2021 Top 10 Best Split King Adjustable Bed Frames

Getting deep restorative sleep is paramount to a healthy and vibrant life. The base and type of mattress that you sleep on hold the key to sleeping better. This is agreed upon by sleep experts and researchers. While sleeping flat is great and works for most, an adjustable bed base is even better as it provides numerous sleeping positions. And so the split king adjustable bed frames come into the picture.

An adjustable base is a good buy because it allows you to incline your upper body to preferred positions as well as elevate your legs with ease when you need to. As a result, depending on your sleeping style you achieve deep sleep that repairs and rejuvenates your body for better performance during the day.

Since we all sleep differently because of our natural personal peculiarities or, in some cases, health challenges, adjustable bed frames are for some, a necessity.

Below is an excellent selection of some of the best adjustable split king bed frames in the market. These are split king options that will offer users great flexibility allowing you to always find the best posture for deep sleep as well as promote general health.

And although the compiled list is  specifically for the split king size bed option, some of the models can also be found in other adjustable sizes as well.

Let’s jump right in and take an in-depth look at these sleeping beauties.

Review of the Best Split King Adjustable Bed Frames Worth the Money

  1. Blissful Nights Split King Adjustable Bed Frames and 12 Inch Copper Gel Infused Cool Memory Foam Mattress

Has it been a while since you had some decent sleep on your bed? Would you sleep better if your bed frame and mattress were adjustable? Well, this Blissful Nights Split King adjustable Bed Frames and mattress combo will see to it that you sleep like a baby.Blissful Nights Split King Adjustable Bed Frames and 12 Inch Copper Gel Infused Cool Memory Foam Mattress

For sleepers who like to sleep with their legs slightly raised or headrests elevated, this bed base has the perfect design to make that happen for you.

The adjustable bed frame is accompanied by a 12” Copper Gel Infused Cool Memory Foam mattresses. The mattresses are specially made to be very comfortable and malleable enough to bend with ease and conform to various settings of the adjustable base that suits your needs. Further, they are perfectly layered to offer adequate support for the body. The mattresses’ design and technology also offers good aeration ensuring that you are sleeping cooler through appropriate dissipation of heat.

This unit includes 2 twin XL mattresses and 2 twin XL Adjustable bed bases.  The bed frames are very sturdy and fairly heavy.

One twin unit can accommodate a maximum weight of 750 pounds. Collectively the 2 twin XL adjustable bed frames can bear a maximum load of 1500 pounds. Therefore, this set is great for most persons. If you are more on the hefty side, this unit has you covered too for great comfort flexibility of posture.

Some people may have fears that the adjustable mechanism of the frame would be creaky and noisy, but you will be pleasantly surprised at how quietly this frame operates. It is refreshingly whisper-quiet thanks to high quality Okin Motors and Components made to the highest industry standards.

The legs can adjust to fit 4 varied frame heights of a bed ranging from 6″ to 9″ to 12″ of leg height.

Operation is a breeze as the unit is instructed via a handheld remote control. The buttons on the remote are well labeled and backlit. The commands are simplified and well directed at the head or foot to raise a select section or flatten them, a very straightforward operation. The designated section will receive the command and rise or collapse accordingly and silently so.

The beauty of this unit is that it’s designed to fit into most bed frames with ease and requires no tools to assemble. The unit is delivered packed in four separate boxes and is quite easy to install.


  • The unit is available in split king/king/full/queen/California king frames.
  • Comes accompanied by two 12 inch Copper Gel Infused Cool Memory Foam
  • The package includes one handheld remote control
  • The two beds can be adjusted independently
  • Features whisper-quiet motors for smooth and noiseless adjustability
  • It is height adjustable with 12 steel legs

Each twin bed frame can be adjusted for your own customized optimal comfort without disturbing or interfering with your partner’s side of the bed.

Customer feedback

A good number of customers mentioned that being able to adjust the incline of the foot or head sections of their bed is very helpful in alleviating body and joint pains Some also praised the design for reducing moderate snoring for them. Also, many users mentioned watching TV in the bedroom in a sitting position or reading a book from an upright position on your bed is incredibly comfortable using this unit.

They love the convenience, at the touch of a button on the remote you can flatten the bed while on it and go to sleep. It worked so well for a majority of the users because of the special composition of the mattresses that the unit comes with. It is very flexible and supportive at the same time and also provides adequate plush comfort provided by 12-inch memory foam thickness.

  1. Sven & Son Split King Essential Adjustable Bed Base Frame + 14” Luxury Cool Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

The choice to get an adjustable bed frame can be for many reasons. For some, this is an excellent way to improve comfort in the bedroom when watching TV  or documentaries before snoozing or catching up on some reading before hitting the sack. Those who have a TV in the bedroom, often prop themselves up with pillows to achieve that near sitting position in order to watch or read a book with some level of comfort.Sven & Son Split King Essential Adjustable Bed Base Frame + 14” Luxury Cool Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

Other users may get this unit as a result of a medical condition such as joint pain and soreness. Disorders such as gastroesophageal reflux disease also known as GERD often requires the patient to sleep with their head at an elevation of 6”-10”.

This bed base easily and comfortably achieves such elevations on the head and so much more at the touch of a button. For either consumer, this Sven and Son Adjustable bed is an excellent choice for customized and optimal comfort.

The Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Base is engineered to fit numerous bed frames. The steel legs that come with the unit ensure steady stability. These legs are also adjustable in height to suit most low, mid, and high profile bed frames. The installation of the unit is very easy and will barely take you a few minutes. You will also appreciate that no tools are required for the installation.

If you want to move positions in the middle of the night, you can do so with ease without bothering your partner. This is thanks to the ultra-quiet motor and smartly engineered frames that don’t squeak. The supreme motor mechanism is built to glide up and down as instructed such that with this unit, you can get reliable and  responsive usage through and through.

It’s also worth pointing out that the head and foot control are independent of each other. You can adjust the foot section of the bed without interfering with the head section and vice versa.

The remote control is well labeled and comes with backlighting for ease of use in the dark. This handheld remote control is wireless and has seven buttons including a one-Touch Flat Button.

Further, the unit comes with a 14” Luxury Cool Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress that’s dense and comfortable with heat dissipation capability for a cool sleeping throughout.

The mattress is also flexible enough to easily conform to the head and foot articulation of this adjustable base. But more importantly, the mattress is made without harmful substances such as, heavy metal, formaldehyde, phthalates and ozone depleters.

The adjustable base is mattress friendly and will work with most memory foam, latex, and air mattresses. So you can always opt to purchase the unit inclusive of the mattresses or without.


  • The size of this unit is split king but it is also available in other sizes including twin XL/queen/king
  • Comes with a 14-inch Gel Infused Cool Memory Foam (optional)
  • The package comes with an ergonomic hand held remote control
  • Offers head and foot articulation at the bases that can be adjusted independently
  • Uses silent motors for a smooth lift and collapse
  • Features 12 steel adjustable legs for bed height control

The head can go from flat to 65° and anything in between while the foot articulation can be anywhere from 0-45°. If you are heavy set and not sure whether this unit will work for you, then you will be glad to know that the bed runs on two Independent heavy duty motors each with a lift capacity of a whooping 660 pounds.

Customer feedback

Generally most customers agree that this bed works splendidly. People who bought this bed base and the mattress mentioned that the sleeping and adjustable experience is marvelous, highly recommending it. Watching TV or reading on this bed is said to be so comfortable. Some users mentioned that they no longer have common body aches that result from bad sleeping.

  1. Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base with Lucid 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

Some people have some grueling schedules, and try as they may, often end up falling asleep on the couch as they try to unwind by watching some TV or perusing through a magazine after dinner. By the time you come to your senses and sluggishly transport yourself to the bedroom, you have already clocked an hour or several minutes of sleep on the couch.Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base with Lucid 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

Getting the Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base ensures that you can wind down right in the comfort of your bed in the bedroom. This can mean catching up on some reading or enjoying your favorite TV show from your bed and having some banter with your partner.

This sturdy base is designed to offer great stability and adjustable comfort. The 12 steel height adjustable legs ensure that the stability endures for a long time to come.

The Independent head can incline from flat to 60 degrees while the foot incline goes from flat to 45 degrees and everything in between.

This unit is powered by 2 whisper-quiet motors that operate independently. The responsive adjustable mechanism works in tandem with a plush medium density 12” Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress to bring you unrivaled comfort.

While one can always use this bed base with their own mattress, you may be be hard pressed to find a mattress that complements the adjustability as this one does.

The mattress is odorless and constructed from memory foam infused with bamboo charcoal and aloe-vera to eliminate odors. Furthermore, bamboo is a hypoallergenic material that adds to the sleeping comfort of allergy-sensitive users.

Additionally, the mattress wicks away moisture and cradles your body while you sleep. Its high-quality steel coils provide soft and gentle comfort that enhances a well-balanced layer of support to accommodate a  750-pound weight capacity with ease. If you have a hefty make-up, this bed base and mattress will accommodate you with surprising comfort.

The steel coils in the mattress also do a great job of isolating movement. If you like to sleep quietly, you can be sure that the turning and tossing of your partner will not interfere with your sleep. Adjusting your your bed’s incline will also not interfere with your partner and vice versa.

What’s more, for your convenience, the bed base is equipped with dual USB charging stations on both sides. This can be used to charge your phone or tablet right within your reach.


  • The unit is available in split king/full/queen/California king/ split top king and 2 Twin XL bases.
  • There mattress is a 12 inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress included (optional).
  • Comes with handheld remote control
  • Dual USB charging ports
  • The bases can be adjusted independently
  • The motor operation is impressively quiet
  • It has adjustable leg height that allows use with most bed frames

No matter how worn out you are when you come home, you can relax in any number of positions as you wind down. And if you fall asleep while watching TV or reading a book, it’s all good, after all, you are on your bed. All you need to do is punch the remote to the best reclining position for sleeping.

Customer feedback

Customers loved that the unit comes very well packaged during shipping. They remarked that the packaging may arrive with some dings but you can be sure the content is safe and in good shape because the mattress is compressed for shipping. Users also liked that the mattress sleeps cool and offers good support. Many customers with sore backs and other sleeping related soreness mentioned that this mattress and the adjustable bed base have made an immense difference in the quality of their sleep.

  1. Blissful Nights Split King Adjustable Bed Base Frame with Massage and Memory

Investing in a Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Base Frame is money well spent for numerous reasons.Blissful Nights Split King Adjustable Bed Base Frame with Massage and Memory

This unit offers you the flexibility of sleeping flat when you would like to and inclined when you need to for even more comfort. This can be for entertainment purposes or to reduce soreness and aches in your body. This adjustable bed is built just for that.

It goes further and incorporates a dual Massage motor that offers 3 intensity massage levels for amazing comfort and rejuvenation. Picture yourself selecting your most favored relaxing position and instructing the unit to give you a massage at just the right intensity level.

This bed also allows you to save favorite positions using a preset function on the ergonomic remote control. After a hard day’s work, this bed base will literally have your back and help you rest better.

It boasts of a dual USB charging port on each side of the bed base convenient to users sleeping on either side.

A common concern that consumers have with adjustable beds is whether the functioning of one twin XL adjustable base will affect the other base that your partner is on.

Since this unit comes complete with 2 x twin XL adjustable base, it’s equipped with 12 steel legs and the adjustable functions of the two sides are independent. In the event that you incline the foot and head sections on your side of the bed, that command via the remote control executes on your side of the bed only. The foot and heads section can adjust smoothly and independently of each other as well.

However, in case you sleep alone, this unit comes with a sync cable that allows you to make the twin XL bases into one large king base that can be commanded as such.

Quiet function and operation is vital. No one appreciates a creaking mechanism in the dead of the night when you need to adjust bed base positions. This unit is blissfully quiet and glides gracefully when adjusted. This is made possible by high quality Okin motors and components used in the manufacturing of this bed.

The bed base construction is very strong and built to last. Each twin bed can handle a maximum weight capacity of an astounding 750 pounds. So no matter your weight, you can feel comfortable with this bed base and can take advantage of the awesome features it has to offer.


  • It is designed as two Twin XL bases but also comes in other sizes including full/queen/California king split
  • It comes with a handheld remote control
  • The two bases are independent but can be synced using a cable to function as one. The cable is included with the unit.
  • Equipped with dual massage motors with 3 Intensity levels
  • Allows for saving of favorite angle positions
  • Dual USB charging stations
  • Fitted with a convenient night light under the bed for illumination
  • Utilizes whisper-quiet motor operation
  • The leg height is adjustable

The bed base is an excellent option for the home as well as for fitness treatment rooms and professional athletes. The massage feature is very relaxing for all users. Trainers, who need to work on their athletes giving sports massages, will find the adjustability and comfort of this bed to be top-notch. Plus, assembly is easy and takes less than 10 minutes and requires no tools.

Customer feedback

Some customers who have a snoring disorder mentioned that they find the incline position to be very helpful with their condition helping them snore less. Other users loved and commented on the sturdiness of the unit and how smoothly the motors function when your need to adjust bed base positions at the touch of a button on the remote control. Most customers had nothing but heaps of praise for the massage feature which helps rejuvenate you at the end of the day or early morning at the start of your day and all in the comfort of your own bed.

Overall, given the bonus features and the general performance, several customers felt that for the price, this bed is a steal and a great buy well worth every penny.

  1. iDealBed 3i Custom Split King Zero Gravity Adjustable Bed Base with Remote

The iDealBed 3i Custom Adjustable Bed Base is all comfort and luxury.iDealBed 3i Custom Split King Zero Gravity Adjustable Bed Base with Remote

The practical build boasts 12 steel legs that provide impressive stability for all weights. There is a common misconception that because adjustable bed bases have moving components such as motors; they can tend to be flimsy. That may be true for substandard and knock-offs, but cannot be said for this brand because the bed comes equipped with German Okin motors and components for strong lifting and smooth collapsing mechanisms.

It’s very normal for heavier persons to wonder whether this comfort can handle their weight. You will be glad to know the sturdy base and lift mechanism of each twin XL has the lifting capacity of 850 pounds, maximum load. Two of these beds combined can comfortably hold and lift well above 1500 pounds. So in terms of strength and lift capacity, you are in good hands.

This unit does not come with a mattress but is made to be mattress friendly and will work with most mattresses that you choose. Getting a good mattress that works for your need is imperative to maximize the comfort of this bed base. The head section can incline up to 70 degrees while the foot section can go as far as 40 degrees.

For most, these features are a welcomed luxury and add to the comfort of your bed as they make relaxing, TV watching, or reading very possible in the comfort of your own bed.

Operation is incredibly easy and most convenient because each base is operated by a remote control. The handheld remote control is backlit for ease of use in the dark and is well labeled and user-friendly.

The foot and head sections operate independently. Also, each bed functions independently of the other, such that your settings and preferences don’t interfere with those of your partner.

The lift and drop function are dead silent and smooth, so expect zero squeaks or creaks when adjusting the bed base at any time.

Buying your own mattress has its benefits because it allows you to address your peculiar sleeping need and habits best. Other than comfort, combining this with an adjustable base give excellent results for common ailments such as acid reflux and some respiratory issues.

For instance, heartburn is a common problem for most and can cause great discomfort that leads to the lack of sleep. Over and above taking an antacid, raising the head section of this bed space while sleeping can help alleviate the symptoms of this condition for better sleep. For those with difficulty in breathing through the nose at night because of congestion and blockage of airways, sleeping with a slightly elevated head can help you breathe better through the nose.

Here’s a fan fact. One would think that breathing through the mouth allows a lot of oxygen intake, but that is not necessarily true. Mouth breathing leads to shortness of breath because the lungs oxygen absorption capacity is diminished.

Breathing through the nose is ideal because it allows the production of nitrogen oxide gas which enhances lung capacity and thus more oxygen absorption. Sleeping at an inclined upright position makes it easier to breathe through the nose and sleep far much better.


  • The size of this unit is split king but it is also available in full/queen/California king/ twin XL
  • The mattress is not included
  • The unit is accompanied by a handheld remote control
  • Memory function that allows you to preset your favorite position
  • It offers two independent bases
  • Features super silent motor operation
  • The adjustable leg height is compatible with most bed frames
  • Emergency battery backup power box using batteries

This unit is a practical option to upgrade your bed to and experience amazing comfort in your bedroom. No more propping pillows in order to watch TV in the bedroom. Incline upright at the touch of a button or do so much more.

Customer feedback

Customers who like a zero gravity bed were pleased to learn that this unit can stand on its legs or without legs. As a result, it can sit on the floor directly without any stand and be functional. Users also loved the fact that this unit can be used with pretty much any mattress of your choice ranging from latex, air mattress to foam. Heavy set customers mentioned that they appreciate the ease and efficiency with which the motors are able to lift and collapse weight with absolute strength and control.

  1. Sven & Son Platinum Zero Gravity Split King Adjustable Bed Base Frame with USB Ports

This Sven & Son Platinum Adjustable Bed Base has some unique features that bring sleeping comfort to a whole new level.Sven & Son Platinum Zero Gravity Split King Adjustable Bed Base Frame with USB Ports

The unit has been built with outstanding sturdiness and strength with a lift capacity of 1800 pounds. Whether you are big or small, this unit’s power and well-motored construction ensure that your lift and collapse of various sections of the bed is gentle but swift and smooth.

The construction of this bed base will work with most bed frames. Part of what makes that possible is that the 12 steel legs of the unit are adjustable and can therefore be set to fit the height of your bed frame. The height adjustability of this Sven and Son Bed Base Frame Platinum ranges from 3”, 6”, and 9” from the floor.

The bed base foot and head section can be articulated independently. Its head can be flat or achieve a maximum incline of up to 75 degrees and everything in between allowing a comfortable position for reading, watching TV, or carrying out a conversation with your partner while in your bed. The foot section can incline to 45 degrees and anything below that.

What’s more, this unit also goes further and allows for independent a pillow tilt of up to 7 degrees and individual lumbar support as standard when you need it.

Further, the bed base also includes an interactive massage feature to help you relax, unwind, and get rid of muscle soreness or kick start your day when you wake up feeling a tad groggy. You have three massage intensities to choose from including full-body vibration, wave, and pulse.

These features can be controlled and executed via a handheld ergonomic 18 buttons remote control with back-lighting for ease of use in the dark. In addition to remote control, all functions of this bed base can also be instructed via your iPad, iPhone or Android provided you download the mobile app.

This unit elevates your comfort on the bed by also providing USB ports on either side of the bed for charging your devices such as phones, pagers, and tablets within an arm’s length for easy reach.


  • The size of this unit is split king. It is, however, also available in other sizes as well; full/queen/ split California king/ twin XL
  • Independent Lumbar and  Pillow tilt, head and Foot adjustment
  • It is operated via handheld remote control smartphone through mobile App
  • 3 massage levels
  • Fitted with  dual USB charging ports
  • Allows for memory presets
  • Under bed lighting for illumination
  • The 2 independent bases can be synced via Bluetooth to function as one
  • Utilizes blissful silent motor operation
  • The leg height is compatible with most bed frames because they can be adjusted

This bed base comes loaded with tech features that keep your important devices such as phones near you and can adjust to preferred positions with much ease. Getting a high quality mattress coupled with these features, will turn your bed into your favorite spot for unwinding and dialing down.

Customer feedback

Coming highly recommended as a complete value for money unit, users loved the wall-hugging feature and USB port this bed has to offer and the convenience of being able to charge devices while using them. Customers mentioned that watching television on this bed base is bliss because you no longer have to use several pillows. All they had to do is tap on the remote and the head section inclines to a preferred position for exquisite comfort not to mention the added benefit of a massage whenever one ever so wishes. If you like your feet up, that too is at your disposal. Customers also mentioned that installation took less than 10 minutes and no tools were needed.

  1. Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Frame with Head Tilt, Dual USB Charging Station, Bluetooth & Wireless Remote 

Sleeping flat is great and comfortable for most. However, having the luxury options of the foot up and head tilt is not a bad idea. In fact, at one point or another, it may prove to be a necessity. Think of the number of times you have had to stack up pillows behind your back in order to find some semblance of comfort while having breakfast, watching a movie or working while in your bed. You may have had to do the same when suffering from heartburn and could not sleep.Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Frame with Head Tilt, Dual USB Charging Station, Bluetooth & Wireless Remote 

The need to adjust the head to incline or tilt is such a marvelous solution for day to day comforts. The foot articulation also adds to the comfort level of your bed.

This Adjustable Bed Frame by Blissful Nights not only means that your bed space is more flexible to your varied entertainment needs but also addresses some common ailments that are bound to pop up every so often.

Did you know that common disorders such as sleep apnea can be better managed by sleeping at an inclined position using a wedge pillow or an adjustable bed such as this? When sleeping, the soft tissue at the back of the throat collapses from gravity, or in some instances the tongue falls back and temporarily blocks the airways. This obstruction often results in several pauses in breathing that can last as long as ten seconds.

The brain’s way of correcting this is by signaling you to wake up momentarily in order to force air back into the lungs. While you may not remember these short intermittent episodes in the morning, you may wonder why you feel so irritable and tired. You may need to see a doctor for professional treatment, but having an adjustable bed base makes it easy and comfortable to sleep at an elevation which helps reduce sleep apnea symptoms.

Do you snore heavily? Sleeping at a slight elevation does help open airways and improve oxygen intake for better deep sleep that is restorative. It also reduces the discomfort of your partner having to listen to you roar like a tired truck through the night.

So while this bed offers great comfort, it also does a great job of improving health and sleep across numerous fronts.

The construction of the unit is sturdy. Adjustability is a smooth operation made possible by quiet high quality motors.

The unit is operated via remote control and since it comes with 2 twin XL bases, it is accompanied by 2 remote controls to independently operate each base. The remote controls are backlit, ergonomic, and well labeled for ease of use. The unit can also be controlled via your phone using Bluetooth after downloading the mobile App.


  • Split king is the size of this bed base. It can also be purchased in full/queen/ split California king
  • It receives commands via handheld remote control or by phone via Bluetooth
  • Independent head-tilt
  • Dual massage equipped
  • Zero gravity design allowing you to raise your feet above your heart and stomach
  • Custom preset memory feature
  • Dual USB charging ports on either side of the head
  • Under bed LED light
  • It comes with 2 independent bases
  • Uses an impressively quiet motor operation
  • Features an adjustable leg height to match most bed frames

Sleeping and flexible comfort on your bed has been made so much easier and accessible by this solid bed base.

Customer feedback

Customers loved the ease in setting up this adjustable bed base that literally took minutes and surprisingly no tools required. Users who bought this unit were not too sure whether the head tilt really makes much of a difference. They reported that it does and adds to the comfort level which you don’t get with the most adjustable options. Some customers pointed out it’s nice to have adjustable legs that can be set to different heights to suit varied bed frames. The wireless remote controls are also said to be very easy to operate.

Delivering as promised and packed with several great features, most customers generally agree this is a great buy.

  1. Ananda Premium Zero Gravity Adjustable Bed Frame with 12″ Pearl and Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress, Head Tilt & Massage

Thinking of getting a bed base but worried that it will not work on a platform. Well, the Ananda Premium Adjustable Bed Frame Combo puts your worry to rest.Ananda Premium Zero Gravity Adjustable Bed Frame with 12" Pearl and Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress, Head Tilt & Massage

The unit accommodates consumers that prefer to have a bed frame or fancy a platform. This Ananda Adjustable Bed base will work well for both options.

Just by looking at the unit, you can see that it exudes pure comfort and plushness. The construction is solid and made from steel, dual motor and other components that ensure sturdiness and graceful silent operation.

Consumers who have reservations about the mattress not staying in place when inclined will observe that the foot of the unit has a slim steel barrier with a decent breadth that ensures no slippage and helps in keeping the mattress in place.

This split king size option comes in 2 twin XL bases that function independently of each other. It’s important to note the foot up and head with whisper quiet motors also function separately.

If you like an invigorating massage to help you relax and sleep better, then this unit is built for you as it comes with a dual massage feature and three intensity levels to choose from.

Installation is quick and no tools required for assembly.

Easy and smooth operation is via user-friendly wireless remote controls. The backlighting on the remote control is great because you can easily see in the dark.

The adjustable legs can be customized to suit your bed frame or platform. The legs adjust to 6”,9” and 12”. If you prefer the unit lying flat on the ground, you can simply omit screwing the legs in.

What makes an adjustable base really comfortable is complementing the base features with a high-quality mattress. Because of an adjustable base, you want a mattress that is comfortable and flexible in order to optimize the base features.

This unit comes with a 12” pearl and cool gel-infused memory foam mattress. The mattress is very agreeable with most consumers because of the medium plushness that is not too soft nor too hard. The mattress is well constructed with cooling Tencel woven into the mattress cover to keep your temperature neutral for better sleep.

Odors and bacteria can act the spoil spot when it comes to mattresses. This unit is hypoallergenic and does an excellent job of resisting bacterial growth.  The memory foam conforms well to the various bed base positions while remaining supportive of your body. Furthemore, there’s a machine-washable zip-off cover that is well made and offers a plush and aesthetic protective covering.


  • This bed base is a split king size but it is also available in full/queen/ California king split
  • A memory foam mattress is included with the unit
  • The base is operated via handheld remote controls, Alexa, or via smartphone
  • Individual pillow tilt
  • Dual massage feature with 3 intensity levels
  • Dual USB ports on each side
  • Custom memory preset options
  • This unit comes with 2 independent bases
  • It uses a very quiet motor operation
  • The adjustable leg height can be used to match varied bed frames or platform
  • Equipped with an emergency backup battery box

Additional comfort is made possible by the handy USB ports on either side of the bed that allows the user to use tablets or phones while their devices are continually charging.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this unit were especially glad they got the Ananda bed base and mattresses together. That’s because the pair fits like a glove and functions very well together. The base is said to be responsive while the mattresses provide great support and comfort and also conform effortlessly to the various positions offered by the bed base. Users mentioned the dual head and foot massage experience also feels really awesome like having a mini spa on your bed.

  1. Lucid L300 Ergonomic Upholstered Head and Foot Incline Adjustable Bed Base with USB Ports

Much has been said about the benefits of head up and pillow tilt offered by adjustable beds. But, the question begs; Apart from the comfort offered by the foot up, are there other benefits to it? This is a good question. While some consumers just feel more relaxed with their feet up, it can come as a surprise to the numerous health benefits the foot up feature of an adjustable bed presents.Lucid L300 Ergonomic Upholstered Head and Foot Incline Adjustable Bed Base with USB Ports

The Lucid L300 Ergonomic Upholstered Head and Foot Incline Adjustable Bed Base aid’s us in answering question mentioned above. This bed base comes with a solid compact build that can take loads of up 750 pounds.

However, if a couple is both heavy set and their cumulative weight is somewhere in the range of 400-500 pounds, then getting a split king may be a more sensible option with increased sturdiness for better weight distribution.

Adjustable beds such as the Lucid L300 are an excellent choice for anyone because of the comfort they offer. They are also remarkably helpful for those with heart conditions, including heart disease. With this adjustable bed, one can opt to sleep or rest in a zero-gravity position so the head and legs are raised.

This position allows more blood flow to the heart. The heart pumps harder so blood can reach areas far from it like the legs. This position also allows veins to contract more effectively. This can be especially beneficial to those with varicose veins by helping with even blood flow through the body.

The bed base has an independent head incline that rises to 60 degrees and a foot incline that articulates to 45 degrees.

With dual USB charging stations on both sides of the bed base, you don’t need to reach far for your charging phone or tablet.


  • It is available in split king size as well as in full/queen/ California king split/ twin XL sizes
  • Comes with a precise fitting mattress to complement the unit
  • It is operated using handheld remote controls
  • 2 USB charging stations
  • This unit features 2 independent bases for better strength
  • It utilizes whisper-silent motor operation
  • Has leg height that is adjustable to suit different bed frames

Resting on a flat surface is often not so easy especially if you are in ill health, recovering from surgery or even pregnant. This unit provides you a plush mattress and an adjustable base that will help you find your happy whether you’re suffering from any condition or not.

Customer feedback

Users who purchased this unit were glad they did so. Some customers who got this bed base in the early stages of their pregnancy shared that it’s one of the best purchases they made during that period in their life. An option to adjust the incline and foot up coupled with the presence of a good mattress makes for comfortable positions to rest. A majority of customers fell in love with the bed base because it makes watching TV and relaxing in the bedroom more comfortable. And this is in addition to the health benefits associated with this adjustable bed.

  1. DynastyMattress DM9000s Zero Gravity Split King Adjustable Bed Base Frame with Speakers, USB and Massage

If you have suffered from a backache at one point or another, then you know first-hand that it can cause you great discomfort.  An adjustable bed’s advanced foundation is a great solution to help you sleep better.DynastyMattress DM9000s Zero Gravity Split King Adjustable Bed Base Frame with Speakers, USB and Massage

That’s because when coupled with a high quality mattress such as latex or memory foam mattress, you are better able to find the best possible position that works for your back ache.

The Dynasty Mattress DM9000 Spit Adjustable Base Frame offers a sturdy adjustable base that is built with heavy duty steel and four high quality motors.

The base is designed for customized comfort that will suit your sleeping and relaxing preferences. The head up, pillow tilt, and foot up features are easy to direct and can be controlled via remote. The remote control will easily help you navigate the various functions, it helps that these functions are independent of each other.

The unit further comes equipped with a dual massage feature at your quads, by elevating your feet and turning on the massage feature, this leg therapy will feel awesome but will also help with your blood circulation.

Why this unit does a phenomenal job for back aches and other body aches, is because the bed base enhances the natural contouring actions of your mattress for focused support and helps reduces pain. However, if are suffering from chronic back aches, we recommend that you see a doctor for professional medical help. What you can count on is that this bed will be there to ease your pain as you get treatment.

The combination of an adjustable frame and a well-built mattress promotes a healthy spinal alignment and helps eliminate back pains. For most people with a backache, slightly elevating their feet reduces lower back strain. This allows the lumbar region to fully relax and decompress. It helps that this unit is equipped with lumbar support for enhanced comfort on your back.

This bed base can hold a cumulative weight of 1800 pounds and has incredible lift power for all lifting and collapsing functions.

The unit comes with inbuilt speakers and USB ports situated on the side of the bed base. Watching TV from your bed, reading, sleeping, or just staring at the ceiling is now unbelievably comfortable. Thanks to the Dynasty Mattress DM9000 Split Adjustable Base Frame.


  • It comes as in split king size as well as in full/queen/ California king/ twin full
  • An ergonomic wireless remote control commands the unit
  • Independent lumbar support and independent head tilt a well
  • Equipped with speakers
  • Bluetooth compatible to synchronize the two bases
  • Under Bed LED Lighting
  • Fitted with 2 USB Ports on either side of the bed
  • Favorite positions can be saved
  • Interactive dual massage in three level intensities
  • It features 2 twin XL independent bases
  • Operated by 4 whisper quiet motors
  • It is platform friendly as the legs are height adjustable

By downloading a mobile phone app, you can opt to instruct this bed base via your Android or iOS smartphone. This makes it even more convenient for many users.

Customer feedback

Customers loved that the 2 twin XL bases can be operated independently. Many shared that independence is great because couples can have their different preference and needs accommodated without interfering with each other. Solo sleepers also shared that they were able to synchronize the bases to function as one unit with ease. This bed base offers fantastic comfort and also helps tend to body aches such as backaches.

Final Thoughts

If you sleep well while on a flat surface, trust us, you might have a hard time getting out of bed from the pure comfort that you will experience when you sample any of these adjustable beds. Watching TV with a cup of chamomile tea on an adjustable bed frames means your sleep and relaxation experience is elevated to a whole new level of comfort. Those with back aches and general body soreness will find the benefits and comforts of the adjustable bed frames simply irresistible and very rewarding.


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