2021 7 Best Luxury Bed Sheets Worth Every Penny

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Sleep is important, so isn’t it equally crucial to find the best bed sheets that one can hope to find in the market today? There’s a sea of knock-offs that are presented as luxury bed sheets on the online marketplace while in fact, they are substandard, low quality sheets. So beware.

Here, we seek to enlighten you on some of the best luxury bed sheets available but also elaborate on what makes them the best.

Today’s consumer is not only smarter but also seeks to use products that are devoid of harmful chemicals and sustainably produced without causing further damage to the planet.

In the product review below, you will find bed sheet brands that share that same outlook and steer clear of unhealthy chemicals in their processes. And all this, while harvesting and replenishing raw material such as trees in a sustainable way.

With that said, let’s delve into some of the best luxurious bed sheets that will have you sleeping like a baby.

Review of the Best Luxury Bed Sheets

1. Best Silk: Thxsilk Luxury Silk Sheet Set

It’s almost impossible to have a conversation on luxury bed sheets without the mention of silk. Silk as a fabric has been in existence for centuries and at one point in the ancient world it was extremely valuable and only the crème de la crème of society had access to it.Thxsilk Luxury Silk Sheet Set

Silk originated in China. Because of its high value, it helped the Chinese dynasty profit and thrive for thousands of years. At the time, how silk was produced was a closely state guarded secret. The fabric was so valued that only the emperor of china could wear silk clothing.  So clearly, the recognition of silk as a luxury fabric did not start recently but that fact was etched a long time ago in the annals of ancient history.

The Thxsilk Sheet Set has the look and feel of luxury written all over it. This bed sheet set has a gorgeous luster and when used to dress your bed, it conforms to it in a way that only silk can.

When sleeping, the silk bed sheet sits lightly on you and follows the contours of your body-hugging your skin for a blissful luxurious silken smooth feel. If fabric were poetry, it would be written in silk because of the fluid and graceful ebbs and flow it possess naturally.

The beauty of this bed set is that whether you are a hot or cold sleeper, you will find it comfortable due to the fabric’s ability to breathe as well as wick moisture. Silk’s natural temperature-regulating attributes keep your sleep comfortable in every season.

The bed set comes as a set of 4 pieces which includes; 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillow shams that are sure to give your bedroom a stunning and stylish not to mention luxurious look.

It’s fair to say that not all silks are equal in terms of quality and finesse. There are a number of high-quality silks that are impressive in the world of silks. These range from Charmeuse, Habotai Tussah Silk, Dupioni Silk, and Mulberry silk.

The reason why the Thxsilk Silk Sheet set looks so luxurious and stands out from the pack is that it has been made from the highest quality of silk there is. And that’s mulberry silk.

Mulberry silk is pure and refined than all other types of silk. That’s made possible by how it is produced. This silk is made from silkworms raised on a strict and exclusive diet of mulberry leaves. The result is pure mulberry silk that is characterized by individual long fibers.

If you are allergy-prone because of your bedding material, you will be glad to know that this luxury sheet set made from 100% mulberry silk is hypoallergenic. Mulberry silk also naturally contains a protein known as sericin that diminishes the possibility of allergic reactions to near zero.

It is also reassuring to know that this bed set is Oeko-Tex certified. This certification signifies that the fabric used is constructed without any use of harmful chemicals or dyes.


  • The king-size has 108 inches of length and 102 inches of width. It is also available in queen/full/California king
  • It is a 4 piece silk bed set comprising of 2 pillow shams,1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet
  • Hand wash is recommended with gentle soap (machine wash is possible with lukewarm water of 30 degrees centigrade on a gentle cycle
  • The material is 100% 19 Momme pure mulberry silk
  • This is a hypoallergenic bed set
  • It comes in several colors: black, red, white, grey, charcoal, champagne, emerald, green, metallic gold, charming pink, and purple

This bed set is the epitome of luxury which is smooth on the skin. It allows you to sleep cool and dresses your bed in a stunning aesthetic. Mulberry silk is also very durable so you can be sure that you will be enjoying the luxury of this bed set for a long time to come.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this set appreciate the finer things in life, and they don’t come any better than mulberry silk bedding. Users shared that the bed sheets perfectly fit their bed sizes even with a thick mattress. They also shared that the shams are gorgeous as they come decorated with flanges and envelope closure in the back. Other than the unit’s aesthetic appeal and gorgeous texture, customers loved that the Thxsilk Sheets are naturally hypoallergenic. Customers also appreciated the variety of colors as they offer a choice on what will best match the décor needs of any given bedroom.

2. Best Cooling: Sheex Original Performance Cooling Sheet Set

Sleep is crucial for staying healthy and whole. Alongside eating healthy, exercise and a comfortable mattress, quality bed sheets are a must if you want to achieve deep restorative sleep. The Sheex Original Performance Set can help you do that if you are a cool sleeper.Sheex Original Performance Cooling Sheet Set

This bed set is made from 87% microfiber Polyester and 13% Spandex. The resulting fabric is strong, durable and has great elasticity. The fitted sheet comes equipped with athletic grade elastic that ensures a good baseline for comfortable sleep. Its corners are well trapped and allow the sheet to stay in place all night even if you toss and turn a lot in your sleep.

Further, the composition of the fabric allows good breathability, elasticity, and does a fine job of dissipating heat while helping your body naturally achieve a comfortable temperature for deep sleep.

Polyester microfiber has the ability to wick moisture from your skin when feeling hot.  The breathable fabric also has good aeration. These two features are vital in thermoregulation and helping the body naturally stay cool during sleep.

Just the right amount of stretch throughout the bed sheets is made possible by the presence of 13% spandex. This not only feels comfortable against your skin but generally makes the bed sheets a joy to handle when making your bed. The 4 Piece set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and 2 pillow shams.

Sheex Original Performance Bed Sheet Set comes in different sizes to suit the varied bed sizes. The fitted sheet is of particular note because it comes with deep corner pockets that will almost fit all mattress sizes effortlessly. Twin set will accommodate a mattress of up to 14” thickness while the full set of sheets will take on up to 16” maximum thickness. Queen and king and Cal King size bed sheet sets can handle mattresses with up to a maximum thickness of 18 and 20 inches respectively.


  • Its king-size dimensions are 108 inches in length x 102 inches in breadth. Other available sizes are; queen/full/twin/twin XL/California king/Split King
  • This 4 piece silk bed sheet set includes; 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 2 pillow shams (the twin/twin XL come with only one sham)
  • It is machine wash friendly on low tumble with no dryer
  • The fabric is a combination of 87% and 13% spandex
  • It is available in several colors; blush pink, white, black, Carolina blue, garnet, ecru, forest, khaki, graphite, Lavender, pearl blue, and Navy

This bed sheet set has a lustrous look and comes with a wide selection of colors to match any bedroom décor. Please note that fabric care for this sheet set demands that you NOT use softener or bleach.

Customer feedback

Most customers who got this unit appreciated the inclusion of 13% spandex in the fabric as it makes it stretchy and comfortable to sleep on and handle. Users mentioned they liked the durability as well that comes from the polyester. Most notably however, cool sleepers shared that this sheet set worked for them but some hot sleepers on the other hand did not find this bed set to be the most suitable option for them.

3. Best Bamboo: Degree 5 Dreamfit Bamboo Rich Naturally Cooling Sheet Set

Of the many luxurious fabrics that exist in making bedding products bamboo fabric is right up there with them.Degree 5 Dreamfit Bamboo Rich Naturally Cooling Sheet Set

The Degree 5 Dreamfit Bamboo Cooling Sheet Set brings the beauty and elevated comforts of bamboo rayon to your bedroom. This bed sheet set is made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton for the ultimate bedding luxury and other benefits.

Cotton and its many attributes are well known as a fabric. However, the same cannot be said of bamboo. Like cotton, bamboo is a plant that can be turned into fabric. To be precise, bamboo is in effect a tree which is the fastest growing in the class of trees. It has been known to have growth spurts of 119 centimeters in 24 hours. Because bamboo has an elaborate root network system, it does need to be replanted.

Even after being harvested, a new shoot will keep popping from the ground to form new bamboo tree. This is significant because it means bamboo is a sustainable and natural source of luxury sheet material. The fabric that is made from the bamboo plant is known as bamboo viscose. It considered superior to other cellulose fibers.

In case you are coming across the bamboo varicose fabric for the first time and have doubts about its efficacy, perhaps the knowledge that this fabric is also used to make a wide range of products such as bathrobes, surgical masks, mattresses, food packaging, bandages, sanitary pads will put your mind at ease. Because of its exceptional properties including antimicrobial properties and superior comfort, bamboo fabric is an excellent choice for making bedding.

This sheet set delivers impeccable comfort because the bamboo fabric is naturally hypoallergenic and thermal regulating. That means even consumers with sensitive skin and allergy-prone as a result of bedding material, will enjoy fantastic comfort from this incredibly soft bedding set.

It also effectively helps you sleep cooler because of its highly absorbent and moisture-wicking abilities. These features are further accentuated by the addition of cotton.

Bamboo does not stop there but goes ahead to provide your sheets with high resistance to odor and bacteria.

further, bamboo rayon is very absorbent and takes dye with ease which translates to colors that hold fast and remain true even after many washes. So you can be sure that your luxury bed sheets will remain lustrous, aesthetic, and comfortable for many years.

This 4 piece bed sheet set comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and 2 pillow shams. The fitted sheet features 1 inch DreamFlexTM corner bands that are four times wider and 20 times stronger than the regular bands you have seen in other fitted sheets. That basically guarantees a secure fit on any mattress, especially adjustable beds and you can be sure your fitted sheet will stay in place unless you choose to remove it.


  • The king size dimensions are 108 inches length by 102 inches width. The set also comes in queen, full, twin, and twin XL
  • The set comprises of 2 sheets (one flat sheet and one fitted sheet) as well as 2 pillow shams
  • It is a machine wash friendly set with low maintenance
  • The materials features are a combination of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton
  • The set is hypoallergenic
  • It is available in several colors schemes; blue, ecru, sand, grey, and white

The fabric combination is excellent for a lustrous aesthetic look and luxurious comfort that helps you sleep better and deeper. It is also very easy to maintain.

Customer feedback

Users who settled for this sheet set love that these sheets stay on the bed thanks to DreamFlexTM corner bands. Even on sleepless nights, these do not badge when your partner has lots of movement and readjustments. The set works great with an adjustable bed as well. Customers mentioned the set is durable and comfy to sleep on with thermoregulation. According to a number of customers, these sheets are truly great value for money.


4. Best Percale, US Pima: Thomas Lee Luxurious Percale Sheet Set

Have you ever been on holiday in a five-star hotel and wondered what sheets they use because they are so comfortable, crisp, and cool? A thought usually crosses your mind that if you knew what brand they use and could afford them, then you would be sure to secure a pair or three for your master bedroom. Well, the secret is out. Most of the five-star hotels’ bed sheets are made from high quality cotton with a high thread count.Thomas Lee Luxurious Percale Sheet Set

The Thomas Lee Percale Sheets are made from 100% US-grown Pima long-staple pure cotton.

Just at a glance, you can see that the quality is top grade, soft to the touch yet soft and durable. Interestingly, this cotton keeps getting softer with every wash.

This sheet set is single-ply with a 500 thread count and Percale weave for an exquisite finish and unmatched softness.

What is a percale weave? This weave forms a criss-cross pattern on the fabric. It is accomplished by having the yarn go one-under-one-over, resulting in a tight-knit structure that’s remarkably durable and delightfully smooth.

The matte finish on this fabric makes the Thomas lee Percale bed sheets breathable and excellent all year round. High quality cotton is special because it is low maintenance and withstands frequent washes well. It is no wonder why high end hotels and the guests that frequent these hotels love them so much.

Cotton fabric is known for its many attributes. The high thread count and quality use fine yarns made with long-staple Pima cotton, coupled with skilled craftsmanship that ensures an aesthetic appearance and blissful crisp and cool sleep. Whether you are a hot sleeper, cold sleeper, or in between, you will love the aesthetic and sleeping luxury that comes with this set.

Most bed sheets are prone to fraying, this is either from a lack of quality material or improper finishes. This set of sheets is very well finished, thanks to highly skilled sewing, with an impressive 12 stitches per inch leaving no room for fraying.

Cotton is susceptible to creases after washing and drying, the percale weave helps reduce the creasing effect. This shouldn’t be a cause for concern, because the sheets can either be ironed or simply make the bed with them creases and all. They will straighten themselves out in no time.


  • Its king size dimensions are 113 on the longer side and also 113 on the width. The set is available in several other sizes queen, full, California king, and Split King
  • The four-piece set is inclusive of 2 sheets (flat and fitted) and 2 pillow shams
  • Offers easy care because it is machine wash-friendly
  • The material used is 100% Pima US-grown cotton fabric
  • Only available in two colors; white and ivory

Now that you know why hotels tend to use percale bed sheets, you can enjoy the same five-star comforts on your own bed with the Thomas Lee Percale Sheet Set.

Customer feedback

Consumers who love that hotel-like luxury on their beds shared they were glad to discover this set. That’s because the percale weave is excellent to look at but also soft and very durable. Those with an eye for detail appreciated the high quality stitching and finish. Some users mentioned they like the single-ply size that is neither too thin, not too thick. These are just about perfect. They loved the deep pockets that swallow a 12″ mattress with no looseness left. Customers said that the fabric does wrinkle quite a bit, but that crisp smoothness when in bed does make up for it.

For most, the price is more than they have ever paid for a sheet set, but they were glad they made the purchase because these are simply luxurious. Also, although these come in white or ivory, they clean easily in the washer. A touch of hydrogen peroxide on stubborn stains will get rid of all stains if any. This is certainly a good buy and comes highly recommended.

5. Best High Thread Count Egyptian Cotton: Superior Sarasota Premium 1500-Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Do you know a loved one in your life that has a fine appreciation for the finer things in life and eats life with a big spoon? If you have been wondering what gift to get them, then seriously consider the Superior Sarasota Premium Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set. If that person happens to be you, you should not hesitate to treat yourself to these awesome luxurious set of sheets.Superior Sarasota Premium 1500-Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

This indeed is a gift that keeps on giving as it grows softer with every wash. But as you probably already, not all cotton fabrics can be considered equal. This set is made from 100% Egyptian cotton with a high thread count of 1500. This spells pure sleeping luxury.

The sheet set is remarkably soft and continuous to become even softer with more washes.

The cotton fabric used on this product has a lustrous sheen and absorbs dyes very well. This means that colors hold fast and help keep your bed set looking and feeling fabulous despite numerous washes. The stranded fibers have been sateen weaved which explains the lustrous appeal and sheer softness.

This set comes as 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillow shams. However, you are welcome to purchase color matching duvets and additional pillowcases should you feel the need to.

Understanding the cotton fabric is important so you know what to expect.

While this high-end cotton fabric offers fantastic comfort, it also has a tendency to wrinkle. One can always iron the set after washing and drying, but most people prefer to spread the wrinkles of the sheet for a lived-in look.

The sheer comfort and bliss that this set of sheets provide are often enough to not be bothered by any arising wrinkles. But if you can’t stand wrinkles, these sheets can always be ironed.

The sheets can also be spread on the bed and will straighten themselves out with time as you continue to use them. The range of solid colors that the set comes in is a plus as it allows you to choose a color that’s more suitable to your taste.


  • Queen size dimensions are 108 inches length x 90 inches width. Other available sizes include queen, full, king and California king
  • The sheet set includes a flat sheet, a 1 fitted sheet, and two pillow shams
  • It is a low maintenance machine wash friendly set
  • The set features 100% Egyptian cotton fabric
  • This set comes in a myriad of color schemes; Mocha, gold, dusted rose, black, ivory, platinum, medium blue, sage, white and taupe

While cotton can easily stain, it is also equally easy to remove stains from the fabric because it washes well. For stubborn stains, a minimal amount of hydrogen peroxide on the stains will get the sheets looking good as new and soft as never before.

Customer feedback

Consumers have noted and often fallen prey to the many games being played in the linen market today, where a product is pitched for what it’s not. But customers who bought this product were delighted that it is the real deal and delivers a true 1500 thread count real Egyptian long-staple cotton.

There is no doubt that this bed sheet set is of superior quality and amazingly comfortable and durable. Users highly recommend this unit as authentic based on their purchase of the same and experience of having used the product.

 6. Best 100% Cotton: Ashton Sheets 1000 Thread Count 100% Long-Staple Egyptian Pure Cotton

Luxury does not necessarily translate to prohibitively expensive. That is evident in this Long Staple Egyptian Pure cotton set by Ashton Sheets. While indeed some luxury items can be painfully expensive, this high quality set of bed sheets are well within reach. For this luxury, consumers will have to dig slightly deeper into their purse to secure a set or two of fabulous bed sheets.Ashton Sheets 1000 Thread Count 100% Long-Staple Egyptian Pure Cotton

What you can be sure of is the stark difference between ordinary or regular bed sheets and this high quality set of sheets. The difference is as clear as night and day.

If you have a problem sleeping cool and often wake up sweaty, this sheet set will literally have your back. That’s because the top grade Egyptian cotton has good aeration allowing cool air through the sheet to help regulate body temperature naturally.

Another thermo-regulating feature of this cotton fabric is the ability to absorb sweat so that you stay cooler. These two features ensure that you stay cool enough and sleep better. In cold seasons, the slightly heavier yarn used for this set’s satin weave ensures the fabric lies slightly heavier around your body for better insulation. That’s why this set of bed sheets is considered best for all year round use.

Your skin will love the cool and crisp effect of the fabric. Even ultra-sensitive skin will appreciate the sheer softness that becomes softer with every wash. If coarse fabric irritates your skin, it’s time to dig a little deeper in your purse and get these phenomenal bed sheets. Your skin and body will no doubt thank you because they not only feel great, but you will feel so much better from sleeping cooler and all through the night for uninterrupted sleep.


  • Its king size features a length of 110 inches x the width is 102 inches. Also comes in sizes are in queen and California king
  • The sheet set has 2 shams, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet
  • Offers users easy cleaning with machine wash
  • It is all made from 100% Egyptian cotton fiber
  • Offers several color selections including: ivory, white, black, burgundy, white, dark grey sea foam, plum, silver and teal

With a set of luxurious 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton, you can sleep cool and comfortable in heavenly bliss. What’s more, the material is super easy to maintain.

Customer feedback

Some customers who bought this expressed that they needed something which would help them sleep cooler. They mentioned that this was perfect because they are not only highly absorbent but also very breathable. This set is excellent for persons who get hot at night. The same users mentioned that this set has worked out well for them because they have observed that they sleep better and cooler when using this bedding. In addition, they are beautifully soft and feel amazing against the skin. The fabric is tightly woven and stands up well to frequent washes.

7. Best Linen: Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Belgian Flax Linen Bed Sheet Set

Stone and Beam Belgian Flax Linen Bed Sheet Set is made form 100% linen. When searching for luxury bedding, perhaps the two most popular fabric choices are linen and cotton. These two materials provide bedding options that are gorgeous and luxurious provided they are made of high quality. But subtle differences may appeal more to your preferences, needs and sense of style.Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Belgian Flax Linen Bed Sheet Set

This linen sheet set is light and but still more dense that cotton fabrics. It’s breathable and is for the most part wrinkle free. If you do not particularly like the creases on cotton, this linen set is an excellent alternative that’s almost wrinkle free.

A few creases may show after washing and drying, these can be ironed out with ease should you wish to. One can also opt to spread the bed with the sheets which have  fresh creases. The creases tend to disappear with some usage. Some minimal creasing is not necessarily bad as it provides a lived in look which some people like.

The subtle texture, causal luxury and impressive longevity will effortlessly fit into your everyday life. The Belgian flax linen is breathable in warm seasons for cool sleeping. This linen is denser and lies a bit more snug to the skin when one needs insulation in cold weather. This is what makes this set great for all year use.

The hemstitching adds a classic vintage touch which adds to the aesthetic appeal of the sheets. They’re also sized to fit deeper mattresses; the corner bands are strong and elastic to keep the fitted sheet in place for added comfort.


  • This King size set measures 108 inches in length and 105 inches in width. It also comes in full size
  • This 4 pieces set comprises of; 1 fitted sheet, 2 pillow shams and one flat sheet
  • It stands up well to machine wash
  • The set is constructed from 100% linen
  • The available colors include; Rose, Auba, Natural, Stone and Smoke

This set is of exceptional quality for a luxury bedding. The linen may pass as soft as you use it for the first time, but it will grow even softer with usage and subsequent washes.

Customer feedback

Customers, who bought this linen sheet set, mentioned that it’s awesome for both retaining heat and wicking moisture making it ideal for summer nights and winter. Users also said that the quality of this set is excellent because even after few dozen washes the sheets have not formed any big wrinkles, creases or tears.

Customers who used this item also recommend easy care by cold wash and then tumble dry to promote the linen’s longevity. An added bonus is that the set comes in a stylish linen drawstring bag for easy storage


Good sleep is a culmination of many factors such as eating right and working out, the bed sheets that you use play a role in the quality of sleep you get. It’s worth investing in the  luxurious bed sheets that will help you sleep cooler or warmer depending on your needs.


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