9 Best Tower Space Heaters of 2020 for Effective Heating

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Table of Contents

One of the best sure-fire and budget-friendly ways of staying warm is by supplementing your apartment’s central heating system with the best possible tower space heaters. Now, previously, these heaters were condemned and considered as energy-guzzling and dangerous by some.

But, as technology advances, more sophisticated engineering has been discovered that has led to the modernization of these electric gadgets making them smarter, safer, and more efficient.

Although everything regarding these smart gadgets has been revolutionizing with each day that passes, one may have trouble choosing the right tower space heater from hundreds if not thousands of brands and models that are readily available.

Just to give a simple definition;

Tower space heaters are tall appliances that are used to warm or heat an enclosed space. It can be your garage, office, living room, bedroom, study room or basement. They come in many variations that you can choose from depending on your preference.

Apart from their unique appearance, these heaters are broken down into four main categories depending on how each of them operates.

  1. Ceramic space heaters: these convection heaters heat the air inside them using hot ceramic plates then blow it out to warm the surrounding.
  2. Forced air heaters: usually heat air inside them then blow it using special fans inside them into the surrounding.
  3. Radiant heaters: are hybrid heaters that operate by heating the objects around or near Space Heaters, them. They’re best suited for living rooms and bedrooms.
  4. Infrared heaters: are less powerful and are usually used in heating small spaces such as study rooms and offices.

Below we’ve managed to round up a review of at least 9 of some of the best models that we believe will make a difference in your heating demands.

Review of the Best Tower Space Heaters

1. Lasko T42954 Wind Curve Portable Electric Oscillating Tower Fan

If you ever doubted Lasko as a top brand, then the Lasko T42954 Wind Curve Oscillating Tower Fan will definitely wipe out your doubts.

With a sleek, curvy, and compact body, this tower space heater has been discovered to do quite well in small rooms especially urban apartments.

At 43”, this heater can match the size of any high-density mattress to blow warm air across the room to create excellent air circulation.

It has 3-speed settings which you can select from ranging from High/Medium/Low. For those curious to know about the fan noise, it’s amazingly silent even when it’s operating on the highest setting.

Although the noise is slightly audible, it’s not high enough to cause any chaos when you’re reading, sleeping, studying or watching your favorite TV series.


  • Programmable shut off timer
  • 3-fan speed system
  • Remote control for convenience
  • Sleek vertical design
  • Carry handle

The Lasko T42954 Wind Curve Oscillating Tower Fan is easy to assemble and operate. It has a carry handle for easy mobility and a convenient remote controller that lets you regulate the temperature at the comfort of your seat.

The heater comes in either wooden or silver outer finish which is quite great if you need to accentuate your living or bedroom space. It also has a wide 13”×13” footprint that keeps the heater stable and unable to fall off when playful kids and pets knock it accidentally.

Customer feedback

The Lasko T42954 Wind Curve Oscillating Tower Fan has received multiple positive reviews from the vast majority of online buyers. Most of them are impressed by the decent power output which they say can handle at least 20×20 ft rooms.

Its tall height is another feature most shoppers loved as it allows the heater to circulate warm air even to people lying on high-density mattresses. Finally, there’s the assembly. Here, most of the customers were truly impressed with how easy it was to set up this unit up.

2. Lasko 5790 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Lasko is a global leader when it comes to manufacturing some of the best space heaters. This fact has been cemented by the impressive performance of the Lasko 5790 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater. This heater is one of the most popular Lasko models that have made a name in the heaters’ business.


Well! It relies on a patented blower technology that co-operates with a widespread oscillating fan to blow warm air throughout the room. The heater has 2-speed settings with the highest setting dispersing a whopping 1500 watts of heat while the lowest manages a decent 900 watts.

Its height of 22.8” and a mix of useful technologies such as the auto thermostat controller and the convenient auto-timer have allowed the Lasko 5790 to assure remarkable scalability with high versatility.


  • Large LCD display
  • Convenient remote controller
  • Thermostat controlled
  • Auto shut-off timer

The Lasko 5790 has an intuitive digital display that gives you explicit access to the push buttons. It disperses 1500 watts of heat which is distributed evenly via the oscillating fan range. With such an incredible performance, this heater is best suited for medium to large rooms that require a high performing heater

In addition to that, this heater is enclosed on a heat resistant case making it the best for homes with curious kids. It also has a convenient 7-hour timer that’s convenient enough for those looking to cut their monthly electricity bill by half.

Customer feedback

The Lasko 5790 has a lot under its belt which most customers are truly proud of. First, it has a slender body that allows it to occupy a small space. Secondly, it’s very easy to set up and thirdly, it disperses a lot of heat that is quite enough to warm large rooms.

A fraction of other customers have expressed their satisfaction on the low price range while a few are impressed with how this heater operates in RVs.

3. Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Space Heater Fan

The Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan is one of the most energy-efficient space heaters that we have around. Other than its energy-saving advantage, this tower heater is Best Tower Space Heatersequipped with impressive smart features which any tech-maniac out there can’t afford to resist.

With its slim modern shape and beautiful black or white color options, this tower heater is totally unnoticeable when erected on any corner of the room.

The Honeywell has 8-speed settings that can be adjusted with the touch control buttons or the convenient remote controller. It’s Quiet Set Technology alongside the high heating power has made this heater an ideal option for large rooms such as master bedrooms which require a steady temperature control while keeping the noise low.

It has an adjustable thermostat that lets you regulate the amount of heat generated as well as a powerful oscillating fan that blows warm air across the room uniformly.


  • 8-speed settings
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Oscillating fan system
  • 5-level dimming feature
  • Intuitive display

The Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan might be small but the amount of work it handles is just enormous. Its 8-speed settings, 12-hour shut-off timer, and 5-level dimming function are some of the features that make it a must-have heater in any modern home.

It has a minimalist design and a chrome finish which is not only aesthetically appealing but also safe for homes with kids around as it doesn’t heat up. The Honeywell can also be used all year round making it a smart investment for customers looking for nothing but quality.

Customer feedback

The Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan is an excellent investment for people living in large apartments. The majority of the customers have confirmed this fact stating that this heater is surprisingly powerful and super quiet.

Its Quiet Set Technology has impressed most customers who have moved on to use it in their bedrooms and kids’ rooms. It has a slender body and a nice oscillating function that disperses cool breeze or warm air throughout the room.

4. Wiland Electric Tower Space Heater with Remote Control

For those looking to try out an infrared space heater, the Wiland Space Heater is a smart option that will never disappoint you. With its PTC rapid heating technology, this heater is efficient and well-equipped to handle large heating assignments.

It has two power modes that allow it to disperse 1500 watts of hot air and 750 watts of low heat across the room. It can heat in 2-seconds using the PTC heating technology making it the best for handling serious heating requirements.

In addition to this, you’ll enjoy the likes of useful features such as; the remote controller, wide LCD touch screen, 8-hour programmable timer and the energy-saving automatic constant temperature.

The Wiland Space Heater has a 120° wide-angle shaking head that works together with the high infrared power source and high-efficiency fan to disperse warm air across the room at a whisper-quiet operation.


  • 120° swinging head
  • 8-hour programmable timer
  • 2-power settings and 3-temperature modes
  • Overheat protection
  • Flame-retardant ABS shell
  • Wide LCD touch screen

The Wiland Space Heater is very powerful and safe at the same time. It has dedicated overheat protection that guarantees your safety in case the unit overheats. The design comprises of a safe flame-retardant ABS shell that doesn’t leak any light or flame that can result to accidents.

It has a wide-angle shaking head and 3-temperature setting modes that include; 1500 watts, 750 watts and the low 45 watts for those looking to enjoy a cool natural wind experience.

With sleek dimensions of 5.9 x 6.3 x 17.7 inches, this tower heater is space-saving and easy to carry from one room to another thanks to its high portability.

Customer feedback

The Wiland Space Heater has several features that are truly impressing. One of those is the super-fast heating speed which most customers are really proud of. The second is the slim compact design. Combining this feature with the super-quiet operation, most customers mentioned that they even forgot they had a heater around as it doesn’t interfere with your indoor peace whatsoever.

Several customers loved the programmable timer which saves them on the overall electricity bill as it shuts off the heater automatically in case they fall asleep and forget to turn it off.

5. Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Space Heater with Remote Control

The Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Heater does have some unique features that make it a top performer. First off, it has a tall slender body and an elongated ceramic element that work together with the fan to disperse warm air around the room.

The ceramic element is self-regulating which means you won’t face any troubles adjusting the temperatures in case the level of heat rises. The Lasko 751320 has two high and low heat settings and a programmable thermostat that can be adjusted to suit your personal comfort.

It has an intuitive LED display and a convenient remote controller that gives you easy access to all 6 heater’s features which include; the heat settings, oscillation feature, temperature control, and power on/off. This heater is slender and has a heat-resistant case that makes it a safe option for homeowners with playful kids around.


  • Remote controller
  • Carry handle
  • 2-heat settings
  • Wide LED display
  • Overheat guard
  • 1500 watts heating output

The Lasko 751320 is available in Black and Gray color options making it a smart choice for homeowners looking for something a little bit different. It disperses an output of 1500 watts which is enough to handle rooms up to 300 sq ft.

It has an in-built 7-hour timer, a customizable thermostat, and an overheat guard that works together to enhance your personal safety while reducing energy consumption to the maximum.

Customer feedback

The Lasko 751320 is an excellent heater that has a simple compact design. Most customers are really proud of its high performance especially the massive 1500 watts worth of heating power. The 7-hour timer also impressed several customers as it allows you to set the time when the heater will shut off automatically.

6. Pelonis Oscillating Instant Heating Electric Space Heater

Manufactured by Pelonis, a highly respected brand in the manufacture of high-standard heaters, this 1500W Internal Oscillating Electric Heater, is one that is in a class of its own. First off, this heater is energy efficient thanks to the ECO-mode function that adjusts the digital thermostat to save as much energy as possible.Best Tower Space Heaters

It has 4-modes, High/Low/ECO/Fan Only, that allow the heater to maintain a pleasant and sustainable temperature throughout the room without letting the air heat or cool to extreme levels.

For those homeowners always on the go, the Pelonis Space Heater utilizes its intelligent 24-hour timer to turn the ceramic heater on/off automatically even when you’re not around. All you need is simply to pre-program the heater then leave it to do the rest.


  • Has a remote control that lets you adjust the settings wirelessly
  • Carry handle at the back provides a convenient carrying experience
  • The 24-hour timer provides an automatic on/off function even when you forget to turn it on/off manually
  • Has a temperature increment of 5°F
  • Safe overheat protection cuts off the power to prevent any accidents

The Pelonis Space Heater is very easy to operate thanks to the intuitive control panel at the top. It has a temperature adjustment interval of 5°F which means you can only adjust the temperature by 5° increments.

This heater can be placed either vertically or horizontally to suit your heating requirements. The front cover is easily removable to give you access to the air filter which can be cleaned and replaced.

It has 3-heat settings, Fan only/900W Low/1500W High, that make it a perfect choice for rooms approximately 300 sq ft. The child lock function and a convenient overheat protection help to prevent accidents especially if you have kids and pets around.

Customer feedback

Safe! Efficient! Premium quality! Are some of the best ways to describe this tower heater. Most of these shoppers are totally overjoyed with the high energy-saving capability of this heater which is all thanks to the ECO mode and the programmable timer.

As an electric gadget, most customers are happy with its high level of safety especially the child lock feature and the safe overheat cutout which prevents any possible fire accidents.

Most customers also loved the powerful fan and the oscillation function that helps to disperse warm or cool air throughout the room.

7. Trustech Electric Tower Space Heater

Infrared space heaters tend to consume less energy than their convection counterparts. Trustech has cemented this fact by releasing an infrared space heater that gets the job done without consuming too much energy.

With a heat output of 1500W and a wide-angle oscillating head, this Tower Heater is a smart choice for extra-large rooms that require a fast charging heater to stay warm and comfortable.

It has 3-heating settings, High/Low/ECO, that can be adjusted from the intuitive control panel at the top or via a convenient remote controller. It has a slender cylindrical body and a wide base that prevents it from falling over.

In the safety department, the Trustech Tower Heater is equipped with a convenient overheat protection that shuts it off automatically in case of overheat or fire. It also has an internal tip-over switch that shuts the heater off in case it’s knocked over accidentally.


  • It has a wide 70° oscillation angle that disperses heat evenly
  • Has a fast 30 seconds heating time alongside a 12-hour timer for automatic shut off/on
  • Has a high temperature range of 59°F to 86°
  • The intuitive control panel and the remote controller gives you access to all the functions such as the oscillation function, timer, heat settings, and power on/off
  • Overheat and tip-over protection provide immense security by turning off the heater in case of potential overheating.

Along with keeping you secure, the Trustech Tower Heater is a high performer that can handle most extra large indoor spaces. It has a slender tall body that lets it occupy just a small space. It has a 12-hour timer that is user-friendly and energy-saving and its portable and super quiet making it the best choice for kids’ rooms.

Customer feedback

Most customers are impressed with the brilliant design sophistication of this heater. The in-built overheat and tip-over protections are truly impressive with most customers stating that they give them some peace of mind when they’re away.

Most customers also love the oscillation function which they say helps to increase the speed and the efficiency of the heater. The economic mode is another impressive feature most shoppers are proud of as it helps to save on the monthly electricity bill.

8. Aikoper Space Heater, 1500W Ceramic Tower Heater

At a distance, the Aikoper 1500W Ceramic Tower Heater has a number of smart features that have been converged together to make it a smart highly dependable heater.

With its two, High/Low, heat settings, this heater can disperse heat at a remarkable 8-hour intervals. Its highest 1500 watts heat output is high enough to disperse heat for an entire room especially when combined with the 70° wide-angle oscillating function.

The digital display at the top is also impressive as it gives you explicit access to all the controls while keeping you informed about the heater’s current operating mode.

For those looking to save on monthly bills, the ECO mode is ready for your command. This setting assumes total control of this heater by turning it on/off simply by comparing the room temperature with the configured temperature range.


  • 2-heat settings with the highest being 1500W and the lowest 900W
  • ECO mode automatically adjusts the temperature by comparing the set temperature with room temperature
  • Remote controller allows hands-free operation from the comfort of your seat
  • 70° oscillating function provides fast and even warming up of a room
  • 8-hour timer provides some peace of mind as you don’t have to turn the heater on/off manually
  • Also has an overheat and tip-over protection for maximum safety against fire

Other than its incredible performance, the Aikoper 1500W Ceramic Tower Heater is amazingly quiet making it a smart choice for homeowners with kids. It has sleek dimensions of 8.1 x 7.6 x 24.1 inches which make it a remarkable space-saving tower heater.

The Aikoper also has a wide temperature range of 40°F to 95°F and shuts it off automatically in case it’s knocked over accidentally.

Customer feedback

The Aikoper 1500W Ceramic Tower Heater is an extremely portable heater that fits in all four corners of your room. Although it isn’t too tall to match the height of a high-density mattress, most customers are impressed with its high power output.

The ECO setting is really convenient as it is energy efficient.  The wide-angle oscillating function is another smart feature most customers are proud of as it helps to disperse heat evenly during those chilly months. This heater heats fast and it’s very easy to carry when you need to move it from one room to another.

9. Trustech Patio Infrared Tower Space Heater

The Trustech Patio Heater is a freestanding heater featuring an advanced infrared technology to disperse radiant heat that saves you 40 to 60% of your overall energy consumption.Best Tower Space Heaters

It has 3-heat settings that range from 500W/1000W/1500W, a 30 seconds rapid heating time, and a smart heat dispersion technology that lets you warm large spaces with enthusiasm. It’s also an excellent space saver thanks to its slender body making it a great companion for those living in small urban apartments.

Other smart features that make the Trustech Patio Heater –Space Heater a must-have for anyone looking for quality are the 24-hour timer, the auto shut-off function, and the convenient remote controller.


  • 3-seconds instant heat speed allows you to feel the heat as soon as you turn the heater on
  • Aluminum construction allows the heater to withstand partial water spills and dust
  • 1500 watts of output power makes this heater versatile and able to deliver high results both indoors and outdoors
  • Overheat protection guarantees maximum safety in case the unit overheats
  • 24-hour timer allows you to pre-program the heater to meet your daily schedule

Other than the features we’ve already mentioned, the Space Heater has a luxurious look that gives it a rich appearance when placed at the face of your living room, restaurant, study room, or bedroom space.

It’s easy to operate but above all, it has passed all the quality standards earning it a crucial ETL certificate and is also suitble for use outdoors.

Customer feedback

Words such as “powerful”, “efficient”, “good quality” and, “super quiet” have been used by most customers to describe the Trustech Patio Heater –Space Heater. Most of them are impressed with the super-fast heating time that makes it quite efficient.

Several other customers are happy with the wide temperature range and the efficiency of the gold-coated tubes which ensure that maximum heat is dispersed throughout the room.

Wrapping up on the Best Tower Space Heaters

Just as we mentioned at the beginning of this review, tower space heaters are ideally used to supplement the main heating systems in the room. Although that’s the case, we can’t rule out the fact that these units are extremely important for heating especially since they can easily be taken wherever, from room to room where they are most needed.

Though we only mentioned nine, there are plenty of tower space heaters available in the market. Therefore, before making your choice, it’s extremely important that you first access each brand and model carefully to ensure that it has all the right features that you need to keep your home heated up.


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