7 Best Sump Pump Monitors with Wi-Fi Review of 2021

A Sump pump monitor with W-Fi, is the ultimate device for peace of mind, to use with your sump pump to give you total control of the performance of your pump conviniently.

The best Wi-Fi enabled sump pump monitors with special features will even go as far as tracking your pumps performance such that, when alarming conditions occur like the rise of the water past a certain level in the sump pump, the monitor, regardless of whether you are home or not, will automatically send notifications to users locally through audible alarms and remotely via text messages and/or emails to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

So rather than physically showing up to check on leaks and flooding, you get alerts of any dangerous water levels being detected before they can become a major problem.

Therefore, these monitors can indeed play a great role in saving you from the headaches and cost implications associated with damage from floods and leaks in the basement and other areas in the home.

Without further ado, we have curated a list of the best and most efficient sump pump monitors in the market. This are also the best selling and rated by customers for performnce and effectiveness.

1. Proteus water Level / Sump Pump Monitor Sensor with WIFI

Proteus’ Wi-Fi water level/sump monitor sensor with buzzer provides programmable alerts to the users regarding the level of liquid crossing the set threshold. Whether the water level Wi-Fi water Level / sump monitor Sensor with buzzer, email/ text Alertsgoes above or drains below the set level.

The cloud-enabled sensors allow live viewing of the status so that users can perform the right steps to prevent water from rising to critical levels. Aside from live viewing through cloud, email notifications and text messages can be sent to multiple mobile numbers and accounts.

The features of the sump sensor monitor include monitoring the water level and the tank condition as well as detecting the water level in the basement’s sump pump through a float switch sensor.

Features and Specifications

  • Multi-purpose water level sensor – the sump pump sensor monitors the amount of water or the water level in a sump pump, tanks, condensate tray or pan and containers for overflow. 
  • Compact and durable design – the monitoring unit does not require any batteries as it is created to directly plug into a wall outlet with 100 to 240 Voltage AC.
  • Multi-alert – the sensor monitor is connected to a Wi-Fi that allows live viewing through the cloud. Aside from that, text messages and emails can be sent to multiple users to alert everyone in the household about the status of the sump pump.
  • Multi-float switch capacity – one or more float switches can be connected to the sensor monitor to keep track of different sump pumps, as well as condensate trays and buckets.
  • Built-in buzzer – the sensor monitoring unit has a built-in buzzer that sends off a loud audible alert to notify everyone in the household. This feature alerts users even if they are not on their mobile devices. The buzzer can be set to automatically snooze depending on the desired duration. Disarming the buzzer does not disable the notifications sent through other pathways.
  • Cloud smart monitoring – aside from live viewing as enabled by the cloud, it notifies users 10 minutes after either the power or the internet connection goes down.
  • Easy app setup – it takes around five steps to enable the Wi-Fi-connected feature of the sensor monitor. Simply power up the sensor, connect the digital device to the manufacturer’s network, then set up an account, enter the required details and save.


  • The sensor cables that hold the floating sensor switch have a default measurement of 5 feet long which can extend up to 50 feet or more as required.
  • Notifications can be sent to multiple mobile numbers, emails, and cloud accounts.
  • Easy resetting in the case of a new router installed or a change of passwords.
  • No need to install any Apps, just hassle-free account setup on the manufacturer’s official website.


  • To fully enable Wi-Fi and cloud features, users must have at least 2.4 Gigahertz of internet connection.

Customer Feedback

The majority of customers of Proteus’ Wi-Fi water level/sump monitor sensor were overwhelmed with how efficient and multi-functional the unit is. Besides the fact that it sends notifications to devices that are typically attached to the users, it is also compact in design and structure.

Another great thing the customers love is the coherence and user-friendliness of the manufacturer’s official site. At its price point, longtime users proved the unit basically pays for itself over and over again because of its durability and efficiency. Other customers say the additional feature that notifies them when Wi-Fi is down is very thoughtful.

Overall, the product is said to do the job it was intended to do effectively.

2. Level Sense PRO Wi-Fi Enabled Sump Pump Monitor Leak Detector

Level Sense’s Pro Wi-Fi Enabled Sump Pump Monitor and Leak Detector has a alarm siren that notifies users when there is high humidity or low temperature surrounding the area near Level Sense PRO Wi-Fi Enabled Sump Pump Monitor Leak Detectorthe unit as well as power loss.

Moreover, the unit alerts users when the level of water in the sump pump rises and in the event of a water leakage. The notifications are sent via email and text message.

The unit also consists of a built-in auto recharging lithium Polymer battery. Finally, the manufacturer extendeds their its after-sales service by storing all your data on their servers and providing users with access to review the history of water levels at the sump pump and data of up to 45 alarm sirens.

Features and Specifications

  • Multi-function monitor – the sump pump monitor consists of a float switch, water level monitoring, as well as leak, temperature, and humidity detection.
  • Quick-mount float switch – the process of monitoring and detection begins with the float switch that detects water level. It can be quickly and easily mounted with the bracket provided by the unit.
  • Temperature control – the sump pump monitor identifies the surrounding temperature to protect the pipes from freezing. The detection of temperature is integrated into the unit.
  • Leak, temperature, and humidity detection – the unit detects pooled water as low as 1/8 inches and sends an alert before your sump overflows. To protect the pipings from freezing, the unit can be programmed with the desired temperature range. Conversely, a safe humidity range can also be input into the unit to avoid mold buildup.
  • Presents 7 days of water sump level data history – the Level Sense Portal allows its users to view their sump pumps water level history for up to 7 days to determine any issues and be able to perform appropriate solutions to prevent further cases of flood or malfunction. You are also able to review the alarm history of the unit up to the last 45 notifications on the manufacturer’s site.
  • Home security systems integration – the unit has the capability to be physically wired into the input of the home security systems.
  • Tripped breaker protection – the sump pump monitor notifies users in the case of failure of incoming power. In this situation, the monitor will rely on the rechargeable battery until the power comes back on.


  • Very versatile with a multitude of alert capabilities.
  • The mounted installation of the float switch prevents issues of damage to the sensor.
  • The unit relies on a rechargeable battery to get a backup supply of power in case the electricity goes out.
  • Its 7-day data history and alarm 45 notifications provides users substantial information that can be used for monitoring and comparison.


  • Advanced features of the unit and data storage are paid services.

Customer Feedback

One of the best faetures that customers of the Level Sense’s Pro Wi-Fi Enabled Sump Pump Monitor and Leak Detector love is its rechargeable battery that is reliable in the case of a power outage.

Its 7-day data history that presents information on the status of the water level in the sump pump has also applauded by several customers. This feature allows users to observe the trend of leaking or rising levels of water in the sump pump so as to be able to take preventive measures. Its quick wall-mounted float switch provides accurate detection of water levels as well as the user’s peace of mind.

Overall, the unit operates according to its structural design and features. It is easy and quick to install with all the required tools provided and comes highly recommended by a majority of users.

3. PumpSpy PSO1000 Wi-Fi Sump Pump Smart Monitoring

Made and assembled in the USA, PumpSpy’s PSO1000 Wi-Fi Sump Pump Smart Monitoring shares the water level status for users through a mobile application that is downloadable for PumpSpy PSO1000 Wi-Fi Sump Pump Smart OutletAndroid and iOS users.

The PumpSpy Sump Pump Smart Outlet monitors for high water levels and other problems then sends notifications to users through the application, email and text messages. Multiple mobile phone numbers and emails may receive alerts so that everyone in the household is informed.

Simply connecting PumpSpy’s 24/7 monitoring service device to any sump pump gives access to these benefits thus, when users are able to track their water levels and get notifications on issues as they arise, flooding is avoided.

Features and Specifications

  • Prompt alerts and notifications – the unit can send alerts to users instantly through a mobile application, an email or a text message. The alerts include main pump failure, main pump excessive running, blocked and frozen discharge line, power outage, increased level of water, as well as intermittent internet connection.
  • PumpSpy mobile application – the application is downloadable for Android and iOS users. Users are able to check the real-time status and updates on the unit. Included are the status of internet connection, Wi-Fi signal strength, sump pump, and water level status.
  • Real-time pump data and reporting – information like the pump cycles transpired today, last cycle time, estimated gallons pumped, total cycles by date, as well as the conglomerate of pump cycles by date with timestamps.


  • Real-time, accurate data and reporting to allow users to observe a trend in water levels.
  • The mobile application accommodates Android and iOS users.


  • The product relies entirely on servers in the cloud and the user’s device reports to them. The device does not contact the user if there is an issue. Notifications are being sent from their servers in the cloud.

Customer Feedback

Customers of PumpSpy’s PSO1000 Wi-Fi Sump Pump Smart Monitoring love its features of tracking pump cycles per day. Setting up was reported to be a breeze by the majority of customers.

The sump pump monitor can only be operated through the application, which is described to be greatly and professionally designed. With the right features, functions, and buttons, the application is created to be user-friendly and simplified. Some of the customers, especially those who like to keep track of the cycles the pump is on, applauded the sump pump monitor for the data it presents.

Overall, many of the customers trust the product because it is reliable and offers peace of mind. Customer support has also been commended for being prompt to respond to customer issues.

4. Level Sense Sump Pump Failure Alarm

With a self-recharging battery, Level Sense’s Sump Pump Failure Alarm can operate for over 6 hours without AC power. Level Sense Sump Pump Failure Alarm

The product alerts users of the critical status of the sump pump by sending notifications such as text messages and the online monitoring portal. The sump pump monitor can track the water level through a float switch.

This float switch allows users to define water level alarms as well as determine the incoming water rate. Users can also set a safe humidity level or range to avoid mold proliferation.

Leak detection, power failure, and changes in the temperature are other features monitored by the sump pump float switch. The Sump Pump Failure Alarm by Level Sense sends out a loud audible alarm siren at  120 decibels. 

Features and Specifications

  • Cloud-monitoring compatibility – the sump pump monitor has a check-in based watchdog with an easy WSP or Hotspot setup. The user-friendly instructions will support the user to fully connect the readings, results, and other information. 
  • Has a battery backup – in case of a power outage, the sump pump monitor will run through its Lithium Polymer ion battery. When the power comes back on, the battery will be recharged as electric currents flow through the cords. The battery can back up the sump pump monitor for up to six hours.
  • Alarm siren feature – with an estimated SPL of 120 decibels that will keep reminding the user of the issue. 


  • Customizable alarm sirens depending on the duration of sound.
  • It is powered by electricity with a self recharging battery as a backup.
  • Includes float switch with a 16′ Cord


  • This unit does not send emails or texts alerts. Just loud sirens.

Customer Feedback

The majority of customers of Level Sense’s Sump Pump Failure Alarm have said that the product’s loud and audible, even in a two-story house. The installation and setup as well as the product has been confirmed to work and look as advertised.

5. Myspool Water Detector with WIFI

Myspool’s Water Detector with text messages and email alerts provides customers with an additional central monitoring service. It runs on cloud servers. Best Sump Pump Monitor with Wi-Fi

The sump pump monitor comes with a 6 feet power cord and 2 feet sensor wire. With its nickel-plated surface, the moisture sensors in the unit are corrosion resistant and designed for multiple uses.

The alerts and notifications sent to the user are repeated until the sensor is dry. The water detector can only be configured through the manufacturer’s website.

Features and Specifications

  • 3-step device configuration – it only takes 3 steps to fully configure the sump pump monitor and allow users’ mobile devices to receive notifications. The first step is to connect to the Myspool device, then create an account on the official website of the manufacturer. Finally, configure the email and mobile numbers to receive some updates on the status of the water level in the sump pump.
  • Additional Central Monitoring Service – users will receive an alert regarding the device’s status. If it misses a scheduled daily check-in you’ll be notified of an issue and once it’s comes back online, you’ll get a follow-up notificcation once again


  • There are no applications to install and no subscription fees to pay
  • Simply creating an account on the manufacturer’s website will guarantee users of live updates regarding the status of the sump pump.
  • Very affordable
  • Services (email and text) are free.


  • There are no audible alarms integrated into the system of the sump pump monitor.

Customer Feedback

Besides the performance, many of Myspool’s customers appreciate its simplicity and straightforward installation as well as configuration.

The unit does not have the audible alarm siren that most sump pump monitors have, yet the customers love it. The audible alarm is only as useful when somebody is home anyway. For them, Emails and text messages are more than enough to keep the water levels in their basement’s sump pump at bay.

6. Zircon Leak Alert WiFi Smart Electronic Water Detector Alarm

Zircon’s Leak Alert WiFi Smart Electronic Water Detector Alarm is a battery-operated sump pump monitor available for purchase in single unit packs, 2 packs, 4 packs and 8 packs. Zircon Leak Alert + LED! Water Leak Detector & Flood Sensor Alarm/

Suggested for for use with a wide range of home appliances, this is a handy device for detecting leaks in almost anything at home from sump pumps, dishwashers, laundry washing machines, water tanks to bath tubs and water filtration units and so many more. The best part is, it is fully automatic and does not require wiring or electricity.

Included with the unit is a 3V lithium battery. There are two ways the sump pump monitor alerts the users. One is through email notification and the other is through the sound of an alarm.

If the battery goes low, the Leak Alert Wi-Fi feature of the unit will chirp every 30 seconds between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. local time. Also, an email notification will be sent to the user’s account per 24-hour period. This process will continue until the device detects a battery replacement.

Features and Specifications

  • Event Log Summary (optional) – users can choose to receive emails including the last 20 notifications sent.
  • Detection and alerts – the device alerts and notifies the users through an email or a loud audible 105 decibels alarm while the LED is flashing.
  • Durable plastic casing – that is designed to float in case flooding occurs, all the while with the alarm continuing to sound until the battery is completely exhausted , which can be up to 8 hours.


  • No electrical connection is required.
  • The 3V lithium battery has a long lifespan.
  • In case of a low battery, an email notification will be sent to the user to replace it.


  • There’s no real time monitoring so it sends alerts only after potential leaks have occcured, after it comes in direct contact with water and not before. You don’t get an early warning alert of potential leaks with this.

Customer Feedback

Very popular with a majority of the reviews being positive , customers of Zircon’s Leak Alert WiFi Smart Electronic Water Detector Alarm say the little stand-alone device works efficiently.

They love the fact that there is no need to plug the device directly into a wall outlet to make it work and they appreciate the fact the device signals users regarding low battery so that it can be replaced immediately.

Overall, the overall functions and features of the sump pump monitor work as well as advertised. The availability of the monitors in packs makes the purchase extremely worthwhile and cheap relative to the benefits. In the case of a device issues, the manufacturer is quick to respond. 

7. SimpleSENCE WiFi Leak and Freeze Detector

SimpleSENCE’s Wi-Fi Leak and Freeze Detector consists of a dependable construction with Best Sump Pump Monitor with Wi-Fiergonomic design to complement the interior structure of most houses as well as the home décor, while at the same time enahncing its lifespan.

Included with the unit are two easily replaceable AAA batteries. The functional features include multi-sensor detection, customizable alert setup, and instant alerts through the application or text message. 

Features and Specifications

  • Leak sensor – the detector is designed to be placed in an area susceptible to leakage. Its small, ergonomic size with water sensors wrapped around it makes it ideal for strategic placement in areas susceptible to leakage from sinks to sump pumps.
  • With the temperature sensor – the product is able to monitor the ambient temperature. Moreover, it works, especially well in areas with colder weather all year round where pipes are prone to freezing and bursting. 
  • Has an audible alarm – the alarm activates once a leak or variant in temperature is detected. The sound emitted is loud enough to alert anyone in the house. This feature is effective when users happen to be away from their phones.  
  • With customizable alert set up – the customizable alert setup option allows the user to select their preferred communication method. For example, if they would like to receive text messages to be informed of a leakage rather than an email notification. 
  • Sends instant notifications alert – the users will promptly receive notifications and alerts once an issue is detected. there is no lag time, as long as the mobile phone is connected to the internet and receives a signal to get a text message.
  • It has a long battery life – the battery life is expected to last 2 years. In case of a low-battery power, the unit will sent a notification to the smartphone.


  • 2-year battery lifespan – notifications are sent via a preferred communication method to alert users of low-battery.
  • The SimpleSENCE™ Instant Alert App is downloadable from the App Store and Google Play Store. 
  • You can get texts, emails or siren alerts with this one.


  • Leaks have to first occur to be detected so that you can receive an alert .

Customer Feedback

Some customers of SimpleSENCE’s Wi-Fi Leak and Freeze Detector said they were initially skeptical at the beginning, but they soon learned to trust the brand and the product once they witnessed its performance during a dry and wet test run.

All in all, the device is great according to many of its users. It is functional, it works in the dampest locations and it is accurate in detecting the right problem. With this, customers continue to buy from the brand and patronize this unit.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Sump Pump Monitor

From cost, installation to alarm, here are the factors you should put into consideration . 

1. Cost

Generally, like most devices out there, there are ones that exceed the ceiling of affordability depending on the individual. While you are presented with the cheapest and the most extreme, it is up to you to choose. Will you go for the expensive one that promises a whole lot of extra features or the cheap one that has everything you need, no more and no less? 

2. Power Backup

Is the electricity in your home terrible and fluctuates frequently? Then it is obvious that you should opt for a battery backup sump pump monitor so that no matter the power outage, you can have it run through the battery as a power source. 

3. Mobile Alert Capability

This factor mostly focuses on one communication method. These are the notifications through a text message. Most devices today allow users to input several mobile numbers to receive the critical status of the sump pump. This enables them to carry immediate procedures so as to avoid flooding. 

4. Installation

Sump pump alarms should be easy to install and you should always be able to do it yourself. In reality, these alarms are not so complicated and they should take you a few minutes to install. Abiding by the installation instructions will allow you to enjoy the full functionality of the device. If a sump pump alarm is too complicated to install, choose to seek aid and advice from a professional. You should be able to service and maintain the alarm by yourself and this is not possible if you cannot install the system by yourself in the first place. The installation also refers to the applications or software the device requires to download historical data collection, status, graphs, and cycles of pumps so users can observe any trend. 

5. Alarm Siren

80 to 90 decibels is loud enough for a bungalow-type of house and for those houses with second floors, monitors with over 90 decibels will fully alert everyone in the house. The alarm siren is a very important feature in case the users are away from their phone to receive the text notification, the siren will still be heard. 


All of the sump pump monitors included in the list differ in features. While they are all capable of detecting leaks and notifying you through various channels like sending alerts via a text message, email or an audible siren, at the end of the day, you would want to purchase a cost-effective and durable device. Most importantly, you want effeciency in performamance for peace of mind.

We would therefore recommend going for a sump pump monitoring device with real time, 24/7 monitoring that will notify you of once water is past a certain level and other impending problems even before they occur. Proactive pump sumps monitors will definitely give you control over your sump pump.

But ultimately, whether proactive or not, a sump pump monitor with Wi-Fi capability is better than no sump pump monitor at all because with either you get the benefit of the peace of mind, no guesswork.

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