2020 10 Best Rolling Storage Cart Drawers With Wheels

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Table of Contents

You know drawers are great organizers. Well guess what, you can take your neatness and organizing abilities to the next level for improved efficiency and less headache every time you can’t find a paper clip, staple pins, the stapler, sticky pads, scissor, toner and so forth using a rolling storage cart drawers with wheels for easier maneuverability.

Below we review some of these rolling carts with drawers that offer excellent auxiliary storage solutions and occupy minimal space, have a clean look and above all, have plenty of storage space for smaller items. The fact that they can be moved on wheels when need be makes them even more practical.

Best Rolling Storage Cart Drawers with Wheels

1. Seville Classics Rolling Organizer Cart Drawers

Buying office supplies in bulk for your staff is a great idea. Not only is it cheaper but it saves you the hustle of having to visit the stationery shop too frequently. However, storage of tiny office materials when in bulk can be a tricky affair. I’m talking about items such as pens, paper clips, staples and notepads among others. Depending on your line of work or hobbies, office supplies can include crayons, paint brushes, small blades as well as numerous other small cosmetics, art and craft items.

But there is no need to fret if you have an effective and efficient organizational solution such as the Seville Classic Organizing Cart. If your office is in constant disarray and you can never seem to find anything despite your best efforts to stay organized, this 15 drawers the Seville Classics Organizing Cart provides will prove to be most helpful.


  • Overall dimensions: 25. 2″ W x 15. 3″ D x 38. 2″ H inches
  • Has 15 removable drawers, 5 large ones and 10 smaller ones
  • Construction material for the frame is industrial strength tubular steel
  • Comes equipped with four wheels for mobility
  • Cart comes in black and multi-color

Customer feedback

This organizer has changed the look of many offices  and homes according to customers because there is less clatter and small items are now easy to find.  The column of smaller drawers is excellent for smaller office supplies, while the column with slightly bigger drawers is perfect for slightly larger items such as toners or rims of paper for the printer.

Most users have ended up labeling the drawers with small stickers to make it even easier to find supplies. Customers like the fact that you can pull out the whole drawer with its contents and take it with you. Once done it can be easily slid back to its slot.

2. Giantex Rolling Storage Cart Organizer with Wheels

The Giantex Rolling Storage Cart Organizer helps you get your stuff in order at the workplace, home, garage or just about any place that requires the organization of small items.

The frame of this cart is metal and is therefore strong and sturdy. This cart is equipped with 10 polypropylene removable drawers. The drawers slide unattached through metal channels which makes it very easy to slide them out and back. The metal frame is equipped with casters for easy mobility when you need to move the unit around.

This is ideal for storing a myriad of small items such as office supplies, cosmetics, art and craft tools and pretty much any small items that you can think of.


  • Dimensions: 12.6 inches deep by 14.4 inches wide by 35.4 inches high
  • Comes with 10 removable drawers
  • Metal frame constructions for a firm build and the drawers are made from polypropylene
  • Equipped with four casters for mobility
  • Comes in multi-color

Customer feedback

Customers using this cart mention that this organization assistant helps with keeping most of their accessories in one place. Given that this stack of drawers is only a single file, it occupies minimal space and therefore a good fit for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, sturdy, library office and other sections of the house with limited space.

3. SK Sharkbang Metal Mesh 9 Drawer Rolling Cart Storage Organizer

This stack of drawers is elegantly constructed from cris-cross mesh pattern which offers a partial see-through design. The clean industrial look is supported by a metal frame equipped with casters for easy maneuvering any way with ease.

The professional appearance of solid silver is sure to enliven the style in any space such as an office or studio. Its drawers are deep and big enough to fit A4 papers, magazines, tools, scrap, make up and numerous crafting materials.

This drawer rolling cart comprises of 5 drawers. The first 4 drawers have a height of 2.5 inches while the bottom most drawer has a height of the 5.4 inches.


  • Dimensions: 11.4 inches long by 14.9 inches wide by 24 inches high
  • Has 9 removable drawers
  • The construction is steel framing to ensure a solid firm unit
  • Comes with four casters for smooth rolling
  • Features a silver mesh design

When you are organized, one tends to be more efficient and productive. Let this organizer help keep your stuff in order. The removable casters have 360 degree rotation and will not damage your floor. Moving you stuff to different work station has been made easy.

Customer feedback

Other than being extremely helpful in storing files and a stylish industrial look, customers appreciate the roll-away feature which is a mobile convenience for those with the need to frequently move all or some of the files from room to room. Users also love that the drawers are removable such that one can opt to remove a single drawer that they need or roll the whole cart to a different room where it’s needed.

4. Rimax Rolling Organizer Storage Cart Drawer with Wheels

At first glance, you may think that this drawer rolling cart is hand weaved. But then again that’s the whole idea behind the design. In actual fact, these roll-away drawers are made from a perforated frame that mimics an artisanal design.

The frame is quite stable housing 4 drawers that have a safety latch to prevent them from falling out entirely when pulled out. The frame is also equipped with casters that make it easy to roll the drawers away.

The drawers are beautifully finished and can serve as storage in an office, spa, hair salon, kitchen and home to name a few possibilities.


  • Dimensions: 32.90 inches high by 13 inches wide and a depth of 15. 4 inches
  • This unit comprises of 4 drawers
  • It is made with resin for a durable construction
  • Has four caster wheel to ensure efficient mobility
  • Come in deep brown and black colors

Customer feedback

Numerous users mention that they bought this unit for use in the kitchen pantry and it has worked really well. The four drawers provide excellent additional storage. Other users remarked that they use this product in their office for stationary and other small knick knacks. Those who have used this in the Spa mentioned that it was a good choice for storage of small towels as well as small shampoo tubes, lotions, shaving cream tubes and so forth.

Resin material is not only durable but is also very easy to clean in addition to being light weight. Usage in areas such as a salon or garage can be quite greasy. That, however, is not much of a problem with this material because of it is washable and fast drying attributes.

5. Giantex Rolling Organization Carts with Drawers and Wheels

The Giantex rolling organizer cart is a superbly constructed unit that offers both practical aspects as well as aesthetics that are decorational. Its frame is steel constructed from electroplate steel that has a fine polished finish and provides stability to the unit. The frame houses a whopping 20 drawers that seat on 2 columns of 10 drawers each.

The drawers are made of plastic and are fully removable. These stack of plastic drawers seat on metal channels that makes sliding them in or out such a breeze. The multi-colored finish of the drawers and a chrome pullout knob looks great and adds a playful element to the decor.

Other than aesthetics, the multi-colors can also serve a practical function as color coding can help in making it easy to remember what items are stored where.


  • Dimensions: 25 inches width by 15 inches depth and a height of 35 inches
  • The unit comprises of 20 multi-colored drawers
  • The frame of the cart is electroplate steel tube
  • The four casters provide easy rolling mobility
  • The set can come in three colors multi-color, black and white

Customer feedback

Users for this product marvel at how pleasantly surprised they were at how efficient these drawers can help organize. What they loved most is that this can be used pretty much in any space to sort out all manner of items ranging from clothing, small spare parts, arts and crafts tools, receipt books, bolts and nuts and so forth.

Overall, this rolling drawer organizer is customer approved and said to be exceptional for organizing a space, whether that be at home, kitchen, bedroom, office or garage.

6. Iris 6-Drawer Scrapbook Rolling Cart Organizer with Drawers

Creating art means a load of small tubes, knives, paper and glue. Generally we are talking about a lot of some small but necessary creative paraphernalia. Keeping all those things organized can be a nightmare if one does not have an efficient storage system. The Iris stack of rollaway drawers is just perfect for an art project as well as other handy uses around the home.

The stand is made from tough molded plastic that gives the whole compact unit reinforced stability. The frame houses 6 plastic drawers that are large enough to accommodate 12 by 12 Scrapbook papers among other things.

In addition to the notable rounded corners, Its drawers are transparent making it easier to see the contents and easily find whatever you may be looking for. That may seem like an afterthought but is quite an important design aspect that ensures you don’t rummage through all the drawers of stored items when looking for a specific item.


  • Dimensions: 15.88 inches long by 14.25 inches wide and a height of 26.75 inches
  • The unit includes 6 transparent drawers
  • It is made from tough plastic frame that provides stability to the unit
  • It is equipped with four casters for mobility
  • Comes in 2 colors black and white

Customer feedback

This rollaway cart option does more than scrapbooking. Users mentioned that they also use these drawers for stashing beads, crystals and stones. One is able to put them in order by color and can see through the boxes enough to see what’s inside.

The size of the drawers is excellent because it can hold a lot of stuff, remarked some of the users. They also liked the fact that each drawer has a lid and thus one is able to take it with them when they need to. The unit has a compact build providing adequate storage for small items yet occupies little space. This unit will work in the kitchen, attic studio, bedroom and bathroom to name a few other possibilities.

7. Whitmor 3 Drawer Rolling Cart Home and Office Storage Organizer

The Whitmor brand needs very little introduction when it comes to organization assistants. The brand has been creating organizing solutions for more than half a century. Their quality is impeccable and this 3 drawer rolling cart from them is no exception. Its beauty is in the simple, practical and versatile design that can be used in an office, dorm room or at home.

The unit has a polished metallic frame that houses three polypropylene drawers that are simple yet stylish. Fashionable metal grommets serve as drawer pulls. It is this simplistic yet innovative practicality that has made Whitmor a longstanding brand


  • Dimensions: 13 inches by 17.25 inches by 35 inches
  • The unit features three drawers
  • The frame is made from silver epoxy-coated metal frame
  • Has four heavy duty wheels ensure smooth rolling mobility
  • Come in black color

Customer feedback

Some customers often underestimate this as tiny and are worried it would be very small and basically inadequate for storing much of anything. But this could not be further from the truth. In the words of one user who had the same sentiments ” Do not be fooled, it shows up in a small, slightly elongated box. But once opened and it’s put together, it’s a whole different story. It’s not overly big and wide but just perfect”.

This is a good storage addition to an office or bedroom it will help you get your space organized and looking better without much effort. If your kid’s crafts and supplies have overflowed the toy bin, then you can consider this option for easy additional storage on wheels.

8. Sew Ready Mobile Storage Organizer Cart with Drawers

There is no denying that this is an exquisite set of rollaway drawers. So if aesthetics are high on your list when looking for drawers on wheels, it will be hard go wrong with this option.

The framing of this unit is very stable as it is made from powder coated steel which is not only rust proof but also extremely durable. Its four drawers run on metal channels so they are smooth to push in or out. The drawers have an exquisite antique bronze finished handle that also doubles up as a label holder.

in addition to the good looks, this cart is versatile and can be used in many spaces for varied needs such as the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room playroom, home office and so forth.


  • Dimensions: 15. 5 inches wide by 12. 25 inches deep and stands at a height of 29.75 inches
  • The unit comprises of 4 pull-out drawers
  • Features a metal frame construction for good stability of the entire unit
  • Has four casters for mobility
  • Comes in white color

Customer feedback

Users mentioned that they love the aesthetic look that this cart brings to a space. Over and above being a practical storage solution for crafts and accompanying tools such as scissors, sewing kits, ribbons, pens, tapes, buttons, scrapbooks and such it has a nice build and looks great in a space which can contribute to the decor.

Here you can kill two birds with one stone; excellent storage space that comes with good looks. Given its versatility, this cart comes equipped with four casters that allow you to move it from one room to another with much ease.

9. Iris 4-Drawer Rolling Storage Cart with Organizer Top

Hobbies such as making crafts from beads to designing leather bracelets and scrap booking could use these 4-drawer rolling cart organizers by Iris that come as a set of two.

They feature 4 drawers each of differing sizes, two large ones and two shallow ones with each cart having a divided top that is great for storing and separating small accessories.

With one of these tough plastic organizer, you can enjoy your craft even more as your material storage becomes more organized for quick retrieval.


  • Dimensions: 25 inches long by a width of 12.05 inches and a height of 26.44 inches
  • Set of two
  • Made from tough flexible plastic with a firm frame
  • Comprises of two small drawers on top and two large ones on the bottom
  • 4 Smooth-gliding casters facilitate easy movement
  • Comes in a black frame with see through drawers

Customer feedback

Hobbyists who bought these organizers mention that they are an excellent purchase that occupy little space and allow you to organize your workspace more efficiently. The aesthetics are excellent and customers love how versatile they are so they can use them in various applications. They can be moved around from one place to another making them convenient.

10. Honey-Can-Do Hanging File Rolling Cart Organizer on Wheels

Strong polished metal tube frame provide solid stability. This Honey-Can-Do cart is stylish yet practical and occupies little space in the office. The 5 removable drawers and a top space for hanging files are all you need to help you organize your work space with ease.

If you are looking for a way to get everything handy and ready for your next task look at this as an option. Plus, the name is also cute, don’t you think?


  • Dimensions: 15 inches long by 21.5 inches wide and a height of 29 inches
  • It has 5 pull-out drawers in two varying sizes and a top area for files and folders
  • The construction features a steel frame for firm stability
  • It comes with 4 caster that facilitate smooth-rolling
  • It comes in a black color option

Customer feedback

This option is perfect for the office, bedroom or study room according to multiple customers. It helps keep your documents safe and accessible in addition to storage of other personal knick knacks. Staying organized does not have to be complex as all you need is the right organizing cart suitable for your needs. This cart is a good organizing assistant for a small office.

11. Essex Drawers and Rolling Storage Cart with Tray

Those who prefer a workstation that comes with storage, this Essex organizer cart is an excellent option. It comes with an extended table/ work surface which is 40.15 inches long.

But not only does it provide a work surface for your creations, it is also the perfect assistant in offering storage space for crafting materials as well as your prized creations.

The dimensions are excellent for a small office but it can also come in handy when you have a number of people using items from the same cart. That way everything is organized for everyone. This is convenient if you are working with a limited space.


  • Dimension: 27.56 inches long by 24 inches wide with a height of 31.3 inches
  • Comes with 6 drawer storage and 2-tier shelf
  • Also features an extendable work table
  • The frame is metal with powder coating
  • 4 detachable caster wheels of which two can lock
  • It comes in white color

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this mention that they needed a storage space with a work surface and this option has nailed their needs to perfection. It neatly allows for storage of craft supplies inside the easy-to-pull drawers for easy access when creating or after work. Customers also love the clean white finish that makes it easy to use in any place from the office to the classroom and at home.

12. Iris 7-Drawer Storage Cart with Organizer Top

This Iris option stands at 42 inches high and offers plenty of storage with 4 shallow drawers and 3 deep ones in addition to an organizer top. It is made from tough plastic with excellent stability and a height that is excellent when you have children and need to keep items away from their little hands.

The white color makes it look pristine and it features both large and smaller drawers so you can customize its use to your needs.


  • Dimensions:25 inches long by 12.05 inches and stand at 42.13 inches height
  • The unit is made up of 7 drawers
  • The stable and compact construction is made from tough plastic
  • Has four easy gliding casters for mobility
  • It comes in white color only

Customers feedback

Users remarked that this option works great for them in the kitchen, bedroom and an art studio as it has a top organizer and plenty of storage for other small items such as sewing kits, scissors, buttons, ribbons, beads, paint brushes and so forth. For many customers the fact that it occupies minimal space yet packs in a lot of items is a huge plus.


The rolling storage organization cart drawers with wheels mentioned above provide thoughtful functionality for varied storage and mobility needs. Getting a good organizer and having your workspace neat and tidy need not cost a fortune. These options are practical, functional and give you the best bang for your buck while helping you stay organized.




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