Wall Hanging Jewelry Organizer Cabinet Armoire

It has a touchscreen full length mirror with LED lights all around to illuminate your space when dressing. For convenience, the LED lights can easily be switched on/off via a touch switch in the mirror.

To save as much space as possible, this jewelry armoire can be mounted either on the wall or behind the door using special hooks. While on the door, this armoire can be adjusted using 3 height adjustable levels to match your height and dressing requirements.


  • Adjustable hooks
  • Lockable door with 2 keys included
  • Frameless exterior mirror with a touchscreen switch and a smaller interior mirror as well
  • MDF construction with velvet cover
  • All-round LED lights
  • An input voltage of 100-240V
  • White/Brown/Black color options

With the Giantex Jewelry Cabinet, you’ll get 3 storage shelves, 24 hooks for your necklaces and bracelets, a built-in zipper for small accessories, 6 lined shelves with 48 slots for earrings, 6 rows of ring slots, a rod for placing scarves and watches, 3 storage boxes, and finally, a rear glass mirror.

Customer feedback

Most shoppers who purchased the Giantex Jewelry Cabinet loved its low power consumption of just 5V. Others appreciated the beauty of the mirror which has a frameless design and a touchscreen switch that lets you power the LED light on/off quite easily. Others customers loved the easy mounting process that only takes a few minutes.

6. X-cosrack Rustic Hanging Jewelry Organizer

The X-cosrack Rustic Hanging Jewelry Organizer not only offers a large storage space, but this armoire is also handcrafted from a very unique Candlenut Wood brushed with a rustic wood finish to give it an antique tone.

Not only that, the natural wood finish displays some curvy grains that make this armoire rustic and stylish thus complementing a variety of indoor decors.

Just like the Excello Jewelry Organizer, the X-cosrack too is small in size making it easy to mount on the wall. However small, do not underestimate the interior space of this armoire as it can organize a huge collection of jewelry with ease.


  • Double door cabinet with magnetic closure
  • Wall mount only
  • Wire meshed interior
  • Top shelf provides additional storage space
  • 11 “S” shaped chrome hooks
  • Removable wooden rod at the bottom

Although the doors are not lockable, tiny magnetic devices have been used to secure the doors. There are 4 wire meshes that hold your earrings, 5 ring holders, 2 shelves for displaying large accessories, a top shelf, and a removable wooden rod for hanging necklaces and bungles. In addition to that, there are eleven chrome finished “S” shaped hooks that offer additional space to hang long and short necklaces.

Customer feedback

According to most shoppers, the X-cosrack Jewelry Organizer is a very attractive armoire that offers a modern twist on vintage old craftsmanship. Its rustic design allows it to suit both modern and contemporary decors making it a perfect option for all classes of customers.

Several shoppers loved the lightweight feature while others were impressed with the sleek dimensions that help to save on space.

7. GZS Wall Hanging Jewelry Organizer Armoire Storage

The impressive GZS Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire features a unique space-saving design that resembles that of a modern closet by fitting a full-sized mirror on the inside rather than on the outside. To maintain a cool appearance when the door is locked, GZS has decorated the back of the door with artistic wallpapers that provide an intriguing picturesque view when the armoire is mounted on the wall.Wall Hanging Jewelry Organizer

The interior space is well organized to ensure that everything fits into its rightful place. There are over 70 earring slots, 84 ring slots, 24 necklace hooks, 4 shelves, a hanging bracelet rod and a hanging cosmetic area where you can keep your make up brushes and eye pencils.


The GZS Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire is designed with a Blue and White elk cover that gives it a completely custom background. The 5MM mirror is full HD offering you a head-to-toe view when you’re dressing. There’s a LED tube lighting at the top of the armoire that illuminates your jewelry when making a selection.

The soft velvet cover in the inside prevents jewelry erosion and scratches meaning all your expensive jewelry will remain new for years of use.

Customer feedback

Most customers who purchased the GZS Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire are impressed with overall great look, construction and the easy configuration that helps to keep all your jewelry neat in one place. The full-sized HD mirror is fitted on the inside making this armoire to resemble a closet.

Other customers loved the huge interior spacing that allows you to hang all your jewelry plus all your skincare products, lotions, and perfumes.

8. Luxfurni Hanging Wall Mirror Jewelry Organizer

The Luxfurni Mirror Jewelry Cabinet is another mountable armoire that offers fantastic storage space for jewelry. The full-sized mirror has 79 LED lights that automatically illuminate when the door is opened.

There are 130 earring slots at the top, 24 hooks for necklaces and 12 for bracelets, 4 storage shelves, 84 slots for rings, a removable pouch, a clear makeup organizer, and 4 crystal clear drawers at the bottom. The 4 acrylic transparent drawers and storage boxes are removable.


  • Anti-tarnish velvet lining
  • 79 LED auto lights
  • Removable zipper pouch
  • Brown and White color options
  • Large storage space

This Mirror Jewelry Cabinet uses an anti-tarnish velvet lining that protects your jewelry against tarnishing.

Customer feedback

Customers liked the high-quality packaging and the assembly which was fast and easy as the unit arrived when it was already pre-assembled.

The design was also impressive especially the 79 LED lights that offered perfect illumination when selecting the jewelry. Several customers were impressed with the huge storage space while a few others appreciated the affordable price range which doesn’t strain your budget.

10. TomCare Wall Hanging Jewelry Organizer Cabinet Armoire

The unique design of the TomCare Jewelry Cabinet Armoire is quite irresistible especially to shoppers looking for a unit with many curved elements. The construction comprises of a very sturdy MDF frame that’s available in either Vintage or Ivory.

With dimensions of 7.24″H x 15.75″W x 4.75″D, this armoire is not small but rather large making it ideal for organizing a huge collection of jewelry and other cosmetic accessories.

It has a lockable door with 2 keys that provide some convenience. When it comes to installation, this unit can either be mounted on the wall using special screws or simply hanged behind the door using 2 height adjustable hooks.


  • 2 color options: Ivory/Vintage
  • Frameless full-sized mirror
  • Lockable door with 2 keys
  • Two installation options: wall and door

To enhance proper organization of all your jewelry, the TomCare Jewelry Cabinet Armoire has offered its users 4 shelves, 135 earring slots, 24 necklace hooks, 3 makeup cups, 6 storage compartments for your rings, 2 drawers, and a bracelet rod.

There’s also a frameless full-sized mirror behind the armoire door that provides a head-to-toe view when you’re wearing your best jewelry.

Customer feedback

Other than its practicality and overall nice appearance, customers loved the easy assembly while others appreciated the lockable door stating that it provided some security to their expensive jewelry.

10. Songmics LED Wall Hanging Jewelry Cabinet Box

This Songmics jewelry cabinet is beautiful as it practical with 60 ring slots, 80 earring holes, 24 necklace holders, 6 drawers at the bottom, 4 earring rods, and a slanting earrings shelf.Wall Hanging Jewelry Cabinet

There are 4 LED lights that automatically illuminate when the door is opened. At the back of the lockable door, there’s a sleek full-sized mirror that offers a complete head-to-toe view.

The mirror is reinforced with an MDF frame to protect it from any possible damage. To enhance the beauty of this armoire, Songmics has combined the white MDF frame with a black velvet interior.


  • 4 LED lights
  • Lockable door
  • Full-sized mirror
  • MDF construction
  • Wall/door installation option
  • Large storage space

This armoire can also be mounted on the wall using special mounting screws or hanged behind the door using the 3 height adjustable hooks.

Customer feedback

This LED Jewelry Cabinet has impressed most customers due to its large storage space. It has a depth of 4.9-inches which according to most shoppers is wide enough to hold a huge collection of jewelry and other cosmetic accessories.

The LED lights are also very convenient as they help to save on battery power. Most customers also loved the lockable door stating that it provides a high level of security to all their precious jewelry.


Overall, a jewelry organizer armoire is every woman’s companion when it comes to organizing your jewelry collection. Most of the jewelry organizers reviewed above serve a double purpose of organizing your precious jewelry while still offering a decorative flair to your walls.

So, whether you’re looking for a smaller unit or a big Wall Hanging Jewelry Organizer that will fit a huge collection of jewelry, the examples above will be perfect.




















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