8 Best Oversized King Size Down Alternative Comforters of 2021

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Table of Contents

The best types of oversized king size down alternative comforters will not only have you sleeping like royalty, but our selection down below will bring an end to your struggles of finding a king size comforter that looks great and covers your king bed while allowing for a nice overhang.

A quality comforter does not necessarily have to be expensive. Alternative down comforters can deliver a good standard of thermal features that keep you nice and cozy all year long through hot and cold seasons. And all these without you breaking your bank account for the comfort.

The features of a quality comforter are very straightforward. However, there are two things that buyers might wonder; the difference between the terms GSM and fill ounce where comforters are concerned. In fact these two can be used interchangeably as they both allude to the amount of fill used in a comforter. For instance 160 GSM means grams per square meter and 300 oz. of fill means the overall fill weight used on a comforter.

The more the fill or higher the GSM, the more the density and the more the warmth the unit is capable of.

In general, the standard size for king size comforters is around 107″ x 92″. Below we have reviewed some of the best alternative down comforters that are of high quality,  quite pocket friendly and best of all, oversized measuring at least 116″ x 98″ or more.

No more fighting for covers with your partner with the below options. Check them out!

Review of the Best Oversized King Size Down Alternative Comforters

  1. Best Super Size: GrayEagle Bedding Co. 120″ x 98 All Season Oversize King Down Alternative Comforter

Our largest sized comforter reviewed here is from the Gray Eagle Bedding Co,  an excellent brand that manufactures high quality comforters.GrayEagle Bedding Co. 120" x 98 All Season Oversize King Down Alternative Comforter

This unit will have you feeling like you have been encompassed by a fluffy cloud and kicking yourself for not having discovered this luxury sooner. Not only does it look exquisite and inviting when spread over your bed, but the build is superb with a lot practical features that make it an awesome bed companion.

A common challenge faced by most people who have King and California King sized beds is that most comforters fail to sit as well on the bed. As a result you do not achieve that gorgeous aesthetic look you see in the advertisements. That poor fit is even more evident when you have a pillow top bed.

With this oversized all season down alternative comforter from Gray Eagle Bedding Co, your bed will look amazing because the unit drapes further down. This is because the comforter comes in a super-size of 120″ x 98″that is significantly larger than the standard king comforter.

No pulling and tagging battles over the comforter at night with your partner because this comforter has you both covered, literally.

Despite the bigger size, the unit maintains a neat fluffy and proportional shape. The fluffy aspect is made possible by two things. The first is the fact the piece is filled with 116 ounce of high quality micro-fiber filling for excellent squishiness. The second is because this bedding has been designed with classic baffle boxes and the edges have been finished with piped edging.

The baffle boxes add to the aesthetic look of the unit, but more than that, the design ensures that all the fill is evenly distributed across the whole comforter and stays in place.

With such a design, even after the comforter and has been laundered, you are guaranteed that it will not lose shape nor will you experience pockets of clumps.

The piped edges are a thoughtful way of stitching the hems to keep them firm, intact and durable. Spillage of the filling is nearly impossible in this unit and longevity is guaranteed.

On those cold and chilling nights, you can always add a duvet to this comforter for even better insulation against the cold. That’s has been made easy via the addition of corner loops for holding duvet covers.

With a 250 thread count brushed microfiber cover, you are in for a gorgeous looking oversized comforter that is capable of all year round use.


  • The comforter size is super King measuring 120 x 98 inches. The unit is also available in Supreme King at 118”x 114” and 130 ounce fill
  • This comforter has a filling of 116 ounces of high quality micro-fiber/ alternative fill that is soft and squishy
  • It is a hypo­-allergenic comforter that doesn’t trigger sniffles, tears and unrelenting sneezing
  • Neat and fluffy design is accentuated by the classic baffle boxes while the piped edges ensure longevity
  • The unit has 4 corner loops that make it easier to add a duvet to the comforter when needed
  • This comforter is machine washable by dry cleaning
  • Available in white color

Customer feedback

Those who settled on this unit mentioned that it was a perfect fit because they were looking or an oversized option for a massive bed. Not only that, but most customers were pleasantly surprised that the unit is breathable and its comfort can be used during the summer months as well.

Cold wintry nights call for some added insulations. Users loved the fact that they could easily add on a duvet to this comforter, thanks to the corner tabs on the unit that hold a duvet in place. They also said it offers maximum warmth with or without the duvet. An added plus according to the sensitive users of this comforter, is covering oneself with comfortable bedding without the fear of triggering allergies caused by those sensitive to feathers and goose down.

  1. Linenspa All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Oversize King Comforter

A common misconception is that comforters only apply during the cold months. While to a good degree that may be true for some brands, it certainly is not for this Oversized Linenspa down alternative comforter.Linenspa All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Oversize King Comforter

That’s because this unit’s build is far more superior than the brands that can’t achieve all year round comfort. Getting a Linenspa means a classy warm and inviting look in your bedroom that translates to all year round use for all age groups.

Such utility is made possible by the unit’s thoughtful combination. The shell of the unit is made from 100% Polyester which is extremely easy to wash and dries really fast.

Generously sized at 116″ x 98″, this King size comforter is perfect for those looking for a larger comforter.

Furthermore, this is a reversible comforter that comes with two colors on opposite sides therefore allowing you the benefit of changing things up occasionally.

If you have a very frequent hygiene needs, this is an excellent unit because polyester can also stand up to frequent washes without losing its lustrous look.

The fluffy look is courtesy of a generous 100% Polyester fill of fiber stitched in an elegant box design. When the unit gets dirty, just toss it in the washing machine for cleaning. Be sure to do so with cold water and on a gentle cycle and then dry on low heat or air dry outside.

No matter how many times you wash this unit, you can expect the fill to stay in place and remain evenly distributed. The comforter maintains the fluffiness for a long time to come.

The piped edges see to it that hems of the unit remain intact with zero chances of fraying or coming undone. This enhances durability that will have you enjoying the spa like comfort of this unit for ages to come.

The Linenspa is a remarkable styling option because over and above the fluffy look and solid build, the two sides of this unit are useable and can come in different colors. This is a nice and thoughtful touch that keeps your room looking fresh, cozy and vibrant.

Both the polyester shell and 100% polyester fill make for high breathability. It means the comforter remains cool enough during the hotter months of summer and warm enough during coolers months.

If your home is in an area that experiences some really chilly months, you will be glad to note that the Linenspa all season comforter has incorporated sewn corners and side loops that allow the addition of a duvet to the unit in very easy and quick steps. These side loops are strategically placed in eight places on the unit to ensure that the inserted duvet stays in place and does not slip off during the night.

If you have endured discomfort from previous comforters before such as being pricked by sharp quills or are allergic to feathers, this Linenspa comforter offers a complete alternative. It is so well done that you can use it on an invalid’s bed with no worries about their comfort.


  • This Oversized King Linenspa comforter measures 116”x 98” inches. It’s also available in the other size ranges: twin/ twin XL/ full/ full queen/ king/ California king.
  • The comforter has a filling of 300 gsm of high quality micro-fiber fill that is soft, squishy and breathable
  • Unit’s shell is made of polyester that feels great and comfortable to the skin for ultra-comfort
  • Neat design that has a fluffy look as a result of classic baffle boxes with piped edges for longevity
  • The unit has eight corner loops that hold fast to a duvet during those colder nights
  • This comforter is extremely washing machine friendly and dries pretty quick.
  • The unit is reversible and available in numerous colors: White, black/graphite, cloud sky, grey, grey/white stripe, navy, navy/graphite,  sand/mocha, stone/charcoal

Customer feedback

Some customers who got this comforter mentioned that they were looking for an oversized option that is neat and very washable as well as a fast drying and this did not disappoint. Other users shared they liked the Linenspa comforter because they are allergic to feathers and this made great fluffy alternative.

Additionally, this unit fits the bill perfectly for most buyers because of the Ultra-soft feel and interchangeable look. Customers who liked the features of this unit were quick to point out they appreciated that the unit comes in numerous colors and sizes befitting varied bedroom décor needs and standard bed size options, in addition to the oversized King and Queen.

  1. Easeland All Season Oversized King Soft Quilted Down Alternative Comforter

The design and crafting of this oversized down alternative unit is stellar.Easeland All Season Oversized King Soft Quilted Down Alternative Comforter

When buying a comforter, among several things that one has to look at, is the aesthetic and how long lasting the bedding is. This is in addition to utility and comfort levels.

With the Easeland Oversized King Soft Quilted Down Alternative Comforter, these features and more capture your eye at first glance. For some buyers looking for a premium oversized comforter, the search often ends with this option and for good reasons.

This bedding is all season, made possible by ingenious crafting which allows plenty of breathability while also providing good heat entrapment during those cold nights.

The secret of the Easeland is in being neither too heavy to cause overheating nor absurdly light to be ineffective. This brand has managed to strike just the right balance that applies the right amount of soft pressure to your body making you feel as if you are encased in a fluffy cloud.

This pleasant outcome is achieved because of the stuffing of the bedding. The stuffing features a high quality whole piece polyfill that brings out the fluffy feel. It is also worth pointing out that this is a viable option for those who have allergy sensitivities that are easily set off by goose down and feather fill options.

Another key part that contributes to the luxurious fluffiness is the large unmistakable box stitched design. The design does an effortless job of accentuating the feel and soft cloud look that is inviting, yet neat and stylish.

This practical utility and the aesthetic richness makes the Easeland a superb selection for residence bedroom or for hotel rooms.

The demise of most comforters begins at the hems and eventually leads to the box stitching coming undone followed by the dreaded spillage of fill. With this unit, the box stitching technology is tight and excellent while the edges of the entire unit are covered in piped stitching that guarantees no fraying or stitches coming loose.

This unit has effortlessly managed to wrap up aesthetics, utility and longevity in one product. So you can be sure that fill clamping and spillage are not on your worry life for the entire service life of this comforter.

When buying this comforter, it is prudent to note that it is vacuum packed. So you can expect that once you unpack it, it will not achieve its full fluffiness instantly. This can be quite disappointing if you had not anticipated that part. But fear not, the manufacturer recommends that you first put the unit in your dryer, alternatively you can expose the unit to sunlight for few hours. This will help the comforter achieve its maximum fluffiness for your enjoyment going forward.

While this particular unit is an Oversized King, buyers will be happy to know that the comforter comes in a few more colors and varied bed sizes to suit plenty of needs.


  • The comforter size is oversized King at 116″ x 98″ inches. It is also available in twin/full/ queen/ oversized queen/ California king.
  • This comforter has a filling of 116 ounces of high quality microfiber fill
  • The polyester fill is an excellent alternative for those allergic to goose down and feather comforters.
  • Has a neat and fluffy design accentuated by the classic baffle boxes while the piped edges enhance durability
  • It is a machine washable comforter
  • Available in dark grey/ grey/ white

Customer feedback

Customers who got this item were skeptical as to whether this unit will last or work for all year round use. Users also shared they felt this price seemed to be too good to be true and also the bedding not to mention it felt incredibly lightweight.

But, after taking a chance on it, the same customers mentioned that it was a good buy. They said this comforter keeps you toasty even on a chilly night and is remarkably easy to wash. In fact, some were so impressed they described their experience as sound sleep with soft brushed fabric that is pleasantly soft to the skin. They all recommended this highly breathable unit that provides cool comfort on hot night and insulates you with warmth during cold nights.

  1. Weekender Hypoallergenic Quilted Down Alternative Hotel-Style Comforter

Down alternatives such as the Weekender Hypoallergenic quilted options are an absolute game changer to how we approach sleep today.Weekender Hypoallergenic Quilted Down Alternative Hotel-Style Comforter

Gone are the days that you would seriously consider digging deep into your pockets just to have a shot at a quality comforter. And after all the hype about how a comforter sends you to the clouds every time your lie down to sleep, who wouldn’t want that?

The good news is that the hotel style advertised Weekender down comforter is ridiculously affordable and can transform your room and sleep in a heartbeat. Why is that?

Well, for starters the soft brushed shell fabric feels great on your skin. Secondly, the unit has more than a decent stuffing with 300 GSM for a poofy feel. The poofiness is pronounced by the box style stitching that is exquisite and looks great on any bed.

The majestic size of 98”x116” sprawls over your bed elegantly reminiscent of a plush hotel room.

However, other than looks, the box design performs the vital function of ensuring that the comforter will always have an even distribution of fill. That means for a long time, your unit will maintain its plush look and feel. With this unit, at no point in time can you expect to experience any clumping of the fill. So, you can enjoy it all year round.

When it gets dirty, all you have to do is toss it in the washer for cleaning. The comforter can be tumble dried or air dried. This bedding remains good as new with no shrinkage or clumping despite use and many washes.

A seemingly simple but vital feature that often goes unnoticed, are the 8 sewn-in corner and side tabs as opposed to the conventional four as seen in most comforters. If you are not a fan of waking up in the middle of a cold night to try rearranging the duvet because cold is seeping in, then you will likely have an added appreciation for this very practical feature. It keeps your favorite duvet cover securely in place. With this configuration, you can be sure that when you add a duvet, it is secured properly and will stay that way for the entire night.

This comforter can be used all year rounds because both the outer shell and filling are breathable.


  • The comforter Oversized king unit measures 116″ x 98″ inches. It also comes in twin/ twin XL/ full/ queen/king/ California king sizes
  • This comforter has a filling of 300 GSM that offers the ultimate plush fluffy comfort
  • It is a hypo­allergenic comforter that ensures you sleep soundly without triggering sniffles, tears and a blocked nose
  • Neat and fluffy design is accentuated by the classic baffle boxes while the piped edges guarantee longevity
  • The unit has 8 corner loops that make it easier to insert a duvet and hold it secure
  • This comforter is machine washable
  • Available in white color

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this comforter mentioned that they loved the overall sprawling look of the box design, the majestic size and inviting fluffy look that makes their bedroom inviting and plush. Most of the users expressed their satisfaction with the comforter’s ability to be comfortable during summer. They also mentioned that it was easy to insert a duvet as additional insulation on those nights that are exceptionally cold compared to other comforters on the market.

For a majority of customers a breathable unit is the key to all year round use. The Weekender certainly ticked all the right boxes for people looking for an oversized  comforter to sleep soundly in both summer and winter because of its breathability and moisture wicking abilities.

  1. Lucid Oversized King Size Down Alternative Comforter

Dust mites and dander are on top of the list as culprits of causing you sleepless nights. They can trigger allergic reactions that make sleep disappear. If you have suffered at the hands of a comforter that you were allergic to, then you know first-hand that it’s a very uncomfortable, sleep-depriving situation that leaves you drained. Having earth shattering sneezes in the middle of the night and battling a well of a runny nose and a bucketful of tears induced by a feather or goose down is no one’s idea of a blissful night.Lucid Oversized King Size Down Alternative Comforter

The Lucid Alternative Comforter is part of a vital ingredient for sleep. The unit is designed with plenty of breathability both from the soft fabric shell to the high quality hypoallergenic fill.

With this unit, you are guaranteed that never will you have to walk into the office the next day looking and feeling like you were in a warzone the previous night because of lack of sleep.

Measuring 116” x 98” inches, this comforter is an oversized king that will sit great on your bed because of its fluffy sprawling nature.

The build is also neat and has fantastic aesthetics because of the 14” box stitched squares. These squares do a marvelous job of bringing out the hotel room like beauty of the unit. They also serves the purpose of keeping the fill evenly distributed across the unit with zero chance of clumping.

The generous fill and light comfortable nature of the Lucid is because it has been stuffed with a generous 400 GSM fill encased in a brushed microfiber fabric shell. If you are on a shoestring budget and are looking for a decent alternative down comforter, this will likely work for you.


  • The comforter is oversized king measuring 116″ x 98″ inches. The unit is also available in several other sizes: twin/ twin XL/full/queen/king/ California king.
  • This comforter has a filling of 400 GSM of high quality micro-fiber fill that is soft and cloud-like
  • This is a hypo­-allergenic comforter that eliminates sniffles, tears and unrelenting sneezes due to allergies
  • Features a neat and fluffy classic baffle boxed design and piped edges look great and ensure longevity
  • The unit has 8 corner loops that make it easier to add a duvet to the comforter should you have need
  • This comforter is machine washable by dry cleaning
  • Available in white color

Customer feedback

Users who bought this unit shared that they liked the varying density options and bed size variations that were suitable for different beds across their homes. They also appreciated that the unit has 8 practical loops that take on a duvet with ease instead of the usual four that don’t work effectively.

It’s worth noting that this particular comforter is a heavy warmth option for those who like to sleep warm. That said, the unit has an all season version as well as a light warmth option to choose from. Customers were happy t buy both versions to cater for their needs all year round.

  1. Chezmoi Collection Medium Warmth White Down Alternative Comforter

This Medium Warmth  Down Alternative Comforter of Oversized King proportion could be your perfect companion for your bedding.Chezmoi Collection Medium Warmth White Down Alternative Comforter

No matter what the season, this unit ensures that you snuggle and snooze in bliss. Such perfection is not accidental but very deliberate and achieved by meticulous crafting design and use of materials that are sensitive to your needs.

While some fill material such as feathers and goose down on comforters can be considered as novel and come with a steep price tag, for some people, they can also be an allergy trigger for sniffles and earth moving sneezes.

This Medium Warmth alternative offers a viable affordable alternative comforter that’s highly breathable and can be used all year round.

The shell is composed of brushed soft fabric that is used to encase 100% hypoallergenic siliconized microfiber polyfill. The design is baffle stitched to ensure no clumping or uneven distribution of the fill.

Therefore this comforter is both a practical addition to the bedroom décor while at the same time providing an excellent cozy sleeping experience.

The unit can serve as a stand-alone comforter or as a duvet insert. Having several of these in the home facilitates comfortable sleep for the whole family. This unit is also perfect to have as an extra for visitors sleeping over.

Other than the comfort, this 116″ x 98″ comforter comes with a reusable storage bag that is quite a space saver. The comforter fits well in the storage bag and easily folds for space saving storage as well protection against dirt, dust and mites. That means when needed, the unit can be retrieved for instant use without having to worry about dirt and allergens.

While this particular comforter comes in medium weight, buyers will be glad to know the unit can also come in other fill densities namely; light warmth and ultra warmth.

The medium warmth comforter can be used all year round.


  • The dimension of this oversized King are 116″ x 98″ inches. The unit is also available in several other sizes: twin/ twin XL/full/queen/king/ California king.
  • This comforter is stuffed with high quality hypoallergenic microfiber fill that is soft and light at 250 GSM
  • Features siliconized polyfill making it hypoallergenic option
  • Neat and fluffy design is accentuated by the classic baffle boxes while the piped edges promote durability
  • The unit has 8 corner loops for easy attachment of a duvet to the edges
  • This is a machine washable comforter
  • Available in white color

Customer feedback

Those who bought this comforter, purchased it for various reasons according to different customers. Some bought for commercial establishments such as hotels while others got this unit for their residence. In both instances, customers loved the versatility of the comforter being a stand-alone as well as a duvet insert.

Senior citizens who tried this unit expressed that it was warm and toasty even when the temperature in the room was really cold and therefore makes it easier to sleep comfortably. They really appreciate the units corner tabs that allow you to insert and secure a duvet for extra insulation and warmth mentioning that they were very easy to work with compared to other comforters.

  1. Tekamon All Season Oversized King Comforter

This oversized king comforter by Tekamon is an excellent option when neatness and aesthetics are high on your list.Tekamon All Season Oversized King Comforter

The unit is very well designed with an emphasis on stitching details that brings out an elegant finish. This will work in any residence or hotel rooms providing any bed with that enviable plush look.

The design has classic 14” box patterns arranged in a diamond shape and occupy the central section of the comforter. Its sides are plain giving the impression of a wide frame around the box patterns. The edges of the unit are piped for enhanced durability.

The poofy feel is made possible by the generous portion of  ultra soft and fluffy polyfill.

The Tekamon comforter is developed to provide an extreme gentle and unparalleled sleeping experience that you can look forward coming home to every night after a hard day’s work. A double brushed fabric cover is noiseless and agreeable with your skin.

A medium warmth option, this works great for both cold nights and warm summer nights too. This versatility is possible because the comforter has been crafted with softness and lightness in mind but also with great breathability that works in different temperatures. It has the right thermal balance for all year round use.

Incase you often struggle with allergies induced by feather and goose down filing, this is viable alternative that solves that problem.

Although this unit is fluffy with a decent fill density, you don’t have to dread wash days. The Tekamon comforter is machine washable with cold water and dries fairly quickly.  It can be tumble dried in low or hang outside to sun dry.

Please note that this unit comes vacuumed packed and may fail to fluff up instantly to a full size when removed from the packaging.


  • The comforter size is Oversized King measuring 116″ x 98″ inches. The unit is also available in several other sizes: twin/ twin XL/full/queen/king/ California king.
  • This comforter is stuffed with 250 GSM of high quality micro-fiber fill that is soft and light
  • An excellent alternative to those allergic to goose down and feathers for sound sleep free of sniffles, tears and sneezes
  • Has a fluffy design that is pronounced by the classic baffle diamond shaped boxes while the piped edges enhance durability
  • The unit has 8 corner loops that make it easier to add a duvet to the comforter a
  • This comforter is machine washable and comes with a storage bag for easy storage
  • Available in snow white, charcoal grey, checkered jacquard, cool white and white gray color

Customer feedback

Customer observed as directed that the unit may not rise to its full potential when new because of the vacuum packaging. However, they were happy with how quick and easy it was to activate the fluffiness when new. Some of them simply tossed the unit in a dryer with tennis ball and low heat while others sun dried theirs and gently tapped the unit. That causes the fill to expand to the required size.

Users mentioned that they were impressed that even after use and several machine washes, the unit does not have any shrinkage or fade. It looks brand new and fluffier. Customers loved the versatility of this unit because it can be used as a stand-alone comforter or as a duvet insert for those intolerable colds nights that call for additional insulation.

  1. Cosybay Oversize King Down Alternative Comforter

The Cosybay Down Alternative Comforter will easily win your heart over for several reasons.Cosybay Oversize King Down Alternative Comforter

Its oversize build and finish is excellent and sprawls abundantly even on massive beds. The baffle box design looks great and fluffy for an inviting atmosphere in any bedroom or hotel room.

The box stitching is small and tight with no chance of threads coming off or fill migrating to other areas of the comforter to form lumps. Any sign of lumps in a comforter is a red flag because it means the uneven distribution of fill will translate to thermal compromise on certain sections of the unit.  There is zero chance of that happening when you opt for the Cosybay Down Alternative Comforter

If you like your comforter light breathable with excellent thermal properties that allow all year round use, then it’s very hard to go wrong with this bedding option.

The brushed soft fabric feels great to the skin while the microfiber fill material is cloud fluffy at alight but generous 160 GSM.


  • The comforter is Oversized King measuring 112″ x 98″ inches . The unit is also available in several other sizes: twin/ twin XL/full/queen/king/ California king.
  • This comforter is stuffed with 160 GSM of high quality micro-fiber fill that is soft, light and breathable
  • It offers an allergen free alternative to customers allergic to goose down and feathers by using hypoallergenic fill
  • Its fluffy design is accentuated by the classic baffle boxes while the piped edges enhance durability
  • The unit has 8 corner loops that make it easier to add a duvet to the comforter when needed
  • This comforter is machine washable
  • Available in grey, navy blue, white and black colors

Customer feedback

Users loved that the unit because it’s washer friendly. They also mentioned that they found the quality to be superb. Although the unit arrives in a vacuum sealed pouch, it surprisingly puffed up pretty fast and as expected. Some users said it felt heavy at first but after opening it up, the weight spread out more evenly and felt lighter.

Customers loved the tightly sewed seams and stitching which is neat and leaves no stray threading. The unit makes your bedroom feel and look very much like a hotel room. A majority praised the comforter’s ability to cozy up a bedroom with a stylish comfortable and all year round use comforter. They loved it so much that they recommend it for all beds in a home because the same quality reflects across the different comforter sizes.

Summing Up…

Enhance the comfort level of your bedding with the best oversized king down alternative comforter option that aesthetically transforms your bedroom while remaining super comfortable and practical all year round at very pocket friendly prices. All the above comforters continue to work very well for customers and fit a myriad of uses from hotel use to residential use and for children, adults, senior citizens and invalids alike.

Getting one of these for your king size bed is investing in a winner.

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