12 Best Luxury King Size Comforter Sets-2021 Reviews

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Table of Contents

Comforters sets offer an excellent opportunity for interior design. Whether your design preference is simple stripes, elaborate patterns, themed motif, embroidered decoration or jacquard patterning, you will find something that suits your bedroom in this post.

When a comforter comes as a set, it offers an even more elegant display of practical use with a touch of abundance as you pamper yourself or your guests. This is what to expect with the best types of luxury comforter set.

The truth is that a comforter will provide you with warm comfortable sleep. However, accessorizing and accompanying it with matching shams and complimentary designs on the pillow cases adds to your existing décor. Some comforter sets will go as far as including bed sheets as well for a complete package.

No matter what your taste and bedding linen needs, you are likely to fall in love with some, if not all of the options reviewed below that are not only available for  King beds, but other standard beds sizes a well.

Best Luxury King Size Comforter Sets Reviews

1. Hampton Hill Lauren King Size Bed Comforter Duvet Luxury Set

The beauty of interior décor is that it has many facets that range from dressing the ceiling, walls, floor and finally furniture. In your bedroom, what makes all those efforts come together is the how you dress your bed.Hampton Hill Lauren King Size Bed Comforter Duvet 2-In-1 Set

Comforters are a great way of putting a final stamp of the décor in your room.

If you fancy an awesome print and a hint of vintage in your comforter, you are likely to fall in love with the Hamptons Hill Lauren Bed Comforter Duvet.

This bedding has a nice soft feel to the touch and the construction is solid with excellent practical elements to it that deliver on aesthetic and utility.

The king size dimensions stand at 110″ x 96” lavishly spreading over the entire bed and flowing to the sides of the bed just an inch short from touching the ground.

The face of the comforter is a durable soft fabric with a decent weight that constitutes of 24% Rayon and 76% Polyester. The print on the face of this unit is luxurious paisley design.

A very practical element to this comforter is that it can be used in reverse. This is great because it allows you to change the look of your room every so often depending on mood and preference. The reverse is 100% polyester.

The unit has a nice weight without being too heavy and does a nice job of snuggling you for warmth as you sleep. It has moderate puff from the 100% Polyester fill.


  • The dimensions of this king size comforter are 110″ L x 96” W. This unit is also available in queen size.
  • Face of the unit has high quality fabric that includes 24% Rayon and 76% Polyester
  • The unit has polyester fill and is reversible. Reverse side is 100% polyester
  • Available as 1 comforter with a removable duvet insert
  • The unit includes 2 standard shams, 3 euro shams, and 3 decorative pillows
  • Comes in varied colors like; blue, mocha/blue, neutral/grey, blue.

This set offers the complete package that makes your bed an actual part of the décor in your room. Between the embroidered pillows and the antique paisley print that never grows old on soft fabric, your bedroom will achieve the exquisite quaint aesthetic. The blue, rich espresso and mocha colors also play well to most décor themes, ensuring that your bedroom is enlivened with complementing colors.

Customer feedback

Customers who used this unit were quick to point out that the comforter is heavy duty and very well constructed with a gorgeous stitching. Users who have pets in their households said that their pets also love this comforter, and for that reason they advise to place something over a section of the unit for your pet to snug on. They added the reversible aspect of this unit works great for breaking monotony.

2. Madison Park Essentials Cozy Bag Comforter Set

Are you looking to brighten up your bedroom? Well, the popular Madison Park Essential Cozy Bag Comforter just might be the bedding set to help you bring that colorful change to your bedroom space.Madison Park Essentials Cozy Bag Comforter Set

This set has a lot to offer starting with its meticulous and solid construction.

The flowing material of this 104” x 92” king size comforter flows continuously and generously spills over to the sides .

A bed skirt with 15” drop drapes the side of the bed all the way the floor. The whole surface of the unit has nice continuity with no stitching in sight. This flow is graced with warm beautiful and intricate medallion patterns repeating across surface of the comforter.

The interplay of colors on this bedding unit is heartwarming and cheerful as it displays shades of coral and aqua with oversized print.

Further, this comforter has moderate puff with a soft feel that covers you for adequate warmth. The microfiber fabric is not only luxuriously soft, but is also wrinkle free and resistant to shrinking and remains so even after several washes.

This set comes with a high thread count cotton sheet that bears the same medallion pattern as the comforter for a complete matching look.


  • The king size comforter dimensions are 104″ L x 92” W. This unit also comes in other sizes including twin/ twin XL/ full/ queen.
  • The unit’s frontal surface has oversized medallion patterns and the fabric on the comforter microfiber material
  • Comfortable moderate loft on the unit is made possible by lightweight fill of microfiber
  • Comes as a set of 1 comforter, 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet and 1 bed skirt
  • The unit is accompanied by 2 king shams, 2 pillow cases and 1 decorative pillow.
  • The same pattern comes in several other color combinations such as; serenity blue/ serenity yellow/ serenity aqua/ coral/ serenity taupe.

When you dress your bed with this set, you will love the brightened, cheerful look and feel that the comforter brings to your space.

Customer feedback

Users who were looking for a comforter set that brings life and cheer into the room, shared that this bedding set does exactly that. Some mentioned that the unit is very comfortable but the cotton bed sheets with a 180 thread count can feel a tad rough at first. Nothing a few washes and some fabric softener won’t fix.

3. Chic Home Zarah 10 Piece Bedding Set

The Chic Home Zarah 10 Piece Bedding delivers on the elegant sophisticated style you want your bedroom to have. It does so in a wholesome way that entails a collective effort of quality fabric, design, color and bedding accessories such as pillows and accents.Chic Home Zarah 10 Piece Bedding Set

This Chic king comforter set has a minimalist design made from microfiber material and fluffed up with lightweight synthetic fill. The down alternative stuffing can be a good option for persons who suffer allergies as a result of down fill.

This bedding unit has been elegantly pieced together using banding color blocking technique that adds a 3D visual effect for a beautiful finish.

The microfiber material is high quality and does not rustle when you turn on your bed. The lightly filled comforter is warm, snuggly and will have you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

What’s more, this 10 set comforter comes with plenty of complementing goodies such as throw pillows and color matching pillow cases that cap off the design magnificently.


  • The dimensions of this king size comforter are 104″ L x 90” W. Also available in queen size.
  • This unit has high quality microfiber fabric that is soft and wrinkle free
  • The moderate synthetic fill is hypoallergenic with a comfy loft
  • It is a 10 piece set that includes 1 comforter, 4 Sheet Set and 2 Pillowcases
  • The unit also has 2 Shams,1 decorative pillow,1 breakfast pillow and 1 neck roll pillow
  • Available in various colors such as; grey/ navy/ red

With such a loaded comforter set design in your preferred color, this set is all you need to transform your bedroom décor and elevate the level of elegance.

Customer feedback

Users who purchased this item shared that they loved the total package. They praised the whole presentation on the bed and said it transforms the entire look of your bedroom. They also mentioned that they felt like they had ordered a fancy expensive set than suggested by the actual price tag. Some pointed out that they had to buy more than one set and in different colors for other bedrooms in the home.

4. Jennifer Taylor Home 9 Piece King Size Embroidered Comforter Set

Are you looking to add a majestic plush look to your bedroom? If yes, the Jennifer Taylor Home Embroidered Woven Comforter Set might just be suitable for your purpose.Jennifer Taylor Home 9 Piece King Size Embroidered Woven Plush Comforter Set

This king bedding set is made to impress by being oversized and incorporating several decorative designs for a lavish, imperial look.

The material used in this creation is 100% polyester, with an entire midsection that has a floral print while the overflowing sides are graced with mini diamond baffle boxes.

The contrast of color is very well done as it gels well with the floral patterns in the mid-section and on the accents that are either patterned or embroidered.

Then, the unit is moderately filled, fairly lightweight and is sure to keep you warm and toasty even on the coldest of nights.

High quality polyester is both soft and durable requiring low maintenance. While this unit comes across as sophisticated, it’s easy to care for as it can be dry cleaned or spot washed.


  • The king size comforter has dimensions of 110″ L x 96” W. Available also in queen size as well.
  • This unit displays a beautiful surface that’s made from high quality polyester with a floral print.
  • A moderate fill ensures a subtle puff that delivers adequate warmth on cold nights and breathable on warmer nights.
  • The set comes with 1 comforter and 1 bed Skirt
  • Accompaniments include 2 Euro shams, 2 Standard Shams, 2 Pillowcases and 1 Bolster
  • Available in gold color

This gold set is very welcoming, inviting and will have you looking forward to coming home every day. Given that your bed is a space that you spend a great deal of time resting on, it deserves to look great. This 9 set comforter helps you achieve that with relative ease.

Customer feedback

Customers who purchased this unit shared that it’s very well constructed with durable polyester. Further, they pointed out the moderate puff is comfortable for all year round. The bed skirt is a good addition if you like your bed made up immaculately. The pillows round off the comforter set quite nicely.

5. Chic Home 9 Piece Como Decorator  Luxurious Comforter Set

This Chic Home 9 Piece Como Decorator Comforter Set is an oversized King at 110”L x 96”W and Overfilled for a plush inviting look.Chic Home 9 Piece Como Decorator  Comforter Set

At such a size, the comforter exudes a majestic look as it lavishly spreads over you entire king bed and generously spills over the sides.

As part of this 9 piece set, is a bed skirt that when attached to the sides of the bed, offers a nice contrast while adding to the majesty of the design and overall look.

Other than good construction, this comforter’s plushness is brought about by the use of a microfiber material that is smooth and soft.

Moreover, the unit is covered by beautiful vintage floral patterns all across the surface that makes your bed look amazing and easily matches with the bedroom’s décor.

Most comforters often start to come undone around the hem revealing fill material which marks the beginning of deterioration and a premature decline of the comforter. The edges of this unit have a faux silk pleated flange which not only presents a gorgeous finish, but is also protective in nature against daily wear and tear

The decorative pillows are nothing short of elegant. They accentuate the inviting feeling of abundance and of going to bed in a cloud.

The colors of different shades of gold, contrast beautifully with the white aspects on the pillows and bed sheets.


  • Dimensions of this king size comforter are 110″ L x 96” W. The unit is also available in queen size.
  • This unit feel soft against your skin thanks to the high quality microfiber fabric
  • The filling on this comforter is synthetic and ensures a moderate puff that retains warmth for comfortable sleep.
  • Comes as a set of 1 comforter with faux silk flange and bed skirt
  • The unit is also accompanied by 2 standard shams, 2 euro shams, 1 round pillow and 1 cushion.
  • This comforter is available in 2 colors; blue and gold

If you are thinking of upgrading the look of your bed, this is a good option to go with that will bring transformation to your space and with it, fantastic sleeping comfort.

Customer feedback

Customers who got this comforter set liked the immaculate design that is not only comfortable to sleep on, but is also a joy to look at once you have the bed made. Some customers also like the faux silk flange approach as it protects the vulnerable edges from the ravages of daily wear and tear.

6. Harbor House 4-Piece Maya Bay Oversized King Comforter Set

The Harbor House 4-Piece Maya Bay Cotton Embroidered Oversized King Comforter Set is the very definition of elegance.Harbor House 4-Piece Maya Bay Oversized King Comforter Set

The sea themed set brings a relaxed look and feel to the bedroom. This bedding unit is made from 100% cotton fabric and features embroidered coastal motif in dusty seafoam thread and trims for fabulous calming display.

The whole central section of the comforter is beautifully embroidered with patterns of star fish and what seems to be the bird’s eye view of a jelly fish motif.

The embroidery is neat and the threading colors are so on point and effortless, bringing out that sea and beach feel. With this unit in your bedroom, you will literally have succeeded in infusing a coastal vibe to your space.

That central part is framed off in a blue border and the rest of the unit is plain white cotton that generously drapes on to the edges of your bed and spills over to the sides.

The accompanying bed skirt has a 15 inch drop further enhancing a drapery feel.

The mix and matching of pillows is just as exquisite as some are in seafoam blue while others have embroidered see patterns on them.

The color contrast is uncomplicated yet so elegantly done that you can’t help but want to grace your rooms with this beautiful themed comforter set.


  • The dimensions on this king size unit are 108″ L x 96” W. The comforter set is also available in twin/ full/ queen/ California king.
  • The unit has gorgeous face of high quality cotton with a 200 thread count.
  • This unit is soft and plush from moderate filling of synthetic material
  • It comes as a set of 1 comforter and bed skirt
  • It comes with 2 standard shams
  • It is available in coral aqua, Seafoam blue, quilted seashell white, Paisley blue

The good thing about a cotton fabric with 200 thread count is the easy care that comes with it. It is not only durable but can withstand machine washing for the long haul without shrinking.

Customer feedback

Users of this unit loved that the king size because it generously spreads well for an amazing look that complements the rest of the bedroom décor. They also noted that the comforter has a decent thickness capable of keeping you warm on chilly nights. The colors also worked for a majority of customers.

7. HiEnd Accents Barbwire Rustic Western Faux Suede 7 Piece Luxury Comforter Set

This comforter set is made from 100% polyester. Polyester is a great choice of material in comforters for the reason that it is flexible, extremely durable and does not shrink even after plenty of washes.HiEnd Accents Barbwire Rustic Western Faux Suede 7 Piece Comforter Set

With the HiEnd Accent Barbwire Rustic Western Faux Suede Comforter Set, you can be sure the entire unit will maintain its rustic and magnificent look for a long time to come. When looking for longevity and comfort, high quality polyester such as this unit is often a good a choice

Further, if you love the wild, wild west and the rustic features that geography naturally offers, then you will likely find this chocolate brown faux suede bedding ensemble with barbed wire embroidery and silver buckles irresistible.

This super-sized king comforter is a deep mocha chocolate color with a nice attractive sheen contrasted with patches of white on the top edge, while the bed skirt neatly wraps up the whole display in gorgeous fashion.

The faux suede, buckles and studs on the pillows help harmonize the theme.


  • The unit’s super king size dimensions are 110″ L x 96” W. You can get this same set in other sizes as well including super queen/twin/full
  • This unit is made from high quality Polyester for softness and longevity
  • The comforter is filled with lightweight synthetic fill for a moderately fluffy look
  • Available as a set of 1 comforter and bed skirt
  • The set includes 2 king shams, 2 accent pillows and 1 neck roll pillow
  • The unit is available in 2 colors chocolate and tan

If you’re looking to add some rustic elements of charm to your bedroom, this comforter set is the perfect way to do it. It complements other decorative features such as wood in your home including furniture and flooring.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this unit mentioned it looks great in any room, whether master or guest room. They added that the unit very well constructed. One customer shared that she bought this comforter for her daughter’s room which has a cowgirl theme. The result is fantastic.

8. Five Queens Court Palmer Damask Luxury 4 Piece Comforter Set

The Five Queens Court Palmer Damask Luxury Comforter Set is a magnificent piece of work that can add a touch of class, elegance and sophistication without seeming like you are trying too hard. The 100% polyester material selection reassures you that this comforter set is not just a pretty face but will maintain the exquisite look many machine washes down the line.Five Queens Court Palmer Damask Luxury 4 Piece Comforter Set

The material selection features a polyester face with unmistakable traditional woven chenille damask in rich tones of teal and navy infused with soft gold. The oversized comforter sprawls over an area of 110” by 96” and is embellished with solid indigo silk to complement the polyester fabric. The pillows add a luxurious pampered look to the whole display.

The gorgeous look is the finished off with a stripped decorative beds skirt that has a 15” drop.

This drapes the sides of the bed and comes a few millimeters shy from the floor. The bed skirts includes split corners that look neat and conform well to the bed’s right angled corners.


  • This over sized comforter has the following dimensions;110″ L x 96” W. The comforter set is also available in queen and California king
  • The unit is made from 100% polyester with touches of silk and an excellent traditional print.
  • Lightweight synthetic fill has been used moderately to given the unit a soft and plush feel
  • The set comes with 1 comforter and a bed skirt
  • This 4 piece set also includes two pillow shams
  • Comes in a beautiful color way of teal, gold and navy blue

Luxury in a comforter is a combination of several things. Fabric plays a big role and polyester offers artistic beauty and longevity. That and the choice of print patterns come together harmoniously to offer you aesthetic luxury that enhances your sleeping experience and transforms your bedroom décor. This comforter scores highly in all these regards.

Customer feedback

Customer who bought this unit expressed that it was worth every penny. That’s because the comforter is well constructed and the accessories blend well with the surrounding décor of the room. Users added that the color scheme on the unit is gorgeous. The gold for instance really shines through when the light hits it. If you are looking for a subtle rich luxurious look, you can’t go wrong with this unit.

9. Sherry Kline China Art Brown 6-Piece King Luxury Comforter Set

This is a highly luxurious set made from high quality jacquard pattern. The Sherry Kline China Art Brown 6-Piece King Comforter Set was inspired by a piece of Chinese Art that had color themes of brown and gold. That explains why this rich comforter looks like it jumped right out of a painting because it has immaculate artistic beauty.

While there are many Asian themes to choose from when it comes to comforters, you would be hard pressed to find anything close to the league of this comforter set.

The Asian-inspired flare comes in a jacquard pattern of dark red peppered with gold and a decent weight. The unit is thick and has a pleasant softness made possible by synthetic fill.

The interior of the comforter is beige. The color contrast displayed by this unit is superb. The bed skirt is of a dull gold color which blends well with the decorative pillows that are lavishly detailed with gorgeous trims.

This comforter is fairly heavy and therefore care might mean dropping it off at dry cleaners for cleaning.


  • The dimensions of this king size comforter are 102″ L x 92” W
  • The comforters face is high quality jacquard Asian pattern in red and gold colors
  • This unit is thick and soft thanks to a generous synthetic fill
  • The comforter set come as 1 comforter and bed skirt
  • Other accompaniments include 2 shams, boudoir pillow, and square pillow

If you are going to go for a rich classy look with your bed, then you can’t afford to pull any punches with your bedding selection. This unit is perfect for a majestic look and the unapologetic artful luxurious feel.

Customer feedback

Upon receiving their purchase, most customers pointed out that the set is more beautiful in person. The red and gold are dark and rich. Users loved that the comforter has a very high loft and soft feel. Whether using this unit for the master bedroom or the guest room, you can expect plenty of compliments from anyone who lays their eyes on it.

10. Madison Park Signature Urban Cabin Cotton Jacquard  9 Piece Comforter Set

The simplicity in design, color scheme and fabric can sometimes stand out in a comforter as is the case of this elegant simple Madison Park Signature Urban Jacquard Comforter set.

The unit has a fabulous look from the patterned high quality jacquard 100 % cotton fabric.

The face of this comforter has large boxed stripes with various shades of black that contrasts fabulously with the predominantly white aspects of the unit.

Furthermore, the finely checkered base adds to that beautiful color contrast. Buttons that line the bottom part of the unit also add a touch of vintage charm to the design of the comforter.

The incredible softness of the unit and the moderate loft is as a result of polyester filling.

This comforter is light enough when sleeping under it and warms enough to keep you nice and toasty for bliss full sleep on those cold nights.

The unit’s elegance is indeed in its simplicity.


  • The size of this king comforter is 110″ L x 96” W. The unit is also available in queen.
  • The 100% cotton jacquard unit has a nice face of bold stripes and boxes
  • A polyester fill gives the comforter a comfy and plush feel to sleep on or under.
  • The unit comes as set that includes 1 comforter and accessories
  • Accompanying accessories include 2 king shams, 3 Euro shams and 3 decorative pillows
  • The unit comes in plaid brown color

The whole blend of colors, patterns and throw pillows comes together really nicely for nice display. This 100% cotton jacquard unit is what your bedroom needs for that inviting and warm cozy look.

Customer feedback

Customers who got this item pointed out that the unit is beautiful in a much understated way. Most users admitted they have been looking for this sort of bedding for a while and anytime they got close to something like this, the price tag was always beyond their rich. With this unit, they said the price is an actual bargain for the quality.

11. Sheetsnthings 8 Pieces 100% Cotton Solid White King Goose Down Bed Set

Bed comfort is absolutely crucial for deep undisturbed sleep. That’s why investing in a high quality comforter set is not exactly a luxury, but a deserved treat that every hard working person should have.

This 8 piece 100% Cotton King Goose Down Bed Set is an awesome unit to have on you bed.

The quality is impeccable and the look is magnificent ensuring that your bedroom looks amazing and a joy to come home to after a long day of work or leisure.

Even from just a cursory glance, you can tell the comforter and its bed accessories are well constructed.

Most comforters often begin to get undone from the edges, exposing fill material as well encouraging fraying on the fabric. However, you can see this comfort has piped edges, which means no chance of them coming undone.

The material used for the shell is 100% cotton with a thread count of 300 for pleasant softness, durability and a good look that’s speaks of quality.

Further, the comforter has a generous fill of luxurious goose down of 600 fill power for exquisite fluffiness.

The comforter also has a box stitch construction design that serves two purposes. An aesthetic look and holding the fill material in place eliminating any chance of clamping or cold spots.

The pillow cases are incredibly soft thanks to the 100% cotton with a luxuriously high thread count of 600 that has a pleasant feel to you skin.


  • The dimensions of this king size comforter are 110″ L x 96” W. Also available in queen size/full/California king
  • Made from 100% cotton with a thread count of 300 fabric and adorned with box stitch construction. The thread count of cotton used on the pillows is 600 extremely soft and durable
  • The unit has a generous dose of goose down fill with a 600 fill power for high loft
  • Comes as 1 goose down comforter with 1 flat sheet and 1 fitted sheet.
  • The comforter is also accompanied with 2 pillowcases.
  • Available in wide array of colors

If you are totally sold on the quality and design of this unit, it’s quite easy to get several sets in different colors to keep your bedroom’s décor fresh and the quality of your sleep consistent. Since this unit has an extensive array of colors and sizes to work with, it also becomes very possible to get varied sizes to suit other rooms in the home such as, guest rooms and children’s rooms.

Customer feedback

Over and above the excellent construction and design, customers loved the fact that this bedding has a good weight that is not too heavy. They were pleasantly surprised with the unit’s utility during summer because of the high breathability of cotton and goose down. The comforter is also pleasantly warm in winter months shielding you from the harsh cold. This is an excellent buy and comes highly recommended.

12. Tommy Bahama Clearwater Cay 3 Piece Comforter Set

Simple and elegant is the only way to describe the Tommy Bahama Clearwater Cay Comforter Set. Simple in this case should never be misconstrued to mean substandard quality. Quite the contrary as this comforter’s shell is made from 100% cotton fabric with a high thread count for softness you will love and longevity you can trust.Tommy Bahama Clearwater Cay 3 Piece Comforter Set

The edges which are often vulnerable to the ravages of wear and tear have been constructed to remain resilient for the long haul thanks to piped edges.

This comforter has soft and moderate loft pleasant on your body as you lay under this cover. That’s because the fill is lightweight polyester which is also fairly breathable. On those warm summer nights, this comforter works in your favor because it’s breathable and the cotton fabric has five star moisture wicking abilities.

On colder nights, the comforter is snugly and able to maintain heat to a comfortable degree. The lateral stripes bear sea colors that give a chilled out vibe to your room.

If your like you designs minimalist, then this comforter is just that.


  • The king size comforter stands at 110″ L x 96” W and is also available in queen
  • Has a beautiful face and a minimalist look made from 100% cotton
  • The unit has polyester fill for a nice moderate fluffy look
  • This unit comes as a set of 1 comforter and two shams
  • Available in pastel blue and white strips

If you love a simple look that’s stylish, uncluttered with a cool clean vibe, then this comforter set is a lovely option to brighten your bedroom with and enjoy quality sleep at the same time.

Customer feedback

Some customers who bought this unit mentioned that it was like sleeping under a cloud. It’s beautiful, comfortable, soft and warm. Other users were totally sold on the choice of colors and craftsmanship. They remarked that they would recommend this comforter set any day.


Your bedroom might have amazing decor but have one missing key ingredient with great potential of bringing out the full aesthetic appeal of your space. The best comforter sets can be that key piece that harmonizes your bedroom decor. All the above options are excellent comforters spanning a wide range of budgets, styles, complexity and simplicity that not only brightens your room but also help make you sleeping experience a blissful one.

All the product reviews above reveal how well high quality fabrics such as polyester, cotton and microfiber can harmoniously work in tandem with fill material such as goose down and synthetic fill to provide comforters that are breathable and luxuriously warm for all year around use. The plethora of design to choose from also ensures that your bedroom reflects your personal sense of style.

Whether preparing for the winter or summer, you want to go for a comforter set that delivers on the aesthetic as well as on the utility front. With all the above to choose from, you are spoilt for choice.

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