10 Best Toilet Bowl Brushes of 2020

Keeping your toilet bowl perfectly clean is quite a tedious task, and it can be even worse with terrible toilet bowl brushes you see sometimes. A good quality toilet bowl brush should be robust in its construction, durable, with a good bristle density that does not easily get broken on bent even after repeated usage. In this article, we assess some of the best rated toilet bowl brushes. They do not only have the primary qualities that we expect from a good brush, but also have been well reviewed by the users. But first, here is a better look at what you need to consider when buying a toilet brush;

Toilet Brush Buying Guide:

Other than the cost obviously there are other factors to consider when buying a toilet brush such as:

  • Design and toilet brush handle

A good toilet brush should be designed in such a way that it is the right size to be able to reach all the areas in your toilet bowl. There are two major things to look out for in a handle; the grip and length of the handle. Although you will probably be wearing gloves as clean your toilet bowl, you still don’t want the length of the handle to be so short that you hands keep touching the bowl or getting splashed with the toilet water as you clean. For this reason, I recommend going for brushes with a minimum length of 14.5 inches. You also want to be able to easily maneuver the brush as you clean the toilet bowl which is why a toilet brush with a comfortable grip is an important consideration.

  • Bristles material and density

Of course bristles is an important factor to keep in mind when buying a toilet bowl brush! Bristles are made from various materials like animal hair, vegetable fiber and the most common, synthetic. Different toilet brushes will have different degrees of softness or stiffness with some more prone to bending and breaking more than others. A good brush should be relatively dense in terms of bristles with no sparse of missing areas.

  • Durability

The toilet area can sometimes be a very humid area so you want a toilet brush that is going to be able to withstand this humid environment without rusting or staining. Plastic toilet brushes are suitable for this environment and widely preferred. Again when it comes to durability, the bristles and the brush handle must also be taken into consideration. Ensure that both are sturdy and capable of withstanding a vigorous scrub when needed without damage over time.

  • Replaceable head

It is inevitable that eventually the  bristles will wear out or break loose over time, and so you may want to consider buying a toilet brush with a removable head for easy replacement when it has served its purpose. This is especially convenient for those whose toilet bowl comes as a set with a caddy that is a bit pricey or too attractive to replace at the moment.

  • Includes a storage holder

I don’t know about you but personally, I rarely buy any toilet brush that does not come with a storage toilet brush holder. Cleaning a toilet can sometimes be a nasty business and so after using the brush, you need somewhere to place your brush that will leave your toilet area looking presentable, nice and most of all, tidy in a sanitary manner. Leaving a toilet brush just exposed, seeping water is a big no! It needs to stay neatly tucked in a holder. And the good thing is, a set comprising of a brush and caddy is inexpensive for most brands and some will even throw in a plunger as well.

Again, these storage holders like some you will see below are very attractive with a striking mix of color and design. These types can therefore be used as pieces of decor to add style and statement to your toilet area as an added benefit.

  • Combo sets

Finally, while shopping look out for combo sets as they are a great way to save money by spending less to get more. Combo sets usually include the usual two or three brushes at a reduced cost or a toilet brush and plunger. Each of these sets may also include a caddy holder, hence giving you great value for money overall.

So now, here is a list of some of the best toilet bowl brushes we think meet most of the recommendations above;

 1. Neiko Toilet Plunger with Brush and Holder Combo Set

This product is a combo set that includes a plunger, a brush and also a holder, which is not only convenient but also gives you value for your money.

best toilet bowl brushesStiff bristles: The brush features sturdy bristles and is constructed in a way that you can use it for rigorous cleaning without having to worry about getting them broken or bent.

Durable handle: The brush has a special aluminum handle that is mold resistant and rust proof which is really great in the wet and humid toilet environment.The handle also features a peg hole to hang for a easy and convenient storage.

Flexible Plunger: The plunger features an all-angle design suction cup which means that it is able to fit securely in all types of drain openings.

Handy caddy: The plastic caddy is lightweight and designed to securely store the plunger and brush to prevent drippings on your floor.

What stands out in most user reviews is the professional quality level of the plunger and the high durability of the brush.

2. Creative Scents Dublin Decorative Toilet Cleaning Bowl Brush with Holder

This eye-catching toilet bowl brush does not only help with a thorough cleaning but the storage caddy adds a decorative statement to your washroom as well.

best toilet bowl brushes

Eye catching and convenient holder: After using, the brush goes into the attractive holder made of heavy resin that will not rust or tarnish with time.

Replaceable head with tough bristles: The head can be removed and replaced when needed and it comes with sturdy bristles that will thoroughly be able to clean your toilet bowl without breaking or bending.

The user reviews compliment the nice, sturdy and gorgeous looking holder that really accentuates the bathroom

3. OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush

If you are looking for a simple and really affordable toilet bowl brush which does the work well, this is the product for you.

Toilet Bowl Brush with HolderAutomatic canister holder: The finish of the product is sleek with a compact white canister that will hold the brush when it is not used. The canister is created in a way that it automatically opens when you lift the brush. It has ventilation slots that allow water to quickly evaporate for quick drying.

Tapered head with sturdy bristles: The design and the size of the brush head make it easy for a deep cleaning which allows you to reach even the most difficult places in the toilet bowl.

Comfort grip handle: The round edge of the handle will allow you to have a strong and sturdy grip during rigorous cleaning.

The user reviews highlight the effectiveness of the canister, the well-designed handle and the firmness of the bristles.

4. Rubbermaid Toilet Bowl Brush with Caddy Holder

This product is also extremely affordable when compared to its competitors, and comes with great ratings.

Toilet Bowl Brush with Caddy HolderDurable strong bristles: The head is fully bristled for a complete and all-around cleaning. The bristles used are synthetic, which will allow you to use a strong hand in the tough spots in your toilet bowl without worrying about breaking the bristles.

Convenient holder and Easy grip handle: The handle and the holder are made of plastic, and are light and easy to clean. Altogether, it is a simple product that will provide you great results.

User reviews predictably praise the value the product gives for such an affordable price and also the great grip the handle provides when scrubbing hard.

5. Mr. Clean Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush Caddy Set

This is a well trusted product which has been around for a long term, which is a testament to its great quality.

Plunger and Bowl Brush Caddy SetNon slip caddy: The Caddy that has a non-slip base is one of the special features in this product that ensures it won’t topple as well as stain your floor surface with rust.

Effective toilet brush: The toilet bowl brush in the set has a big and round head for better and quicker cleaning.

Rubber handle and plunger: The grip handle of both the plunger and the brush is made of rubber, which prevents slipping and gives you a great grip.

The user reviews repeatedly praise the greatly designed caddy that keeps the products in place in a very safe and sanitary manner along with the great value for the money.

6. Home Basics Toilet Brush with Holder

If you’re looking for a toilet brush that is really affordable and popular then here is another choice for you.

best toilet bowl brushesRust resistant holder: Is made of lightweight metal with a rust resistant finish and a plastic lid and base.

Sturdy toilet brush : With strong bristles and a plastic easy to grip handle.

What stands out most in the customer reviews is inexpensive cost of this brush and holder and overall attractiveness.

7. Home-it toilet brush set

This brush claims to be 100% satisfaction guarantee and comes with a caddy storage holder.

toilet brush setSturdy construction: Made from steel powder coating with a head that can fit the standard to low flush toilets and good quality bristles.

What is most common in most of the user reviews is that this product matches well with the bathroom color and bathroom accessories, especially those with bronze accents.

8. Libman Designer Bowl Brush and Caddy

Libman Designer Bowl Brush & Caddy Fully enclosed caddy cup: That keeps the brush head hidden in a hygienic manner. It comes with slits to allow the brush to vent and dry.

Easy grip handle: Bowl brush has ergonomic rubber grip handle with hanger hole for convenient storage.

Strong bristles: Features extra durable 1″ polymer fiber bristles made from recycled material that will effectively clean your toilet bowl while still remaining strong.

Other than the fact that the handle may be somewhat too short, most customers love the sturdy feel and good construction of this brush.

9. ToiletTree Products Deluxe Toilet Brush with Lid

This toilet brush boasts of being high-quality and that it is not only functional, but will also a great piece of decor to any bathroom as well.

Toilet Brush with Lid Caddy with automatic lid: The lid springs open when you lift the brush and the pressure of the brush closes the lid automatically too, it keeping the the brush hidden. The base of the caddy is solid and secure with no risk of toppling.

Replaceable head: The head can be removed and replaced if when needed. The bristles are strong to ensure a good thorough cleaning.

Decorative: Great if you don’t want something plain looking in the usual white.

From the customer reviews, it is loved for its compact size and great look.

10. Creative Scents Bathroom Toilet Brush Set

This is another stylish toilet bowl brush and holder sets that doubles as a decorative piece in the bathroom as well. It is simple, functional, and quality with a nice accent that will brighten up your washroom without much effort.

best toilet bowl brushesAttractive and durable holder: The material used to make the product is heavy resin, which ensures that you will not have to worry about rusting or tarnishing of the product even after long use.

Sturdy Bristles: The high quality bristles will ensure a thorough and effective cleaning of your toilet bowl.

The users particularly like the elegant touch this product brings to their space without being too overwhelming.

A good toilet brush, just like a good toilet detergent is key for a hygienic and clean toilet and it will prevent your toilet from staining thus saving you from the embarrassment of a dirty-looking toilet and future headaches as you try to look for ways to restore your toilet it to its former glory. The above list should point you in the right direction.




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