8 2021 Best Most Realistic Electric Fireplace Inserts That Effectively Mimic a Real Fireplace

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Few things can match the beauty and power of fire. So it comes as no surprise that fire still mesmerizes the human race and will continue to do so for many millennia to come. The number of houses that have hearths, real or make-believe ones is a testament to our love for the fireplace or the idea of it at the very least. Realistic electric fireplace inserts can help keep the idea of a warm fireplace alive in all modern and contemporary spaces.

Since not all environments can accommodate and operate a real wood fireplace, it is no surprise that electric fireplaces are becoming more popular.

While there may be plenty of electric fireplace inserts in the market today, few, if any, can master the realism of a hearth in the same way the products reviewed below do.

In this post, we have made it our purpose to bring you some of the best most realistic fireplace inserts you can ever hope to find on the market.

Not only are these fixtures well-constructed and aesthetically pleasing, but they are also impressively functional at heating your space on demand during chilly weather as well as conjuring an ambient mood. They will change the overall aesthetic of your entire space, not just the living room as they inject a feeling of warmth and coziness.

These review will inform your search and help you make the best buy possible for your needs.

Best Most Realistic Electric Fireplace Inserts Review

1. PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert Heater with Fire Crackling Sounds

The difference that a beautiful fireplace can make to a space cannot be understated. A gorgeous functional fireplace has the ability to create ambiance and project an air of coziness that accentuates the existing décor. Wood hearths have long achieved that by keeping our homes warm and mesmerized us with their glowing embers and dancing flames.PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert Heater with Fire Crackling Sounds

However, working a wood hearth is not always convenient and is literally not an option for many settings such as high rise apartments. That is because quite a number of municipal authorities do not allow wood heating because it can start a fire. Also, the general construction of the buildings does not accommodate a hearth exhaust system. In addition, novel as wood fireplaces are, they are more involving in terms of wood sourcing, chopping, and general running of the hearth including cleaning up the build of ash and the charcoal that follows.

There is no denying the beauty of real flames from a wood fireplace, but it’s also hard to escape the general lack of aesthetic the cavity presents when there is no fire. The need for a high aesthetic cover screen becomes inevitable.

The PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert Heater presents an alternative that is impressively realistic and incredibly convenient.

When most people are shopping for a fireplace today, they are looking for an option that’s highly convenient in terms of operation and supplemental zone heating.

With this unit, you get a well-engineered piece that’s highly aesthetic, easily operable, and offers great supplemental heating for your space at the flip or touch of a button.

If you are remodeling or looking to bring out the full aesthetic potential that your fireplace truly has in a neat thoughtful way that complements the rest of your décor, it’s hard not to lean towards this awesome-looking option.

This unit helps you exploit your hearth cavity to the maximum.

For one, it totally eliminates the drab blatant look of an unused fireplace. It’s also easy to install because the well-constructed fixture with four walls literally inserts into your hearth.

With such a neat finish, your hearth remains clean and usable 24/7 without generating, smoke, ash, or coal.

In essence, the front part is made from reflective glass that does not heat up even when the electric fire and the heater are on.

This enhances safety for the curious pets and kids in the house who might be drawn to the unit.

Secondly, the unit presents a grate heaped up with a pile of classic and realistic flickering logs, a lively flame, and a glowing ember bed accompanied by crackling sound results in a compelling fireplace experience.

The back and sidewalls of the interior of this unit present realistic faux brickwork which convincingly accentuates your fireplace.

The other beauty of this product is the flexibility of all-year-round use. That benefit is made possible by the fact that the unit can flame with or without heat.

This means, that you could enjoy the beauty of the flickering flames and the supplemental zonal heating from the heater during the winter season.  And during the warmer periods of the year; one can opt to enjoy the mood-setting flames only for decoration and ambiance enhancement without turning on the heater.

Operating the unit is very easy through the manual control panel well-hidden subtly by the specially designed grille on the upper front side. The unit is also easy to install and uninstall. In part, the easy install is because of a flat bottom that sits directly on your hearths cavity floor.

While the heater cannot be used as the only heating source in your home during winter, it does a great job of generating and blowing warm air into your space for much needed toasty warmth during the cold season.


  • The dimensions of this unit are 35.04 inches L x 26.99 inches H x 8.78 inches D. It is also available in various lengths of 23 inches/26 inches /30 inches
  • The unit’s weight is 46.7 pounds
  • Easy to use manual control panel
  • Three brightness levels and flame intensity
  • Trim design with a glass front that does become hot
  • Easy straight forward installation
  • Life-like resin logs and ember bed pile on a grate that can be used with or without heat
  • Crackling noises to mimic a real fire
  • Plug in and use under a voltage of 120v

Some electric, wood or gas fire places can either be too intense in generating dry heat that dries up your skin and throat. And others can under-perform by lacking the ability to sufficiently provide supplemental zone heating for your given space. This unit gets the balance right by gently blowing warm air that is comfortable to both your skin and throat all while providing adequate heating.

Customer feedback

Generally, most customers who bought this unit were absolutely delighted with their purchase in terms of aesthetics, operation and performance. They said not only does the PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert Heater look like a real fireplace with logs ready to start a fire when it is turned off, it also looks and sounds like one when turned on with its fire crackling sounds, realistic looking logs and ember bed. Its also said to turn on easy with the push of a button to display soft flames shooting up from the logs.

The ember bed is said to glow different shades reminiscent of real coals while the heating feature is said to be fabulous, due its ability to gently blow hot air into the living room.

2. Dimplex Electric Fireplace Deluxe 23-Inch Insert

Many a fireplace in some houses are no longer frequently used. In part, that may be attributed to the changing of seasons. But a majority of them have totally become dormant as they await expensive repairs.
Dimplex Electric Fireplace Deluxe 23-Inch Insert
The Dimplex Electric Fireplace Deluxe 23” Insert is an excellent option for reclaiming fireplaces that previously used wood or propane.

This unit is sure to enliven your living room with an all year round fireplace option that warms up your space on demand and allows you the luxury display of burning flames and glowing embers with or without heat. This is made possible through thoughtful construction that offers a convincing fireplace experience visually as well as heat-wise.

The unit has a length of 23.2 inches and a height of 19.8 inches. It also has a decent depth of 10.8” that goes further into your fireplace cavity for a more realistic look. The depth graciously accommodates a grate that has a bed of glowing embers and a pile of handcrafted resin logs with LED inner glow. The dimensions make it a good fit for a contemporary space that doesn’t have provision for a very large hearth.

For as long as your fireplace dimensions are in between a minimum of 24.6” L x 19.5” H and a max length of 43” x 28.5” height, this unit will snugly fit and will also be the perfect option for reclaiming fireplaces and accentuating surrounding décor.

The built-in fan-forced heater does a remarkable job of evenly distributing supplemental zone heat and quietly so for a comfortable cozy environment during the cold.

In case you are wondering why the flames seem so real, it’s because of the patented flame technology that has become synonymous with the Dimplex brand.

Installing this unit is fairly straightforward thanks to a flat bottom design that sits directly on the floor of your fireplace cavity. Operating this fireplace insert is very easy and convenient as one can do so through the help of a multi-functional handheld remote control.

The fixture is very safe for pets and kids and it does not get hot as an ordinary fire would and therefore a good way of preventing fire hazards that can result from open flames and wood.

The electric pug of this fireplace will work just fine with your normal household socket of 120V.


  • This fixtures measures 23.2 inches L x 19.8 inches H x 10.8 inches D
  • The weight of the unit is 33 pounds
  • Easy operation via a handheld remote control
  • Brightness levels and flame intensity, as well as heat, are independently controlled
  • Trim design with a glass back for flame display
  • Straight forward installation and plugs into the nearest socket
  • Visible grate, ember bed and handcrafted resin log with inner LED glow
  • Uses 120V power outlet

With most people turning towards electrical appliance options that are renewable, this fireplace has fantastic efficiency and is a gorgeous green alternative, with no harmful particulates or emissions, and contributes to a cleaner environment. An excellent way to heat your space while leaving a minimal carbon footprint.

Customer feedback

Most customers who bought this fireplace pointed out they had finished some remodels in their homes and wanted to make the most out of the fireplace area without necessarily having to wait for the winter. As such this unit proved to be an awesome solution for their hearths that have been previously used with wood or gas as well as those fireplace cavities that are just for show.

They mentioned the fixture fits snugly with most fireplace cavities, it’s said to be highly realistic looking, energy efficient, no cleanup and the flames come on with or without turning on the heater. Some parents with little kid and pets in the house remarked that they felt safer with this electric insert than an open flame wood or propane fueled fireplace. They highly recommended this option if you are looking to reclaim a fireplace in your space saying it would not disappoint.

3. Valuxhome Realistic Electric Fireplace Insert with Crackling Noises

Having the luxury of experiencing the ambiance that a burning fire provides at the flip of a switch, is a testament to innovation when it comes to home improvement.Valuxhome Electric Fireplace Insert with Crackling Noises

The Valuxhome Electric Fireplace Insert will not only mesmerize you with a realistic fire display but will also warm your home and greatly elevate the general ambiance of your space.

Trim design with a glass front that does not become hot will transform your fireplace from an often not used and empty cavity, to a clean and beautiful all year round display of inviting real-looking flames and warmth when needed.

No longer do you have to wait for the cold season to get your fire going. That’s because this fixture makes it possible to cozy up your house with flames alone in summer and opting for the heater when the season gets chilly.

While this unit will not serve as a standalone heating option for the entire house, it will provide you with outstanding supplemental zone heating. The heater has the ability to effortlessly warm a room of up to 400 square feet, thanks to the blower fan that distributes and pushes warm air to the farthest corners of a room.

If you love the feel of flames, burning logs, and the resulting embers as well as the general aesthetics that fire brings to a space, then you almost certainly are likely to fall in love with this unit. The reason is that the display is simply fantastic.

Fire is on full display through the frontal glass revealing realistic logs, embers, and dancing flames that light up the depth of your fireplace cavity in a convincing show.

Better yet, the crackling sounds of fire add to the realism of the experience.

The insert provides a cozy look and feels synonymous with a winter cabin that traditionally features a wooden fireplace.

Through the convenience of modern technology, you have a multi-functional handheld remote allowing you to operate the heater and flame brightness independently. That means you can bring on the flames without necessarily having to use the heating function. Such is what makes this unit a thoughtful addition to any living room or bedroom décor for all year round use. The fixture can also be operated manually via the well-concealed control panel on the front top end of the unit.

This fixture is well constructed, making conversion of your existing wood or gas fireplace into an electric one possible. For those whose fireplaces have been rendered useless because they are waiting for expensive repairs, the Valuxhome Electric Fireplace Insert quickly becomes an awesome affordable, instant solution because of its easy installation and the undeniable aesthetic and convenience it brings.

What’s more, this feature-rich fixture can also conveniently display temperature, timer, heater, and flame effect on the LCD screen.

It’s worth noting that there are 5 flame intensities to work with. The unit’s timer allows you to set an auto-shutoff for the flames or heater anywhere between 1-9 hours.

You can go to sleep knowing that at the programmed time, the unit will go off without you having to wake up and shut the unit off.


  • The dimensions of this unit are 36 inches L x 27 inches H x 9 inches D. It is also available in various lengths 33 inches /43 inches
  • The unit weighs 50 pounds
  • Comes with a handheld remote control option and as well as a manual control panel located on the unit
  • 5 brightness levels and flame intensities
  • Trim safety design with a glass front that does not heat up
  • Installation is fairly easy
  • An immaculate realistic pile of resin logs that produce a fire crackling sound
  • Built-in 0-9 hour programmable timer for automatic shut off
  • Equipped with an overheat protection safety feature
  • No hard wiring required, simply plug into a socket of 120V

If you love to snuggle up on the couch with a warm mug of coffee or any other choice beverage after a hard day’s work, you will certainly enjoy your space even more. With the flip of a switch, this unit comes on providing you and any company you may have over with a hypnotic fire experience.

Customer feedback

Customers who got this item appreciated the ease of installation and the trim design in addition to realistic fire effects that include the crackling sound of a real fire. Others made an interesting point that the cavity of your fireplace and surrounding décor of faux brick, stones, mazeras, and so forth can remain squeaky clean because there is no ash or coal to deal with.

Furthermore, even when the unit is not ON, the fireplace cavity looks clean and inviting thanks to the reflective frontal LCD. Users also loved the heating efficiency of this unit and its overall aesthetic.

4. Classic Flame 23II042FGL Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Insert

The Classic Flame 23II042FGL Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Insert is another option worth considering when you are shopping around for a realistic looking fireplace.
Classic Flame 23II042FGL Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Insert
Tired of staring into that empty fireplace cavity that only comes alive in the cold season? Are you looking for effective and efficient supplemental zone heating? Well, this fixture gives you all that and so much more.

This unit is well constructed with four solid walls that snugly insert into most conventionally sized fireplace cavities. This fireplace insert measures 23.6” L x 20” H x 8.5” D, but also comes in other sizes suitable for larger hearths ranging from 26 inches to 42 inches.

This is such an innovative product on several fronts. For one, your fireplace area is often surrounded by decorative stone and a wood mantle that remains clean from smoke, soot, and ash. The problem of dealing with soot and ash is one of the major deterrents for people installing fireplaces but this option eliminates that worry completely.

Most homes take to installing a make-believe fireplace with a mantle as the focal point of a living room. A TV set or other ornamental pieces such as vases or artwork help accentuate that spot. It’s not as easy to do that with a wood fireplace because of the resulting smoke and some particles such as ash. If you love your décor looking impeccably clean, then an electrical fireplace insert such as this becomes a fantastic solution.

No chances of harming the TV and any ornamental items on the fireplace mantle. No clean up required even after use other than the occasional wipe down to keep the display glass clean and reflective.

The LCD screen displays a compelling presentation of a real fire comprising of a grate with a heap of burning logs, embers, and fantastic and compelling 3D flames.

With five different flame intensities to choose from, one be assured of plenty of choices when setting the mood that best suits you or the occasion. You can have the flames bright and roaring or can opt to have a gentle flickering flame or anything in between.

The supplemental zone heating is excellent too. With this fixture, you can always be sure that your living room is even cozier and ambient through all seasons and climates as the flames can function with or without the heating.

While most electrical fire inserts are capable of producing heat, this fixture boasts of infrared heat technology which produces great quality heat that warms you instantly but also makes for a healthier home because the heat is not dry. It does not dehydrate your skin nor does it patch your throat. Instead, infrared heat is gentle and comfy because it preserves natural humidity in the air as opposed to drying the air out.

The manual control panel on the front of the unit as well as the inclusion of a handheld remote control makes for easy and convenient operation of this fixture.


  • The measurement for this fixture is 23.6 inches L x 20 inches H x 8.5 inches D. Available in other lengths including 26 /28/30/32/33/42 inches
  • The weight of this fixture is 18 pounds
  • The operation comprises a manual control panel and a handheld remote control
  • Comes with 5 flame brightness levels and intensity
  • Infrared quartz heating technology
  • Equipped with patent-pending Safer Plug feature that prevents overheating and fire hazard.
  • Neat trim design with a glass front that does not become hot
  • Installation is a breeze
  • A compelling mound of life-like resin logs on a grate with embers and flames
  • Utilizes a 120V power outlet

This unit has the ability to provide supplemental heat to an area of 1000sq.ft space with its 5200 BTU heater. So if you have a fairly large living area, this unit will serve you all year round. It looks great and the option of several other length sizes means it is a good fit for different types of houses and hearths.

Customer feedback

Users who bought this unit mentioned that it has an excellent heater that certainly keeps your living room warm and toasty. The warmth spills over to other spaces in the living area such as the dining and kitchen if you have an open house plan. And the warmth is soft and not too harsh on the skin and respiratory system.

Customers were quick to point out that this insert is whisper quiet when the flames are ON without the heater. Most were glad to add this to their décor and recommended the unit to anyone who wants to create a custom realistic fireplace for a fraction of the cost.

5. R.W FLAME Electric Fireplace Insert

The R.W FLAME Electric Fireplace Insert has a two-sided interior brick wall design that will invigorate your living room ambiance and offer an exceptional solution for an empty fireplace cavity. If most households and hotel rooms had a chance, they would light the fireplace all year because of the aesthetic ambiance it conjures in a space. Realistically, that’s not possible with a real wood fireplace because of the changes in season.R.W FLAME Electric Fireplace Insert

However, an electric fireplace log inserts such as this one challenges that reality and brings you an option that avails the hypnotic amusement of fire and heat on demand irrespective of the time of year. During the cold months, you can enjoy the immaculate flame display of this unit and the heating option as well as enhanced comfort. During the warmer months, this fixture can display flames only without the heating option helping you create a superb ambiance without the need for heat.

The two-sided interior brick wall design provides a compelling feel of a recessed fireplace. Then on the bottom of the unit is a realistic display of a grate with burning logs heaped upon it while dancing flames rise from the ember bed and find the way through the logs on the open cavity space. The construction of this unit is solid comprising a 7mm thick tempered glass that does not get hot even when the heater is ON ensuring safety.

The framing of the unit has a black finish which helps in drawing a contrast with the coordinated and gorgeous realistic dancing flames and burning log effect. This is what your inactive fireplace has been missing all along. Give your room a dreamlike ambiance with this unit that is so easy to install and operate.

It comes assembled with a 6-foot plug-in chord that works with a normal home socket of 120V. Simply insert the unit into the fireplace cavity, plugin, and the fixture is at your service. Installation is a breeze because there is no hard wiring to be done.

In the event that the chord is too short for the nearest socket, coupling it to an extension cable should solve that small problem. The control panel can be found on the front face of the unit for manual control or the unit can be instructed via the convenience of a hand held remote control that comes with multiple functions.

Both the control panel and remote control can operate the flames simultaneously with the heater or independently. This means that you can have the flames going at the same time as the heater during winter for supplemental heating, or just the flames only without the heat during summer. You can enjoy a broad range of choice for flame brightness levels and intensities as this fixture offer 5 options.

The unit’s time control feature comes in handy when you want to set the timer for how long the unit should run and at what point you would like it to auto-shutoff. The timer on this fixture has a decent range of 1- 8 hours.


  • The dimensions of this unit are 32 inches L x 24.60 inches H x 8.98 inches D. Other available lengths include 36/39 inches
  • The unit weight is 48 pounds
  • Comes with a manual control panel as well as a handheld remote control
  • Offers 5 flame brightness options, intensities and speeds
  • Clear LCD display of thick tempered glass that does not heat up
  • Auto-heat kill safety mechanism to prevent overheating
  • Installation is easy
  • The pile of resin logs, ember bed flames, and grate are compelling
  • Plugin and use under a voltage of 120

This realistic fireplace insert is safe to use and comes with an auto-heat kill safety to avoid any chance of overheating. This means that pets and children are safe and sound around this insert. It is also a very easy option to operate for both adults and senior citizens.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this unit for the home, office, or hotel rooms mentioned that it does an amazing job of providing supplemental zone heating during the cold season to rooms below or equal to 400sq.ft.

Users also mentioned the unit is both easy to install and operate. Some of the customers said the unit is highly aesthetic, convenient, energy-efficient, and presents a wide range of options with great utility. The heat quality is excellent thanks to infrared technology that does dry out the air. Users also liked the sleep mode on the unit which allows you to have all the flames down while the heater is on.

6. Giantex Electric Fireplace Insert

While fireplace cover screens are charming and effectively prevent flying embers and ash from flying all over your living room when using a wood fireplace, converting your existing fireplace into an electric option saves you a lot of inconvenience and is far much neater. A wood furnace no doubt has its charm, but can also be quite involving in terms of ensuring logs are available and have been prepped for the fire.

The Giantex Electrical Fireplace Insert has a lot to offer. For homes that want to convert an existing wood or gas fireplace into an electrical one, this may very well be one of the best options for you. That’s because it presents a good looking face that’s partly steel and thick tempered glass.

The unit is constructed with four walls and a flat bottom that allows the fixture to easily slide right into an existing fireplace cavity. Once you plug the 6-foot cord into a socket, your fireplace is ready for use.

The tempered glass presents a gorgeous display of flames and burning logs. The intensity and speed of the flames as well as the heater and timer can be controlled manually from the unit’s control panel or through the help of a handheld remote control.

The flames brightness and speed have 5 modes while the flame color can be adjusted to three options; orange, blue, and orange-blue mix depending on your mood and preference.

For those homes where a wood fireplace is not an option and instead have a make-believe fireplace cavity, then you are in luck as that make-believe spot can be enhanced to a whole new level of realism that will conjure the cozy ambiance you have been trying to achieve. That’s all thanks to this electrical fireplace fixture that only requires you to insert it into the fireplace cavity to markedly transform or add to the coziness of your space.

The fire display does an excellent job of mimicking a compelling case of burning logs on a grate with an ember bed and leaping flames.

The unit comes ON at the touch of a button and heats your space on demand. No smoke, no ash, and no fuss. Your space and surrounding stonework or woodwork to the fireplace remains spotlessly clean and aesthetic.

Admittedly, nothing can quite match the authenticity of a real flame and burning logs. However, this unit sure does come close.

It’s worth noting that this fixture comes with adjustable temperature and timer. The Intelligent thermostat system offers a good range for heat adjustment between 62-82 degrees Fahrenheit. This feature allows the user to set a comfortable temperature to suit your needs. The timer has a range of 0-8 hours and sets you free by turning ON/OFF at a programmed time.


  • This unit measures 28.5 inches L x 21inches H x 5.7 inches D
  • The fixture weighs 29 pounds
  • Has both a manual control panel on the unit and a handheld remote control
  • Comes with multiple brightness levels and flame intensities
  • Fitted with a Intelligent thermostat system and a 0 to 8 hour programmable timer
  • Thick tempered glass offers a good display without getting hot
  • Installation is almost an after-thought because it’s so easy
  • Lifelike resin logs heaped on a grate and a glowing ember bed with flames
  • Plugs into a 120V power outlet

Now you can sit back and relax in a calming warm environment. Not only will you enjoy the winter with this fixture, but every other day of the year. The ease of use is a winning attraction for many homes where this unit is installed.

Customer feedback

Users expressed they were delighted at how easy the install was. The performance of the unit was also impressive. As advertised, both the manual and handheld remote controls are user friendly with variable flame settings. They also mentioned the heat output is sufficient for space below or equal to 400sq.ft. Most users said they were pleasantly surprised that this unit is much quieter than expected.

7. Flameline 28″ Infrared Quartz Fireplace Insert

One of the reasons why most homes are opting for an electrical fireplace is the convenience they provide. Increasingly, most homes may lack an outlet for smoke and carbon dioxide caused by a wood fireplace, simply because they live in a high rise building.Flameline 28" Infrared Quartz Fireplace Insert

As such a wood-burning fireplace is simply not an option for most. But, even in these modern times, the beauty of fire is not lost on contemporary home designers because they often incorporate a fireplace in their designs even if not usable.

Innovations such as the Flameline 28” Infrared Quartz Fireplace Insert safely brings the experience of fire or the closest you can get to it, into your space even if you reside on the 50th floor of a high rise building in the heart of a metropolis. That’s made possible by the fact that this unit is extremely easy to install and requires no alteration to your existing fireplace. It can literally insert into the cavity, plugged in and used immediately.

Since the unit does not produce smoke, ash nor soot, or the unpleasant odors accompanied by propane gas, there is no need for an intricate exhaust system. Neither is there any cleaning necessary after use as there are no coals and ash to clean after. So you can be sure that your space remains spotless whether the unit is on or off.

This unit has a unique construction that makes the fireplace experience more realistic. The two sides are slanted inward and give the impression they are layered with faux bricks. When the unit comes ON, the realistic display of a recessed cavity and brick side walls is further enhanced. The grate has a heap of glowing logs on it and spilled over glowing embers with flaming tongues reaching for the roof and back of the seemingly recessed cavity.

With such a realistic display, a dormant fireplace need not stay dormant anymore. Fireplace spaces that are just for show can now indeed provide a show while accentuating the surrounding décor by taking advantage of this easy to install an electric fireplace insert. But other than just an awesome display of fire, this fixture also does an excellent job of heating up your space in the winter and providing adequate supplemental zone heating for superb comfort.

While this unit cannot serve as the primary heat source for your home during winter, it does help warm your space and keep it warmer for longer at a low cost. In fact, with such a unit providing supplemental zone heating, you can afford to periodically and frequently give your main heating source a break, without freezing to death and therefore help conserve a decent amount of energy which leads to a less inflated heating energy bill.

This heater is quite powerful, enough to effortlessly warm up a huge room of up to 1000 sq.ft The adjustable thermostat provides the flexibility of adjusting the temperature according to need and preference, ensuring that you have a warm and toasty space during winter


  • The dimensions of this unit are 28 inches L x 23 inches H x 10.35 inches D
  • Unit’s weight is 38.9 pounds
  • Two control options manual and handheld remote control
  • 5 available brightness levels, flame color options and flame speeds
  • Equipped with an adjustable thermostat
  • Infrared zone heating technology
  • Fitted with safer Plug fire overheat prevention technology
  • Thick tempered glass front offers an impressive display
  • Installation is easy and straightforward
  • The resin logs are well crafted to complement the glowing ember bed an flames
  • This fixture will work with a normal 120V power outlet

It’s worth pointing out that the infrared heat helps to maintain the natural humidity within the air. This is very important for your family’s comfort. Because it means that while this unit is heating your space, the air around you remains moist and comfortable. Your skin and throat remain comfortable. Low quality heating dries up the moisture in your space which will in turn make your skin and throat dry and uncomfortable.

Customer feedback

Savvy customers have realized the importance of supplemental heating. The customers who bought this fixture mentioned they liked the aesthetic and compelling realism this unit has to offer and the effective supplemental zone heating it provides.

Users also mentioned that they were impressed at the ability to lower their heating cost by using this unit to heat the living area where they spend most of the day while keeping the primary heating source off for most of the day and therefore not heating unused areas for that duration such as the den and bedrooms.

Users shared that this helped to have great comfort during the cold season while dramatically lowering the cost of their heating energy bill. Since the unit runs on two heat settings, one can adjust the thermostat to suit the current heating needs and avoid any wastage of energy.

8. Best Choice Products Realistic Electric Fireplace Heater Insert

A good number of people who have been raised around a wood or gas fireplace may outright shun the idea of getting an electrical fireplace. And there is no faulting them because nothing can take the place of a well-made hearth that generates awesome warmth and presents an authentic unparalleled experience of throwing logs into the fire and hear them crackle as a few ash particles, and sparks fly away and flames leap merrily inside the hearth.Best Choice Products Realistic Electric Fireplace Heater Insert

While the awesomeness of the real deal is irreplaceable, the fact is most households with wood or gas fireplaces only tend to use them during the cold seasons.

If you live in an urban area, you might have a fireplace. But to utilize it you may need to buy logs from the supermarket which in the long run may be expensive, tedious, and unsustainable. Other households such as is the case in high rise buildings do not have the option of a wood fireplace at all.

Some homes have a fireplace that has remained dormant for the longest time for one reason or another but often because of maintenance issues. While nothing can take the place of a real wood fireplace, the Best Choice Product Insert Electric Fireplace Heater does present a vibrant solution in bringing these abandoned spots to life.

This unit is realistic enough to make a huge difference in an underutilized or abandoned hearth.

The fixture offers aesthetic beauty to that spot and real utility to your space. That’s made possible due to the thoughtful, neat and well-finished construction.

Further, the fire display and experience offered by this fixture is compelling. And while it cannot replace the real thing, it does offer the next best thing to the real deal.

The fabricated resin logs look real enough and are strategically placed behind the thick tempered glass window on top of a grate surrounded by glowing embers.

The flame’s brightness, intensity and speed can be controlled via a remote control or manually through a control panel on the unit.

The independent heater can be used on demand as need arises and the flames can function without or with the heater for all year round use.

If you have drab looking fireplaces that have not been used for a long time, this is the perfect, affordable and practical solution to make the most of those spaces with functional decoration. Enjoy ambient flames all other days of the year and crank up the heat during winter for excellent supplemental zone heating. Having this unit certainly beats an empty never used, drab looking hearth.

The beauty of this electric insert ensures zero fumes are emitted from the fireplace, and that ash and soot are not left behind. On/off for this unit is a breeze and so is the installation. Contemporary homes can now keep the fireplace area clean while enjoying an elegant fireplace experience.


  • The dimensions of this unit are 28.5” L x 21″ H x 6” D
  • The weight of this fixture is 30 pounds
  • Operated via manual and handheld remote control
  • 5 brightness and variable flame speed options
  • Thick clean trimmed tempered glass that offers safety as well as clear and realistic fire display
  • Installation is fast and easy
  • Fabricated resin logs and a bed of embers on a grate offer a compelling fire presentation
  • Plugs into a 120V power outlet

If that fireplace space in the home is underutilized then some remodeling is called for, and inserting this unit on that spot will pleasantly surprise you at how gorgeous and functional your fireplace turns into.

Customer feedback

Customers loved the versatility of this unit and the ease with which it installs. Users expressed how happy they are with the performance of this Best Choice Products Electric Fireplace Heater. The fan is said to be pleasantly quiet and the 5 flame intensity options allow you to set just the right intensity to match the mood. Getting the flames to burn brightly or adjust the heat from low to high is easy as the remote works flawlessly.

Users felt that they got their money’s worth as the fixture does a great job in adding ambiance to any space, whether living room, bedroom, den or an RV. It effectively takes the chill out of those chilly winter nights.

Wrapping Up

The above models are some of the best options if you’re looking for the most realistic electric fireplace inserts  engineered with convenience, utility, and aesthetics. All these products deliver a high quality heating functions as well as a realistic fireplace experience that adds tangible value to your space. With these affordable electric fireplace inserts in the market, no fireplace should look run down and unused.

It is very important to remember to fit the inserts in the right space. A poorly installed and fitted insert will not work effectively. So you may need to take the measurements of your fireplace and consult the sizing at the store before settling on any purchase.

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