2021 Review of 10 Best Undermount Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks Worth Every Penny

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Who would’ve thought that even a kitchen sink has a rich history?

A farmhouse kitchen sink was used mostly in the countryside when there were no water lines, water tanks, and people used to bring home their water from wells, lakes, or rivers and store it to their dry sinks with broader and deeper basins.

The farmhouse sink has now become even more popular because of the design where the sink’s front is exposed, making it easier to lean over the sink to wash dishes. Further, its larger capacity also allows people to put in larger pots and pans.

Today, the farmhouse sink retains its popularity mainly because of its aesthetics, especially if your home interior is countryside or farmhouse-inclined.

The beauty that this brings to a kitchen is classic and timeless.

Farmhouse sinks made from different materials have their characteristics, and you may shop based on your preference. But it is also practical to know the pros and cons of using each so you can finally decide which sink suits best suits you and your kitchen.

Below are some of the more commonly used materials for a farmhouse kitchen sinks.

The Best Farmhouse Sink Materials

1. Fireclay.

A fireclay made farmhouse sink is ceramic clay that undergoes high temperature processes to bring out a enamel outer layer. This material has a classic glossy finish and is a 100% rust proof and much more durable than other farmhouse sinks. It is also resistant to chipping, fading, and scratches, making it a low-maintenance make. However, the fireclay sink is more expensive than other sink materials, and it is difficult to install because it is bulky and requires professional intervention. Dishware can easily break when dropped to it accidentally.

2. Porcelain.

A porcelain sink is one of the most affordable make you can find. It is a traditional material that comes in various colors, shapes, and styles. However, porcelain is most of the time used in the bathroom because this area is not prone to frequent washing of heavy pots and pans. In case you are not aware, a porcelain sink is likely to chip and being scratched if impacted by heavy dishware, particularly its apron front. Using this as a kitchen sink may have a higher risk of damage.

3. Stainless Steel.

A farmhouse sink made of stainless steel is the cheapest most widely used, but the best types don’t compromise your kitchen’s looks. They are modern, resistant to high heat, offer uniformity with other kitchen appliances, easy to clean, and safer for glassware and dishware. On the other hand, affordability has some prices to pay, such as stainless steel sink is noisier, more prone to scratch and dents, and challenging to keep it dry. Fortunately, these issues have resolutions if you opt to shop for stainless steel with a heavier gauge to minimize noise or satin-finished stainless steel which is good at concealing scratches.

4. Cast Iron.

Cast iron sink is one of the most popular types used in a farmhouse because of its extreme durability that withstand the heaviest pans and pots. But since iron is prone to rust and chipping, opt for an enamel cast iron sink because the enamel layer will protect the iron from rust and other damages. What you get from this type of farmhouse sink is a long lasting sink that requires minimum maintenance and timeless aesthetic. However, a cast iron farmhouse sink can be more expensive because its heavy duty feature.

5. Granite.

If you want a beautifully crafted but limited color farmhouse kitchen, this can top your list. Its cost is reasonable because even though it is pricier than stainless steel, it is cheaper than fireclay and cast iron counterparts. It is highly durable and scratch-resistant, offers low-maintenance cleaning, and you can enjoy color variations with this. However, it is prone to cracking.

Other than those mentioned above, there are other different materials you can choose. They also possess distinct characteristics. All you have to do is evaluate them and decide if that is what you want, need, and if that matches your kitchen requirement.

Also, take note that the undermount farmhouse sink does not fit ALL countertops. Lucky for you if you buy this style of sink ahead of your countertop; otherwise, you have to adjust your countertop to accommodate and support the entire weight of the sink.

Advantages of Undermount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

  • It is like your huge compartment where you can put all the heaviest pots and pans together and wash them in one go.
  • It is ergonomic because the apron front is thinner than the usual countertop between you and the sink, so you don’t have to reach far and bend a lot.
  • You can go for a single or double bowl, and both are still deep and large.
  • The sink becomes a central part of your kitchen because no matter what style or color, it screams character.


  • The farmhouse kitchen sink is expensive because of its stout construction and the materials and technology used. The more advanced it is, the pricier it gets. But it is worth it.
  • It is space-consuming because of its large and full construction. It will take up space from your countertop from left to right, and the area below the sink and your cabinet. To alter this, you may opt to buy the workstation range of farmhouse sink that is very functional and space-saving.
  • When installing an undermount kitchen sink, you have to adjust your cabinet and make sure that it is strong enough to support a massive sink. Sometimes, you also have to renovate your entire cabinetry to ensure that.

No matter what materials are used in the construction, you have to do proper and regular maintenance to it. Because the farmhouse kitchen sink is relatively expensive, you don’t want to stain or leave it dirty because it may cause unwanted discoloration and odor, for example, and you don’t want a foul investment.

Listed below, are some of the the top-selling farmhouse kitchen sinks for undermount installation you can consider when shopping for your farmhouse kitchen.

Review of the Best Undermount Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

1. Kraus KHF203-33 Standart PRO Kitchen Stainless Steel Sink Round Apron 60/40 Double Bowl

Kraus is always known for its outstanding quality and innovative products. The company products are versatile to fit a wide range of style preference, functional requirements, and budgets.Kraus KHF203-33 Standart PRO Kitchen Stainless Steel Sink Round Apron 60/40 Double Bowl

Some of their best sinks that you may encounter from them is the Standart Pro line.

This Standart PRO sink from this product line features an extra-tough T304 stainless steel body for exceptional durability and resistance to rust .

This is further enhanced with an extremely sturdy TRU 16 and 1.5mm thick gauge, which further promises a longer-lasting, highly durable farmhouse sink.

You can mount this flexible sink in 3 ways: undermount, flushmount, and topmount.

The aesthetic of Standart PRO speaks modernity with its satin-finished stainless steel body, making it a great match to your overall kitchen look.

At the same time, its apron front is adaptable to any interior design, whether you have a modern, vintage, or countryside kitchen.

One of the best things about this make is the soundproof feature by the NoiseDefend technology, which covers 80% of the sink with extra-thick pads and non-toxic undercoating for additional insulation. So if you think stainless steel sink is the noisiest, not with this sink.


  • The required installation is undermount.
  • The sink’s dimensions are 32.87×20.75×10 inches and weigh 42.7 pounds.
  • The basin has a depth of 10 inches.
  • It is a rectangular shape 60/40 double basin. Also available in single basin
  • Your cabinet should have a minimum size of 36 inches.
  • It is made of 16 Gauge T-304 Stainless Steel.
  • It uses NoiseDefend Technology to minimize noise when it interacts with heavy pots, pans, and dishware, among others.
  • It comes with free accessories: protective stainless steel bottom grids, basket strainer, assembly with strainer, and kitchen towel.


  • Its basins are deep and spacious.
  • The make is scratch and dent-resistant.
  • It is extra thick with a 16 gauge steel.
  • It is a quieter sink because it absorbs vibrations and noise when the sink is in use.
  • It has protective undercoating to prevent damage to kitchen cabinets.
  • It has superior drainage, preventing stagnant water with a slightly sloped bottom without making glassware fall when placed in the sink.

Customer Feedback

The Standart PRO has many positive customer reviews for its contemporary design, impressive functionalities, and reasonable price. Many were impressed by how good it looked after installation, and the noise level when in use was indeed minimal, just as advertised. Customers were also happy with the satin finish that really snubbed scratches in addition to looking great.

2. Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″ Apron-Front Workstation Farmhouse Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Ruvati is one of the most trusted and recognized brand names for stylish and elegant quality sinks and faucets. The company uses innovative technology to bring style and sophistication that compliments varying interior styles continuously.Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33" Apron-Front Workstation Farmhouse Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

One of their smartest products is the Ruvati Verona Farmhouse Kitchen Sink.

If you seek an all-in farmhouse kitchen sink , the Verona 33″ workstation sink is a great choice.

This apron-front sink is a combination of two powerful features: a spacious stainless steel sink plus a space-saving workstation with built-in accessories including a solid-wood cutting board, colander, and roll-up rack.

With this style of a kitchen sink, you don’t have to worry about a limited countertop because you can do all things cooking with it from top to bottom.

Aside from the built-in accessories, the Verona workstation has a commercial grade brush finish that conceals scratches better than a satin-finished sinks.


  • The product dimensions are 22x33x10 inches, and it weighs 60 pounds. Other sizes are also available including, 24″, 27″ 30″ and 36″.
  • It is a single bowl with a depth of 10 inches.
  • Made from 16-gauge stainless steel that promises a lifetime of rust and stain-resistance.
  • It is rectangular with a brushed finish.
  • Installation required is Apron front undermount.


  • It has a heavy-duty sound guard undercoating with thick rubber padding to keep noise and condensation at a minimum when used.
  • It has perfect drain grooves to channel water towards the drain, keeping your sink immaculately dry.
  • Comes complete with built-in accessories that make up the workstation, such as the solid-African Mahogany hardwood cutting board, stainless steel coriander, which is also a soap and sponge compartment, a roll-up disk drying rack and a bottomless basket strainer assembly.
  • It has built-in ledges to hold the integrated accessories together to do your chopping and other cooking preparations right on top of your sink.

Customer Feedback

Customers who bought this sink were pleased because not only did it improve the general aesthetics in the kitchen, it also brought more functionality. It made cleaning a lot easier and faster. Further, they were also glad that the sink does not generate so much noise when used.

3. Zuhne 60/40 Double Bowl Stainless Steel Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Zuhne started in 2014, but despite this relatively recent beginning, the company has positioned itself as one of the popular sink manufacturers in the industry with its high quality products.Zuhne 60/40 Double Bowl Stainless Steel Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The company offers a wide range of kitchen sinks for different customers with varying preferences and budget.

This particular deep Zuhne 60/40 Double Bowl Stainless Steel sink, is not only a piece of jewelry to your kitchen with its sophisticated and sparkling aesthetic attributed to its premium brushed stainless steel make, but it is also your hardest-working fixture kitchen because it can accommodate large and heavy pots and pans in one washing.

For easy cleaning and drying, the company designed it with a gentle curve and a sloped sink base.


  • It is a 1.5mm thick, 10-inch-deep double basin with dimensions of 33Wx21Dx10H inches and weighs 45 pounds. Also available in a 36″
  • 60/40 double basin design
  • It is a curved apron front sink with 16-gauge ultra-durable solid T304-180 surgical grade stainless steel from top to bottom, making it extraordinarily durable, corrosion-proof and dent and scratch-resistant.
  • The installation method is undermount, taking into consideration the farmhouse-apron-front.
  • It is suitable for residential or commercial use.
  • When you buy the sink, components included are 2 sets of drain strainer with stopper, drying rack/scratch protector grid, suction sponge, and installation kit.


  • It mutes noise and cancels vibrations when used,
  • Has a 2.5x superior insulation.
  • Features a premium brush finish, so it is resistant to dents, scratches, can match most of the kitchen appliances.
  • It is code compliant in the US and Canada.

Customer Feedback

Generally, many customers love Zuhne’s 60/40 Double Bowl sink because of the quality and value for money. The product really does perform as advertised and delivers on what it has promised in terms of durability and reliability to its customers.

4. Sarlai Gunmetal Matte Black Farmhouse Sink

If you want to reinvent your farmhouse kitchen to reflect a touch of modernity, this matte black farmhouse sink can be your road to a modern farmhouse kitchen.Sarlai Gunmetal Matte Black Farmhouse Sink
A matte-finished fixture gives softer polish concealing imperfections, but you should know that matte can foster fingerprints and oils, but you can always choose a washable matte.

This Sarlai sink has a T304 stainless steel construction with 16-gauge that ensures superior durability and dent resistance. Thus, it is long-lasting, and will never rust or stain.

It is a workstation-kind-of sink because you can switch with its cutting board and other built-in accessories.

Therefore, incorporating this in your kitchen will make your kitchen very functional and stylish.


  • It is a Nano matte-black finished, farmhouse apron front weighing 50.9 pounds, has dimensions of 33x22x10 inches, and 10 inches deep.Available in other size variations as well.
  • The installation method for this sink is undermount, farmhouse apron front.
  • It is 16-gauge, T304 stainless steel construction.


  • It has a 3mm rubber pads covering around the sink base for adequate absorption of noise and vibration.
  • It has a sloping bottom and X water guidelines for flawless drainage.
  • Together with the sink are the Sapele cutting board, matte black stainless steel colander, and grate and roll-up rack.

Customer Feedback

A lot of customers praised the overall appeal of the Sarlai matte black farmhouse sink. The combined functionality, quality, and beauty were the main reasons why this sink was considered very worthy of its price. One of the customers even shared that it exceeded his expectation, especially the built-in accessories, which he had thought would just be all low quality. However, each of them is well-integrated with the design and made from heavy duty materials.

5. Kohler K-5827-0 Whitehaven Farmhouse Self-Trimming Undermount Single-Bowl Sink

If you want a clean and minimalist central fixture for your kitchen, you can always rely on this Kohler sink. The company Kohler is well known for producing neat-looking home plumbing products, including top-notch quality sinks and faucets. They have been in the manufacturing industry since 1873, making them one of the best brands you can trust.Kohler K-5827-0 Whitehaven Farmhouse Self-Trimming Undermount Single-Bowl Sink

The Kohler’ Whitehaven Undermount Sink is the construction you can consider if you want to make a classic, clean, and functional statement in your farmhouse kitchen.

With a cast iron as construction and lustrous white enamel as the outer layer, this sink can match any interior decoration, and you will have nothing to worry about in terms of its endurance because it is built to resist cracking, chipping, and burning.

It is a single basin design that is large and deep enough to accommodate huge pots and pans.

Moreover, it boasts versatility because it gives you the opportunity to install it the way you want. If your cabinetry is strong enough to hold the sink together, you can have it undermounted.

If your sink’s ledges overlap with your countertop, then you can have it top-mounted. But if you don’t want it anywhere near your countertop and cabinets, you can opt for the freestanding installation.


  • This rectangular white enamel cast iron sink weighs 115.7 pounds, with dimensions of 32.69×21.56×9.63 inches. You can also get it in other sizes.
  • It has a bowl depth of 8 13/16 inches and requires a cabinet depth of at least 33 inches.
  • It is a farmhouse-style that can be undermounted.
  • When you purchase the sink, you will get a cabinet face cutout template and a countertop cutout template.


  • The basis has a 2-degree slope, so the water is drained smoothly to avoid stagnation.
  • It has a self-trimming apron that lies on top of the cabinet face to ease installation and adds aesthetics.
  • It has an ultra-thick enamel surface that can withstand the heat of up to 1000°F, so you have nothing to worry about pouring boiling water.
  • Superior construction guarantees that it won’t be damaged over time.

Customer Feedback

Customers love this product for its simplicity that really matches a traditional farmhouse kitchen. It really is heavy duty and great looking with its beautiful chip resistant gloss finish. However, some of them had trouble installing it because it is cumbersome and heavy.

6. Sinkology SEK307-33-AMZ-B Lange Copper Farmhouse Single Bowl Strainer Kitchen Sink with Drain

A copper sink screams character, elegance, and creativity.Sinkology SEK307-33-AMZ-B Lange Copper Farmhouse Single Bowl Strainer Kitchen Sink with Drain

If you want this present in your kitchen, Sinkology is a great option.

The company is known for its handcrafted, creative home improvements that can transform a standard kitchen to an attractive one.

If you are going after aesthetic that adds value to your home, copper sinks, particularly the apron front like the Lange Farmhouse Kitchen Sink, are more attractive than porcelain and stainless steel because they have a natural ability to adapt and add elegance to any traditional or modern kitchen.

Also, a copper sink has an inherent antimicrobial property, which is valuable for your home because you are assured that you have a partner in keeping your dishware, pots, and pans clean and hygienic.

On the other hand, you should consider that owning a copper sink requires proper cleaning and maintenance because it naturally suffers discoloration over time. This patina discoloration is way for the copper to naturally protect itself from corrosion.

Fortunately, there are cleaning methods and even cleaning products that are made for copper sinks. Some of these methods include cleaning of the entire basin with warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft cloth, applying copper cleaner formulated to protect and retain shine in the copper sink’s finish and avoid abrasive chemicals, among others.


  • This is a 32-inch, antique copper sink with a weight of 41.4 pounds and dimensions of 32×21.5×8 inches and a bowl dimension of 30x19x7.25 inches.
  • The construction is made of 17-gauge pure solid copper, and its apron front wraps around 2.5 inches on each side.
  • A minimum of 36 inches cabinet as a base is recommended for the installation.
  • It has to be installed as an undermount farmhouse-style and recommended to have an SG001-33 Wright Kitchen Bottom Sink Grid, which you can buy separately.


  • The color of your copper sink will change to a protective patina finish .
  • It has an extra-large bowl with sound dampening pads to minimize noise from disposals and dishes.
  • It transforms your kitchen into the most elegant space in your home.
  • When you purchase the Lange Farmhouse Copper Sink, you will get a lifetime warranty, a copper kitchen sink, a strainer, and a drain.

Customer Feedback

Generally, the majority of customers were very satisfied with the sink. They were happy because the Lange Copper Kitchen Sink is well constructed and  beautifully integrated into their farmhouses to become a nice focal point in the kitchen. Though some caught unaware by the expected discoloration, several still maintained that they were happy with their Buy.

7. Koozzo 30-Inch Farmhouse Fireclay Kitchen Sink

Koozzo has been producing stylish and innovative products since 2001, ranging from cabinets, sinks, bath accessories, stone countertops, and more at reasonable prices. If you are looking for a sink that suits your kitchen style’s needs and budget, the Koozzoo is a brand you can depend on.Koozzo 30-Inch Farmhouse Fireclay Kitchen Sink

The Kozzoo’s 30-inch farmhouse fireclay sink is a classic, timeless design that is highly durable and firm.

Like any other fireclay sink, this is extremely heavy and dense, so the cabinet where you are going to install this should be physically robust and and able to endure condensation and other potential risks.


  • The size of this Koozoo fireclay sink is 301/8x18x10 and extraordinarily weighs 85.8 pounds.
  • This is a single rectangular bowl made of fireclay with a glossy white finish.
  • The required installation for this sink is undermount, farmhouse apron front.


  • It has a multi-layer glaze that makes it very smooth, easy to clean, and non-yellowing.
  • It is engineered using extremely durable fireclay that underwent a high-temperature procedure, making it highly resistant to scratch.
  • It has a non-porous surface, which is hygienic and minimizes odors in the kitchen.
  • The design of the apron front is interchangeable, so you can use it both ways, the way you want it.
  • Since it is a fireclay, it is built to withstand high temperatures.

Customer Feedback

A Fireclay sink like this from Koozoo can be more expensive than other materials, but many customers who bought it were happy with it in their kitchens because of its apparent durability, functionality and the amazing interchangeable apron front. Some of them had difficulty during installation because the sink is dense and heavy but at the end of the day, they knew they had made a great buy.

8. Lordear Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Apron Front Ledge Workstation

Considered a luxury brand in the industry, Lordear also caters to mid-economy by producing affordable sinks that are stylish and can fit any traditional or modern homes. They use cutting-edge technology to bring out the most creative, elegant, quality, and fashionable statements in every kitchen and bath product they offer.

This 30-inch farmhouse kitchen sink by Lordear is one example of the company’s continuous grasp of innovation.

This is a deep, single bowl workstation stainless steel kitchen sink that lets you do all your preparation on it.

The design is convenient because it has a sloped bottom, to prevent water in the basin from stagnating as well as an optimized angle guideline for better drainage.

It has a plain, but elegantly designed apron front for an enhanced kitchen aesthetics. exquisite.


  • The sink has dimensions of 30x22x10 inches and a weight of 51.9 pounds. Can also be bought in other sizes.
  • T304 stainless steel in 16-gauge used in the construction to ensure high dent, rust, and stain resistance.
  • It is 1.5mm thick and capable of withstanding hard impacts with no risk of damage.


  • It boasts NoiseDefend technology used in sound padding and protective undercoating to reduce noise and vibration while the sink is in use.
  • It comes with a generous number of built-in accessories, making it a perfect workstation sink.
  • The basin is designed with X-shaped water guideline that ensures water will go smoothly into the drain to maintain immaculate dryness of the sink.
  • When your purchase the sink, you will get solid Sapele mahogany hardwood cutting board, Sapele hardwood and stainless steel colander, and a roll-up rack made from stainless steel bars and flexible silicone frame that is foldable or rollable.

Customer Feedback

If you are searching for a farmhouse kitchen sink that delivers most, if not everything you need, the Lordear Apron Front Sink is a great choice, as proven by the satisfied  users who bought this. It’s said to be a practical model at a reasonable price.

9. Comllen Commercial 304 Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

This Comllen stainless steel farmhouse sink features a rounded apron front, maintaining the traditional style of a farmhouse sink in a stainless steel form.Comllen Commercial 304 Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

Wherever you install it, be it a traditional or modern house, it is sure to be the focal point of your kitchen.


  • The installation method for this sink is an undermount apron.
  • A 1.5mm, 304 16-gauge stainless steel construction.
  • The sink dimensions are 33x21x10 inches, and it weighs 34.4 pounds. A 36″ is also available for purchase.


  • It is scratch, stain, and corrosion resistant, thanks to the commercial-grade premium satin finish.
  • It has reduced noise and vibration when used because it is insulated by thick rubber dampening pads plus a stone guard undercoating.
  • The drain opening is 3-1/2, suitable for most garbage disposals.
  • It is engineered with slightly rounded corners for easy cleaning.

Customer Feedback

Customers loved how amazing the sink looks as it gave their kitchen a touch of bold modernity. Overall, it comes highly rated for attractive aesthetics,  easy cleaning and maintenance as well a being sufficiently large and deep.

10. Ruvati Gunmetal Black Matte Stainless Steel Apron-Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

If you have light-colored cabinetry and countertop, the Ruvati Gunmental Matte Black farmhouse kitchen sink will make a great match to it.Ruvati Gunmetal Black Matte Stainless Steel Apron-Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The company sees to it that the Gunmetal Matte Black takes this traditional farmhouse sink to the next level by bringing a heavy touch of modernity without overpowering the kitchen’s entire design.

It features an attractive black coating wrapped around T304 stainless steel that is scratch and dent resistant.


  • The installation type for the Ruvati Gunmetal Matte Black is undermount apron-front Farmhouse.
  • The sink dimensions are 33x22x9 inches and weigh 46.1 pounds.
  • The construction is made of 16-gauge T304 Stainless Steel with sandblasted PVD finish.
  • It has a bowl depth of 9 inches while its drain opening is a standard 3.5 inches that fit any garbage disposal unit.
  • The minimum base cabinet size is at least 36 inches.
  • It has a curved apron front.


  • The matte finish makes an exquisite layer because it resists fingerprints or any stains, making your sink immaculately clean.
  • The entire construction is sturdy and resistant to wearing and peeling.
  • It is effortless to clean.
  • It has reduced noise and vibration when used, thanks to the heavy duty SoundGuard pads and a thick Noiseproof undercoating.
  • It has sloped bottom with 4 drain grooves at the bottom that guides the water towards the drain, so the entire sink stays dry and clean.

Customer Feedback

This Ruvati matte black sink is loved by users because of its beautiful finish that adds bold statements in their farmhouse kitchens. It’s also at a reasonable price compared to others of its similar quality. The basket strainer and grate that came along with the sink are also user favorites. These are beautifully designed to match the sink.

Wrap Up

The kitchen is the heart of the home, as most people say.

Therefore, you have to give it as much as you possibly can through general aesthetics and most importantly, functionality.

If you are building or renovating a farmhouse kitchen and looking for the most suitable, sturdy, beautiful  and practical kitchen undermount kitchen sink for the traditional farmhouse style, then you have a wide range of options.

From brand names to materials used in the construction, the market has it all.

The style varies as well, but if you want to add a touch of modernity to your kitchen, you can narrow your search to stainless steel constructions. For something unique and out of the ordinary, copper options are great for this

Most people do not only consider installing a farmhouse kitchen because it adds beauty and bold statement, but also because of its practicality in the kitchen brought about by its massive build that can handle heavy pots and pans, making the cleaning more comfortable and convenient.

Ultimately, before making that purchase, first assess your kitchen and ensure that you have the recommended size of cabinets to support the massive sink.



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