Best Paint Colors For a Bedroom

Your bedroom is the space where you come to relax, rejuvenate and rest after a long day. It is also often where you get intimate with and share your most treasured time with your loved ones. If this special room in your house is not perfectly lovely and joyous, it is likely to impact the quality of your life in rather harmful ways. A good bedroom brings you comfort and calmness. It has a sense of harmony and coziness, and also has that added level of zest to maintain a touch of romance and playfulness as well.The colors that you select to paint the walls of your bedroom have a profound effect on its overall look and feel.

Let us suggest few of the best paint colors for a bedroom, and also the reasons that they truly make great colors. Then we will give you an idea of what colors NOT to pick as well, so finally you can make a very well informed decision on what color you want your bedroom to be.

Shades of Blue

Blue is a color of tranquility and one of the most relaxing colors to your eyes in the whole color spectrum. If you want your bedroom to be that place of peace where you want to come after an exhausting workday for a good long sleep, blue is your color to go.

There are many shades of in blue to select from Baby Blue, Aqua to Azure and you can add some touches of navy or royal blue for that depth and fun.

If you decide to go with blue as the main color for your bedroom, it is the best if you keep your color pallet cool and minimal when you add your decorative pieces as well.

Blue color bedrooms have a soft romantic feel, known to give you a good night’s sleep, and also makes you cheerier when you get up in the morning.

Shades of Green

Since the olden days where humans lived outdoors, we all had an affinity for the color green. It is the color of nature, and effortlessly gives an aura of positivity and love. An earthy shade of green gives the dim and calm environment for a good sleep.

Pastel toned greens give a playful effect and they easily pair with wood and floral tones of your furniture and curtains. The color mint has also been very popular recently as you can see in many Pinterest boards and Instagram, paired with shining white marbles and furniture. It also adds that touch of luxury without being too obnoxious.

Green is known to make a great environment for a restful sleep, and add an upbeat and positive feel as you open your eyes to it in the morning.

Shades of Grey

Although the shades of grey have recently been connected with erotic and racy topics, this neutral color has long been a favorite to paint bedrooms with for a few different reasons. Grey is a cool toned color that is friendly to your eyes and brings peace to your mind. Grey tones are usually paired with whites, light blue hues and also its more bling-y sibling silver.

Also, if you like a space that can showcase your creativity and love to surround yourself with colors as you sleep, grey is a great background color that works as the perfect canvas to add lots of colorful decor to your bedroom if needed, especially since it blends in and lets other colors speak for themselves without disturbing your eyes.

Grey color is known to add a sense of peace to your bedroom, easy to maintain, and adds depth and space as needed with the shades that you pick.

Shades you should stay away from!

Last but not least, let us tell you a few colors which are not the best colors for a bedroom, especially as the main wall color.


As much as it is known as the mascot color for love and lust, red is a color you should stay away from when it comes to bedrooms. It is an energetic and stimulating color, however, when used as the main color for your bedroom, it can make your eyes restless and give an agitated feel to the environment. Adding small pops of red as ornaments or lights will give you that touch of romance you love.

Black and Brown

These colors can be soothing in small amounts, however, if you opt to make them the main color of your bedroom, the overall effect can be negative. Too much black and browns have the ability to make you feel overwhelmed and lower your energy. However, you can use these colors for bedroom furniture, which will add depth and dimension especially if you have chosen a lighter, brighter and a peaceful color for the walls.

Ultimately, the secret to having a soothing and relaxing bedroom where colors are concerned is to pick the right shades of a color. You see the fact that we’ve said red or black is not a very great color for the bedroom doesn’t mean you have to keep your bedroom entirely red or black free. Just that some colors need to be used more sparingly, for example you could use red in bed linens to bring that pop of color, combining it with a color like grey or cream. You could use black with white or even a bright color like orange. Overall, color balancing is key.



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