12 Best Tropical Ceiling Fans for a Laid-back Beach Vibe

Rooms and spaces look amazing when you invest in exquisite furniture, wall painting, rags, art and ornamental pieces such as vases, masks and so forth. But did you know that tropical ceiling fans can add a decorative look and a relaxed, inviting beach feel to your space?

The beauty of tropical ceiling fans is that they can be both functional and ornamental. Over and above looking great with their leaf blade design, they generate a cool breeze to help you stay comfortable and reduce cooling bills during the summer. A good number of tropical fans may also include a lighting feature which adds more functionality and beauty to your home.

Below we have lined up a fantastic selection  of tropical fans with amazing craftsmanship that can be used to enliven various spaces of your home. Check them out.

Best Tropical Ceiling Fans

1. Prominence Home 50677-01 Caspian Sea Tropical Ceiling Fan Light

We have established that a ceiling fan is beautiful and a practical light fixture that will add to the elegance of a space. And that comes easy for the Prominence Caspian Sea Tropical Ceiling Fan because it has been crafted to perfection.

The five blades are handcrafted from wood and are leaf shaped with a dark cherry finish that gives the piece a gorgeous rustic look.

Its frame is metallic with a bronze aged finish that complements the well sized dark cherry wooden blades. The metal down holds fast to the ceiling bringing stability to the whole fixture.

A canopy houses a powerful yet silent motor that offers 3 fan speeds. The motor remains silent even at the highest speed fan setting. The motor and blades are reversible making this a perfect choice for generating cool air circulation in the summer and helping to redistribute warm air in the winter months.

Not only does this fixture look great, but it also provides a stable fan rotation without any wobble. The design comes complete with a lighting kit that uses Edison lighting bulbs which are included in the purchase. The open-lantern styled lighting structure has a bronze finish and clear seeded glass that add to the understated rustic charm of the unit.


  • The dimension is 52 inches
  • Quiet reversible motor for all year round use
  • It comes only in aged bronze finish
  • The frame is constructed from metal and clear seeded glass
  • It has five blades made from wood
  • It comes with 3 fan speeds
  • Features a pull chord for lighting and fan speed control
  • Three Edison style LED bulbs included

Customer feedback

Customer love that the unit has a gorgeous overall look that will agree with multiple decors styles ranging from traditional and industrial to contemporary or farmhouse. The handcrafted dark cherry wooden blades that mimic a palm leaf are simply exquisite and artistic. Customers who bought this mentioned that it looks and works amazing in a living room, bedroom, den or a hallway. They also complemented the way it looks stately without overwhelming the space.

2. Honeywell Sabal Palm Blades Tropical Ceiling Fan

The trick when shopping for a great tropical ceiling fan is to choose an option that has plenty of character and is functionally flawless. The Honeywell Sabal Tropical Ceiling Fan fits that description to a tee.

It has a solid construction giving the fan a sturdy look. That is thanks to the metal frame that firmly holds the fixture in place on the ceiling. That metal frame is bronze finished and extends all the way to the canopy and blade holder.

Ideal for 350-450 square feet rooms, the powerful motor is housed in the canopy. It is worth noting the motor for this fan is also reversible. This essentially means that the fan is used during the summer months for air conditioning by generating a cool breeze and it is also usable in the winter months as it can aid in effective redistribution of warm air into the room helping to save energy costs

One of the reasons that makes this an obvious option in numerous decors is the beautiful overall look. The artistic look is largely from the 5 massive handcrafted wooden blades.

These blades are exquisitely carved out and detailed to resemble palm leaves. The blades can take 3 different fan speeds. The beautiful, Tuscan sand glass bowl light fixture crowns this fan for an elegant look.

It can be can be conveniently installed three ways,  with a downrod (4″ included), angled mount and close-mount.


  • The dimension is 52 inches
  • Reversible motor
  • It comes in brass and bronze finishes
  • It has been constructed using solid metal and Tuscan sand glass
  • It features 5 handcrafted wooden blades
  • Comes with a 3 speed fan control
  • It features a pull chord to control light and fan speed

Customer feedback

Many customers remarked on the beauty of this tropical ceiling fan. The carved wood blades are so pretty and the motor is whisper quiet. The combination of a metallic bronze finish with a rich wooden hue on blades in addition to soft lighting from the sand glass bowl light is all it takes to give your space an opulent look.

Numerous users commented that the install was very straight forward and should take you less than hour to install. The only drawback that some customers pointed out is that they felt the pull chord should be much longer for easier reach.

3. Akronfire 52” Tropical Ceiling Fan with Remote Palm Wooden Leaf Ceiling Fan

The build of this ceiling fan is beautiful and artistic making it a good option for different rooms of your home including the kitchen, bedroom, living room as well as the den.

The massive palm leave shaped wooden blades have a rustic charm that is impossible to replace with any other material. These blades have a beautiful detailing that only adds to the general exquisite look of the piece. The metal frame does a good job of anchoring the fixture to the ceiling for a firm hold. The bronze finish on the metallic frame blends well with the wood color. The motor is stealth and will hardly make a sound even at the highest fan speed and the unit comes equipped with 3 fan speeds for your convenience.

The motor is reversible and can create a gentle cool breeze effortlessly all year round. Its motor can be switched from downdraft mode used to cool the home during summer to updraft mode during the winter to help warm air in the house.

The lighting kit crowns this fixture effortlessly with a decent dose of charm and character. The lighting consists for 5 frosted glass shades caged in metal strips but one can opt to use white or colored bulbs for a preferred look and feel.

This tropical fan and lighting fixture is remote controlled for your convenience and comfort.


  • The dimension of the fan is 52 inches
  • All year round reversible motor
  • It comes only in bronze finish
  • The metal frame is constructed from solid metal with frosted glass
  • It has 5 handcrafted wooden blades
  • Comes with a 3 fan speed control
  • It comes with a remote control for the fan and lighting

Customer feedback

Not only does the fan look good, it has a convenient remote controlled operation that allows you to On/Off the lights or fan separately from the comfort of your seat. This is a huge plus for customers.

Customers also love that this artistic ceiling fan and lighting fixtures has presence and can act as a center piece in a space. However, some customers mentioned that if the fan is not properly balanced during installation, it may have a wobble due to improper balancing of blades. Some users who faced this issue said they overcame the problem by achieving balance through adding some weight to the blades. They felt that it would be great if the unit came with some blade balancing weights.

4. Bombay Tropical Ceiling Fan Light

The 42 inch Bombay Tropical Ceiling fan has an unmistakable all white look that looks marvelous in white themed decors.  In darker themes, the all-white element can be used to provide stark contrast which also helps add beauty as well as break monotony.

Other than the dazzling all white color, the build of the fan is pretty solid. That is because of the metallic frame that firmly attaches to the ceiling. The down rod attaches to a canopy in which the motor is housed. The motor is reversible and therefore provides optimal usage during both the hot and cold seasons. It is hardy enough to function both indoors and outdoors.

The manufacturer provides limited warranty on the motor of 25 years for indoor usage and 10 years for outdoor usage. This is a testament of how confident the creators of this model are in their product. The cool air generating ability and warm air distribution capacity of this fun is remarkable. That is made possible by the damp rated 5-ABS palm shaped light.


  • The dimension of the fan is 42 inches
  • Motor is reversible
  • It comes in pure white, oil rubbed bronze or antique bronze finishes
  • It is constructed from stainless steel
  • Features 5 damp rated ABS lightweight blades
  • Comes with a 3 speed fan control
  • It has a pull chain for the light and fan speed

Customer feedback

Customers who are in search of a smaller sized fan with a great look, appreciate this fan because of the 42 inch size as well as the simple elegance. ABS blades are light and extremely durable in addition to being easy to clean. Customers who like this design but prefer a different color can settle for the more rustic finish options which are equally gorgeous.

5. Andersonlight Industrial Cage Tropical Ceiling Fan with 5 Lights

This fan by Andersonlight  has an distinct aesthetic look that adds character to any room. Having this ceiling fan that also comes with lighting in a living room, bedroom or dining space, would be absolutely transformative to your decor. That effect comes from the contrast of colors and design of the fixture.

The metal frame that attaches to the ceiling and downs to then canopy has a polished dark hue. The motor is super strong but impressively silent at 27 decibels even at the highest fan speed.

This fixture has 3 fan speeds to choose from depending on cooling needs. As expected, being a topical style type of ceiling fan, the five blades are gorgeously shaped to resemble palm leaves and constructed using ABS material. The lighting feature comes right underneath the blades in a unique iron cage design in which the industrial styled bulbs shine through.


  • The dimension is 52 inches
  • Reversible motor and can be used all year round
  • It comes with a black finish
  • It is constructed from metal with industrial style bulbs
  • It features 5 ABS blades
  • Comes with a 3 fan speed control
  • It features a pull chord as well as a remote control to control the lights and the fan

Customer feedback

One customer remarks that they love this fun and vintage look because it makes his living room pop. Most users who bought this fixture mention that they like the fan because of its overall look, functionality and size in addition to the fact that it is fairly easy to install.

The sleek look of this industrial design with contemporary styling not only generates generous air movement for your home but it also elevates the existing decor such as furniture and flooring.

6. Gulf Coast Fans Venetian Tropical Ceiling Fan

Outdoor elements can sometime bring value to a decor by helping to add a good dose of rustic allure. The Gulf Coast Fan Venetian Tropical Ceiling Fan brings exactly that to your space. While at first glance your eyes would be fooled to believe that this fan is a realistic drift wood material, only by touching the blades and paying close attention to the construction material do you realize that the blades have been made from resin material.

Although the unit has a metal frame that attaches to the ceiling the lighting kit comes before the blades. The lighting is rich and housed in a unique scavo glass that helps illuminate the surrounding in a soft light. Then follows the 5 leaf shaped blades made from resin material.

The motor is powerful yet quiet. Being reversible the motor is useful both in the summer as well as contributing to the heating of the home during colder months.


  • The fan dimension is 52 inches
  • Motor is reversible
  • It comes in a beige-tan finish
  • It is made from metal and scavo glass
  • It features 5 resin blades that mimic driftwood
  • Comes with a 3 speed fan control
  • It features pull chords for controlling the fan speed as well as the lighting

Customer feedback

Users who bought this fan said they love it because of the palm leaves. If you have a beach theme going on in your decor, this option is super classy and adds a lot to such a theme. The overall appearance of the whole fixture is seamless so that one can barely tell apart the blade holders from the actual blade. That speaks to the fluid design and top notch craftsmanship of this ceiling fan.

Naturally not everyone has a beach theme. But customers will be happy to know that this unique 52-inch fan will go well with a lot of decors looking to add a touch of rustic and outdoor feel. This ceiling operates from pull chords however, should one desire, they can also order for a remote control.

7. Quorum International 135525-65 Monaco Patio Ceiling Fan

It is uncanny how real the blades look on this fan that they could easily pass for wood but are in actual fact made from a lighter ABS material. The size of the blades is generous and features a 3 speed setting that can generate a decent air flow that keeps your home or patio cool during the hotter months.UL listed for wet locations.

The fan can be used indoor or outdoor as it is able to handle even damp outdoor or indoor spaces like bathrooms. Its metal frame gives the overall structure firmness and balance as it easily and firmly attaches to the ceiling.

Depending on how big your space is, the noise from the motor is audible but not really bothersome. In a smaller room, the hum of the motor can be heard, in a larger room, the hum is drowned by the space. That said, this is a better option for a larger room that absorbs the low humming sounds of the motor.

The metal frame is brushed nickel which offers a polished clean finish and blends well with the 5 ABS Maple leaf shaped blades


  • The dimension of the fan is 52 inches
  • It has a satin nickel finish
  • It is constructed with solid metal
  • It features 5 ABS blades
  • It comes with a 3 speed fan control
  • It comes with a separate remote to control the light and the fan
  • UL certified for wet locations, usable both  indoor or outdoors

Customer feedback

Customers who got this ceiling fan mentioned that they were looking for a tropical fan but without a light kit and this turns out to be an excellent option. Customers also mentioned they love the ABS blades that could pass for wood because of the high level of craftsmanship. They said that the maple blades blend very nicely with the satin finished metal parts for a look that is right at home with numerous decors. The fan will look and work great in a living room, kitchen, bedroom and outdoor spaces such as a patio.

This resilient yet beautifully crafted ceiling fan in this package comes without a lighting kit. However, for those who like this concept but would want it to come with the light kit that can be done by opting to buy the light kit separately.

8. Bombay Palm Blades Tropical Ceiling Fan

What is special about this Bombay ceiling fan is its endurance. It has been built to look great and withstand some tough environments whether indoors or outdoors. The metal frame construction is all stainless steel hardware that has been painted and finished over with a galvanized undercoat.

This in part explains why this Bombay Fan is damp rated and why it does not seem to be frazzled even in damp environments such as a bathroom.

Apart from the metal frame, the 5 blades are also equally resistant as they have been constructed form ABS material which is tough and waterproof. They have a wonderful leaf pattern that adds to the aesthetic of this fan.

If you are on the hunt for a tough ceiling fan that also looks good and has no light kit, this 50-inch Bombay ceiling fan is a good place to start. You probably will not have to search any further.


  • The fan is 50 inches in dimension
  • Reversible motor
  • Comes in three finishes namely pure white, antique bronze and oil rubbed bronze
  • It is constructed with galvanized metal
  • It features 5 ABS oversized blades that are damp rated
  • Comes with a 3 speed fan control
  • Has a pull chain for on/off and fan speed control

Customer feedback

Most people who buy this fan are looking for a ceiling fan with an imposing size and remarkable ability to generate a breeze in the house or an outdoor space. One customer mentioned that it works so well in his living room and looks great with his decor that he had to get a second one for the master bedroom.

Users who have a high roof and like their ceiling fan hanging low, were glad to note that the unit comes with a 13.5 inch rod that is of significant help if you want the ceiling fan lower. Bombay is a trusted brand and the warranty on this product speaks to the confidence the manufacture has on it quality. You can use it indoors with a guarantee of 50 years limited warranty on the motor or outdoors for 10 years limited warranty on the motor.

9. Prominence Home 50759-01 Ocean Crest Tropical Ceiling Fan Light

The Prominence Ocean Crest Ceiling Fan not only has a minimalist style, but also a rich delightful color of mocha brown that blends well with a myriad of decors.

The 52 inch ceiling and light fixture is beautifully crafted and has a solid build. Its firm metal frame that holds the entire ceiling fan together has a deep bronze finish that brings out a rustic look and feel, while three Edison style bulbs on the lighting kit bring out an antiquated feel that is sure to enliven any space with charm and character.

The motor runs smoothly, silently at all three speeds and is reversible. Its blades are well crafted with generous length and an impressive ability to generate cool winds in hot weather for your comfort, but also does a fantastic job of distributing air in the cold months as well.


  • The fan has a dimension of 52 inches
  • Reversible motor
  • It comes in a mocha and tropical bronze finishes
  • It is constructed from solid metal
  • It features 5 blades from ABS material
  • Comes with a 3 fan speed control
  • Has a pull chain operation for controlling lighting as well as fan speed

Customer feedback

Customer who installed this to a new house or remodeling an existing one mentioned that an addition of this fan into the mix made a huge positive difference. It gives the room character and the delightful color also blends well with walls, floor and furniture in general. It is also very quiet even when running at its highest speed setting.

Most users also say that they found the installation to be fairly easy. However some felt that the lights are so dim which is perfect for the night, but not for early mornings when you want to have a coffee and get an early start on some work. So they opted to change the bulbs to a brighter option. The simplicity of the design and blend of colors has a modern look with a touch of antiquated charm. This ceiling fan is inviting and augurs well with most color schemes.

10. Home Decorators Collection Palm Cove Ceiling Fan

When looking for a smaller ceiling fan, this 44 inch unit may work for most people. The solid metal frame ensures proper anchorage to the ceiling and provides stability to the rest of the fixture. Its design looks great whether mounted closer to the ceiling or hanging low. The black hue of the stainless framing hardware blends well with the maple wooden look on the 5 blades.

The round canopy houses a silent motor that enables the fan to run quietly on all three fan speeds. You will find that the matte opal glass bowl light kit crowns this fixture to completion.


  • The dimension of the fan is 44 inches
  • It comes in natural iron and teak finish
  • It is constructed from solid metal ceiling fan with matte opal glass
  • Features 5 blades made of ABS material
  • It comes with a 3 fan speed control
  • It features 2 pull chords for light and fan control

Customer feedback

Most users of this fan are extremely happy with the performance, ease of installation and lighting ability. This is said to look great in a moderately sized living room, kitchen or bedroom as well as a patio and offers a decent capacity to generate cools winds in the home

One customer said that they purchased three of these fans for outdoor use on their patio and they couldn’t be happier. The fun runs great and the light is very nice at night. Other users mentioned that  they received many compliments on it.

11. Andersonlight Palm Blades Tropical Ceiling Fan with Lights

The massive size of this 52 inch fan with a low profile design makes a fantastic feature for most decors. Whether you want to generate air flow in the kitchen, bedroom, family room or den, it is hard to go wrong with this option.

The bronze finish on the metal frame adds a subtle rustic element to the unit. The unit has a strong motor that is incredibly silent through all three fan speeds and comes equipped with durable ABS blades capable of reversed air flow.

Its lighting kit produces a gorgeous relaxed lighting from an opal glass shade with eye- protecting LED bulbs.


  • The fan dimension is 52 inches
  • Reversible motor
  • It comes in a bronze finish
  • It is constructed from metal and opal glass
  • Features 5 ABS blades
  • Comes in a 3 fan speed control
  • It has a remote control for the fan and light kit

Customer feedback

Over and above the gorgeous look and imposing size of this unit, customers loved the low lying profile design. Most users of this product mentioned that the installation was straight forward. The remote control is convenient as it allows you to turn on/off the light or fan separately while also being able to control the fan speed from the comfort of your seat or bed.

12. Concord Fans Fernleaf Breeze Damp Location Ceiling Fan

This fan is both beautiful and rustic and is ideal for  indoor or outdoor living spaces. A solid bronze finished metal frame is what holds this fixture together and firmly anchors on the ceiling.

The patterned canopy houses a powerful stealth motor which in tandem with the blades produces excellent air flow to your space. The motor is reversible therefore able to generate cool winds during summer and circulates warm air in colder months to help conserve energy in the home. Its wooden blades are well finished with an exotic tropical feel, thanks to the well detailed leaf pattern.


  • The dimension of the fan is 52 inches
  • It comes in a bronze finish
  • It is constructed from solid metal
  • Has 5 wooden blades
  • Comes with a 3 fan speed control
  • Rated for dampness and therefore also ideal for rooms with no temperature control like basements, attics and bathrooms
  • It can be installed with a remote control

Customer feedback

For customers who want an imposing 52 inch size fan that is not over the top, this is an excellent choice as it exudes subtle class with rustic elements that can work with most decors. Customers who bought this mention that they appreciate the straightforward installation as well as the exquisite look that can fit any room in the home. The design is rustic yet elegant in its simplicity.


A tropical design has an allure that is hard to conjure up with any other ceiling fan design. It has an exotic look and feel as the materials used to make this happen, inject an aura of charm in this fixtures. This can range from resin, ABS or wood. They all bring a different artistic feel to every unit mentioned above. Now the choice is yours to see which one of these plentiful options would be the best tropical ceiling fan for your space.



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