10 Best Turkish Bath Towels 2020

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Table of Contents

Bath towels are one of the most under appreciated yet very useful home linens. Apart from the fact that they serve an essential purpose; helping to keep you dry and warm when you step out of the shower, bath towels also add an aesthetic appeal to your bathroom and serve as some form of home décor. While there are some varieties to choose from all of them varying from each other in different ways, one of the most practical bath towels you can get for your home is a Turkish bath towel.

What are Turkish Bath Towels?

Turkey is famous as a producer of some of the best quality cotton products in the world, so you should understand if we say Turkish bath towels are the bomb. Otherwise referred to as Peshtemal, Hammam or sometimes called Fouta Towels, Turkish bath towels as you might have guessed are so called because they are made from Turkish Cotton, a brand of premium cotton which is most notable for their extra-long fibers.

This means fewer joins are required in their construction, and as a result, they have smoother and stronger threads. They are also fluffier, stronger and generally more absorbent than most other types of towels.

Benefits of using Turkish Towels

Some of the unique benefits of the Turkish towels when compare to their traditional counterparts includes:

  • Durable: Turkish Cotton bath towels are generally long lasting.
  • Incredibly soft: Turkish Cotton has long fibers which makes bath towels that are soft and plush and are said to  improve after each wash.
  • Highly absorbent: Turkish cotton has naturally long and narrow fibers, which means that the more the threads that can fit into a cloth per square inch. These long fibers and more threads means better absorption, yet still efficient drying.


  • The towel shrinkages occur if the towels are washed and dried at a high temperature

A Roundup of The Best Turkish Bath Towels

  1. Salbakos Turkish Cotton Bath Sheet

These bath towels from Salabakos, one of the leading makers of cotton textile is made from 100% genuine Turkish cotton. Made from combed cotton, this eco-friendly towels are highly absorbent SALBAKOS 40"x80" Turkish Cotton Bath Sheetand are designed to survive long-term use.

Salbakos Turkish bath sheet is long and extra thick. It measures 40” by 80,” and each towel is VAT dyed to ensure that the bright colors last for a long time. The Turkish towel is also designed to be get softer after each wash, so your experience with this bath towel gets even better with use.

Features of Salbakos Turkish Cotton Bath Sheet

  • Luxurious feel.
  • Available in bright long lasting colors
  • Eco-friendly


  • They get softer and more luxurious as you wash it.
  • Highly absorbent.
  • Made from combed cotton which means it can be very durable.
  • Don’t fade.


  • There were slight complaints about how absorbent the towels are.

Customer Feedback.

While most of the reviewers left positive comments about the towel’s length and color, there were minor complaints about how absorbent the towels are. Also, special care has to be taken with washing and maintenance to avoid damaging other fabrics.

  1. Chakir Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Towel 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton

These standard, high-quality bath towels are made from 100% genuine Turkish cotton and are designed to deliver fully on all the benefits of a full grade luxurious Turkish bath towel. This set of 4 bath Chakir Turkish Linens Turkish Cotton Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Toweltowels is plush and soft to the touch and if you think they are soft now, wait till after the first wash; they get even softer with each wash.

These top quality towels are also designed to be highly absorbent. They have a double stitched edge and also come with a natural dobby weave which prevents flaying and improved durability of the towels. These 700+ GSM towels are also very thick with dimensions of 27” by 5” and are also easy to maintain as they are machine washable and also dryable.

Features of Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Towel

  • 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton.
  • Soft and Luxurious and get even softer with each wash.
  • Double stitch edge to enhance durability.


  • They are durable.
  • They are easy to maintain; as they are machine washable
  • Get softer after the first wash
  • Highly absorbent.
  • Available in more than a few striking colors.


  • Some buyers complained of some minor loose strands of threads that they had to snip off after washing the towels

Customer Feedback

The most notable complaints were about how these towels behaved after wash, aside from this there aren’t any major issues about their quality. Most customers commend the towels for their softness and efficient absorbency.

  1. Classic Turkish Towels 100% Turkish 3 Piece Luxury Bath Set

Made from Turkish combed cotton, Classic Turkish towels are designed to deliver hotel and spa quality elegance and luxury right in your bathroom. Classic Turkish towels are made from the Best ribbed Turkish Towels highest quality Turkish cotton to produce bath towels that are not only ultra-plush and super soft, but also highly absorbent with a touch of elegance, thanks to the jacquard ribbed style method of weaving.

They are made without any chemical which makes them completely eco-friendly and therefore perfect for both children and adults who suffer from skin allergies due to chemicals.

Measuring 40X65 inches and available in few neutral colors, the towels are thick enough to ensure maximum absorbency. They are also double stitched to ensure maximum durability of the towels by preventing it from developing frayed ends.

Features of Classic Turkish Towels

  • 100% genuine combed Turkish cotton.
  • Elegant and luxurious.
  • Extra plush and highly absorbent and gets softer with each wash.
  • Eco friendly.


  • Hotel and spa-grade value.
  • Soft, plush and absorbent.
  • Designed to be very durable.


  • Some users claim that the size is off by a few inches
  • There were also some complaints about discoloration

Customer Feedback

There were a lot of comments about this product most of them are positive reviews especially about how soft and plush they are and how elegant they look. There were some complaints about the performance of the products after wash, and some users also noted a discrepancy in size by just a few inches.

  1. Turkuoise Turkish Towel 100Turkish Cotton Luxury Towels

The Turkuiose Turkish towels are made from top quality genuine Turkish cotton to make them extra-plush and soft. Completely eco-friendly, they are also made to deliver maximum and quick absorbency. 100 Turkish Cotton Luxury and Super Soft Towels

These bath towels are Vat dyed with natural dyes for eight long hours to ensure that their color stays bright even after long-term use. Their hems are also double-stitched to prevent fraying to ensure durability. The fabric also gets softer after each wash.

Features of Turkuiose Turkish Towel

  • They are eco friendly, free of all forms of chemicals and colored with natural dyes
  • They are plush and absorbent.
  • Long lasting and are Vat dyed to maintain coloration and ensure it don’t fade as you wash. The hems are also double stitched to prevent flaying


  • They get soft with each use.
  • They are eco-friendly and entirely healthy for use.
  • They retain their coloration even after long-term use.
  • A variety of vibrant colors are available to chose from.


  • Some users claim colors differ from advertised, although this isn’t a universal opinion.

Customer Feedback

There seem to be dissenting opinions about the colors of the towels. While some users are satisfied with the color and agree that it is the same as advertised, some still say that the colors are a bit off. There were mostly positive reviews about the other features though, especially on their soft, fluffy feel and absorbency.

  1. Class Cotton Luxury Bath Towels Turkish Cotton Extra Large Bathroom Towel

Class Cotton Luxury Bath Towels are made from high-quality Pure Ringspun combed genuine Turkish cotton. With these towels, you get the best look, feel and performance of Turkish cotton you can get in the market. Not only are they super soft, but they also have an elegant and refined look that makes them fit into your bathroom just perfectly.

Despite their thickness, they are made to be highly absorbent. They have a unique horizontal ribbed construction. They are also quite durable and designed to conform to safety and environmental standards.

Features of Class Cotton Luxury Bath Towels

  • Extra thick, soft and luxurious.
  • They are are fast drying and are highly absorbent.


  • Plush, soft and comfortable
  • They are highly absorbent with quick drying capabilities.
  • They are Long lasting.
  • They get softer with each wash.


  • Some users complained about the towels shrinking after wash.
  • Available in just white.

Customer Feedback

Apart from the one or two customers who complained about the towels shrinking after washing, and other minor issues, most of the comments were positive, with most customers recommending them for their good quality and plush feel. 

  1. Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel Turkish Cotton Piano

Measuring 27 x 54 inches, these Chakir Turkish Linen Luxury Turkish bath towels are heavy and thick but offer the extra softness and luxurious feel of hotel and spa quality towels. They are also highly absorbent.  best Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel Turkish Cotton bath towel

Made with natural, eco-friendly materials and dyes these towels get softer with continuous washing. They are quite easy to maintain since they are machine washable and dryable under low heat.

Features of Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Hotel & Spa Towels

  • Made from genuine Turkish cotton which makes them super soft, plush and extra absorbent.
  • Durable as the hems are double stitched to ensure durability.
  • Made from natural, eco-friendly materials, safe for the environment and human use


  • They are machine washable
  • They are highly absorbent
  • They are extra soft


  • There were some complaints about the thickness of the towels.
  • Some users were also unsatisfied with the size of the towels.

Customer Feedback

Aside from some comments about the thickness and length of these towels, most of the comments were positive ones with the majority of the users commending the towels for their quality as they remain plush and soft even after several washes.

  1. Towel Bazaar 100% Turkish Cotton Bath Sheets

Made from premium quality long-staple Turkish cotton, the towel bazaar bath sheets are designed to be soft and super plush while absorbing maximally, getting softer with every wash. Best 100% Turkish Cotton Bath Sheets

These bath sheets are thick and durable ensuring long-term usage. They are also made with the natural material under an eco-friendly procedure free from harmful dyes and dangerous chemical solvent that not only harm the environment but can be detrimental to health as well.

Features of Towel Bazaar 100% Turkish Cotton Bath Sheets

  • Plush and soft.
  • Eco-friendly free from harmful dyes and dangerous chemicals
  • They are machine washable and can be dried under low heat


  • Super absorbent
  • They are highly durable.
  • Heavy and thick.
  • They are free of dangerous dyes and chemical solvents
  • Available in different colors and sizes.


  • Sizes for some towels might be a little less than advertised but still large all the same.

Customer Feedback

Most of the reviews were positive with many of the users loving the quality of the towels. While some users say the size might be off by few inches, towels are still substantial and serves the purpose right for most of them. There were also so many positive comments about the softness and fluffiness of the towels.

  1.  BC Bare Cotton Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel Turkish Cotton Bath Towels

BC Bare Cotton Luxury Turkish Cotton Bath towels are high grade, hotel and spa quality towels BC BARE COTTON Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel Turkish Cotton Bath Towelwith a beautiful design that fits right into your home perfectly. They measure 750 GSM with the perfect size and weight to be functional.

With a soft texture and high moisture wicking abilities, these towels are durable and are easy to wash, maintain and store without shrinking, stretching or losing their look.

Features of BC Bare Cotton Luxury Cotton Bath Towel

  • Made from high quality cotton
  • Feels and looks soft and plush
  • Lavishly large
  • Easy to maintain


  • They are large and thick
  • Have an elegant design
  • They are easy to maintain.
  • Highly absorbent.
  • Available in attractive colors.


  • They shed a bit for the first couple of times you wash them, but this tends to stop later.

Customer Feedback

From the reviews left about this product, the quality size is just right for most users; there is, however, a chance that they will shed for a while especially with the initial wash. This tends to reduce with time though.

  1. Lunasidus Venice 100-percent Luxury Turkish Combed Cotton

Lunasidus CTT-300 is made in Turkey from highly absorbent, long threaded durable combed cotton. The long staple Turkish cotton gives the fabric a special soft and plush feel and an absorbent characteristic.

With a GSM of 600, these towels are quite thick and made to be highly absorbent but dries quite quickly. They comes in a variety of accent color stripes and are suitable for adding some elegant color and spa-grade sophistication to your home

Features of Lunasidus CTT-300 Venice

  • Bulky and highly absorbent, with a rating of 600 GSM but also quite absorbent making them quite desirable.
  • Soft and plush.
  • These towels are made from fabric that has been combed to get rid of short, uneven fibers or debris leaving you with longer and stronger fabric perfect for weaving.


  • They are soft and silky
  • Highly absorbent
  • Looks Attractive
  • Eco-friendly with Oeko-Tex certification
  • Available more than one color


  • They might not be as absorbent or dry fast as you want
  • They might not be a luxurious as expected

Customer Feedback

According to some customers, this product did not meet their expectations in terms of how absorbent it was or how luxurious it looked and felt. However, the towel got mostly positive reviews from the users which means some of the complaint might be as a result of differing opinions.

  1. Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Premium Turkish Ring-Spun Cotton Bath Towels

The Chakir Turkish linen luxury premium batht towels are made from 100% genuine Ring-Spun Turkish cotton which makes them extra soft and highly absorbent. Luxury Premium Turkish Ring-Spun Cotton 4-Piece Bath Towels

Measuring 27 x 53 inches, they are designed to be extra durable with hems that are double stitched to prevent them from flaying. These Turkish bath towels get softer with each wash and are eco-friendly, completely free of chemicals.

Features of Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Premium Turkish Ring-Spun Cotton

  • Soft and absorbent.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Constructed using highest quality ring spun cotton with double stitched to make them last longer.


  • They look soft and plush and feel even better.
  • They are designed to be durable.
  • It is highly absorbent.
  • Neutral color choices available.


  • They sometimes shed some lint, even after washing a couple of times.

Customer Feedback

Majority of the comments about this product were positive in terms of quality and service delivery and only few of them pointed to some of the minor irregularities which mostly had little to do with the quality of the towels per say.

Choosing the best Turkish Bath Towels

Generally, when shopping for towels, there are some important things to put into consideration. The fact that the bath towel is labeled Turkish doesn’t automatically make it the best. There are basic things to look out for to ensure you are getting the best and this includes:

1. Weight

The weight of your towels or any other fabric for that matter is measured in GSM (grams per square meter). This value generally varies between 300 to 900 and is a significant determinant of some of your towel’s significant characteristics.

300-400 GSM are thinner and lighter towels, perfect for gym or the kitchen. 400-600 GSM towels are a great medium-weight options that are ideal for traveling, beach towels and bath towels. Luxury towels usually have of between 600-900 and are generally denser and more absorbent. Of course, this means they take some extra time to dry given their heaviness. But that’s just a small price to pay if you want something quite luxurious.

2. Size

This might not be the very first thing on your checklist, it is one of the most important things to look out for. This is probably because no one wants to buy towels that will barely wrap around their body, if that’s what you want. You have to compare the size of the towel to what you want to use it for.

3. Construction

This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing towels. Unfortunately, most towels don’t bear information about their construction on the label. However, it is still good to know the fundamental difference between towel construction and what it means for you.

Combed cotton towels are those that have been made from combed fibers which means all impurities and shorter threads have been removed from the yarn and all you have at the end of the day are the longest fibers.

This hasn’t been done with Ringspun cotton are so they have both long and short threads. While the former is durable and reliable, the latter is also smooth and soft.

Also, as part of the construction features to look out for, choose towels with banded edges because they tend to fray less than those without it.

4. Color Fastness

Some towels start to fade, change color or become splotchy with use. This can be very annoying and suck all the fun out of owning a towel. Always check out the reviews to find out if the towel you intend to buy is color fast. You can also choose color neutral towels like white ones to be on the safer side.

Turkish bath towels are some of the best types of bath towels you can buy without putting a dent in your bank account. Bear in mind that there are variations in terms of color, size and other factors for each of the Turkish towels and your choice at the end of the day will depend largely on your preferences.



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