10 Best Quilt Sets of 2020

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A quilt set is an almost essential selection of products for the bed which offers practicality and a dash of color to any bedroom, ultimately ensuring continued comfort as you sleep.

A great way of complementing your current rooms decor, a quilt set allows you to get the most from your bed by delivering the best night’s sleep possible, whether you’re looking for a more traditional or modern of designs from your selection.

Below we review some of the best quilt sets currently available for purchase on Amazon:

Best Quilt Sets

Mellanni Oversized 3-Piece Quilt Set

Mellanni sells what they feel is the highest quality quilt set on the market!

This three-piece set is available in two sizes, Full/Queen and King/Cal King and seven classy colors. 

Referred to as a bedspread coverlet set, it’s a durable but elegant set which is thoroughly soft but designed to the highest specification to ensure no unraveling -but rather many years of use.

Lightweight but offering just the right level of required warmth throughout your sleep, this is an easy to care for set which can be machine washed and tumbled dried on low.

Using microfiber in its makeup, this material is more durable than standard cotton. Additionally, the set comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee attached.

Customers purchasing the Mellanni quilt set find it thoroughly practical, as well as it looking visually stunning in the bedroom.

2. Bedsure Quilt Set 

Bedsure’s quilt set is a stunningly designed lightweight collection which aims to offer you the most restful night’s sleep ever!

In a fantastic range of 16 colors to select from and sizes Twin, Full/Queen,and King, this robust quilt set has a basket weave pattern that instantly enhances any room it’s placed in.

A lightweight material, the microfiber used in this set’s makeup is hypoallergenic but ultimately durable,ensuring a super soft set which lasts for many years to come.

Simple to take care of, this set can be machine washed and left to dry naturally.

Bedsure also offers customers a five-year warranty and are on hand 24/7 to answer any questions or queries about their products.

Customers purchasing the Bedsure quilt set find it to be an exceptional quality product which is lightweight and beautifully stitched to offer an elegant finish.

3. Bedsure Printed Quilt Set 

Bedsure’s printed quilt coverlet set is a sophisticated quilt set with a patchwork style that would look great as a centerpiece in every bedroom!

Available in seven beautiful colors and three sizes including King, Twin,and Full/Queen, this is a microfiber lightweight set which is luxurious to the touch, offering the ultimate in comfort as you sleep.

Made up with a multi-layered construction, this is carefully stitched to ensure durability while providing a vintage chic look in the process. This means that it can be bought to complement your bedroom thoroughly.

Machine washable and great at drying naturally, this set is backed by Bedsure’s excellent five-year warranty and 24/7 customer service line.

Customers not only find that the Bedsure printed quilt set is gorgeous, but it’s also just the right weight and does a great job throughout the night.

4. Comfort Spaces – Kienna Quilt Mini Set

Comfort Spaces have combined practicality and superb looks with their stitched pattern mini quilt set!

In seven wonderful color choices and five sizes, this is a super soft microfiber set which is hypoallergenic and lightweight, as well as incredibly soft to the touch. It’s also one of the more durable of quilt sets which works at offering all-year-round comfort.

Easy to care for, Comfort Spaces provide additional details on how to prolong the life of this quilt set, with tips on the best ways to keep it clean over time.

Aiming at ensuring consistency in temperature, the set keeps you warm during the colder months and cool during those warmer of months.

With 100% satisfaction guaranteed from all Comfort Spaces’products, this set can be used for sheer practically or even as a fashionable cover over any type of beds.

Customers purchasing this set claim it works well during all weather types and is fantastically designed.

5. Home Fashion Designs Emerson Collection 3-Piece Luxury Quilt Set

Home Fashion Designs have a luxury quilt set which they claim is the ultimate in comfort, style, and elegance!

This is an all-season three-piece quilt set which is available in a choice of seven neutral colors and Twin, King and Full/Queen sizes. 

Making use of a unique, beautiful floral design made up of patchwork patterns, this is a stunning centerpiece for all bedrooms.

Warm, comfortable and luxuriously soft, this microfiber set is stitched to perfection to keep you warm or cool whenever you need it.

Machine washable and with the ability to tumble dry on low heat, you can also warm iron this set if you need to!

The company is so confident you’ll love this set, they offer a 100% satisfied guarantee, working to ensure you get the very best out of your quilt.

This Home Fashion Designs quilt set is favored by customers for its impressive overall quality, yet at such a low-price range.

6. VCNY Home Kaleidoscope Embossed Geometric Pattern 3-Piece Quilt

VCNY Home’s quilt set is striking in design and guaranteed to turn heads!

This embossed, kaleidoscope, geometrically patterned quilt set is available in ten classic colors and four great sizes. The colors are vibrant and substantial making this look a visual masterpiece.

A more versatile of sets, this can be used on the bed for continued comfort throughout the night or alternatively draped as a throw blanket for couches and chairs.

Made up of 100% microfiber, it’s super soft and lightweight but more so warm and comforting throughout the changing seasons.

Easily cleaned by a machine wash and low tumble dry, this set offers luxury and durability through these products but at affordable prices.

Customs selecting VCNY Home’s quilt set highly rate the beauty of these products as well as the fantastic texture and overall quality offered.

7. English Roses Quilt set

The English Roses Quilt set offers a quintessential quilt set with a beautifully designed pattern – combining modern with traditional!

In four striking colors and three fantastic size options, this set is made up of polyester to ensure suitability for all-year-round use, whatever the season.

Using durable but lightweight flannel Vellux Sherpa Berber in its design, this is an anti-shrinking set which is completely hypoallergenic making it prefect for allergy sufferers with self-hemmed stitched at all four edges. This ensures it remains durable throughout continued use.

Whether for a range of bed types or even as a throw over the sofa, this can be a stunning focus for all homes, which will never go out of fashion.

Customers of the English Roses Quilt set find it a multipurpose set which is very well stitched and offers the ultimate in a great night’s sleep every time.

8. Laura Ashley Linley Quilt Set

The extremely popular Laura Ashley present their highly sought-after Linley quilt set, which continues to live up to customer expectations of this traditional brand!

With a 100% cotton cover, and a fill consisting of a combination of cotton, polyester and new reclaimed fibers, this is not only machine washable but a fully reversible quilt – allowing you to select your preferred look each night!

Brilliant as an extra layering for when the colder nights draw in, this can also be used alone to provide a lightweight covering. However, because of the visually striking makeup of the Laura Ashley brand, it’s also just great to have on display around the home!

Customers purchasing this set find it a lovely design but also a practical covering, which works throughout both colder and warmer months to provide extreme comfort throughout.

9. Newlake Striped Jacquard Style Cotton 3-Piece Patchwork Bedspread Quilt Sets

Newlake sells an eye-catching patchwork quilt set which is uniquely designed and guaranteed to offer a more personal touch to the bedroom!

In three sizes including Twin, Queen,and King, this 100% cotton set offers customers expert craftsmanship in its make up with a closed box double stitching throughout. This ensures the filling remains uniform even after being continually used and washed.

With a vibrant colored mix design repeated, this set can be used practically throughout winter into summer and beyond as its lightweight and comfort offers durability throughout yearly use.

A set that washes well and is completely wrinkling and fading resistant, it can be gently machine washed or hand washed for the best results.

Customers purchasing the Newlake quilt set love the combination and vibrancy of the colors of this material, alongside being able to use it throughout the year with exceptional results every time.

10. Greenland Home Bella Ruffle Quilt Set

Greenland Home’s quilt set is a shabby chic look and feel set which combines the look of causal with romance – making it perfect for the master bedroom!

In three standard sizes including Twin, Queen,and King, this is a ruffled floral printed fabric set which is delicately sewn against an off-white background to present a stunning visual collection.

Made from 100% cotton, this is a more oversized of sets offering greater comfort and fit to all sized beds.

Machine washable, this set can be used in a variety of rooms and will blend in or stand out as you prefer to maximize your room’s decor.

Customers purchasing the Greenland Home’s ruffle quilt set find it a visually pleasing set which is wonderfully soft and great value for money.

Difference between a Quilt and a Coverlet

Many people use these terms interchangeably, but when you look at it, these two items are clearly different from each other.

What is a Quilt?

A quilt is a layered fabric sewn using the “quilting” technique which is layering two or more different fabrics to give a padded effect. Traditionally, a Quilt used as a part of a bedding set comes with 3 layers – a woven cloth top, a layer of batting or wadding. Different colors and patterns are used to make the quilts more aesthetically pleasing. They come with a plenty of classic patterns, and the Quilt is usually one of the biggest decorative pieces in a bedroom as well.

What is a Coverlet?

A coverlet is a kind of a bedspread which is folded up at the end of the bed as an accent. They come in different fabrics including linen, cotton,and silk. Coverlets are mostly used in modern and contemporary style bedrooms since they offer versatile uses. They can be layered beautifully with the rest of the bedding, and often used as a pop of color in otherwise muted bedroom settings. They are also used in beds with statement legs since they can be fully tucked into the bed frame keeping the legs visible.

What makes them different?

One of the biggest differences between a quilt and a coverlet while a quilt has a layer of padding to add more warmth and comfort, a coverlet is a single fabric that is more similar to a bedspread than a comforter. While coverlets may feel heavy due to heavier cotton fabrics used in them, they do not have any kind of padding inside.

Coverlets tend to be smaller in size than Quilts and mainly serve a decorative purpose. They come in solid colors and a plenty of different prints, while quilts in the market tend to follow more classic and geographic patterns mimicking the traditional patchwork quilts. Due to the versatility of the coverlet patterns, they also come with quilted styles which look similar to traditional quilts. The difference can be seen by checking if the fabric is layered and whether it has padding in it.

The materials used in Quilts and Coverlets also make them different from each other. Coverlets are used in a single fabric which is often lightweight and comes in many different colors and patterns. Chenille fabrics and suede-like cotton and two of the most common fabrics used in making coverlets. Quilts use heavier fabrics with high thread counts since their purpose is to provide warmth and comfort. Thick cotton, voile and Essex linen are some of the most commonly used fabrics in Quilts.

Quilting is a specific sewing technique used in creating quilts. There are traditionally accepted layers and patterns to be used when creating a Quilt. Due to the careful make, quilts often require more care and maintenance than coverlets. Coverlets are more versatile in both the way they are sewn and also the patterns/colors that they come in, and are simply machine washable with minimum maintenance requirements.

While the quilts also serve a decorative purpose, the main purpose of adding a quilt to the bedding is to provide more warmth. Coverlets, on the other hand, serve almost entirely a decorative purpose, working as a bedspread which adds more texture and color to increase the aesthetic appeal of the set of bedding. Therefore, while a quilt may be necessary to complete a set of bedding, a coverlet is more of a stylistic choice that can add more color and personality to your bedroom with a minimal effort.

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