9 Best Professional Makeup Cases With Wheels in 2020

Makeup is right up thereon a woman’s list of essentials and must haves. The challenge often is not needing the makeup but the actual amount of makeup arsenal that a woman decides she needs. In an attempt to have some semblance of order, all the makeup supplies from nail polish bottles, brushes, powders, foundations, and so forth find their way into one or two drawers in your dresser, sometimes, in a not-so-organized manner. The problem then becomes finding what you need without having to forage through everything all the way to the bottom. Here is a simple solution to this. Acquire a professional make up case organizer!

A professional makeup case will not only ensure you remain neat and organized, but it is also capable of accommodating an astounding amount of makeup, yet you will still know what make up is where, saving you the time you would use to rummage through drawers and cabinets. Moreover, a professional makeup case allows you to be able to take your make up with you wherever you go and best all, the options we have for you below all come with wheels for added convenience when you are traveling.

So let’s review some of the best makeup cases on available for purchase.

Best Professional Makeup Cases With Wheels

  1. Yaheetech Aluminum Cosmetic Organizer Trolley Train Case 

This is ideal for professionals who work from a boutique and often travel making beauty house calls for their clients, and anyone with lots of make up and other cosmetics stuff.

Constructed from top-grade plastic outer case, reinforced edges and corners made of heavy duty

aluminum, this organizer is is sturdy as it durable. To add to that, this trolley train case has vast storage space and makes organizing all your makeup supplies easy.

It comprises of 4 drawers and measures 14.2L x 9.4W x 27.6H with a load capacity of 66 pounds. It has a pull handle and is equipped with all directional castor wheels making it easy to move around at your convenience

The upper and lower compartment have no dividers allowing bigger equipment like hair dryers to be placed there. The middle compartment is removable and has retractable trays as well as removable dividers that allow you to configure your case to accommodate smaller cosmetic items.

The upper and bottom case can be removed and carried individually like an over shoulder hand bag and come with a shoulder strap to facilitate this. To protect your cosmetics from damage, this case features a velvet lining for protection during movement. It’s available in 3 colors including Pink, Silver and Black.

Customers love the aluminum reinforced edges as they makes the unit very durable. Being a lockable unit with four latches, safety is no issue. Users commended it for being very secure and portable.

2. Ollieroo Makeup Train Case With Wheels

Ideal both for home use and salon professionals, the Ollieroo makeup train case is constructed with makeup artists, nail technicians and hairstylist in mind as it has a large capacity to store all makeup necessities even when traveling.

With an interior face mirror, it comprises of one deep compartment at the bottom that can neatly Ollieroo Makeup Train Case Rose-Pink Lockable PU Artist Makeup Cosmetic Train Case with 4 Removable Rolling Wheels and 4 Keys

tack away foundations, hair brushes, lotions and creams. The top upper section is designed with auto-open trays that hold smaller items.

The exterior of the box is made to last using PU and has aluminum reinforcement on the edges.

With a retractable handle, 4 removable wheels, locks and keys, this make up case is easy to move around with. It measures 14.4 x 8.7 x 9.8 inches and weighs 6.3 pounds and comes in either Rose-pink or Royal Blue.

Customers love the compactness of the unit is an aspect especially when you do not have too many makeup supplies to carry. In addition, users commended its ease of portability. It can be carried with shoulder strap over the shoulder or as a briefcase.

3. Kemier Portable Cosmetic Organizer

The Kemier is an interesting cosmetic organizer. It looks completely like a normal traveling bag complete with a heavy duty handle and sturdy wheels for mobility.

The main compartment contains 4 clear bags for makeup storage and accessories. The internal

front flap has a mesh zippered pocket in addition to two clear zippered pockets.

There are more external pockets on either side of the bag for more storage ideal for brushes and accessories. The external frontal flap also has a zippered pocket.

Large pieces of equipment such blow dryers and hair straighteners can be comfortably contained in the main hollow of the bag.

The unit measures 13.8 x 9.5 x 20.5 inches and weighs 2.45 pounds.

Customers loved the telescopic handle and 4 lined wheels make portability easy. They commended the discretion of the bag since it looks just like an ordinary travel bag.

4. Ollieroo 4 in 1 Aluminum Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Train Case

The Ollieroo 4 in 1 train case looks like four boxes stacked together. Technically this is actually true. Crafted from aluminum and black ABS surface with reinforced stainless steel corners this lockable make up is long lasting.

The top most box has two layers and retractable trays that allow easy storage for smaller items

such cosmetics. It can also serve as a single carry box when there is no need to carry the whole set of four. It has a handle that carries like brief case or you can attach an over the shoulder strap.

The second box has dividers that are adjustable and can be customized to suit your needs. The third box can be used to store fluid items such as spray bottles, cream, and lotions.

The fourth and bottom most box also has no layer or dividers and has more depth. Machines like hair dryers, hair straighteners and bulkier accessories can go into this compartment with ease. The unit rolls on four all directional wheels and has a telescopic handle for easy wheeling.

The unit when fully assembled measures 32 x 15.7 x 11.7 inches making it capable of holding a large amount of cosmetics. It weighs 20.1 pounds and is available in purple and black.

Customers love the large capacity as well as the dual purpose utility. They commended the unit for having an integrated trolley when there is need which can be disassembled and the top most box used independently.

5. MUA Limited Professional Makeup Case With Wheels

Some cosmetologists appreciate something a little different in terms of style and convenience. The MUA limited makeup case goes off the norm in a refreshing way in terms of design and material but maintains an organized configuration and convenience.

The exterior is lined with a leather like material giving the case a classy professional look that is

also easy to clean and shine. The interior comprises of 8 removable plastic storage trays which make storing beauty tools and accessories quick and easy. This is in the bottom most section.

The case is designed to include a toiletry holder, make up brush holder as well as vertical zip pockets. The top most part includes an additional brush folder for all your brushes.

It also features heavy duty metal buckles ensure that everything is kept together nice and snug. A telescopic handle as well as two wheels make transportation quite easy for this unit. The dimensions stand at 17 x 12 x 19.5 inches and it weighs 19.6 pounds. Available

Consumers love the case’s elegant style and the black leather look as well as feel. They commended it for excellent configurations inside and outside.

6. Hiker 4-Wheel 2-in-1 Rolling Makeup Case

With aluminum finish and reinforced steel corners this case is not only pleasing to the eyes but durable as well.  It generally separates in two sections. It can be used as a whole integrated unit or the topmost section can detach and be used for carrying cosmetics when going for those smaller jobs.

The upper detachable compartment is configured with easy slide retractable trays and a

removable tray with adjustable dividers to aid in customizing you arrangement as per need.

The lower section’s deep hollow is ideal for storing slightly large beauty equipment and accessories. This could be spray cans, hair dryer(s) and lotions.

The base has four wheels with 360 degrees rolling system and has a pull handle for easy transportation. Overall case dimensions for this unit are 14.5L x 9.5W x 31.25H inches and is available in a variety of colors including including pink smooth, red crocodile, gun metal smooth, brown leopard and black smooth.

Customers who don’t have too many accessories and tools love the moderate size of this unit. They commended the diversity of colors that this unit comes in.

7. Kemier studio makeup case

This second makeup case from Kemier also features an exterior that is primarily made out of tough nylon fabric. The design for this product is well thought out to create optimal storage space.

Looking at it from the bottom-up,the bottom most compartment alone measures 18 x 12 x 19

Inches with a deep hollow that is ideal for bulkier beauty tools and accessories such hair dryers, straighteners, rollers as well as sprays and so forth.

It also contains 8 removable hard plastic trays that aid you further in customizing the organization of cosmetics and tools to suit your working and organizational style.

The interior of this unit’s front flap is a large zippered mesh net pocket as well as additional clear storage pockets on either side.

The bag is easily fastened by use of clasps and when opened reveals 2 extend-able trays on the upper section and a spacious center storage compartment. All your brushes can be secured in the mesh nets. The mesh net can hold as many as 13 make up brushes.

The base is equipped with in-line rollers wheels while the back has a retractable telescopic handle for easy transportation. Overall dimension of this unit comes to 15.7 x 11.4 x 26.3 inches and it weighs a paltry 0.16 ounces.

In this unit, consumers love the organizational flexibility because of plenty of padded trays as well as extend-able ones. They commended it for the presence of exterior side pockets for items that need quick reach such as business cards.

8. Mefeir 2-In-1 Rolling Makeup Train Case

The Mefier 2 in 1 train case comes in a catchy rose pink color. This unit is not just a pretty face but has been constructed to last. The edges are made from aluminum and  components of steel.

The inside is lined with wooden trays and velvet that cushion your makeup kits and tools

against any accidental bumps during transit. The bottom most box is all hollow with enough space for sponges, hair dryers, straightener etc.

The upper case has retractable trays, as well as dividers to help configure the space into smaller compartments that can assorted cosmetics.

The bottom is equipped with four castor wheels that are detachable and easy to replace. The retractable telescopic handle works in tandem with the 360 degree wheels for easy and smooth transportation. Its dimensions are 14.17 x 9.45 x 28.3 inches.

Consumers loved the economic price tag on this unit considering the value it provides. They commended it for being a well thought out secure product owing to the velvet interior. It is also lockable ensuring your tools and make up are safe.

9. Z ZTDM 3 in 1 Rolling Makeup Train Case

The swanky bold colored zebra stripes are what give this case a unique distinction. The design is versatile as both the top and bottom can be used independently as stand alone make up carriers for those jobs that don’t require you to carry loads of beauty accessories and supplies.

The unit’s exterior has aluminum edges and steel corners for durability, while the interior is lined Z ZTDM 3 in 1 Rolling Makeup Train Case with Wheels & Strap,4 Keys Aluminum Cosmetic Trolley,Lockable Beauty Artist Travel Organizer

with velvet that ensures your make up and tools have soft surroundings for protection against any damage. It has a lock able system for security.

The base has two wheels and the back has a pull handle for smooth transportation. Consumers lovethe versatility of both the upper and bottom chambers ability to be used separately when there is need.

They commended the case for including the velvet protection on the interior. Makeup supplies are the expensive and require care.

Benefits of Using Any of the Above Makeup Cases

Looking at the reviews above, it  quite clear that there are many benefits to be enjoyed just by owning one of these units. When choosing either of this units you want to consider your needs first in order to make the most suitable selection for your purposes.

Whether you are a professional artist, stylist, nail technician, a student of the same or you just own a lot of make up and travel a lot, your organization will be made so much easier.

  1. Large storage capacity: Probably one of the most outstanding benefits, is the simple fact that despite having 100 or more makeup items in your tool bag, you can find exactly what you are looking for quickly without having to forage through the whole bag. This in itself helps you build confidence with your clients and gives you a professional look which could lead to even more business through referrals.
  2. Time saving: With a make up case, you save loads of time. This is because you can keep all your appointments with clients even if they are strewn all over the city without having to run back to base after every appointment. You have your whole shop in a trolley. This means that your output is enhanced as you are able to see more clients in a day.
  3. Versatility: Another great advantage is that some make up cases are detachable and can be used independently. This means that one stylist could be off with the bottom most chamber of the unit to attend a client needing a hair styling session while another team member is off with the upper chamber of the unit to attend a client needing a pedicure session. Such versatility, organization and output can only be achieved with thoughtful make up organizers that are outlined in the product review section above.
  4. Traveling on the go: And finally these make up case allow you to be ready to travel without the need to start packing and planning. This is because everything is aways ready and packed.

Choosing a makeup case should be done wisely. Do not opt for the trendiest without considering your needs. Choose practically over aesthetics any day.



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