8 Best Standing Desk Converters for Tall People Review of 2021

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Table of Contents

For those taller of people, typical standing desk converters don’t accommodate for the extra height needed when raising these fantastic model types.

Thus, the majority of standing desk converters do very little in the way of effectiveness and can leave many taller people feeling uncomfortable, leading to a multitude of health problems meanwhile.

Practical and a hugely beneficial way of combating the potential risk that comes with sedentary behavior, standing desk converters when placed at the right height can offer a much-needed solution to current desk spaces.

Sitting for too long of the day at a desk can lead to back pain and various issues concerning posture, as well as neck pain.

In addition to the healthier working aspect of these models, it’s claimed by many users that standing desk converters actually improve their mood as they can move around more freely during the working day. Some people even like to exercise or dance a little while working in front of one of these converters!

Best of all, by using such a converter, many people believe their productivity is increased as the design encourages you to work smarter throughout the day, rather than working harder!

Making use of your current workspace set up, they are the simpler of items to set up and merely enhance your immediate working environment.

With more of us working from home, whether full time or part-time, a standing desk converter is swiftly becoming one of the most popular of models utilized to improve many working areas.

Here we review no less than eight of the very best standing desk converters for tall people. Currently available to purchase online, these have been specially selected not just for their fantastic features, but that of their ability to provide an increased height.

As opposed to those standard converter types that usually have a maximum elevation height of 15-16.5 inches, our selection includes Standing Desk Converters with a maximum height of at least 19 inches to as high as 30 inches. This makes the models chosen below perfect for tall people with a height of anywhere from 6 feet to 6.4.

Review of the Best Standing Desk Converters for Tall People

1. Seville Classics Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Workstation

Our first standing desk converter for tall people here is the 35.4″ x 23.2″ Seville Classics model. This is an exclusive workstation that has been designed to enhance a more natural standing position,  Seville Classics AIRLIFT 36" Gas-Spring Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Workstation Ergonomic Dual Monitor Riser alongside making it easier to adjust your work space in an instance.

Claimed to fit those wide dual monitors with ease, this is a dual desktop type that boasts a beveled edge. Perfect for those multi-part models and indeed all-in-one PCs, this is claimed to be an easy to use sit-stand workstation.

Best of all, the Seville Classics benefits from the use of a gas spring in its height-adjustable design. Therefore, it can smoothly adjust whenever needed, accommodating anything between 6.0 inches to as much as 19.1 inches height.

The inclusion of a gas-spring airlift ensures a quick but ultimately quiet action with the unit holding up to 33 Ibs.

This standing desk converter also offers a removable keyboard tray, cable management wire clips and ties, and a built-in tablet or smartphone display slot where you can also lace your working accessories like pens, notepads and sticky notes.

A heavy-duty steel frame model and simple to assemble, the Seville Classic comes pre-assembled, so you can have it up and running in next to no time.

Available in a selection of three colors to suit nearly all current desk types, this comes in walnut, white or black finishes.

Designed utilizing ergonomic concepts, this meets BIFMA standards and is considered to be a more comfortable but ultimately safer way of working. This means improved comfort for back pain sufferers, a more active and productive workstation, and an ability to burn a few more calories here – as opposed to when sitting!

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Seville Classics Standing Desk Converter find not only is it a fantastic model type but one which offers a better solution for those taller of users. Claiming to alleviate many back and neck problems, it’s also mentioned as a most sturdy of designs and the simplest to raise and lower every time.

2. Standing Desk, TaoTronics Stand Up Adjustable Desk

Our TaoTronics standing desk converter for tall people is one which claims to make the transition from sitting to standing one of the smoothest of processes possible! Best Standing Desk Converters for Tall People

Once again, featuring an excellent gas spring system, this concept of the converter design ensures sitting to standing in a matter of seconds and all at a height to adjust to your current needs.

Best of all regarding height here is this model’s ability to offer no less than 12 height levels as you move through switching positions! This gives you an outstanding elevation from 5.3 inches to a staggering 20.4 inches in total!

A most sturdy of design concepts, the TaoTronics desk converter is made up using high-density materials and therefore can sustain most dual monitor types up to 79 Ibs in total.

Providing users with a larger than standard working space area, this offers a keyboard tray fixed underneath to ensure your desk remains clutter-free and entirely accessible.

In addition to the natural access keyboard area, there’s a curved keyboard tier, which is brilliantly ergonomically designed, alongside an integrated pen holder to ensure your pens and other accessories  are always within reach.

Once you have your desired height set, you can then fit this desk converter to ensure the most comfortable of angles for your own posture.

Customer Feedback

Customers of the TaoTronics Standing Desk Convertor find this the most practical of solutions in every way from assembling it, setting it up and indeed when working at it. Many also claim that it has noticeably increased their productivity due to the increased comfort it encourages when working for more extended periods.

3. VIVO Black Height Adjustable 32 inch Standing Desk Converter

The VIVO Standing Desk Converter for tall people is claimed by its creators to be one of their best-selling ergonomic solutions and one that can work to your sit or stand demands in an instant!  VIVO Standing Desk Converter for tall people

Designed with an ability to offer a comfortable solution that is also affordable, this is claimed to transform your current work space by sitting perfectly on top of your existing desk.

With a quick transition process, the VIVO can take you from sitting to standing in a swift, easy moment. This means you can adjust it to anything from 10.5 inches to 19.7 inches maximum from the tabletop.

The lifting mechanism employed here ensures a straight-up no-nonsense elevation, made possible by the inclusion of a pneumatic spring lift function.

With minimal assembly required to get your converter up and running, this can be set up almost instantly out of the box. Simply place the model on your existing desk and immediately start organizing your workstation.

The most space-efficient of standing desk converters, this is claimed to offer an extended working surface area while comfortably accommodating dual monitors.

A lower desk attached to the converter also allows you to store both keyboard and mouse together, thus creating an overall more practical workstation as a result.  This tray desk type is also removable for added convenience.  You’ll also find an accessory slot on the main desk itself which can be employed as a notebook, smartphone, or writing utensil holder.

A most sturdy construction, there are anti-slip pads attached to ensure the riser won’t scratch the desk surface beneath it. The VIVO model also has a desktop weight capacity of 33 Ibs, while the tray itself can hold up to 4 Ibs in total.

Customer Feedback

Customers of the VIVIO Standing Desk Convertor find this an incredible transformation to current desk spaces and one that is thoroughly sturdy even at its highest position. Claimed to be the ideal solution for those with current limited space, it’s also highly rated as effective at eliminating ongoing pain experienced by that of being sat at a desk for too long.

4. EleTab Standing Desk Converter Sit Stand Desk Riser Stand up Desk

EleTab’s Standing Desk Converter for Tall People aims to transform your current work space while ensuring a healthier solution to both your workplace or your home.  Standing Desk Converter Sit Stand Desk Riser Stand up Desk Tabletop Workstation fits Dual Monitor

This is a spacious dual-layer work space which offers a most stable of transition processes alongside a sturdier structure.

Created with both comfort and reduced price in mind, the EleTab works on your current work space to provide a more unique space that allows you to sit or stand in an instant.

With just one simple and smooth transition, you can activate the simple touch height locking mechanism, which is an innovative creation that encourages a straight-up elevation process. This allows you to rest your working point at 4.2 inches, taking it to a maximum of 19.7 inches at any other time!

Further still, work space is maximized here using a large 31.5” x 15.7 top surface, but at the same time, it still allows dual monitor room and more.

Beneath the large working surface is an additional removable lower deck which is designed for your keyboard and mouse and serves to increase workflow space.

A lightweight but thoroughly durable steel frame, this model can be simply taken out of the box and assembled on your current desk, allowing for instant increased work space in minutes.

Claiming to be one of the better ways to work, the company really do believe this model recreates a more ergonomic work environment – and one that really does make a massive difference to your productivity levels.

Customer Feedback

Customers of the EleTab Standing Desk Converter love the fantastic low price of this model but more so its ability to effectively raise this desk converter to a higher than average level – while ensuring it remains stable and sturdy throughout use at such increased heights. The ability to press the handle with ease to activate it also gets a high rating.

5. Stand Steady Flexpro Hero Dual Level Standing Desk

Stand Steady sell a Flexpro Standing Desk Converter for tall people which they claim is not only super easy to lift, but also offers fantastic alleviation for most people experiencing back pain. Best Standing Desk Converters for Tall People

Considered one of the taller desk converters in the market, this model can offer up to 20.5 inches in total when elevated. Therefore, those around the 6 foot 3 inches mark are adequately catered for here!

Providing sheer practical design elements, and those that are ergonomically better throughout, the Stand Steady boasts a dual-tier large surface area. So, with two levels included, you can ensure thorough organization throughout with enough space for all of your gadgets in the meantime.

In addition to extended work surface space, if you do not want to access the lower level intended for the keyboard – you can simply remove the tray and carry on working.

Created as a sleeker of designs but also one that is sturdy enough to cope with everyday working demands, the top shelf measures 37.5 inches x 16 inches and can hold up to 35 Ibs in total! This means two monitors, or an iMac, as well as many of your favorite accessories.

Featuring non-skid feet, this ensures the station remains stable and does not leave any marks on your desk. There’s also a backstop on the lower tray alongside a media holder on the top desk area.

The more unobtrusive of standing desk converters, the Stand Steady claims to end any neck and back pain, improve your overall mood and increase those productivity levels.

With an awesomely assembly time of just five minutes stated, this can be set up and used in no time at all.

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Stand Steady Standing Desk Convertor find that this model offers everything they need from such a model while also being the wider of designs. Best of all, those taller or users find it the most comfortable solution claiming its ability to cater to taller people is one of its most significant advantages.

6. TechOrbits Standing Desk Converter – 37″ Stand Up Desk Riser

The TechOrbits Standing Desk Converter for Tall People is a two-tiered workstation which its makers claim to offer faster installation and an ability to take you from sitting to standing in the quickest of times. Standing Desk Converter - 37" Stand Up Desk Riser - Tabletop Sit Stand Desk Fits Dual Monitors

A visually sleek-looking model, the concept of this product is to improve overall posture and therefore increase your comfort as you work.

With the easiest of adjustments, you simply stand this on your current desk space and move back to watch as the gas springs kick in to enhance your desk platform.

This model offers to raise your platform to give an extended work space of up to 20 inches. Therefore, it’s claimed by TechOrbits to be the more suitable for those up to 6 feet 4 inches in height.

With an ability to sit in place on any flat tabletop type, this model has a fantastic cord organization system. It also features a second level tray which is ideally removable for further increased work space.

Aimed at those home offices or indeed work space areas in bigger companies, this model’s top shelf surface area of 37.4″ W x 15.7″ D has room for two monitors or a laptop with a separate keyboard level for easier access.

Making use of the converter, the TechOrbits model can accommodate up to 35 Ibs. It also boasts the inclusion of non-slip pads made from silicone to ensure your desk is protected at all times.

Robust, sturdy and spacious, the makers believe this standing desk converter allows you to select the best customized of experiences, and an increased action as you choose to move between sitting and standing at your own preference.

Customer Feedback

Customers of the TechOrbits Steady Standing Desk Converter find this fantastic, especially for use in a home whereby space is significantly reduced. Easy to set up and begin using, it’s considered a study model which is simple to adjust but one which ultimately caters to increased heights to ensure maximum comfort every time it’s raised.

7. Height Adjustable Conquer Standing Desk Monitor Riser

With a design concept that is said to offer the most spacious and most accessible of dual monitor setups, Conquer Standing Desk Monitor Riser is a 31.5 inch larger work area solution which is fantastically low priced. Height Adjustable Standing Desk Monitor Riser Gas Spring Tabletop Sit to Stand Workstation

Alongside being the more affordable of standing desk converters for taller people, this is also the work smarter of models. With its larger surface area comes a balance through the attached keyboard tray. This can take the keyboard and mouse from the main upper desk area, therefore, balancing out the room around you.

Rising with ease, the Conquer desk is said to reach heights of 19.5 inches and all in a matter of seconds. This is because it utilizes the attached springs which are worked by just one simple lever.

A flush design when in place, the Conquer has a slot that allows you to place tablets or smartphones on with the upper desk allowing 33 Ibs and the lower one 4.4 Ibs in total weight.

With the simplest of assembly, this actually ships assembled. So, when you open your purchase, you simply take it out, attach the keyboard tray, and you’re ready to get to work!

Aiming to offer the most ergonomic of solutions to those working in the home and workplace, this is claimed to drastically reduce those negative health issues that are linked to sitting down too much over the working day.

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Conquer Standing Desk Converter love being able to purchase a solution to ease the pain of uncomfortable and inadequate desk heights and all at a low price. Claimed to do precisely what it says it does; this gains some wonderful five-star reviews and is considered the most effective of standing desk converters for those that can’t get on with the standard heights offered by other model types.

8. Eureka Ergonomic V1 Sit to Stand Deskcombatin Converter

Our final standing desk converter on this list for review has the highest elevation height here and it’s from the makers at Eureka ErgonomicBest Standing Desk Converters for Tall People

This is claimed to offer the most infinite of height positions from the concept of its unique design! Therefore, the patented gas struts included here ensure a most smooth and indeed silent operation each time you change the desk positioning.

With no need for mounting, this is a sturdy model which will resist any form of wobbling, tipping, and shaking.

Holding up to 35 Ibs in total, it offers a staggering 30 inches of increased height overall! Therefore, it’s ideal for tall people and serves a maximum comfortable height of around 6 feet 5 inches.

With some of the most mechanically-minded engineers behind the design and construction of this model, the Eureka believes this has solved those everyday problems experienced by many people who work sitting at a desk.

Thus, this model aims to move you effortlessly from sitting to standing while accommodating increased movement, enhancing your overall focus and attention and ultimately boosting your metabolism.

Needing little effort to use, this is also the quickest and easiest to assemble, with the desktop itself simply being taken out of the box and ready to go!

A U-shape design enables ease of access to the workspace while the plastic slots support any additional accessories such as phones or tablets.

One of the more stable of designs, this also looks fantastic visually, therefore, making it an ideal choice for both homes, and indeed into the broader work environment.

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Eureka Standing Desk Converter mention this to be a most stable of designs and one which can fit its height to your own preference and not the other way around. In addition to its relative comfort and ease of use no matter the height, many also mention they have more motivation in both productivity levels and energy levels – finding they move about more when this desk is in place!

Final Thoughts on Best Standing Desk Converters for Tall People

Now that you’ve had the chance to read through some of the reviews on these fantastic models, you may be wondering about purchasing the best standing desk converter for your needs.

When looking at these models, if you or the person looking to use these units is of a taller build than average, you will need to make sure that the maximum these models extends to is comfortable enough to accommodate such a height.

This is because the whole concept of a standing desk converter is to improve your natural posture and encourage you to develop a better spinal alignment – thus eliminating any problematic issues regularly associated with sitting at a desk.

So, if you can get this element right, you’ll find accessing this most recent of innovations is perhaps the best solution to combat a more sedentary desk environment.

Ultimately, that perfect standing desk converter purchase will work to increase your productivity levels, while assisting a healthier lifestyle in the process!

Rest assured the above models are not only some of the best rated, but they are also some of the Best Standing Desk Converters for Tall People in the market due to their higher maximum elevation heights.

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