2020 6 Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks Worth Every Penny

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Table of Contents

A sunrise alarm clock is a fantastic little device which ensures you start your day the way you mean to go on!

Many of us wake to the nerve shredding shrill of a loud alarm clock, which isn’t the nicest of ways to wake up. Consequently, we are forcing our body to wake and kick into action in the most unnatural and often unhealthiest of ways.

A sunrise alarm clock works to instantly eliminate this habit by waking us up gently. It does this gradually, mimicking the natural sunrise. By gradually brightening the room around 30 minutes before you’ve pre-programmed it to wake up, it assures you awake refreshed and revitalized.

With nearly all of us relying on an alarm clock to get us up and out of the door on time most mornings, an alarm clock is one item many of us wouldn’t be able to live without.

Here are 6 of the best sunrise alarm clocks currently retailing on Amazon.

1. Top Recommendation: Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

When it comes to the world of sunrise alarm clocks, the Philips HF3520 is considered one of the best models in the market currently and our top recommendation! Philips proudly sell what is claimed to be their number one best-selling wake-up light alarm clock! Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Colored Sunrise Simulation and Sunset Fading Night Light, White (HF3520)

Combining the use of a colored sunrise element, this stimulates natural waking throughout.

What’s impressive about this model are its features, including no less than 20 brightness settings, a selection of five different wake-up sounds to choose from, and an FM radio if you’d like to wake up listening to your favorite shows.

Philips have created their sunrise alarm clock through clinical research, stating the concept is proven to increase your mood and energy levels as you wake each time.

With a display which automatically dims itself when the environment around it gets dark, you can access the dimming light and sounds to help send you off gently to sleep, as well.

When you want to have a few minutes extra sleep time, you just tap the product to enable snooze.

Working with this product is straightforward. All you do is select your preferred waking time, and then fall asleep as the gentle sunrise eases its way into your room 30 minutes before this time.

The light starts out very gently and gradually becomes brighter over this 30 minute time span. The aim is to have you fully awake, but lightly, by the time this 30 minutes is up. If you prefer, you can indeed change the brightness to a more personalized level to suit your needs.

Throughout the night, the small LED display will show you the time, but not overtake the room with its brightness level here.

Customers of the Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock like being able to access the timed light from this model during the evening to read. They also thoroughly appreciate being woken gently to start off their morning completely refreshed and recharged.

2. Dapril Sunrise Alarm Clock

A bedside sunrise simulator, Dapril’s Sunrise Alarm Clock claims to be their most advanced creation yet, ensuring a natural wake-up call every morning! Dapril Sunrise Alarm Clock

An upgraded and thoroughly modern version, this is not only fashionable when placed in the room but is most importantly environmentally friendly and safe.

Boasting seven different color modes, it can be used to wake you each morning, alongside providing you with the perfect level of lighting for night-time reading. This makes it an excellent choice of models for children’s rooms.

With choices of indigo, orange, purple, white, blue, red and green you can also select a staggering ten levels of brightness levels to suit.

There is the option here to wake up to your favorite FM radio station or utilize nature sounds including crashing waves, bird song, forest sounds, pure music or a gentle beeping choice.

When setting the actual timer itself, you have further options here to set the warm light brightness and can even turn off the timer display during the night to keep your room at your preferred darkness.

Aiming to encourage the waking process gradually, the light of this sunrise alarm clock will work through from 10% to 100%, creating the most natural of lights in the room upon waking.

Furthermore, if you decide you’d like to take advantage of the light, you can just select the snooze button and opt for five more minutes of quality relaxation or snooze time before you start your day.

Customers of the Dapril Sunrise Alarm Clock enjoy the natural increase of light into their room upon waking, with many referring to the benefits of being able to select a whole host of dimming options, in particular when using this product as a bedside table light.

3. Mosche Sunrise Alarm Clock

Mosche sell a Sunrise Alarm Clock which is perhaps one of the more simplistic of models on the list here, but equally offers just the right host of fantastic features to keep you waking refreshed day after day! Mosche Sunrise Alarm Clock

This has a total of six natural sounds as well as an FM radio option. Here you can revel in the sounds and indeed imagine the scents of nature as you select bird songs, forest sounds, waves crashing, pure music or even gentle beeping.

Offering seven colors in total, all with adjustable brightness, six of these are color selections with one an adjustable warm light that adequately lights you room. This means you can choose to utilize this as a reading lamp next to your bed if you want to. Furthermore, this warm light choice itself has a selection of no less than ten brightness level to pick from!

Working on emulating the sunrise, this begins to stimulate your body and mind a total of 30 minutes before your actual alarm time. Going from 0% to 100% brightest in a continuous effort, it works to bring you gently out of that natural deep sleep status. To ensure you awake calmly and in the best way, your choice of sound or music will continue to play for two minutes while you adjust to the new day ahead.

Powered by a USB cable or power adaptor, this is a simple and straightforward model to work.

Customers of the Mosche Sunrise Alarm Clock find this a simple but equally successful method of rising in the morning, waking more gently and ready to tackle whatever lies ahead.

4. Vicvol Sunrise Alarm Clock

Vicvol’s Sunrise Alarm Clock has all the benefits that these fantastic products offer, as well as working hard to tend towards those heavier of sleepers! Vicvol Sunrise Alarm Clock

With six natural sounds, 15 volume levels, seven colors, ten brightness levels, and three charging methods, this really is an all in one alarm clock!

The sounds range from the forest, waves, violin, birds, pure music and beeping, while the lights offer white, blue, red, green, orange, purple and indigo! Therefore, you can select the music and indeed the lighting to match your mood that day or even set your light to circle in colors.

Doubling up as an effective but gentle beside reading lamp, the sunrise /sunset stimulation of this module is fantastic. Starting at just 1% of brightness and gradually increasing naturally towards 100%, it works by imitating the sun and waking you gently from a restful sleep. All of this is achieved in the most naturalist of ways possible.

Offering an additional snooze function of five minutes in total, this is also designed to securely sit on your bedside table, utilizing its rubber anti-slip feet.

If you prefer to choose how you charge your alarm, here, you can select AAA batteries, use a USB charger – or merely plug it into the wall. Such options make it ideal for use when traveling.

Customers of the Vicvol Sunrise Alarm Clock thoroughly rate being able to enjoy all the benefits of a magnificent sunrise alarm at just a fraction of the cost. It’s also considered an ideal choice for the youngest of sleepers!

5. LBell Alarm Clock

LBell’s Sunrise Alarm Clock is so beneficial and successful in operation, that the company suggests it would work just as well in children’s rooms, as it does in the bedrooms for adults! LBell Alarm Clock

One of the highlights of this model is its seven natural sounds that you can employ to wake to every morning. These include the sound of ocean waves, birds singing, streams flowing, wind-bells delicately chiming, piano music and soft music playing, or quiet gentle beeping. The eighth option is the sound of the FM radio stations.

This sunrise stimulation alarm clock allows you to set the light to turn on from 10 to 60 minutes before the alarm sounds. This means the lamps light intensity will gradually increase towards your set level, ranging from a deep morning red to a bright yellow, and then bright daylight.

In addition to waking, this alarm works well by helping you fall asleep better. It does this through gradually dimming its light alongside playing soothing music. Once it reaches the time you pre-set, it will then automatically turn off this impressive sleep aid function.

If you like to change your waking time at the weekends, you can do so here by its easy programmable function – and even set another alarm entirely for your partner!

With a snooze function allowing you nine extra minutes of sleep time, this model also provides a convenient USB charging port to enable the charging of several devices simultaneously. It also has eight brightly colored choices, adding an element of fun into many a sleeping environment!

Customers of the LBell Sunrise Alarm Clock love the extra benefits they can access with this model, including the vibrant lights, the beautiful sounds, and the ability to pre-program different alarm requirements.

6. Philips HF3510 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Claiming that independent research states 92% of Philips users find it easy to get out of bed every day, this is a clinically proven choice of Sunrise Alarms from Philips. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation and Sunset Fading Night Light, White (HF3510)

This is the second Philips model on our list, but while this one doesn’t offer the colored sunrise stimulation of the HF3520, it does provide a soft UV-free light.

This light choice may be the better option for those that are keen on waking to a more neutral but pleasant glow that has no harsh tones. This is all possible via the alarms 300-lux illuminance.

The warm yellow light begins to rise 30 minutes before your alarm is due to go off, increasing in intensity during this time.

The result is a more natural way of waking while feeling entirely refreshed and recharged to start your day in a much better mood.

With a dimming display comes a selection of no less than 20 brightness settings. There’s also an option to select FM radio to wake to or one of three beautiful pre-programmed sounds. These take their inspiration from nature, including a Zen garden and birds in the forest.

Using this sunrise alarm is made simple via the easy-to-touch keys, and with rubber anti-slip feet, it’s designed to stay in place securely wherever you place it near your bed. The project display is also easy to read but thoroughly gentle, and not overpowering as you sleep.

Termed a light therapy lamp which works on improving energy, well-being and indeed your sleep, you can also use this as a bedtime reading lamp if you wish.

Customers of the Philips HF3510 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock find this a great way to begin their day, and love being able to choose what they wake to. It’s also considered easy to set up and use.

Final Thoughts on Sunrise Alarm Clocks

Sunrise alarm clocks are the perfect addition for any bedroom and an excellent solution for all ages. While ensuring you wake up as best as you possibly can, and indeed as nature intended, they’re also able to offer a whole host of additional features and benefits as standard.

From increased lighting choices to extra sound features and even practical charging solutions, they work hard to offer more than a standard alarm clock possibly can.

If you’re looking for an alarm clock with a difference and one that really can change the way you start and indeed end your day, a sunrise alarm clock is highly recommended and worth every dollar.

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