10 Best Low Profile Ceiling Fans with Lights 2020

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Table of Contents

A low profile ceiling fan with lights is a fantastic addition to any home and indeed almost any room in the house.

This is a dual-purpose item which not only provides the right level of lighting in a room but equally offers a refreshing feel to the place through distributing a good level of air throughout.

Perfect for use all year round, this is one product which really is worth the investment. Durable and available in many a fantastic finishing, a ceiling fan with lights really can add a focal point to any room it’s placed in, making it the perfect addition for living rooms, bedrooms and even in those smaller of offices.

Here we look at no less than 10 of the best low profile ceiling fans with lights currently retailing online. All chosen for their high-quality designs and indeed, components used throughout, these are also some of the most favored when it comes to highly rated customer feedback.

1. Hunter Fan Company Dempsey Low Profile Fresh White Ceiling Fan

When it comes to ceiling fans, Hunter Fan Company vast selection of highly rated and popular fans to suit most indoor rooms, from the bedroom to the living room to the  Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fanbathroom.

The first Hunter ceiling fan with lights on our list here, this is the 44 inch Dempsey model which the Hunter Fan Company believe offers both a perfect lifestyle choice and one of thorough style.

Claimed to be a fan for life, due to its rigorous design and construction, the Dempsey offers a fantastic Whisper Wind motor. Therefore, it can be guaranteed to deliver a powerful dose of much need cooler air, but all the while doing so quietly. Consequently, you get the exact power you need from a fan but without having to listen to the constant humming each time you switch it on.

Complete with a reversible motor, here you can if you want to change the direction of your fan. This allows you to select from downdraft mode or updraft mode. Many owners of such products find that they prefer to use the downdraft mode during summer and then switch to the updraft mode over those winter months. This ensures you get the very best levels of fan power at any time to suit you best.

An indoor model, the low profile element of this design ensures that it specifically fits flush to your room’s ceilings. It’s also therefore ideal for those rooms that do have lower ceilings as a result.

Included with your purchase is a remote control to allow easy access to your fan wherever you are in the room. Also, there’s an integrated light kit featuring cased white glass alongside two LED 9.8 watts bulbs to get you up and running straight away.

With efficiency to deliver light plus an airflow to 69 CFM, this model is also backed by a limited lifetime motor warranty.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Dempsey model find it to be a near-silent operation while offering a great deal of power in its fan element. Simple to put together and install, the low profile ceiling element of this design is significantly rated by many.

2. Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze provides a 44-inch ceiling fan and light which is finished in the most intricate of coloring, that of brushed nickel.  Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote (3-Blade)

This is one of their brand new models and designs and one which Harbor Breeze believe makes the ceiling fan itself stand alone in such a highly saturated market! Featuring the sleekest of mid-body layouts, this is a plush indoor ceiling fan.

Offering a more contemporary look and feel this is a different take on the more traditional of ceiling fans often seen in many homes.

A more compact and coherent of designs overall, this has been created to fit into those smaller or medium-sized rooms with absolute ease. It’s also suggested as ideal for those smaller offices where light and airflow relief is much welcomed over a working day!

Claimed to be a top seller, this fan utilizes only those industry-leading products. Therefore, making it the more powerful of models. This model also accesses an integrated LED light fixture, meaning that you will receive both air movement and essential lighting when you need it the most.

Included in the integrated kit is a dimmable light, and an 18 watts LED module. This is for use in the matte opal glass light and guaranteed to offer an energy-efficient illumination.
With three fan speeds to select, keeping your rooms environment comfortable is easy. There is also a hand-held remote control included here to allow you to operate both light and fan from anywhere you are in the room.

Whether you want to select the reverse airflow and change the fan to suit the seasons, this model offers so much choice in its flush mount design and is perfect for ease of installation by all.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Mazon find the elegance of this fan a big plus, especially when installing it as a feature piece in their home! Quiet and offering a good level of power, it is claimed to be so simple to install.

3. Prominence Home 50853-01 Benton Hugger Ceiling Fan

Prominence Home sells a Benton Hugger ceiling fan which is fantastically sized at 52 inches and is a great low profile solution for many rooms. Best low profile ceiling fans with lights
Available in a striking matte black color, this also gives a thoroughly modern finish which could complement many a rooms décor.

A flush mount model, the two piece CRS hugger of the mounting system, is included with your purchase, with a lead wire length that is set at eight inches from the adapter.
Its low profile design ensures that it is the best fit for those rooms where the extra space is most needed.

Featuring Farmhouse ceiling fan blades which are two-sided, each blade is reversible. Therefore, one side offers a soft black finishing while the other has a striking cedar grey finishing. Thus, you can alternate between the look of a farmhouse or a country house with this ceiling fan!

With a frosted globe light, there is one bulb included already offering 3000k color temperature and 8.5 watts.

Ensuring this is quiet in operation, the reversible motor is conveniently smooth and also offers a choice of three fan speeds. Therefore, you can run it even during those winter months to circulate air but at the same time cut down on associated energy costs here.

Perfect for those medium-sized rooms in the home, this is a lighter model which is claimed to be easy to install by yourself.

Customer feedback
Customers of the Prominence model love the overall look of this fan and light as it seems to blend effortlessly in with most room decors! It’s also highly rated as simple to install unit and runs quietly throughout operation.

4. Hunter Indoor Low Profile IVCeiling Fan, with pull chain control

Our second Hunter model in the list for review here is the low profile IV ceiling fan. This one, however, can be operated by a pull chain control. Hunter Indoor Low Profile IV Ceiling Fan, with pull chain control

A 42-inch white model, this product also, like its more expensive counterpart, features a WhisperWind motor. Therefore, you can still enjoy a much quieter operation when using the fan element of this model, getting the cooling power you need without the usual humming sound of a standard fan.

This pull chain model also offers you the design of a reversible motor. So, you can switch to updraft during those winter months, and back to downdraft during those warmer summer months.

With this purchase, you’ll find five white blades included as well as a pull chain. By accessing this pull chain, you can efficiently operate both the fan and light utilizing an easy on and off operation as well as speed adjustment choice.

The blades used on this model have a 13-degree blade pitch. This means that they are optimized to ensure that the air movement delivered to your choice of room is ideal and only operates at its peak performance, always.

Complete with a Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty, the Hunter Fan Company offer peace of mind and confidence, with a dedicated fan business which has been in operation for over 125 years!

Customer feedback

Customers of the Hunter IV pull chain fan love the idea of being able to access a renowned Hunter product but at a significantly reduced price. This fan is said to be the simplest to install as well as one of the quieter runners, and a perfect way to circulate air in a specific room.

5. Emerson Ceiling Fans Tilo Modern Low Profile/Hugger Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Emerson’s ceiling fan is a fantastic modern-looking choice of models which offers much more than standard fans do in its specifications. Best low profile ceiling fans with lights

This is obvious in its four-speed wall control element, which means you are guaranteed to distribute airflow to quickly adjust to your comfort levels here!

It also provides customers with two mounting options. Therefore, it can either be installed using an inclusive 4.5”down rod on those eight to nine-foot ceilings, or it can be hung close to the ceiling with your down rod. In addition to these two mounting positions, there is also further option to purchase longer length down rods for optimal airflow on those ceilings that are higher than 9”, if you prefer.

Included in the box are the fan itself, three 30” curved blades, a four-speed wall control, a 4.5” down rod and an accompanying manual.

This model benefits from a damp location approval and the use of plywood blades in its material. However, perhaps better here is the knowledge that Emerson are significant leaders of these products, selecting only those high quality of materials throughout their design, and providing meticulous workmanship to their fans and lights to ensure durable motors, tested to the highest specifications. Thus, they last for many years.

Therefore, customers can be assured of excellent looking designing on the outside, with the most impeccable of constructions on the inside as well.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Emerson model offer some highly rated reviews claiming this model may be the smaller of designs, but the power derived from it is exceptional and even gives those more expensive counterparts a run for their money!

6. Portage Bay Hugger 52″ White West Hill Ceiling Fan

Portage Bay sell a ceiling fan which comes complete with a bowl light kit. This is a model which is designed for those experiencing issues with a low ceiling in the home.Portage Bay Hugger 52" White West Hill Ceiling Fan with Bowl Light Kit
The Hugger is a 52-inch ceiling fan which measures 11.5 inches in total from the ceiling to the bottom of its light fixture.

Complete in a frosted casing, the white light kit comes with an E26/A15 bulb, and it can be dimmed to suit the room type and indeed ambiance!

Featuring a total of five blades in its makeup, these are dual designed fan blades which showcase a white color on one side with a maple coloring on the other.

Best of all, is its reversible motor feature. This ensures that you can reserve airflow, quickly changing the direction of the fan to suit your personal preferences. Therefore, it’s possible to get a proper distribution or air, whether it’s summer or winter.

Featuring a limited lifetime warranty as standard, this design is aimed that those flush-mount installations and offers a contemporary finish all-around.

A high performer in operation, it is also incredibly quiet throughout use. Ideal for most rooms in the home it can adequately supply a room space of 20 ft by 20 ft and is simple to install all by yourself.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Hugger are delighted with the ease of installing this fan and light and find it’s a great product, with a reasonable retail price. Though it’s low in cost, many claim that it looks fantastic when installed and when in use and does the job brilliantly, but all at a quieter pace.

7. Ancestry Hugger Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Casa Vieja present the Ancestry Hugger model which is visually perhaps one of the most stunning ceiling fans and lights on the list here! Hugger Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Light LED Dimmable Remote Control

This is a low profile model which measures 52 inches in size. Ideal for those rooms where you’re after a showpiece, as well as a practical light and fan solution, this is certainly a visual delight.

Flush mounted and brushed nickel in appearance, this offers four silver-finished blades and a 52-inch blade span. The blades themselves are all individually 12 degrees blade pitched.

With a hand-held remote control that allows you simple access to switch the model on and off, there is also a dimming light control included as standard.

Providing you with a selection of three-speed choices including hi, low, and medium, this is an energy-efficient light with 15-watt bulb included.

There is also the operation to manually reverse the airflow via this fan for increased comfort throughout the changing of the seasons.

Designed with the concept of giving you a refreshing breeze alongside that of some ambient lighting choices, this design is equipped with a fantastic matte interrogated opal glass light design to finish.

With over two decades of experience and supplying quality ceiling fan solutions, Casa Vieja offers the confidence of intricate craftsmanship and dedicated high-quality components used throughout all their designs.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Ancestry Hugger offer some fantastic five-star ratings on the overall quality and ultimate presentation of this ceiling fan model! A quiet and efficient working fan, the light element of this model is highly rated as offering some of the most ambient choices, making it ideal for many rooms in the home.

8. Mazon 44-in Oil-Rubbed bronze Integrated LED Indoor Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

For a fan with a difference, Harbor Breeze present their Mazon model which delivers an oil-bronzed finishing, making this a visually striking centerpiece for many a room. LED Indoor Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote

This is a flush mount ceiling fan and at 44 inches in total offers a balance of modern and contemporary purposes alongside power – and all in the one compact package. Considered ideal for those smaller of room types, it is thoroughly effective at complementing almost any room it’s placed in.

With an 18 watt LED integrated model as standard, this is not only a dimmable light choice but also completely maintenance-free. This is because there are no light bulbs as such to replace.

Ideal for those rooms with the lower ceiling features, this also offers a three-speed reversible motor in its specifications. Better still, this is all conveniently controlled by a remote control that is included, and one which can also be fitted to the attached wall cradle when not in use.

With bronze finishes and three mink plywood blades, the glass kit light included offers an integrated matte opal finishing also.

Ideal for those rooms up to 225 square feet, and featuring 16-degree blade pitches, the potential for an excellent powerful airflow is easily accessible with this design.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Mazon model love the fantastic low price of this ceiling fan and light and offer some excellent five-star reviews on both its overall presentation and indeed high performance. Claimed to be exceptionally quiet in use, it’s also mentioned as one of the simpler of models to install alone.

9. Hugger 52 Inch LED Indoor Black Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay offers a visually stunning black ceiling fan which is designed using a sleek finish and low profile structure. 

The Hugger is a 52 inch LED type fan which has five reversible blades that are finished with black on one side and mahogany on the other.

In the center of this fantastic piece is a frosted integrated opal dual-purpose light fixture, using a 9.5 watt LED bulb. This bulb also comes complete with your purchase so you can begin using it straight away.

Featuring a three-speed control usage, this is also reversible in operation, therefore, ensuring a versatile use all round.

Particularly ideal for those low ceilings, this is flush-mounted in installation and easy to put up by just one person, requiring no prior knowledge.

The light element of this design ensures optimal illumination is offered throughout whatever room it’s placed in, while the fan in operation is silent throughout but equally a powerful performing option. This is therefore considered a perfect buy for many living spaces, especially those rooms up to 20 feet by 20 feet.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Hugger love the low cost of this model, alongside its ability to offer exceptional performance for such a lower-priced model. It’s also claimed to be super quiet and very easy to install.

10. Casa Elite Modern Hugger Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Our final model for review on this list is yet another superb Casa Vieja product. This time it’s Best low profile ceiling fans with lightsthe 52-inch Elite model which is flushed mounted and brushed in nickel, making it an ideal centerpiece for almost any room in the home.

Offering a choice of three speeds, here you can select from low medium to high and reap the addition of four durable blades, alongside a manual reverse airflow option.

Coming complete with a hand-held remote control as standard, here you can switch the light and fan off and on with ease and control the dimming light from wherever you are in the room.

Designed with matte opal glass in its dome, this is an energy-efficient model which works on a 15 watt LED light.

Increasing the comfort of your living space, not only does this model work to deliver a good level of air circulation but it also offers a choice of ambient light settings – which you can use to suit individual preferences.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Elite modern Hugger offer rave reviews of how well constructed and reliable this fan and light is when installed. It’s also claimed to be yet another quiet performer which also looks great visually in any room its placed in.

Final Thoughts on Best Low Profile Ceiling Fans with Lights

Overall, all these reviewed ceiling fans with lights prove how accessible such models are and how effective they are at offering an all in one solution to suit many individual requirements.
With all claiming to work silently in operation, and with both options for winter and summer comfort, they are undoubtedly durable products which will serve many households comfortably well all year long.

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