10 Best Ruffled Bedding Comforter Sets of 2021

Bedroom too plain? Maybe it needs a little more texture. Maybe you need cascading ruffled bedding comforter sets to add a shabby chic theme or “oomph” factor to your plain room?

Ruffles are characterized by a strip of fabric with gathered pleats attached to it, giving the fabric a fluffy and flouncy look.

Because of the soft and gentle aesthetic it gives, it is commonly used for girls’ bedrooms as well as for nurseries, or just about any interior that needs a feminine touch as well as achieving that shabby chic theme.

But hey, depending on what style it comes in, ruffles can work with just about any theme there is.

But why in bedding comforter sets? Quite clearly, your bed can most probably be the centermost point of your bedroom and whatever you dress your bed in will more or less set the whole tone of your bedroom.

So why not get a set instead of trying to fit different pieces together like a mismatched puzzle? You can now find bedding comforter sets in the market and most of the time, a set includes a comforter with matching pillowcases or pillow shams that can elevate the look of your bed to the next level.

As said earlier, ruffles can work with basically any style there is, with the right styling. You would be surprised at the wide selections of different styles of ruffled bedding comforter sets in the market. If you are ready for an unbelievably fluffy and comfy night, below is an excellent selection of some of the best ruffled bedding comforter sets as evidenced by their many raving reviews!

Top Best Ruffled Bedding Comforter Sets

1. Lush Décor Belle 4 Piece Ruffled Comforter Set

Although this blushing piece can easily be the Belle of your bedroom, its shabby chic look can also work for non-feminine and neutral rooms, with the soft, muted colors it comes in.Lush Décor Belle 4 Piece Ruffled Comforter Set

This bestselling ruffled comforter set is bedecked by frills that are voluminous and simple all at the same time, making it a design that works for everyone.

Coming in the shades ivory, blush, light gray, pink blush, and white, you can also use this for a minimalistic room even if it is shared with a male partner, considering its not so overwhelming design and colors.

Including more coordinating pieces, this 4-piece set includes a King size comforter, 2 matching pillow shams, and even a bed skirt for a more polished and homey look.

All of these are made from high quality polyester that is lightweight and easy to clean.

And because ruffles are for everyone, you can also enjoy this model in a Full/Queen variant.

Clean-up will be very easy, but due to the design’s dainty embellishments, it is most recommended for dry cleaning so you can preserve your charming bedding set for the many years to come.


  • King size comforter measures 96” x 100”, while the Full/Queen size has a 96” x 92” comforter size
  • This bedding sheet includes a comforter, two 20” x 36” matching pillow shams, and bed skirt measuring 80” x 78” with a 14.5” drop for the King and 80” x 60” with a 14. 5” drop for the Full/Queen size
  • Available in the shades ivory, blush, light gray, pink blush, and white
  • The fabric of the whole set, as well as its comforter filling is made from 100% breathable polyester material
  • With a linear ruffled design running across the whole of the comforter as well as the pillow shams
  • Recommended for dry cleaning to preserve its crisp quality

2. Intelligent Design Waterfall Ruffled Shabby Chic Comforter Set

Ruffles do not have to be all girly. You can still have a muted elegant room or a classic one if you prefer, with a ruffled bedding comforter set that comes in a classy gray hue such as this one by Intelligent Design.Intelligent Design Waterfall Ruffled Comforter Set

The flowing waves of ruffles are flouncy enough for you to lose yourself into after a long day while the low-key gray color makes it very versatile and neutral enough to fit into any interior design.

The comforter features an impressive reversible design with ruffles on one side and a solid gray on the other, so if you feel like tweaking your bedroom a little for a change, you can just flip your comforter out for a new look.

Not only that but it also comes complete with two matching shams, as well as another two decorative pillows to make your bed look as luxurious as it can be.

Made of 100% polyester, this comforter retains heat to give you a sweet, undisturbed sleep while its brushed microfiber material on its reverse side is smooth and gentle to the touch and lasts for a long time.

This set is machine wash friendly on cold setting and gentle cycle, and that’s how easy it is to maintain the bounciness of its ruffles.

This comforter bedding set is also available in colors blue, blush, and white as well as in sizes Full/Queen and Twin/Twin XL.


  • The Full/Queen variety measures 90×90″ for the comforter, 20×26″ for the shams, and 12×18″/16×16 for the decorative pillows while Twin/Twin XL has 68×90″ comforter
  • Available in colors gray, blue, blush, and white
  • The comforter has a reversible design, with ruffled surface on one side and plain on the other
  • The comforter’s face and the shams are made from 100% polyester while the comforter’s reverse side is brushed microfiber
  • Machine-washable in cold setting and gently cycle

3. Tache Floral Elegant Ruffled Midnight Bloom Quilt Comforter Bedding Set

With its lush and luxurious design that glides ever so smoothly to the skin, you will certainly love the caress of this deluxe set by Tache.Tache Floral Elegant Ruffled Midnight Bloom Quilt Comforter Bedding Set

At first glance, one would think that this is made of luxurious silks and velvets; but while its smoothness and softness can equal that of a silk, it’s actually made from pure polyester with great heating benefits. Polyester is also very easy to durable and doesn’t wrinkle easily.

Rich and voluminous ruffles create a big border around the area of this purple comforter with a big circle of ruffles at the center and blooming roses all around that are stitched with utmost precision. A darker shade of purple with even bigger ruffles runs around the perimeter of its comforter, giving it a richer look.

This 6- piece comforter set includes a comforter with a 100% polyester face and 100% cotton back, as well as 100% polyester filling, 2 pillow cases with coordinating 3 dimensional rose and ruffled design, 2 cushion covers, and a bonus neck roll pillow in the same design for a heavenly kind of comfort.

If you’re worried about the filling, you need not do so because the comforter’s filling is stitched in so it will never shift however you move during your sleep.

Moreover, it is also hypoallergenic to boot!

This purple stunner comes in Queen, King, and California King variants for you to enjoy whatever size your bed comes in.


  • 96″x 96″for the Queen comforter, 108″x 96″ for the King, and 104″x100″ for the California King
  • Set includes a comforter, two 20” x 28” pillow cases, 18” x 18” cushion covers, and 21” x 7” neck roll
  • Comes in a color scheme of purple and dark purple
  • With ruffled and blooming roses design
  • Made of 100% Polyester for the comforter’s face and filling, and 100% cotton for the comforter’s back
  • The filling is stitched-in to prevent them from shifting
  • Dry cleaning is most recommended for cleaning

4. Lush Décor Serena 3 Piece Shabby Chic Comforter Set

Perfect for a budding, blushing beauty, this Serena comforter set by Lush Décor is as beautiful as its name with oversized intricate flowers with well-crafted ruffles making up their petals that give it a gently feminine look, making it perfect for the first big room of your baby girl or a blooming teenager.Lush Décor Serena 3 Piece Shabby Chic Comforter Set

This set includes a Queen size comforter for you to drape over your bed for a plush look, and two matching pillow shams for so your bed can look stunningly cohesive.

Because it’s made from 100% polyester, you can enjoy cozy nights without getting cold without having to endure a heavy and overwhelming comforter. This material is also easy to clean and does not collect dirt easily among other benefits.

Coming in the color blush, it looks ladylike enough without being too girly if you prefer an elegant feminine vibe for your sanctuary.

However, this set is also available in the color Aqua for a livelier look, Ivory for an elegant feel, and light gray and white if you prefer a neutral bed. Each color comes in their own set of sizes to choose from while this pretty blush set can be obtained in Twin XL, Full/Queen, and King sizes.

This stunner can be cleaned by dry cleaning only, so you can enjoy its flouncy goodness for the years to come.


  • 96 x 92” comforter for the Full/Queen size, 92 x 68” for the Twin XL, and 96 x 110” for the King. Also includes two 20 x 36” matching shams
  • Available in colors aqua, blush, ivory, light gray, and white
  • Made from 100% polyester that is easy to maintain
  • The comforter is 250 GSM thick
  • With well crafted oversized ruffled flower design
  • Dry cleaning only to preserve its quality

5. Chezmoi Collection Ella 3-Piece Waterfall Ruffle Comforter Set

Experts say that if you’are always working overtime and are feeling tired and exhausted most of the time, you’ll benefit greatly with a pure white bedroom. Reminiscent of fresh summer mornings, a white themed bedroom can revive the senses, especially the tired eyes.Chezmoi Collection Ella 3-Piece Waterfall Ruffle Comforter Set

Create your very own soothing sanctuary with a Chezmoi white ruffled comforter bedding set!

This comforter bedding set is very charming in all its simplicity, with a solid white upper part and the ruffles gently cascading down like a waterfall on the lower half. It’s perfect if you fancy some frills but not too much, and would still like a smooth surface to hold as you sleep.

This charmer comes with 2 matching shams to give just enough volume to your bed. Made from the softest material, it feels almost like silk to the touch and will hold up very well to repeated machine-wash. Just remember to always wash this beauty in cold water with gentle cycle and tumble dry low so you can enjoy its volume for the years to come.

Charming in white, it is also available in pink, grey, and purple to suit different tastes.


  • A king comforter measures 104″ x 92″, Queen 90 x 92”, Twin 68″ x 86″ and Full 86″ x 88″. The matching shams measure 20 x 26”
  • Features an upper part that is plain and lower part with cascading waterfall ruffles
  • Available in colors white, in pink, grey, and purple
  • Made to be silky soft and durable against machine-wash
  • Machine-washable in cold and gentle setting. Tumble dry to retain its volume

6. Chic Home Hadassah 6 Piece Comforter Set

This comforter exudes high fashion in subtle ruffles and a vibrant color! This comforter bedding set by Chic Home will surely freshen up a plain bedroom with its vivid blue color that’s reminiscent of beach water during summer.Chic Home Hadassah 6 Piece Comforter Set

The whole of the fluffy comforter is stylishly decorated with a very fashion forward striped ruched ruffled stitching so it certainly looks much different than other ruffled comforters.

Soft and plush from its premium quality brushed microfiber material, sleeping with it will feel like sleeping on clouds, and because this comforter is stuffed with hypoallergenic synthetic filling, you can now say goodbye to allergy worries, because you also deserve a good night’s rest.

Coming in King and Queen variants, this set includes a plushy comforter, 2 matching shams, and even 3 decorative pillows to make your bed stand out beautifully.

Aside from this summery blue, it’s also available in colors beige, coral, lavender, and white so you can achieve the exact look that you’re going for.

This set is machine-washable, in cold and gentle settings. Tip: you can put 2 tennis balls in the dryer to increase the comforter’s fluffiness!


  • The comforter measures 106” x 92” for the King and 90 x 92” for the Queen
  • The pillow shams are 20” x 36” + 2” in size while the decorative pillows are 12” x 18”
  • Available in King and Queen sizes
  • It comes in 5 colors- blue, beige, coral, lavender, and white
  • made from premium-quality brushed microfiber material
  • The comforter is stuffed with hypoallergenic synthetic filling that is ideal for people with allergies
  • Set includes a comforter, 2 pillow shams, and 2 decorative pillows
  • Machine-washable, but dry clean is preferred. Wash in cold and gentle setting and tumble dry in low heat

7. MI Zone MZ10-231 Comforter Set

Looking like it came straight out of a dollhouse, this soft purple ruffled bedding set by MI Zone will be one of the best bedroom memories of your little girl!MI Zone MZ10-231 Comforter Set

Featuring charming polka dots and ruffles in a yummy white and purple color scheme, this set’s comforter’s top three quarter is decorated with soft purple polka dots in a white backdrop while a generous amount of purple ruffles with white polka dots bedeck its bottom quarter for a look that is sweetly adorable.

An added bonus feature is that it can be used reversed, with a pretty solid purple on the other side, if you prefer a much simpler look for the day.

This set includes a comforter, a standard-sized sham, and a decorative pillow.

The comforter and the sham are made from 100% polyester so they are easy to clean and will hold their shape up well even after washing. Moreover, this comforter set uses an antimicrobial treatment to keep bad odors and bacteria build-ups at bay, so you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh bedding set for longer.


  • 66 x 90” comforter, 20 x 26” standard sham, and 10 x 18” decorative pillow for its Twin/Twin XL size
  • It comes in a charming purple and white color scheme
  • Made from 100% polyester with a microfiber solid reverse
  • The 200 GSM filling is also polyester
  • With an antimicrobial treatment for fresher bedding that lasts
  • Decorated with playful polka dots and ruffles
  • Perfectly machine- washable

8. Lush Décor Reyna Comforter White Ruffled 3 Piece Set

If you’re aiming for a simple and enchanting farmhouse look, this Reyna comforter set by Lush Décor will work perfectly!Lush Décor Reyna Comforter White Ruffled 3 Piece Set

With little subtle textures on its surface that lend it a little bit of a luxurious feel, it is the epitome of simple beauty with the ruffles lining the edges of the comforter and the shams. You can dress it up, or use it as it is, giving you more design opportunities.

Made from 100% polyester, it is silky to the touch while giving you nice toasty warmth that is perfect for all seasons because it is pretty lightweight but still heavy enough to protect you from the cold.

This set includes a King size 230 GSM comforter and 2 matching shams. It is also available in Twin XL and Full Queen size variants as well as in colors blush, lake blue, white, light gray, navy, gray, ivory, and wheat to compliment your room.


  • The King size comforter measures 96 x 110” (Twin XL 92 x 68” and Full Queen 96 x 92”) while the matching shams are 20 x 36 inches with 2. 5” ruffles
  • Comes in the colors blush, lake blue, white, light gray, navy, gray, ivory, and wheat
  • Made from 100% soft polyester
  • The 230 GSM comforter is also stuffed with 100% polyester
  • Set includes a comforter and 2 matching pillow shams
  • Dry clean only for maintenance

9. HIG Pintuck Ruffled Shabby Chic Farmhouse Style Comforter Set

This impressive set by HIG combines simple farmhouse feel with luxury in the best way possible. Designed with well crafted pleats in the pinch style pleating technique, the comforter hangs ever so gracefully and ready to make your bed look like a royal’s sleeping space without breaking the bank. Its navy blue hue also adds to its luxurious look while added ruffles line the edges as fringes to complete the look.HIG Pintuck Ruffled Shabby Chic Farmhouse Style Comforter Set

Made from pure brushed and prewashed microfiber material, this set is not only soft to the touch but easy to clean as well.

The comforter is stuffed with microfiber in the perfect blend of 3D and 7D fiber combination so you can now throw any worries of clumping and shifting out of the window while you enjoy being evenly warm always.

Further, the premium materials used also make this bedding set are hypoallergenic and breathable, so anyone can use it.

This impressive set includes a Queen size comforter and 2 pillow shams and comes in King and Queen size variants. Aside from the luxurious navy blue, it is also available in 7 other colors. If you like the bedspread effect with the ruffled fringes hanging on the side of the bed, we recommend you to get a bigger King size set.


  • The Queen size comforter measures 86 x 90” + 3” ruffles (The King measures 104 x 90” + 3”) while the matching shams are 20 x 36” + 2
  • Also available in colors whites, ivory, aqua, navy, dark grey/ivory, ivory/light gray, navy/white, and peach pink
  • Made from 100% Brushed Prewashed Microfiber
  • The comforter is stuffed with the perfect blend 100% polyester filling with 3D and 7D fiber combination for a fluffiness that’s just right
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable
  • Set includes a comforter and 2 matching pillow shams

10. Amrapur Overseas Antonella 8-Piece Pleated Comforter Set

This set by Amprapur Overseas is the embodiment of simple elegance with its beautiful weavings and stitching made by the most skillful of hands resulting in an expensive-looking set with just the subtlest ruffles.Amrapur Overseas Antonella 8-Piece Pleated Comforter Set

This fuzzy set is decorated with bar tacking details and ruffled edges for a formal and elegant but still comfy look.

Made from pure brushed microfiber polyester, the comforter is overfilled to be enjoyed in all seasons but especially in colder ones, while the matching shams are embroidered to perfection that gives it an heirloom-like look.

This 8-piece set comes with a comforter, embroidered shams, decorative pillows, and a tailored bed skirt for polished look. It is also available in 3 sizes and 3 charming colors to suit different tastes.


  • The King size comforter measures 106″x 90″ (Queen 90″x 90″; California King 106″x 90″ with 72″x 84″x 15″ drop bed skirt)
  • The 8-piece set includes an overfilled comforter, a bed skirt, 2 matching shams, a decorative pillows, square pillows, boudoir pillows, and Euro sham
  • Available in colors mauve, blue, and beige
  • Made from 100% brushed microfiber polyester
  • Bar tacking details and embroideries decorate this charming set
  • Machine-washable


Because you are every day striving, you deserve a peaceful sanctuary where you can let your senses rest. Spoiling yourself with a textured bedding won’t hurt, especially if it is a well-made ruffled bedding. Having one will surely elevate the look of your bedroom, as opposed to having flat, one dimensional designs. With qualities such as the ones listed above, you can even pass them down to be enjoyed by your young ones when they grow up!



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