2021 15 Best Palm Leaf Blade Ceiling Fans You’ll Love

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Why is a  palm leaf blade ceiling fan worth considering? Well other than the obvious; home ventilation and general aesthetics…

Are you feeling perennially stressed out and utterly drained? Do you know that plants and trees, especially those vividly green ones, are proven by scientific studies to have the amazing ability to calm the mind and restore all the energy that was drained out of you?

Moreover, the refreshing sight of leaves can lower the blood pressure, as well, increase attentiveness and focus and overall improves a person’s wellbeing among many other benefits. But not everyone has the luxury of time to take care and maintain a plant in their own homes. So why not consider getting a palm leaf blade ceiling fan, instead?

Admit it or not, our summer every year is just getting hotter and hotter wherever we may be in the world and it is making out daily tasks and chores feel more vexing than it should be, thus decreasing our productivity rate.

And upon coming home, all we want to have is something that will relax our senses and recharge our weary and stressed minds and bodies. A cool refreshing breeze caressing you further enhanced by an energizing sight of a palm leaves could be it.

What’s more, you certainly do not need to break the bank to level up the aesthetics of your room with a palm blade ceiling fan while getting the benefit of great air flows and a calming ambiance.

Below we highlight a variety of some of the best palm leaf blade ceiling fans in the market,  which are highly practical, high quality and affordable.

Review of the Best Palm Leaf Blade Ceiling Fans Worth Considering

1. Honeywell Sabal Palm 52-Inch Palm Leaf Blade Ceiling Fan

Starting our list is a classy-looking piece that could steal the hearts of young and old alike with its elegant palm tree blades that bring out its trendy side, while still being sophisticated with its oil rubbed bronze finish.Honeywell Sabal Palm 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

This Sabal Palm tropical ceiling fan evokes calm as it rotates gently, reminiscent of the Sabal Palmetto leaves rustling in the tropical breeze.

At nightfall, you can use the light that comes with the ceiling fan, with the bulbs enclosed in a beautiful Tuscan sand glass bowl, and the moment you light it on, your tropical vacation night mood is all complete with the gentle light coming from this stunner.

More impressive is the fact that every single one of its blades is a custom, hand-carved artisan blades made from smooth basswood.

Further, this palm leaf blade ceiling fan’s blades are also reversible so you can still enjoy a freshly aired room even in winter season.


  • Dimensions: 12.72 x 13.7 x 23.07 inches and 52 inches blades
  • CFM of 5038
  • Made of high quality metal, glass and basswood with oil rubbed finish for the blades
  • It is compatible with 3 types of mounts; close-mount, downrod and angled for flexibility in installation and designing.
  • Has 3 speed options and a whisper quiet reversible motor.
  • Pull chain control
  • This fan is perfect for rooms around 350-450 square feet such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or family rooms.

Customer Feedback:

The customers were enthralled with their purchase as this ceiling fan very easily became the new centerpiece in the room. Several users opted to mount theirs in the dining room where a touch of fun statement was needed to keep the jolly mood as the family relaxes and bonds with each other. Being more than just a beauty, this palm leaf blade ceiling fan by Honeywell is said to give a strong amount of breeze as well. Although a few did not like the dimness of its light, a majority still loved it for the cozy, relaxed feel it provided and even got more than one unit.

2. Hunter Fan Company 54097 54-Inches Palm Tropical Ceiling Fan

Bring home that summer hotel experience of your dreams with this lovely masterwork by Hunter Fan Company.Hunter Fan Company 54097 54-Inches Palm Tropical Ceiling Fan

With its antique dark wicker palm leaf blades and the exquisitely finished metalwork, it sure looks like a piece straight out of a vintage grand hotel.

Designed to seamlessly move air in a large room of about 485 sq. feet, it will also look perfect crowning your indoor rooms, patio or sunroom.

Moreover, it is also Energy Star certified so you are cutting down on energy costs, as well while enjoying the perfect summer vibe.


  • Dimensions: 13.03 x 9.5 x 13.03 inches with 5 antique Dark Wicker / Antique Dark Palm plastic blades pitched 13 degrees for the perfect air movement and peak performance.
  • CFM of 5803
  • With reversible blades that you can switch from downdraft mode during the summer to updraft mode during the winter and 3 fan speeds for customized comfort.
  • WhisperWind motor that gives you the ultimate comfort without making a noise.
  • ETL Damp rated for use in covered porches, patios and sunrooms.
  • Compatible with 3 mounting system that allows for standard, low or angled mounting.
  • Comes with a pull chain for quick and easy on/off and speed adjustments.
  •  Energy Star certified so you are guaranteed of maximum performance while helping save energy and protect the environment.
  • Backed by Limited Motor Warranty

Customer Feedback:

From most users, this ceiling fan is very easy installed by any home DIYers with the help of the excellent manual that comes with it. The ceiling fan’s double wicker or leaf patterns also proved to be much loved from the very first day. The fan was said to offer a strong movement of wind, clearing the air within a closed room and making it feel fresh again, with its almost soundless motor.

3. Arkonfire 52-Inches Tropical Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

Who said that summer can’t be classy and elegant at the same time? You definitely can bring your own summer nights right into your home with this 52 inches tropical palm leaf blade ceiling fan light from Arkonfire.Arkonfire 52-Inches Tropical Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

With its 5 hand-crafted artisan palm leaf blades combined with the gorgeous finish of copper-colored metals encasing its nostalgically beautiful lamps, this is the tropical ceiling fan that homeowners with a romantic streak would love to see every night before resting.

Ideal for medium rooms, its dazzling blades are also reversible so you can have your summery breeze and a neat air flow during the winter.

It is powered by a quiet motor, so quiet that you will forget you have a fan overhead if not for its eye-catching design!


  • Dimensions: 26 x 19.25 x 15.5 inches with 52 inches blades
  • 5023 CFM on high
  • It comes with a 4.9” and 9.8” downrods
  • Made of the best quality ABS plastic, metal, wood and glass
  • It is also compatible with 3 ways of mounting so you can have more options with your design and installation, including angled and high ceilings.
  • With 3 speed and light settings to set the perfect mood you are going for
  • It is generated by a high quality reversible motor made of copper oil that enables it to run barely making any sound, saving more energy in the process, as well.
  • It comes with a remote control for ease of use

Customer Feedback:

Customers loved the dramatic look this palm leaf blade ceiling fan by Arkonfire offers. Those with a plain room were amazed at how it acted like a makeup for the room, instantly transforming it into a posh, Mediterranean- style home with its classic-looking design. This particular unit was also reported to give a satisfying amount of air even in its lowest speed, making rest time much more delightful and peaceful.

4. Westinghouse Lighting 7861920 Oasis Palm Leaf Blade Ceiling Fan

Imagine coming home after a long, tiring and humid day to this eye candy by Westinghouse.Westinghouse Lighting 7861920 Oasis Palm Leaf Blade Ceiling Fan

Seeing its perfectly carved leaf blades that are made of sumptuous ABS resin with rich mahogany and its metal lampshade with oil rubbed bronze finish illuminated by a single lamp that gives out the warmest light to relax any tired eyes, who would not feel peaceful?

You also have the freedom to show it off anywhere you like because this gorgeous unit is approved for wet locations and is actually designed for patios, verandas or gazebos.

Moreover, it also has a reversible motor which means you can put it to use all year round,  to cool you down on summer and warm you up on winter.


  • Dimensions: 48 inches with its reversible mahogany blades .
  • Airflow of 4,305 CFM and is perfect for medium rooms up to 144 square feet
  • A metal lampshade with an oil rubbed bronze finish and yellow alabaster glass to set off the posh tropical night vibe.
  • Approved for wet locations, this Oasis is also ideal for outdoor settings as it is for indoors
  • Also comes with 54-inch lead wire, 4-inch by 3/4-inch down rod, and one candelabra-base 60-watt G16-1/2 light bulb.
  •  Pull chain for fan and light control
  • Backed by a lifetime motor warranty and two-year warranty on all other parts

Customer Feedback:

Though not the easiest to install, a majority of the customers were perfectly satisfied knowing that what they have acquired was indeed a high-quality and functioning ceiling fan and its stunning looks are just a bonus. Many of buyers installed it in their patio where they like to unwind on early evenings. Additionally, this is said to run without those irksome fan sounds thanks to its quiet motor.

5. Monte Carlo 5CU52RB Cruise Tropical 52” Ceiling Fan

Perfectly blending the best of traditional beauty with the aesthetic of classy contemporary, this work of art from the Monte Carlo Fan Company is one flexible beauty that can fit with any type of interior from neutral and traditional to playful and modern.Monte Carlo 5CU52RB Cruise Tropical 52” Ceiling Fan

Boasting its paddle-like palm leaf blades of American walnut and a sophisticated Roman Bronze finished metal work that is a rare sight nowadays and such a prize to have, it gives off an authentically refined air to any room you put it in.

With its 52 inches size, any large room will surely be provided a fresh, summery breeze anytime of the year.


  • Dimensions: 52 x 13.9 x 52 inches and 52 inches bladespan
  • Air flow capacity of 5439 CFM
  • With Roman Bronze Finish
  • Specially made for wet locations and can withstand outdoor use
  • Utilizes 5 Outdoor Approved American Walnut Blades that are pitched 13 degrees to perfectly move the air around the room
  • With 3 speed options and pull chain for ease of control
  • With Premium Power Triple Capacitor 172 x 20 mm Torque-Induction Motor for Quiet Operation

Customer Feedback:

After looking through the wide selections of tropical styled ceiling fans online, some users chose this eye-catcher and they were happy to prove that it is indeed a smart buy. Those who were looking for just a ceiling fan only with no lights that they can install flush with the ceiling were delighted by the modern but still sophisticated craftsmanship of this palm leaf blade ceiling fan. The American walnut blades were noted to be smooth to touch and sturdy as well as durable. Its performance was also commended by a majority.

6. Honeywell Palm Island 50505-01 52-Inch Palm Leaf Blade Ceiling Fan

Yearning to be at the tropics or the beach? You can, at least get a sight of the majestic palm trees every time you step inside your home with another stroke of genius from Honeywell, the Palm Island Tropical Ceiling fan.Honeywell Palm Island 50505-01 52-Inch Palm Leaf Blade Ceiling Fan

With its 52 inches blades’ double sided designs which are the leaf patterns on one side and the wicker pattern on the other, it will surely remind you of the sultry Palm Island and add to it the energizing breeze coming from its highly-efficient fan. You surely can have the beachy vibe you dream of while waiting for your summer vacation!


  • Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 9.42 inches and 52 inches blades with double sided patterns, wicker and leaf.
  • With incredible 4 speed options for you to choose from.
  • It is compatible with 3 types of mounts- close-mount, downrod and angled for flexibility in installation and designing
  • Has 3 speed options and a whisper quiet motor for the perfect summery relaxation
  • This fan is perfect for rooms around 350-450 square feet such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or family rooms.
  • Pull chain controlled unit.
  • It is especially made for wet locations, as well so you can install it anywhere you like

Customer Feedback:

Customers who were looking for a ceiling fan with natural-looking woven patterned blades were happy to have found this sensation from Honeywell. The customers loved the woven wicker patterns but the palm leaf blades were the icing on the cake. Upon installing this model, the room was instantly transformed into a beachy paradise, giving their rooms a refreshing coastal feel. The fan is said to move a strong amount of air if installed correctly with its 4 speed options to boot for the perfect customized comfort right at the heart of the home.

7. Luxure Fan 52 Inch Palm Leaf Blade Ceiling Fan Light

Who would ever think that you can combine palatial glamour with tropical, beachy aesthetics? Luxure Fan made it possible, and they made it in the very best way.Luxure Fan 52 Inch Palm Leaf Blade Ceiling Fan Light

With its 5 premium palm leaf blades that would look like golden leaves above you and its lampshade that is made of the finest glass material, it surely is capable of making a simple room look like a room straight out of a beach-front hotel.

Moreover, it also comes with a remote control and an impressive timer function so it can shut itself off while you are asleep, saving you more energy costs in the process.

But wait, it is not only a summer essential. It is also a reversible fan so you can still use it during the winter season for a warmer gust of fresh air.


  • Dimensions: 25.5 x 19 x 16 inches and 52 inches wide with the fan blades
  • Featuring 5 pieces of elegant lampshades made of the finest quality glass material
  • With 3 speed options that you can control via your remote control and a pull chain, as well.
  • Reversible function for the blade to keep you warm and cozy in the winter

Customer Feedback:

The customers were very satisfied with their acquisition of this rare home fixture. They also liked the audible beep the remote control gives whenever it is pressed, giving off a high-end, smart home vibe. The fan is said to move a decent amount of air, enough to freshen up a medium room. Overall, it is a highly functional chandelier ceiling fan for its price.

8. Emerson Ceiling Fans CF621SW Batalie Breeze 52-Inch Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Achieve the ultimate breezy tropical paradise along the coast of Sardinia with this splendid blend of Venetian bronze and antique stain wicker blades that perfectly sets the mood for a posh summer evening every time you’re home.Emerson Ceiling Fans CF621SW Batalie Breeze 52-Inch Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan

With its excellently stained antique wicker blades in the likeness of summery palm leaves held by a lovely Venetian bronze finished metalwork, this Emerson Batalie Breeze eye-catcher can also be installed in your porch or patio because it is also crafted to withstand outdoor weather. So you can unwind with the natural wind on your porch while being caressed with the air flow from this beauty.

It also has a light fixture to perfectly go with your summer night ambiance.


  • 52 x 52 x 14 inches with blades spanning 52 inches able to give a powerful air flow of 5255 CFM
  • With reversible blades that you can switch from downdraft mode during the summer to updraft mode during the winter/
  • 3 fan speeds for customized comfort
  • Wet location rated for use in covered porches, patios and sunrooms
  • Light fixture adaptable with option to purchase remote or wall controls
  • It comes with a 1/2-inch downrod and Emerson sloped ceiling kit cathedral and sloped ceilings up to 45 degrees
  • It is also backed by limited lifetime motor warranty and one-year warranty on parts and electronics.

Customer Feedback:

Although some customers were initially pleased that this Emerson unit comes with 4 speed options, they were worried about using the highest speed and the fixture making noise and wobbling. There was nothing to worry about because it remained quiet as if it was in the lowest setting without wobbling. The vintage look also added an effortless glamour to the customers’ rooms. The installation was a breeze, as well and there were almost nothing to adjust. Some customers even ended up buying more for different rooms.

9. Gulf Coast Fans 52” Venetian Tropical Ceiling Fan with Internal Light in Oil Rubbed Bronze

Enjoy a sophisticated sultry night with this vintage Gulf Coast Fans beauty as the center of your best room. With its lavish assembly of well-crafted materials such as its all too realistic palm leaf blades together with its white illuminated housing that is supported by an antique metal framing, it sure looks like a priceless heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation.

It is also damp rated so it can be installed in any outdoor setting such as the patio or the front porch for an elegant tropical facade in your home.

Moreover, it also has 3 speed options and a reversible blade function so this beauty will never be of no use come winter days. It will do a good job of circulating warm and fresh air throughout your room while giving off a light that is as warm and cozy, reminiscent of Venetian streets.


  • Palm leaf blades spanning 52 inches
  • 5208 CFM on highest setting
  • Reversible motor
  • Damp rated for outdoor use. It can also be installed indoors and will work just as perfectly
  • With a beautiful illuminated housing that gives off a soft, gentle light that perfectly sets of a romantic, Venetian mood
  • The fan features 3 speed options and a reversible function so you can also use it for colder days

Customer Feedback:

Most customers were very pleased with their new Venetian Tropical ceiling fan that actually works efficiently in circulating air as advertised. Installed in a front porch, this gorgeous ceiling fan moves air perfectly and noiselessly. Although the illuminated body is for decorative purposes only, it made this ceiling feature even more stunning.

10. Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

White is in and will always be but most especially during summertime when the best aesthetic you can have is a crisp all-white design. Transform your favorite room or patio into something that is straight out of a Grecian movie with an all-white Duvall ceiling fixture that will complete the immaculate and neat aesthetic that you are going for.Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

It amazingly comes with 4 speed options so you can decide the wind speed and strength to go with your ideal relaxation time.

It also has a reversible motor than can be ran in the winter so you can stay comfy and warm.

You can use a Honeywell remote control (to be purchased separately) with this beauty or just use the pull chain that comes with it for the maximum ease of operation and comfort.


  • Dimensions: 10.75 x 13.31 x 22.48 inches and white finish and 5 damp rated, wicker fan blades spanning a great 52-inches wide.
  • The fan has 4 speed options and can be run reversed for the winter season and are pitched 12 degrees for a seamless air movement.
  • With pull chains included for easy “on and off” adjustments but this fan is also compatible with Honeywell ceiling fan remotes.
  • Its 52 inch blades are designed for medium to large sized rooms such as a bedroom, living room, dining room or outdoor spaces such as a porch of patio.

Customer Feedback:

For customers who love spending time at home out on their front porch, installing a good fan for this area was crucial. Most knew the name Honeywell very much so it already made sense to trust this model’s advertised performance. And for most, it did not disappoint even when used indoors in such rooms as the bedroom. Even after months of continuous use, the fan’s motor’s smooth and outstanding performance did not waver.

11. Andersonlight Palm 52-inch Tropical Indoor Ceiling Fan

Feel like a true tropical royalty with this palm leaf blade ceiling fan by Andersonlight that looks like a perfect golden flower overhead.Andersonlight Palm 52-inch Tropical Indoor Ceiling Fan

This regal piece evokes the feeling of luxury as it rotates gently and quietly above you with its elegant, almost golden palm leaf blades that are made of ABS plastic that is impressively dustproof, as well.

In addition to this, it also comes with an LED light enclosed in a graceful milky glass shade that is meant to protect your eyes from the harsh light, giving off a soft glow at the same time.

This model is also reversible so you do not get to enjoy it during the summer but you can still have your tropical paradise during colder days.


  • Dimensions: 24.8 x 16.7 x 15 inches with ABS blades spanning 52 inches wide with New Bronze finish.
  • Its LED light comes with a gorgeous Opal glass shade that is made to protect the eye from the harsh light.
  • Whisper quiet reversible motor that delivers a powerful air movement so you get the cooling power you want without the unnecessary noise.
  • It has a reversible motor that lets you change the direction of your fan from downdraft mode during the summer to updraft mode during the winter.
  • It has 3 wind speeds and 3 types of lighting effects to set the perfect mood for you. It also has a timer function, all controlled by a provided remote control.

Customer Feedback:

Users were absolutely enthralled with this light and fan combo’s notable aesthetic. It truly is the pride of any home it’s installed in and even a moderate and humble home was transformed into a summery sanctuary. It also comes highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a ceiling fan that moves a serious amount of air in a medium to large room.

12. Minka-Aire F581-WHF Gauguin 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire’s pride, which is the quality and workmanship of their home fixtures, is evident with this crisp piece.Minka-Aire F581-WHF Gauguin 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

The Minka-Aire Gauguin ceiling fan boasts of divine white blades spanning a great 52 inches and its meticulously crafted metalwork that is also in the same spotless white shade.

Fashioned especially for the outdoor settings but usable indoors as well, you can now adorn your front porch or patio with this lush piece that can withstand the outside weather.

It also includes a 50 watt bulb so you can have both fan and light in one awesome body.

Moreover, this is not only a summer decorative piece, because of its reversible blades, you can also use this during the winter for a cozy and warm airflow throughout your room.


  • Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 14 inches with flat white, all weather blades spanning 52 inches wide
  • With a 50 Watt MR16 Halogen bulb with a maximum wattage of 50 watts
  • It has 3 speed wall control with dimmable lights.
  • A reversible motor that lets you change the direction of your fan from downdraft mode during the summer to updraft mode during the winter.

Customer Feedback:

Customers love the general aesthetics that this unit affords a space especially when installed in open areas like sunrooms and patios. The breeze it moves proved to be gentle and strong at the same time even when installed outdoors. As for its look, pictures did not do it justice for it is said to look much better than it does in pictures. Customers also noted that it looked extra divine in summer, when the sunlight hits its perfectly white surface. Overall, a majority of buyers claim it’s a worthy investment that is worth every penny.

13. Home Decorators Collection Palm Cove 44-Inches LED Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Give yourself a peek of the fresh and sultry Palm Cove life with an excellently crafted Palm Cove ceiling fan.Home Decorators Collection Palm Cove 44-Inches LED Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This one from Home Decorators Collection comes with a light kit and so, it is perfectly reminiscent of Palm Cove sunsets peeking between the huge palm trees. Just the perfect closing for your long day.

It is also wet location approved so you can also enjoy its magnificent tropical sight even when you are just hanging out at the patio or front porch.

Moreover, it also has 3 speed functions and reversible blades so you can still have the Palm Cove vibe right at your home even on the coldest of days.


  • Dimensions: 17.67 x 44 x 17.72 with ABS, all-weather blades spanning an impressive 44 inches with an air flow of 4359 CFM and is perfectly suited for medium rooms.
  • With 5 palm leaf shaped teak finished blades that has 3 speed options and are reversible for winter use.
  • Its tri-mount installation allows for a variety of mounting options including close-to-ceiling mounting, standard mounting and high or angled ceiling mounting.
  • It is generated by Quiet Motor Technology Plus for the perfect noiseless airy comfort.
  • Also comes with an LED lighting kit for the perfectly clear illumination.

Customer Feedback:

Customers were satisfied to have found out that this impressive model is actually more than just expensive and pretty-looking. Notwithstanding its breezy installation that any home DIY enthusiast can achieve, its cleverly-crafted blades can seriously move a great amount of air with its very quiet motor that proved to be powerful. The blades are said to be easy to clean as well, which is very convenient for busy homeowners.

14. Gulf Coast Fans Bombay Tropical Palm Leaf Blade Ceiling Fan

Enjoy the rich summery eastern aesthetics with this harmonious blend of traditional elegance and tasteful modern contemporary, all in a one-of-its-kind Bombay Tropical Ceiling fan.Gulf Coast Fans Bombay Tropical Palm Leaf Blade Ceiling Fan

Who needs an air conditioner when you have got yourself a ceiling fan with powerful ABS plastic blades that can withstand any kind of weather and heat, and its steel with painted finish and galvanized undercoat ?

You can choose among its 3 fan speeds to guarantee a seamless comfort, may it be during the balmy days or the colder days, as well, because this beauty also boasts of reversible blades function so you are also well aired and warmed during the winter.


  • Dimensions: 42 inches blades with an air flow capacity of 3396 CFM. Ideal for medium to small rooms.
  • The blade are also reversible so you can still enjoy your tropical fan during winter, also with 3 speed options.
  • Damp rated with 5 ABS palm leaf blades that can withstand any weather and heat so it is also suitable for outdoor settings.
  • Pull chain for fan speed control

Customer Feedback:

Customers were blown away by the power of this pretty unit. Although it might have looked too pretty to be powerful at first sight, the satisfied customers’ minds were changed  because it effectively cools medium or smaller rooms quite well. Even though the fan has been hanging for some years now on some users’ patios, it is said that there are no signs of aging on this tropical ceiling fan .

15. Palm Leaf Blades Ceiling Fan by Tropicalfan

With this  Tropicalfan’s ceiling fixture’s combination of golden tropical palm leaf blades and a striking glass cover to its glowing bulbs, this would make a great centerpiece  in most homes.Palm Leaf Blades Ceiling Fan by Tropicalfan

Generated by a pure copper coil motor, the perfect ambiance of your room will not be ruined anymore by a fan’s wobbly and broken noises because this beauty runs quietly, almost as if there is no fan above you.


  • Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 23 inches with vintage plastic blades spanning 52 inches and an air flow of 4700 CFM, perfect for 90-225 rooms
  • Its lampshade is made of  high-quality glass with an elegant vintage touch, as well.
  • Generated by pure copper coil motor so it runs not only smoothly but noiselessly as well
  • Enjoy the comfort of a well-aired home all year round with its reversible blades that you can use during summer and even in winter.
  • Control and maintain the level you want with its remote control with 3 speed options and even a timing function
  • It also come with a 4” downrod and a battery

Customer Feedback:

The first thing that the customers and later on, their guests noticed was its unbelievably striking look. It glass lamp shimmered gently when the fixture’s light is on. The fan worked as described and continued like so.

Wrap Up

As can be seen from the above our list of summery palm leaf blade ceiling fans, you certainly do not need to break the bank or go to great lengths just to achieve that tropical paradise theme you certainly deserve!

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