2020 Review of 7 Best Overhead Garage Storage Racks

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Table of Contents

Why is an overhead garage storage rack something that you should even consider? Well…

With more and more of us finding it increasingly difficult to store items in and around the home, many people will look to their garage as a natural overflow for all their storage requirements!

However, by placing such items in this dedicated area, you run the risk of overflow and make it difficult when using the garage as it was originally intended – for the car!

By purchasing a dedicated overhead garage storage rack, you can not only store your excess items out of sight of your home, but at the same time get them off the floor and store them away safely and indeed neatly.

Whether it’s the lesser used of items you’re looking to house on these racks or perhaps accommodate an overload of things from your home – garage storage racks work to ensure you don’t have to compromise on space. This is because they’re fixed some height off the floor, assuring you can continue to move around in your garage freely as a result.

What’s more, with their unique construction and designs, overhead garage storage racks make it the simpler of tasks when storing those more awkward and difficult of items such as bikes and a range of other outdoor equipment. This is opposed to those typical garage storage solutions made from wood which therefore can’t cater to such things.

Before you make your purchase, it’s highly advisable to take a couple of measurements of your current garage space. This will then allow you to see where you could place these storage racks with ease and work out just how many shelves or racks,you’ll need in total. This will ensure that when you do go to put them up in place, they will instantly fit into the designated area and can be used straight away.

A Few Reasons to Consider Getting an Overhead Garage Storage Solutions

Overhead garage storage racks can be the most multipurpose of items and offer many solutions:

  • They create storage space where there was none and therefore in the process do not add to the congestion.
  • Because of the above point, overheard storage racks tend to be great for garages and areas with limited space.
  • They keep your garage floor clean,empty, and clutter-free
  • They can accommodate all the seasonal stuff that we don’t always know where to place when not in use – but we know we want to keep it for using the next year!
  • They allow you to bring your car into the garage by being placed at greater heights, allowing full clearance beneath
  • They offer a specific place for items such as bikes which often get left behind when tidying up and storing away
  • They allow you to safely store many items while encouraging a more organized storing system
  • They keep any delicate and more important mementos and items dry as they are taken off the floor and therefore less at risk of being flooded
  • They can be customized in length to suit your desired height
  • They offer a more study design which allows for more weight to be placed on them
  • They can be fitted with a minimal amount of time and effort and don’t require any prior knowledge or experience
  • They make a garage look much tidier and therefore a place you don’t mind walking into each time!
  • They are the most durable models of choice for an area that may not be colder and often one that is left unheated for the majority of the year
  • They are a product type that only needs fitting once but will tend to last for many years – and in some cases even decades if the right model is selected for the right environment, and they are used correctly for many years to come

Review of Best Overhead Garage Storage Racks

Here we review no less than seven of the very best overhead garage storage racks. Available to purchase online. These have all been specially selected for their fantastic practical features, as well their more friendly price and complete storage systems solution for the garage area.

1. Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Fleximounts sell an overhead garage storage solution which is an adjustable model offering increased capability and flexibility. FLEXIMOUNTS 4x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack Adjustable Ceiling Garage Rack Heavy Duty

A popular product, this is the first of our Fleximount models on the list here for review.

A heavy-duty style rack, this is designed to store everything of importance in your garage off the floor, thus avoiding any potential water damage.

Whether these are seasonal or unused items, this is the model that provides up to 105 cubic feet of storage in total.

These are safe to place overhead and can be attached to two studs, utilizing long ceiling brackets.

When combined with the six vertical posts, you’re assured of the most optimal of storage structures that ensure continued safety.

All screws and hardware here have undergone rigorous testing with the steel itself made up of cold-rolled heavy-duty steel. This means it can accommodate up to 600 Ibs with ease.

This Fleximount product uses a different and integrated grid design. This makes it more stable and indeed sturdy when compared to those standard of overhead garage storage racks.

This more durable of designs will also ensure that the shelf is prevented from falling, while the whole set up remains more secure when used.

With the ability to buy this in white or black and in one or two packs, this offers measurements of 22 to 40 inches in ceiling drop down, 48 inches of width and 96 inches of length.

The Fleximount is most suitable for securing to either those solid concrete ceilings or ceiling studs. It isn’t however for those metal joist ceilings.

Installation of this model is simple and comes complete with a step by step instruction guide.There’s also a link to a helpful online video to guide you through the process in real-time!

What’s more, if you prefer, you can add any hooks and clamps easily to this metal shelving once it’s up and running. This way, you can hang those storage items such as bikes and other outdoor items that would otherwise struggle on wooden shelving solutions.

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Fleximount overhead garage storage rack offer some high-rated reviews on the ability of this solution, claiming the absolute ease of installing this means anyone can get this up and running in no time. This also claims to offer a great storage solution to hold as many essential items as you practically need to store away.

2. HyLoft 00540 Overhead Storage System

The overhead garage storage rack from HyLoft is the lowest priced on this list here but is HyLoft 45-Inch by 45-Inch Overhead Storage System, Ceiling Mount Garage Organization Rackperhaps ideal for those looking for a smaller storage solution. Additionally, because of the slighter build of these systems, you can place them wherever you need around the garage to suit your needs.

This is a 45 inch by 45 inch overhead storage system available in three colors.

With an ability to hold an evenly distributed weight of 250 Ibs, this rack is also height adjustable. Thus, you can place this from around 17 to 28 inches, and it will fit almost any type of joint configuration.

An all-steel construction, this is also finished in a white powder coating which makes it scratch resistant throughout.

With all hardware included with your purchase, this is a storage solution which is ideal for garage organization and can hold baskets, bins, and those larger of items with ease.

To free up your valuable floor space, HyLoft ceiling Stoarge storage units can all be connected to increase the storage solution, therefore if you do find you want to extend your ceiling units in the same area, this is simple to do so.

This rack will also comfortably accommodate all of those HyLoft space-saving accessories.

Customer Feedback

Customers of the HyLoft overhead garage storage rack find these the ideal storage solutions if you’re looking for a smaller frame or want to have more control over where you place your storage organization all around the garage. They are also considered more practical as they allow you to link each rack together should you buy more than one.

3. MonsterRax Overhead Garage Storage Rack

The MonsterRax overhead garage storage solution is a fantastic mid-range price solution which boasts a customizable ceiling drop length. MonsterRax 4x8 Overhead Rack - Adjustable Ceiling Mounted Rack

Available in a choice of two colors, this is a 24 inch to 48-inch model which can hold up to 600 Ibs weight in total.

An industrial-strength model, this is finished using a powered coating, thus is rust-free and scratch-resistant all-round.

Coming complete with a limited lifetime warranty as standard, the rack itself has white powered coated rails and silver decking.

One of the easier of storage solutions to set up in the garage, this offers heat treated and casehardened screws to fit, rather than those low-grade ones that are prone to snapping. Therefore, this will remain sturdy and durable throughout use and indeed over time.

Designed to enable you to utilize any wasted space in your garage, the MonsterRax takes everything off the floor and stores it all neatly away.

Best of all, you’ll find step by step instructions included to make installation quick and easy, alongside the confidence of having a full support center help should you need the assistance.

Customer Feedback

Customers of the MonsterRax overhead garage storage rack find this a robust design and one that offers a stronger shelving solution all-round. It’s also considered the easier of products to install and set up all by yourself. The neat and tidy finishing of this storage solution is also appreciated by many, especially for those racks which are highly visible in the garage.

4. SafeRacks Factory Second – 4×8 Overhead Storage Rack Heavy

Our first SafeRacks model on the list for review here is the four by eight ceiling drop model. This one is also a fully customized ceiling drop length model and one considered to be the best in class! SafeRacks Factory Second - 4x8 Overhead Storage Rack Heavy Duty

An exclusive patented design, this organization system will comfortably hold up to 600 Ibs in total. It also provides customers with a lifetime assurance of its quality and ability to do the job well.

Here you can tailor the drop-down distance to anything from 24 inches to 45 inches away from the ceiling.

Designed to help you maximize the space available in your garage and thus reclaim wasted space, this can be installed almost anywhere, even directly over the garage door.

With a storage capacity of 120 cubic feet, SafeRacks are claimed to be those easier of products to install. This is mostly due to the fact that they come complete with simple step by step instructions as well as access to a call support center should you need further assistance.

This SafeRack product also utilizes heat-treated, and casehardened screws, ensuring increased durability when both fixing and using, with 27-inch ceiling brackets spanning perfect balanced across two beams. This means a level design and no potential for accidents through falling items.

Customer Feedback

Customers of the SafeRacks overhead garage storage rack offer some five-star reviews on how well designed these solutions are with great comments on their low cost, ease of installation, appearance and indeed solid construction. Many happy customers also mention buying more because of their fantastic buying experience!

5. Fleximount 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack With Hooks

Our second Fleximount model on this list, this time,this model comes complete with the required hooks, and makes the job of storage that little bit convenient in the process! FLEXIMOUNTS 4x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack with Hooks


This model allows for a ceiling drop down of 22 to 40 inches, has a 40-inch height, 48 inches width, and a 96-inch length.

Fully adjustable, it’s also available in black or white and on its own or in a pack of two. Furthermore, you can opt for an expert to set this up at the time of making your purchase on Amazon, or simply buy the unit and install it without outside help.

Installation is made more accessible here due to its integrated grid design. This is especially so when compared to those other typical racks that need a separate installation process of both frame and wire.

Coming complete with flat hooks and utility hooks, you can place items, such as bikes or other outdoors items on these with ease.

This allows for up to 105 cubic feet of storage solutions, ensuring you get more storage space for your money here compared to standard minimum 33-inch ceiling drop-down models – which leave you with 88 cubic feet maximum.

Holding up to 600 Ibs in safe distributed weight, this is a cold-rolled steel 14 gauge rack which is delivered in just the one practical box.

Best for ceiling studs and substantial concentrate ceilings, all hardware included here is of high quality.

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Fleximounts overhead garage storage rack love having the hooks supplied and find this is a model which can be easily modified to suit any garage storage arrangement. Claimed to be solidly built, it’s considered excellent value for money and one that is easier to build and set in place.

6. SafeRacks Garage Wall Shelves Shelf Two-Pack With Bike Hooks

Another SafeRacks model for review, this is the two-pack garage wall shelf which offers the perfect all in one solution for your garage storage problems. SafeRacks | Garage Wall Shelf Two-Pack with Bike Hooks

Each shelf included here is measured 24 by 48 inches and comes in white finishes.

Easily holding up to 250 Ibs each of evenly spaced weight, these two products together ensure that you can simply store 500 Ibs in total, meaning many items that would otherwise have been left to clutter up your garage space.

Boasting a more superior of designs, these are the heavier duty wired of shelves and brackets. This means they offer a sturdier and thoroughly safe storage solution utilizing a most innovative design.

Deck clips are included to secure the wire deck to your walls, therefore, ensuring against potential movement or rattling when in place.

Best of all these shelves come complete with all the hardware you need to get your shelves set up and installed, and all are grade eight case hardened- whereas most standard similar shelves supply those at grade two or below!

With a fantastic finishing on both shelves, these are designed to not only offer practical storage solutions but ultimately look great when placed in any garage. This is primarily due to the use of a glossy white powered coat in the brackets and wire decks. This assures a sleek and cleaner of finishes, especially when set against similar finished walls and ceilings.

For those garages that have heavier bulky items to store such as bikes and other outdoor items, the addition of deck hooks is guaranteed to provide better placement of these often problematic things left around the home.

Furthermore, when you select an overhead rack of this scope, you’re able to fit your car into the garage effortlessly, due to the many seasonal items that this can accommodate as well

Customer Feedback

Customers of the SafeRacks overhead garage storage shelves find these an essential buy and especially so regarding sturdy shelving solutions for a lower cost. Claimed to offer the more practical of storage solutions, these are also suggested as more supportive when in place, holding a great deal of garage storage with ease.

7. SafeRacks SR-4×8-W Pack 24 Combo

Our final overhead garage storage rack comes yet again from the makers at SafeRacks, but this time it’s an outstanding combo rack which offers the most staggering solutions for any kinds of storage. SafeRacks SR-4x8-W Pack 24 Combo

This may be the most expensive on the list here but the entire solution, additional benefits,and of course the many amazing features that come with this garage storage rack make this an outstanding buy.

This is a white colored and most industrial strength of racks which is finished in the most durable of powered coats, thus keeping it protected from the many elements.

A simple to install model by DIY, it’s a combination of two racks each measuring four by eight and both with a 24 to 45-inch drop range.

This means you can store up to an excellent 256 cubic feet in total and 600 Ibs in weight.

What’s more, with this purchase you’ll find an 18 piece deluxe accessory hook package included! This means that you can hang with ease a vast range of things that are misshapen, odd-sized, and merely the more awkward of items to place on top of the storage rack itself.

Aimed at offering you the ability to reclaim and take back your garage, this product provides a lifetime warranty, so confident are its makers that you’ll like the results.

Customer Feedback

Customers of the SafeRacks overhead garage storage rack offer some of the most highly rated reviews seen for a storage solution. With the ease of installation a massive plus for many, this is claimed to be one of the most well-made and high qualities of builds, offering a beautiful finish.

Final Thoughts on Best Overhead Garage Storage Racks

Now that you’ve had a chance to read through some of our fantastic reviews of the best overhead garage storage racks, you may be ready to purchase your own.

When it comes to making a decision on your model, it’s worth making sure you get the most appropriate storage rack to suit your specific garage needs and requirements. Therefore, we recommend before you part with your money to:

  • Measure the area of the garage where you want your storage racks to go to determine the size
  • Place all of the items you wish to use on these storage racks nearby to see how big a frame or how many you’re going to need
  • Ensure that your designated space for the racks and shelves have enough clearance to ensure safety
  • Check that you can open and indeed close your garage door if the area is intended to be near this!
  • Make sure your ceiling is compatible with the storage rack you’re intending to use
  • Check that your purchase comes with all the hardware you need before you start the installation process. If not, buy the correct parts before you begin the work
  • Consider adding some additional racks if your model offers limited amounts, thus increasing its capabilities

This way, you’re assured of making the right purchase for your garage size while being able to get to work instantly, creating the perfect overhead garage storage rack for your individual needs.

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