9 Best Rollaway Beds For Adults in 2020

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Table of Contents

The term rollaway bed was coined for beds that have caster wheels installed on them and can be rolled about for ease of storage or movement. They also happen to be foldable making them ideal for saving space. For a rollaway bed to work well it has to be made from high quality material that can take the constant folding and unfolding without falling apart. The foam mattress and the folding mechanism have to be top notch.

The evolution of the first basic designs into well engineered beds has increased their popularity and given them an edge over conventional beds especially where guests are concerned.

These are the available types of rollaway beds in the market today.

Types of Rollaway Beds

  • The Cabinet Rollaway Foldaway Bed

This type of rollaway bed is arguably the most popular on the market today. It is designed to fit into a cabinet, usually a free standing one. The cabinet is situated strategically in the room so that when the bed is needed it is opened and its doors slide and fold onto the side allowing the bed to be rolled out.

The bed characteristically features an American futon mattress which is thicker than the traditional futon mattress version from Japan.

Although the cabinet aspect works exceptionally as a stand alone unit it can also be integrated into the wall for even more space creation. Cabinet rollaway beds are a popular choice for spaces like the office or work studio where utmost discretion is needed.

  • Standard Rollaway Bed

Found in hotels and other commercial institutions the standard rollaway bed features an uncomplicated design. The frame is usually heavy duty steel to accommodate the rigorous use it is put to in its setting. These type of rollaway beds tend to be heavier and bulkier although this does not impact its ability to foldaway neatly.

Standard rollaway beds come attached to the headboard and their mattress are usually foam with innerspring although some modern designs have memory foam mattresses. They are adjustable and very functional.

  • Ottoman Rollaway Beds

The ottoman rollaway bed is a stylish ottoman by day and a bed by night. Very conveniently fitted with caster wheels already as a piece of furniture moving an ottoman around is easy.

These type of rollaway beds are relatively new in the market. The top of the ottoman lifts up to become the bed where the mattress is placed. They are fitted with gas struts (the mechanism used to hold up the boot of a car) which securely hold the top part in place preventing it from collapsing during use. These mechanisms also help you to lift the top of the ottoman.

Ottoman beds don’t come with a mattress although a well constructed one will be able to handle the weight of any mattress placed on it. You can choose from three types of opening mechanisms: the side hinge, the headboard hinge and the center hinge.

Fears about how secure the top of the ottoman is when a mattress is placed on it are allayed by the non slip surface fitted on the beds. Others come with a slat bed base to secure the mattress.

Now that you know of the various types available, below we look at some of the best rollaway beds available on Amazon;

Best Rollaway Beds For Adults

  1. Lucid  Rollaway Bed with Memory Foam Mattress

As far rollaway beds are concerned the Lucid Rollaway Guest Bed stands for everything that the modern design aims to achieve with such beds. It begins with the 4 inch memory foam mattress which Lucid has incorporated to guarantee consumers comfort and support whenever they use this bed in both cot and twin sizes. They have also included a rayon bamboo cover on the mattress that is compatible with all skin types with special consideration to sensitive skin.

The bed plus the mattress elevates you 14.5 inches off the floor and is made from heavy duty steel. Once folded up for storage it will take up a breadth of 34 inches, a height of 48 inches and a depth of just 12 inches fitting perfectly in a small space.

Because the bed comes with two legs already attached and ready to fold there is minimal assembly needed.

This rollaway bed scored highly with consumers on the comfort of the memory foam mattress and the bed being light weight. Moving it around was very easy and safe and storage took little space because it is compact.

2. Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed Rollaway Bed

Milliard’s reputation for creating high quality beds is showcased in this bed from the construction to the functionality. The company is committed to providing comfortable and convenient beds which do not compromise on offering support and stability to customers during use. 

The Millard Diplomat Folding Bed comes in two sizes: Twin and Cot. It features a memory foam mattress of 5 inches which is luxurious and conforms to the body’s contours for comfort, spine alignment, relieving of pressure points and joint aches. The mattress also comes with a washable velvet cover.

With a breadth of 14 inches when folded this is a very storage friendly bed. The elevation from the floor to the top of the mattress is 17 inches high enough but also safe for all age groups. The base is wire lattice for extra firm support.

The Millard Diplomat Foldable bed scored highly on luxury. The winning combination of a velvet mattress cover and a 2.5 premium density rating on the mattress itself ensures customers enjoy using the bed. It also scores highly on firm support for side and back sleepers.

3. Zinus Memory Foam Resort Folding Guest Bed with Wheels

This bed from Zinus offers users the high end, fluffy, premium quality bed feel. The mattress is 4 inches of high density super supportive foam capped with an inch of memory foam, both with a gingham print fabric made of a blend of polyester and spandex. It features a deluxe steel box spring frame stepping away from the usual metal frame.

The locking mechanism consisting of hooks and straps is effective to keep it secure during storage. The assembly is easy with the wheels being the major assembly to do. Most of it is pre-assembled and it comes with a one year limited warranty. It is available in Twin and Narrow Twin sizes.

This bed scored highly with customers because of the sturdy box spring design that is very supportive. It also folds and locks up pretty easily for its size. The mattress is also very popular and a swaying factor when customers decide to purchase it.

4. Handy Living Space Saving Folding Ottoman Rollaway Guest Bed

Ottoman rollaway beds are  perfect for small living spaces and this one is a great option. It comes in four color variations: tobacco brown, charcoal grey, gray/brown and Caribbean blue. 

The base is made up of sinuous spring and foam cushion while the frames are steel. The ottoman opens up to three pieces which join up to make the bed.

The dimensions of 75.2 x 26.8 x 15.4 inches are perfect for an adult and can also work for a teenager. It is discreet enough for small spaces such as offices, small apartments and studios.

It scores highly rated by consumers on the firmness of the dense foam mattress especially for those who like a very firm surface to sleep on. It needs a mattress topper to take the edge off the mattress for those who don’t. Customers also liked the fact that no assembly is needed and storage issues don’t arise.

5. Zinus Weekender Elite Folding Guest Bed with Bonus Storage Bag

This second offering from Zinus is set apart by the storage bag. The legs are sturdy and open and fold easily. The caster wheels are not a nuisance once the bed is open because they stay put and do not swiveling the bed during use. By providing the storage bag Zinus has made it possible to adapt this bed to various uses including as a travel bed, for guest, for camping and for the office instead of confining it to one place.

The Weekender Elite Folding bed from Zinus takes up a breadth of 31.7 inches,  height of 38.6 inches and depth of 8.7 inches of storage space when folded up. The mattress is made up of 3 inches of pressure reliving comfort support foam that is topped with 1 layer of fiber padding. This gives it a plush feel without losing the much needed support for pressure points during sleep. It comes with a limited one year warranty like all other Zinus products.

It scores highly with consumers on the pressure reliving comfort foam mattress that is comfortable. The storage bag is a huge plus allowing users to take the bed with them whenever they wish to.

6. Milliard Folding Bed Ottoman

Millard’s Ottoman folding bed comes as a grey suede covered ottoman standing at 16 inches. As a bed it features a wire lattice base that offers excellent support for your back. It is constructed with Millard’s overbuilt and counter-weighted method which ensures it remains sturdy for a long time.

This bed comes with a medium firm mattress that has just enough softness to accommodate body contours but still remains firm enough to support and relieve the body’s pressure points. The head lifts up transforming the bed into a chaise that can be used for reclining when you are not sleeping on it. It unfolds into 3 pieces that join to make the bed.

With dimensions of 78.6 x 30 x 16 the Zinus ottoman folding bed is able to accommodate an adult comfortably.

It scores highly on stability and comfort with the wire lattice base and 4 inch mattress.  These two qualities work in tandem to provide excellent comfort.

7. Quictent Heavy Duty Folding Bed 

This is the epitome of a practical standard rollaway bed. It is made to last and even comes with a lifetime warranty and assurance of receiving parts for life. With the storage bag it is portable and can be used in various settings.

The set up is very simple leaving you with a sturdy frame made of reinforced steel and a very comfortable mattress. It also features two stability belts found at the center of the bed. These act as stabilizers to the base of the bed allowing it to hold as much as 300 pounds.

The foam mattress comes fitted with a mattress cover made from Micro-Quilt 3D stretch knit material.

It scores highly on durability owing to the high quality material used in its construction. The lifetime supply of parts ensures you do not really need to replace this bed and can get it repaired easily. For most customers this is the standard rollaway bed to own.

8. Best Choice Products Folding Rollaway Guest Bed

The strength of this folding bed from Best Choice Products lies in its simplicity but that in no way makes it basic. The design is clean with two metal support bars that fold out and a 32 carbon steel springs frame that folds into place easily. It comes with a 3 inch memory foam mattress and wheels on the bottom that allow for easy movement and locking capability for stability.

For the Cot size, it sits at 75”(L) x 31”(W) x 11”(H) when extended. When folded its 10” wide which allows it to be stored discreetly away. The Twin XL measures 78”(L) x 36”(W) x 11”(H) when extended.

It scores highly with customers on comfort of the mattress. The 3 inch memory foam mattress is very comfortable and excellent for sleepers who suffer pain from pressure points.

9. Broyhill Rollaway Bed

This is the ideal mattress for travel and the outdoors because it is lightweight and compact with an intuitive 2 inch mattress. The mattress is made from both memory and comfort foam. Storage is so convenient that it can even be stowed away under a bed with elevation of over 6 inches off the floor.

It works well for both kids and adults weighing up to 250 pounds. It folds up very compactly leaving a lot of room wherever it is stored and it comes with a mattress cover that has air flow technology which ensures you are cool no matter what the surrounding temperatures are. This cover can be washed in the machine.

With dimensions of 75 x 26 x 16 inches for the Single size and 75 x 26 x 16 inches for the Twin size, it takes up little room when unfolded making it ideal for use in a small space.

It scores highly with customers on being light weight and compact enough to travel with. The mattress is an added bonus in terms of comfort considering it is only 2 inches.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Rollaway Bed


  1. Ease of Storage

This must be the most obvious benefit but also the most fundamental. Rollaway beds are usually chosen for their ability to disappear discreetly when not in use. Built with metal frames that are thinner than wood and more flexible in terms of folding up, these beds are able to take up small space when in storage.

2. Affordable

Comparing wood and metal as the materials of choice in the construction of a bed, a wooden bed will cost more than its metal counterpart. Wood is more expensive to acquire and work with. Metal frames on the other hand can be made from recycled metal which is cheaper.

In addition, since some of the rollaway beds come with a mattress the total cost if buying one becomes lower than buying a traditional bed and a mattress separately.

3. Easy to Move Around With

Moving house or even just rooms with a rollaway bed is hassle free.  It is lightweight and the caster wheels roll it in any direction you want eliminating the problem of scraping and damaging your floors experienced when moving a traditional wooden bed.

4. No Assembly Needed

Most rollaway beds come already assembled. This eliminates the problem of wrong assembly that can be a hazard when sleeping on or folding it for storage.

The fact that you also do not need to worry about the placement and tightness of bolts and nuts is a huge plus.

5. Plenty of Options

From size and weight capacity to styles rollaway beds give you quite a number of options to choose from. The key is understanding your needs and buying one that meets them. The best part with some styles is that apart from being a bed they can also be pieces of furniture.


  1. Squeaky and Noisy

Because of too many moving parts a rollaway bed can be noisy. The metal frames and other mechanisms need oiling to prevent the creaking and squeaking but even then the sounds are not completely eliminated.

2. Not Firm and Supportive

Rollaway beds may have a firm innerspring mattress but the base of the bed itself is usually not firm enough. Traditional beds have firm wooden slats to support the mattress and your weight which is not the case with rollaway beds.

This lack of support can exacerbate an already pre-existing medical condition or instigate the beginning of one. It is for this reason that rollaway beds are ideal for use occasionally and not daily use for an extended period of time.

3. Lack of Durability

Rollaway beds are not built to last a life time. To begin with the metal components have a short life span due to corrosion and rust. If stored poorly they deteriorate even faster.

Second, the mattresses do not fare well under the constant folding, unfolding and being stored in a perpetual folded position. The structure of the mattress deteriorates compromising its comfort and longevity.

What to Consider When Buying a Rollaway Bed

  1. The Function

It is not uncommon to buy a rollaway bed for your own personal use. If you have a small space a rollaway bed is the perfect option. You can store the entire bed and have enough space for your other furniture.

In this case a cabinet rollaway or ottoman rollaway bed would be ideal as they double up as furniture.

When accommodating guests consider a standard rollaway bed because various people will be using it. It needs to score highly in functionality which a standard bed does. In addition, standard rollaway beds come fitted with standard mattresses.

2. The Size

The best way to ascertain whether a rollaway bed is a good fit for your space is by unfolding it before purchase. Finding out it is too long or wide for your space is not something you should discover when it’s already in your home.

The dimensions also matter when it comes to storage. If it is too big it may not be as easy or discreet to store as you want a rollaway bed to be.

3. Your Budget

Beds, whether rollaway, divan or anything else for that matter are not items you want to go cheap on. By cheap we mean poor construction, low quality materials and no safety features. With so many offerings on the market finding a quality, durable and highly functional rollaway bed is quite possible.

It is important to understand that the standard bed may not be cheaper than an ottoman or cabinet rollaway bed. The more comfortable and durable the rollaway the more expensive despite the style.

4. Mattress or no mattress

Rollaway beds can come with a mattress or none. Most people like to buy one with a mattress because of the convenience and perhaps cost. While some companies install excellent quality mattresses on their rollaway beds other mattresses are quite flimsy and uncomfortable in the long run.

Buying your own mattress is not a bad idea but the combined cost of the rollaway bed and the mattress can be quite hefty. However, in the long run they both serve you better and for longer. Because of the toll folding and refolding can take on mattress, an air mattress may not be a bad idea.

On the flip side finding the right dimensions to fit your roll away bed may also pose a challenge. This is because rollaway bed frames come with their own exact dimensions which may not fit the regular mattress sizes.

5. Traditional Vs Rollaway

Is it better for you to buy a rollaway bed over a traditional bed? This is an important question especially when it comes to durability. Well made rollaway beds feature steel frames and trampoline like bases which can last so much longer than the wooden frames and slats on the base of traditional beds even with consistent use.

Also, rollaway beds are not in use often which means they can last for years. Again, they are easier to move and will not incur damage that happens to traditional beds when moved about.

A rollaway bed is the answer to various needs: sleeping arrangements for guests, a small space, camping in comfort and of course decluttering. However, when it comes to a modern, sophisticated/elegant style and comfort a traditional bed, depending on the make and design may be the ideal choice here. Choosing the right bed for your needs requires good research and realistic expectations for your space.

As the holidays near and your entertainment calendar over the festive season begins to fill up it may be time to find the rollaway bed(s) to accommodate your guests. Using our guide above you can find the right rollaway bed that will keep you and any company you have over happy and comfortable.

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