2021 10 Top Best Trench Shower Drain Systems

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Some of us might not know it yet, but the true heart of every efficient shower is a good drain. How effective and comfortable your bathroom will be actually depends on this little element that is often overlooked. Whether you are all for straightforward functionality or going for a certain aesthetic and style, a trench shower drain system is your best bet!

What is a Trench shower drain and how can it cater to your every need?

A trench shower drain system is an impressive upgrade from the old-fashioned point drain of the past that can be found at most homes.

Combining practicality and style, it is a linear or elongated, narrow drain consisting of a ‘V’ shaped channel underneath the floor to accommodate heavy water flow much more quickly, down to the drain below.

To top it off is a grate cover and these usually come in many forms and designs to accommodate whatever function or design ideas you have in mind.

What makes a trench shower drain perfect for everybody?

Unlike the traditional drain that requires the shower floor to slope from every direction towards the drain which would sometimes require cutting of tiles to conform to it, the linear trench shower drain only requires the shower floor to incline ever so slightly towards the side where the linear drain is, so subtle you will not even realize that it is sloped!

It is also amazingly flat against the floor of the shower, preventing any case of slipping, tripping or painfully stepping on any metal grates.

Moreover, that makes it elderly and wheelchair-friendly as well!

Design-wise, a great trench drain can be a focal point masterpiece of a shower or hidden away, as inconspicuous as you want it to be. You decide.

You will not have to be stuck with small, mosaic tiles forever because choosing a linear shower drain opens the door to unlimited design ideas for you, may it be a minimalist style or a fun, crazy kind.

Now, there are literally hundreds of designs available in the market and it might be too overwhelming when you finally have to choose one. Below, we present to you a review of no less than 10 of some of the best trench shower drain systems to aid you in choosing the best one for your needs and lifestyle.

There is surely one perfect type for every home, shop or any establishment.

Best Trench Shower Drain Systems Review

1. Neodrain 60 Inch Rectangular Linear Shower Drain

Flexibility in terms of design is what linear trench drains are renowned for, and it is what this Neodrain 60 Inch Rectangular Linear Shower Drain truly embodies.Neodrain Trench Shower Drain Systems

This linear beauty boasts of a classical look with its brick pattern grate that can blend in effortlessly with any design, may it be for a shower or any facility such as a spa, pool, driveway and even hospital facilities.

Furthermore,this model also offers a wide range of sizes so you can fit it just about anywhere you want to.

It comes with a filter basket that can catch strands of hair and other debris so you can now say goodbye to clogging and fishing down the drain just to clean it.


  • Linear shower drain size: 60 inches length by 2.75 inches wide. Other lengths are: 24“, 28”, 32”, 36”, 48” and 60”
  • It has a central outlet of 2 inches with a high flow capacity of 36 liters of water per minute.
  • Made of strong stainless steel with brushed steel finish that protects it against corrosion and rust, also giving it a sleek, modern look.
  • Deep slope design with the shallow ‘V’ profile on the channel to aid the flow of water towards the center drainage, eliminating any trace of water along the length of the channel.
  • Also comes with an adjustable leveling feet on both sides for stress-free adjustments.
  • A perfect fusion of quality and beauty, this sleek linear drain with its accessories makes installation down to the maintenance of it a truly easy and stress-free affair.

Customer feedback

Many customers and their contractors raved about how smooth and easy this unit’s installation was for them and how well-built every crevice is. As advertised, the shallow ‘V’ channel is indeed very effective in clearing out the shower water so your bathroom remains dry without any puddle, may it be on the surface of the floor or on the channel underneath, thus eliminating any nasty smell.

Some customers were worrying whether the brick pattern grate is safe for the children to step on and will not cause any injury, but it has been proven that the grates are so smooth that you will not even feel that you are stepping on a drain.They love this drain’s seamless design and a few customers even ordered more.

2. Standartpark – 8 inch Trench Drain Steel Grate- PC8540

A shower drain is something that should last for a very long time. It is something that you do not want to replace every so often. That is why strength and durability is one of the most essential things that you want to consider when choosing a drain.

And so, if you are all about strength and resilience, then this hard-worker got you covered!

This sturdy Standartpark – 8 inch trench drain steel grate  comes with a top of the range galvanized steel grate to prevent rust and corrosion, ensuring a long lasting drain for your home that will last for years on end.

It also comes with end caps and channel brackets for a smooth installation and endless design possibilities.


  •  8 inches galvanized stamp steel grating package including end caps, channel, and fasteners for a fuss-free installation
  • A-class load with a capacity of 3,300lbs.
  • End caps have 4 inches knock out for design customization and snaps on end to end for a quick and efficient installation.

One certainly does not have to be an expert to own this fail-safe package. Aside from its solid build that guarantees a quality that is worthy of your every hard earned coin, the accessories that come with it also offers many design opportunities for you.

You will definitely not need to go out looking for more fittings and gears to aid you because this package comes complete with everything you will need in building an impressive shower drain.

Customer feedback

Customers are at awe at how high-end and superior the material and craftsmanship is for this galvanized steel grate package is. After months of use, this trench drain still looks and works as good as new. A lot of the customers have never installed a drainage before and even they can attest to how easy this unit can be installed, even for a first timer.

The fact that it is so dependably heavy duty that you can install it in many more places other than your shower is also a big plus. Some customers also bought another one for their driveways and garages.

Another thing that the users love is how you can attach more of this unit together into a series for a longer run. With this Standartpark trench drain steel grate package, as the satisfied customers said, there is no looking back!

3. Jomay Linear Shower Drain 12 Inch with Tile insert Grate

Compromising the visual aspects of a bathroom for the sake of ease and comfort is not uncommon when building one. That is why it was not so common for most people to decorate this essential part of the house. But nowadays, more and more people are giving extra love to the place where we let ourselves relax after a long day.

That is what this masterwork is for.

This 12 inches Jomay Linear Shower Drain with its tile insert grate gives you the ultimate freedom to customize your shower exactly as how you please.

The grate allows any kind of flooring you want to be inserted along its panel for a seamless, holistic look. No more being confined to mosaic-style tiles anymore!


  • Size of shower floor drain: 12 inches length by 3 inches width
  • 2 inches high flow capability central outlet with a capacity of 19.4 liters per minute.
  • Rust-proof stainless steel insert grate that allows you to insert any cut tile for a continuous floor design.
  • Grate patterns also include: fence pattern, grid, multihole, waves and plate patterns.
  • Accessories include a hair strainer, stainless steel key and two adjustable leveling fee.

Customer feedback

Because of its insert grate, a sleek and streamlined look can now be achieved effortlessly and because you can use any kind of tile you like, there will be less, if not, no grout lines to be seen anymore.

Customers especially love this feature because it makes cleaning the shower floors much easier. No more touching of slimy bathroom floors for the users! They have also noted the added elegance this versatile piece gives off.

4. Standartpark – 4 Inch Trench Drain System With Grate

Linear trench drains are as practical as they are decorative. The versatile linear design of these draining systems encourages endless floor ideas for a great shower project.

This is what Standartpark offers with yet another revolutionary trench drain piece.

With its end snaps on both sides, channel connection and installation is made easier than ever. You can even make 90 degree turns without using any other fittings because this unit also comes with snaps along the length of both sides of the channel.

Moreover, it also has bottom outlets for PVC pipe connections.

Revolutionary is an understatement when describing this genius of a drain.


  • Each channel is 3.3 feet length by 4 inches internal width with 5.2 inches external width from edge to edge.
  • Classic black grating with PPE plastic snap and lock connection, also removable for cleaning.
  • Also comes with end caps that lock into place as well as bottom outlet connections for limitless customization

Customer feedback

From the assembly to the installation of this unit, this tough guy proved to be a piece of cake to manage, according to the customers who bought it.They loved how the channels’ design permits the units to be interconnected even at an angle. One will not even need a manual for this fail-proof handiwork because the snaps and locks make for an easy and secure set up.

The classic black theme of the grater also gives off a striking aesthetic to a shower room, making showering a pleasant, worry-free experience.

Because this trench linear shower drain is perfectly flush with the floor, customers loved the spa at home experience right in their very own bathroom. Another customer also mentioned that after using it for over 3 years now, it still works as perfectly fine as when it was first installed.

5. Zoic Linear Bathroom Shower Waste Drain

Let your everyday showering experience be a lavish affair with this Zoic Linear Stealth Floor Grate! You definitely can achieve a stylish shower floor without spending too much as this new innovative piece proves.

This Zoic linear shower drain boasts of elegant wavy patterns on the grate that creates a captivating illusion of the water just vanishing into the floor.

Aside from its attractive grating, it also comes with a channel that is anti-rust and corrosion as well, a filter basket for an easy cleaning, a hook and a pair of leveling feet.

Let your shower time be such a reward after a long day with this stress-free, easy maintenance and sleek Zoic linear shower drain system.


  •  Product dimensions: 35.43 inches in length by 2.7 inches overall width and a 1.96 inches central outlet.
  •  A marine grade stainless steel channel so you can now say goodbye to rusty, crumbling shower drain.
  • A pair of leveling feet and hook for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Also comes with a filter basket and 4 plastic holders.

Customer feedback

Customers love how this one piece of an article can transform and freshen up their whole shower room. The little wavy ‘S’ patterns on the grate is like they have never seen before and it is certainly quite hard to get over how gorgeous this fresh design is. Others say it looked great especially on modern and contemporary themed shower rooms.

Overall, it is truly a fresh decorative piece for any wet room that needs some livening up.

With the waste filter and steel hook that comes with it, cleaning the drains have never been so easy. No more complicated and grueling labor every time the shower drain clogs. The fact that it also comes with accessories to make the installation down to the maintenance of this unit easier with no added cost makes this masterpiece quite a steal!

6. Neodrain Quadrato Pattern Linear Shower Drain

A continuous floor design is one of the many benefits that a trench shower drain offers. You have worked hard to achieve your ideal bathroom look and now it has to be cut off by the shower area? That’s a thing of the past now because you definitely can have an impressive barrier-free bathroom with this Neodrain Linear Shower Drain!

Impress your guests with a very professional-looking bathroom with this model’s modern Quadrato pattern grate.

Because Neodrain gives the highest importance in keeping your bathroom timelessly clean for many years to come, this beauty is made from the finest and sturdiest stainless steel so you will never have to worry about a rusting and collapsing shower drain ever again.


  • Linear Shower Drain size: 36 inches length by 2.75 inches width
  • A 2 inches central outlet with a high flow capability of 40 liters per minute that clears out all shower water in a blink of an eye.
  • Deep slope design is a shallow ‘V’ profile on the channel to aid with the smooth and quick water flow down towards the central outlet.
  • Also comes with leveling feet for both sides and threaded adapters to make installation swift and easy.

Customer feedback

Aside from the praise-worthy professional look this linear shower drain provides, several customers love its hair trap feature. One of the most common problems customers experienced with their old drains is the clogging because of trapped hair strands and other debris that causes the pipe to clog, causing an overflow of water. The filter basket does not only relieve the users from the labors of cleaning a clogged bathroom, it is also very easy to remove, so your regular cleaning is finished in just a snap.

Not only do the buyers love this Neodrain unit, but the contractors who install shower drains as well! Customers happily shared how their contractors commended the craftsmanship and high end materials that this product comes with. Totally worth recommending!

7. Webang Rectangular Linear Shower Floor Drain

If you are planning do a remodeling project, then this Webang Rectangular Linear Shower Drain is worth considering!

With it tasteful black matte finish and the capsule patterned grate that blends in impeccably especially with your darker bathroom fixtures, this model maximizes the aesthetic of contemporary design.

It can blend in with a minimalist style flooring or be the focal point of an artistically themed bathroom. It is also perfect for spas, resorts, clubs and other establishments.

Performance-wise, it is cleverly engineered with the capsule grating enhancing the already smooth water flow down to the central drain. Its embedded design ensures a perfectly flat surface that is seamless and unobtrusive, very convenient for a luxurious walk-in shower!


  • Linear shower drain size: 24 inches in length by 2.75 inches width. Other size: 36 inches
  • 2 inches central outlet with a high flow capacity of 36 liters per minute with a threaded adapter attached to it.
  • Capsule patterned grate is brushed nickel stainless steel making it long-lasting, rust-proof and heavy-duty with the base professionally electropolished so it looks luxurious from any angle.
  • Enhanced slope along the channel to improve water flow speed, preventing cases of murky stagnant water.
  • Two leveling feet to aid in perfect adjustment during installation.
  • Also comes with a key and filter basket to catch hair and debris, ensuring fast and hassle-free cleaning.

Customer feedback

Most customers who were remodeling their bathrooms envisioned a modern, unique take on their new showers and were very glad they have found this particular model. This classy matte black unit gives off a hotel-like feel to a shower, along with other dark-themed fixtures. The brushed nickel stainless steel is not only beautiful to look at but it is also very easy to clean, as well, cutting the users’ usual cleaning time in half.

Satisfied customers also appreciated how flat it is with the floor that they couldn’t even feel it when they stepped on the drain. Not only is it perfect for posh establishments, but for a wheelchair and senior-friendly renovations as well.

8. Neodrain Linear Shower Drain with Tile Insert Grate

Maximizing artistry and craftsmanship along with ease and comfort, this Neodrain Linear Shower Drain will change your flooring game forever.Neodrain Trench Shower Drain

This crowd favorite boasts of a cleverly designed tile insert grate where you can fit in any kind of tile or pebble imaginable, making the linear drain united with the whole design scheme of your bathroom. You can also flip the cover over to reveal the color of your choice and have it as the drain cover instead.

The installation of this impressive shower drain can turn your shower from a humble corner space to a focal point of your whole bathroom. You can choose to insert the same flooring as your bathroom’s so the drain stays invisible or you can use another tile design so it stands out as the highlight of your wet room!


  • Linear shower drain size: 32 inches length by 2.75 inches width. Other sizes include: 24”, 28”,32”,36”,48” and 60”
  • 2 inches central drain with a high flow capacity of 30 liters per minute.
  • Enhanced internal slope along the channel that eliminates any shower water residue so the drain stays clean and clear all the time
  • A tile insert grate that is easily removable for cleaning
  • Also comes with a filter basket and a key so you can throw away all your clogging worries to the wind.

Customer feedback

Customers who were looking for something entirely new were so thankful to have found this innovative piece for their homes. Friends and families alike are totally captivated by the almost invisible drain that makes the bathroom floor look wider than ever before. The continuous flooring this linear drain allows certainly gives an impression of a more expansive space, thus transforming a shower from a simple area to a spa-like corner.

9. DreamDrain Brushed Steel Linear Drain with Rain Pattern Grate

If you are looking for a game changer that stuns as well as it does its job, meet this DreamDrain Brushed Steel Linear Drain with its artsy rain patterned grate that will surely turn heads!Best Trench Shower Drain Systems

The popularity of trench shower drains is attributed not only to their cutting-edge draining capabilities but also to their stylish appearance.

This linear drain’s grate that is flat against the floor does not only give a shower a distinctive decoration but also makes it very welcoming for the handicapped and the seniors.


  • Linear Shower Drain size: 42 inches length by 2.75 inches width. Also available in other sizes ranging from 24″ to 48″.
  • 2 inches central outlet that can accommodate up to 9 gallons per minute
  • The sloped channel provides a faster and cleaner water drainage.
  •  Made of the finest quality 304 grade stainless steel so the drain stays shiny and rust-free even after years of use.

Customer feedback

A luxurious-looking drain that releases you of the nasty job of clearing out clogged drains is not a thing of your dreams anymore! Customers love how this looker gave them a much easier home life with its smartly-engineered channels that do not allow any water residue underneath and also, the pretty rain pattern is not only good to look at but they also keeps any bad odor, mice and insects for entering the house.

10. Neodrain 28-Inch Linear Shower Drain – With 2-in-1 Flat and Tile Insert Cover

Aiming for an aesthetic that is like no other? Then you will need a flexible kind of shower drain that will not limit your design ideas and can give you the sky as your limit!

This crowd-pleaser from Neodrain might just be your next drainage staple.

With its 2-in-1 flat and insert cover, you will be impressing the guests in no time.

You can choose a clean, streamlined look with its flawless flat cover or opt to remove any visual interruptions and camouflaging the drain by inserting along the panel the tile or flooring of your choice. Either way, your shower drain does not have to stick out painfully like the traditional shower drains of the past!


  • Linear shower drain size: 28 inches in length by 2.75 inches width
  • 2 inches central outlet with a high flow capability of 28 liters per minutes
  • Removable grate made of a sturdy 304 grade stainless steel that you can flip over to choose the design of your choice.
  • A deep ‘V’ sloped channel that ensures no drop of shower water is left stagnant.
  •  Also comes with a filter basket, key , threaded adaptor and a pair of leveling feet.

Customer feedback

Even linear drain first-timers were at awe at how easy this almost intimidating beauty can be installed! With everything that comes with this package, you don’t need to go anywhere to buy additional fittings and gears.

Customers also admired the way the grate cover provides a smooth, almost undisturbed transition from the bathroom to the shower corner, transforming a normal bathroom to a 5-star deluxe comfort room of their dreams. They also noted the sturdiness of the material. Even after months and years of use, the steel drainage did not fade even a bit.

In Closing…

We have certainly gone a long way from the laborious old-fashioned shower drains to these innovative draining technology that gives us countless of benefits, from the aesthetic aspect down to the safety and ease of use for the users. Choosing among the hundreds available in the market, it is important to always go for the ones that are pleasing to look at while doing their job excellently and make our everyday life easy as pie! Quality doesn’t always come with a great price as proven by these well-crafted trench shower drains.

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