5 Best Motorized TV Ceiling Mount Lifts of 2020

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Table of Contents

TV mounting equipment can be both practical and trendy. Where one opts to mount their TV plays an important role to the overall outcome of decor. Whether working on the decor personally or working with an interior designer, the question of where and how the TV should be mounted will definitely come up.

In some cases the where and the how to mount a TV set may not be dictated entirely by preference but by the lay out of the room. Mounting a TV from a ceiling may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but that’s because it just does not make sense. Well, at least not until you meet some of the best motorized TV ceiling mount lifts that make such an option a possibility.

Motorized TV mounts are versatile in their construction allowing the user the option of mounting their TV off the ceiling, off the wall or off the floor. It is this versatility and a strong build with up lift and down lift features in addition to a good degree of sideways swivel that makes them popular.

This means ultra-viewing comfort in your living room whether watching news or enjoying a movie with family. It also helps eliminate a strain to the neck and eyes because the horizontal, vertical and angling features of the TV mount are motorized for convenient remote controlling from the comfort of your seat.

That said, below we review some of the best motorized TV Ceiling Mount lifts that promise to be entirely practical in performance and durable for daily usage.

Best Motorized TV Ceiling Mount Lifts

1. Our Best Pick: Touchstone 23202 Whisper Lift II TV Lift Mechanism

The Touchstone Whisper lift II is from one of the best makers of quality electric fireplaces in the market, and this model right here is quite the beast when it comes to motorized TV mounts as it can handle mammoth TV weights of up to 100 pounds and can accommodate maximum display size of 65 inches.

If one fears that their TV would be too heavy to mount, the Touchstone eliminates that fear with a motorized lifting ability of up to 120 pounds and assures for a sturdy mount with no wobble. The build of the entire unit is from high grade metal for strength and durability.

The whisper lift II is designed to lift up to a full height of 68.5 inches from the ceiling or floor. Thanks to a 24V motor that height can be achieved in 30 seconds effortlessly. The lifting mechanism operates using a single piston actuator. All the lifting components are encased in a metal casing which keeps them protected and prevents them from dirt and debris which can reduce longevity.

The lifting mechanism section comes assembled and encased which makes the installation process even easier. The technology used on the lifting mechanism allows no wear and tear meaning that the user is likely to go through several TV’s long before this motorized unit shows any signs of aging.

This unit is whisper quiet when being operated without noises during movement. You cam use the wireless remote included. Conventionally the touchstone whisper II hold your screen upwards, these lifts can also be mounted to your ceiling or wall and lower your flat screen downward.


  • Universal quick Connect system for mounting
  • RF wireless remote included
  • Modular systems which makes replacing components easy
  • Lifts TV up to 68.5 inches with the help of a 24V motor in 30 seconds
  • Swivel feature ensures viewing from different angles in the room
  • Can be paired with universal remotes as it has a built-in IR sensor
  • 12 volt trigger connection for use with automated systems
  • Durable steel construction
  • Single enclosed piston actuator
  • Neat cable management

The Touch stone whisper Lift II is also equipped with a height memory for locking in that perfect viewing angle. It comes in four sizes to accommodate varied TV sizes and weights.

The largest size in this series is the Whisper Lift II Pro XL which has a 49 Inch Travel, Pop up & Drop Down , Height Memory Feature, IR/RF, 12V Trigger Compatible and can comfortably mount massive TVs of Up to 85 Inches and 200 pounds

Customer feedback

Users appreciate the durable construction of this unit as well as the noiseless motorized lift and swivel function. A 12 volt trigger connection is incorporated for use with automated systems. Alternatively the swivel can be operated manually to a maximum angle of 60 degrees. Most customers remarked that the installation is quite straightforward owing to its modular construction.

2. Mount-It Motorized Ceiling TV Mount With Remote

Mounting a TV in a ceiling can come with many challenges such as having a slanted ceiling or a flat ceiling. Fortunately this  Mount-It Motorized ceiling mount option is designed to alleviate such challenges.Best Motorized TV Ceiling Mount Lifts

It is built of high strength durable steel and the sturdy design is that of an electric flip mount which allows the user to flip the TV downward and upward with motorized remote control ceiling mount. This installation can serve aesthetic purposes giving the space some edge or for practical storage reasons such as when space is constrained. It helps clear up space in your room by storing your TV out of the way.

This mounting will work both on flat ceiling but also on a pitched ceiling with an angle anywhere between 0 and a 70 degree slant. It can hold 32, 37, 40, 47, 50 and 55 Inch Flat Screen TVs and monitors comfortably. This unit can also hold a maximum weight of 66 pounds and the keyhole pattern allows for easy installation as the 4 height adjustment settings are easy to work with.


    • Remote controlled
    • Can accommodate display screen of 23-55 inches and maximum weight of 66 pounds
    • Tilt ranges from 0- 70 degrees
    • Easy out of the way storage with flip mechanism
    • Motorized design
    • Durable construction from high strength steel
    • Key hole pattern for easy installation and compatible with most TV mounting patterns

Now this is a mounting system that is truly easy to install. The instructions are straight forward and the components as well as the keyhole pattern are easy to work with. The mount-it comes in three other sizes to suit a wider range of screen sizes, TV weights and additional useful features.

Customer feedback

If one is considering a ceiling mount to save space in a constrained room or have a slanted roof, the Mount-It motorized ceiling Mount is a good option. It provides a sturdy flippable design that be is both practical and looks great at the same time. Customers love the fact that it is motorized also allowing one to operate it remotely from the comfort of the couch. Users also appreciate that this mount can accommodate curved screens as well.

3. Vivo Electric Flip Down Motorized Ceiling TV Mount

The Vivo ergonomic solution fits perfectly in any living room, office or bedroom space opting for a ceiling mount. Thanks to the flip design this mount can fit both slanted surfaces as well as flat ones. The construction of the unit is from high strength steel and is designed for easy installation as the components are not many and clear concise instructions on installation are provided in the manual.

This is ideal for any ceiling angle ranging from 0- 70 degrees. The lift mechanism is motorized and furnished with an intuitive RF remote control which features programmable memory settings to save your favorite viewing angles.

The ceiling mount folds towards the ceiling when you need the screen out of the way for safe storage and creates space. When one is at home and wants to get caught up on the latest news headlines or enjoy a movie, the mount will unfold swiftly at the touch of a remote button. The mount is sturdy with no wobble and can accommodate TV sizes of 23- 55 inches as well as handle weights up to 66 pounds.


  • Remote controlled
  • Durable high strength steel
  • Mounts both flat and slanted ceilings
  • Compatible with VESA mounting patterns of 100 by 100mm, 200 by 200mm, 300 by 300mm, 400 by 200mm, or 400 by 400mm
  • Easy installation
  • Accommodates display sizes of 23-55 inches and can handle weight of up to 66 pounds.

This Vivo TV ceiling mount allows the user ultra-comfort as they watch TV that is safely suspended from the roof. The programmable remote control adds to that comfort and convenience.

Customer feedback

Apart from the solid construction and easy installation, customers also love the remote’s wide range as it can be used from anywhere in the room. The programmable memory settings with height adjustments of 0 -75 degree tilt, and a three degree screen leveling for comfortable viewing angles can be achieved with the remote control. They also love the futuristic unfolding of the mount when in use.

4. Baoshishan Remote Motorized Ceiling TV Mount

This model is very sturdy ceiling TV mount that fits a 50- 70 inch plasma screen and can hold up to 66 pounds of weight. It can be fitted as close as 450mm to the ceiling helping save space in tight offices or houses. The general design allows the mount to fold towards the ceiling only this time the low electric motor is aided by brackets on either side of the mount to bring that tilting motion to completion. The motor also comes equipped with a temperature pipe for safety. It ensures that the motor does not overheat due to constant usage and will power off automatically should its temperature become too hot.Motorized TV Ceiling Mount Lift

The construction of the mount is solid and adheres to the ceiling firmly to give the user a stable TV mount. Made from high strength steel, the build absorbs any shock from the screen if any and is moisture-proof in addition to being rust-proof ensuring usage for a long time to come.


  • Fits a 50-70 inch TV and handles a maximum weight of 66 pounds
  • Remote controlled
  • Durable steel construction
  • High quality motor with auto shut off at high temperature
  • Equipped with wire control switch that allows multiple synchronous remote control and single remote control

This is a space saver in tight spaces as the electric motor allows the TV to fold towards the ceiling for storage and retrieved when needed.

Customer feedback

Most users looking for a durable, tough and easy to install ceiling mount mention that this was the right solution for them. They love that the TV ceiling mount option is ideal for the home and office and the tilting is controlled by remote control. Many found it to be a sound investment for a conference room.

5. Eco-Worthy Automations Motorized Vertical TV Lift

The Ecoworthy motorized vertical TV lift is quite versatile. It will work well mounted to the floor or against furniture. That means that it can also serve as a ceiling mount for flat surface ceilings.

When retracted it stands at 37.20 inches and can travel all the way to 64.76 inches at full extension. This TV ceiling mount can handle up to a maximum weight of 100 pounds. It is made from reinforced steel which makes it tough and durable. The lifting is remote controlled and the TV lift goes up or down at 1 inch per second for safety. It does so gradually but safely. The mechanism is whisper quiet even on up and down lifting motion.


  • Fits 26- 57 inch plasma screens
  • Handles a maximum weight of up to 100 pounds
  • Remote control equipped
  • Remote has an extensive reach even through walls
  • 76 inches vertical travel at full extension
  • Quiet motor
  • Constructed with reinforced steel for durability
  • Lift mechanism is operated through wireless remote or manually using the wired controller
  • Lifting speed is 1 inch per second as a safety feature

The up/down vertical is adequate for a ceiling as one can bring the TV down to a comfortable viewing angle. The Eco-worthy TV ceiling mount has four other sizes with varied stroke lengths to suit a wide range of plasma screen sizes and weight.

Customer feedback

Over and above the overall versatility of this mount, customers who have kids appreciate the one inch per second up/down speed as it is very safe when opting to mount this unit on the floor or furniture. They also mentioned the construction was exceptional because of the aluminum alloy and steel structure.

Conclusion Motorized TV Ceiling Mount Lifts

The need to mount a huge screen on the ceiling is no longer an issue. That goes for pitched ceiling as well as flat surfaced ceilings. That is because there are several high quality exclusive ceiling mounts as well as multi-use mounts that serve as ceiling mounts effectively and take pitch into consideration. Since they come in different sizes, one will always be able to find the most suitable one for their TV size and weight.

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