2022 Top 7 Best Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Tables for All Round Utility

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Table of Contents

The beauty of having an outdoor fire pit table that’s powered by propane gas is that the outdoor fun does not end with the summer. It can definitely be extended for another 9-12 months depending on where you live. In this post we review some of the best outdoor propane fire pit tables that will have you yearning to own one.

Perfect for accentuating or complementing the existing outdoor furniture on the patio, pool deck, gazebo, pergola or any other outdoor living space, outdoor fire pit tables are more than just devices for providing warmth.

No matter what your style and preference may be, it is very likely that this extensive list will offer several options that will agree with your sense of style.

However, it is worth noting that all the below options do NOT include the propane tank in the purchase. You have to buy a 20-pound propane tank separately.

Review of the Best Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Tables

1. Best Overall: Outland Living Series 403 50,000 BTU Fire Table

Outland Living Series 403 50,000 BTU Fire Table

From aesthetic to functionality, you can take your patio experience to the next level by introducing this popular Outland Living Series 403 Fire Table.

This unit brings warmth to your outdoor space and sets a cozy atmosphere around your outdoor lounging spot.

Most people like their outdoor furniture minimal and their patios uncluttered. The Outland Fire table is well constructed with a small footprint and blends in your existing outdoor furniture with ease.

This unit measures 44” L x 32” W x 24” H and is constructed from several thoughtful materials that help the design come together rather nicely.

The frame of the unit is all metal that powder coated to prevent rust. It is then encircled with a light weight material that is resistant to the water and UV rays. This material is synthetic PE resin that presents a clean cane webbing design while ensuring that your unit is safe from the sun and rain.

Further, the table top center is occupied by a neatly done rectangular fire pit pan. The fire pan is lavishly furnished with white pebbles which are in fact Arctic ice decorative glass rocks which will further enhance the look and ambiance when the fire pit is lit.

The surrounding table top is finished with a reflective black tempered glass tabletop.

Part of the reason why this unit looks so neat is because one does not have to worry about keeping the propane tank out of sight. The table side opens and provides space enough and clearance to neatly and safely place the tank inside. Once you connect the propane tank to a pre-attached 3-ft hose with regulator and close the door, the propane tank is totally invisible.

It’s worth noting that the hose and regulator are inclusive but the propane gas tank has to be bought separately.


  • The overall dimensions of this fire pit table are 44” L x 32” W x 24” H
  • 50,000 BTU rating
  • It is a rectangular fire pan with arctic ice decorative glass rocks included
  • Comes with a glossy black tempered glass tabletop
  • Features a synthetic PE resin façade that is water, dust and UV ray resistant
  • Features a durable high quality aluminum frame construction for a sturdy base
  • Offers button ignition for smooth and instant on/off
  • Available in an Espresso color


  • Gorgeous high quality construction
  • Gives oof sufficient heat
  • Additional accessories available separately such as a glass shield/ glass lid


Can be considered Pricey

2. Best Budget: Bali Outdoors Square Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table

Bali Outdoors 50,000 BTU Square Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table with LidThis Bali Outdoors fire pit table has a gorgeous look that is constructed from metal all around. So you do not have to worry about durability or exposure to the harsh elements.

Rust and oxidation are the biggest causes of fire pits table losing their exterior aesthetic look. The Bali Outdoor can weather the elements with ease because it is constructed from a metal frame encircled by metal panels. All these have been black powder coated to adequately keep rust away from the unit. It has also been given an antique brown with touches of black faux finish for an exquisite look that complements other rustic outdoor elements.

The table top is made of embossed metal while the square shaped fire pit is decorated with 15 pounds of blue fire glass that offer a curious contrast when the flames are on.


  • The fire pit table dimensions are 28”L x 28”W x 25”H
  • 50,000 BTU
  • Features a square table top and a square fire bowl with decorative blue fire glass included
  • Comes with an embossed metallic top
  • Has weather and rust resistant metal side panels
  • It uses powder coated metal framework for a strong build
  • The flame ignition is a button for instant flames
  • Comes in antique brown with touches of black faux


  • One of the cheapest high quality options available
  • Ideal for small spaces


  • Not great for medium to large spaces

3. Best Low Profile: Best Choice Products Propane Fire Pit Table

Best Choice Products 50,000 BTU Outdoor Patio Rustic Propane Fire Pit Table

This Rustic Farmhouse option by Best Choice presents a gorgeous design with simple elegance built to withstand the harshness of perpetual weather exposure.

It has a blocky low profile, rectangular build that offers plenty of table top surface area, in addition to having a well-defined fire bowl area.

The simple elegance of this unit doesn’t mean it is short on toughness. Its sleek look can have you fooled that this fire pit table is too delicate for the outdoors, but the unit is as a tough as they come. That is because the construction includes sturdy steel for rigidity on the frames and the sides and top is encircled by cast wood for a natural wood finish. To complete the look it comes with an exquisite smooth glossy look for any backyard.

Unlike most models, the propane gas tank cannot be hidden away in the belly of the table due to its low profile. There’s the option to separately get a matching tank concealer which also doubles up as a side table that contributes to the décor as well as adds more table space for snacks and glasses or a dinner plate.


  • This fire pit table dimensions include 48”L x 27”W x 13.5”H
  • 50,000 BTU rating
  • Features a rectangular table top and rectangular fire pan with lava rocks
  • Comes in cast wood with a natural wood finish
  • Uses weather and rust resistant cast wood side panels
  • Features a steel metal framework for a solid build
  • Comes with an Ignition button for quick and easy navigation
  • A weather-resistant pit cover is included
  • Comes in a glossy cast wood finish


  • Easily complements any type of outdoor furniture


  • Propane tank sits outside

4. Best For Great Value: Best Choice Products Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

The Best Choice Outdoor Wicker Patio Table Fire Pit’s inclusion of important bonus fire pit accessories makes it a great value for money. Best Choice Products 52-inch 50,000 BTU Outdoor Wicker Patio Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

If you already have elegant outdoor furniture on your patio or pool deck and are looking for an equally trendy fire pit table that will add to a relaxed yet sophisticated outdoor theme, you can be sure you are on the money with this selection.

The unit has rectangular build with 52 inches in length and 34 inches in width on the table top. Even with the center of the table having a rectangle fire bowl, there is still plenty of room on the sides for dinner plates, wine glasses and an ice bucket for wine. It is ideal for entertaining as it offers plenty of table top surface area.

What’s more, the table can accommodate more items when the fire pit is covered with the included matching burner lid.

The gorgeous fire pit table stands at a height of 24.75 inches. The table is supported by metal frames all through to provide stability.

Its frames are also powder coated to resist rust while the table top is made from aluminum slats that have been stained to preservation and a wooden look. The surrounding panels are made from Synthetic PE resin that has a can webbed design for an artistic finish. This resin material is lightweight and waterproof.

The table side panel conveniently slides out to provide access and storage space for a propane tank that stays concealed when the tray is pushed back in the unit.

Offering complete value for money, it comes complete with several accessories such the clear rocks that fill the fire bowl, a glass shield for wind prevention, an aluminum lid cover for covering the fire bowl when you need to and a well sized fabric protective table covering for the table when not in use.


  • Its overall dimensions are 52”L x 34”W x 24.7”H
  • 50,000 BTU
  • The design is a rectangle table top with a rectangle fire bowl with decorative clear fire glass
  • Features a stained aluminum table top
  • Uses synthetic PE resin wicker side panels resistant to weather
  • Made with a powder coated metal framework for a stable base
  • Protective fabric cover is also included
  • Convenient slide out storage tank
  • Comes in wood stained aluminum and espresso rattan


  • More useful accessories than most fire pit tables as standard
  • Glide out tray that makes removing and taking back the propane tank so much easier
  • Larger in size

5. Best Unique: Elementi Manchester Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Are you on the look for a unique fire pit table that will make quite the conversation starter centerpiece for you décor, the Elementi Manchester Outdoor Fire Pit Table is well worth a consideration for its artistic aesthetic.Elementi Manchester Outdoor Fire Pit Table

This makes a gorgeous centerpiece for an outdoor space such as the pool deck or backyard lawn with its wood-like finish that easily matches with varied furniture decors such as wicker furniture.

The design is nothing short of art as the whole fire table gives the realistic impression of a 42-inch diameter and 17-inch high tree stump with a flaming center.

One can easily mistake this for a real tree stump when in actual fact it has been made from cast concrete. Concrete is incredibly durable and one of the most ideal materials for outdoor décor because it is virtually weatherproof and extremely resilient.

The unit is also absolutely sturdy as it is made using light concrete, fiber and iron and mould to bring about a stump. Its wooden look is achieved by skillful staining and the center circle, which houses the fire bowl, and is made of tough 16 gauge 304 stainless steel and decorated with lava rocks or fire glass, whichever you prefer. However, your purchase will include 13. 2 pounds of lava rocks  that will serve an aesthetic function while concealing the gas ring as well as do a good job of retaining and radiating heat.

The included weather resistant canvas cover can withstand snow, wind, sun and dirt ensuring the fire table stays protected in harsh outdoor conditions and debris.

This unit does not come with a burner lid that custom fits to the dimensions of the fire bowl  but you can purchase it separately.

While the fire pit is sizeable at a diameter of 17 inches, there is still a decent amount of room around the table top for placing snacks and wine glasses.

It helps that the sides do not overheat as the concrete cast is not heat conductive


  • The measurements of this unit are 42” diameter by 17”H
  • It features a circular table top and fire pit design that resembles a tree stump
  • Comes with a stainless steel top
  • Features cast concrete all round that is weather resistant
  • It uses cast concrete mix with iron for solid stability
  • Features an easy to use ignition button for instant flames
  • Auto safety shut-off  feature fitted to prevent gas leaks
  • Tank sits outside the fire table and you separately buy a matching hideaway for it
  • Protective canvas cover for the entire pit included
  • Available in wood stain finish


  • Gorgeous and artistic
  • Blends well with the outdoors

6. Best For Large Spaces: Best Choice Products Rectangular  Gas Fire Pit Table

Best Choice Products 50,000 BTU Rectangular Aluminum Gas Fire Pit Table

With a 57″ length, this beautiful rectangular gas fire pit table is made from extruded aluminum. You are likely wondering what aluminum extrusion is? Well, it’s simply a fancy way of describing the process by which aluminum billets are forced through a dye, which then result in a desired cross section. In essence, they result in a slatted finish that can easily be mistaken for tongue and groove wood joinery. Extrusion is done to give off a neat aesthetic finish such as presented in this fire table.

The framing in this unit is also aluminum for a strong and sturdy base. The heavy duty, rust and weather-resistant aluminum frame protects the unit for extensive longevity even in an outdoor environment such as the patio or backyard deck.

One of the side is an actual door that accommodates and conceals a propane tank that fuels the fire pit. The powerful heating element or gas ring and ensures that enough heating is emitted to warm your outdoor lounge.

This unit’s design is simply rectangular with a slightly narrow top with a burner bowl of decent length decorated with fire glass to create an interesting contrast when the flames are on.


  • The fire pit table dimensions are 57”L x 22”W x 24.5”H
  •  50,000 BTU
  • It comes as a rectangular table top and a rectangle fire bowl with clear glass crystals included
  • It is fitted with an aluminum slatted top
  • Comes with an extruded aluminum façade that’s rust resistant
  • Features a strong Aluminum metal framework for longevity
  • Uses a straightforward button ignition to produce instant flames
  • Burner lid and canvas included
  • Available in wood stain finish


  • Great for  large spaces

7. Best Luxury: Oriflamme Savanna Stone High BTU Gas Fire Pit Table

Traditionally, fire pits have often been constructed from brick or concrete. That is because this materials are hardy enough to withstand the harsh impact of continual exposure to weather. The Oriflamme Outdoor Savanna Stone Gas Fire Pit Table takes its cue that tradition. It presents a gorgeous version of a fire pit that doubles up as a coffee table with a modern twist.Oriflamme Outdoor Savanna Stone Gas Fire Pit Table

If you have the budget to splurge, this would make a good buy as it’s strong and sturdy because it’s made from a mixture of Quartz and Concrete. That means, the unit has compactness and durability that concrete has to offer for years, reinforced with the hardiness and beauty of quartz material.

The result is a cast of traditional elements meshed with modern elegance.

The rich brown textured hand-troweled industrial finish makes the unit pop and bring that artistry right to your patio.


  • The fire pit has a diameter of 38” and height of 21”H
  • 75,000 BTU
  • It has a round table top and a circular fire bowl with lava rocks
  • Features cast concrete and quartz top
  • It comes as an all weather fire pit table
  • It uses a mixture of concrete and quartz that provides a solid base
  • Available in a complex mixture of reflective bronze, platinum and copper


  • Extremely high quality and durable due to resilient outdoor build
  • High BTU rating
  • Great heat outtput


  • Expensive


A table with a fire pit is an excellent addition to a patio or pool deck for both practical utility and aesthetic. Outdoor propane fire pit tables provides a surface area for holding drinks and snacks while providing warmth when dining or having a coffee outdoors and a safe place for the propane tank. Of course, the flames set a relaxing tone and add to the ambience of your outdoor living experience. The fact that the propane tank is hidden in almost all the above options ensures a neat finish.

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