9 Best Most Efficient Mini Split Heat Pump Systems 2021 Reviews

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Table of Contents

As the seasons change so does the temperature. And whether the temperature is rising or falling, at some point the weather can become intolerable making it necessary to have a solid and reliable heating system that is low in energy consumption and high in performance. The best, most efficient mini split heat pumps systems are excellent for heat and cooling purposes in both residential areas and commercial establishments.

An efficient ductless mini split air conditioner heat pump is a solution that will help you with your heating and cooling needs resulting in a cozy environment whatever the weather outside.

When shopping for one, there are a few things to look out for.

  1. BTU

This acronym stands for British Thermal Unit. It is used in measuring energy in heating and cooling appliances. In air conditioners, BTU is the energy that is required by an air conditioner to heat or cool one pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit at sea level.

Normally, BTU ranges for conditioners will fall under the below ranges:

  • 8,000–12,000 BTU for portable air conditioners:
  • 9,000–36,000 BTU for split system air conditioners systems such as the ones we will be reviewing in this post
  • 3,000–25,000 BTU for mounted air conditioners

Choosing the right size of air conditioner that is commensurate to the space that needs cooling is very important. However, bigger does not necessarily mean better. Air conditioners will often mention the square footage of the space in which they would be most effective. So matching that number with the square footage of the space you intend to heat or cool will help you make the right decision in respect to BTU.

  1. SEERS

The higher the SEER rating the greater the efficiency of the unit.What is SEER? It is Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. In short, it is what you get when you divide the amount of electricity used (in watts) by the ratio of cooling produced (in BTUs).

  1. Functionality and Features

The beauty of a mini split air conditioner heat pump system is that it does more than just heat and cool. It also serves as a ventilator and a dehumidifier. Choose an option that offers both functions. Also, strive to find an option with features that complement the functionality of the unit. However, make sure that the features are pertinent to your needs

  1. Installation

It is worth noting that some brands are more suited for DIY projects than others. That is because with some brands, the warranty is only honored if the unit is installed by a HVAC professional. Also consider if the unit it easily installed.

To make your search so much easier, we have lined up some of the best mini split air conditioner heat pumps on the market today for your comparison. The products are suited to varied residential space as well as business premises.

1. Senville 9000 BTU SENA-09HF/Z Energy Star Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump

Meeting cooling and heating needs for your home is crucial to your family’s comfort. Having a mini heat pump system is a good solution that meets those needs.

The Senville 9000 BTU is a good selection for all your house cooling and heating purposes for several reasons. The foremost reason is that the design and construction is done using the highest quality materials as well as excellent engineering coupled with DC Inverter Technology. As a result, the unit offers high cooling and heating performance. The design includes a built-in air conditioner, heat pump and fan dehumidifier.

One of the fears of heating and cooling systems is that they may drive up your energy cost exponentially. This is not the case with this energy star rated Senville mini split air conditioner heat pump. That is because it delivers unsurpassed all-round service efficiency, quality and durability.

With a SEER efficiency of 25, you can purchase this unit with confidence knowing that it can handle the heating and cooling requirements of your home for up to an area of between 100 and 450 sq.ft.

According to the manufacturer, this unit can heat temperatures of up to -22°For -30°C helping keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. The unit comes with built in WI-FI smart option that allows you control from your Android or iOS based phone from virtually anywhere.

Features(9000 BTU option)

  • Comes with an auto-switch mode for cooling/heating
  • Has up to 25 SEER efficiency rating
  • HSPF4 of 11.2 /HSPF5 of 9
  • It offers silent operation
  • Comes with a wired programmable controller
  • WiFi compatible and control using a smart phone
  • It is energy star certified, AHRI certified and ETL Intertek approved
  • Uses 230 volts
  • Available in also, 12000, 18000, 24000, and 36000 BTU

Customer feedback

Customer mentioned that once you push the ON button, you will be amazed at how silent this unit can be. It is best to get a professional technician to install this unit for you. Some customers who have a high technical know-how and possess a fair amount of electrical knowledge may be able to get through the installation with the help of the manual. But most will need a professional technician to handle the installation as it does require some specialized tools that most people may not have.

2. PIONEER Air Conditioner UYB024GMFILCAD Split Ductless Inverter and Heat Pump System Set

Depending on the layout of your home the DC Inverter Pioneer Air Conditioner can be mounted suspended on a ceiling or a shallow wall mount.

Not all mini split systems are energy efficient but the Pioneer Air Conditioner has been designed to be efficient in terms of electricity consumption. The engineering of this unit makes it possible for the compressor to slow down or speed up according to the precise cooling or heating loads required to achieve a comfortable temperature in your home.

You can easily heat your home during colder months as well as stay cool in summer months without an unreasonable spike in your energy bill. This 24000 BTU Pioneer unit is powerful yet silent. Both the fans for the inside unit and the outside unit are super silent with quiet effective function.

The design is robust and tough for the outdoor inbox, while the indoor unit is clean and sleek complementing the existing decor in the house. The Pioneer Ductless Split Heat Pump system comes with permanent washable air filters for easy maintenance that enhances performance and longevity.

One can also opt to go for a wired programmable thermostat version at an additional cost.

Features(24000 BTU)

  • Features auto-switch mode from cooling/heating
  • Offers up to 20 SEER efficiency rating
  • 11. 0 HSPF
  • Has a super silent operation
  • The unit comes with a programmable controller
  • It uses 230 volts
  • Available in 18000, 24000, 36000 and 48000 BTU
  •  ETL certified, listed by AHRI.

Customer feedback

Most customers loved the versatility of this unit because it can cool, heat, dehumidify and ventilate. Overall, this unit is said to perform efficiently just  advertised, making it  very worthy investment for a  majority of the customers.

3. DuctlessAire Energy Star Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump with Variable Speed

When looking for a heat pump, it is only natural that most people will want to go with a versatile option that performs at a high level.This DuctleAire unit fits the bill to perfection. Apart from a sleek look that will complement the interior of any home, its ability to heat, cool, dehumidify and ventilate is a huge plus.

This is because you can always be sure of all year round performance despite the changing seasons and temperatures. Thanks to the features on this unit, your house can be warm, cool and fresh at the touch of a button.

The unit is accompanied by HEPA air filters that offer quick access, easy maintenance and optimized performance.

You will likely be pleased to learn that this unit also has turbo mode with 3 fan speeds to suit your temperature needs at any given time of the year.

It also has an LCD display which is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Features( 12000 BTU)

  • The unit features an auto-switch cooling/heating mode
  • Offers users up to 22 SEER efficiency rating
  • Variable Speed Inverter
  • The fan is silent
  • It comes with wired programmable controller
  • It has ETL certification and Energy Star rating
  • It uses 230 volts
  • Available in 12000, 18000 and 24000 BTU

Unless you really know your electrical stuff, its best to have a professional electrician install this for you for the best performance.

Customer feedback

Great product with an impressive all around performance! One landlord shared that she bought  this unit for one of her tenants when the an older furnace broke down. It has proven to be a great addition to the value of the space as it offers impressive performance and energy efficiency both in heating and cooling. The customer is extremely happy.

4. Klimaire Ductless Mini-Split Inverter Air Conditioner Heat Pump System with  Wi-Fi

The Klimaire Mini-Split Inverter Air Conditioner Heat Pump System is a well designed unit that promises to deliver on efficient performance.Most Efficient Mini Split Heat Pump System

Like some of the best most efficient mini split heat pump systems, the Klimaire goes beyond just cooling and heating. It also includes dehumidification and ventilation. This 4 in 1 system ensures that all your air conditioning needs are taken care of for a more comfortable environment no matter what the season. The unit is also equipped with turbo and multi fan speeds to suit your varied intensity air conditioning preferences.

When it comes to air conditioners, one could argue that the compressor is the heart of an air conditioning unit. Klimaire recognizes this with the inclusion of a Refrigerant Leak Detection monitor that prevents damage to the compressor and alerts you in the event of any fault in the compressor or any other crucial components in the unit.

The Klimaire recognizes that energy consumption is a big deal. It has therefore incorporated a DC Inverter technology that extends the heating and cooling capacity at lower ambient conditions down to 5 F/-15 C. This action provides up to 30-percent power savings from your energy bill. In addition, the unit offers 12 fan speeds.

Features(12,000 BTU)

  • Has an auto- switch mode to move from cooling to heating
  • Offers up to 21.5 SEER efficiency rating
  •  Wi-Fi Ready
  • Offers silent fan operation
  • It has a wired programmable control
  • It is energy star certified
  • It uses both 115 and 230 volts
  • Available in 12000, 18000 and 24000 BTU

Customer feedback

The overall design of the interior unit looks great. When installed, it complements the existing decor. While customers appreciate the good looks and high performance of this unit, they seemed to be more fascinated by the intuitive follow-me function.

This intuitive feature elevates your comfort level by sensing the temperature surrounding the remote control and automatically re-calibrates the heating and cooling to achieve an accurate and comfortable temperature in your environment.

5. Cooper and Hunter Dual Zone 9,000 + 12,000 BTU Ductless Mini Split AC/Heating System

The Cooper and Hunter Dual Zone Ductless Mini Split AC/Heating system is unique on this list because it comprises of a dual zone of 9000 BTU and 12000 BTU.

Dual Zone Mini Split Systems come with one outdoor Air Conditioning heat pump and two indoor Air conditioning units. These types are great for large rooms or houses with two floors because then you are able to install each of the the air handlers in separate rooms or floors.

What’s even better here is that each of these indoor air units can be set and customized to different temperatures for the users or rooms with different temperature needs and requirements.

This unit therefore, comes with 2 pieces of indoor units as well as one outdoor unit in addition to 2 pieces of copper line set with wire.

Features(9000 + 12000 BTU)

  • Dual zoned
  • Features the auto-switch mode from cooling/heating
  • Offers up to 21.3 SEER efficiency rating
  • Has a super silent operation
  • Comes with 2 wired programmable controllers
  • It is ETL Intertek Approved, AHRI certified and Energy star certified
  • Uses 230 volts
  • Available in , 9000 + 9000 and 12000 + 12000 BTU

Customer feedback

Since the set comes with two inside units, the difficulty level of the installation may be a bit too much for some customers. It is therefore recommended that you hire a professional technician to help you out with the installation. Customer who got this were quick to mention that this unit works great when left to a licensed electrical HVAC professional to install.

In addition, DIY enthusiasts may want to rethink this one because unless the installation is done by a licensed HVAC installer, the warranty will not be voided. Users further pointed out that for warranty to be valid, the manufacturer requires that the system be registered with them within 60 days of installation.

6. MrCool DIY Ductless Heat Pump Split System

The 3rd generation MrCool Ductless Heat Pump Split System is an excellent option for your home’s cooling and heating needs. As far as installation goes, DIY customers love this brand because the installation is very straightforward.

If your house has a problem of retaining moisture and as a result you have issues such as mildew,your will find the 3rd Generation MrCool  mini split to be a great solution. Not only for your cooling and heating needs but also ventilating and dehumidifying your space. This unit comes equipped with an anti-mildew feature that is automatically activated when the unit is in auto or dry mode.

This works to kill mildew because the fan runs on low for about 10 minutes and drying out the condensation that causes mildew growth.

If you fancy controlling or adjusting temperatures of your AC/Heating unit long before you get home, this product is ideal for you because it comes Wi-Fi ready.

By downloading the New SmartHVAC app to your phone, you can use wifi control to manipulate your unit remotely depending on your needs. The app is compatible with Google assistant and Alexa enabling your Android or iOS smart devices to access the unit.

Features(12000 BTU)

  • Features the auto-switch mode from cooling/heating
  • Offers up to 22 SEER efficiency rating
  • Wifi Thermostat compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa or  smart devices
  • Comes with silent fan operation
  • Comes with a wired programmable controller
  • It is energy star rated
  • It uses 115 volts
  • Available in 12000, 18000 and 24000 BTU

Customer feedback

Although this a good unit for DIY projects, it requires a fair amount of skill, tools and equipment to install this unit properly. Customer who did their installations share that one will need hand tools, electrical and concrete for a solid pad. Among other items that you may need will include cement, Romex and a circuit breaker. In the event that one does not have sufficient electrical skills, it is prudent  to get a licensed HVAC installer to get the job done for you. If you have a space that is about 500 sq.ft and below, this unit is a good fit for efficient heating, cooling and energy use.

7. Senville SENL-18CD Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump

Senville is a respectable brand in the climate control industry. That’s why it is not surprising that the Senville SENL 18 CD Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump is the go to option for most when they need a solution that delivers on even distribution of cold and hot air.

This unit has a neat look and a tough build. The part that needs to be installed inside has a smart aesthetic appearance that blends into the decor with ease. The outside unit provides a neat yet durable look. You will probably be surprised by how quiet the fan in is on both the outside and the inside unit. This is an important quality as the unit controls the climate around your space without noise for a tranquil and comfortable ambience.

This four in one air condition unit is built for energy efficient consumption even in the harshest climates. Its application and power is sufficient for residential and light commercial air conditioning needs. Beside heating and cooling, this Sentinel unit will also dehumidify and ventilate your space to your comfort.

Features(18000 BTU)

  • Comes with the auto-switch mode to move from cooling to heating
  • Offers up to 19 SEER efficiency rating
  • The fan is adequately silent
  • Comes with a wired programmable controller
  • It is energy efficient performance
  • Uses 120 and 230 volts
  • Available in 9000, 12000, 18000, 24000 and 30000 BTU

Customer feedback

Customers who did the installation themselves shared that for the most part it was fairly easy. They were also quick to point out that the unit runs great from the first fire up. Some customers mentioned that the manual may not be too helpful as it leaves you with some unanswered questions in some sections of the installation. However, if you have a bit of experience with electrical wiring, you should be fine. Otherwise get a licensed HVAC installer to get the installation done for you. Most users acknowledged that the system is impressively quiet and perform  advertised.

8. Cooper and Hunter Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump with Wi-Fi

This is a solid mini split unit that will effectively handle the climate needs of a space from 850 sq.ft up to 1500 sq.ft with ease.

For instance, when the outside air is 90 degrees one can get this unit to 62 degrees with turbo fan setting. This will drop the temperature in the room by 1 degree every 15 minutes with no limit other than the set temperature. This is all thanks to quality construction as well as practical features such as the two directional airflow and the turbo operation.

If you love to work with a variation of fan intensities in your air conditioner, then you will be glad to know that this one has 12 fan speeds. This unit is equipped with a refrigerant leakage detector. This feature is a good maintenance tool that prevents the compressor from getting damaged and also alerts you of any anomalies in the compressor should any arise.

Features(24000 BTU)

  • Comes with the automatic switch mode from cooling to heating
  • Gives you up to23 SEER efficiency rating
  • Wi-Fi Ready
  • Offers users silent fan operation
  • Uses a wired programmable controller
  • Has an energy star rating
  • Uses both 115 and 230 volts
  • Available in 9000, 12000, 18000, 24000, 30000 and 36000 BTU

Customer feedback

Users who bought this product say that it works very well. Some bought this for their business premises while others got it for residential use. In both cases it works beautifully. Customers also love the WIFI feature and the range for the remote which works exceptionally in spite of the distance.

9. Air-Con Ductless Mini Split DC Inverter Air Conditioner Heat Pump System

This ductless Mini Split DC Inverter Air Conditioner Heat Pump houses a reputable GMCC Toshiba Compressor which guarantees quality heating and cooling for your home.Most Efficient DUCTLESS Mini Split Heat Pump System

The unit is crafted to deliver lots of smart functions seamlessly. This includes the ability to self diagnose, auto protect, auto-start and intelligent pre-heating as well as auto-frosting.


  • Features the auto-switch cooling and heating
  • Variable Speed DC Inverter
  • Available in 18000 BTU
  • Offers up to 23.3 SEER efficiency rating
  • Has a super silent fan operation
  • Uses a wired programmable controller
  • It is energy star rated, AHRI Certified
  • Uses 230 volts

Customer feedback

Users who tried this product say they love the mini split AC because it is quiet, aesthetically pleasing and effective. Overall the construction of the unit is excellent and it works the same even after using it for some time.


Heating and cooling the home can now be done with great efficiency thanks to new technologies. The best most efficient mini split heat pump system will see to it that the environment in the house or business premises is climate controlled while saving on energy all year round.



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