2021 Top 15 Best Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Tables for All Round Utility

The beauty of having an outdoor fire pit table that’s powered by propane gas is that the outdoor fun does not end with the summer. It can definitely be extended for another 9-12 months depending on where you live. In this post we review some of the best outdoor propane fire pit tables that will have you yearning to own one.

Perfect for accentuating or complementing the existing outdoor furniture on the patio, pool deck, gazebo, pergola or any other outdoor living space, outdoor fire pit tables are more than just devices for providing warmth.

No matter what your style and preference may be, it is very likely that this extensive list will offer several options that will agree with your sense of style.

However, it is worth noting that all the below options do NOT include the propane tank in the purchase. You have to buy a 20-pound propane tank separately.

Now, let’s check out these awesome fire pit table designs that will have you rethinking your current outdoor table, or the lack of one.

Review of the Best Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Tables

1. Outland Living Series 403 50,000 BTU Fire Table

If you are like most people, you probably enjoy sitting on you patio or backyard and enjoy the breeze and fresh air. Many homes have some sort of outdoor area and furniture that allows them to gather and enjoy the sun or gaze at the sky on a starry night.Outland Living Series 403 50,000 BTU Fire Table

You can take your patio experience to the next level by introducing this popular Outland Living Series 403 Fire Table.

This unit brings warmth to your outdoor space and set a cozy atmosphere around your outdoor lounging spot.

Most people like their outdoor furniture minimal and their patios uncluttered. The Outland Fire table is well constructed with a small footprint and blends in your existing outdoor furniture with ease.

This unit measures 44” L x 32” W x 24” H and is constructed from several thoughtful materials that help the design come together rather nicely.

The frame of the unit is all metal that powder coated to prevent rust. It is then encircled with a light weight material that is resistant to the water and UV rays. This material is synthetic PE resin that presents a clean cane webbing design while ensuring that your unit is safe from the sun and rain.

Further, the table top center is occupied by a neatly done rectangular fire pit pan. The fire pan is lavishly furnished with white pebbles which are in fact Arctic ice decorative glass rocks which will further enhance the look and ambiance when the fire pit is lit.

The surrounding table top is finished with a reflective black tempered glass tabletop.

Part of the reason why this unit looks so neat is because one does not have to worry about keeping the propane tank out of sight. The table side opens and provides space enough and clearance to neatly and safely place the tank inside. Once you connect the propane tank to a pre-attached 3-ft hose with regulator and close the door, the propane tank is totally invisible.

It’s worth noting that the hose and regulator are inclusive but the propane gas tank has to be bought separately.


  • The overall dimensions of this fire pit table are 44” L x 32” W x 24” H
  • 50,000 BTU rating
  • It is a rectangular fire pan with arctic ice decorative glass rocks included
  • Comes with a glossy black tempered glass tabletop
  • Features a synthetic PE resin façade that is water, dust and UV ray resistant
  • Features a durable high quality aluminum frame construction for a sturdy base
  • Offers button ignition for smooth and instant on/off
  • Available in an Espresso color

When the flames are ignited through the push of a button, they present an impressive dance and warmth. It is fascinating to watch the Arctic ice decorative glass rock glimmer like ice cubes while the fire dances around them. The flames also reflect on the glossy black tempered glass providing a complementing dramatic effect.

Customer feedback

Most customers who considered a fire pit table mentioned they needed it to complement existing outdoor furniture on their patio. They said that they settled on this choice because of the aesthetic construction and that it can conceal the propane tank. The flames and ice contrast is very impressive and entertaining but most importantly, it delivers on heat levels just as advertised. Customers also pointed out that they ordered additional accessories separately such as a glass shield to prevent wind interference and a clear glass lid for covering the fire pan when not in use. Finally, they love that the lid sits flash to the table reclaiming space when the fire pan is not in use as during the day.

2.Tacklife Outdoor Companion 50,000 BTU Gas Fire Pit Table with Cover

Lighting a bonfire in the backyard is not such a bad idea and the kids love it. While there is nothing wrong with doing so the old fashioned way using fire wood, opting for propane gas is just more convenient and quicker.Tacklife Outdoor Companion 50,000 BTU Gas Fire Pit Table with Cover

The Tacklife Outdoor Companion Fire Pit Table is a must have for any family that loves to sit outdoors and end the day for a nice chinwag.

The build of this unit will effortlessly fit right into any existing set up you may already have in your outdoor lounge area.

Any furniture you opt to add on your outdoor patio must have a tough build while still maintaining an aesthetic look. This fire pit table fits that bill because it is made from metal all around. The metal frames of the unit are powder coated and finished in black in order to effectively prevent rust.

The entire surrounding faces project a wicker look that could easily be mistaken for rattan resin. But in actual fact, all four faces of the unit are steel panels with a gorgeous wicker look, finished with antique copper art that present delightful contrast.

The design occupies little space of 28″ L x 28″ W x 25”H. The side door ensures the propane tank is well concealed and also provides access to the included 20 inch gas hose.

This unit has a table top center that showcases a square fire pit with a stainless steel fire bowl filled with lava rocks. It is important to note that the tabletop also assumes the same rattan metal detailing as the side panels. The table top is fitted with a cover lid for the fire bowl. This comes in handy when you want to use the unit as a table with no flame while  also protecting the fire pit from moisture and debris.

Switching the fire on/off is easy using a stainless steel button on the side of the units. Flame intensity can also be adjusted with the help of a knob right next to the ignition button.

Getting a vibrant and warm bonfire to go has never been easier. Push a button and voila! You have fire.


  • The dimensions of this fire pit table are of 28″ L x 28″ W x 25”H
  • 50,000 BTU
  • It is a square fire pit pan with lava rocks included
  • Features a metal top with rattan detailing
  • Comes with metal waterproof side panels resistant to dust and UV rays
  •  Square bowl burner cover also included
  • Features a high quality metal frame construction for a sturdy base
  • Uses button ignition for a smooth and instant flame
  • Available in a black frame and antique copper art façade

This an excellent option for customers who like their furniture near indestructible. The unit offers a neat and artsy look and extreme longevity. It is the perfect combination of looks and functionality.

Customer feedback

User who chose this unit liked it because of the small footprint and thoughtful build that conceals the propane tank. They also liked that it comes with a matching cover lid that allows to you use it as a side table. Customers shared the black and antique copper finish on the metal seamlessly blended with their outdoor furniture no matter the design or color scheme. Operating the unit is swift and easy, sending warm flames on the lava rock at the touch of a button. It’s also said to put out more than sufficient heat.

3. Oriflamme 45″ Giallo Fiorito High BTU Gas Fire Table

As you go shopping and do the research on what sort of fire pit table you would like to settle on, you quickly realize that there is a plethora of design and materials to choose from. The Oriflamme Giallo Fiorito Gas Fire Table’s design slightly steps away from the norm of conventional fire pits  to present a unique aesthetic look as well as plenty of outdoor warmth.Oriflamme 45" Giallo Fiorito High BTU Gas Fire Table

The tabletop is a catchy octagonal shape constructed from granite. It presents a clean sleek look with a naturally polished patterned finish that will endure the ravages of time and outdoor elements for the long haul.

In addition to the aesthetic beauty, granite is a hardy material that you can rely on for longevity and easy maintenance.

The octagon beveled edges present charming detailing that add to the overall design.

The overall surface of the table has a generous 45” diameter. In the middle of this table top is a circular fire bowl. It is an impressive 22 inches in diameter and is laden with pebbles that contrast beautifully against the shiny stone almost resembling the natural speckles on the granite. The unit dispenses flames all through the fire bowl for a gorgeous fire display and plenty of warmth to the immediate surround radius. That is a notable plus because most fire pits tend to flame from only a small 6-inch ring.

Further, the unit has a square column base that is made with a metal to ensure solid stability. The metal is powder coated for effective protection against rust.

Additionally, this fire pit has an updated system that allows enough space for 2 propane tanks to fit and stay hidden in the column below the table top. And both tanks are rigged to feed the fire pit for more warmth and double burn time.

With a whooping 64,000 BTU heat rating, this table all round functional and comes accompanied by a fire glass for wind protection and an Oriflamme powder-coated steel lid that fits perfectly into the fire bowl. It also serves to protect the fire pit from rain, dirt as well as allow the user the option of using the unit as a full-fledged table when the fire bowl is not in use.


  • The dimensions of this unit are of 45 inches in diameter and 19 inches in height
  • 64,000 BTU
  • Has an octagon table top and a circular fire bowl with rocks
  • Features a granite top with natural speckled pattern
  • It is water proof unit and resistant to dust and UV ray resistant
  • Features a powder coated metal base framework for a sturdy base
  • Utilizes button ignition for an instant and smooth flame
  • Available with a granite top and tan base

When looking for a fire pit that’s a bit different from the norm, this option will certainly add a fresh look to your outdoor space. It looks impeccable because of the beauty of the granite and the play of the flames on the octagon shaped table.

Customer feedback

Users who bought this unit shared they loved the spacious table top that spans 45” in diameter. They also pointed out that the high BTU and 22” diameter fire pit were contributing factors to their decision. A granite top with a unique octagon shape that looks great and is easy to clean was hard to pass on, according to many customers. They also loved the resilience offered by the granite top that effortlessly withstands the outdoors and will continue to do so for years to come. Many who bought this fire pit table said it was exactly what they needed for heat provision and to complete their outdoor set up.

4. Amazon Brand Ravenna Home Archer Outdoor Patio Fire Pit Table

Every person considering the possibility of adding a fire pit table to their patio will already have a vision of what they want. However, the one feature that should cut across the board when shopping for outdoor furniture is the ability to tolerate exposure to direct sunlight, rain and dust, regardless of the design. The Ravenna Home Archer Outdoor Patio Fire Pit Table delivers solid longevity and resilience against weather and so much more.

This fire pit table is cylindrical in shape and occupies minimal space in your outdoor seating area. Where other shapes may fail to work such as in corners, this versatile design fits perfectly.

The construction is durable and sturdy as the framework of the entire unit has been constructed using powder coated metal for strength and resistance to rust.

The round tabletop is finished with heat resistant ceramic that has a polished glossy look while the center has a shallow stainless steel dip that houses the fire bowl.

The overall diameter of the table top is 36 inches. It comes with a lid which when placed on the fire pit sits flush against the surface of the table. This serves to protect the fire pit section from moisture during humid seasons, rain, snow and debris. It also increases the surface area for placing snacks and beverages when the flame is not on.

Further, the fire pit come with lava rocks which not only add to the aesthetic of the unit when the flame is on but also helps retain heat to keep your surroundings warm.

The stand of the unit is hedged all round using weather resistant sling material. Its circular stand does a good job of disguising the propane tank that fuels the fire pit. It’s also equipped with an on/off button that easily turns the flame on or shuts it off as needed. An additional knob helps regulate the intensity of the fire to suit preference.


  • This fire pit table has a 45-inch diameter and stands at 25.6 inches in height
  • Features a circular table top and a circular fire bowl with lava rocks
  • 37,000 BTU
  • It has a ceramic top with a glossy finish
  • Comes with weather resistant sling material side panels
  • Has a powder coated metal base framework for a strong build
  • It uses a smooth ignition button for turning the flame on/off
  • It comes in grey color

A cylindrical shaped fire table is likely to be a good addition to existing outdoor furniture on your patio because it can serve as a centerpiece or a side table. This unit is fairly lightweight and can be moved easily with the help of two people.

Customer feedback

Those who were prefer a warming cylindrical shaped table fire pit with excellent durability mentioned that this unit was perfect fit for them. Many customers liked the unit’s ability to occupy minimal space and the fact that it can be used as an accent table. Most users were convinced of its sturdiness and durability because they could see the all the places the where powder coated metal frames run.

5. Bali Outdoors 50,000 BTU Square Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table with Lid

Outdoor spaces, particularly patios and verandas or balconies can be excellent spots for your down time. Spending time or an evening by yourself or with company after a nice dinner on the patio is often an ideal way to start the morning or end the day. Most outdoor spots are well furnished with some form of outdoor furniture that can range from simple benches to well thought modular furniture. Fire is often the missing piece, but it is fair to say that some patios already have a wood fueled fire pits. Adding fire to your chill time in your outdoor area is a splendid idea and while wooden fire pit are awesome they do take a bit of time to get them going.Bali Outdoors 50,000 BTU Square Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table with Lid

This Bali Outdoors fire pit table will wow you at how instantly it light up and its ability to warm up your immediate surroundings. With this fire pit table you can enjoy flames at will at the touch of a button.

The flame is fueled by a propane tank which saves you the whole routine of lighting a wood fueled fire pit. This approach also eliminates smoke and ash from your fire experience.

The unit has a gorgeous look that is constructed from metal all around. So you do not have to worry about durability or exposure to the harsh elements.

Rust and oxidation are the biggest causes of fire pits table losing their exterior aesthetic look. The Bali Outdoor can weather the elements with ease because it is constructed from a metal frame encircled by metal panels. All these have been black powder coated to adequately keep rust away from the unit. This outdoor piece of furniture has also been given an antique brown with touches of black faux finish for an exquisite look that complements other rustic outdoor elements.

The table top is made of embossed metal while the square shaped fire pit is decorated with 15 pounds of blue fire glass that offer a curious contrast when the flames are on.

The panel below opens to make way for propane tank storage and conceals it from sight. A knob for lighting and shutting off the flames is neatly placed on the side of the unit for easy and instant operation.


  • The fire pit table dimensions are 28”L x 28”W x 25”H
  • 50,000 BTU
  • Features a square table top and a square fire bowl with decorative blue fire glass included
  • Comes with an embossed metallic top
  • Has weather and rust resistant metal side panels
  • It uses powder coated metal framework for a strong build
  • The flame ignition is a button for instant flames
  • Comes in antique brown with touches of black faux

For those who love an outdoor fire but find wood fuel to be a tad cumbersome, this option works marvelously well for you because of its instant ignition. The fire pit table comes with a metallic lid that allows the user to cover the fire pit and create more table space when there is need. It is good to note that the 15 pounds of blue fire glass can come in other colors to suit preference.

Customer feedback

Most customers found the overall size of the pit to be perfect for their outdoor space, not too big or too small. Whether using it on a balcony or patio, it fits and blends well with the rest of the outdoor furniture. Users also shared that they love to have dinner around it as it gives off a good amount of heat which is quite cozy and fun as you spend time with friends and family. All customers who got this unit mentioned that assembly was easy because all it takes was screwing the various parts in place.

6. Best Choice Products 50,000 BTU Outdoor Patio Rustic Propane Fire Pit Table

Most people who love their outdoor spots in the home have come to the realization that outdoor furniture does not have to be poorly put together. On the contrary, the patio, balcony and decks provide a unique opportunity for creating some awesome outdoor lounging areas that enrich your home. These spaces are excellent for spending time with family as well as entertaining guests.Best Choice Products 50,000 BTU Outdoor Patio Rustic Propane Fire Pit Table

One of the best ways to spruce up your patio is by adding a fire pit table that organically blends in with the rest of your outdoor décor.

This Rustic Farmhouse option by Best Choice presents a gorgeous design with simple elegance built to withstand the harshness of perpetual weather exposure.

It has a blocky low profile, rectangular build that offers plenty of table top surface area, in addition to having a well-defined fire bowl area.

The simple elegance of this unit doesn’t mean it is short on toughness. Its sleek look can have you fooled that this fire pit table is too delicate for the outdoors, but the unit is as a tough as they come. That is because the construction includes sturdy steel for rigidity on the frames and the sides and top is encircled by cast wood for a natural wood finish. To complete the look it comes with an exquisite smooth glossy look for any backyard.

Unlike most models, the propane gas tank cannot be hidden away in the belly of the table due to its low profile. There’s the option to separately get a matching tank concealer which also doubles up as a side table that contributes to the décor as well as adds more table space for snacks and glasses or a dinner plate.

Using the fitted ignition button makes it easy to ignite the flames and shut them off as needed.


  • This fire pit table dimensions include 48”L x 27”W x 13.5”H
  • 50,000 BTU rating
  • Features a rectangular table top and rectangular fire pan with lava rocks
  • Comes in cast wood with a natural wood finish
  • Uses weather and rust resistant cast wood side panels
  • Features a steel metal framework for a solid build
  • Comes with an Ignition button for quick and easy navigation
  • A weather-resistant pit cover is included
  • Comes in a glossy cast wood finish

The splendid blocky design sits low while the side table is slightly taller for aesthetic effect and practical use. This offers an overall excellent aesthetic.

Customer feedback

Customers expressed they got this unit because it has great length if you have a well sized patio. They also felt that it easily complements any type of outdoor furniture you already have. Users mentioned that their time on the patio in the mornings and evening was enriched with the addition of this fire pit.

7. Endless Summer 30″ Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

One of the benefits that a fire table brings to your space is offering you the opportunity to enjoy your patio all year round. Summers are a breeze when you want to sit outside for some fresh air. However, when winter rolls around, that luxury is no longer possible. Unless you have a fire table pit such as the Endless Summer Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit that provides warmth and comfort outside all year long.Endless Summer 30" Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

During colder months, you can simply move this unit to a more protected area away from the cold like a partially walled balcony and continue to fully enjoy its cozy benefits. Unlike a wood fuelled pit, the propane gas approach to fire does not need tinkering before you have roaring flames. Just twitch the knob and you have fire instantly. When done, switch off the flame using the same knob. The fire is smokeless and odorless which makes it a more versatile option.

This fire table is fairly light with or without the presence of a propane tank. Two persons can easily move the unit from one point to another as desired.

It is built for the outdoors and made tough to weather the dust, rain, sun and freeze, with the frame of the unit made with powder coated metal. All the side panels and top are also black coated metal resistant to rust for the long haul.

The side panels are decorated with neat lines for a minimal look while the table is made of rugged stone that complements the black coated steel exterior. The square fire pan is covered with 12 pounds of blue fire glass that lavishly cover the gas ring. Its flame effect is dramatic and seems to be coming from the blue rocks.

One of the side paneling has a door that opens to accommodate a propane gas tank. This offers a neat look as the tank is completely disguised. The unit is functional with the help of an ignition button on the side of the table.


  • Overall the fire pit table dimensions are 30”L x 30”W x 25”H
  • 30,000 BTU rating
  • Features a square table top and a square fire bowl with 12 pounds of blue glass
  • Has a rugged stone top
  • Features weather and rust resistant metal side panels
  • Comes with a powder coated metal framework offering a sturdy base and longevity
  • PVC vinyl cover included
  • The Flames are ignited by the push of a button for an instant flame on/off
  • Available in black powder coated finish

Are you looking for an all year round outdoor fire pit table that has great look and a tougher build? Well, you just might have found your match in this unit. It is practical, functional and well designed.

Customer feedback

Customers mentioned that bit of assembly is required, but that was no issue because the instructions are straightforward and most had it up and running under an hour. A good number of users confess that they were skeptical of the unit before purchasing it as the price was lower than many other fire pit tables. But upon receipt and assembly of the unit, the same customers expressed delight in their purchase because the unit looks beautiful and performs really well.

8. Best Choice Products 52-inch 50,000 BTU Outdoor Wicker Patio Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

The Best Choice Outdoor Wicker Patio Table Fire Pit’s construction style and choice of materials is absolutely fantastic.Best Choice Products 52-inch 50,000 BTU Outdoor Wicker Patio Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

If you already have elegant outdoor furniture on your patio or pool deck and are looking for an equally trendy fire pit table that will add to a relaxed yet sophisticated outdoor theme, you can be sure you are on the money with this selection.

The unit has rectangular build with 52 inches in length and 34 inches in width on the table top. Even with the center of the table having a rectangle fire bowl, there is still plenty of room on the sides for dinner plates, wine glasses and an ice bucket for wine. It is ideal for entertaining as it offers plenty of table top surface area.

What’s more, the table can accommodate more items when the fire pit is covered with the included matching lid.

Looking at it just conjures up warm nights with a barbecue going and loved ones milling around.

The design is made with such finesse and thoughtful utility that it could easily work for restaurant out areas as well as romantic pool side dining experiences. But this unit will also be right at home on a residential elegant patio or spacious lavish apartment balcony.

The gorgeous fire pit table stands at a height of 24.75 inches. The table is supported by metal frames all through to provide stability.

Its frames are also powder coated to resist rust while the table top is made from aluminum slats that have been stained to preservation and a wooden look. The surrounding panels are made from Synthetic PE resin that has a can webbed design for an artistic finish. This resin material is lightweight and waterproof.

The table side panel conveniently slides out to provide access and storage space for a propane tank that stays concealed when the tray is pushed back in the unit.

Offering complete value for money, it comes complete with several accessories such the clear rocks that fill the fire bowl, a glass shield for wind prevention, an aluminum lid cover for covering the fire bowl when you need to and a well sized fabric protective table covering for the table when not in use.


  • Its overall dimensions are 52”L x 34”W x 24.7”H
  • 50,000 BTU
  • The design is a rectangle table top with a rectangle fire bowl with decorative clear fire glass
  • Features a stained aluminum table top
  • Uses synthetic PE resin wicker side panels resistant to weather
  • Made with a powder coated metal framework for a stable base
  • Utilizes an easy to operate ignition button for instant flame on/off
  • Glass wind guard and matching aluminum fire bowl lid included
  • Protective fabric cover is also included
  • Convenient slide out storage tank
  • Comes in wood stained aluminum and espresso rattan

By every standard, there was no effort spared in the design of this fire pit. And it shows in the elegance of the final product. If class and charm are what you are hoping for in fire pit table, this is definitely an ideal choice.

Customer feedback

Well worth the money as many happy customers attested to, this table is a work of art and is sure to give your deck a warm and friendly appearance. Users appreciated that it comes complete with more useful accessories than most fire pit tables as standard, which saved them the hassle of looking for these same accessories separately. Further still, several buyers mentioned they love the glide out tray that makes removing and taking back the propane tank so much easier. Generally therefore, buyers were impressed by the overall build and design of the unit as well as the bonus accessories. The heat generated by the unit is said to be satisfactory as well.

9. Hiland GSF-PR-PC Propane Fire Pit Table

Clearly, there is a vast array to select from when looking to buy a fire pit table. In most cases, if you are buying the unit to add on to already existing furniture, design, color and tone of the unit plays a big role as it has to blend in seamlessly with the existing set up.Hiland GSF-PR-PC Propane Fire Pit Table

The Hiland GSF-PR-PC Propane Fire Pit Table would be an excellent addition to a backyard décor that gravitates toward earthy tones.

Its design is simple but very practical and delivers on optimized utility.

The unit’s table top is square at 32 inches and slightly higher at an overall height of 24 inches from the ground.

The trunk is of a much slender width and length allowing you to sit with your legs well under the table top like a normal dining table for a meal and can sit four and accommodate dinner plates. More space is made available by using the stainless steel lid to cover the fire bowl when not in use.

The center of the table presents a square stainless steel fire bowl loaded with clear accent fire glass for aesthetic appeal as they interact with the flames.

In case you are wondering whether the fire pit makes an impact in warming the immediate surroundings, you can rest assured it does.

At 40,000 BTU of heat emission, this fire it is more than enough to keep you nice and toasty even in the colder temperatures. As a matter of fact, if you are dining close to the table, you will have to run the flames on low just to maintain a cozy temperature.

There is a knob on the side of the unit that ensures you have an easy time instantly igniting the flames, controlling intensity to suit preference as well as shutting off the flames instantly when you need to.

Sometimes it may happen that the winds are so strong for the flames to keep working. You will be glad to know that should the flow of gas be interrupted for any reason, this fire table is equipped with a safety thermocouple flame failure device that instantly cuts of the gas supply.

This fire pit table has all metal construction. The metallic frames see to it that the unit is absolutely stable, while the side metal panels reinforce that stability and promote longevity. The hammered bronze finish across the whole table brings an earthy rustic feel and look that augurs rather well with other rugged element of your outdoor space.


  • This fire pit table features dimensions that are 32”L x 32”W x 24”H
  • 40,000 BTU
  • Comes with a square table top and a square fire pan with clear fire glass
  • Uses a hammered bronze metallic finish
  • Fitted with weather and rust resistant metal side panels and table top
  • Features a metal framework for reinforced strength
  • Thermocouple flame failure shut off device.
  • Uses a push ignition button for quick flame on/off
  • Available in hammered bronze

With this unit, you can bet that your summer months on the patio will be more enjoyable and memorable. Depending on where you live, that comfort is likely to extend well beyond the summer to include spring, autumn. During winter, this unit can be moved and used on a raised verandah or balcony with a roof and walls but with plenty of aeration.

Customer feedback

Those who bought this unit did so because they loved the steel construction all round and hammered bronze finish that is rust and weather resistant. Customer said they liked the idea of a side panel with a handle that opens to provide storage and access to the propane tank that fuels the fire pit. A good number of users appreciated the thermocouple flame failure safety mechanism for enhanced safety. For many it was a good buy that they looked forward to using for a long time to come.

10. Akoya Outdoor Essentials 60″ Rectangular Modern Concrete Fire Pit Table

Who in their wildest dream could ever guess that concrete can look so good? From, the pictures it would be hard to say that this is made from concrete, but it is! The Akoya Outdoor Concrete Fire Pit has turned an ordinary, run-of-the-mill material into something extraordinary through this practical yet gorgeous piece of outdoor furniture.Akoya Outdoor Essentials 60" Rectangular Modern Concrete Fire Pit Table

If you love a bit of heft and size in your outdoor furniture, then you will love that this table comes in 60 inches in length by 24 inches in width. The rectangular fire pit is longer than your usual fire pits and dispenses playful flames cross that length.

The pit is adorned with a generous share of Caribbean blue crystals that lavishly fill the bowl and make for a mesmerizing display as they interact with the flames.

This unit is made from a light cast concrete which is an artistic mixture of lightweight fiber, concrete and steel.

The gray color and touches of black tint is brought about by skillful staining and the finished color ensures increased outdoor durability and a rugged yet neat aesthetic appeal. It looks marvelous on a spacious patio, pool deck and balcony.

The unit has the ability to perform at 50,000 BTU heat emission. That simply means it warms up your space efficiently while outdoors in open air. It utilizes a 20 pound propane gas tank like most fire tables and the unit has knob that facilitates lighting the flames instantly with a single tweak.

At the lowest heat setting, which still provides you with great warmth and gorgeous ambience, the tank will provide you with a solid 28 hours of burn time. At the highest flame setting, which is mostly too warm for comfort and you will rarely have the need for, the 20 pound gas take will accord you 10 hours of burn time.

Sipping champagne, making margaritas or puffing a cigar after a long week of work over chatter with friends under a great outdoor ambience created by this unit, is what memories are made of. And this unit has the potential to hold a lot of memories over many years.

The only drawback about this fire pit table is that it does not have a chamber to hide the propane gas tank. But that chamber can be bought separately as matching side table to this unit.


  • The fire pit table measures 60””L x 24”W x 18”H
  • 50,000 BTU
  • It features a rectangular table top and rectangle fire pan with decorative Caribbean blue fire glass
  • Utilizes cast light weight concrete table tops
  • Features all weather build and rust resistant construction
  • The cast concrete includes iron for a strong and sturdy framework
  • Uses an easy to operate by push ignition button to get an instant flame
  • Glass guard, protective cover and burner lid included with your purchase.
  • Comes in gray with touch of black staining

Aside from the inclusive Caribbean blue crystals for the fire bowl it also  comes complete with other accessories as standard including; a wind guard to protect against strong winds, a burner lid and a protective cover. This is the ultimate durable fire pit.

Customer feedback

Many users shared they loved the artistic design and size of the unit. Most found use for it in various outdoor spots such as the pool deck and patios. A good of number of users opted to buy it without a chamber to hide the propane gas tank, while other preferred to make the purchase with the hideout for the tank that also serves as a matching side table. Users also shared that the finish is durable for outdoors. However, if your area suffers heavy snow, use the protective sheet to cover the unit and move it to a sheltered section until the weather improves.

11. AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit Table

Safety is always a big concern where fire is involved. Some table fire pits that have a battery ignition will often have some sort of integrated safety mechanism that makes it impossible for accidental gas leaks. With this AZ Patio Heater Propane Fire Pit, the ignition system includes a thermocouple flame failure feature to that effect.AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit Table

The unit’s entire construction is metallic. This means that you will have little to no concern over longevity.

It has good utility and stays aesthetically pleasing for the long haul. The fire pit table is sturdy and that is due to the powder coated frames and side panel metal sheets that reinforce the stability.

It has a neat look with an earthy tone of antique bronze that will complement most outdoor themes and rustic furniture.

One side of the panels is fitted with two handles and a door that ensure the propane tank can be concealed and also provides easy access for the hose and regulator connection under the tabletop. The tabletop is metallic with a stainless steel fire bowl.

The pit is comes complete with loose clear crystals that help conceal the gas ring, accenting the fire pit and make for a charming and curious interaction with the flames.

Further still,  a lid for covering the fire pit when not in use while also extending the usability of the table for dining purposes is also included. As a result, it easily doubles up as a full- fledged patio table and flaming fire pit when needed.


  • Dimensions of the unit are 38”L x 38”W x 28”H
  • 40,000 BTU
  • Comes with a square table top and a square fire pan with decorative clear glass crystals
  • Features a metallic bronze finished top
  • It comes with a weather and rust resistant powder coated facade
  • Fitted with a strong metal framework for a durable build
  • Equipped with thermocouple flame failure safety mechanism.
  • Offers instant ignition using a button for turning on and shut off
  • Available in antique brown

The design and metallic build not only make this unit durable, but also easy to clean both on the exterior and the interior which are easily accessible.

Customer feedback

According to customers, the fire safety feature made an impact on their buying decision as did the solid durable build and simple practical aesthetic look of the unit. Most users also mentioned the unit was good value for money because it creates a great ambience when relaxing on the pool deck at night or enjoying your patio. It also emits a decent amount of heat even when on a low flame setting to keep your immediate surrounding warm. Some users also pointed out the small magnetic tabs on the doors keep the doors closed for a neat look.

12. Elementi Manchester Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Are you on the look for a unique fire pit table that will make quite the conversation starter centerpiece for you décor, the Elementi Manchester Outdoor Fire Pit Table is well worth a consideration for its artistic aesthetic.Elementi Manchester Outdoor Fire Pit Table

This makes a gorgeous centerpiece for an outdoor coffee booth in a café’ or restaurant. It also would look amazing in a home outdoor space such as the pool deck or backyard lawn with its wood-like finish that easily matches with varied furniture decors such as wicker furniture.

The design is nothing short of art as the whole fire table gives the realistic impression of a 42-inch diameter and 17-inch high tree stump with a flaming center.

One can easily mistake this for a real tree stump when in actual fact it has been made from cast concrete. Concrete is incredibly durable and one of the most ideal materials for outdoor décor because it is virtually weatherproof and extremely resilient.

The unit is also absolutely sturdy as it is made using light concrete, fiber and iron and mould to bring about a stump. Its wooden look is achieved by skillful staining and the center circle, which houses the fire bowl, and is made of tough 16 gauge 304 stainless steel and decorated with lava rocks or fire glass, whichever you prefer. However, your purchase will include 13. 2 pounds of lava rocks  that will serve an aesthetic function while concealing the gas ring as well as do a good job of retaining and radiating heat.

The included weather resistant canvas cover can withstand snow, wind, sun and dirt ensuring the fire table stays protected in harsh outdoor conditions and debris.

This unit does not come with a burner lid that custom fits to the dimensions of the fire bowl  but you can purchase it separately.

While the fire pit is sizeable at a diameter of 17 inches, there is still a decent amount of room around the table top for placing snacks and wine glasses.

It helps that the sides do not overheat as the concrete cast is not heat conductive


  • The measurements of this unit are 42” diameter by 17”H
  • It features a circular table top and fire pit design that resembles a tree stump
  • Comes with a stainless steel top
  • Features cast concrete all round that is weather resistant
  • It uses cast concrete mix with iron for solid stability
  • Features an easy to use ignition button for instant flames
  • Auto safety shut-off  feature fitted to prevent gas leaks
  • Tank sits outside the fire table and you separately buy a matching hideaway for it
  • Protective canvas cover for the entire pit included
  • Available in wood stain finish

The rugged rustic elements of a wood stump come to mind when you look at this fire pit table. It’s a unique piece and a definite conversation starter, all while providing the best of a concrete and iron construction.

Customer feedback

This fire pit is simply gorgeous in an artistic way. Customers praised it for being very neat and extremely durable. Users also say that they get so many compliments on the unit when entertaining. Although not a deal breaker, some customers shared that the unit does produce a noticeable hissing sound as the gas passes through the gas ring. In their opinion, it would even be better if it was absolutely silent.

13. Outdoor GreatRoom Naples Chat Height Gas 60,000 BTU Fire Pit Coffee Table

The Naples Fire Table assumes a low profile design of a coffee table with the fire pit more to the top corner of the unit than the center offering a stylish yet neat look.60,000 BTU Outdoor GreatRoom Naples Chat Height Gas Fire Pit Coffee Table

That configuration also leaves plenty of room on the table for glasses, cups, bottle or plate when snacking or dining.

It has a stable construction that boasts of aluminum framing that is both strong and rust resistant. The fact that they don’t corrode means extensive aesthetic durability for your unit.

The body of the unit is made from outdoor rated resin wicker that is weather resistant and so easy to clean. This coffee table will not wither or lose the aesthetic allure that it so well projects even when exposed to dust, UV rays or rain water.

The rattan sees to it and the tabletop is equally resilient and beautiful at the same time. It is made from black tempered glass for a smooth glossy finish that is easy to clean and resistant to stains.

The fire pit is rust proof as it is constructed from stainless steel and so is the gas rim. It is also shallow and adorned with clear fire crystals for additional beauty as they adequately conceal the gas ring.

A simply push of the ignition button and you are good to enjoy a beautiful experience that warms your immediate radius within a short time. Flame intensity is conveniently controlled by a knob situated next to the ignition button.


  • The overall measurement of this unit are 48”L x 35”W x 21.5”H
  • 60,000 BTU
  • Comes with a rectangular table top with circular fire pit and clear glass crystals
  • Features a black tempered glass table top
  • Fitted with rust and weather resistant resin wicker on the body
  • It uses an aluminum framework for a strong base
  • Utilizes a button ignition to achieve instant flames
  • A conversion kit for natural gas is  included
  • Comes in black glass top and espresso body

This unit makes for a gorgeous outdoor coffee table that effortlessly blends with most outdoor furniture and it also functions amazingly in different weather profiles.

Customer feedback

Customers mentioned with delight that the table is exactly as described and as pictured online. Most customers, who ordered this because of their outdoor wicker sofa set, shared that the blend is exquisite. The Naples dark wicker goes beautifully with other wicker but also with wood floors and outdoor furniture. The heat aspect of this fire bowl is great as it puts out a fair amount of heat to warm the outdoors even during chilly weather. One customer shared that they got this unit for a winter retreat in the Palm Springs area Canada, and this baby provides very comfortable heating for cool winter dessert evenings.

14. Best Choice Products 50,000 BTU Rectangular Aluminum Gas Fire Pit Table

Best Choice Products fire pit tables are well known for their gorgeous designs and innovative mix of high quality materials for stunning outcomes. This beautiful rectangular gas fire pit table from the same brand is no exception.Best Choice Products 50,000 BTU Rectangular Aluminum Gas Fire Pit Table

This beautiful fire pit table is made from extruded aluminum. You are likely wondering what aluminum extrusion is? Well, it’s simply a fancy way of describing the process by which aluminum billets are forced through a dye, which then result in a desired cross section. In essence, they result in a slatted finish that can easily be mistaken for tongue and groove wood joinery. Extrusion is done to give off a neat aesthetic finish such as presented in this fire table.

The framing in this unit is also aluminum for a strong and sturdy base. The heavy duty, rust and weather-resistant aluminum frame protects the unit for extensive longevity even in an outdoor environment such as the patio or backyard deck.

One of the side is an actual door that accommodates and conceals a propane tank that fuels the fire pit. The powerful heating element or gas ring and ensures that enough heating is emitted to warm your outdoor lounge.

This unit’s design is simply rectangular with a slightly narrow top with a burner bowl of decent length decorated with fire glass to create an interesting contrast when the flames are on.

The unit comes with a burner lid that snugly fits the fire bowl and provides more surface area for the table when that is needed


  • The fire pit table dimensions are 57”L x 22”W x 24.5”H
  •  50,000 BTU
  • It comes as a rectangular table top and a rectangle fire bowl with clear glass crystals included
  • It is fitted with an aluminum slatted top
  • Comes with an extruded aluminum façade that’s rust resistant
  • Features a strong Aluminum metal framework for longevity
  • Uses a straightforward button ignition to produce instant flames
  • Burner lid and canvas included
  • Available in wood stain finish

This unit is exceptionally hardy and highly aesthetic. Even with high usage on your outdoor lounge are, this fire pit table will accord you many years of service without loosing the aesthetic appeal. The unit also comes with a canvas cover for added protection when not in use.

Customer feedback

Customer shared that it about takes about 30 minutes to assemble this unit. Once successfully put together it fires up right away at the touch of the ignition button. Users love that the gas bar goes all the way across the burn pot and delivers great heat for you and company when sitting around the table in the morning and at night. An interesting observation is that if the flames are beyond the midpoint level. That’s got to be a plus on a chilly day.

15. Oriflamme Outdoor Savanna Stone High BTU Gas Fire Pit Table

Traditionally, fire pits have often been constructed from brick or concrete. That is because this materials are hardy enough to withstand the harsh impact of continual exposure to weather. The Oriflamme Outdoor Savanna Stone Gas Fire Pit Table takes its cue that tradition. It presents a gorgeous version of a fire pit that doubles up as a coffee table with a modern twist.Oriflamme Outdoor Savanna Stone Gas Fire Pit Table

This unit is strong and sturdy because it’s made from a mixture of Quartz and Concrete. That means, the unit has compactness and durability that concrete has to offer, reinforced with the hardiness and beauty of quartz material.

The result is a cast of traditional elements meshed with modern elegance.

The rich brown textured hand-troweled industrial finish makes the unit pop and bring that artistry right to your patio.

This circular fire pit table has a diameter of 38 inches and stands at coffee table height of 21 inches with a stainless steel burner bowl and decorated with a generous amount of lava stone that come inclusive.

The operation of the unit is in every way modern as the flames can be ignited via a knob.

The look is neat and seamless as the propane tank tucks away in the belly of the table.


  • The fire pit has a diameter of 38” and height of 21”H
  • 75,000 BTU
  • It has a round table top and a circular fire bowl with lava rocks
  • Features cast concrete and quartz top
  • It comes as an all weather fire pit table
  • It uses a mixture of concrete and quartz that provides a solid base
  • Uses a knob to achieve an instant flame on/off
  • Available in a complex mixture of reflective bronze, platinum and copper

This unit is value for money because of its awesome art full-on art look and neat design. It also stands out because of its ability to withstand any weather for many years to come.

Customer feedback

Users who opted for this unit did so because it’s resilient outdoor build. The size is just right without being tiny or overly bulky. Customers were quick to point out that the rich staining holds fast and does not fade even after years of weather exposure. The heat output is said to be good enough to keep you warm and relaxed as you spend time outdoors.


A table with a fire pit is an excellent addition to a patio or pool deck for both practical utility and aesthetic. Outdoor propane fire pit tables provides a surface area for holding drinks and snacks while providing warmth when dining or having a coffee outdoors and a safe place for the propane tank. Of course, the flames set a relaxing tone and add to the ambience of your outdoor living experience. The fact that the propane tank is hidden in almost all the above options ensures a neat finish.

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