10 Best Table Lamps For The Bedroom in 2020

Quality sleep is essential for the well-being of your body. There are a couple of things you can do to improve the quality of your sleep. Your sleeping environment is one area you should focus on for a good quality rest. Bedroom lighting, with the help of a table lamp in particular, is one thing you should consider when making improvements in your sleeping environment.

Perfect lighting in your bedroom can be achieved through the installation of bedroom table lamps which do provide the much-needed and standard illumination at night. They help set the right mood for your bedroom, which is essential for a good night’s sleep. Bedside lamps are usually not bulky and can be placed on a small table.

These are some of the best-rated table lamps for the bedroom currently available to purchase online.

If you’re looking for something a little fancier and decorative, you will love this list of; Decorative crystal table lamps. 

  1. Surpurs Minimalist Solid Wood Bedside Desk Lamp

Surpars House sells a unique looking solid wood table lamp, which they believe is perfect for the bedside table. Minimalist Solid Wood Table Lamp Bedside Desk Lamp

Minimalist in structure, this lamp takes a maximum of 40W, with the light cascading through its neutral color linen shade.

The color choice of the Surpars House product is entirely natural, making it an excellent choice for almost any bedroom color as it complements any decoration scheme.

Complete with a standard American plug, the on and off switch is conveniently located in the middle of the cord.

Great for offering a gentle low-level source of light, this traditional looking light aims to provide both a peaceful and warm night when placed in any bedroom.

Customers buying the Surplus House bedroom table lamp highly rate it, claiming it offers just the right amount of light without being too overpowering.

2. Brightech – Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp

Brightech offers a floor lamp with a difference which they feel is the more practical choice of products when used as a bedroom light. Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp

Sleek in design, this 2-in-1 floor lamp has three additional shelves. With the soft diffused LED up-light at the very top of the lamp, the open box display shelves below double up for practical and display use.

Available in a choice of four colors, this modern Asian style lamp will fit in with any bedroom decor whether you choose from Classic Black, Havanah Brown, Walnut Brown or Natural Wood.

With a 9.5W LED light included, this power saving bulb ensures that you won’t have to spend further money on bulbs, with its lifetime of more than 20 years!

Customers of the Brightech bedroom floor lamp are pleased with the calming light tones it emits, believing it adds a touch of warmth to any room.

3. Zeefo Simple Table Lamp For Bedroom

Zeefo has what they feel is a more simplistic bedroom table lamp, but which works perfectly in most styles of bedroom. ZEEFO Simple Table Lamp Bedside Desk Lamp With Fabric Shade and Solid Wood for Bedroom, Dresser, Living Room, Baby Room, College Dorm, Coffee Table, Bookcase (square)

This lamp is based on a Japanese style minimalist look desk lamp, with the overall aim of creating a warm atmosphere, almost classical in appearance.

With natural cream-colored linen used around a square sole wood base, this lamp allows a maximum of 40W and is very low on power consumption due to its energy-saving components.

Perfect as a practical light source, the Zeefo bedside desk lamp is also visually stunning and will complement a room beautifully, such is its unobtrusive overall design.

More of a subtle glow, rather than harsh lighting, this product is also an excellent idea for the more romantic of bedroom lighting requirements!

Customers of the Zeefo bedroom table lamp claim this beautiful product works toward creating a pleasant and calming ambiance in any bedroom.

4. Kira Home Lucerna Touch Bedside Table Lamp

Revel sell a bedroom table lamp which merely requires one delicate and straightforward touch on its base for the light to be switched on or off. Kira Home Lucerna TOUCH Bedside Table Lamp + 4W LED Bulb (40W eq.) Energy Efficient, Eco-Friendly, Honey Beige Shade, 2-Size Pack

Perhaps what is even more impressive about this light is the vast assortment of colors available to purchase! Not only that, but when you buy a Kira Home Lucerna touch lamp, you don’t just get one lampshade, but rather two of differing sizes!

The whole base of this lamp is considered a touch switch, which eliminates that annoying search for the cord to switch it on in the middle of the night!

An energy efficient and environmentally friendly product, a 4W LED bulb is included with your purchase.

Customers highly rate the Kira Home Lucerna bedroom table lamp mainly because of its overall practicality, especially with its touch base, but also because of its magnificent structure and craftsmanship.

5. TaoTronics Rechargeable Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp

TaoTronics offer a more retro looking design of bedroom table lamp with a host of amazing additional benefits in this purchase. TaoTronics Rechargeable Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp, LED Table Lamps for Bedroom with Internal Battery up to 110 Hours Operation, 3000-3500K Color Temperature

This lamp requires no cables, being wireless in design, and a built-in battery offers a staggering 110 hour’s worth of light!

Additionally, the light itself from this product is designed to be eye-friendly, ensuring that if you need to turn it on during the middle of the night, you won’t be blinded and won’t disturb those sleeping around you!

With just one-touch, on the sensitive panel located at the top of the lamp, turning the light on has never been easier with the TaoTronics lamp.

A neutral looking design, this portable lamp can be set to the exact dimness or brightness that you prefer at any time.

Customers prefer the TaoTronics bedroom table lamp for its unique look and ability to move it around quickly, as well as the multitude of options it offers you.

6. Crystal Touch Control Dimmable Accent Table Lamp for Bedroom

Seaside Village offers customers a beautifully crafted exotic bedroom table lamp crafted with crystals galore. Crystal Table Lamp Touch Control Dimmable Accent Desk Lamp Bedside Modern Table Light with Sliver Lamp Shade Night Light Fixture for Living Room Bedroom Kitchen, by Seaside Village

This touch crystal lamp has a unique sensor attached which allows you to choose from four types of light ranges, including Low, Medium, High,and Off.

Sturdy in construction, the beautiful arrangement of this lamp is reinforced by delicate wiring to ensure the crystals remain in the light, not on the outside!

More so, this crystal effect design adds instant elegance to the bedroom and is an excellent addition to any design of bedroom, whether you need it for practical uses or simply want a beautiful show piece for your room.

Though a bulb is not included with this lamp, the most effective recommendation here is for an incandescent bulb with a maximum 60W.

Customers love the contemporary design of the Seaside Village crystal bedroom table lamp. The color of light emitted is highly rated, as is the ability to choose the level of brightness.

7. Brightech Mode LED USB Side Table Lamp

Brightech’s other bedroom table lamp offering is a modern but elegant style LED USB product.Brightech Mode LED USB Side Table & Desk Lamp – Modern Lamp for Bedroom, Living Room or Office with Ambient Lighting, Unique Lampshade & Useful USB Port Perfect Bedside Nightstand Light- Black

Perfect for those who prefer to charge their appliances via USB, the Brightech lamp has a USB port which allows you to continue charging your mobile phone, tab, E-Reader, laptop or any other electronic device, while the light is in use!

With an easy to access on/off switch, you don’t need to fumble around for a cord to use this lamp.

A more luxurious style of lamps, this product is guaranteed to look great wherever it’s placed in the bedroom and certainly adds a touch of elegance to any room.

With a sturdy solid wood base and a glorious square shade consisting of neutral linen, the LED 9.5W energy saving bulb included with this lamp also has a 20-year lifespan!

Customers like the lightweight design of the Brightech Mode Bedroom table lamp, alongside its ability to offer decent lighting. The additional USB port is also well received!

8. Popilion Elegant Decorative Chrome Bedside Crystal Table Lamp

Popilion combines practicality with stunning elegance in their decorative chrome crystal bedroom table lamp. Popilion Elegant Decorative Chrome Bedside Crystal Table Lamp

If it’s the visual element which you are searching for in your bedroom lamp choice, this lamp is undoubtedly a showpiece!

Comprised of hand-picked crystals, this easy to install lamp doesn’t have a bulb included but allows for CFL, LED and incandescent bulbs.

Popilion pride themselves on the material which they select, and the initial testing and overall safety of all their products, and this lamp showcases how natural their products are to assemble with extensive instructions included as standard.

With a soft non-flickering light offering, this lamp provides you with a warm ambiance but also an ability to read at its side.

Customers ultimately find the Popilion crystal bedroom table lamp a stunning quality designed product, which looks more expensive than it costs but also looks great when the natural day light shines through the crystals!

9. LE Dimmable LED Beside Table Lamp

Lighting Ever sells an eye-catching dimmable folding table lamp, which they believe is the perfect addition to those readers amongst us. LE Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, 7 Dimming Levels, Eye-care, 8W, Touch Sensitive, Daylight White, Folding Table Lamps, Reading Lamps, Bedroom Lamps (Silver White)

With so many additional bonus features, this bedroom table lamp has a total of 7 dimming levels, which can all be controlled by just one touch of the sensitive panel on its base. This means that you can find just the right level of dimness or brightness for your individual requirements including sleeping and relaxing, as well as when reading and studying.

With the added ability to adjust this lamp, its sturdy design allows for a multitude of positioning,with just about any angle imaginable obtainable through its adjustable design!

Lighting Ever has designed this product with an LED non-flicking 8W bulb, which is included when you purchase the product.

Customers rate the Lighting Ever bedroom table lamp for its multi-functional properties, alongside its fantastic sleek and modern design.

10. Lifeholder Table Lamp, Bedside Nightstand Lamp

Lifeholder offer a simple and practical bedroom table lamp which they feel is an excellent addition of a bedside nightstand lamp. Lifeholder Table Lamp, Bedside Nightstand Lamp, Simple Desk Lamp, Fabric Wooden Table Lamp for Bedroom Living Room Office Study, Cylinder

Comprising of a double-layered light brown/cream linen fabric shade, the base of this lamp is solid wood in a smooth black hue.

The finished look is one of a vintage design, but the lamp itself is thoroughly modern in its specifications. With the ability to purchase a choice of colors in bulbs for this lamp, a maximum of 60W is recommended.

Claimed to offer energy saving properties, this lamp comes with an added environmental vision which means it has a low power consumption of light source.

Lifeholder provides all customers of this product with a 90-day money back guarantee, as well as a 2-year replacement warranty for extra assurance.

Customers love the Lifeholder Bedroom table lamp for its combination of vintage and modern finishing, as well as its space saving properties when placed on a bedside table.

What to Consider When Choosing a Table Lamp for the Bedroom

Table lamps for the bedroom come in a variety of designs and shapes that can help to serve a variety of uses like aesthetic value to your room in addition to providing light. As you go shopping for the best bedside table lamp, there are a couple of things that you should put into consideration. They include:

1. Bedroom style

The style of your bedroom or the surroundings can help you settle on the right lamp for your home. You can go for one that matches the furniture or wallpaper used in your bedroom. Whatever you decide on ensure you table lamp blends well with your other bedroom decor and the rest of the room so the pieces blend with your bedroom set

2. What you need it for

Understanding the purpose of the lamp you want to purchase will help you get the right type of lamp for your bedroom. Do not just go for it because it is a requirement for every elegant bedroom. Table lamps for bedroom could serve several uses including style and decor, lighting for reading, setting up a romantic mood in the bedroom among other uses.

3. Type of lamp and appearance

Bedroom table lamps usually made from various material like glass or chrome to suit various bedroom styles from modern, to contemporary to Victorian.

The color and design of the lamp should not look out of place with the overall look of the bedroom.

4. Type of lamp shades

There are different lamp shades you can choose when purchasing a bedroom lamp. You should understand that the kind of lamp shade you pick will determine the type of illumination you get in your bedroom.

White or almost white lampshades are the best for illumination, while colored lampshades are great for decorating. Lamp shades made of glass will illuminate high above the lamp with the brighter lighting under it. Those with broader openings light up the section above your bedside table with minimal shadows.

5. Illumination type

This is more about the brightness let out by the bedside table lamp you are looking forward to purchasing.  The brightness given out will help determine the lighting you will get in your bedroom. With the right type of lamp shades and bulbs, then you are guaranteed the right kind of illumination in your bedroom. You should consider the specifications of the bulb to be used on your bedside lamp and get to know the right level of watts best for your lamp.

6. Lamp dimensions

The height and width of your bedside table lamp is another essential factor that you should put into consideration. The standard height for most table lamps is usually between 25 to 30 inches high. Short lamps are said to be the best for bedrooms while the longer ones are said to be perfect for living rooms. As for the width, you can measure your table and the diameter of the widest part of your lamp. Your lampshade should not be wide compared to your table. Consider leaving some space for other items that can be placed on the table. To get the right lamp, make sure you get the dimensions of your table right.

Table lamps for the bedroom offer practicality during those darker and later evening hours. They are convenient for late night reading not to mention they are great for providing a beautiful ambiance as well as style to these essential rooms.

With so much variety from these table lamps for the bedroom, there is bound to be a perfect match to suit your lighting needs. As most of these lamps offer additional multi-functional properties, these products are perhaps some of the more practical of bedside table lamps, which are sure to look great in your bedroom.

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