9 Best Single Bowl Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sinks of 2021

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When you think of top quality single bowl stainless steel undermount kitchen sinks that are unapologetically high grade and well designed for new kitchens and remodels, a few brands come to mind. At the top of that list are Kraus and Ruvati offering some of the best single bowl  undermount kitchen sinks made from high grade stainless steel.

Kraus and Ruvati quality standards are beyond reproach because they both seek to exceed customer expectations with every product.

Their products range from kitchen sinks to bathroom sinks and faucets.

These two companies clearly strive to push the boundaries of design in creating the most exceptional kitchen and bath experiences possible. Because of this, everyday kitchen and bathroom activities are transformed into extraordinary experiences.

Kraus Company is headquartered in Port Washington New York. They entered the market in 2007 with the sole aim of making high quality modern kitchen and bath designs affordable and accessible to all consumers.

Ruvati Company is headquartered in Austin, Texas and they are also well established in the industry. The company was founded in 2009. They too are on a quest of crafting a unique selection of quality sinks and faucets that uplift your décor. Their unmistakable sophistication evokes the classic beauty and sophisticated elegance of Italian design.

In this post, we review some of the best stainless steel single bowl undermount kitchens sinks in the market today from several high profile brands including the Kraus and Ruvati.

Review of the Best Single Bowl Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sinks Worth the Money

1. Kraus KHU100 Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

When opting to get an under sink, you want to go with an option that is durable and very well constructed. The primary reason for this is because you want to avoid any unnecessary set up issues that may pop up when you fail to go with an informed choice.Kraus KHU100 Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

For example, when there is need to replace the sink, you may have some difficulty finding the correct fit for the pre-cut hole on your countertop.

These are issues you never will have to worry about when you opt to get the Kraus KHU100 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink.

Why is that?

That’s because they are built to last a lifetime and it is very unlikely that you will ever have to replace this undermount sink. This unit is constructed from premium grade T304 stainless steel.

The materials and prowess that has been used to make this sink is what gives the unit it’s invincible and near indestructible aura. This grade of stainless steel is dent resistant and incredibly durable.

One of the major upside of this undermount sink is you won’t have to contend with crevices trapping dirt as the design eliminates lipping. Given that the install is under the sink, you can wipe spills and brush crumbs from your counter top right into the sink bowl.

The seamless look design blends with counter tops giving your kitchen a fluid neat look that’s easy to keep clean.

Further, another reason why the Kraus KHU100 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink is super easy to clean and maintain, is also because the stainless steel has been further finished with commercial grade satin for enhanced resiliency. It also means that the unit is wonderfully immune to corrosion and rust.

Ordinarily, most people get irritated by the clanging of dirty dishes as they hit the bottom or sides of the sink during routine dishwashing in your kitchen.

The quality of this undermount sink is in a class of its own because it has great sound proofing that absorbs the din caused by dishes crashing against the sink. That is made possible through a trademark soundproofing technology known as noisedefend which is unique to Kraus sinks.

When you install this extra thick 16-gauge sink, you can quickly tell that it is of superior strength and durability. The sound proofing pads cover over 80% of the sink for a quieter and pleasant dish washing experience.

It’s worth pointing out the unit has an extra depth that fits even your tallest pots and has enough space to pack on a pile of dishes.

The sink drain is towards the rear accompanied drain grooves engineered at the unit’s bottom surface to facilitate direction of water toward the drain keeping the sink free of standing water.

A point of note is that this sink unit requires an under cabinet with a minimum size of 33 inches.


  • The sink type is undermount with one bowl
  • Overall dimensions of the unit are 30” L x 18” W x 10” D
  • Constructed from heavy duty T304 stainless steel with a commercial grade satin finish that makes it highly resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Standard 3.5 drain for efficient draining
  • Features quiet soundproofing which is made possible by sound defend technology
  • Available in different sizes to suit varied kitchen sizes and needs

If you were beginning to think that this sink is awesome and is the right choice for your kitchen, then you’d be right. You will also be glad to know that the purchase includes some very practical accessories as well.

These are a multi-functional stainless steel dish grid that you can use to protect the sink bottom, premium Kraus kitchen towel, a 3 piece basket strainer set, cutout template and mounting hardware.

Customer feedback

The customers who bought this unit did so because of the impeccable quality familiar with the Kraus brand. Some mentioned that the undermount unit looks amazing on their granite countertop for a fluid seamless design. Users also appreciated that the unit comes with a cutout template that takes guesswork out of the equation and mounting hardware that made the install so much straightforward and hustle free.

2. Zuhne Modena 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink

If you like the fluidity and complimentary aesthetic an undermount sink presents in kitchens, then you know it is the best and most durable choice especially when working with a water resistant kitchen worktop such as granite. The major thing about choosing an undermount sink is that you have made a selection that has a solid build which in turn results in a lifetime use and durability.Zuhne Modena 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink

Among the few stellar brands in the market, Zuhne features very high on the list.

With this Zuhne Modena 16 Gauge Stainless Steel undermount Kitchen Sink, the meticulous approach to a quality sink is evident.

The brand believes that the durability of a sink should not come at the expense of flair or functionality. In that respect, they have pulled it off with this unit.

Since the sink is 16 gauge all through and not just at the rim, the stainless steel guarantees you not just superior quality but also a fantastic aesthetics.

The industrial strength of the unit is as a result of top notch quality T304 stainless steel used in its construction.

Zuhne boasts that their product contains 25% more steel than the industry standard. That may very well be true if the quality of this unit is to go by. With this undermount sink, you can be sure of zero denting, warping or bowing even when you use it for washing heavy cookware.

Thanks to state-of-the-art construction, this sink remains aesthetically pleasing and free of scratches or rust. This is mostly because the stainless steel has been finished with a premium satin that delivers a subtle sheen that is easy on the eyes and remains smooth and neat all through the lifetime of the sink.

As opposed to over the top sink mounts, this sink unit gives you an extra depth that makes the sink seem oversized enough to accommodate more than a decent pile of dishes. It’s also very comfortable to handle those oversized pots and pans. That extra inch or two is gained by the fact that the unit installs under the counter top and not over the top.

When washing dishes in this sink, you’ll notice that dishes do not make a racket when they come into contact with the sides of the unit. It’s almost as if the expected clanging sound has been muted. That’s because this sink is well insulated and padded to effectively absorb noise when washing dishes in it.

The design’s subtle gloss and large deep basin with tight radius corners are elements that combine to complement the aesthetic décor of any kitchen while offering high functional utility. Its drain system is also fast preventing water from staying stagnant on the sinks bottom surface.

The unit comes with some functional accessories that help with utility as well as installation. These are a 2 pieces colander set, scratch protector grate sponge caddy, Drain Strainer, 3 piece stainless steel basket strainer, bottom grid, a cut-out template and mounting hardware. If remodeling or constructing a new kitchen, one should ensure that the cabinets under the sink have a minimum size of 33” to ensure a good fit of the sink.


  • This is an undermount sink with single bowl
  • Overall dimensions of the unit are 30”L x 18”W x 10”D
  • Constructed from superior quality stainless steel with a commercial grade satin finish that makes it highly resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Quiet sound proofing and padding helps eliminate vibrations and noise
  • Available in different sizes to suit varied kitchen needs.

The Zuhne Modena 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink is an option that will not leave you with regret. If you are looking to reward yourself with a well deserved kitchen overhaul consider this sink for an awesome looking and durable option.

Customer feedback

Customers who opted to go with this sink option shared that they were glad they did so because of the obvious quality. Some bought this sink for use on a brand new installation while other users purchased this unit for use in kitchen remodel projects. Most of these customers expressed their satisfaction in getting value for money with this unit. Customers praised it because it not only looks great but it is also a great fit for a wide range of décors.

3. Kraus KEU-14WHITE Pintura Single Bowl Enameled Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sink

When looking for a sink for your new house or a remodeling project, it’s hard to go wrong with a Kraus branded sink. This particular enameled stainless steel kitchen sink is made for convenient function, aesthetics and longevity.Kraus KEU-14WHITE Pintura Single Bowl Enameled Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sink

The shape departs from the rectangular design with sharp corners and incorporates generously curved corners that are exceptionally easy to clean and offer a touch of classic kitchen styling.

The installation of this under mount requires a minimum under cabinet sink of 36” for the sink to fit firmly.

True to the Kraus brand fashion, this sink is built for longevity as the body of the unit has been made from extra-tough T304 stainless steel for high resilience to corrosion and rust. Not all sinks are made equal out there in the market. You may  have bought a sink before that was indeed made from stainless steel and shone like a mirror but it was constructed from a thin inferior gauge. The result is a noisy contraption that makes a racket when doing dishes or simple food prep.

A common gimmick by unscrupulous manufacturers is designing a thick rim and a thin body that can often easily dupe an unsuspecting customer. So in no time the sink looks like it been through car crash from all the dents it has acquired.

There is zero chance of that happening with this TRU-16 gauge undermount sink. That’s because the unit is a true 1.5mm thick all across for superior strength and impact absorption.

Speaking of absorption, the insulation and padding of this Kraus sink is done through sound proofing technology that offers a quieter sink to work with. Also, condensation that ruins under cabinets is often an overlooked issue by most people and that ends up ruining your under sink cabinet with time. But the insulation of this sink helps reduce the condensation and protects it from the issues like rust and corrosion.

A well-padded sink whose insulation covers 80% of the unit ensures condensation is not an issue for your cabinets.

While no stainless steel is truly scratch resistant, this unit comes very close with an interior that is enameled by an outlast micro-shield that readily stands up to the daily wear and tear. It is also highly resistant to scratches which can so easily age your sink prematurely.


  • Undermount installation with single bowl design
  • Overall dimensions of the unit are 31.50” L x 18.38” W x 10” D
  • Constructed from high grade stainless steel with an enameled interior that makes it highly resistant to rust, corrosion, dents and premature aging.
  • Comes with a standard 3.5 drain
  • Quiet soundproofing made possible by sound defend technology
  • Available in different colors such as white to suit every kitchen décor and styling.

If you fancy an undermount sink that has rounded edges with fantastic durable construction, then you most probably will find this unit to be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Customer feedback

Users who were looking for a high quality durable sink with rounded edges mentioned that this unit was the perfect fit for their needs as it has an oversized look and feel. Customers shared that the unit was accompanied by some very practical accessories such as a 3-piece basket strainer, a Kraus cotton dish towel and a sink bottom grid. They loved the overall usability and construction of this unit.

4 . Ruvati Workstation Ledge Undermount 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

The Ruvati brand is synonymous with top notch quality and innovation when it comes to high quality sinks that deliver on both aesthetic appeal and practical utility.Ruvati Workstation Ledge Undermount 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

This Ruvati Workstation Ledge is a good example of form meeting function.

If you appreciate a true rectangular sink with sharp corners, then you will love this design that offers just that and so much more.

This Ruvati sink has an innovative build that augurs well with a chef’s practical need to utilize every ounce of kitchen space. So, over and above the conventional use of a sink for dish washing and food prep, this unit takes both of those functions to the next level.

The basis of the enhanced utility lies in incorporating a combination of sharp zero-radius inside corners with ledges on the front and back of the sink. Conventionally, one would not see the edge of an undermount sink because they are overlapped by the kitchen worktop.

And while that is the whole idea of an undermount sink concept, this unit’s edges extend from under to form a ledge that acts as a track for the accompanying matching accessories that come with this Ruvati sink.

Those accessories are included in the purchase of this sink such as; a stainless steel colander, dish drying roll-up rack, solid wood cutting board, stainless steel bottom rinse grid, basket strainer drain assembly, a mounting brackets as well as a cut-out template.

The design allows the cutting board to sit on the sink’s ledge comfortably for convenient food prep right under the sink. What’s more, you can slide it right or left effortlessly on the sinks track as you see fit.

The dish drying roll-up rack also fits the length of the sink such that you can opt to dry your utensils right on top of the sink. Once done, it can easily be rolled up tightly for convenient storage.

The sink is made of 16 gauge Premium T-304 Grade Stainless. Ruvati guarantees that this sink will not corrode, stain or rust because of the 18/10 chromium/nickel ratio used in its construction.

The unit is no doubt heavy duty and comes equipped with the ability to muffle noise and is impervious to dents. That is thanks to an undercoating as well as insulation with thick rubber that also minimizes condensation. This in turn helps protect the under sink cabinets from condensed water and moisture for an extended life.

The cabinet under the sink should not be less than 36 inches.


  • The undermount sink type with one bowl
  • Overall dimensions of the unit are 32″ Lx 19″ W x 10” D
  • Constructed from high quality stainless steel with a commercial grade satin brush finish that is highly resistant to rust, corrosion, dents and premature aging.
  • Comes with a standard 3.5 drain.
  • Quiet soundproofing made possible by padding and insulation that also minimizes condensation.
  • Available in different sizes.

Customer feedback

With this 32-inch single basin sink, customers who were conducting a remodel mentioned that even though they didn’t expand their sink range at all, using this unit made it feel as though their working area had doubled. They love the fact that they can wash and dry dishes all in one area, thanks to the foldable dish drying rack accessory. Users also said that they liked the depth of the sink as most of the water is contained and does splutter all over the place during use. Overall, this Ruvati oversized kitchen sink unit is sid to be extremely well constructed with fantastic quality, design and aesthetic appeal.

5. Mensarjor Single Bowl Kitchen Sink 16 Gauge Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

A sink bowl is an integral part of the kitchen. One could even argue that it’s the most important part of the kitchen as every other kitchen activity revolves around the sink area. That ranges from dish washing to food prep. For that reason, you want a kitchen sink that will last a lifetime. However, longevity should not compromise style and utility.Mensarjor Single Bowl Kitchen Sink 16 Gauge Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

This undermount unit from Mensarjor has a 10” depth which seems over-sized by virtue of getting some extra depth of an inch or two as the installation has to be under the kitchen worktop.

Most households appreciate this depth because it means minimized spluttering of water outside the sink when washing dishes. It also means that your biggest pots and pans can be handled with ease when cleaning them in the sink.

The unit is a true rectangle with sharp edges that present a beautiful design.

The near indestructible quality is as a result of the material used for construction. The sink has been forged from 16 Gauge Premium T304 Grade Stainless Steel for Superior strength and impressive longevity.

The muted sheen is achieved from commercial grade brushed finish that is able to resist dents as well as scratches. But, if truth be told, stainless steel is always susceptible to scratches and that is why this unit comes inclusive of a multi-functional stainless steel dish grid to protect and preserve the aesthetic of your sink bottom.

If you look closely, you will notice that the unit has a slight slant at the bottom. That’s not a flaw but deliberate engineering which ensures that water does not stand on the sink but instead flows towards the 3.5” drain at the rear of the unit.

Installation of this unit requires that the cabinet under the sink is no less than 35 inches.

Noise reduction enhances the user experience. In this unit the noise is dampened to a good degree with a thickening noise coating and insulation pads that also serve to reduce condensation which can easily destroy under sink cabinets over time.


  • The sink design is undermount with one bowl
  • The overall dimensions of the unit are 30” L x 17” W x 10” D
  • Constructed from stainless steel with a brushed coating for high resistance to rust, corrosion, dents and premature aging.
  • It comes with a standard 3.5 drain
  • Quiet soundproofing made possible with a thickened interior which dampens the noise
  • Available in different sizes to suit a wide range of kitchen tops.

The unit has dominant size which when undermounted provides an oversized feel and look. That is not only great for kitchen décor but also very practical utility-wise.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this unit mentioned that the quality and thickness is indeed superior and very impressive as the sink does not sound tinny or hollow. Some users used this sink for kitchen remodels to match with high quality worktops and the end results were absolutely stunning. Customers also thought the accessories that come with the unit such as; a 3 piece basket strainer waste, 3 soft sponges for cleaning and a stainless steel dish grid were a nice touch.

6. Blanco Stainless Steel 441024 Single Undermount Kitchen Sink

Blanco is a sink brand that has been in operation for at least 8 decades. The brand has established itself as a reliable mark of quality when it comes to kitchen sinks. That’s why it comes as no surprise that this undermount kitchen sink has a pleasing design and is well constructed.Blanco Stainless Steel 441024 Single Undermount Kitchen Sink

For those customers who prefer a sink that exudes a simple elegance, high functionality as well as longevity, then this unit will likely work for you.

With generously rounded edges, the sink has a neat look and a muted gloss that is pleasant to look at, easy to clean and blends well with the rest of the kitchen appliances as well as the overall kitchen décor.

The unit is heavy duty and constructed from 18 gauge stainless steel for a sleek dense finish.

When seeking to mount an under sink, it’s imperative that you do your due diligence. That’s because once you cut out your granite top or a gorgeous slab of quartzite to mount a sink, it will be to late for regrets.

This model is a sure choice that delivers on utility and functional aesthetic, leaving you with no regrets but a rewarding and amazing looking kitchen to show for it. This sink option is a sure way of personalizing your kitchen space.

Unfortunately, this unit is not accompanied by any accessories but is advisable to use it with a Blanco grid insert, which helps preserve the unit from scratches and dents.

However, the sink does come equipped with noise absorbing padding underneath that helps in ensuring your use when washing dishes has minimal noise.

The unit cleans easy and remains stainless for a wonderful look on all sides. When installing the unit, the base cabinet under the sink should be no less than 30 inches.


  • Undermount design with one bowl
  • Overall dimensions of the unit are 28” L x 18” W x 9” D
  • Constructed from superior grade stainless steel with a brushed interior to resist rust, corrosion, dents and premature aging.
  • The unit has a slot for a standard 3.5 drain. The drain is not inclusive but it can be bought separately.
  • Quiet soundproofing thanks to the rubber padding
  • Available in different sizes

When installing an undermount sink, there is little room for error. That’s why the provided cutout sink template is very thoughtful and ensures that you get the cut right the first time for a clean mount that you can be proud of.

Customer feedback

Users who bought this unit did so because of the practical and oversized build. They also liked the rounded interior corners that make cleaning easier. Customers also said the sink had a good thickness and expect it to last for a long time. The cut out template was found to be most helpful during installation for precision cutting of the worktop.

7. Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation Undermount 16 Gauge Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

By now, you probably already know that the Kraus brand is a go to label for unmatched quality and design. Over and above the stellar quality that you have come to associate the brand with, this particular single bowl sink has some utility enhancing features that some users and chefs will truly appreciate.KRAUS KWU110-32 Kore Workstation Undermount 16 Gauge Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Often during food prep it means that you have to slice ingredients such as fruit and veggies on a board on top of the Kitchen Island or kitchen countertop.

With the Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation  Sink, the design is slightly bigger and imposing at a length of 32” and a width of 19”. This dimension allows extensive edges of the unit that mount underneath the work top to extend slightly toward the faucet forming a ledge all around the sink.

This ledge is by design as it allows accessories such as the exquisite bamboo chopping board that comes with the unit to sit on the tracks of the sink. This means that you can now easily use the sink space to dice your ingredients.

Furthermore, the board can also slide left or right along the tracks for further convenience such as when you need it to be directly under the faucet.

Additionally, the unit also comes with a handy dish drying rack that can also sit on the tracks of the sink for drying your dishes right above the sink when you choose. The rack is multi-use and does a great job of rinsing produce such as vegetables just beneath the faucet.

This is such a practical way of reclaiming space in your kitchen.

The construction of this unit is from TRU 16 gauge stainless steel. So you are assured of a heavy duty sink with extreme durability and duly protected from rust, corrosion as well as dents.

True to the Kraus fashion, the unit comes with rubber insulation that covers more than 80% of the sink. It is this padding that ensures the unit is not noisy and clangy when washing dishes.

Additionally, it works to minimize condensation which can wreak havoc on your under sink cabinetry.

The purchase of this unit is accompanied with a stainless steel bottom grid which helps protect the base of your sink from dents and scratches.


  • Undermount installation with one bowl design
  • Overall dimensions of the unit are 32” L x 19” W x 10” D
  • Constructed with anti aging, rust ,corrosion and dent resistant stainless steel and incorporates a work station for even better utility.
  • Comes with a standard 3.5 drain
  • Soundproofed by sound defend technology
  • Available in varied sizes.

The 10” depth of the unit is sufficient for washing even your oversized pots and pans with much ease. Plus, this is an amazing looking unit that makes any kitchen look modern and fun.

Customer feedback

Customers, who were looking for high quality and durability that can match solid worktops such as granite, marble, and quartzite, were extremely happy and impressed by the heavy duty TRU 16 gauge undermount sink. Further, they mentioned that they loved the aesthetic that the unique design adds to the unit and the trendy feel that the unit brings to the kitchen.

8. Sarlai Stainless Steel Farmhouse Matte Black Undermount Kitchen Sink

The Sarlai Farmhouse Sink Matte Black Kitchen Sink is what you need to match up with rich wooden cabinets or glossy laminated kitchen cabinets.Sarlai Stainless Steel Farmhouse Matte Black Undermount Kitchen Sink

The sink comes in a unique black matte finish that can help create sharp contrast with cabinet, and countertop color schemes or simply blend in with muted elegance.

This sink unit is made from T304 stainless steel in TRU16 real 16-gauge for superior strength and durability.

The unit is composed of multi-layer crafts with Nano-technology on stainless steel. The advantage of this crafting is to ensure that no oil or food debris can stick to the sink. The layers that form the unit include tungsten carbide, zirconium dioxide, nano zinc oxide, nano alumina, nano silicon dioxide and 304 stainless steel. Now that results in is a sleek non porous, anti-stick unit with an exquisite black matte finish.

Extra thick 3mm rubber pads provide further insulation against heat, freeze as well as noise dampening of vibration and noise. Your under sink cabinet is bound to have a longer life because the condensation has been minimized or completely neutralized.

Further, the design of this unit is such that the face is thick and slightly curved and visible for an excellent aesthetic display.

Installation of this sink requires that the under sink cabinet be no less than 36 inches.


  • Single bowl undermount installation
  • Overall dimensions of the sink are 33″ x 22″ x 10” D
  • Constructed from stainless steel with Nano technology and a gorgeous black matte finish highly resistant to rust, corrosion, dents and premature aging
  • A standard 3.5 drain included
  • Noiseless, made possible by 3mm extra thick rubber pads
  • Available in several sizes.

Customer feedback

Users who got this unit loved the gorgeous oversized feel. Customers also mentioned that they liked the rounded corners because they are easier to clean. Moreover, most users who got this unit loved the color, build, design and the amazing contrast it brought to their overall kitchen décor. They also mentioned that the sound proofing is excellent especially when you are using this unit in a commercial setting like a restaurant. Overall, this Sarlai undermount kitchen sink offers a different vibe of cool, stylish and sophistication without compromising on high grade durability, quality and aesthetics.

9. Kraus KHF200 Standart PRO Farmhouse Apron Single Bowl Stainless Steel Sink

If you prefer your sink with a front apron design,  oversized and trendy while meeting excellent quality standards, then you will most likely love the Kraus KFHF200 Standard PRO Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink.Kraus KHF200 Standart PRO Farmhouse Apron Single Bowl Stainless Steel Sink

This unit is beautifully oversized with an overall length of 32.88” and a width of 20.75”. The construction is heavy duty in keeping with the Kraus brand standards and is made from premium 16 gauge T-304 stainless steel.

With this unit, you can expect zero rust, corrosion and dents.

The sound proofing to vibration and noise is done via thick pads that insulate over 80% of the sink resulting in a noise dampening effect whenever washing dishes in the sink.

If you have previously had a problem with big pots and pans fitting into your smaller average sink, you will love the feel of the extra-deep basin which accommodates large dishes with ease.

Furthermore, the splutter of water outside the sink is minimized by a great degree. The unit’s clean lines on the bottom surface ensure water does not stand but flows easily to the standard drain strategically placed towards the rear of the sink.

An apron front design complements any décor and offers beautiful contrast with kitchen worktop surfaces as well as cabinets.

The versatile design blends well with a myriad of kitchen decors ranging from modern, traditional to transitional.

For a seamless installation, the unit requires that the cabinet under the sink be no less than 33”.


  • Front apron undermount design with a single bowl
  • Overall dimensions of the unit are 31.50” L x 18.38” W x 10” D
  • Constructed from stainless steel with an enameled interior for a number of anti properties including resistance to rust and corrosion.
  • A standard 3.5 drain is included
  • Quiet thanks to the defend technology
  • Several other  sizes available

To ensure that your sink stays dent and scratch free, this unit comes accompanied with a protective stainless steel bottom grid. Other helpful accompaniments with your purchase include a premium 3 piece basket strainer set, a Kraus kitchen towel and a cutout template.

Customer feedback

Users who settled for this beautiful stainless steel farmhouse sink, mentioned that it installs easy thanks to the cut out template that comes with the purchase. Customers also said that it complements stainless steel kitchen appliances as well as other colors in the kitchen very well. They also appreciated the additional accessories that come with it.


Not all sinks are made equal. When looking for a heavy duty option that has the highest quality and will go the distance in terms of longevity, you can count on the above reviewed sinks and brands. This varied sink options do an excellent job of complementing cabinets, worktops as well as the general kitchen décor while delivering excellent service to a wet area. If you are looking for the best single bowl stainless steel undermount sinks consider any one of the above option for the best value for money.





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