14 Best Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets with Fire Pit Table in 2021

Fire is a fascinating element when it occurs within controllable measures. We have seen the fascination that décor has with fire pits, fireplaces and hearths in the home grow over the years. That fascination is because of the warmth and beauty that fire brings to space.

Outdoor seating is another section of home improvement that has gained a lot of traction as homeowners try to figure out how best to furnish outdoor spots for relaxation. The key lies in getting the right kind of furniture that can survive continual exposure to the elements while offering the desired look and comfort over the long haul.

In this post, we explore awesome outdoor patio furniture options that marry the idea of comfort, looks and then go as far as to embed fire pit into the design for exquisite ambience and warmth.

As we do so, keep in mind that all the product reviews below do NOT include a propane tank and that has to be bought separately.

Well, without any further ado, let’s jump right in and check out some of the best outdoor patio furniture sets with fire pit tables. These trending sets are redefining patio and deck comfort across the country and beyond.

Review of the Top Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets with Fire Pit Table

1. Dineli Patio Furniture Sectional Sofa with Gas Fire Pit Table

Patios and decks create an outdoor space that provides a seating area where family and friends can gather for relaxation over a beverage and nice chinwag. Depending on the set up of your home, balconies, and verandas can serve as semi-outdoor partially covered relaxing spaces while a section of the yard or pool deck can be converted into comfortable lounge areas.Dineli Patio Furniture Sectional Sofa with Gas Fire Pit Table

The flooring material that goes in the above mentioned areas is often selected for practical function but also for aesthetic beauty. This can range from slate, wood, or tile flooring for an exquisite finish. Choosing the right type of furniture will often complete the lounge look and feel despite being completely outdoor or semi-outdoor.

The Dineli patio furniture Sectional Sofa is an excellent choice for furnishing your patio.

Not only is the design thoughtful, but also practical because it comes in modular form. There is no telling what shape your patio assumes. Some decks and patios are quite spacious and therefore finding the right seat configuration can be tricky, while some patios might not be as big such as is the case of typical apartment balconies. Either way, this unit’s sectional sofa approach has you covered because the modular design allows you to benefit from numerous configuration options.

You can literally assemble the module individually for a preferred seating arrangement as the sectional parts easily separate from each other, or you can opt to join them together as you see fit to suit your space.

The unit’s flexibility with corners is most notable. In the event that your deck, patio or balcony has a corner space(s) that you would want to take advantage of, Dineli sectional Sofa’s flexibility will accommodate that effortlessly.

The Dineli patio furniture Sectional Sofa is well constructed and delivers good balance between tough and durable with an exquisite finish and plush comfort that can withstand the rigors of an outdoor or semi outdoor space.

The frame of the unit is constructed from steel all around for stability and sturdiness. The steel is treated by electrophoresis and powder coated for a neat and durable look that is rust proof.

The façade of this gorgeous unit is wicker made from resin. PE resin is durable, water resistant and easy to clean. This unit comes complete with plush breathable 4” cushions neatly encased within water resistant cushion covers made from vinyl. The cushion covers are zippered and easily removable for washing and come in numerous colors to suit different decors.

The whole idea of having seats on your deck and patio is to create a cozy space where you can catch some fresh outdoor air. This unit creates a comfortable space and makes it even cozier by including a fire pit table that’s adorned with lava rocks and comes with a glass shield that helps guard the flames against the wind. The fire table matches the seats with a center burner that produces flames that create a warm ambience.

The fire is made possible by using a propane tank. However, it’s important to note that the propane tank is not included in the purchase and has to be bought separately.


  • 8pc set sectional sofa includes fire pit table
  • 40,000 BTU fie pit table rating
  • Glass wind guard fence, lava rocks and protective cover for the fire pit included
  • Propane tank sits outside the table, 1 Tank hideaway table included
  • Steel frame for strength and stability
  • All weather out door sofa
  • Made from water resistant synthetic PE resin wicker
  • Modular design offers configuring flexibility
  • 4” breathable cushion with quality vinyl zippered covers
  • Available in numerous colors; light grey/espresso/light beige/white/olive green/royal blue/red/turquoise blue

Synthetic resin wicker has a great look but is also incredibly lightweight. This is an important factor because it means moving the modular chairs around is very easy.

Customer feedback

Outdoor, cozy, comfortable, stylish, and durable are adjectives that rarely go together when describing furniture. Customers who bought this item shared that all these adjectives are true of this gorgeous sectional sofa. Users who were looking for and outdoor sofa set, mentioned that this unit was an excellent buy for them. The unit looks amazing, is tough and water resistant. Customers mentioned that this choice is fabulous for an outdoor space.

2. Cosiest 8 Piece Outdoor Sofa with  50,000 BTU Propane Fire Pit, Tank Cover and Wind Glass

While staying indoors is often comfortable and cozy, there are those times that lounging outside is just what you need to clear your head, catch some fresh air or just commune with family or friends over a beverage. Selecting outdoor furniture can be a tricky affair. What you find to be comfortable and plush is often not suited for the outdoors. So, most often than not , you find yourself with some durable options but less desirable in terms of aesthetics.Cosiest 8 Piece Outdoor Sofa with  50,000 BTU Propane Fire Pit, Tank Cover and Wind Glass

This Cosiest  8 piece Outdoor Sofa seeks to remedy that notion. That’s because it offers great comfort, looks and durability for both semi-outdoor areas such as balconies and full-fledged outdoor sections of your home such as decks and patios. This unit succeeds where others have failed is in several factors, design and choice of construction materials.

The construction of this outdoor set ensures that each seat is firm and sturdy by an all metal frame. Metal may start out looking great in an outdoor environment, but all that soon fades away when water and oxidation start causing rust and affects  the look. The metal frame used in this unit has taken that into consideration and is finished a with powder coat that’s efficient in resisting rust, corrosion and therefore maintains an aesthetic look for many years.

Most outdoor furniture tends to be heavy and bulky, but not this set. That’s because the unit’s side, back, front and cushion areas have been constructed using a PE synthetic resin wicker for a gorgeous finish. This material is excellent for outdoor furniture due to it’s lightweight, but also because it’s absolutely water-resistant and very easy clean. Unfortunately, many versions of outdoor furniture cannot resist the harsh sun. Synthetic PE resin wicker material does not flinch from rain, dust or sun.

The modular design in this set consists of four middle chairs and two corner chairs. The hand-woven beautiful warm gray all-weather synthetic PE resin wicker presents a neat and aesthetic façade. Sectional design makes for easy flexibility when you need different seating configurations to suit your space. The corner seat does an excellent job of utilizing corner spaces. Such flexibility means you can enjoy this set on a patio, pool deck, and balcony to name a few.

The cushions on any furniture play an integral role in determining the level of comfort in a seat. This unit comes with 4” seating cushions accompanied with comfortable fluffy ones for the backrest. You can always add a couple of throw pillows for yourself to accentuate that plush feel and look. The cushions are supremely comfortable and will stay that way for a long time to come. That fluffy sinking comfort is owed to high quality and superior poly-fiber.

This set remains aesthetically beautiful for longer in the outdoors because of greater resistance to weather extremes of heat, rain and freeze due to a meticulous selection and constructions using hardy materials. The fabric used on the cushions is solution-dyed for longer-lasting color fastness ranging from 2 to 3 years in direct sunlight. They are zippered and easy to remove for quick washes.

The unit comes with a center piece to crown the center of your set up with a fire pit table that matches the seats. The table top is adorned with faux stone and a flame producing center that is sure to create a warm ambience even when outdoors. Its flame is powered by propane tank that neatly tucks away in the included hideaway table for concealment.

The flames light easy at the push of a button and the table comes with a glass shield to put around the flames preventing wind interference.

The fire table is safe to use as it is constructed with a fire retardant magnesium oxide and a stainless steel burner bowl that blends seamlessly into the design. It is worth noting that the intensity of the flame can be adjusted simply by turning a knob situated on the side of the table.


  • 8pc modular sofa includes fire pit table
  • 50,000 BTU rating
  • Comes complete with a 13 pounds natural lava rocks, waterproof cover and a glass wind guard
  • Steel frame construction for stability and longevity
  • All weather outdoor sofa
  • Façade is made from water resistant synthetic PE resin wicker
  • Modular design offers flexible light weight movement
  • 4” breathable cushions with quality tough and color fast fabric
  • Available in light grey/turquoise blue

The seating sections of this unit are 32” square. The armless middle chairs have a depth of 32” inches but a width of 27” while the center piece table with a fancy fire pit occupies minimal space of 35” square and stands at a height of 13”.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this unit said it has transformed their patio into an excellent lounging area with plenty of fresh air. Some users got this as additional furniture to their pool deck. They love the unit’s weight which makes it easy to move around. Depending on entertainment needs of the evening, they mentioned it so easy to customize your space to suit preference. The fire pit is the icing on the cake for a warm cozy down time at night next to the pool or deck.

3. Hanover TRAD5PCFPRD-BR-R Traditions 5-Piece High-Dining Set

With the Hanover brand, their designs are solid and endearing adding an air of charm to your outdoor space. That can range from being a patio in a residential home to the verandah of a high end restaurant. This particular Hanover TRAD5PCFPRD-BR-R Traditions 5 Piece High Dining Set allows you the benefit of bringing in some five star dining set up into your outdoor environment.Hanover TRAD5PCFPRD-BR-R Traditions 5-Piece High-Dining Set

The contrast of the antique metal bronze cast iron frame and natural oat olefin fabric sack-like characteristic augurs well with the rustic décor elements of the outdoors. The set is from the Traditions Dining Collection by Hanover and comes with 4 stylish and well constructed high swivel chairs. With this set, you can be sure of comfortable seating thanks to the fluffy cushioning.

The back of the chairs are decorated with artistic cast accents metal scrolls for an elegant look.

The chairs are set around a dining fire table that can comfortably accommodate 4 persons.

The slat fire pit table measure 37″W x 68″L x 36” H. Dark polished color on the table top offers a gorgeous contrast to the rest of the unit’s shades.

Dining this close to a gentle fire completes a picture perfect evening of good food, good company and excellent surroundings.


  • This chic 5pc set comes with 4 swivel chairs and a dining table with a fire pit
  • 40, 000 BTU fire pit table
  • Cast iron frames on a swivel make for easy movement
  • All weather out door set
  • Elegant scroll work on the back for an artful finish
  • Standalone design offers flexible movement and arrangement
  • 4” fluffy breathable cushions made from premium treated olefin fabric
  • Available in natural oat cushions and antique bronze frame

For those who love a relaxed yet elegant outdoor dining experience, this unit is certainly the one that brings that vibe so effortlessly. The propane tank that fuels the fire is well disguised in the trunk of the table.

Customer feedback

Customers said they got this unit because they love the artful presentation and the tough practical build that can withstand an outdoor space. Families who bought this did so to set it by the pool side, patio and even roof top spaces. Most users expressed that when the weather is favorable, they love to dine outdoors on this set and light the fire pit for a touch of warmth and soothing ambience.

4. Sunbury Outdoor Sectional 7-Piece Pearl Gray Wicker Sofa Patio Furniture Set

Home owners spend a great deal of time, effort and resource to design and bring to fruition a beautiful outdoor area in the home. This can take many forms such as a deck, patio, pool deck, balcony or verandah. Some of these spaces can have rustic tones as is the case when the floor deck is finished with wood flooring. Others can have tiles with a stone feel such as slate tiles and some can take the advantage of brick or cobble stone for a natural earthy feel and outdoor look.Sunbury Outdoor Sectional 7-Piece Pearl Gray Wicker Sofa Patio Furniture Set

Some patios and deck floors are pretty simple and practical made from stained concrete. The idea of creating such spaces is to have a lounge area outdoors that can with stand the ever changing weather elements. To help achieve that comfy feel of a lounge in a patio that you have put some great work into, complement it with some stunning outdoor furniture. But as you probably know, outdoor furniture requires a certain toughness in order to last and serve you well.

The Sunbury Outdoor Sectional Sofa fits the bill and does a great job of furnishing an outdoor lounge area such as a pool deck or patio. The reason why this unit manages to look fabulous and deliver delicate comfort is because of a sturdy metal frame that is tough and durable. Given that metal has a propensity to oxidize when exposed to water in an outdoor environment leaving room for rust to set in, the metal in this unit is finished with a powder coated exterior.

The powder coat galvanizes the metal from issues such as rust, scratches, and corrosion while providing a neat exposed finish that can be seen to blend in with the unit. A lightweight material of synthetic PE resin wicker is then attached to surround the seat for a gorgeous look. The resin is also water resistant and an assurance that your set will not be damaged by the inevitable dust, rain, and sun exposure associated with an outdoor area.

Once the 4” breathable cushions are placed on this unit, you can see picture perfect patio or deck taking shape right before your eyes. The fabric used for the cushion covers is tough with a high resistance threshold for moisture and UV rays and therefore poised to last. They are also zippered and easy to remove for cleanup and equally simple to set them back. If you have an eye for detail, you will notice that the piped edges are close stitched contributing to the design as well as ensuring longevity for your cushions.

The same applies to the fluffy back rest cushions that have a low profile and add to the sleekness of the overall design. The fabrics color is designed and engineered to hold fast despite being out in the sun for seasons on end. This unit’s modular design sees to it that you have an easy time taking advantage of the many configurations that this set can be customized into. The fact that set is so lightweight is a plus as moving the chairs when there is need is so effortless.

Designers have recommended this sectional sofa because they particularly love that the unit comes with two corner pieces which allows the user to take full advantage of corners in spaces that have them such as balconies. Hotel owners with pool decks have also found this unit to be a fabulous choice for creating VIP pool sections by using them to furnish cabanas or private patio’s on the side of the pool.

While this unit does not come with throw pillows, one can always feel free to include some, elevating the comfort and aesthetic look of the set.

As if that were not enough, the crowning jewel of this set is a centerpiece fire table that brings the coziness and aesthetic warmth of fire to the design.

The overall measurements of the table are 35” W x 25” H. The table can be used for placing drinks and snacks while the center part has a fire bowl of 19” diameter from which flames shoot up and dance around joyfully for beautiful ambience. These flames are made possible by a propane tank that is well out of sight inside the belly of the table. The flames can be lit at will with the help of a button ignition and the intensity adjusted with ease through the help of a knob attached to the table.


  • 7 piece modular sofa comes fire pit table as the center piece
  • 50,000 BTU rating
  • The framing of each chair is a steel frame that ensures sturdiness and durability
  • This sectional sofa set is all weather and ideal for outdoors
  • The unit is covered with water resistant synthetic PE resin wicker
  • Modular design offers great customization
  • Comfortable 4” breathable cushions with tough cushion covers
  • Comes in turquoise blue

If you are looking to elevate the comfort, style and ambience of your patio as a lounge area, you can’t go wrong with this option. The set is neat, stylish and the cushions are very inviting. The size of the cushions for the corner chairs are 32” square while the ones on the armless chairs are 32”D x 27” W. The fire pit has a height of 25”.

Customer feedback

Most customers, who were looking to get furniture for an outdoor deck or patio, mentioned that they were glad they settled on this set. While some assembly is required, all the components and tools needed come with the unit. Users found the assembly to be quick and straightforward. Some customers were afraid that the unit looks delicate to accommodate outdoor needs but were absolutely delighted to find the unit is really gorgeous but firm, steady and tough all at the same time once assembled.

5. Cosiest 8 Piece Wicker Outdoor Sofa Set with Propane Fire Pit Table

Celebrating casual evenings under the glam of the outdoors is what memories are made of. This is very possible right at the comfort of your own home. If your home has a designated outdoor spot that makes a great lounging area, perhaps the only missing piece is some appropriate outdoor furnishings.Cosiest 8 Piece Wicker Outdoor Sofa Set with Propane Fire Pit Table

For the most part, decks and patios may be well built but the furniture to go with them may be wanting. Not for lack of trying, but you simply may not have yet come across an outdoor seating set that is exclusively made for the outdoors, looks amazing and is affordable.

That’s where this Cosiest 8 Piece Furniture set comes into play to transform your outdoor space. While great flooring and lighting play a key role in creating a beautiful deck, there is no denying that those elements have to be accompanied by the right outdoor furniture to achieve the desired look and comfort level an outdoor lounge is meant to have.

Whether you live on a beach front, forested area, Lake House or mountain region, such vistas can be enjoyed on an outdoor lounging area with much comfort. The view from your home does not have to be that dramatic in order for you to desire a nice outdoor spot for hanging out with friends, family or cozying up with a book and losing yourself to the freshness of the outdoors.

This set of seats and fire pit table will have your small back yard, front porch or pool deck feeling and looking like the four seasons five star hotel.

The transformative nature comes from the beautiful and simple modular design that offers excellent flexibility when you need to customize your seating space. This means that whether your space is a confined balcony or a sprawling deck, you are able to arrange this unit in a way that best works for that space.

The set has a neat minimal look splashed with comfy high quality 4” cushions. The backrest is also furnished with cushions that have a low profile and streamlined look. The unit has a sunken feel as the height from the ground is only 12”.

The cushions on the armless modules measure 27”W x 32”D, while the rest of the seating sections have 32” square cushions. Versatile enough to accommodate numerous seating configurations of choice, when you need to take advantage of corners spaces, the corner seats work amazingly well.

The set comprises of two corner chairs and four armless chairs all built from sturdy steel frames of rust-resistant powder-coated steel. The metal frame is then surrounded by all-weather hand-woven synthetic PE resin wicker in chocolate brown for an impeccable look.

To cap off the design, the set comes with an elegant fire table which serves as a table top and center part that produces flames.

Sipping wine while gazing on a gentle fire on a patio or poolside deck is by any measure the epitome of cozy. The fire is clean and made possible by burning propane flame providing a soothing warmth and gentle lighting to your outdoor area. Because of its low profile design, the propane tank is not concealed inside the table rather, it sits outside the unit and is concealed by the included hideaway that also serves as an addition table top

The fire pit table in this set is sizeable and takes on a rectangular shape measuring 56”L x 28”W x 10”H.


  • 8pc sectional sofa is accompanied by fire pit table with Lava Rocks as the centerpiece
  • Fire table has a 50,000 BTU rating
  • Frame of each chair is steel constructed for amazing strength and longevity
  • This Modular sofa set is all weather and ideal for outdoors
  • The unit is surrounded with water resistant synthetic PE resin wicker
  • Sectional design offers good configuration flexibility
  • Plush 4” breathable cushions with tough cushion covers
  • Comes in light grey

To on/off the flame is by the touch of a button. As you sip your wine and dine, you can also conveniently light your cigar as well from the flames and enjoy the stars as you puff away. Whether entertaining or hanging out with your family, this unit is an ideal way to furnish your deck.

Customer feedback

A good number of customers admitted to spending months looking for a new patio set. It was not easy to find something that was sleek, high-end, comfortable, and durable without having to spend a fortune. Users who stumbled on this unit at first thought the deal to be too good to be true and the materials used might not be as good looking in person. Most of those who took their chance on this set were glad they did. They reported that the unit was even lovelier in person and ticked all the above-mentioned characteristics.

They also mentioned that their patio has become one of the favorite spots to relax on now. It looks amazing and very comfortable. One customer mentioned that even their dog loves the set!

6. Theworldofpatio Elizabeth Cast Aluminum 5pc Deep Seating Outdoor Furniture Set with 52″ Fire Pit

Not just any furniture can pass the test of the outdoors. As some would attest to, they may have had to learn the hard way because they bought a set labeled outdoor but did not pass the test of time. This Elizabeth Cast Aluminum Outdoor 5 Piece set is the real deal and delivers toughness that withstands the elements without losing its aesthetic appeal.Theworldofpatio Elizabeth Cast Aluminum 5pc Deep Seating Outdoor Furniture Set with 52" Fire Pit

The success of this unit in retaining a beautiful look despite the inevitable dust, sun and rain in an outdoor setting lies in the solid cast aluminum frame used. The metal has undergone a five Stage powder coating finish guaranteeing zero chance of rust and scratches.

As tough as the construction is, the unit does manage to inject a charming aesthetic in the metal framing through flowing curves and subtle detailing all through the design. The antique bronze finish completes the look perfectly.

Further, the chair’s base is sturdy and is engineered with a fluid 360 degree swivel mechanism for ultimate comfort reach in all directions.

The seats come with 6” seating cushions and comfy back cushions that are equally fluffy with a tuft button in the middle which elegantly accentuates the general concept.

If you are looking for an outdoor furniture set that will last for years and lavishly furnish your patio or pool deck, this is no doubt an excellent option. These seats speak of endurance but are also richly exude comfort. The fabric on the cushion covers is equally tough and zippered. When they need cleaning, removing them and setting them back again once they are dry is an easy and quick affair.

This set of four Elizabeth deep seating swivel rockers with sack cushions is what you need to transform your patio, balcony or back yard into a relaxing family spot.

What’s more, the set would be incomplete without the Elizabeth 52″ round fire pit table. Its round design ensures plenty of space for placing drinks, snacks and an ash tray for those who smoke while accommodating enough center space for a fire bowl.

The table’s surface is decorated with artful detailing that will add to your outdoor décor.

The fire pit is made from stainless steel and you can further also decorate it with lava rocks or decorative fire glass to enhance a charming display.

The design of the table conveniently allows a propane tank to be safely disguised within it’s trunk.


  • 5pc set piece with 4 swivel rocking chairs accompanied by a fire 52” round table as the centerpiece
  • 40,000BTU rating
  • Includes a burner cover of the same material as the tabletop
  • Aluminum cast iron frame offers nice detailing and extreme durability
  • This set is all weather and ideal for outdoors
  • The unit is rust proof and water resistant
  • Each individual design offers good configuration flexibility
  • 6” breathable cushions with tough sack cushion covers
  • Comes in Antique bronze finish and light brown cushion covers

This unit is very well designed and offers a unique option for your patio. It dresses a pool deck very but will work for outdoor relaxing areas of a restaurant as well. Do note that this unit does not come with a fire glass and that has to be bought separately

Customer feedback

Those who bought this outdoor furniture set were looking for something that is tough, durable, classy and affordable. Users said that this unit has wonderful quality on both the frames and cushions. The frame can indeed withstand the outdoors and guarantees many years of service and good looks. Additionally, customers found the cushions to be very comfy and easy to maintain

Some customers used this in a partially covered deck and mentioned the set is likely to last several years. To further increase their longevity, they can be easily removed during bad weather such as rain or covered when not in use.

7. Hanover Monaco 5-Piece Rust-Free Aluminum Outdoor Patio Fire Pit Chat Set

With the abundance of sleek and artful building materials today, designing excellent homes and establishments that are adorned with gorgeous outdoor relaxing areas has become the norm. And why not? Outdoor chill spots such as patios, decks and verandas add a nice relaxed vibe to a home. The outdoor furniture that you choose does play a role in creating ambience, style and comfort and allows for easy maintenance in spite of weather elements.Hanover Monaco 5-Piece Rust-Free Aluminum Outdoor Patio Fire Pit Chat Set

If you are looking to set a minimal, sleek and clean look for your outdoor space, then you may want to consider this 5 piece Hanover Monaco Patio Fire Pit Chat Set.

The set is very well constructed and inviting. The chat set description given to this unit is apt because it makes you want to seat, order a beverage, light a cigar and chat away. Whether getting together with the family or chatting the evening away with friends, this furniture set is perfect for that.

The construction of the chairs is so minimal yet practical and very comfortable.  The seats have a cast iron aluminum framing that is strong, durable and neatly finished with an antique bronze polished look. Moreover, each seat is designed with a swivel and rocker that provide a 360-degree spin and gentle rocking motion for absolute pampering.

No cushion needed for this outdoor seat as they come with a durable PVC sling fabric that’s stain resistant, fast drying, and resistant to UV harm. That’s why this set is likely to win you over if you have a restaurant, pool deck or home patio that needs minimally designed outside seating.

It’s made to last and endure the outdoor elements with ease and in warm neutral tones of bronze, brown and tan, this unit blends in effortlessly.

Further, this set comes with a fire pit table that complements the seats.

The smooth surface of the table is easy to clean and has enough room for placement of beverage mugs or wine glasses while the center serves has a fire bowl burner spewing warm flaming tongues that are made possible by the propane gas tank concealed inside the table.

This is the perfect way to spend an afternoon or wind down an evening on your patio.


  • 5pc set features 4 seats and a fire pit table
  • 40,000 BTU rating
  • Aluminum cast iron is used on the durable and minimal frames for durability
  • Powder coated aluminum cast iron makes this unit the ideal all weather outdoor option
  • Water resistant PVC sling fabric is lightweight, durable and minimal
  • Individual seats offers great flexibility in seating arrangements
  • Durable PVC sling fabric is breathable, UV resistant and fast drying
  • Tan and bronze colored

It’s worth noting that ignition of the flame is by the touch of a button securely located on the table. With the help of an additional knob, one can adjust the intensity of the flames to suit preference.

Customer feedback

The users, who settled on this unit for their outdoor furniture, mentioned that they did so because they loved the minimal design and the unmistakable class that the look injects to a space.

Users found the PVC sling fabric to be an excellent alternative to cushions without compromising on comfort but scoring on easy maintenance. Customers mentioned that the swivel and rocking mechanism is so comfortable. The fire pit is so easy to work with and does accentuate the ambience across the table when spending time with family or entertaining guests.

8. Christopher Knight Home Crystal Patio Fire Pit Set

The thing with outdoor furniture is that it does not have to be complicated, but it does have to be well thought out in order to achieve a high weather-resistant threshold while delivering on comfort. As alluded to earlier in this post, where a good number of outdoor furniture succeeds in durability, often fail in comfort. And where most achieve comfort, often fail in durability.Christopher Knight Home Crystal Patio Fire Pit Set

It’s a fine balance that few brands really have mastery over when it comes to outdoor furniture. Christopher Knight Home Crystal Patio Fire Pit Set does get that balance right to perfection and at a price point that will not have you trying to break into a bank.

The seats have a classical look and a compact build that makes it easy to utilize smaller spaces.

Due to their solid construction, weather-resistant build, and compactness, they are an excellent choice for pool decks no matter how small or big.

They are also a good fit for a small or sprawling restaurant decks and because they are  lightweight and easy to arrange, they will also work marvelously with a patio or porch at home.

The seats’ resistance to water and UV rays is made possible by the naturally weather-resistant wicker. The cane webbing rattan offers a gorgeous glistening finish and makes the seat very easy to move around.

The unit comes as a set of 4 chairs and  with a fire pit table.

All the seats come with comfy cushions to seats on with cushion covers that are water resistant which is great because you’ll rarely have to worry about inevitable spills. The back is curved and quite comfortable, adding a throw pillow to the unit is optional but helps elevates the comfort level.

Further, the seats have a swiveling base which allows you 360 degree swivel to take in the view or easily reach for this and that without having to stand up.

The fire pit table on the other hand is a square shaped and made from iron interior frame, light concrete and a solid woody finish for a neat beautiful look.

The tabletop center has a burner that flames at will at the touch of a button to create fire ambience. The tabletop also has plenty of room for the placement of drinks and snacks around the fire bowl.

This fire pit table has space for concealing a propane tank in the trunk such that the flames seem to be coming from nowhere.


  • This set of 5 piece comprises of 4 seats and a fire pit table
  • 40,000 BTU rating
  • Solid frame and compact build is a space saver
  • The outdoor unit is light weight, all-weather and swivels 360 degrees
  • Body is made from water resistant synthetic PE resin wicker
  • Standalone seats offers flexible seating arrangement
  • plush breathable cushions with water proof cushion covers
  • Comes in brown body and navy blue cushions

This is a versatile set that can also make a great addition to a beach setting because the rattan does not withhold sand and is very easy to clean in addition to being light weight.

Customer feedback

Customer who chose to buy this set for their patio and desk did so because of the unit’s classical yet comfortable design. They said the compact build is great when you are looking for outdoor furniture set with a small footprint. Users noted that the unit’s build is not only neat and fashionable but also has a good lifespan when properly cared for.

9. Cosiest 4-Piece Propane Fire Pit Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set

The beauty of a sectional sofa set is how customizable and easily moveable they are to help configure seating arrangements that best suits you.
Cosiest 4-Piece Propane Fire Pit Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set
This Cosiest 4 Piece Propane Fire Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set is a joy to have because it’s well constructed, lightweight, and offers flexible maneuverability for your patio, deck, or balcony.

The set comprises a corner seat that measures 29” square while the other seat sections measure 59” W x 29” D. The build is clean and neat with synthetic PE resin wicker wrapped around a solid metallic frame. The frame ensures firm stability and great durability while the resin material with rattan pattern offers a lightweight easy to clean and UV resistant seats.

The seating is comfortable with plush 3” cushions for seating and for back support. Moreover, this unit does include two teal colored throw pillows that add a touch of contrast, aesthetic appeal as well as comfort.

Just as the inside of a house is comfy, these seats allow you the opportunity to create a patio or porch that offers gorgeous comfort in the freshness of the outdoors. Here you can catch some sun or chat the night away.

The set has a cozy feel to it because it also includes a table fire pit. The table matches the seats and has a clean and clear glass top whose center is a fire bowl.

The fire pit table comes inclusive of a fire glass guard enclosure that is protective of the flames from wind The table unit is designed to accommodate and conceal a propane tank.


  • 4 piece sectional sofa comes with centerpiece fire pit table
  • 40,000 BTU Rating
  • Includes a metal pit burner cover lid to convert  it into a full coffee table and a glass wind guard
  • Metal framed seats ensures rigidity for good weight bearing capacity and durability
  • This Modular sofa set is all weather and ideal for outdoors
  • The unit is surrounded with water resistant synthetic PE resin wicker
  • Sectional design offers good custom flexibility
  • 3” breathable cushions with tough cushion covers
  • Comes in beige color

The sectional sofa design is a good fit for a balcony, patio, or verandah. The corner seat provides good versatility that can take advantage of corners where applicable.

Customer feedback

Users with pool decks and patios expressed that this was a good fit for their needs and worked out perfectly in creating a cozy seating area during the day as well the night. They mentioned the fire pit table was excellent for mood setting while delivering a bit of warmth. Users liked the lightweight nature of this unit and the low maintenance that comes with it.

10. Hanover 4-Piece Traditions Outdoor Cast Top Fire Pit Lounge Patio Set

This Hanover 4 Piece Traditions outdoor furniture is built with longevity and comfort in mind. One natural constraint that messes up the initial sleek look of most outdoor furniture is oxidation and water that causes rust. With time rust slowly but surely corrodes the metal frames of outdoor furniture if not properly treated resulting in a drab look.Hanover 4-Piece Traditions Outdoor Cast Top Fire Pit Lounge Patio Set

If you are intent on buying outdoor furniture that will take you the distance and offer superior comfort, consider this Hanover set.

The set comprises of two detached standalone seats that have a rocking mechanism and four legs. The third seat features a curved sofa with a joint seating capacity of 3 adults.

The frame of these seats is made from aluminum cast iron that offers remarkable strength and impressive load bearing capacity. The cast iron is powder coated with zero chance for rust and corrosion to set in.

If you think about it, a lot of house appliances that you have bought or some heavy machinery that you have seen tends to be powder coated which in effect prevents rust. These seats being powder-coated means that the cast iron has undergone a process that’s far superior to painting. Paint tends to peel off over time especially in an outdoor environment.

With powder coating, the coating is embedded right into the steel with high temperatures which seal the metal against rust, scratching and oxidization. What that translates to for you is, these chairs can be exposed to the rain and sun without weakening or losing their aesthetic look.

The cushions on the other hand are soft and comfortable. The backrest of the seats is also lined with tufted cushions for a great look.

The sack like cushion covers form a nice contrast with the antique bronze finish aluminum cast iron frame. The olefin cushion fabric is treated to better resist harm from UV rays as well as offer more resistance to water and beverage spillage.

The contrast of this set is further accentuated when you bring in the fire pit table as a centerpiece. The table top is made of cast aluminum and is finished with an antique bronze coat featuring an intricate design that will almost certainly complement your décor.

The round fire bowl at the center of the table creates ambience and a touch of warmth as you enjoy conversation over a glass of wine or coffee. The frame of the table is also made from cast iron for solid stability. A propane tank is well disguised inside the table to fuel the fire at the touch of a button.


  • 4 piece stand-alone sofa is accompanied by centerpiece fire pit table
  • 30,000 BTU rating
  • Cast iron aluminum frames ensure good load-bearing capacity and extreme durability
  • The set is all-weather and ideal for outdoors
  • The cushion covers are treated for water resistance and made from premium olefin fabric
  • Crescent sofa and two separate chairs offer limited flexibility
  • Comfy 4” breathable cushions with button tufts
  • Comes in natural oat cushion covers and antique bronze metal frame

With this outdoor set, you can be sure of reliable durability and an aesthetic look that retains it’s appeal for the longest time.

Customer feedback

Users who bought this unit mentioned that minimal assembly is required. The assembly is easy and straightforward with all components provided for in the packaging. Customers mentioned that this Hanover outdoor set is the real deal if you are looking for a unit that makes your deck simple yet stylish for years.

11. Sunbury Outdoor 4-Piece Patio Furniture with Propane Fire Pit

Is your backyard underutilized? Sprucing the flooring on your back yard and adding this Sunbury outdoor 4 Piece Patio Furniture may be all you need to reclaim and maximize a front deck for maximum utility.Sunbury Outdoor 4-Piece Patio Furniture with Propane Fire Pit

This set of outdoor furniture offers a neat and sensible way to dress your patio or pool deck for optimized comfort. Not only does this unit add to the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, it makes it usable in the most relaxed way where you and our loved ones can gather on a lazy afternoon or lounge on a warm starry night to take in the beauty of the stars.

With this unit, you have little to worry about in terms of exposure to the elements. Why is that? It’s because this set is purposely built for the outdoors and can adequately contend with the harsh elements without falling apart. Part of the reason that’s possible is because of the metal framing used on the unit. The metal is treated and coated to ensure no corrosion affects the aesthetic of the metal parts for a long time to come.

The unit is then dressed with synthetic PE rattan resin that offers a beautiful handwoven cane pattern that is neat and easy to clean. The rattan is resistant to UV rays of the hot sun as well as resistant to water from rainfall and frequent washes of the unit. Your patio can be spick and span and so can your outdoor furniture just the way you like it.

This 5 piece set includes one unit that seats two and two additional standalone pieces that can seat one each. The seats have inviting foam cushions with a thickness of 3” and are also filled with a touch of all-weather poly-fiber for a nice cushy feel. The back rest is furnished with fluffy cushioning too for ultimate comfort. One can feel free to throw in a couple of throw pillows with brighter pillowcases to accentuate comfort but also inject contrast and pop.

The fire pit table has a glossy top that’s easy to clean and can be used for placing snacks and drinks. The bottom of the table is encircled with matching rattan that also does a good job of disguising the propane tank responsible for fueling the fire pit.

The fire bowl on this unit is rectangular and takes center stage at the table. The set is accompanied by a glass enclosure which helps prevent the wind from interfering with the flame.


  • This 5 piece set includes a fire pit table
  • BTU rating of 40,000
  • Includes 7 lbs lava rocks and a wind guard
  • The frame construction of each chair is steel for amazing strength and longevity
  • This unit is all-weather and ideal for outdoors
  • The seats and table are encircled with water-resistant synthetic PE resin wicker
  • Fixed configuration design offers set seating arrangement
  • Breathable cushions of 3” foam thickness are fluffy and comfortable
  • Available in light grey

For those who fancy a set configuration that is neat and well presented, this unit will most likely work for you.

Customer feedback

Users who’ve used this item liked the simple configuration and the robust build that can withstand sunshine and rain. They shared that the rattan was easy to keep clean and so were the zippered cushion covers. Moving the unit around the deck was easy as they are incredibly lightweight. Most customers who shared their experience with this unit seem to generally agree that this is a good buy.

12. Hanover ORLEANS4PCFP-BRY-A Orleans Outdoor Furniture Set with Fire Pit Table

As you have probably noticed by now, some brands are featured quite prominently in this post. That as you may have observed is not purely by chance but because their designs and craftsmanship in the outdoor furniture category inclusive of a fire table is vast and of high impeccable quality. If you like the assortment that you have seen so far by Hanover, then you shouldn’t be surprised that this may very well be the one that sticks with you and ends up gracing your deck or patio.Hanover ORLEANS4PCFP-BRY-A Orleans Outdoor Furniture Set with Fire Pit Table

The Hanover Orleans set oozes comfort and comes with a delightful vibrant red color that’s sure to make your deck pop with glowing warmth.

If ultra-comfort is high on your list, then you will most likely not have to look beyond the Hanover Orleans Fire Pit Table. The craftsmanship of this set looks and feels comfortable.

The comfy build is thanks to a solid metallic frame that culminates in a firm seating area and a sturdy base. The unit has been engineered to offer you 360-degree swivel and a gentle rocking effect that will have you not wanting to rise from this chair due to the impressive indulgent comfort

The chairs seat low with a reclining feel that’s perpetuated by the rocker. Synthetic PE resin material is used to dress part of the chairs and the cushions have been made thick and fluffy for enjoyable seating.

The button tufted backrest cushions have become quite a signature with Hanover outdoor seats and appear in this set too. Piped edges on the cushions are perfect for hard environmental spaces such as the outdoors. These edges are stitched to last and are very unlikely to come undone.

The fabric for the cushion covers is equally tough with fast color adherence that does not fade even after several years of direct exposure to UV rays. This unit forms a perfect lounge area that is both comfy and clean despite being outdoors.

The fire pit table is wrapped with resin a well for a neat finish and enhanced durability.  The bottom part has plenty of space to fit and conceal a propane tank that fires the flames. The surface of the table has a smooth porcelain tile-top inlay with glazed faux-wood tiles while a square fire bowl occupies the center and can be lit at will at the touch of a button. Flame intensity can be added and reduce by turning a knob situated on the back of the table.


  • This 4 piece unit comes with a fire pit and chairs
  • 40,000 BTU rating
  • Metal framing on each chair ensures stability and sturdiness
  • This unit is all weather and perfect for an outdoor setting
  • The unit has sections of water resistant synthetic PE resin wicker
  • Set configuration design offers ultra-comfort with swivel and rocker
  • Dense 4” breathable cushions with tuft buttons to accentuate the design
  • Comes in red

There’s no doubt that the cumulative effect of the gorgeous design, beautiful fire pit and fluffy bright red cushions form an irresistible combination that’s sure to make any patio pop with glam.

Customer feedback

The red cushions are what initially caught the attention of most buyers they admit. But upon close inspection, the set was truly comfortable and very well constructed with a firm metallic frame. The swivel and rocker was the final straw that sold it, so comfy. The mesmerizing fire pit sealed the deal for most customers. All these factors coming together make this the ideal buy because they deliver on aesthetic and ultra-comfort.

13. Sunbury 5 Piece Outdoor Furniture with Fire Table Set

Sunbury is yet another brand that features with prominence in this post. That’s because of their vast array of outdoor furniture with fire pits and their meticulous craftsmanship that has transformed many patios and pool decks.Sunbury 5 Piece Outdoor Furniture with Fire Table Set

A patio has many uses that include sitting by oneself for a moment of reflection or gathering with the family on a quiet afternoon of board games. It can serve as a nice meeting spot for friends and having endless chatter over drinks.

This Sunbury Outdoor 5 Piece Furniture is built for such moments. This set is built to last and tolerates the unpredictable harsh outdoor conditions that can be anything from a relentless sun, heat, rain, and dust as well as the cold.

Some outdoor furniture can be quite flimsy and will easily buckle under 350 pounds or less. This unit has a robust built that incorporates a treated and powder coated metal frame. Each seat is strong enough to hold up to 350 pounds. So no matter your size, you can seat with ease knowing that you are safe. Further, the metals are resistant to rust and therefore will not be affected by rain and oxidation.

The synthetic PE resin is an all-weather material that remains comfortable under searing sunshine or persistent rainfall. The dust that can tend to accumulate on the unit over time can easily be hosed off and the unit dries in record time. This set comes with 4 freestanding seats and all have armrests and low profile backrest. All the seats come equipped with comfortable 4” cushions wrapped in treated water-resistant cushion covers. These are zippered and are easy to wash.

One of the fears of having outdoor furniture is that some do not clean easy. This Sunbury is a good buy because of resilient construction material, aesthetic styling and low maintenance that includes easy and quick cleaning.

This unit is accompanied by a fire pit table that’s adorned with a faux stone finish and delivers a charming rugged look. That charm is further ignited by the square fire bowl at the center of the table. The flames come on at the touch of button.

The set up is neat, thoughtful and looks amazing. With this set, you do not have to worry about keeping the propane tank out of sight. That’s because it can be swallowed up by the fire pit table for smooth and practical function while keeping out of sight.


  • The 5 piece set incorporates a fire pit table as well as seats
  • 50 BTU rating
  • The study seats have metal frames for impressive load bearing capacity
  • These seats are standalone and detached
  • The unit is encircled with water resistant synthetic PE resin wicker
  • Lightweight design that can be easily moved around
  • The 4” cushions are breathable and come with zippered covers
  • Available in mottle wood brown

When it comes to outdoor furniture, not all brands quite cut through the chaff like Sunbury. Choose quality and take this set home with you for a transformative look that will last for ages in spite of outdoor harsh weather.

Customer feedback

Customers who wanted outdoor furniture where the entire seats are detached and have armrests, found this unit’s configuration to work well for them. Users also shared they liked the mottle wood brown color on the wicker and light grey on the comfy cushions. The rustic faux stone fire pit table matched perfectly for most customer patio’s and pool decks. They also mentioned that hosing down the unit on occasion for clean-up was a quick affair.

14. Christopher Knight Home Crested Bay Outdoor Aluminum Chat Set

This Christopher Knight Home Crested Bay Outdoor Aluminum Chat Set is what you settle on when you want minimal elegance and understated class. The design is superb with neat straight lines and a minimal build.Christopher Knight Home Crested Bay Outdoor Aluminum Chat Set

Aluminum metal sees to it that and heavier person can be accommodated with ease without the chair bulking. But not just that, taller person too will feel a lot more comfortable on this relaxing outdoor chairs because the seat cushioning and overall design is deep at almost 30”and 32” wide. The seats are low which add to the appeal of the design as they stand at a height of 10” from the ground.

The unit comes with two seats that have a capacity of one each. The other seat is attached and has the capacity for two persons. The cushions look comfy and inviting even from afar. The cushion covers are khaki in color and totally water proof which makes their care even easier. The seating area as well as the backrest is cushioned for optimal comfort.

The set is brought full circle by the rectangular fire table that measures 26”D x 56”W x 18”H. The table also has a gorgeous rectangular fire bowl that warms your immediate surrounding while setting the tone for a relaxed vibe. On/off for the flames is by the touch of a button, easy and quick. With this beautiful outdoor set, you can be sure to have a ball hosting friends and family all summer long.


  • A 4 piece set that includes fire pit table
  • 40,000 BTU fire table
  • Aluminum frame on each chair for impressive strength and longevity
  • All weather construction and ideal for outdoors
  • Deep and wide cushions for optimal comfort
  • Set design offers neat configuration
  • Plush cushions are breathable with water proof cushion covers
  • Available in khaki cushions and silver finished metal frames

This unit is slightly deeper and wider. That coupled with the strong metallic frame, heftier and taller persons will find this set to be very accommodating.

Customer feedback

Customers loved the near oversized look and the low profile of the set’s design with extremely comfortable cushions. Customers also liked the way the fire pit color scheme contrasts with the seats. Users said this unit is very well constructed, hardy and stylish all wrapped up in one.

Wrap Up

With all the above options, selecting outdoor furniture should hopefully be less of a hustle. But more importantly, all these options with fire pits present an awesome, fun and ingenious way of dressing up your patio, balcony, verandah or pool deck for optimized relaxation and a sense of style. The fact that these outdoor furniture sets are ALL weather, easy to clean and maintain, it means that you can keep your outdoor clean and crisp with ease, just the way it should be.

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