10 Best Modern Ceiling Fans with Lights and Remote Control 2020 Review

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Table of Contents

If you’re looking for a method to cool your room but don’t want to comprise on a lighting solution at the same time, a ceiling fan with a light fixture and remote control for easy and convenient adjusting and control of the unit’s operations, is the perfect combination.

Many people have long thought that you have to choose between a lighting solution in your home or fan solution – assuming you can’t have both at the same time. Yet, the recent improvements in the industry have seen an increase in homeowners demanding an ongoing method of keeping their home environment cool and comfortable while still utilizing a decent level of lighting simultaneously.

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Several modern ceiling fans with lights in the market solve this problem instantly. Better still, those models that come complete with the use of remote control allow even more practicality.

Therefore, not only do you not have to comprise on light or an airflow solution – but you can control the entire process from the comfort of your chair, sitting anywhere in the same room!

Now, if you’re not new to the ceiling fan industry then you probably know that most ceiling fans with lights in the market do not come with remote controls. For most models that you find, you will most likely be required to purchase a remote control separately, that is if you want one as they are completely capable of being used without.

And even though this may not be a problem as there are many readily available universal remote controls compatible with most fan models, from both the makers of that specific fan that you choose and independent manufacturers as well, you will probably have to spend some time comparing and sifting through the various types to find one that will work with your fan.

So for that reason why not just save yourself the hassle and go for for a model that comes complete with it’s own remote? If you’re in the market for such a convenient ceiling fan that includes a lighting fixture and a remote to go along with it, then you’ve come to the right place because we did a little scouting to find some of these models. So now you have somewhere to begin your search.

Below is a review of ten of some of the best-selling modern ceiling fans complete with lights and remote controls currently retailing online. These have been chosen for their ability to not only look great when installed in the home but also as they provide ample ambient lighting and maximum room comfort – and all at a great low price. With any of these models, you will not have to spend any extra dime just to have a remote control with your ceiling fan purchase.

Best Modern Ceiling Fans with Lights and Remote Control Reviews

1. Harbor Breeze Mazon Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan

The Harbor Breeze MAzon ceiling fan offers a flush mount type of ceiling fan complete with a light kit and remote. Harbor Breeze Mazon Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan

A stand-alone fan, it provides a sleeker mid-body design yet also gives the more  contemporary of features when compared to that of the traditional ceiling fan.

Compact and coherent, it’s claimed to fit perfectly in those rooms looking for a fantastic centerpiece such as medium to small rooms or even those smaller offices. Combining industry-leading materials it also boasts a powerful motor.

Utilizing an integrated LED light kit which is also dimmable, you’ll also receive an 18 watt LED with your purchase. Therefore, the illumination from this model is ample.

The motor of the Harbor Breeze Mazon encourages a three-speed reversible action, whereby you can use the included remote control to choose your preferences throughout. What’s more, the remote control also comes with a wall cradle. Therefore, when you’ve finished using it, you can place it back here, and not have to worry about losing it.

Perfect for those rooms with low ceilings due to its low profile hugger design, the fan element of this model provides three blades and airflow for rooms up to 100 square feet in total.

With a reverse airflow to allow you to change the fan’s direction over all four seasons, this frosted glass casing and nickel-based model is perfect for almost any room, in the home and beyond.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Harbor Breeze Mazon ceiling fan find this to be a most unique of light fixtures which not only looks elegant when installed but also provides ample opportunity throughout with its fan, light, and remote combination.

2. Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Indoor Low profile model is a ceiling fan with light and accompanying remote control. Furthermore, this is the model that the company has designed to offer the benefits Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan with light and remote controlof WhisperWind. With a motor that works on delivering the most powerful of air movement – but with whisper-quiet performance throughout, this ensures you get coolness without the added noise!

Offering a reversible fan action, you can also utilize this fan to make the best of whatever season it is.

Designed with the intention of fitting flush to those lower ceiling types, this is a stunning brushed nickel model which offers a more modern contemporary look to the room.

Alongside the fan is a light kit, which is integrated into a cased white glass. Offering two bulbs with your order, this light operates on a fantastic LED bulb at just 9.8 watts.

Finally, there is a handheld and universal remote control complete with your purchase– which makes the act of turning both the fan and light on and off as simple as one touch of the button.

Backed by the company’s brilliant limited lifetime motor warranty, the Hunter Fan company boasts over a staggering 126 years in the fan business. Therefore, you can be assured you’re buying from the experts when it comes to such a combined model.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Hunter Model love the many practical elements of the light,such is its longer-lasting bulb use and the ability to easily install it. It’s also considered by many to be a brilliant model when in operation – made all the more comfortable to use by the inclusion of remote control.

3. Haiku Home L Series 52″ Smart Ceiling Fan

For a ceiling fan and light with a difference, look no further than the Haiku indoor ceiling fan. A smart series design, this model will cleverly work alongside your Alexa, therefore allowing you to control it via your current trusty device! Haiku Home L Series 52" Smart Ceiling Fan with Wi-Fi, LED Light, Works with Alexa

The Haiku is supported by voice control. Thus, you can access Alexa to dim your lights, using simple voice control. However, there is also an IR remote which is included with this purchase, so you don’t need to already own an Alexa model to get the best from this model.

A thoroughly factory tested item, this is checked for both sounds and balance to ensure no wobbling, no clicking, and no annoying sound throughout operation.

Offering to cover those rooms of 15 by 15 feet and those flat or sloped ceilings, this energy star certified model also offers an integrated LED light with a fantastic distinct 16 brightness settings!

A smart model in every way, this product works to offer pure comfort in reducing the heat and humidity levels of the room it’s placed in as well as ensuring that you never have to repeatedly pay out for replacement bulbs. This is simply because the LED used in this model is more efficient and performs better than other types of light sources.

Perfectly balanced, silent in operation and completely durable you can choose to operate the Haiku via an included remote, the free Haiku Home mobile app or by employing your Amazon Echo.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Haiku do find this to be one of the more expensive of models in the market, but the ability to operate this smart model with ease is undoubtedly one of its most prominent features. It’s also suggested as performing quietly and offering high power when in operation.

4. Parrot Uncle Ceiling Fan Retractable Blades Ceiling Fan

Parrot Uncle’s ceiling fan with light and remote is a visually stunning centerpiece which is guaranteed to capture all visitor’s attention when placed in the home. Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit and Remote Control

This is a crystal chandelier which looks timeless but is actually thoroughly modern in its design and the features it offers.

With replaceable cool, white 4000k light, though this cannot be dimmed, the lighting effect from this chrome finished model is sensational and more than makes up for this. Featuring an LED light unit, it uses 32 watts LED bulbs in its operation.

Alongside the fantastic lighting element here, there is a fan performance using retractable blades. This means that they can be extended when switched on and will stretch out to offer full combined performance. Then, when switched off, they will automatically, come back into the fixture and close.

With your purchase here you’ll find the ceiling fan and light model itself, remote control for further ease of use, two downrods, an instruction guide to install the model with ease and a worry-free 12-month warranty.

The remote control element of this model ensures that you can separately control both the light and the fan section of this model to suit individual preferences. This means switching them all on and off as well as selecting the choice of fan speeds. The fan element here provides excellent airflow to 3600 CFM.

With this model,you’ll also benefit from the addition of a lifetime professional customer service line, to use at your leisure.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Parrot Uncle Fan absolutely love the visual element of their fan and light combination, with the different actions of the automatic opening and closing of the blades a real bonus for many. The breeze the fan itself throws out is also said to be of exceptional quality and completely refreshing.

5. Casa Elite Modern Hugger Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Casa Vieja ceiling fan has a modern-looking ceiling fan and light which is also dimmable and can be controlled either manually or via the use of a remote control. Modern Hugger Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Light LED Dimmable Remote Control

This is a 52-inch model which is referred to the Casa Elite and is a modern hugger and lower profile product which can be fitted and installed as flush.This makes it great for those rooms in the home, or indeed smaller office areas, whereby the ceilings are lower.

Featuring a modern and simplistic looking design, it has a white opal glass casing and a white finished motor. In addition to this, the four fan blades are finished in white to thoroughly complement the overall design here.

The fan element here offers a 52-inch blade span with a 12-degree blade pitch on each.
A most simplistic model and one that is easy to install without additional expert help, the lighting here is said to be ambient. This is created by the inclusion of an LED light which utilizes an integrated 15 watt LED model.

With three fan speeds to select from including low, medium, and high, there is also the option to choose a manual reverse airflow performance. Therefore, this all in one combination of light and fan can be utilized all year round.

For further confidence when purchasing this product, the company Casa Vieja have been designed and producing ceiling fans for over two decades!

Customer feedback

Customers of the Casa Elite claim that this is a durable and modern design which is not only quiet and practical when it comes to the fan use, but also offers a beautiful, light feature which many highly rate as one of its best features.

6. Merrimack 52-in Antique Bronze Downrod Mount Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

For a modern ceiling fan with light that you won’t be able to miss when you walk into a room, the Merrimack model from Harbor Breeze certainly fits the bill! Best modern ceiling fan with lights and remote

This is a 52 inch indoor and outdoor model which offers the design of an antique product through its bronze finishing. Both a fan and a light, this also comes complete with a remote control.

What’s more, this practical model is an award-winning contemporary design! Offering extreme durability in its construction, this is guaranteed to provide any room in the home with outstanding beauty.

An industry-recognized name brand, this model has been recently updated to ensure that it’s even more practical in use as is possible. Therefore, now you’ll find more durable material included in its make-up, a more powerful but equally quiet motor and addition of energy-efficient LED lighting to finish.

Boasting a total of five weatherproof blades, each one is completed in a java finish. The addition of the antique bronze finishing also lends a hand here to suggest a beautifully built aged appearance overall.

The light kit itself has a globe style and bright seeded glass casing which works to profile just the right amount of illumination. Besides this, a six-inch L Downrod is included here.

With a three-speed and reversible function in the fan, this is a thorough model which is built to stand the test of time.

Finally, complete with your purchase of the Merrimack, you’ll find a remote control which allows you to control both the fan and light at your leisure.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Merrimack model claim it can be used effectively in patio settings as well as a selection of rooms in the home. It’s also claimed by many to be a beautiful addition wherever it’s installed and ultimately works to deliver great lighting and the right level of airflow.

7. Minka-Aire F518L-WH, Concept II Ceiling Fan with Light & Remote Control

Minka-Aire presents a clean white flush mount ceiling fan and light that can be set to work with the use of an accompanying remote control. This is a simplistic looking product which could fit into any room type with ease.  Ceiling Fan with Light & Remote Control

Flush mount in design and with an integrated LED,the fan element of this model works to move the air around it with ease. This is all due to its ample blade span of 44 inches.

Furthermore, a 14-degree blade pitch merely adds to maximize comfort levels all round here.
An energy-efficient model, this can be used in the home or for those smaller of offices as it’s the most dependable of constructions and works effectively with a quieter performance.

The integrated and dimmable LED light assures that just the right level of light is possible here and that the process of continually changing light bulbs is eradicated, also.
Usable for all year round, the remote control included as standard with this purchase has a fantastic four-speed setting to choose from. Therefore, it gives you power at the touch of a button to operate your fan or light to your individual preferences.

With optional downrods to consider purchasing as separately for this product as well as the possibility of turning any of the Minka-Aire ceiling fans into a smart ceiling fan via Alexa and Google home, this really is a forward-thinking design.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Minka-Aire model offer high rating reviews about the mere ease of installing this model, a task which can be done by almost anyone in an instant! However, the fans performance and the fantastic lighting solution it provides gets its highest rating.

8. Reiga 52 Inches Modern Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit Remote Control

For a ceiling fan and light with a difference, the Reiga model is most certainly visually unlike any other on the market! Best Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit Remote Control

This is packed with many features and offers the use of a fan, an LED light kit, and remote control.

One of the more modern designs, this is a noiseless motor. Thus, it assures it remains whisper-quiet when in performance.

Featuring a reversible option, this can be used throughout the year. With a silicon steel motor employed, the fan is also material blade pitch optimized. Thus, the blades will not deform over time or when there is excess moisture present in the air. Added to that, you can select from as many as six fan speeds.

The light feature of the model relies on a LED light fixture which at 12 Watts is completely energy efficient. Better still, this model has a fantastic ability to give out no less than three colors! Therefore, you can alternate between warm white, cool white, or full white!

With an easy to install process, all the mounting hardware you need is included with your purchase. There is also a hanging system to ensure that the fan remains well balanced.

A low energy consumption product and more durable of models, the remote control included with this ceiling fan works on speed, timing, and the reverse function. You can, therefore, operate all of these benefits from anywhere in the room.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Reiga ceiling fan find this a great device and one which is not only well priced for the features it offers, but also a most solid of designs. In operation, it’s considered to be wholly noiseless and a powerful performer.

9. Casa Delta-Wing Modern Ceiling Fan

Offering a similar look to the Reiga, the Casa Delta-Wing ceiling fan resembles the Reiga but provides more in the way of an outstanding 66 inches! Modern Ceiling Fan with Light LED Remote Control

This is a thoroughly modern-looking design, and one that wouldn’t look out of place in any living room, bedroom, or even kitchen area. Furthermore, it would also make a great small office light and fan addition.

The stunning appearance of this model is emphasized by its oil-rubbed bronze finishing motor. There are more color options to chose from though. In addition to this, the opal glass dome that houses the light fixture makes the perfect finish.

With three solid wood finished blades in total, each one has a 66-inch blade span and a nine-degree blade pitch.

The light fixing of this product ensures an energy efficient ambient lighting offering, which gives a built-in 12 watt LED.

With a downrod included with your buy, here you’ll also find a remote control as standard. This means you can operate both fan and light at a pace to suit you.

Furthermore, the fan has a manual reverse airflow, alongside three speeds ranging from low to medium to high. Thus, you can operate this fan at an energy efficient process throughout the entire year, regardless of the weather outside.

With the ability to select this model from a specialist ceiling fan designer and creator and one that has been in operation for over two decades, you can be assured that Case Vieja products are built to last.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Delta Wing offer some high ratings for this model and its overall ability to shift a great deal of air in any room, while thoroughly improving its comfort levels in the process. As well as looking lovely in its design, it’s also considered the easier of models to install.

10. Westinghouse Lighting Remote Control Indoor Ceiling Fan

Our final ceiling fan with a light on the list to review here is that of the Westinghouse model. This also comes complete with a remote control alongside a fantastic visual aspect, which makes it one of the most perfect choices for any room type. Best modern ceiling fans with lights and remote

This is a transitional indoor ceiling fan that at 69 inches claims to be ideal for all rooms that are up to 400 square feet in total.

Also, six reversible blades finished in an applewood/cherry color, are all oil rubbed, and bronze finished, with off-set blade brackets. This all adds elements of uniqueness to the entire design.

The light kit included with this fan provides an excellent opal frosted glass casing and can accommodate LED bulbs of 8 watts, of which two are included with your purchase, giving an energy-saving equivalent of 60 watts.

The high quality motor employed in this design makes sure that the performance is the most powerful and actively delivers the air movement required in the rooms it’s placed in.

Additionally, it aims to do all this as quietly as possible.

The remote control included with this model allows you to conveniently control and change the fan and the light, even accessing a dimmable process.

With an additional lifetime motor warranty and a two-year warranty available on all other parts, this is ideal for those larger of areas in the home, including loft spaces.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Westinghouse fan and light claim this not only performs well but looks fantastic when installed. With the light offering an excellent level to suit, the fan element of this model is highly favorite with many outstanding reviews about its ultra-cooling performance.

Final Thoughts on Best Modern Ceiling Fans with Lights and Remote Control

Overall, we feel that these reviewed models are a fantastic addition to the home and a thoroughly practical solution to all rooms.

With the ability to operate conveniently using a remote to select both the light and fan at the same time or simply utilize one function at a time, undoubtedly, all the models here prove that you don’t have to compromise between quality lighting and great comfort when the temperature rises.

Ultimately, as all are energy efficient performers – you can indeed select the fan function to run throughout the year and thus increase the comfort of your immediate environment, all the while with a model that looks great as a centerpiece for all visitors to admire.

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