10 Top Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Cans 2020

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Table of Contents

One of the most essential items, kitchen trash cans are a welcome addition to many a kitchen environment. Though a slightly more expensive item than their plastic counterparts, the best types of stainless steel trash cans are much sturdier in design.

However, one of their most significant benefits for many is their durable construction.

These are the trash can types that will go the distance, much longer than those plastic models can. As well as this increased sustainability, these are the trash cans that will not absorb and allow for lingering of odors like those of plastic trash cans.

Therefore, a stainless-steel kitchen trash can offers many advantages over other types here.

In addition to such practical features, though, with many offering automatic touch-free access and higher capacities, stainless steel models are also better looking visually!

With many of us taking pride in the design, layout, and of course, the appearance of our kitchens these days, stainless steel kitchen bins are modeled to fit with many a kitchen décor. This is in high contrast to those unsightly plastic bins that many homeowners like to confine to the cupboard or another room entirely!

Here we review no less than ten incredible stainless-steel kitchen trash cans. All available to purchase directly from Amazon, these are the models that attract some of the best-verified customer reviews. This is in both performance and appearance for one of the busiest of rooms in the home.

With a vast selection of colors, sizes, and indeed, the choice of features, we offer a good range of different model types to suit every home and indeed every budget.

Review of the Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Cans

1. Simplehuman Rectangular Dual Compartment Step Garbage Can 

Simplehuman presents its dual compartment recycler model, which they believe utilizes the most innovative technology and design to increase efficiency within the home environment.Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Cans

This is their biggest model at a larger 58-liter capacity. However, the company also sells a 30 liter and 45-liter model.

Available in a selection of fantastic colors here, you can choose to complement your kitchen decor with rose gold, black, dark bronze, or white and brushed stainless steel.

Complete with a ten-year warranty as standard, the Simplehuman model utilizes only the best materials alongside the most solid of engineering. This ensures it will remain durable throughout many years of use.

This is a beautiful eco-friendly model as it offers a dual compartment. This means recycling is made all the easier. One side is for trash, while the other allows easy disposal of recyclables.

The clear coating on the Simplehuman model ensures that this trash can protects against unsightly fingerprints – but most importantly, that of germs.

With a lid that is slow and silent in action, a patented lid Shox technology is employed to eliminate continual banging of loud noises when in use.

Featuring a wide steel pedal that is incredibly strong, this is the model that also ensures your trash bag does not slip at any time.

It does this using a liner rim, which flips instantly for a quicker and easier trash bag change. When the process is complete, it closes over the bag firmly to ensure it is not only kept in place correctly but also out of sight.


  • Up to 58 liters capacity
  • Available in 6 color choices
  • Dual compartment
  • Encourages a simple recycling process
  • 10-year warranty
  • Clear coating protection
  • Soft and silent close lid action

 Customer Feedback

Customers of the Simplehuman stainless steel kitchen trash can provide some fantastic five-star reviews on this model. Most customers rave about the separate compartment for recycling, claiming it has reduced unsightly recyclable items left out on the countertops in the kitchen as a result! Though, most admit they were apprehensive about spending out on such an item, to begin with. Yet, the results have certainly more than made up for the extra cost, with all claiming the durability of this trash can is second to none.

2. Songmics Stainless Steel Step Trash Can

Songmics stainless steel kitchen trash can comes in the form of their 16-gallon dual rubbish model. This is the product that the makers claim gives you an easy life!

Mentioned as the smartest of refuse solutions, this offers two separate compartments. This means that you can neatly and correctly sort your trash and recyclables out, placing them into one convenient but space-efficient solution.

What is even better about this model is that you can put your recycling in it without having to open the trash can up as you do so. This also works the other way around. This is due to the two-foot pedals and two separate lid construction.

The most user friendly of designs, this is a heavy-duty stainless steel product which is coated in a matte finish. This makes it fingerprint proof. Also, there are side handles to increase the ease of mobility. Finally, the plastic inner buckets allow for easy removal. These encourage swifter disposal of waste.

Though the Songmics only comes in one silver color and one size of 60 liters, it still offers a soft closure and hands-free opening. This further increases the airtight structure while working harder to keep germs at bay.


  • 60 liters capacity
  • Silver stainless steel color
  • Dual recycle model
  • Plastic inner buckets
  • Carry handles
  • Two separate foot pedals and lids
  • Hands-free opening and a soft closure lid

 Customer Feedback

Customers of the Songmics stainless steel kitchen trash can find this a fantastic visual looking solution to the kitchen and one that offers an incredible fit. For many, the construction and design features are spot on. Still, the most significant benefit seems to come from the sheer practicality of that dual compartment. This use of separate plastic bins inside each compartment is also highly appreciated by many.

3. Kohler K-20940-BST 13-Gallon Step Trash Can

Kohler’s stainless-steel kitchen trash can is their functional rectangular trash can.

This specific model here is the 13-gallon size one. However, the company also offers this product in an 8 gallon and 2.5-gallon choice.

Available in a good selection of three colors, here you can choose from black stainless steel, a stainless steel color on its own, or white with stainless steel.

The 13-gallon model is designed accordingly to perfectly fit brands of 13-gallon trash bags. This makes it the most cost-effective choice.

With a finishing that is fingerprint-proof, the Kohler works to stay cleaner for longer as a result.

Offering a hands-free operation, there is a durable metal foot pedal included here for sheer convenience.

The lid of this trash can closes both gently and indeed silently, while the raised liner plus locking rim allows for the easiest of change in bags.

Best of all, this is the trash can that provides a space-saving profile. This is because it can fit snuggly fit against most walls and cabinets. Better still, the accompanying hinge design thoroughly protects those walls and cabinets from any scuff marks.


  • 5, 8- and 13-gallon capacity available
  • Three color choices
  • Hands-free operation
  • Quiet lid closure
  • Space-saving design
  • Locking rim
  • Raised liner

 Customer Feedback

Customers of the Kohler stainless steel kitchen trash can love the modern design of this model, with many customers choosing to buy two to use as trash and recycling! Most comment on how functional but straightforward this trash can is, with the construction noted as extraordinarily sturdy and the design the sleekest and most practical all-round.

4. Dkeli Kitchen Automatic Touch Free High-Capacity Garbage Can

Dkeli presents its stainless steel kitchen trash can by way of a most powerful intelligent system product. The result is one that utilizes the most advanced infrared motion sensor technology throughout!

This is a 50-liter capacity model that remains 100% touchless. This means that it offers the most convenient choice for all members of the household.

Here, all you need do to activate the bin is simply place your hands over it – as the motion of your hands ensures the lid opens automatically! This makes it the most convenient choice, but ultimately, the more hygienic of trash cans.

Constructed using high-quality stainless steel, this is the most sturdy and durable of models. With a 13-gallon ultra-large capacity meeting the needs of all your daily use, the Dkeli remains water repellent and rust-resistant.

Simple to clean, any potential odors are eradicated here by a high-quality sealing of the lid.

All that is needed for this trash can are standard kitchen bags. These can be placed inside the plastic ring to ensure they remain tucked away securely and do not hang over the edge of the bin.


  • 50-liter capacity
  • Stainless steel color
  • 100% Touchless, sensor technology,
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Waterproof and rust-resistant
  • Longer usage time
  • Anti-skid bottom

 Customer Feedback

Customers of the Dkeli stainless steel kitchen trash can find this an ideal purchase and one that can be placed in many a room in the home, as well as the kitchen. With most reviews centered around the practicality of the technology used throughout this model, the Dkeli seems to rate highly for functionality and sheer convenience with many satisfied customers.

5. iTouchless Step Trash Can with Odor Filter & Removable Inner Bucket

The iTouchless stainless steel kitchen trash can is the most premium choice of a model that relies on some of the most advanced technology in its design. Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Cans

This is sold as a 13.2-gallon product, which is a staggering 50-liter garbage can capacity. However, the company also sells several other sizes and, indeed, color choices to suit.

With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, iTouchless have created a product that is built to meet with modern-day standards and indeed requirements. This means you only need to apply a gentle amount of pressure on the large steel pedal to use it.

Furthermore, with a SoftStep function on the lid, not only will it shut quickly, but it will also remain sealed shut to block out any trash odors.

Offering a beautiful finishing, the coating of this model uses a fingerprint-proof, smudge resistant stainless steel. This makes it look tidier all-round while ensuring it remains easy to clean each time.

Some additional premium features as standard here include a lid-stay open mode, a tuck and hold bag retention, and a removable inner bucket.

What’s more, this trash can allows for standard 13-gallon tall bags, making it cheaper and straightforward to use over time.


  • Size available up to 60-liter capacity
  • Selection of modern color choices
  • Gentle and silent lid action
  • Odor control system
  • Durable
  • Smudge resistant
  • Fits many standard kitchen trash bags

 Customer Feedback

Customers of the iTouchless stainless steel kitchen trash can provide some amazing verified reviews on this model, with the word superior mentioned several times! With so many loving the sheer basic level functions of this trash can, any additional and increased premium benefits are merely an added bonus when buying this model.

6. SensorCan Sensor Trash Can with Wheels and AbsorbX Odor Control System

From the makers at SensorCan comes their stainless steel oval shape trash can complete with wheels!

This is the kitchen trash can that is completely mobile with its four removable wheels. With a locking feature also, these wheels allow you to move the trash can to wherever you need it the most.

A 100% touchless model, all you need do is wave your hands over the top of the SensorCan, and it will instantly lift the lid automatically. This makes it a more convenient but most hygienic of choices.

Best of all, this product boasts it can stop all those problematic trash odors. It does this via a natural carbon odor filter, which it claims absorbs and neutralizes trash odors. This ensures your bin is kept fresh, as too is your wider living environment, as a result.

A modern design, this offers a fingerprint-proof surface, making it the easier of products to clean.

Available in just the one color and with a couple of smaller sizes to choose from, here you can fit those standard 13-gallon kitchen trash bags with ease.

There is also a choice of power here, with either four batteries or an optional AC adapter if prefer.


  • 13 Gallon model (with smaller types available)
  • One stainless steel color
  • 4 Removable wheels
  • 100% Touchless
  • 2 Power options
  • Absorbs and neutralizes trash odors
  • Extra-long battery life

 Customer Feedback

Customers of the SensorCan stainless steel kitchen trash can give some great reviews for this model. With many preferring the convenience and cost-effective factor of the two power options, the battery saving power element of this model is said to be one of the best ever. Many customers report that the sensor element of this model is exceptionally useful. And, it is the ability to move this high spec trash can to anywhere you need it in the kitchen, which seals the deal for many!

7. Simplehuman Butterfly Step Stainless Steel Trash Can

Our second Simplehuman model is one that utilizes that most wonderful of butterfly designs in its lid.

This is the company’s 45-liter stainless steel kitchen trash can and comes in a modern, sleek black color.

Best of all, Simplehuman once again offers a fantastic ten-year warranty to all customers purchasing their model.

Designed with the idea of enhancing your trash experience, this is an extra-strong model and one that is thoroughly durable in its construction.

This trash can will accommodate code K custom fit liners.

The use of a butterfly lid is an innovative split door feature that allows for maximum clearance under those lower of countertops. This is because this design ensures the doors open from the center.

With a robust and full steel pedal at its base, there is also an internal hinge here. This allows you to place the trash can up against a wall of your choice, without scratching it each time the lid opens.

The lid style is not just a stay-open type but also a most silent one in action.


  • 45-liter capacity
  • Black stainless steel color
  • Innovative butterfly lid
  • Strong, wide steel pedal
  • Stay open lid
  • Silent lid action
  • Internal hinge

 Customer Feedback

Customers of the Simplehuman stainless steel butterfly trash can prefer this for its ability to instantly fit under those lower than average countertop spaces with ease. The use of the butterfly lid is gratefully received by all who are looking for a modern but most functional of trash cans. With lots of customers happily confirming that their pets cannot access this bin, those with smaller kitchen spaces thoroughly love the sleeker design aspect here.

8. iTouchless Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter

Once again, the makers at iTouchless have got our attention with yet another brilliant stainless steel kitchen trash can.

This is the company’s 13-gallon stainless steel model and one that comes in a sharp modern and sleek stainless steel finishing.

Best of all, this automatic model offers users a more pleasant all-round trash experience. It does this via an odor-absorbing built-in filter.

This means it will absorb and then neutralize any lingering odors present, ensuring a cleaner and fresher smelling home in the process.

This model works with two power options. You can either use batteries or an optional AC adapter here. For the battery usage, it claims to offer increased battery life than average.

A germ-resistant model this is fingerprint-proof and easier to clean. Adding to such benefits, it will also fit into those tighter spaces and, indeed, corners by means of its efficient rectangular shape.

Boasting a functional capacity, the iTouchless here does not require the use of an inner bucket. But it does utilize a retainer ring to ensure bags used are safe, secure and easy to remove without visibly showing outside of the bin.


  • 13-gallon capacity
  • Modern stainless steel coloring
  • Great odor controller
  • 2 powering options
  • Extra-long battery life
  • Manual open/close buttons
  • Non-skid base

 Customer Feedback

Customers of the iTouchless 13-gallon stainless steel kitchen trash can love the many features this space-saving design presents. Many customers have chosen to buy two of these products to accommodate trash in one and recycling in the other. For this reason, it is claimed to be the most effective of models. With many mentioning their surprise at being able to fit a great deal of trash into this size of trash can, it is also deemed a most durable of products purchased.

9. hOmeLabs Automatic Stainless Steel Garbage Can for Kitchen

Our final model reviewed here on the list comes from the wonderful makers at hOmelabs. This is their premium automatic trash can and one that utilizes a butterfly style of lid.

The unique use of such a lid allows for a greater clearance under those lower of countertops. As well as this factor, this lid also boasts a 90-degree swiveling sensor ball. This means it can be adjusted to suit a top or indeed side activation – based on your personal preference. But, you can simply use the manual Open and Close buttons if you prefer!

This is a hygienic product as it allows for hands-free use by employing infrared technology. The trash can automatically opens whenever it detects motion within six inches.

Built to withstand continual use and provide an easier to clean surface, there is a smart bag retainer ring insider. This allows you to place and remove the bags swiftly and without any spillage while ensuring it remains hidden at all times.

Best of all, this is the model that allows for multiple power options. Thus, the options here include batteries and an AC adapter to operate.

A slim and most stylish of designs, the hOmeLabs trash can accommodates 13 gallons of garbage. It is also available in the one modern stainless steel color.


  • 13-gallon capacity
  • One stainless steel color choice
  • Unique butterfly lid design
  • Hands-free motion sensor
  • Multiple power options
  • Quick bag replacement
  • Power saving feature

 Customer Feedback

Customers of the hOmelabs stainless steel kitchen trash can claim this model holds its own with many similar but higher-priced and higher-spec models on the current market. With several claiming it offers an almost perfect operation each time, this is mentioned as a fabulous convenient hands-free trash can. The inclusion of a butterfly lid in its design is also a most appreciated factor.

10. Simplehuman Semi-Round Kitchen Step Trash Can

Simplehuman offer yet again another kitchen trash can solution – this time in the form of their semi-round style model.

Featuring an extra-durable stainless steel construction, this is a 60-liter model and one that is available in Brushed Stainless Steel.

This trash can offers a semi-round shape that boasts a flat back. So, you can place this with ease against a wall, thus taking up less space in the process.

This model is so sturdy in design, the makers offer a ten-year warranty as standard, such is their confidence in their product.

With a strong steel pedal, this is engineered to last and hold up to much household use over time. A larger than average capacity, the Simplehuman is ideal for busier households.

Featuring the company’s patented lid Shox technology, the lid here closes slowly and silently. At the same time, a slide lock secures it every time. This means nothing, and nobody can get into the trash!

Making use of code P custom fit liners, extra strong and durable trash bags can be used here to ensure a cleaner and practical choice all-round.


  • 60 Liter capacity
  • 1 color choice
  • Code P custom fit liners
  • Lockable lid
  • Strong steel pedal
  • Silently closable lid
  • Flatback for ease of placement

 Customer Feedback

Customers of the Simplehuman semi-round style trash can find this incredibly durable and a product that stands up to much use. The visual appearance of the trash can is favored by many. Several customers also note how their pets have not been able to get into this since it arrived in their kitchen! With many loving the impressive features offered, this has some impressive star ratings.

Final Thoughts

As one of the rooms in the home with a great deal of activity, it pays to ensure that you select the best trash can that you can when buying for the kitchen environment.

Though stainless steel trash cans usually cost more than those plastic trash can types, the increased benefits here and sheer practicality of these models is more than worthwhile.

With many sizes, shapes, and indeed colors available to choose from, each one of these models reviewed above will ensure a most durable product. They are therefore all a great choice when working on the required needs of your kitchen space.

Best of all, they all offer an increased hygienic experience all round, whereby contact with the trash can itself is limited.

Furthermore, most of these models encourage a more extensive choice of trash bags for use, alongside some of them offering dual purpose for recycling. This undoubtedly creates a more environmentally friendly product, all-round.

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