2021 Top 10 Best Over Door Jewelry Organizer Boxes You’ll Love

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Table of Contents

Undeniably, a jewelry armoire organizer box that offers a full length mirror, storage for an assortment of jewelry and space for varied beauty products is the perfect organization tool for a lady. Designed to be hung conveniently over the door or wall, Over Door Jewelry Organizer Boxes feature a design that allows them to work with almost every space.

Appetite for jewelry differs from one person to the next. While some of you may have modest collection others may have an astronomical amount of jewelry pieces accrued over time. Jewelry is typically constructed to be either tough or delicate but no matter which one you have they all require proper storage for them to last a lifetime without getting lost or damaged.

Jewelry, makeup and beauty products often go hand in hand when dressing up.

Storage for makeup kits, assorted jewelry, and skin care products can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t have proper storage. And while  the drawers on your dresser and bedside table often come to your rescue, sooner rather than later, it becomes hard to keep up with what’s stored where.

Going through the frustration of trying to find jewelry or a watch that you love but have not worn for a long time can be tedious and frustrating with the potential to ruin an evening that you have been looking forward to.

In this post we review no less than ten of some of the best over the door jewelry boxes that offer a myriad of storage configurations and additional features to suit every ladies jewelry storage needs and so much more.

All these reviewed options come fully assembled and installation can be either by hanging over a door or installing them on a wall. With all the screws and hooks provided with the purchase, installing them is a breeze.

Review of the Best Over Door Jewelry Organizer Boxes

  1. Songmics 6 LEDs Over Door Mirror Jewelry Cabinet Box

Anyone who loves jewelry should seriously consider investing in this Songmics 6 LED’s Mirror Jewelry Cabinet. It’s a worthwhile purchase because it has such huge capacity for storing a wide assortment of jewelry thereby effectively helping you stay organized with ease.

Like all the options listed on this review, this jewelry organizer contributes to a minimalist theme because it occupies minimal space and is designed to be installed on a wall or hanged behind a door of your choosing with minimal protrusion while offering plenty of storage space. This in turn contributes in making your room neater by storing your jewelry and other dressing accessories in an organized fashion.

The interior of this unit is configured to help you effortlessly stay organized to a fault.

The unit’s overall size stands at a height of 47.3”, a width of 14.5” and a slim depth of 4”. This organizer stays almost flush to the wall to which it has been installed.

The face of this item is gorgeous as it’s covered with a full length high quality mirror for an aesthetic look. This mirror also serves as the door to the cabinet. When this door swings open, 6 LEDs automatically come to life  illuminating the interior of the armoire.

The entire interior is lined with velvet that protects your precious jewelry from scratches and other forms of damage.

The storage configuration is superb as it can take on, organize and preserve an impressive amount of assorted jewelry.

The 47.3 height can hold up to 32 necklaces on neatly provided hooks that ensure your necklaces and chains don’t get tangled up. It also has a section with stud earring holes that can accommodate 48 stud earrings. A different section is dedicated to earrings only and take 90 earring neatly arrange and easy to retrieve.

One longer bracelet rod ensures that all your bracelets are lined in a row while 2 bottom drawers can swallow up precious items such as rings, phones or any other items you might want to store there.

The unit also has 5 multi-purpose shelves that can be used for storing make up, skin care tubes and bottles, phones, perfumes, sunglasses to name a few.

Undeniably, this minimalist design is an optimized structure that enhances the aesthetic of your space while delivering a practical storage solution for jewelry and other related accessories.


  • The dimensions of this unit are 47.3”H x 14.5”W x 3.9” D
  • Constructed from MDF and spray painted for smooth water resistant finish
  • The entire door frame is a high quality mirror that reflects your full length
  • Equipped with 6 automatic LED light that illuminate the interior of the unit
  • Large capacity storage for an assortment of jewelry
  • Multi-purpose shelves that make customizing your storage needs possible
  • This unit can be locked with a key to keep your precious stuff from prying eyes
  • Can be firmly installed on a wall or hang on door and produces zero sway
  • Installation screws and hooks come with the unit

This unit provides a great opportunity to get organized and add to your décor while saving you floor space. The LED’s light are powered by 3 triple A batteries that have to be purchased separately. If you opt to hang this Songmics product on the door, then you will be glad to know that it can be adjusted to 3 heights levels to suit your preference.

Customer feedback

Some customers who were gifted this armoire praise it because it has saved them tons of space, organized their jewelry and is an absolute joy to work from when dressing up. A majority of users appreciated the spray painted MDF surface that is easy to clean in addition to being durable. Even women found the installation was a breeze, whether hanging over a door or pinning it to the wall.

  1. Nicetree LED Lighted Jewelry Armoire Organizer

The beauty of a jewelry organizer such as the Nicetree 6 LED’s jewelry Armoire Organizer is that it has plenty of space for all your expensive jewelry and the not so expensive jewelry without feeling like they are competing for space.Nicetree LED Lighted Jewelry Armoire Organizer

Like with many things, jewelry can be symbolic. While you will protect expensive jewelry because it cost you a small fortune to acquire, it’s also interesting how some not so expensive pieces may be full of sentimental value because of the event you may associate them with. For instance, a pair of earrings you wore when you went on your first date with your now husband, may not have been expensive but have immense sentimental value.

This armoire helps protect those pieces for eternity almost because they are properly stored and preserved and you can always retrieve them for an anniversary celebration many years down the line and rock them a killer outfit with plenty of nostalgia.

This unit is well constructed with painted MDF. What is MDF? The acronym stands for medium density fiber board. That is basically finely ground wood particles that have been compressed to a specified thickness to form a dense and strong board.

The material is environmentally friendly and does give off a fine finish. It is a good alternative to wood because it has good density and does not warp. In this case, the board has been painted to ward off moisture and make the unit easy to clean.

The exterior of the unit is clean minimalist with a gorgeous mirrored finish. This jewelry storage stands at a height of 43” and a width of 14.5”. The unit barley protrudes from the wall and is almost flush with the door when hanged as its depth is a mere 3.7”.

The exterior face of the unit is adorned with a full length mirror that allows you to see your entire frame from head to toe and offers a clean reflection when dressing up to see the outcome of that special outfit, hair do, shoes and how the jewelry you are sporting complement each other.

The mirror has a neat MDF frame and also serves as the door. The mirror measures 40” high and 12” wide. No longer do you have to excavate a concrete wall in order to install a minimalist jewelry armoire. With a depth of 3.7” and nice frontal full length framed mirror, you would not even know that is box for storing jewelry but would mistake simply for a nice looking mirror.

When you swing the door open, your mood is lifted by the ambience of the interior as 6 automatic LED light come life showering the contents of the interior with a soft blue light. The blue light against the white MDF demarcations that divide various jewelry sections and the black velvet lined interior offers nice welcoming feeling that sets the tone for your day or evening. The velvet ensures that your jewelry and accessories are not in any danger of getting scratched or suffering any sort of damage.

This unit offers plenty of storage for jewelry and other dressing accessories than one would guess just by looking at it.

The Nicetree jewelry armoire is specially designed to maximize storage space, maintain a minimalist design and stay practical for your exterior décor.

The storage capacity of this unit can take on 40 earring studs by providing well-arranged earring holes. The storage configuration also provides a section with earring hooks that can accommodate 75 earrings.

If you are a fan of rings and have quite a collection, you need not fear running out of space as this unit offers 60 ring slots. No more contending with tangled chains and necklaces because there is a section with 22 hooks reserved for hanging all your necklaces. Bracelets can now be easily stored and retrieved thanks to 3 hanging rods.

The units’ storage incorporates 4 shelves that can further help you customize your storage to suit your needs. The shelves can take on body and skin bottled products, perfumes, wrist watches, sunglasses as well as phones and pretty much any small item that you might fancy keeping there for convenient storage and easy retrieval.


  • The overall size of this item is 43”H x 14.5”W x 3.7” D
  • The material used for construction is MDF and painted for a smooth moisture resistant finish
  • Comes with a high quality framed  full length mirror.
  • Equipped with 6 automatic LED lights that illuminate the inside of the cabinet
  • The storage is large capacity and can store a broad range of jewelry and dress up accessories
  • 4 Multi-purpose shelves that make customizing your storage needs possible
  • The unit is lockable with key
  • One can install the unit on a wall or hang over a door
  • Screws and hooks for the item installation come with the unit

Jewelry can take a broad definition. But if earrings, bracelets, ring, chains, wrist watches are what you have in plenty or intend to accumulate over time, then this elegant organized piece of furniture is what you can’t afford to not have. The unit is lockable with two keys in the event that you need your stuff under lock and key. If you hang this item over the door, you will have two height adjustments options.

Customer feedback

Some customers who settled on this unit wanted a jewelry option with zero chance of warping and found this MDF solution to fit that need. They also mentioned that the craftsmanship and design of the product is excellent from the framed full length mirror exterior to the inviting well organized interior. Users said that rummaging through drawers for jewelry quickly became a thing of the past once they purchased this unit.

  1. Langria Over Door Full Length Mirror Jewelry Cabinet Organizer

The whole point of a jewelry armoire is so to make storage, organization and preservation so much easier. With the Langria Full length Mirror Jewelry Cabinet Organizer you get all that and it has been built with a minimalist design in mind that allows you to save on floor space as well.Langria Over Door Full Length Mirror Jewelry Cabinet Organizer

This unit is constructed from quality MDF frame in a white color veneer. What is the difference between veneer and spray painted MDF? The board can come without any dressing such as that all you see is brown condensed wood particle and can then be spray painted with a choice color of preference.

Alternatively, The MDF board can come veneered, which means the face on either side has been dressed with a thin tough plastic sheet of preferred color. In the case of this Langria the MDF has a white veneer.

The veneered finish presents a fluid consistent look that is easy to care for and quick to clean for a glistening shine when you need to. It also enhances a stylish look and adds protection to your jewelry cabinet.

A full length mirror is mounted on the face of the unit. The high quality mirror has a gorgeous appearance thanks to an MDF thin frame for exquisite presentation. Other than aesthetic beauty, the mirror adds practical value to your décor as well your dressing routine.

While the unit is a solid rectangle, it has been well crafted for a smooth clean finish with a minimal design and excellent jewelry storage capacity.

The full length mirror measures 47.2” H x 14.6” and effortlessly allows you to take in your full length reflection from head to toe.

The mirror face of this armoire also serves as the door to the cabinet and the craftsmanship is so on point, it would be hard for anyone to guess the unit is a cabinet.

The door easily opens and shuts firmly with the help of magnets at the top that keeps the mirrored door from swinging open involuntarily.

When you open the door to the armoire, the unit reveals a velvet lined interior that protects all your jewelry from scratches keeping them safe, clean and well organized.

The top of the interior is lined with 8 LEDs that emit a gentle blue light which illuminates the contents of your cabinet for easy jewelry selection.

With this model, the LEDs don’t come on automatically and one has to turn them ON with the help of a push button that’s easily accessible inside the cabinet. The 3 triple A batteries have to be bought separately.

With an overall dimension of 47.2” in height and a width of 14.6”, the unit looks great and more so because it barely protrudes from the door or wall thanks to a 4.3” depth. The same dimensions make it possible for the unit to accommodate an impressive load of jewelry as well other pertinent accessories you use for dressing up.

The storage configuration is excellent as it has earing slots that can take up to 144 earrings and a select section for all your studs with 36 stud earring holes. Bracelets can hang in plenty on the 1 bracelets rod provided.

No more searching for your rings to match an outfit or mood as they are all securely held in place and neatly displayed in one section that has 78 ring slots.

Necklaces and chains easily get tangles when not stored properly. With this unit, you have 24 hooks to properly store all your necklaces and retrieve them in a snap when needed and still find them in tip top shape.


  • The overall dimensions of this item is 47.2”H x 14.6”W x 4.3” D
  • The construction material is MDF with a veneered finish that is smooth with a good threshold for resisting moisture
  • Comes with a full length high quality mirror
  • Illuminated interior with the help of 8 LEDs that ON with a push button
  • The storage is large capacity and can store a broad range of jewelry and dress up accessories
  • 1 Multi-purpose shelf and 8 drawers help customize your storage with ease
  • The unit is lockable
  • It can be installed on a wall or hang over a door
  • Screws and hooks for the installation of this product come with the purchase

This unit, as you may have noticed from the dimensions, is slightly bigger and has more depth that allows a more customizable storage for both jewelry as well as other dressing accessories. It’s worth noting that hanging the unit on the door allows you three adjustable heights for easier access.

Customer feedback

This is well constructed, holds a tremendous amount of items, looks amazing and blends well with the rest of the décor in your house is generally what most customers had to say. Some users shared that it took them a bit of time shopping around before they settled on this piece and it met their dimensional needs perfectly. They also mentioned they are glad they did because it’s very solid, pretty heavy and extremely roomy. Most users felt that this is a piece they will have for a very long time to come.

  1. Luxfurni Over Door Jewelry Organizer Box

The Luxfurni Mirror Jewelry Cabinet is a great storage solution with a lot to offer. The exterior is well constructed for a superb finish and look that adds both decorative and practical utility aspects to your space. Further, the construction is versatile such that it allows you the option of hanging this item over a door with several adjustable heights, or installing against the wall.Luxfurni Over Door Jewelry Organizer Box

The jewelry storage cabinet comes with all the necessary installation equipment included for either installation option.

With an overall height of 47.24”, a width of 14.57″ and a slim depth of 3.54″, the cabinet offers plenty of storage but still manages to deliver a slim minimalist profile. So whether you hang it on a door or install on a wall anywhere in the house, the unit will look great and occupy minimal space.

Having everything you need right in front of you when dressing and accessorizing makes everything so convenient, efficient and offers a routinely joyful dressing up experience. With such a jewelry armoire, you have more time to look good while staying uncluttered and incredibly organized without a fuss.

The full length Mirror size measures 43.5″ high with a width of 10.8″ which is more than adequate to provide you with a full length reflection of yourself. What’s more,  it also has an additional smaller mirror inside for convenience when applying makeup with the cabinet door open.

The mirror is framed delivering a neat finish and an aesthetic look. It serves as the door of the cabinet which when swung open reveals a beautiful interior lit with 79 LED’s that help you better see the contents of the armoire.

The storage configuration is excellent and often comes as a shock to users at just how efficient this unit can be at organizing and storing loads of jewelry and accessories. That’s because it features an abundance of hooks and slots for all types of jewelry and accessories.

The interior offers ample space that’s duly segmented with slots to take up 130 earrings and 24 hooks that ensure your necklaces stay untangled. Bracelets are also provided for by incorporating 12 hooks dedicated to bracelets. The unit is uniquely equipped with 4 detachable acrylic storage drawers that are excellent for storing make up such as numerous bottles of nail polish as well as other make up knick knacks.

There are also four multipurpose shelves of varying height that make it easy to customize your storage. The varied height make storage of taller items such skin and body care lotions easier to store, while the other shorter shelves can hold cosmetic tubes, perfume bottles, sunglasses, phones wrist watches broad bracelets and so forth.


  • The overall dimensions on this unit are 47.24”H x 14.5”W x 3.5” D
  • The material used for construction of the frame is MDF and painted for a smooth finish that has a decent moisture resistance
  • Mirror is full length with high quality that is framed for awesome aesthetics.
  • Fitted with an interior face mirror
  • Interior is lined with a light strip comprising of 79 LEDs that illuminate the inside of the cabinet
  • Large capacity storage for a vast range of jewelry and dressing accessories
  • 4 Multi-purpose shelves that make customizing storage easy
  • The unit can be locked with key for safety
  • One can install the unit on a wall or hang over a door
  • Screws and hooks for installation come with the purchase

The detachable make up bag is a brilliant addition as it not only stores make up and accompanying brushes, but its portable and you can take it with you when travelling. You can get this unit in either white or espresso.

Customer feedback

Some customers who got this jewelry armoire mentioned that they have generational jewelry in the family of immense sentimental value and wanted to see to it that their heirlooms better taken care of. So this unit was a perfect solution with plenty of space for an assortment of jewelry for preserving precious family memories. A good number of customers also mentioned that they bought this unit as a gift for a wife, daughter, sister or mom.

  1. Charmaid Full Length Mirror Over Door Jewelry Organizer Box

Jewelry storage with excellent craftsmanship such as the Charmaid Jewelry Armoire can be installed virtually over any door or wall of the home.Over Door Jewelry Organizer Box

This unit is made of high quality MDF giving you the assurance that you will not have to contend with issues like warping. The unit remains firm, rigid and durable while looking amazing in your room.

The dark brown powder coated finish looks good and provides a woody tone for those decors that demand a wooden feel. A painted finish also means better resistance to moisture and easy to clean.

The face offers a full length mirror of high quality. The frame of the mirror is curved at the top presenting an attractive display.

With overall dimensions of 47.5” height and 14.5” width, this unit is ideal for you if you have or intend to start collecting lots of jewelry.

With a 4.5” depth, the acrylic drawers are deep and the storage configuration can take loads of assorted jewelry. The door is lockable with keys ensuring that your stuff stays safe under lock and key

The interior is lavishly lined with velvet. So there is no chance that jewelry stored no matter how delicate will suffer scratches or be squeezed out of shape because there is plenty of organized space. The cabinet has the capacity to accommodate 120 earrings on slots and 36 stud earring on holes. Instead of using a jar to keep your rings together, enjoys a padded ring section that has 84 ring slots to hold all your rings.

A section for necklaces includes 12 single hooks and 6 double hooks that provide plenty of hanging storage that keeps your necklaces and chains straight. The provision of 4 shelves offer plenty of room for customization as they are multi-purpose.

6 acrylic drawers see to it that small items such as hair pins or makeup are easy to store and retrieve.


  • The dimensions of this product are 47.5”H x 14.5”W x 4.5” D
  • MDF with a powder coated finish offers a smooth moisture resistant finish
  • Comes with a high quality framed mirror that reflects your full length
  • The 5 automatic LED light illuminate the inside of the cabinet
  • Large capacity storage for various types of jewelry and dressing accessories
  • 4 Multi-purpose shelves for easy storage customization
  • The door of the unit is lockable with key
  • Installation of this unit can be on a wall or hang over a door
  • Installation screws and hooks are included with the purchase

The protrusion from the door or wall is a bit more pronounced because of the bigger depth. But that is made up for by the extra storage space provided.

Customer feedback

Customers mentioned that this unit solved the issue of constantly losing their jewelry despite having vanities and dressers. They said that their vanities and dressers were just a mess with too much clutter. Getting this armoire with massive storage and excellent organizer solved both problems instantly. One customer even plans on handing it down to a granddaughter when she comes of age. Generally, this unit is said to offer an excellent way to keep all jewelry neatly organized and in good condition for generations.

  1. Homde Small Lockable Full Length Jewelry Cabinet Armoire

The Homde Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Armoire offers a slightly different feel and design. This storage cabinet comes in a dark hue of rich espresso color which makes it pop especially in predominantly lighter colored decors.Homde Small Lockable Full Length Jewelry Cabinet Armoire

While some people have loads of jewelry accumulated over time of buying or inheritance, some may not have such a huge selection and may have need for a smaller sized storage cabinet to accommodate their modest stash. This is an excellent option that is neither too roomy nor too small leaving enough space to store what you already have and room to slowly grow your collection.

While this unit only has a height of 26.4’’ and a width of 14.6’’ it’s by design to achieve a more stalky and brief look.

The profile remains slim and minimal at a depth of 3.9”. With such a size you can be sure that the unit occupies even lesser space.

But that should not fool you into thinking the storage capacity is compromised. This storage cabinet even at that size still has the ability to neatly away an impressive amount of jewelry and in a very organized fashion too.

This armoire’s interior offers 56 earring slots and 78 earring holes for all your studs.

Delicate necklaces whether made of pearls, intricate bead work or precious gems can be a pain to store without the proper tools. This unit dedicates an entire segment of 24 hooks to take care of all your necklaces, chains and pendants.

Such thoughtful touches keep all your treasures in one place, accessible and not tangled.

The 2 shelves offer some flexibility in customizing your storage as they can be used for sunglasses, perfume bottles, wrist watches and so on.

The cabinet is made of painted MDF for a woody look and finish with the face of the unit fitted with a high quality mirror.

This unit can be attached to the wall or can be hang over a door. Either way it saves floor space and presents a handsome look with great utility.


  • The dimensions of this unit are 26.4”H x 14.6”W x 3.9” D
  • Constructed from MDF with an espresso painted smooth finish
  • Has a framed high quality mirror as the face of the unit
  • For its size, the storage capacity is adequate and can store a wide range of jewelry and dress up accessories
  • 2 Multi-purpose shelves that help customize your storage
  • You can lock the unit keeping your precious items out of reach
  • The installation of this item can be attached to a wall or hang on a door
  • Hooks and screws for installation of the unit are included in the purchase

The design is nice and brief with a dark brown hue that resembles dark wood and sure to add charm to your space in addition to uncluttering your room and helping you stay organized.

Customer feedback

Customers looking for a moderately sized jewelry armoire said that it was a good fit as it has plenty of room and occupies even lesser space. Most users also liked the dark brown finish as it has a close resemblance to dark wood. For the unit’s size, it is said to offer plenty of storage space.

  1. Outdoor Doit Jewelry Cabinet Jewelry Organizer Armoire

If you do not have too huge a collection of jewelry but have plenty of beauty products that are either in tubes, bottles of varying sizes, then you are likely to love the way this jewelry storage cabinet is configured. But first let check out the exterior.Jewelry Cabinet Jewelry Organizer Armoire

The Outdoor Doit Jewelry Armoire has a solid construction made from MDF. Veneered MDF has good resistance towards moisture and does not warp ensuring longevity for your purchase. If you like designs that are minimal, fluid and offer a seamless look, you will love the massive frameless full length mirror that jewelry armoire presents.

The mirrored door when swung open, presents an interior that is lined with plush velvet and neatly demarcated sections for jewelry. This storage cabinet stands at height of 43.2” and a width of 14.8” while the depth is 4”.

The configurations for storage has one side of the unit accommodating all your earrings, bracelets, chains and watches on one side of the unit while the other side is almost entirely reserved for shelving with varied heights except for a ring section.

Such a unique configuration allows you to store loads of cosmetic products while still accommodating your jewelry


  • This unit’s dimensions are 2”H x 14.8”W x 4” D
  • The material used for construction is veneered MDF for a smooth finish
  • Comes with a gorgeous frameless mirror that reflects your full length
  • Large capacity that can store jewelry and beauty products
  • 7 Multi-purpose shelves for storage customization
  • The unit is lockable with key for safety
  • One can install the unit on a wall or hang over a door
  • Hooks and installation screws come with the purchase

If you have loads of bottled beauty products, this is an ideal configuration that will accommodate them while also organizing your jewelry

Customer feedback

Users mentioned the design is sleek, modern and will have your space looking tidy and neat. The frameless mirror is absolutely gorgeous. Customers who needed a unit that also has enough room for a lot of beauty products found this to be a perfect fit.

  1. Giantex Over Door Jewelry Cabinet Box Armoire

This Giantex Jewelry Cabinet Box Armoire does an excellent job of preserving and storing your jewelry such that you can easily find any piece you wish for and expect to be in the best condition similar to when you stored it. That could be a span of months or years.Giantex Over Door Jewelry Cabinet Box Armoire

The beauty of such a well-constructed storage cabinet is that you will never have to lose or damage a single piece of jewelry in storage. This inevitably leads to quite a collection of gems overtime that spans several eras of fashion. Kind of like a mini museum.

The interior of this unit is soft and has a lavish feel as it’s all lined with velvet.

It is well organized with a convenient arrangement of sections dedicated to various types of jewelry. The thoughtful arrangement includes multiple lined multi-purpose shelves that make customizing your storage easy.

The unit offers 48 earring slots and 42 hooks for all your necklaces with room to spare.

A built-in zipper bag acts as a convenient pouch for all your brushes and powders, while  6 rows of ring slots are provided to accommodate all your fancy rings.

1 small mirror, 3 box for cosmetics help with keeping smaller items such nail polish bottles well organized.

If you love scarves you will find 1 rod that can be used for hanging those and 3 storage shelves for additional storage of any other items such as sunglasses and body care bottled products.

Such a configuration makes it easy to pick any item of your choice.

What’s more, the face of the unit is adorned with a high quality face mirror with an in built light that accentuates the beauty of the design and adds understated glam to your space.


  • The overall size of this item is 47”H x 16”W x 5” D
  • Constructed from MDF and painted for a smooth moisture resistant finish
  • Has high quality frameless mirrored face that reflects your full length
  • The storage is large capacity and can store a broad range of jewelry and dress up accessories
  • 3 Multi-purpose shelves for customizing your storage
  • The unit is lockable with key for safety
  • Install can be on wall or hang on a door
  • Hooks and installation screws are provided with the purchase

This is a gorgeous piece of furniture that is both practical and well designed for helping you preserve jewelry and stay organized at the same time. The unit’s black color is pretty nice for adding contrast to most decors.

Customer feedback

Users of this item expressed that it was a good buy and it scores high on aesthetics and storage capacity. Most customers opted to hang it over a door while others found it convenient to install on a wall. Either ways the aesthetic result of the LED lit frameless mirrored unit was excellent.

  1. Bonnlo Full Length Mirror Jewelry Armoire Box

The Bonnlo Jewelry Armoire appreciates that dressing up for the ladies is an intricate process that involves plenty of beauty products for makeup and skin care. Accessorizing an outfit by donning jewelry such as a necklace, chain, bracelet and earrings is often part of the package. Splurging yourself with gorgeous scents goes without question.

Overtime, the makeup products, perfume bottles, jewelry and beauty products packaged in bottle and containers large and small as well as tubes can accumulate to overwhelming proportions.

The configuration of the Bonnlo Jewelry Armoire is such that one side holds all the earring slots, ring slots, hooks, storage shelves and bracelet rod while the other entire side is shelved in different heights providing you with ample space for all your beauty products large and small. This is an excellent arrangement especially if you have loads of beauty products.

The door of the unit has a high quality mirror that reflects your entire length with ease. The acrylic bins on the shelved side are pretty cool as they comfortably hold all your makeup brushes


  • This units dimensions are 47”H x 14.5”W x 3.8” D
  • MDF is the material used for construction to achieve a smooth neat finish
  • The high quality framed mirror reflects your full length
  • The storage is large capacity and can store a broad range of jewelry, makeup and beauty products
  • An entire side is dedicated to Multi-purpose shelves that accommodate all your beauty products
  • You can lock the unit with a key for peace of mind
  • The unit can be hang over a door or installed on a wall
  • Installation hooks and screws come inclusive in the purchase

This unit also has a smaller internal mirror and a small drop down table for makeup application. That is in addition to 2 rings on side exterior that can be used to hang a scarf.

Customer feedback

Customers who have a handful of jewelry and loads of beauty products mentioned this was a good purchase for them because of the storage arrangement that incorporates plenty of shelving for personal care products. They were also happy that it still provides space for an assortment of jewelry. Makeup enthusiasts particularly like the configuration.

  1. FirsTime & Co. White Eloise Jewelry Armoire

FirsTime & Co. jewelry armoire combine the style of a decorative mirror with a practical storage cabinet configured for easy organization and storage of jewelry. It comes with unmistakable charm that is synonymous and unique to First Time & Co brand.Best Over Door Jewelry Organizer Boxes

Typical of the brands designs, this unit makes jewelry organization simple and effortlessly infusing the added benefit of functionality and fashion.

The geometric patterns on the mirror of this unit are attractive, artful and add beauty to any décor.

The door is complemented with an antique black satin finish on the handle and hinges for gorgeous contrast and a touch of rustic charm. This jewelry armoire is the perfect solution to store your jewelry while injecting a subtle glam to yourdécor.

The interior is lined with velvet and is very well spaced easily accommodating 84 rings, 50 pairs of earrings as well as 24 hooks for necklaces and bracelets.


  • The overall size of this item is 47”H x 14”W x 3” D
  • Constructed from MDF material for an exquisite design
  • High quality framed mirror is patterned for added beauty
  • Very well-spaced out velvet interior and can store a broad range of jewelry
  • Multi-purpose shelves that make customizing your storage needs possible
  • The unit is lockable with key for safety
  • One can install the unit on a wall or hang over a door
  • Screws and hooks for installation come with the unit

This is a highly aesthetic unit that goes a long way to inject elegance and sophistication into your space while remaining practical by keeping your jewelry well organized.

Customer feedback

If all you want is a highly aesthetic piece that can take up a decent amount of jewelry, then this First Time & Co. Jewelry Armoire does not disappoint according to most customers. However, some customers said that if you have a lot of beauty products that you would like to store in the cabinet, this unit will not work for you. It is built to primarily hold jewelry with limited space for other items.

Wrapping Up

We can easily accumulate loads of jewelry and dressing accessories over time. Most of us tend to stash them in a drawer somewhere and while that may work for some time, at some point it does become an untenable solution when you can’t find what you’re looking for with ease. So instead of emptying the whole drawer looking for an earring only to find it stuck in the seam joint of a drawer if you are lucky, or to not finding it at all, it might be a good idea to consider a jewelry armoire.

Both hardy and delicate, jewelry can be enjoyed for decades if stored properly as is evidenced by these over door jewelry organizer boxes. Makeup and beauty products can be utilized to their maximum when you have plenty of storage for bottles, containers and tubes of all sizes to be stored upright. Jewelry armoires like the ones reviewed above can help with both jewelry organization and prevent spillage of your beauty products.

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