10 Best Shower Curtain Rings Review of 2020

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When styling and furnishing homes, we usually aim to obtain the best quality of items our budget can allow. The “why settle for less when you can get more for the same price or even lesser” strategy. Regardless of the size of our budget or the extent of decorating or renovation we are undertaking, this is always a key factor in our purchases and decisions. If this applies to everything from furniture to kitchen appliances, shower curtain rings should not be an exception.

You’re probably thinking why shower curtain rings? Who would bother about the cost of something as cheap and as insignificant as a shower curtain rings? Or maybe your question is why should you bother? Well, the answers to all these are rather straightforward.

Firstly, that shower curtain rings are a part of your budget means they are important, regardless of how little. Secondly, a faulty shower curtain ring can be a source of frustration in the bathroom; frustration can affect your mental stability… I could go on and on on this topic but I think you get the idea. And lastly, there is very little reason other than the fact that better quality items, shower curtain rings included, last longer and eliminate the need for constant changing and repurchasing.

If you were to buy cheaper shower curtain rings that sold for thrice less than the alternative seven times over three years simply while your neighbor has comfortably used that same alternative without replacement for the same period of time, you would realize your loss. Fortunately, this article isn’t here to help you realize your mistake but rather to help you avoid it.

It is generally believed that plainer shower curtain rings last much longer than their more attractive or ‘fancy’ counterparts and this is mostly true. But what if an opportunity arose for you to purchase stylish, long lasting shower curtain rings at relatively cheap prices? Sounds like a good deal right?

You would be astounded to know the number of companies out there that make shower curtain rings and if that were not shocking enough, their style and durability is bound to wow you. It is our aim here to show you that shower curtain rings extend beyond the cheap plastic types and rust-prone types sold at your local mart.

If you are searching for a durable, stylish and frustration free shower curtain rings, there are a few factors you have to consider.

  • The material used in making the rings. They should be protected from rusting (Steel-plated, steel or plastic.)
  • They should be easy to install. No one wishes to buy shower curtain rings that would require extra technical assistance to install or remove.
  • They should be easy to move to and fro along the shower rod. They should also not possess any sharp or jutting edges that could tear or rip your shower curtains.
  • They must be easy to maintain. If they take more than a few swipes with a damp cloth to clean or requires you to remove them all every now and then for whatever reason, don’t buy them.

Here are some of the best looking, durable shower curtain rings we found for you;

Best Shower Curtain Rings

1. Wrenwane Premium Shower Curtain Rings

These are made from 100% stainless steel and are chrome plated with a beautiful polished Wrenwane Premium Shower Curtain Hooks, 100% Stainless Steel, Polished Chrome, Set of 12 Ringsfinish. The stainless steel means these would last for very long with little risk of rust.

The chrome finish causes them to reflect light, boosting their elegance and attractiveness.  The shower hooks are closed, disallowing the possibility that the curtain could fall off when you pull too fast.

The five small, roller balls at the top of the rings, while adding to the attractiveness of the hooks, also provides a glide free movement over the shower rod, meaning no snagging, no hassle and no unnecessary effort.

2. Maytex Metal Double Roller Glide Shower Curtain Rings

With these shower hooks, opening and closing your shower curtains is made less stressful. They Best stainless steel shower curtains ringsconsist of a number of roller balls at the top of the ring that make opening and closing of the shower curtains an effortless task.

These balls are made from stainless steel and are thus rust resistant. They also possess an unconventional double hook design that allows for the hanging of the liner and shower curtain separately on the same shower rod.

They are available in nickel, bronze and chrome colors and are sold in sets of 12.

3. AGPTEK Fashion Decorative Seashell Shower Curtain Rings

If you’re looking for a shower curtain rings with a little bit of style to it, this is for you. These are Best decorative shower curtain ringsnot only made from metal but also from acrylic shells in the design of real sea shells and aquatic life forms that give your bathroom a seaside feel.

Due to the peculiar design, they are also popular for designing children bathrooms.

The hooks are anti-rust and the product in general offers durability as well as beauty.

They are sold in packs of 12 and are suitable for rods of 20-30 mm in diameter.

4. HBlife Acrylic Decorative Rolling Shower Curtain Rings

These shower curtain rings are available for rods of between 8-30 mm in diameter and are silver-Best Acrylic Decorative Rolling Shower Curtain Hookscolored. The rhinestone patterns reflect light and are thus shiny and attractive to the eye.

The rings are fitted with roller balls to ensure their free movement along the length of the shower rod. They are easy to install and require no assistance.

They are sold in packs of 12 for the standard shower curtain installation.

5. Creative Scents Shower Curtain Rings

The brushed nickel rings are made of pure durable resin which conveys upon it, incredible Best Rust Proof shower curtains ringsdurability and imperviousness to rust.

These Creative Scents shower curtain hooks possess a brushed pewter finish with crackled glass for a more elegant feel, without the added disadvantage of snagging.

The crackled glass reflects light richly, endowing the curtain rings with a luster to admire. Sturdy as they are beautiful, these hooks are capable of holding up heavy shower curtains, without limiting their movement when opening or closing.

6. AGPTEK Shower Curtain Rings

These are designed as rose petals made from a durable resin and possess hooks made from an Best Decorative Resin Hooks for Bathroomanti-rust alloy. The rose petal design gives the hooks a natural feel and would surely appeal greatly to lovers of flowers.

If utilized, these shower curtain rings would blend well with a garden of flowery theme, while also providing a lot of class and beauty if used on their own.  Overall, these hooks are gorgeously designed, easy to install and likely to last years without need for replacements.

They’re suitable for rods having diameters between 22-30 mm and are available in white and pink colors.

7. Park Designs Pinecone Shower Curtain Hooks

These shower curtain hooks from Park Designs perfectly complements a rustic theme and would Best Shower Curtain Hooksbe perfect for decorating homes and cabins alike.

The pinecones are made out of poly stone and are brown in color to imbue your bathroom with a natural effect while the hooks are made from rust free metals for higher durability.

They are sold in packs of 12 and are generally of exceptional quality.

8. Paw Print Shower Curtain Rings

As the name implies, these shower curtain hooks are uniquely designed as paw prints and should Best Chrome shower curtain ringsappeal to animal lovers.

You will be glad to know that the rings are corrosion-free, easy to install and glide across the shower rod freely and without hindrance.

The manufacturers, Fresko, also offers 100% payback guarantee to dissatisfied customers who wish to return the products within 90 days of their purchase.

9. InterDesign York Shower Curtain Rings

These are produced in two colors, white and chrome. Best Shower Curtain Hooks

They are classy, easy to install and would fit into almost any bathroom decor and are sold in Packs of 12 with a 90 day warranty period.

The design is simple but efficient, making it a wonderful choice for consumers with good tastes.


10. Carnation Home Fashions “Snap Plastic” Shower Curtain Rings

These plastic shower curtain rings snap securely to your shower curtain, thus, making installing or removing your shower curtain a breeze. Best Plastic Shower Curtain Hooks

They require no experts to assemble and due to the fact that they’re made of plastic, therefore impervious to the possibility of rusting.

The rings can easily be maintained by wiping with a damp cloth are available in a variety of colors to fit any decorating theme.

Sure, all of the above options are fantastic and are bound to impress as much as the others. Just think about what you like or want and pick your shower curtain rings.

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