2020 10 Best Sit-stand Workstations For Dual Monitors Worth the Money

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Table of Contents

If you already have a traditional stationary desk to work with your two monitors or laptop, then why not get a sit-stand workstation for dual monitors? Besides the fact that these units offer immense ergonomic benefits, they’re also affordable, efficient and time-saving.

Adjustable sit-stand workstations or desk converters are fast becoming a trend and a necessity in the most modern of offices today. It’s technically an adjustable desk that’s capable of raising or lowering to your desired level to let you work at different height levels including working while seated or standing. These modern desks used together with anti-fatigue mats are more convenient than traditional office desks as they come with exclusive features that make your working more comfortable for better productivity at work.

Now if you’re in the market for a sit-stand work station that will support dual monitors or a monitor and a laptop at the very least, you need to be very careful about the size of the working area on the unit you select. Do not consider anything less than 32 inches wide. A sit-stand with a work station 35″ and above, even better. 32″ and above will typically be sufficiently wide to hold two monitors of 22″ each.

Fortunately for, this guide has done all the homework for you by reviewing ten of the best Sit-stand Workstation For Dual Monitors that will better your productivity in your office or at home.

But, before we begin, why do you really need a sit-stand workstation?

If you’re a busy office worker, then you understand what it means to sit down for long hours. Regardless of whether you’re seated on an ergonomic office chair or not, sitting down all day while working may lower your output level and still expose you to mild or severe health risks if you’re not careful.

According to studies conducted by WHO, physical inactivity has been ranked as the fourth leading cause of death among most office workers. A study in 2013 revealed that an average of ten heartbeats per minute caused by someone using a sit-stand workstation was equal to fifty calories burnt per hour.

Another study by Mayo Clinic revealed that working while seated for prolonged and uninterrupted periods was a major cause of slow metabolic rate, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Why do you need a standing desk then? Well, a sit-stand workstation gives you the convenience to work while seated or standing. This helps to enhance proper blood circulation throughout the body to keep the brain more active.

So, in short to minimize such risks, a sit-stand workstation would be a great office companion.

Another major benefit of these pieces of ergonomic furniture is that they help you maintain a good posture which reduces back and neck issues, numbing, and muscle cramps.

Review of 10 the Best Sit-stand Workstation for Dual Monitors

1. Varidesk Height Adjustable Sit Stand Workstation

UL certified, GreenGuard Gold certified and a 2014 ADEX award winner for best design and excellence, the highly recommended Varidesk Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter is one of the best sit-stand workstations available for purchase online, that provides an Varidesk Height Adjustable Sit Stand Workstationexcellent convenience for office workers that need to work while standing.

Manufactured by Varidesk (a subsidiary of Gemmy Industries), this adjustable standing desk is designed for animators, gamers, and other office workers who require two or more monitors to accomplish their projects.

Unlike its predecessors, this unit is equipped with a very strong base and eleven adjustment options that you can choose from depending on your height or your sitting posture. The workspace is super wide and able to hold two medium-sized monitors or simply one large-sized monitor and a laptop.

For those looking to add the VARIDESK-Height Adjustable Standing Desk in their workstations, you’ll have the freedom to choose from any of the three colors which are Black, White and Darkwood.

Features of the Varidesk-Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

  • Spacious tiers: this is perhaps the most interesting feature of this adjustable desk. The two tiers are very spacious with the top measuring 36”×25”. With such a space, you can easily mount two monitors and still find ample space to place your laptop and Smartphone. The lower tier is also spacious as it offers ample space to place your keyboard, mouse, a notebook and a calculator.
  • Ergonomic movement: the fluid rowing-rift rising mechanism of this unit is something to be proud of as it leaves you seated in the right posture when adjusting it up and down.
  • Spring-assisted 11 height settings: this adjustable desk features a spring boost mechanism and dual handle design that allows you to make use of eleven height setting options that you can rely on, up to 17.5” high. This is a useful feature that will favor short and tall users who might feel uncomfortable when using traditional existing standard desks.


  • Designed with a heavy-weight base for maximum stability.
  • Able to adjust in multiple heights.
  • Z-Lift standing design makes it easy to lift and lower the tiers.
  • This adjustable desk is GreenGuard Gold and UL certified.


  • The lower panel has limited space for the keyboard and the mouse.
  • Some customers have complained about the height stating that it doesn’t favor very tall users.

Customer feedback

The Varidesk-Height Adjustable Standing Desk remains one of the most popular and highest sit stand workstation in the industry, with the highest ratings being directed towards its ergonomic design, facilitating comfort in the work space, durability and quality of construction, ease of assembly and believe it or not, pain relief!

Customers have also appreciated its weight which they say is not too bulky to carry around and several others loved the easy adjustability as well as the size of the tiers, stating that it’s enough to hold two monitors and some additional accessories.

2. Seville Classics Airlift Adjustable Standing Desk Workstation

Yet another popular model, the Seville Classics 36″ Standing Desk comes with dimensions of 35.4”×23.2”, though there’s also an extra large option with dimensions of 47″ x 23. 2″ and Seville Classics Airlift Adjustable Standing Desk Workstationwhile both are ideal for use with dual monitors, the latter is ideal for those wider of monitors. Unit are ANSI/BIFMA compliant meaning they’re engineered to offer ergonomic comfort to all office workers.

The pneumatic vertical adjustment is smart feature that lets you adjust this unit depending on your physical height up to 19.1″ high. making his sit stand workstation ideal for those taller of persons.

Just like the Varidesk unit, the Airlift 36” Standing Desk is also constructed with a Z-Lift standing design which is less complex to set up and use. It also features a built-in phone and tablet stand which helps to free up more counter space.

You have the option to choose between Black, Walnut and White.

Features of this Height Adjustable Standing Desk

  • Built-in phone/tablet stand: this Standing Desk is designed with a tablet and Smartphone slot where you can dock your smart devices.
  • Two-tier design: the two tiers fitted in this unit are very large. The top tier is wide enough to fit two large monitors while the lower keyboard tray is not only large but also detachable providing the much-needed flexibility.
  • Pneumatic vertical adjustment: the vertical adjusters rely on a unique pneumatic airlift technology that depends on a gas-spring to raise or lower the workstation to different heights. This technology is quite precise as it allows the tiers to rise uniformly without tilting backward or in the front.
  • Steel base: lastly, the base of this adjustable desk is designed from a durable steel material which is highly resistant to physical damage. The steel construction is also responsible for the overall stiffness and stability of this unit.


  • Adjusts up to 19.1″ high making this a great choice for a taller person.
  • The top tier can accommodate large-sized monitors and other accessories up to 33 lbs.
  • Arrives when it’s pre-assembled making overall setup quite a breeze.
  • Unlike electric adjusters, pneumatic gas-spring adjusters eliminate the need to attach too many cables.


  • To adjust this desk, you have to lean forward far too much to reach the lifting handles. This causes back strain which is a major cause of backaches.
  • The T-Bar that connects to the underside of the top tier is weak leading to a wobbly top.

Customer feedback

This has been welcomed with multitude of positive reviews from most shoppers. Most of these customers expressed their satisfaction over the construction stating that this unit is perfectly welded to keep it strong without wobbling.

Several customers appreciated the task table stating that it’s large enough to fit two monitors and additional accessories. The base is also strong and the unit arrives when its pre-assembled meaning you don’t have to worry about complexities in setting it up.

Overall, this scores highly in ergonomic design and sturdiness.

3. FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk Converter For Dual Monitors

Easy to adjust using the available single handle mechanism, FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk has a top tier that measures 35”, spacious enough to accommodate at least two large monitors alongside a variety of other office accessories.

And whats more, the keyboard tray is not only large enough to fit large keyboards and mouse pads, but it’s also removable with the help of a quick-release mechanism.

From 5.9” to 19.7” high, the FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk is equipped with twelve height adjusting levels that make it a decent option for users with different heights. This adjustable desk is available in either Black or White and it’s the perfect option for office workers looking to keep their workstation well organized.

Features of the FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk

  • 12 height adjustment levels: with the ability to adjust in twelve different heights, this workstation can raise and lower from 5.9” to 19.7”. With such a huge advantage, users with heights of up to 6.1’ and over will be able to sit or stand while working without straining their backs.
  • Large working surface: the spacious work surface of this unit is just unique in its own ways. At 35”, the surface is quite huge offering ample space to fit two monitors or a laptop and a monitor.
  • Single hand design: the single-hand mechanism provides smooth and easy adjustability of this desk. With the help of the dual gas-springs, you can easily adjust the height straight up or down in a vertical motion within its own footprint. This helps to save on space while avoiding accidents that might occur in case the surface tilts.
  • Quick-release keyboard: this is one of the most interesting features that can’t be ignored. It allows you to easily detach the keyboard tray to create more space in case you don’t need the keyboard and the mouse at the moment.


  • Ideal for tall persons
  • It offers immense ergonomic benefits.
  • Able to adjust in twelve different height levels.
  • The keyboard tray can easily be detached to create more space.


  • This unit is still too high even when lowered.
  • The threaded inserts that connect the monitor to the brackets are made of cheap plastic which cracks over time.

Customer feedback

Users loved the ergonomic benefits of this adjustable desk stating that it doesn’t strain your back when typing for long sessions.

A huge number of reviewers also appreciated easy set up and the spacious work surface stating that plenty of room to accommodate two 23 inch” monitors and several other small accessories.

4. Vivo Sit-stand Workstation For Dual Monitors

Vivo is another leading provider of screen mounting solutions in the market. Their creation, Vivo Sit-stand Workstation is no doubt one of their best sellers that has received a lot of praise from multiple users.Best Sit-stand Workstations For Dual Monitors

First and foremost, this unit is available in two colors which are White and Black. Secondly, it offers a quick transition when planning to adjust it. With the aid of the dual gas spring force, you can easily adjust the height with smooth motion without tilting the surface.

It has a spacious work area, with measurements of 36”×22”. Thus this unit indeed has plenty of space to mount two monitors or a single monitor and a laptop. The lower deck has not been left out either as its large enough to hold a keyboard and a mouse.

This Vivo unit Standing Desk can endure weights of up to 37.5 pounds and it comes with an adjustable range that goes from 6.5” to 16”.

Features of the VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk

  • Dual gas-spring force: the dual gas-spring force design of this adjustable desk is a major plus as it makes it easier for you to adjust the height using the innovative simple touch locking mechanism.
  • Spacious work area: with such a specious work station (that measures 36”×22”), this unit can provide ample space that lets you organize your workstation depending on the number of accessories you’re planning to place on top.
  • Steel frame construction: the sturdy steel frame construction is a major plus as it provides the necessary strength to endure heavy-weights of up to 37.5 pounds. With such a study construction, this unit can adjust to 8 different height positions depending on your desired comfort level.
  • Monitor mounting: lastly, this Standing Desk is compatible with most mounting options allowing you to mount any monitor of your choice. Whether it’s the C-Clamp or the grommet option, this unit offers you the versatility that you deserve.


  • The two available tiers offer ample space to display your monitors, large keyboards, and a mouse.
  • It comes with a monitor mounting option that lets you mount monitors of different brands.
  • Steel frame construction guarantees durability.


  • Raising this workstation requires you to apply too much effort.
  • Quite heavy to lift.

Customer feedback

“Great for the price”,Excellent product”, “Quality Construction”, “Perfect!”,” “solid product” , these are just some of the descriptions used to describe this unit. 

Overall, this comes highly recommended due to its excellent construction for enhanced longevity, ample spacing that fits large monitors as well as the Ergonomic design. Furthermore, there are customers with neck and back issues who’ve had some respite from the pain and improved comfort by incorporating this unit into their workspace.

5. The House of Trade Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Up Workstation

The House of Trade Height Adjustable Desk Riser has a work surface that measures 32.5”×20.5” which is not small at all. In fact, most reviewers have gone ahead to recommend it stating that it’s large enough to fit two 24” monitors or few small-sized screens with ample space left out to fit a Smartphone or a tablet.

Adjusting the height is quite easy with this unit as it’s able to rise from 6.5” to 16.5” high.  This unit ships when it’s fully assembled and it’s able to withstand weights of up to 50 pounds.

Features of this Adjustable Desk Riser

  • Sliding keyboard tray: the sliding keyboard tray is a huge plus as it lets you type when your arms are at 90 degrees. This provides the right ergonomics and guarantees maximum comfort when typing for long hours. In addition to that, the keyboard tray is wide and deep enough to fit a variety of keyboard models and a mouse.
  • Hydraulic dual levers: if you follow a sit-stand working routine, you’ll definitely need an adjustable desk that’s able to adjust to different heights. Thankfully with this workstation, you can easily use the hydraulic levers positioned on either side to raise or lower the desk from 6.5” to 16.5” high.
  • Large workspace: for those looking for a workstation with a wide working surface, you can consider the Standing Desk The House of Trade Height Adjustable Desk Riser as your perfect companion. With dimensions of 5″ Wide x 24 to 27″ Deep, the working area is large enough to accommodate two monitors and some additional office accessories.


  • Arrives when it’s already pre-assembled.
  • Hydraulic levers provide easy and fluid adjustability.
  • Able to hold weights of up to 50 pounds.


  • Some customers have complained that this unit is quite bulky.
  • Sometimes the hydraulic levers fail to raise or lower easily.

Customer feedback

The Standing Desk The House of Trade Height Adjustable Desk Riser is an excellent buy especially to office workers who experience regular pains on their wrists, waist, and lower back. Reviewers appreciated the hydraulic levers and the different height levels which range from 6.5” to 16.5”.

Customers also appreciated the construction stating that its sturdy enough to last years.

6. TaoTronics 36” Sit-stand Workstation For Dual Monitors

Minimalistic, flexibility, comfortable, and quick set up process all sum up TaoTronics 36” Sit-stand Workstation in a few words.

To enhance easy workability, this unit is constructed with an ergonomic design that allows easy and smooth transition through 12 different height levels, and this one of the highest elevations for a desk converter, going from 5.3” to 20.4”.

This desk has been built with a large workstation that measures 36”×23”. With such space, there’s ample room to fit two monitors or two laptops or simply a laptop and a monitor. Just like the workspace, the keyboard tray is also wide (35”×15.6”) providing enough space to fit different keyboard models and a mouse.

TaoTronics Standing Desk can handle weights of up to 79lbs and it’s available in three variations which are the manual and electric models. It’s also backed with a 3-year limited warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied.

Features of the TaoTronics 36” Stand Up Desk

  • Gas spring system: to enable quick and smooth transition across different levels, this adjustable desk is assisted by integrated gas springs which allow you to adjust the height without applying too much effort.
  • 12 height levels: to guarantee maximum comfort while working, the Standing Desk TaoTronics can adjust in 12 different height levels up to 20.4” high. With such an advantage, tall or short users will have an easy time using this adjustable desk.
  • Sturdy design: to enhance stability, this adjustable desk is made from high-density materials that keep it firm and free from wobbling. With its heavy-duty construction, the Standing Desk can handle heavy weights of up to 79 lbs.
  • Large work surface: speaking of the tiers, this unit is designed with large top and lower tiers that allow you to set up two monitors without running out of space. The lower tier is also large enough to fit various keyboard models and a mouse.


  • Has one of the highest elevation heights in the market, therefore tall people can use this unit comfortably.
  • Able to handle weights of up to 79 lbs.
  • 12 height levels provide a variety of sitting postures.


  • Since the work surface is wide, you have to lean too far to adjust the height.

Customer feedback

The TaoTronics Standing Desk is a smart choice for office workers looking to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Users say this is a sturdy desk that is smoothly adjusted thanks to the gas spring system.

It comes highly recommended for ease of assembly, pain relief, value for money, sturdiness and ergonomic design

7. Deskool Standing Desk Converter Standup Workstation

The Deskool Standing Desk Converter is constructed with a universal ergonomic design, making this desk a perfect choice for office workers as it offers you the flexibility to work in various working platforms.

Constructed with different levels of height adjustments, the Deskool Standing Desk Converter can be adjusted to a maximum height of 16”. It has a 32”×22” working area.

Speaking of the assembly, this unit comes when its already fully assembled meaning you only have to unbox it, place it on the desk then place your monitors on.

The Deskool Standing Desk Converter comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Features of the Deskool Standing Desk Converter

  • Wide working surface: Deskool has designed the top of this workstation with a wide working area (36” diagonal length) to allow you display two 21” monitors or one 24” monitor and a laptop.
  • Ergonomic handle: this unit comes with ergonomic handles that are placed at the edges on either side to allow easy reach either when standing on while seated.
  • Industrial-grade hydraulic: to make the raising and lowering process more fluid, the Deskool Standing Desk Converter is equipped with a 1” pneumatic piston which is activated by ergonomic handles on either side.
  • Multiple height adjustment levels: with multiple height adjustment levels, this unit can easily raise or lower at multiple heights to make your office endeavors more simplified than ever before. Since it’s able to rise 16” above your regular desk, users with different heights will easily use their computers without experiencing any discomforts.


  • Doesn’t require any assembly.
  • Superior construction consists of a laminated MDF top and powder-coated steel base.
  • Fluid height adjustment thanks to the industrial-grade hydraulics.


  • The height adjustment function sometimes fails to work.

Customer feedback

The Deskool Standing Desk Converter is an excellent choice for office workers who experience regular back pains for sitting for too long while working. Customers who’ve used it have appreciated the fluid adjusting mechanism stating that it allows them to raise or lower the workstation with less effort.

Other customers loved the solid construction of this unit which prevents it from wobbling in case heavy-weight is added on top.

8. Fezibo Stand Up Desk Workstation for a Dual Monitors

Fezibo Stand Up Desk Converter is also designed with a spacious work area and a Smartphone/Tablet dock that allows you to mount your phone to save more counter space.Best Sit-stand Workstations For Dual Monitors

Just like the rest of the sit-stand workstations we’ve reviewed here, this one too comes with a dual-tier design that lets you place two monitors at the top and a mouse and keyboard on the lower tier. The thoughtful design is ergonomic as it offers multiple comfort positions when sitting or standing.

For those suffering from frequent backaches, this unit offers you a quick transition thanks to the gas spring hovering system. With such an advantage, you can smoothly raise or lower this adjustable desk to different heights without stretching your back too much.

Finally, the Fezibo Stand Up Desk Converter is constructed from best-in-class steel and MDF materials making it steady and stiff enough to endure weights of up to 28.6 pounds. It’s also backed with a 10-year limited warranty alongside a friendly tech support team that’s ever ready to answer customer queries.

Features of the Fezibo Stand Up Desk Converter

  • Metal and wood construction: to enhance stability, this unit is crafted from MDF wood at the top and solid steel metal at the base to ensure that it stands the test of time.
  • Gas spring system: with the gas spring system, you can easily transition from one height level to the other to achieve the required posture. Whether you’re tall or short, you can take advantage of the different height levels that range from 4.5” to 19.3”.
  • Spacious work area: the surface is moderately large (32.6″ W x 17.8″D) offering immense space to mount a laptop and a monitor or two monitors of 22″ or less.
  • Ergonomic design: to allow easy operation, this sit-stand workstation is crafted with an ergonomic design that allows you to raise or lower the tiers using small handles fitted on either side.
  • Dual tier design: the dual tiers comprise of a top large work surface and a medium-sized keyboard tray on the lower deck. With both tiers, you can easily distribute most of your office accessories between the tiers and still preserve more space.


  • Ideal for tall persons
  • Sturdy enough to endure the test of time.


  • The gas power springs are not strong enough to raise or lower when a heavy load is put on top.

Customer feedback

Overall, this Stand Up Desk Converter is a fantastic office desk. Users who’ve bought it confirmed that this unit is indeed a lifesaver when it comes to eliminating backaches. Others also appreciated the ergonomic design of this adjustable desk stating that it lets them adjust the height quite easily without having to lean far too much.

A fraction of other shoppers have appreciated the huge top surface which is able to hold two monitors.

9. Defy Desk Sit-stand Dual Monitors Workstation 

For those who’ve suffered from backaches before, the Defy Desk Workstation gives you the convenience of raising or lowering the work surface thanks to the pneumatic air cylinder. It’s able to rise to a maximum height of 16.9”.

This adjustable desk has a 37” work station that lets you fit two large monitors up to a maximum weight of 37.5 pounds To ensure that it provides maximum support, Defy Desk has constructed this unit from durable steel metal which is stiff enough to prevent wobbling.

Features of the Defy Desk Adjustable Sit-stand Converter

  • Dual tier layer: the dual-tier layer is a creative construction that lets you take advantage of the top and bottom tiers. The top tier is large enough to support two monitors while the bottom tier is spacious and able to accommodate different models of keyboards and a mouse.
  • Ergonomic height range: this feature is a must-have for people looking forward to living a healthy lifestyle. It gives you access to several height adjustable positions.
  • Pneumatic air cylinder: to make the Defy Desk Adjustable Sit-stand Converter even more ergonomic, Defy Desk has added a pneumatic air cylinder to make it easier for you to raise or lower the tiers. With such smooth operation, this unit can easily be used by old office workers who can’t afford to bend for too long.
  • Steel construction: this sit-stand converter is made from a wooden top and a steel base making it a stiff and strong option that’s able to endure heavy loads of up to 37.5pounds.


  • Steel construction offers added durability.
  • Pneumatic air cylinder provides a fluid height adjustment mechanism.


  • The lift lever is quite difficult to operate when you need to raise the height.

Customer feedback

Although it’s not as large as some of the models we’ve seen previously in this review, the size is not small either to prevent you from using two monitors on it.

Most of the users have appreciated the ergonomic design that lets you adjust the height easily as well as the construction of this sit-stand converter stating that its heavy-duty for long term use.

Overall, this is said to be a fantastic unit that is sturdy, easy to use and maneuver.

10. EleTab Sit to Stand Workstation for Dual Monitors

Finally, in our review, we have the EleTab Height Adjustable Standing Desk which features a large 37” work station that’s wide enough to hold two monitors.

It has a dual-tier design that gives you access to a top work surface and a removable keyboard tray which you can detach to create more space at the bottom. This EleTab converter also offers you a variety of different comfort positions that you can use to find the right sitting or standing posture.

It’s constructed from a solid steel frame that’s combined with an innovative gas spring system to support weights of up to 33 pounds, with a choice between Black and Brown-nut.

Features of the EleTab Height Adjustable Standing Desk

  • Steel frame construction: to keep this unit sturdy, steel is used in making the frame to ensure it’s solid and remains more stable even when heavy weights are places on it.
  • Dual tier design: With a top that measures 4″ x 18.1″ and a keyboard tray that measures 11.8″ x 37.4″, this unit offers plenty of space to display your monitors, keyboard, mouse and a variety of other office accessories.
  • Gas spring system: lastly, this unit is designed with a gas spring system that makes it easier for you to raise or lower the workstation. With its quick transition, you can easily adjust the height from 4.2” to 19.7” without applying much effort.


  • Can be elevated to as high as 19.7″ making this ideal for tall people.
  • It offers a quick transition between different height levels.
  • Large enough to hold two wide monitors.
  • Sturdy steel construction guarantees durability.
  • Comes with a dedicated Smartphone/Tablet dock.


  • It shakes a bit when a heavy load is put on top.

Customer feedback

When it comes to stability, quality of construction and ergonomic design this comes highly recommended in those aspects.

Users also loved the super-wide work surface which has plenty of room for two wide sized monitors

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sit-stand Workstation for your Dual monitors—Buyer’s Guide

1. Size

Goes without saying that if you’re looking for a sit-stand work station that will work specifically with two monitors, size is one of the main consideration here. You need to be really keen on the size to ensure that what you buy is wide enough to offer immense task space to fit your monitors and other accessories such as your Smartphone or your laptop.

We would therefore recommended that you go for those units with work surface measurements of at least 32 inches wide. These will fit two monitors of 22″ perfectly.

32″ workstation and above are a safe bet for those wider of monitors.

A decent adjustable desk should also have a wide keyboard tray to fit different models of keyboards and a mouse.

2. What type of standing desk are you looking for?

This is one key question you have to ask yourself before shopping for a sit-stand workstation. There are hundreds if not thousands of adjustable desk options available in the market today. However, from an expert point of view, all of these models fall under five major categories. So, depending on your office layout or personal preference, you can choose a sit-stand adjustable desk from any of these categories; Z-Lift standing desks, electric desks, X-Shaped, double Z-Shaped, double X-Shaped, and fixed dual-platform converters.

3. Stability and ease of usage

Speaking of stability, you need to counter-check the workstation very carefully to ensure that the overall construction is at the desired levels. If you can check for issues such as poor locking systems and tipping issues. Check how easy it is to operate the desk in terms of adjusting the height. The process should be fluid without having to apply too much physical effort. If you can’t check these things in person for online buys, customer reviews will give you an idea on what to expect.

4. Warranty

How decent is the warranty? Well, there are two main types of warranties you’ll find in most adjustable desks. One of these warranties is the comprehensive type that covers the entire unit at the event of damage. The other is the partial warranty that covers the unit with a high warranty but the moving parts are covered with a lower warranty.

5. Adjustability

The best thing about sit-stand work stations is the fact that they’re adjustable. Although that’s the case, you need to be keen on the adjustable levels to ensure that what you buy can easily be customized to different height levels to suit various working positions.

For taller individuals, going for units with height adjustments higher than the common 16″, will be your safest bet. These are not many in the market though but our list above does have some great examples. You can also check our review of the best desk converters for tall people if you want more options

Conclusion on Best Sit-stand Workstation For Dual Monitors

Working for long hours can be stressful. Sitting behind a computer for long hours can be even more stressful. Therefore, if you value your health and you need more comfort in your workstation, it’s more practical that you invest in an adjustable converter desk rather than relying on those regular desks.


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