2021 10 Best Step Stools with Handle For Adults

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Table of Contents

Need more height to reach or access specific areas safely? Step stools with handles for use by adults are generally great options here. Considered to be more of practical units than decor compared to several household furniture, not much thought goes into selecting a step stool.

However, with height comes risks and if you’re going to pick the best possible and dependable step stool, then you will definitely need to be a little more considerate and give a liitle more care to the type of step stool you choose before you finally make that purchase.

Obviously, not all step stools are constructed the same and therefore, safety and stability must always be given priority. But how can you guarantee this? Well, by going for sturdy, quality-constructed step stools with added safety features like rubber-backed treads on the feet, locking feet or handles or hand grips features for user steadiness and stability.

Seeing the sheer number of step stools in the market, looking for the best possible option and finally settling on a model can be quite overwhelming. Luckily, we have compiled a list of no less than 10 of some of the best step stools that come with the above mentioned features including handles. We believe that adults can rely on any of the reviewed models for maximum stability and safety when accomplishing their daily endeavors, from getting out of bed, or the bathtub, simply when reaching out for things on higher places or simply just accomplishing chores that require some added height.

The models are some of the best-selling, selection based on overall customer feedback on the quality of construction and design, stability and how well the units hold up when adults are atop it, as well as durability. Furthermore, we realize that step stools are more of functional units than decorative, meant to stay out of sight when they’re not needed which is why we’ve made sure most of the units on this review can be folded for easier storage until they’re needed again.

Product Dimensions Weight (Pounds) Weight Capacity (Pounds) Steps
Duro-Med DMI Step Stool with Handle 12” x 34” x 16” 8.5 300 One
Best Choice Folding Stool Ladder 28.7″ x 17.7″ x 52″ 15.2 330 Three
Delxo 3 Step Ladder Folding Step Stool Ladder 18”x 4.3” x 44.3” 15 330 Three
Cosco 3 Step Rockford Wood Step Stool 25.8”×17.9”×44.4” 19.8 225 Three
Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding 3-Step Steel Frame Stool 2.9” x 21” x 48” 13.25 200 Three
Little Giant Ladder Systems 10210BA Stepladder 32” x 21” x 5” 15.5 300 Two
Cosco 2-Step Household Folding Step Stool 17.9”x17.3”x 28.2” 6.3 220 Two
LivingSURE Step Ladder with Handles 48.1” x 19” x 5.2” 15.75 300 Two
Little Giant Ladder Systems 10410BA Step Ladder 55.5” x 23” x 5.5” 27.5 300 Four
Delxo Lightweight Aluminum Woodgrain 3 Step Ladder 46” x 18.5” x 5.5” 9 330 Three

Review of the Best Step Stools with Handles for use by Adults

1. Duro-Med DMI Step Stool with Handle for Adults and Seniors

Manufactured by Duro-Med, the DMI Step Stool is one of the best stools for adults experiencing mobility difficulties, the disabled and the elderly, as it is ideal as a walking aid for improving mobility, as a bedside stool and getting on or off high places. It comes with all the necessary safety features that will guarantee your safety when getting in or out of your car, bed or bathtub.

It features a tall 34” foam grip handle for support, a textured step platform and rubberized feet to ensure that you don’t slip and fall over when getting on or off.

The stool comes when it’s already pre-assembled meaning you don’t need to use complex tools to finish up the assembly. It also features a steady chrome-plated steel construction that makes it sturdy enough to endure weights of up to 300 pounds.

Features of the Duro-Med DMI Step Stool with Handle

  • Rubber feet: to help ensure stability and prevent sliding, this step stool is designed with non-skid rubber feet that keep the stool in place when a heavy load is applied.
  • Textured step platform: to enhance personal safety, the surface of this stool is reinforced with non-skid rubber to provide additional stability when you step on it.
  • Steel frame: the framework of this stool consists of chrome-plated steel that is both beautiful and steady enough to handle weights of up to 300 pounds.
  • Foam handle grip: lastly there’s the handle. Since it’s designed to offer support when getting on or off the stool, Duro-Med has opted to use foam padding on the handle to offer maximum grip to prevent slipping and sliding.


  • It only requires minimal assembly.
  • At 8.5 pounds, this stool is light enough to move around.
  • Supports a massive weight of up to 300 pounds.
  • It comes equipped with a handrail.


  • Handrail is too tall resulting in the risk of tipping over whenever someone tries to step on top while holding the handle.

Customer feedback

Most customers are pleased with the overall construction of this stool and the high amount of weight it’s able to handle. It’s said to be extremely sturdy and remains stable for daily use. It also comes highly recommended for people including the seniors, those with knee replacement and the handicapped who require assistance walking, getting to bed out out of bed and other higher places. The tall handle ensures users are able to find their footing and steady themselves.

Overall, this is one of the most popular and highest rated stools for adults available for purchase online.

2. Best Choice Folding Steel 3-Step Stool Ladder For Adults

Based on the overall design of this ladder, the Best Choice Folding Stool Ladder is a smart choice for adults due to its good balance and mobility. At just 15.2 pounds, it is very light and easy to carry. Additionally, it also folds up easily making it quite easy to store in the garage or in the closet when it’s not in use. It has sleek dimensions of 28.7″(L) x 17.7″(W) x 52″(H) when it’s unfolded and 20.5″(L) x 2.8″(W) x 57.3″(H) when it’s folded.

Unlike those plastic made stools that fail to guarantee stability and durability, the Best Choice Folding Stool Ladder is constructed with a steady steel frame that endures a maximum weight of 330 pounds.

This ladder has a maximum height of 27.2” and it’s designed with a tray at the top where you can conveniently place some of your stuff depending on what you’re doing.

Features of the Best Choice Folding Stool Ladder

  • Steel frame construction: to enhance stability and overall durability of this ladder, Best Choice Products have opted to use a steel frame body to ensure that the ladder is undeniably strong and able to endure heavy weights.
  • Rubber feet: most of our homes are designed with tile, marble, laminate or hardwood floors right? Now, all these floor types are slippery and can cause skidding accidents if we’re not careful. To ensure safety, this ladder comes with rubberized feet to prevent skidding when you’re atop it.
  • Non-skid steps: the steps have not been left out either. Not only are they wide, but they’re also equipped with an anti-skid mat that provides security and stability when you’re stepping on top.
  • Top tray: lastly, there’s a convenient holder tray at the top. With this tray, you can easily place some of your hardware, paints, tools or other items to hold them on the top shelves, do some renovations or paint the wall.


  • Easy to fold and store even in profile areas.
  • Steel construction provides maximum safety to adults with different weights.
  • A convenient holder tray at the top provides space to place some of your hardware.
  • It doesn’t need any assembly.

Customer feedback

Most of the shoppers who’ve bought this stool ladder are quite impressed by its stability and its safety features. The sleek dimensions that make it easy for users to store the ladder in tight spaces and the easy maneuverability are also some of the areas that this unit has been highly rated for.

3. Delxo 3 Step Ladder Folding Step Stool with Hand Grip

The strong and robustly constructed Delxo 3 Step Ladder Folding Step Stool Ladder is made possible by the steel frame body while the metal lock mechanism makes it steady and prevents wobbling when heavy weights are atop it. These are two of the main reasons why this unit is such a great choice for use by adults.

Just like our previous stool ladder, this one too is designed with three wide steps that are covered with non-skid mats to prevent skidding. The steps are equipped with a non-marring material that provides stability and grip while still protecting your tile or laminated floor from regular scratches.

The handgrip on its side is padded and a little bit bent to prevent your knees from hitting the top peddle when climbing. In case you need to take a rest this stool ladder can also be used as a chair.

Features of the Delxo 3 Step Ladder Folding Step Stool Ladder

  • Steel frame: to maintain stability and support, Delxo has designed this step stool with sturdy steel construction that lets it endure weights of up to 330 pounds without wobbling.
  • 3-step design: the 3-step design is another creative piece of construction we can’t just ignore. The steps are wide enough to suit different users and are equipped with non-skid mats to prevent sliding when getting on or off.
  • Padded top handle: the handgrip of this stool ladder is bent at the top to create enough space to fit your knees when you’re stepping on the third step. It also has a rubber grip where you can hold on when climbing.
  • Non-marring feet: to maintain grip and stability of this stool ladder, the base is secured with non-marring feet which feature a kind of rubberized material. With such a construction, the surface of your tile or laminated floor is also secured from any possible scuffing and scratches.
  • Folding design: lastly, this ladder is designed with an easy folding capability that lets you fold and store the ladder in any location of your choice.


  • Easy locking mechanism guarantees security and stability.
  • Very attractive
  • Wide pedals provide ample support for heel-to-toe support.
  • Its TUV approved with a GS certificate.
  • Folding design makes the ladder sleek enough for easy storage.


  • Can be quite heavy and bulky.

Customer feedback

The Delxo 3 Step Ladder Folding Step Stool Ladder has been welcomed with positive feedback from a majority of the users. It’s highly rated for being sturdy and well built, features that have contributed to making the ladder somewhat heavy and bulky, but which customers say is a great trade off given the overall stability of the unit. Additionally, customers also loved the white and black finish on the unit  because it makes the unit attractive and really nice looking, which is a welcomed bonus.

4. Cosco Three Step Rockford Wood Step Stool with Handle

For over 80 years, Cosco is a well known brand that has been part of many homes, offering innovative products that improve and simplify everyday life, with years of experience in producing products with practical and innovative designs.

The Cosco Three Step Rockford Wood Step Stool is one of their most popular steep stools for adults. It features a classic sturdy wooden construction, locking top step and safety rail for much-needed safety and stability.

Weighing just 19.8 pounds, this stool ladder is ANSI compliant and it’s wide enough to handle users with different body sizes. This stool ladder is available in two or three-step designs and for those keen on interior décor; you can choose either mahogany or a white-colored ladder.

Features of the Cosco Three Step Rockford Wood Step Stool

  • Classic wood design: the classic wooden design of this stool ladder ensures the stools remains steady and doesn’t wobble when heavy weights are applied.
  • Folds flat: for ease of storage, this ladder is designed with sleek dimensions of 25.8”×17.9”×44.4”. It also features an easy fold mechanism that allows it to fold flat for easy storage.
  • Locking top step: to enhance security when getting on or off this ladder, Cosco has added an innovative locking top step that enabales the user to maintain balance and stability when stepping on it.
  • Wide steps: whether it’s painting, redecorating or just resting outside, this stool ladder is designed with wide steps that fit your entire feet to provide support and stability.


  • This stool ladder is ANSI compliant.
  • It’s available in either mahogany or white wooden design.
  • It folds flat for easy storage in the garage or at the store.
  • It’s sturdy and reliable


  • At 19.8 pounds, this stool ladder is considered to be quite heavy.
  • Folding and unfolding can be difficult.
  • The unit does not have rubber grips on the feet which can result in scuffing and scratches of your floor surfaces but even worse, skidding.

Customer feedback

Overall, the Cosco Three Step Rockford Wood Step Stool is a very classy step ladder that’s designed to be stable and very safe. Most of the reviewers who purchased and used it are satisfied with the quality of construction which they say has met all their daily requirements.

A fraction of the shoppers who chose the darker color were impressed with the brushed mahogany finish which they say is very classy especially when the ladder is displayed alongside other pieces of furniture.

5. Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding 3-Step Stool Ladder with Hand Grip

Rubbermaid is another brand in the household products industry that has been around for decades. With immense experience in the market, this brand has mastered market dynamics by producing some of the best kitchen, bathroom, car, and outdoor accessories.

The Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding 3-Step Steel Frame Stool is a high-standard unit able to endure a maximum weight of 200 pounds. The steel frame construction is a major selling point as it not only boosts longevity and durability of this ladder but also ensures the unit remains sturdy through the years.

The steel frame is coated with a heavy silver finish that’s aesthetically pleasing and able to blend well with most indoor settings. It has an easy folding mechanism, three wide plastic steps, and a convenient hand grip that’s very supportive when you’re getting on or off the ladder.

This step ladder is designed with a height of 27.25” making it the best option for adults looking to get stuff placed on high shelves or simply remodeling or painting their walls.

Features of the Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding 3-Step Steel Frame Stool

  • Steel frame construction: the steel frame construction of this stool ladder helps to keep the ladder strong and stable when adults are atop it
  • 3-step design: unlike the 2-step model, the 3-step design of this ladder makes it quite convenient when you’re getting things on those higher of shelves or places. The pedals are wide and are made from plastic with a slip-resistant surface to offer the much-needed grip.
  • Silver coating: aside from the steel finish, this stool ladder is coated with a silver finish that makes it more aesthetically pleasing especially when it’s placed next to your complementing furniture or other accessories.
  • Non-marring feet: to prevent any possible skidding accidents or straches and scuffing on your tiled, wooden or laminated floor, this Rubbermaid step stool is equipped with non-slip, non-marring feet to prevent sliding when you’re climbing on or off the pedal steps.
  • Convenient hand grip: the hand grip isn’t just made from an ordinary steel frame but it’s rather also fitted with non-slip rubber to provide grip and prevent possible slipping accidents.


  • Made from durable steel material.
  • Designed to automatically lock in place.
  • Wide plastic steps have a slip-resistant surface to provide more grip.
  • Can be folded up for easy storage.
  • Its ANSI type III rated.


  • Several users have complained about the weight being too heavy.
  • Some customers feel like the plastic steps are a bit narrow.
  • Support up to 200 pounds only, lower than comparable models.

Customer feedback

This popular and highly recommended Rubbermaid step stool is constructed with the highest level of safety and stability making it a reliable ladder in every aspect. Most of the reviewers have approved this fact stating that this stool ladder is exactly what they were looking for when it comes to stability and safety of use.

And not only that, the ladder is also affordable and the silver finish makes it very beautiful.

Thus overall, this is said to be a very price worthy unit that manages to give value at very affordable price tag

6. Little Giant Ladder Systems 10210BA Safety Step Stepladder

Little Giant Ladder Systems Stepladder is a small-sized step stool that offers a perfect solution when accomplishing small jobs in and around the house. With a height of just 1ft 6-inches, it’s practical to mention that this step ladder is perfect for light chores such as cleaning and reaching for the shelves, changing a light bulb or simply accomplishing some light remodeling projects.

However still, this step stool is said to offer a clever combination of strength and simplicity. This fact is clearly demonstrated by the heavy-duty construction where the manufacturer has used strong metal of lightweight aerospace aluminum on the framework.

The two steps are also wide and slip-resistant keeping the ladder both strong and stable to endure weights up to 300 lbs. This step stool has a slim profile and its very light making transportation a breeze.

Features of the Little Giant Ladder Systems 10210BA Stepladder

  • Handrail and 2-step design: The two steps are wide and are equipped with slip-resistant treads and a safety bar handle for added security to offer maximum grip and stability when climbing on or off.

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction: Little Giant Ladder Systems has used very strong yet light airplane-grade aluminum on the framework. This keeps the ladder strong and stable even when heavy weight is applied on it.
  • Type 1A rated: although this step ladder might seem small, it has surprisingly qualified for a Type 1A rating which means that it’s able to endure weights as heavy as 300 pounds.
  • Caster wheels: by just staring at this ladder, you can’t quickly tell that it has caster wheels. Surprisingly, it does have small wheels on the back feet to make mobility quite simplified especially when you’re moving the ladder from one room to another.
  • Slim profile: to allow easy transport and storage, this ladder is designed with a very slim profile of 5” when it’s folded to make it both versatile and convenient.
  • Rubberized feet: lastly, to provide maximum grip when you’re up the ladder, the feet have been equipped with rubberized padding to keep it intact and prevent sliding.


  • The aluminum material used is corrosion-resistant and really strong.
  • Caster wheels allow easy mobility.
  • Can be folded for easy storage
  • Comes with a choice of either 2-step or 3-step ladder options.
  • Wide steps with slip-resistant treads for added safety.
  • Slip-resistant step backing


  • At just 1ft 6-inches, this ladder is considered to be short.

Customer feedback

Although the Little Giant Ladder Systems 10210BA Stepladder might seem short, it’s still a great choice for those looking for a sturdy and stable stool for every day usage in the home.

Most users were impressed with the airplane-grade aluminum framework that makes the ladder strong yet light for easy mobility just as advertised by the manufacturer. Other users were happy with the high weight capacity this ladder handles while others were satisfied with the high level of safety it offers.

7. Cosco 2-Step Household Folding Step Stool With Handle

Due to the high level of support and stability it offers, Cosco Household Folding Step Stool is another 2-step stool that comes highly recommended by hundreds of reviewers.

Just as its name suggests, this step stool is ideal for use within the household. It’s is fitted with non-marring leg tips that prevent slipping. There’s a handle plus the footsteps are wide and are designed with slip-resistant treads to offer enough grip when getting on or off.

The framework consists of light (6.3 pounds) steel material which is strong and able to endure a maximum weight of 220 pounds. This ladder is designed to fold flat and it’s very easy to clean by just wiping or spot cleaning.

Features of the Cosco 2-Step Household Folding Step Stool

  • Slip-resistant steps: to keep adults safe at all times, this step ladder is designed with slip-resistant platforms that prevent sliding even when you step on the steps with wet feet. The platforms are also wide allowing toe-to-heel support to reduce fatigue when you’re stepping on.
  • Easy fold mechanism: this is one huge advantage that has made most shoppers to choose this ladder over its rivals. The folding capability allows this step ladder to fold flat for easy storage whether it’s at home or in your RV.
  • Non-marring legs: the non-marring legs of this step stool have hugely contributed to its overall success as they make it secure and more stable when climbing on or off. Like it’s not enough, the non-marring legs also protect your floor against scratches and scuffing which might occur if you drag the ladder.
  • Steel frame construction: lastly, this ladder is equipped with a steel framework that makes it solid and capable of enduring the test of time. Due to the stiff construction, this ladder can endure weights of up to 220 pounds.


  • Very affordable
  • Very light to carry from one room to another.
  • Continuous rear legs provide ample support.
  • Folds flat for easy storage.
  • Anti-skid, anti-scratch backing on the feet.


  • The handle doesn’t have a rubber grip for added support.
  • The steps are very thin.

Customer feedback

Overall, the Cosco 2-Step Household Folding Step Stool is a fantastic ladder that is designed to accomplish most of your indoor endeavors while ensuring safety and stability are priorities. The steel framework is a major plus that makes this ladder steady and capable of supporting heavy-weights.

According to some shoppers, the short design in addition to the sturdiness of this ladder makes it usable by seniors as they feel more secure when using the ladder. Additionally, unlike some models that may require a bit of effort to fold, that is not a problem here because according to several users, it folds very easily.

8. 2 Step Ladder with Handles for Adults by LivingSURE

The LivingSURE Step Ladder despite its small size, boasts of being very steady thanks to the heavy-duty steel construction. For added comfort, it is fitted with very unique foam-padded handrails that make it easier for users to climb to the top.

The steps of this ladder are wide and are fitted with non-slip treads to prevent slipping. The two-step ladder is lightweight at just 15.75 pounds making it a perfect option for cleaning, decorating or storing kitchen accessories on the top cabinets.

However, for those shoppers who might require a bigger ladder, the LivingSURE Step Ladder is available in 3-step and 4-step models.

Features of the LivingSURE Step Ladder with Handles

  • 2-step design: just like several of the ladders we’ve reviewed here, the LivingSURE Step ladder is also constructed with a very stable 2-step design. The steps are designed with non-slip treads to prevent cases of sliding and falling over.
  • Steel construction: with a metallic steel frame, this step ladder is considered to be very strong and capable of supporting adults with different body weights up to about 300 pounds.
  • Foam padded handrails: with the foam padded handrails, you can easily and conveniently step on the ladder with hands holding the handrails to maintain stability. The padding on the rails ensures that your hands don’t slide off accidentally when climbing or getting off the ladder.
  • Nonslip legs: still on security, the LivingSURE Step Ladder is equipped with non-slip padded feet that secure the ladder against sliding in case it’s placed on a slippery floor. In addition to that, the rubber padding helps to keep your laminated or tiled floor safe against any damage.


  • This ladder is available in two, three and four tiers.
  • Able to fold flat for easy storage to ensure it stays out of the way when it’s not needed.
  • It comes with foam padded handrails for added security.
  • Non-slip backing
  • Doesn’t require complex assembly.


  • Can be narrow for big-bodied users to climb on easily.

Customer feedback

Just like all the products in this review, the LivingSURE Step Ladder is a smart choice for shoppers looking for a high-standard step stool for household use which is evidenced by the reviews, majority of which are favorable,

Most users were impressed with the quality of construction and the high level of stability and safety this step stool offers.

9. Little Giant Ladder Systems 10410BA 4-Step Ladder for Adults

The Little Giant Ladder Systems Step Ladder is not only loved for its simplistic design, but also for its sturdiness and the level of comfort it offers. This ladder is an ideal solution for adults looking for a high-standard ladder to accomplish most step stool related endeavors.

While most step ladders on this list are constructed from steel, this one is designed with lightweight airplane-grade aluminum that’s very sturdy and capable of withstanding the test of time. The four steps are wide offering an entire toe-to-heel coverage for added safety.

In addition to that, these steps are designed to resemble a normal stairway keeping your security at the highest level. Since this ladder is intended for both domestic and industrial/commercial use, the overall weight is quite high at 27.5 pounds.

Features of the Little Giant Ladder Systems 10410BA Step Ladder

  • Airplane-grade aluminum: the aluminum construction of this stool ladder is one major benefit that enables it to handle both domestic and industrial tasks. This ladder is not only strong but it’s also corrosion-resistant meaning longevity is assured. It’s also Type 1A rated to hold weights of about 300 pounds.
  • 4-step design: the 4-step construction is another major benefit that increases the height of this ladder to allow users to reach those higher of heights to accomplish most of the indoor endeavors such as painting, remodeling, changing the light bulbs or simply storing or reaching for some valuables in the upper cabinets of your closets or shelves.
  • Stairway design: the steps are designed to imitate normal stairways. With such a design plus slip-resistant treads on the surface, adults are guaranteed maximum protection when getting on or off the ladder.
  • Caster wheels: to compensate for the heavy-weight of this step ladder, Little Giant Ladder Systems has added a caster wheel on each of the back legs to make mobility quite a breeze.
  • Padded safety bar: still on security, the Little Giant Ladder Systems Step Ladder is equipped with a padded safety bar at the top to provide a secure supportive spot to hold on when you’re climbing on the ladder.
  • Rubberized feet: since personal safety will always come first, this ladder is equipped with rubberized feet to prevent it from sliding and damaging the floor surface.


  • It also folds flat for easy mobility.
  • Aluminum construction is very sturdy and corrosion-resistant.
  • Ideal for heavy duty usage
  • Slip-resistant and anti-scratch treads
  • This ladder can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Back legs fitted with wheels for easier mobility.


  • Given that this is a 4-step ladder, it’s quite bulky and heavy

Customer feedback

This Little Giant Ladder Systems Step Ladder is said to be a very strong step stool that accomplishes both domestic and industrial endeavors with ease. Just as advertised by the manufacturer, It has a very solid airplane-grade aluminum construction that makes it extremely sturdy and stable. And while it’s heavy, mobility has been enhanced by the addition of caster wheels.

Overall, most of the users are quite satisfied with what this ladder has to offer especially the high level of comfort, support, and security.

10. Delxo Lightweight Aluminum 3 Step Stool with Handle

Delxo Lightweight Aluminum Woodgrain 3 Step Ladder is a simple high-standard step stool that also offers safety and convenient in use.

This ladder is constructed from a lightweight aluminum frame that’s brushed with Woodgrain patterns to make it resemble an American Pinewood. Additionally, it’s equipped with three wide steps with slip-resistant treads on the surface to prevent sliding.

Lastly, this ladder is designed to fold flat for easy storage and it comes with rubberized feet to prevent sliding when placed on slippery floors.

Features of the Delxo Lightweight Aluminum Woodgrain 3 Step Ladder

  • Simple locking hole mechanism: this ladder is very easy to fold and unfold thanks to the simple locking hole mechanism. The ladder folds flat to a width of 5.1” making storage quite a breeze.
  • Aluminum construction: the aluminum construction frame with Woodgrain finish gives this ladder a vintage antique appearance that’s very attractive to the eyes. The aluminum construction is also responsible for the lightweight feature of this ladder.
  • Non-slip rubber feet: to enhance the security of the user, Delxo has also added non-slip rubber feet at the bottom to maintain balance and prevent any slipping accidents. The rubber base also helps to protect your floor against scratching when you maneuver the ladder.
  • 3-step design: still on safety, this ladder is fitted with 3 oversized steps that provide heel to toe foot support to prevent pain and fatigue when you have to stand on it for long periods of time for example when you’re accomplishing your painting or remodeling projects. Moreover, the surface of each step is designed with slip-resistant treads to prevent sliding.
  • Oversized top platform: the top platform is oversized so that it can clap into a locked position to prevent it from shifting when you’re climbing on or getting off. The third step is very useful here as it acts as a pivot.


  • The ladder arrives when it’s fully assembled.
  • This ladder has been endorsed by TUV with a GS certificate.
  • Aluminum construction is both strong and lightweight.
  • It can fold flat for easy storage and transportation.
  • Rubber backed feet

Customer feedback

A majority of the users seem to appreciate the Delxo Lightweight Aluminum Woodgrain 3 Step Ladder for its heavy-duty construction. They are impressed with the aluminum construction which they say is incredibly lightweight and yet extremely sturdy.

Other shoppers were pleased with the Woodgrain polish which blends well with most indoor furniture while others love the overall 3-step design which makes the ladder useful in a wide range of scenarios.

How to Choose the Best Step Stools for Adults—Buyer’s Guide

So, to keep you and your loved ones safe, here are some factors you need to consider when choosing a step stool ladder in addition to the safety handle.

1. The size

This is the first factor you need to consider when choosing a step stool. Here, the size is directly related to the height. In most cases, step stools come in one, two, three, and four-step designs. One and two-step models are ideal for general height elevation tasks such as cleaning the shelves or rearranging kitchen and bedroom cabinets.

However, if you’re looking for a ladder that can accomplish more heavy-duty tasks such as painting, remodeling or replacing light bulbs, then a three or four-step model will be the best pick.

2. Safety consideration

This is another feature that must be considered when choosing a step stool. Just to ask, what makes a step stool different from a side stool? Well, the level of safety is what makes the ultimate difference. Therefore, when making your selection, always check on the rubber gripping on the feet, the handles, and the steps.

At least with plenty of rubber, your step stool will be stable and it won’t slip around when you’re getting on or off. The steps will also provide an immense grip that will prevent you from sliding and falling over.

3. Material used in construction

How you plan to use your step stool will greatly determine the type of material you should select. If you’re looking for a start-up stool for menial jobs, then one made of plastic will be a better choice. For those searching for a sturdy, durable, rustproof and corrosion-resistant stool, then stainless steel and aluminum remain the best picks.

4. Lightweight

If you’re planning to get a step stool for use by adults or elderly persons, then weight will basically be a concern. Some of the lightest options available are step stools made of molded plastic. These step stools are light but they wear off faster and they are’nt really the best options for stability and safety of the adult weight. So, the best option that will generally pass all the checkboxes is aluminum. Not only will it stand the test of time, but it’s also light and very easy to handle. Steel though not as lightweight as aluminum is also great for sturdiness, durability and assured safety. You could also go for models with caster wheels just for the added convenience.

5. Load capacity

Last but not least, you need to check on the load capacity to determine which step stool will work for you over the other. Each step stool has its own specific load capacity. So, choosing a ladder that can handle heavy loads is much better as it can be used in many different scenarios.

Final Thoughts

Step stools are essential tools that help accomplish tasks around the house and most importantly for others, they help to enhance their independence when they’re accomplishing a host of these daily tasks.

Step stools can collapse and cause very bad accidents. Because of this, you need to be very careful when selecting a step stool to prevent such accidents from ever happening.

Therefore, safety and stability are primary factors that must never be sacrificed when you’re looking for the best handle equipped step stools for adult use. Although budget is a factor that might influence your decision, we highly recommend that you prioritize on safety features and quality of construction first.


















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