9 Best Standing Armoire Jewelry Chests of 2021 You’ll Love

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Table of Contents

For some women jewelry is like an extension of themselves. It is not any wonder that some women own so many jewelry pieces especially if you go through their jewelry chest or special stack stashed in a drawer somewhere.

Often, a woman will not wear the same pieces of jewelry all the time because each piece or set goes with her mood or the occasion. It’s a pity though to amass an enviable collection of jewelry only to have trouble finding them when in need of them (or to keep them hidden). It’s not fun when one knows they have an occasion for the evening and have bought the perfect outfit. But when it’s time to get ready, that set of gorgeous earrings, bangles, necklace and brooch that would match the dress perfectly seems to have vanished into thin air. How frustrating!

The solution?

A standalone or standing armoire chest is one great option that could serve as a perfect organizer and safe keeper of jewelry. Every jewelry enthusiast should have some sought of way to neatly organize and store their most precious of jewelry and jewelry armoires in the form of cabinets and chests enable you to do just that.

Below we have lined up some amazing standing armoire chests with varied storage configurations that women will love. Whether buying one for yourself or as a gift for a spouse, daughter, or just someone close to you with a substantial collection of jewelry, a standing armoire is a practical and beautiful piece of furniture that you can be sure they’ll love.

Review of Best Standing Armoire Jewelry Chests

1. Hives and Honey Robyn Standing Jewelry Armoire Chest

A popular choice, the classic design of this armoire chest from the makers at Hives and Honey has been endowed with is befitting for any bedroom. The glistening anti-scratch walnut finish and round edges as well as lovely classy handles give the armoire a majestic look. The clean look and towering height is sure to add sophisticated aesthetics to even the drabbest bedroom space.

The storage capacity as well as the configuration of jewelry storage slots allows an individual plenty of room to work with. More importantly, it provides the freedom to develop a customize storage system that fits your individual style.


  • Dimensions of 41″H x 17.25″W x 12.5″D
  • Walnut color (but also available n Cherry)
  • 8 drawers
  • Locking lid
  • 16 necklace hooks
  • Side and drawer compartments
  • Opening top that reveals a vanity mirror

No matter how extensive a lady’s jewelry collection might be, 8 drawers does provide ample storage that covers all jewel categories that one can think of. That includes, rings, bangles, earrings, necklaces and pretty much anything else you may want to keep safe. It is worth noting that three drawers are compartmentalized for more organized storage while five have open storage allowing an individual space and freedom to customize their jewelry storage.

Customer feedback

Aside from the ample storage space and thoughtful dividers and to the antiquity look, customers love the fine touches such as felt lined drawers that help protect and keep jewelry safe. Many were also took nicely to the two ropes that keep the necklaces from swinging when one opens the doors with most thinking it was a thoughtful touch.

2. Gwendolyn Jewelry Armoire Chest

A jewelry armoire that is majestic and exciting without being too flashy? The Gwendolyn armoire brings a touch of class and antiquity through a combination of several woods in its exterior.

Mahogany brings out that rich aged look while the MDF and birch veneer perfectly complements the antique theme by infusing a touch of contemporary. The handles are practical with a dark hue that gives good contrast to the mahogany. In short the finish that features a beautiful carved edge makes this jewelry stand alone armoire a magnificent timeless piece.


  • Dimensions of 15.75 inches wide x 10.5 inches deep x 40 inches high
  • Made of mahogany, MDF and Birch veneer
  • Single lift top storage that comprises of accessory storage and vanity mirror
  • Total of 6 felt line drawers
  • Comes with four double hooks for hanging necklaces

Ladies can be sure that even their most prized and delicate jewelry is protected by felt line drawers. The double hooks provide ample space for hanging necklaces and bangles. All those rings that you could not find when you needed them before, can now be neatly organized on a felt lined top compartment along with other jewelry for easy retrieval when the occasion call for it.

Customer feedback

The antique theme is quite strong in the design of this standing armoire but customers love the look and feel of the wood and the imposing figure that the design brings to a space. The design does depart too much from the norm as the armoire stands on a rubber wood base that is elevated. Customers also like the idea of two bottom drawers being bulkier providing plenty of storage space as well as freedom to customize storage space. If one is fond of preserving their jewelry boxes, then these bulk drawers are just perfect. The rest of the four drawers are compartmentalized and lined with felt for awesome organization.

3. Hives & Honey Daphne Oval Glass Turquoise Jewelry Chest

Looking to make a statement? One way to do so is with the outstanding Daphe turquoise jewelry armoire from Hives and Honey to showcase and organize your statement jewelry pieces. The design is smart and immaculate with a smooth and curvy look. That coupled with the color and beautiful handles will tend to attract attention to the armoire.


  • Dimensions of 12. 25″W x 7″d x 16. 50″H
  • Made from engineered wood with a turquoise finish
  • The hinged top opens up to reveal neat ring rolls, and four compartments for more storage and easily accessible mirror
  • The sides are comprises of etched mirrors which open to reveal necklace hooks
  • Five front facing drawers with floral etches as well as brass drawer pulls add to the antiquity look.
  • All the drawers are felt lined for jewel protection

Engineered wood is pretty strong and allows neat etching of floral patterns that add to the aesthetics of this armoire. But, the armoire is not just a pretty face, the design is very functional and its storage configuration makes organization of jewelry items quite easy because it is full of features.

Customer feedback

This piece brings a very attention grabbing dynamic to a room. It is quite a hit with customers who like luxury and fine furniture. Customers looking to make a statement or brighten a room with a standing jewel armoire found the design and turquoise color of this product got the job done. They also love the fact that the storage configuration makes organizing so much easier.

4. Coaster Home Furnishings Standing Jewelry Armoire

For those ladies looking for a medium storage standing jewelry armoire that is demure without compromising on style and romantic charm, it is hard to go wrong with this option from coaster Home furnishings. This 4 drawer armoire comes in black and silver handles bringing a bold contrast to the construction and a little flair to the room.


  • Four drawers felt line drawers
  • The flip top is also feltlined and comprises of ring rolls as well an easily accessible fliptop mirror
  • Two side doors with six dual hooks for necklaces and bangles
  • Silver or crystal handles
  • Four legged base
  • Made MDF, particle board and wooden finish

If one’s preference is an unimposing space efficient armoire this medium sized option with the base off the floor is great for their space. The dimensions are perfect for a small space like a teenage girl’s bedroom and the design doesn’t feature a rollercoaster of component.

Customer feedback

Going small does not mean that style has to diminish. Customers with a sizeable collection of jewelry love the fact that this unit is smaller but it still affords the user plenty of space and features to work with. These features include felt lined drawers, side doors, a top lift as well as a mirror. The storage section makes organizing rings, necklaces, bangles and any other pieces of jewelry so much easier.

Customers also like the color which is striking and a great option that blends in with a broad range of color schemes. For customers that have a cramped living space, this item comes in handy as the dimensions are petite.

5. Best Choice Products Jewelry Box Storage Chest

The agonizing task of trying to keep jewelry in some semblance of order can be a thing of the past with a Best Choice box storage chest. With plenty of drawers providing loads of space, this is an entirely practical model that makes retrieving and storing jewelry effortlessly in an organized fashion.


  • Dimensions of 11”(L) x 7”(W) x 14.75”(H)
  • There is plenty of storage space 5 drawer
  • 2 side drawer equipped with hooks ideal for storing necklaces
  • All 6 Drawers are lined with velvet for protection of jewelry
  • The top compartment provides yet another storage space ideal for rings as well as other jewelry of choice. The top lift also comes fitted with a mirror

The dark brown color in conjunction with curved edges gives this standing armoire an elegant aesthetic. Two side drawers are plenty to offer organization as you grow your collection of jewelry. The dimensions are manageable so that the armoire doesn’t overtake the space.

Customer feedback

Although this standing armoire can be placed on the floor, it is also small enough be conveniently placed on top of a dressing table. Customers love this versatility and convenience when it comes to handling this armoire. Also keeping it off the floor can be a safer option for many customers with little children around. Majority found this an excellent option in a bedroom with limited space.

6. Hives and Honey Landry Smoke Grey Jewelry Armoire

Hive and Honey armoires are crafted with an artistic craftsmanship that is quite distinct to the brand. The landry smoke grey jewelry armoire is no exception.

Drawers have dividers and are lined with felt for better protection of sensitive jewelry and they offer simple yet effective organization. With this armoire one can kiss cluttered jewelry goodbye. The smoke grey exterior is artsy with subtle class.

What’s more, this particular model comes with a discreet tech port, a convenient place you can use to charge your phone.


  • Product dimensions are 13 x 17.8 x 40 inches
  • Crafted wood with feathered grey finish
  • Six pull out drawers
  • Anti turnish felt lines the drawers
  • 12 double tired hook on the side doors
  • Technology port charging electronics

Women with a lot of jewelry will appreciate the ample space that six drawers provide. Three of the drawers have compartments while the other three can serve for bulk storage. The 12 double tied hooks are multipurpose so they can be used to keep necklaces from getting tangled and they can serve as storage for bangles and bigger earrings.

Customer feedback

Customers with lots of jewelry love the storage configuration that allows for ample space. The reviews on the color and design show that customers who want something different from the norm appreciate smoky grey color and the English inspired antique model. Customers also love the sturdy construction of this armoire.

7. Rowling Large Wooden Standing Jewelry Box

This Rowling standing armoire is a smaller design resembling a low lying chest of drawers. The design has a sense of both simplicity and sophistication. The glistening walnut finish is versatile enough to compliment any decor in a room and with 6 drawers, there is plenty of storage for all of your prized gems.


  • Dimensions of 11″L x 6.75″W x 14.5″H
  • 6 pull away drawers lined with anti tarnish velvet
  • Each drawer has compartment of different lay outs
  • 2 swing doors on the side equipped with a total of 8 hooks in addition to a swing ledge
  • Top lift comprises of a mirror as well as ring rolls and compartment for other items such a phone, sunglasses etc

Different lay outs of compartments in six drawers lined with felt means that one can customize how they would like to store their jewelry. The dimensions are not too big but not too small either. It is a great option for someone with a moderate collection of jewelry.

Customers feedback

Having a lockable section is a great feature as it allows one the comfort of knowing that their precious items can be locked away safely. This is an aspect that customers love because they feel their jewelry is secure at all times. Customers also love the low lying design and smooth glistening finish that blends with their room’s decors.

8. Songmics Large Jewelry Standing Storage Chest

Most people who love dressing up and accessorizing their outfits with jewelry in one place will love this Songmics standing armoire. It is slightly taller than usual with a storage configuration that maximizes space to store plenty of jewelry in an organized fashion.

The top lid opens and provides the user with a mirror. This top compartment is also versatile with compartmentalized inter layers that can be lifted to access more deeper compartments which can be used to store other bigger jewels that don’t need to be accessed frequently.


  • Product dimensions 42″H x 18.6″L x 12″W
  • Double layered top
  • Interior face mirror
  • Classic walnut finish and wood texture and beveled edge
  • Three shallow drawers and four deep drawers with diverse layouts fit all types of jewelry
  • 2 swinging doors feature 24 hooks for necklaces and four shelves for extra storage
  • Materials used are MDF with wood veneer surface and exquisite workmanship

If most of the chest armoires that one has tried have proven too small for one’s needs, this option may be the most accommodating yet. With deeper layers, there is even better security for the crown jewels in the inner recesses of the armoire.

Customer feedback

The size and storage configuration of this armoire make it a popular option for customers who have a lot of accessories such as watches, sunglasses, cosmetics, hair bands, as well as all manner of jewelry. Customers absolutely find this to be thoroughly functional,  with several of them appreciating the complex storage configuration that hides jewels and declutters a space efficiently.

9. Powell Masterpiece Handpainted Jewelry Armoire Chest

The Powell masterpiece armoire is perhaps the most unique piece in this list yet. It is hand crafted using actual wood on the top and the base with floral patterns on the front that are hand painted as well. This option offers a handy storage for all types of jewelry. Placing it next to a dresser makes finding any jewelry that one needs very easy when dressing up and when closed it is a piece of art that adds aesthetic value to a space.


  • Product dimension 19″ W x 40″H x 13.5″ D
  • Hand-painted and hand-carved.
  • 7 drawers and 2 side pocket doors lines with 100% rayon lining
  • Hinged top opens for mirror and roomy storage with ring rolls as well as other compartments

The seven drawers have different layout configurations making it possible for one to customize how best to utilize the space. Providing seven drawers shows that the manufacturer intended for the armoire to be super practical by offering tones of space.

Customers feedback

Some customers mentioned that they could only fill three drawers are best which is testament to the fact that although this armoire may not look huge, it has plenty of space and can therefore take in plenty of jewelry. The customers also love the thoughtfulness that went into the overall design so it looks discrete, like a piece of art furniture, and not like a conventional jewelry armoire.

What to Consider When Looking for a Jewelry Armoire

Jewelry armoires have become very popular in recent years as more women discover that they can have a stylish storage chest of drawers that helps them better organize their jewelry while adding to the decor of their bedroom.

Since there are so many options out there, getting the right one can turn out to be a daunting task as there is so many varieties to choose from. So here are some vital things to consider to help in the choosing the most suitable armoire for your needs.

  1. Design

Jewelry armoires are built to look pretty while serving the practical purpose of organizing accessories. So while one should choose a practical option that suits their needs, they should also see to it that the design will enhance and compliment the decor in an existing room. One should also consider whether they have enough space for a standalone armoire or whether they may need an option that can be attached to the wall or behind a door.

Some standing armoires have a flat base that allows them to sit on a floor or be placed on top of a dresser. Other designs have four legs and are raised from the floor. These are some of the design aspects that one needs to bear in mind in respect to their own sense of style as well as the amount of space they have in a given room.

  1. Capacity

When choosing an armoire, an important point of consideration is how much jewelry does one have or intend on having. That will inform how big or small the armoire should be. Standing armoires come in different sizes and storage configurations. Some will have multiple drawers with compartments as well as side doors with hooks. Top flip compartments are also a common feature in most stand alone armoires. Be sure to inspect and choose the right size and storage layout that will accommodate the jewelry one has. Some storage lay outs may include all drawers with dividers or only several drawers with dividers.

  1. Felt lined interior

Whether a necklace, earing, rings, watches or bangles, most jewelry is fairly delicate and prone to scratches, scuffing and even breakages. For that reason the interior lining of an armoire should be covered with quality felt lining. This can be velvet, leather or soft quality fabric. Soft interior lining in an armoire ensures that jewelry and any other expensive items remains in prime condition.

  1. Configuration

Varied  layouts in an armoire will work by providing variety in storage. Some people may prefer more hooks for hanging necklaces. Or prefer double tiered hooks as opposed to single hooks. Others may prefer to have at least one lockable compartment. A combination of drawers that have divides while others stay loose have may also be a preference for some. Inspecting to see if the storage lay out is suitable to one’s need is crucial.

  1. Construction material

Any piece of furniture worth hard earned money needs to be aesthetically pleasing, well constructed and durable. Aesthetics and durability have a lot to do with craftsmanship as well as the material used. The options we have reviewed in this post are made from some of the best hardy material such as:

  • Wood
  • Medium Density Fiber (MDF) boards
  • Particle board
  • Veneer
  • Engineered wood
  • Brass, silver or crystal handles
  • Quality felt lining

A well constructed armoire from such material is likely to last and serve the user for a long time to come. In fact, it is not surprising to see a standing armoire that has been passed on to generations.

Conclusion on Standing Armoire Jewelry Chests

Having plenty of delectable jewelry and unable to find a piece of jewelry when one needs it when dressing up beats the purpose of owning the jewelry in the first place. The best types of standing jewelry armoire chests ensure that ladies who love dressing up stay neat and organized by providing the convenience of easily retrieving jewelry that one need with ease.

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