5 Best Split King Adjustable Bed Sheets

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Table of Contents

Adjustable beds are great for exploiting multiple sleeping positions. This is owed to the construction brilliance of these beds that are able to contort into several formations allowing you great relaxation with complementing features such as full body massage right in the comfort of your own bed.

Adjustable beds need specially constructed bed sheets to optimize the comfort level. As a base line the sheets must be able to stay in place even as you adjust your bed into various positions.

Below is an excellent selection of some of the best bed sheets for the split king adjustable bed option;

1. Best 100% Cotton: California Design Den Split King Sheet Set for Adjustable Beds

This Split King Sheet Set by California Design Den is a great set worth considering if you’re needing to optimize your comfort when using adjustable bed.California Design Den Split King Sheet Set for Adjustable Beds

The elasticized deep pockets of the fitted sheets are key to preventing them from popping out every time the bed position is adjusted. That is often the one frustrating thing adjustable bed users have to contend with. It does take away from your relaxation if every other moment you have to re-fix the corner pockets because they are out place.

This sheet set recognizes that and is the solution you’ve been looking for. The elastic bands used are strong and with adequate elasticity that allows them to stay put. The fitted sheets stay straight and keep your bed looking sleek irrespective of any formation you adjust the bed fame to. They are designed to fit low profile foam as well as tall mattresses alike. When off the bed, tidying up is a snap as the sheets are easy to work with for a tidy sleeping area

Over and above the elasticity, the set of sheets are advertised to be made using high quality cotton with a 400 thread count. The higher the thread count, the more durable and soft the cotton becomes. A higher thread count does also affect the pricing. Anything between 400-1500 thread count is considered well above average quality in cottons. Egyptian cotton is considered a premium because of it long fiber construction.

This bed set is both aesthetic and durable with an ability to handle numerous washes without fading. To avoid creasing, make your bed with the sheet immediately they come of the dryer. If you are keeping them in storage you can fold them the minute the last dryer cycle is over to minimizes wrinkles.


  • One Split king flat sheet measures 112 inches long x 102 inches wide. Also available in queen, full, twin and twin XL
  • Comes as a set of 5 pieces including; 1 king flat sheet + 2 split king fitted sheets + 2 king pillowcases
  • Constructed from 100% pure sateen weave cotton with 400 thread count
  • It is an easy care bed sheet that is machine wash friendly
  • Available in a wide selection of colors

These elegant bed sheets are machine washable and retain color over time. Each fabric is tested to ensure no pilling and color fastness. To extend durability, warm wash and light dry is recommended.

Customer feedback

A broad range of customers expressed frustration over buying  “deep” or “extra deep” pocketed sheets that still result in a wrestling match when trying to fit the last corner of the bed. Most users find themselves holding their breath as they try to stretch the last corner with pinched fingers hoping the fabric does not rip. Eventually, the sheet ends up reaping at the seam and there goes another purchase down the drain. Buyers shared that buying this set of sheets was a departure from that lousy experience. Customers shared that this are indeed 100% cotton. The 2 fitted sheets are said to have good and strong elasticity that allows you to dress the mattress with ease. More importantly the sheets do stay in place once fitted without popping off. They found the material to be soft, washable and low shrinkage if any. The colors hold fast and the set stays neat and straight even when the bed is adjusted to different incline positions.

2. Best Microfiber: Mellanni Brushed Microfiber 1800 Bed Sheet Set Bedding

The Mellani Bed Sheet Set is made from Microfiber with a high thread count for a strong and durable fabric.Mellanni Brushed Microfiber 1800 Bed Sheet Set Bedding

What is microfiber? This is a synthetic material made from polyester or other or other polyamides such as nylon. The fiber can also be a combination of synthetic materials depending on application. In the case of this sheet set, 100% polyester has been used.

This bed set has a crisp lustrous look that resembles silk. So if you like a lustrous shimmer on your bed sheets then this microfiber set is for you. These are not delicate and will work for any adjustable bed whether for your bed or the kids or perhaps the guest room.

Other than a beautiful look, this set has great attributes such being fast drying and impressively resilient to countless washes for extensive longevity. The bed set will not fade and therefore the colors and luster remain true for the longest time. While the fabric is absorbent and will wick moisture and sweat, it’s also breathable which ensures your sleep cool during hot summer months.

During cold weather when you need layering, this bed sheets are great at retaining heat for comfort alongside other layers.

While most fabrics stain quite easily, microfiber sheets do no stain and neither do they shrink. Further, with this set of sheets that launder very well and are easy to get clean, you can kiss ironing goodbye as you will never have to worry about wrinkles because the fabric is literally wrinkle resistant.


  • The Split king flat sheet measures 108 inches in length by 102 inches in width. Also comes in queen, full, twin, twin XL and California king
  • This is a 5 piece sets includes; 1 king flat sheet + 2 split king fitted sheets + 2 king pillowcases
  • It is constructed from 100% microfiber with a 1800 thread count
  • This is machine wash friendly
  • Available in an extensive range of well above 40 colors.

The set is low maintenance and takes well to the washing machine. For best care and increased longevity, wash in cold water and dries quick on tumble dry low.

Customer feedback

Some customers felt strongly that these are absolutely the best sheets they have ever bought in their whole lives. They loved the fact the sheets are super soft, stain resistant and they don’t wrinkle. Users said the quality is great because in spite of washing this sheet set on a weekly basis, the sheets have no issues such as fading or thinning out. This set comes highly recommend if you love comfortable and hustle free bed sheets.

5. Best Bamboo: Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Bed Sheet Set

In more ways than one, sleeping on Bamboo is both a blessing and a curse. Why is that? This is because the sheets are so pleasant and uniquely soft to sleep on. A curse for the reason that once you sample this luxury you will want nothing to do with any other fabric.Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Bed Sheet Set

But that is not at all surprising because the Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Bed Sheet Set is made from 100% bamboo viscose. If you have discovered the beautiful luxury offered by 100% viscose, then always be sure to read and double check the ingredients on your purchase. Unfortunately, most sheets that claim to be bamboo have more microfiber and cotton than actual bamboo.

This bed set is pure luxury because it’s all made from certified 144 grams per square meter 60 x 40 and 173 x 120 bamboo fibers. This is the highest grade out of 6 grades of viscose. So you can expect nothing short of all the pure luxury that bamboo viscose has come to be known for.

The fabric is naturally hypoallergenic and an excellent choice for those susceptible to allergies triggered by bedding material. Further viscose is very absorbent which means colors take well to the fabric and hold fast without fading after washes.

This feature is also vital for keeping your body cool as it readily absorbs sweat during those sweltering summer nights.  Since the fabric also has good breathability, the tandem of aeration and absorbing moisture working together sees to it that your body does not over heat. This translates to cooler and comfortable sleep.


  • The dimensions for Split king flat sheet are 112 inches in length and 102 inches in width. Also available in queen, full, twin, twin XL and California king
  • The 5-piece bed set comes with 1 king flat sheet + 2 split king fitted sheets + 2 king pillowcases
  • The sheets are 100% bamboo viscose with a thread count of 1600
  • The material is machine wash friendly and does not fade
  • The color selection for this set is extensive at 17 colors

In addition to the excellent luxurious quality of this set of bed sheets, they also provides you with the flexibility of exploring a myriad of colors amenable with most bedroom decors.

Customer feedback

Customers have heard lot of hype about bamboo fabric sheets.  Most of those who decided to get this set of sheets realized the hype is for real. They reported this 100% viscose sheets offers excellent comfort with a silky butter soft feel and also helps you sleep cool as the fabric has very good moisture wicking abilities in addition to being breathable. Many users who had an issue or other with sheets mentioned that they were utterly impressed by the responsiveness of the customer service. They are prompt, courteous and extremely pro-active.

4. Best Cooling: Sheex Original Performance Split King Sheet Set

The most common issue with dressing an adjustable bed for comfort is the in ability for most fitted sheets to stay in place. While most sheet sets will be touted to have elastic bands, the bands often do a poor job. However, the elastic bands on the fitted sheets in this set, will hold the fitted sheets well in place for optimized comfort.Sheex Original Performance Split King Sheet Set

The Sheex Original Performance Sheet Set is an exception to the norm. The fitted sheets are surrounded by a strong elastic band that does a good job of the keeping them straightened out and attached to the mattress. The stretchy characteristic of the fabric helps the corners of the fitted sheets fit in place with ease while still remaining tout and well trapped underneath the mattress without popping out.

The fabrics elasticity is as a result of its composition which comprises of 87% polyester microfiber and 13% spandex.

Polyester is a durable fabric and colors are well adhered to the material such that you can expect zero fading even after months of frequent washing.

This set of sheets can resist stains quite well and are washing machine friendly. The fabric has a nice sheen to it that looks good on a bed and an ability to wick moisture away from the body on those hot nights as well as breathable pores in the fabric that allow for good aeration. This two features work in tandem providing you cool sleep in hot weather. This set can also be used in winter because it has a good ability retain warmth.

Since the set comes in a decent range of colors, you can always freshen up the ambiance of your room using different colors.

When one set is in the washer or the laundry basket waiting for wash day you can replace it with the next set of the same quality but different color giving your space that refreshing and much needed change from time to time. This way you can maintain the look as well the quality.


  • The flat sheet split king dimensions are 112″W x 102″L. Also available in queen/full/twin/twin XL
  • Comes as a set of 5 pieces comprising of; 1 king flat sheet + 2 split king fitted sheets + 2 king pillowcases
  • Made from 87% microfiber and 13% spandex
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance
  • Comes in several colors

This set of sheets has a pleasant soft feel to the skin. That is coupled with an athletic stretch and elastic-lined fitted sheets that see to it, you can sit back and relax on your adjustable bed without the worry of sheets popping off every other time.

Customer feedback

Most customers who bought these sheets loved them. They mentioned the elastic bands do a good job of holding the sheets in place. Other users shared that they like the glossy and stretchy look which can fit both small and tall mattresses of up to 20 inches. They are very easy to fix around mattress corners. The fabric is also tough and durable.

5. Best Floral: Agnes Floral Sateen Cotton Sheets

The Agnes Floral Sateen cotton sheets have a gorgeous floral pattern that will enliven any bedroom. The black and white contrast is also endearing and offers deep contrast for a bedroom with solid colors on drapes and walls as well as complementing other patterns in the room such as printed wall paper.Agnes Floral Sateen Cotton Sheets

These beautiful set of sheets are made from 100% long staple cotton with a thread count of 300. The 5 piece printed floral sheets are even more endearing to the touch as they feel baby soft against your skin.

What does the sateen weave bring to this cotton bed sheets? It ensures that the long cotton fibers are mercerized. What does the mean? It means, the fabric has been soaked in lye otherwise known as sodium hydroxide, and thereafter soaked in acid.  What this treatment does is it sorts of “seals” the fibers and makes them more durable and long lasting than untreated cotton.

As a result, the fibers and strands in this Agnes Floral sateen sheets take dye better. That’s explains why this set of cotton sheets look awesome and feel just as good when slept one.

In tandem with the floral print, the aesthetic appeal also comes from sateen weave signature sheen and smoothness made possible by the mercerization process. The reflective subtle sheen does not abate even with time and the colors do not fade.

This means the set of sheets will serve you well for a long duration. It also helps that they are low maintenance. Tossing them into the dryer is all that’s required for cleaning. It is however advised that you do not use bleach on them.


  • The Split king flat sheet in these set measures 110 inches on the length x 102 inches in the width. Also available in queen, full and twin XL
  • The set is 5 pieces and it comes with; 1 king flat sheet + 2 split king fitted sheets + 2 king pillowcases
  • The fabric used is 100% pure cotton with a thread count of 300
  • This is an easy care bed set that is also machine wash
  • Comes in several colors

The floral pattern and color combinations on this set of sheets are absolutely marvelous. You can choose a more subdued but vibrant floral pattern and colors such as the Zahra floral or you can opt for something bolder and one that offers a deeper contrast such as the Agnes floral.

Customer feedback

Customers who got this set of sheets were delighted by the softness and breathability of the sateen weave on this cotton sheets. They found the lustrous surface of this fabric to not only be invitingly soft to the skin, but also to be long lasting even after numerous washes. Users also liked the choice in floral patterns offered.

A good number shared that they settled on one floral print, but after sampling the quality of the sheets, went right back online and ordered the same set in different colors. Users also mentioned that the deep pockets and elastic bands on the fitted sheets come in handy by paving the way for an easy fit on mattresses with a thickness of up to 18”.

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