10 Best Reversible Quilt Sets Worth Considering in 2020

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Table of Contents

A reversible quilt set is a perfect purchase for the bed as it allows you an additional choice of style to inject a different pattern or color into your bed occasionally without having to necessarily changing the quit itself!

Whether you’re looking to complement or enhance your bedroom decor or simply want a set which can cope with the changing of the seasons, a quilt with reversible sides offers versatility and a lot more value for the money. They also come with two additional shams as standard as well.

Below we discuss 10 of the best reversible quilt sets currently retailing online.

1. Exclusivo Mezcla 100% Cotton Reversible Paisley Boho Striped Quilt Set

Exclusivo Mezcla offer a selection of unique pattern choices for utilizing in their beautiful Boho quilts set- which they claim aims to improve the quality of your life through such a superior product as this set! Boho Striped Queen Size Quilt Set/Bedspread

Including one quilt and two shams, this fits a good range of bed sizes and looks perfect when either reversible side is highlighted in the room.

This is prewashed and preshrunk to ensure maximum durability and, most importantly, coziness throughout!

To show a slightly bohemian look all over, this offers exquisite printing and combines it with a multiple range of elements and vibrancy in colors.

The final effect of this is a rather unique but thoroughly decorative set which brings enhanced vitality to all bedroom types.

Balancing a mixture of lightweight with a not too heavy warmth, this set ensures that it can be used all year round, keeping you at just the right temperature regardless of what the weather outside is up to!

Machine washable and with an ability to tumble dry, this will not unravel, shrink, or lose its color after each wash due to its enhanced durability.

Customers of the Exclusivo Mezcla Reversible Quilt Set seem to love everything about this set including the size, weight, and fantastic low price!


2. Laura Ashley Amberley Quilt Set

One of Britain’s most credible textile design companies, Laura Ashley is renowned the world over for its exquisite home furnishings, and this quilt set is no exception! Laura Ashley Amberley Quilt Set, Black , Full/Queen

Amberley quilt set is a visually stunning bedding with a black underside and intricate patterning on the other side, making this quit fully reversible.

Available in a good range of sizes, the materials used in this makeup are no less than 100% cotton throughout.

This set includes the full quilt plus two standard shams. Fully reversible, the quilt is also machine washable for added practicality and convenience.

With a lightweight feel, it’s claimed to retain its shape exceedingly well, over time and use, and can fit in and complement almost any bedroom décor!

Customers of the Laura Ashley Reversible Quilt Set find this a stunning focal point of the bedroom, as well as luxurious and very soft to the touch.

3. Eddie Bauer Fairview Cotton Reversible Quilt Set

Eddie Bauer offers a reversible quilt set which they claim as their top pick and a classic to stand the test of time. Eddie Bauer Fairview Cotton Reversible Quilt Set

In a choice of three sizes, this is grey color, 100% cotton with reversible sides allowing you the option to change up the look on you bed whenever you want. This includes the quilt and two standard shams.

Made up of 100% prewashed cotton, all Eddie Bauer materials are prewashed to ensure extra softness.

Machine washable, this is one quilt that is designed not to shrink no matter how often it’s washed and used!

These sets are considered some of the best for layering your bed. They aim to create a more lived-in look while equally looking cozy throughout.

Also, they’re ideal for using alone or mixing up with several blankets. Therefore, they can be used throughout all four seasons.

Customers of the Eddie Bauer Reversible Quilt Set love the incredible quality the product offers while highly rating their just right weight and overall soft construction.

4. Home Fashion Designs Coastal Beach Theme 3-Piece Quilt Set

Home Fashion Designs offer a range of fantastic vibrant designs through their reversible quilt sets – and all are available in three great size choices. 3-Piece Quilt Set with Shams.

To enhance your room’s decor throughout, patterning on their reversible quilts is all ideal for bringing a bit of cheer to any bedroom they’re placed in.

This is a super soft and microfiber type of material which can be used for all seasons. Equally lightweight and comforting all in the one go, this is perfect as a reversible choice as it offers two fresher looks, based on your preference that day!

Including a quilt and two shams, this can be machine washed on warm and tumbled dried on a low setting. If you prefer, you can also warm iron this if needed. Therefore, this is a quilt set which is made to last.

With a stitched quilting effect, the layering finish of this choice acts as the perfect more exceptional decoration on the bed and adds an element of convenient texturing regardless of what the weather’s up to outside!

Customers of the Home Fashion Designs Reversible Quilt Set find this beautifully made and a high-quality quilt set which not only performs well but adds a great decorative piece to every bedroom type.

5. Great Bay Home 3-Piece Reversible Quilt Set with Shams

Great Bay Home’s reversible quit set is floral print set, which is set in a selection of contemporary colors, with the intentions of inserting some freshness into all bedrooms it’s placed in! Reversible Quilt Set with Shams

A visually clean choice of textiles, this is made up of 70% cotton and 30% polyester.

Including one quilt and two shams, though the vibe is a summery one on each design, this quilt type can actually be used practically throughout all the year. The floral design and modern color palette on either side allows you to change the look of your bed occasionally. Therefore, it offers undeniable versatility, warmth and comfort during every season. It is also lightweight in overall appearance and feel.

The quality of the materials used here makes this possible with 200 GSM cotton/polyfill and a 90 GSM polyester cover.

In a good range of standard bed sizes, it’s also machine washable, ideal for placing in the tumble dryer on low heat, and even for warm ironing if you want to! This is an entirely durable set which offers a great lively centerpiece for any bedroom.

Customers of the Great Bay Home Reversible Quilt Set love the cheerful decoration this set offers in abundance while finding it extremely comfortable throughout every season.

6. Greenland Home Reversible 3 Piece Marley Quilt Set

Greenland Home’s reversible quilt set is upon first glance, absolutely stunning and a visually striking centerpiece that really opens up the bedroom area! Best Reversible Quilt Sets

With over two decades of providing high value, high quality, and exceptional styling in their home fashions range, this is a company that works hard on their craftsmanship, offering quality piecework and the more unique of fabric panels.

This fantastic set is made up from 100% cotton and is an imported choice – which is made in China and is available in three standard sizes.

Utilizing a striped design throughout on one side and one solid color on the other, both of these sides could be used individually. These vibrant stripes combine together with a luxurious looking texture to provide a vivacious mood all-round.

Working to bring together those old-world prints and solid colors, this quilt set mixes Kantha Style quilting alongside eclectic Global Vibes.

Customers of the Greenland Home Reversible Quilt Set find this a visually beautiful set which offers warmth yet is equally lightweight in its overall construction.

7. Chezmoi Collection 3-Piece Garden Floral Vintage Patchwork Reversible Quilt Set

The Chezmoi Collection’s reversible quilt set is an adorable vintage floral patchwork selection which utilizes and combines a unique four combination of floral and paisley designs throughout! Chezmoi Collection Cotton Reversible Patchwork Quilt Set

This unique design effort ensures that it further enhances and embellishes the vintage theme of washed patchwork and, as a consequence, makes it look beautiful when in place.

Made up of 100% cotton, the effect is a lightweight but equally warm texture which is also hugely breathable. This is therefore recommended for all year round use.

With a reversible floral underside, this is machine quilted to ensure a durable finishing and the patches are ruffled and frayed throughout.

Complete with one quilt and two shams, this is available in a good range of sizes and is easily cared for to ensure renewed freshness and vitality every time.

Customers of the Chezmoi Collection Reversible Quilt Set find the craftsmanship of this set exceptional and love the overall comforting feel it offers throughout the year.

8. Blissful Living Reversible Luxury Pinsonic Solid Quilt Set

Blissful Living’s reversible quilt set is available in a vast choice of colors and claims to be one of the more luxurious bedding choices on the current market! Reversible Luxury Solid Quilt Set

With sizing that claims to fit almost any mattress type, these are fully reversible, with two different colors on each side, chic and lavish style additions to all bedrooms and complement a wide range of decor in the process.

Mixing the beauty of vintage alongside modern, these are also claimed to be ideal of all ages and genders.

Featuring one quilt and two shams, these sets are perfect for both summer and winter months, and their make-up of polyester throughout ensures cozy warmth and overall lightweight feel.

Designed to brighten up any room they’re placed in, these work on replacing those blankets and comforters and in their place bring a brighter patterned bedspread that cheers even the gloomiest of days and rooms!

Machine washable and with an ability to place it in the tumble dryer, these sets won’t fade in the wash or lose their color over time or use.

Customers of the Blissful Living Reversible Quilt Set find these lovely in makeup, alongside loving the sheer ability to choose colors and styles to match their bedroom décor as they please.

9. Mixinni King Quilt Sets 3-Piece Green Embroidery Pattern Elegant Quilt Set

Mixinni have a stunning selection of elegant embroidery patterns running throughout their reversible quilt sets, which they incorporate an embroidery pattern with a solid color block to offer a stunning decorative bedspread design throughout. Embroidery Pattern Elegant Quilt Set

In two sizes, this is a uniquely designed set which offers one quilt and two shams and works to ensure high quality and high valuer bedding solution.

Made up of 100% cotton, this set is suitable for all seasons as it combines warmth and comfort but is overall a lightweight solution.

Easy to care for, this durable set is machine washable and can be dried on a low tumble dry cycle.

Furthermore, with a hemmed edge on the quilt, this is one quilt which is designed to last longer than other standard sets on the market!

Customers of the Mixinni Reversible Quilt Set love the lightweight concept of this set, which works flawlessly in sync with every weather type while also looking stunning on the bed and when matching the bedrooms décor all-round.

10. VCNY Home Windsor 5 Piece Reversible Quilt Cover Set

VCNY offers a premium reversible quilt set which they claim is rich in exquisite detailing, and very gorgeous! 5 Piece Reversible Quilt Cover Set

Providing a lightweight microfiber coverage, this quilt aims to make your bedroom not only comfortable, but striking as well by incorporating an element of pop and color to revive your bedroom environment, while offering your bed a totally fresh look interchangeably through the two gorgeous reversible styles on each side.

Includes one quilt and sham(s) and two decorative pillows, all these at a very affordable price, available in a three color patterns and five standard bed sizes.

Furthermore, it’s soft to the touch, wrinkle resistant, can be machine washed and it’s breathable, giving you excellent value for money.

This is a classically looking five piece reversible quilt set for the King and queen bed sizes which is said to be ideal to use in all seasons.

Customers of the VCNY Reversible Quilt Set find this a beautiful product which looks and feels exceptional and is lovely to the touch.

Final Thoughts on Best Reversible Quilt Sets

All these reversible quilt sets are well worth the investment as they assure you maximum comfort and more choice for your overall bedding solutions.

Whether you’re keen to match your bedroom interior, enhance the overall sleeping environment, or merely want to extend the use of your quilt itself, these sets are indeed an excellent choice for all bedroom types, all ages, and all genders.

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