2020 10 Best Safety Bed Rails for Toddlers Worth Every Cent

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Table of Contents

When a toddler grows too big for their crib, many parents consider moving them to a big kid’s bed. However, to make this transition smoother for both child and parent, it’s often necessary beforehand to consider protecting your toddler from rolling off the mattress and onto the floor with the use of a safety bed rail.

At this early stage, many toddlers still sleep in a variety of positions – and often do a full 360°turn around the bed each night! Therefore, the most effective way to prevent any incidents when moving your toddler to their first bed is via a safety bed rail.

Safety bed rails are the perfect solution for many a toddler, and indeed a child-sized bed, as they keep your little one safe throughout the night while offering essential peace of mind for the adults.

Below we are going to review 10 of the best safety bed rails for toddlers you can buy for your kids;

  1. ComfyBumpy Toddler Bed Rail Guard for Kids

ComfyBumpy sells a safety bed rail which they claim to be a unique design and the only model on the market to offer triple safety features throughout. Toddler Bed Rail Guard for Kids Twin, Double, Full Size Queen & King Mattress - Bed Rails for Toddlers - Universal Fit for Slats & Boxspring - Children & Baby Bedrail by ComfyBumpy (Grey Reg)

This triple safety element comes from its ability to be secured to the bed’s slats and springs via its Velcro, its capability of being attached to box springs using the straps under the bed’s mattress, and its accessibility of being used on those wood bases by using the screws to connect it safely.

This is a universal model which is ideal for all mattress types including kids, singles, twin kid beds, doubles, kings and queens. With fast installation possible, there are even video instructions to help you get this attached and fixed within minutes.

Customers can choose from two sizes and even a choice of two colors to suit. Furthermore, this bed rail guard boasts an innovative design which allows your child to remain secure throughout, without having to feel the bars beneath their mattress as they sleep. Additionally, the mesh padding is entirely breathable.

Customers of the ComfyBumpy love the easy pull-down design of this rail guard, alongside its ability to fit perfectly on all bed types.

2. Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard

Regalo offers a swing down choice in their safety bed rail guard which has the added benefit of an anchor safety system and is reinforced throughout. Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard, with Reinforced Anchor Safety System

This utilizes a patented feature allowing the bed rail to actually pivot down and be moved out of the way. This makes it ideal for when your child wants to get in and out of bed, as well as those times when you need to change their bed sheets.

In one standard size, and white in color, this sits at 43 inches long and 20 inches tall for added security for your child. Its safety claims are also regulated and certificated for extra peace of mind all-round.

This model is easy to set up and doesn’t require the use of tools. An all-steel frame design, the anchoring element ensures the strap secures the bed rail to the bed.

Featuring a machine washable rail cover, this rail is for use with those beds from twin to queen sizes and only with bed and box spring beds.

Customers of the Regalo find this to be reliable and sturdy and an overall safe bed rail, with some even mentioning that a box spring bed is not necessarily essential here.

3. Safety 1st Top-of-mattress Bed Rail

Safety 1st has a bed rail with a slight difference in that it’s referred to as a Top-Of-Mattress bed rail. This means that it works predominantly to eliminate any potential gaps that exist between your child’s bed and bed rail. Safety 1st Top-of-mattress Bed Rail

Making sure your toddler can’t roll out of their bed and place themselves in immediate danger, the concept of this model is to offer a full eight inches of security above the actual mattress.

This can be easily fitted to a full, twin or even queen sized mattress – with no loss of height created.

Easy to set up, the company claim you can have this unboxed and set up to go on the bed in as little as three minutes! It also doesn’t require the use of any tools during installation.

When this is set up, you can do an extra check via the Secure Tech indicator this model features. This shows that everything is locked into the correct position and is ready for use by your toddler.

Customers of the Safety 1st find it easy to set up and use and love the added security it offers. It’s also suggested as an ideal solution for co-sleeping.

4. Dream On Me Mesh Security Rail

Dream On Me offers a mesh security bed rail which you can select in three colors, including blue, pink, and white. Bed Mesh Security Rail

This is a lightweight bed security solution which claims to be the simplest to install and requires no assembly whatsoever when doing so.

Aimed at those twin size beds for the best compatibility, it works by fastening to the side of the bed.

Coming complete and fully assembled when purchased, it offers measurements of 33.5 inches in length and a height of 15 inches.

This is marketed at those young ones who are making that transition from crib to bed, and at parents who want peace of mind that their child will remain safe as they sleep.

For added convenience, you can also clean this bed rail with a damp cloth to keep it fresh.

Customers of the Dream On Me rate this as the ideal solution for transitioning, finding it easy and quick to install before using.

5. Regalo Swing Down 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard

The second Regalo bed guard on our list, this one is an extra-long model, with a fantastic 54 inches of length offered to increase your child’s safety. Regalo Swing Down 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard, with Reinforced Anchor Safety System

Ideal for those more active of young sleepers, and at 20 inches in height, this is created as an additional safeguard and complete with an anchor system which is reinforced.

Featuring Regalo’s patented swing down feature, this model also has the benefit of pivoting both down and out of the way. This ensures easy access in and out of bed while making it more accessible as a result for adults.

An easy to set up model, it comes complete with a secure anchoring strap that you simply attach to the bed.

Made up of an entire steel frame design, it’s aimed at those bed and box spring types and works best with twin to queen size beds.

Customers of the Regalo 54 inch bed rail like being able to select a larger model which works harder to keep those more active of toddlers safely in their bed!

6. Summer Infant Double Safety Bed Rail

Summer Infant provide a grey infant bed rail which is a double model type; meaning you get two guard rails in total in just the one purchase! Double Safety Bedrail

Each panel is designed to cope with even those thicker of mattress types and measures 42.5 inches in length and 21 inches in height.

This is aimed at those mattress types ranging from twin to queen size, and platform based beds.

Requiring minimal assembly when setting up, one side can fold down for easy access to the bed. This means your child can get in and out when needed with ease and you can also access the bed area as when you need to.

For added peace of mind regarding security, this model meets official bed rail standards.

The company claim this is an essential item for those looking to make that smooth transition for the child from the crib to bed.

Customers of the Summer Infant like having two panels, as opposed to one, believing it creates a cozier and more comfortable environment for their child overall.

7. Hiccapop Convertible Crib Toddler Bed Rail Guard

Hiccapop’s bed rail guard claims to offer an untouched quality when compared to other products on the market, and backs this up with their lifetime guarantee on every model sold! hiccapop Convertible Crib Toddler Bed Rail Guard with Reinforced Anchor Safety

This is claimed to be the only crib rail that works to firmly anchor to the bed’s steel using steel clamps. This makes it entirely safe to implement and use and ensures no slipping out of place throughout.

With an emphasis on the hardened steel used throughout this design, the fabric employed here is alsoheavy duty and less likely to tear or fray as a result.

To make the bedtime ritual easier, it folds down for easy access and claims to fit a vast variety of popular crib types.

Assembling this model takes just minutes and clear easy to access instructions are detailed with your purchase.

For added guarantee, this bed rail guard passes all safety tests and has no use of phthalates, using only lead-free paint.

Customers of the Hiccapop find this a great addition and workable transition for their toddlers. Many claim it fits perfectly on the bed and provides a safer sleeping environment.

8. Munchkin Sleep Bed Rail

Munchkin’s bed rail is available in three colors including grey, blue, and pink, and offers innovative styling and construction through its design features. Sleep Bed Rail

Measuring 36 inches in width and 18 inches in height, this model has a pushbutton hinge. This makes sure that accessing it and folding it down is simplistic to use regularly.

With active safety straps, the gap between bed rail and mattress is eliminated, ensuring safety all-around as a priority.

The company claim this takes just one minute to quickly assemble and that it’s thoroughly simple to keep clean by use of a damp cloth.

Aimed at those children in the two to five-year age bracket, it fits full, twin, and queen sized mattresses.

Ultimately, Munchkin has worked hard to ensure this bed rail remains not just safe, but fun and modern in its styling, eliminating any hospital bed look these products were once well known for!

Customers of the Munchkin believe this is not only a perfectly affordable solution but one that is installed instantly and provides excellent all-around bed security.

9. Baby Elf Single Foldable Safety Bed Rail

Baby Elf sells a stunningly looking bed rail which boasts a beautiful elephant print, which would look fantastic in many a toddler room. BABY BBZ 59inch Bed Rail - Single Foldable Safety Bedrail with Ventilated Mesh

Featuring ventilated mesh, this relies on a host of premium materials in its design to ensure continued safety throughout, as well as durability and enhanced softness to the touch.

This is an easy to use rail which can be fixed to the bed by accessing its invisible locks! By using these types of locks, they are unrecognized by your child, therefore prevent them from playing with them. The tubes of this model are also wrapped with foam, thereby offering a double protection barrier.

Simple to fold, you can access your child’s bed with ease when required, and they too can climb into their bed instantly, with the rail providing an immediate safer sleeping environment.

Offering 59 inches in length, this is aimed at beds up to queen sizes and will fit those mattress sizes that are between 3 to 16 cm in width.

Customers of the Baby Elf offer great reviews for this bed rail, claiming it’s the perfect length, uses wonderfully safe material throughout –but, more so, has a fantastic design!

10. Dreambaby Savoy Bed Rail For Toddlers

Dreambaby has an extra wide, and extra tall savoy bed rail which they feel works perfectly for all toddlers and their toddler beds! Bed Rail For Toddlers

Featuring a removal and washable cover, this claims to be the most convenient of designs with a fold downside that makes it perfect for tucking in time through to safely sleeping throughout the night.

Most suited to those flat and slat bed types, it will fit mattresses up to queen size and measures 43 inches wide and 18 inches tall.

With a travel bag included as part of the purchase, making this great for those occasional overnight stays as well, it’s an easy and quick to assemble model.

Customers of the Dreambaby believe it does the job of safely guarding their child remarkably well, as well as being one of the easier of bedrails to install in an instant.

Final Thoughts on Best Safety Beds Rails for Toddlers

Safety bed rails are an excellent investment as they can last for many years, offering your child security until they’re ready to sleep through the night without such measures.

Allowing your child all the benefits of moving up to a bigger bed type, with less of the concerns about potential falling and tumbling incidents, they’re also a great stress reliever for both parent and child alike!

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