Top 9 Best Long 48 inch Bathroom Light Fixtures of 2021

The size of lighting matters as it can determine how nice your bathroom looks right down to how much light is able to permeate all the corners of your space. For large to medium sized bathroom, a long  48” lighting fixture is a good choice for illumination when installed strategically.

Lighting plays a huge role in mood setting which is all the more reason why you should consider adding a decorative lighting fixture to your bathroom. To bring out that sense of style, playful and ambient illumination, as well as add a decorative element to that space.

So you’re thinking of making your bathroom more cozy with a long lighting fixture? Well, that’s a great thought and we have just the right fixtures to make that happen.

The options that we have reviewed below have the ability to deliver this and more. The designs are marvelous, plentiful and pocket friendly to suit different tastes. These selected fixtures are lighting units with fantastic transformative potential for your wet space.

Moreover, some of these 48” lighting fixtures are so gorgeous that their form and function extends beyond the bathroom space.

Long 48″ Bathroom Light Fixtures Review

  1. Kira Home Armada II 48″ 6-Light Modern Over Mirror Vanity/Bathroom Light

Lighting is a key element in décor and can help harmonize all other decorative elements in a home or given space. For instance, the 48” Kira Home Armada II is an excellent option that has multiple applications.

Let’s start with the bathroom, which often can be plain and boring. For most homes styling the bathroom is often never on the priority list. This can be because it just takes a long time and expenses to get through styling the other rooms in the home before ever getting to the bathroom or it can be as a result of a lack of ideas on how to do it.

Well, if it’s for lack of ideas then you are in luck. Because when you choose the correct lighting fixture to work with, you can easily transform the ambience in your bathroom for the better. This is where considering what the Kira Home Armada II light can do for your bathroom comes in.Kira Home Armada II 48" 6-Light Modern Over Mirror Vanity/Bathroom Light

The fixture has the perfect long length of 48” that catches the eye while dominating the space. The lighting is well designed and instantly infuses a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Subtle elegance wins you over because it makes this lighting work with a wide range of interior styles, colors and concepts.

The overall design features a polished stainless steel back plate with neatly rounded edges and easily attaches to the wall. The depth of the plate from the wall is a mere 0.75 inches giving the impression of a flush installation.

From the back plate protrude six finely designed curved hooks or arms if you will. They have a brushed nickel finish and serve as the lamp holders.

The unit utilizes 6 LED or CFL bulbs of up to 60W.  This fixture is also compatible with traditional incandescent medium base bulbs although the bulbs are to be bought separately.

To cap off the design, the cylindrical clear hammered glass shades come over the bulbs for an exquisite finish. So when you install this in the bathroom on a bare wall or top of the vanity mirror, you can be sure of a positive transformative effect that wows you.

This fixture is versatile because it can be installed facing upwards or downward depending on your preference.

What’s more, the 48”  Kira Home Armada II goes beyond the bathroom and can be used for both decorative and lighting purposes on hallways, kitchen, bedroom stairways and on top or below artwork pieces in the home.

It’s worth noting that the 48” Kira Home Armada II is compatible with most dimmer bulbs and switches providing you with that mood setting ability in your space.


  • The dimensions of the fixture are 48″ L x 9″ H x 6.75″ W
  • The back plate is made from stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish
  • Arms or lamp holders are curved for an elegant design
  • The shades are gorgeous cylindrical, clear hammered glass that have a sleek look
  • Uses 6 LED or CFL bulbs of up to 60W. Also compatible with traditional incandescent medium base bulbs as well as most dimmer bulbs and switches
  • Mounting the unit is easy and can be installed facing up or down.

Customer feedback

Customer who wanted to spruce up their bathroom and wondering how to do so were glad to come across this fixture. That’s because they found the unit to have good size and it does not feel nor look cheap. Users loved the simple design and the builder grade quality. Some of the customers installed this unit themselves and shared that the installation was pretty straightforward.

  1.  Possini Euro Design Wrapped Wire Modern Wall Light Wide 6-Light Fixture

A bathroom is often made up of numerous decorative elements that can range from marble or granite on vanity tops to large mirrors, color schemes and cabinets.Possini Euro Design Wrapped Wire Modern Wall Light Wide 6-Light Fixture

Some people like to infuse bespoke tiling and in some cases even artwork. However, the main thing that brings all this elements together is lighting.

Lighting in itself can be conventional or it can be stylish and serve to provide the needed light as well as stand as a piece of art or decoration as well.

This large bathroom wall light will not fail to captivate you and any guest who walks into your space.

That is because the unit’s build is a work of art in itself.

The fixture ranges from one light to six lights. The longest option of six lights is good size just shy of 48” long by a quarter of an inch.

Its design is minimalist but grabs your attention while shedding gentle light to your surroundings.

The back plate has a neat chrome finish that reflects nicely against the light and glass shade forming a mirror like reflection which adds to the allure of the unit.

6 chrome polished metal rods protrude from the back plate to act as lamp holders. The unit uses 6 x 40 watt G9 xenon bulbs that are included with the purchase of this lighting fixture.

What is really captivating to the eye is that every bulb is surrounded with an exquisite hand-wrapped aluminum wire decoration that creates a splendid visual effect.

Bulbs and the wire crafting are then encased in a borosilicate clear glass which serves as the lamp shades. The contrast of this design and how well the various materials interact with each other makes it a beautiful artistic masterpiece.

The fixture can be placed on a bare wall or can be installed above a mirror for excellent contrast and light play.

This unit’s versatility is also impressive as it can be installed horizontally or vertically.

That ability extends the scope with which one can further take advantage in using this light fixture to bring out the best in your bathroom or home in general.

Do not be shy to use the fixture in other spaces like a spa for a decorative element. If you have a piece of wall painting that you would like to shed some light on, then this lighting will certainly do a great job of illuminating the artwork.


  • The dimensions of the fixture are 47 3/4″ L x 5 1/4″ H x 6″ W
  • The back plate is made from stainless steel with a chrome finish
  • Arms or lamp holders are short rods with a chrome finish for neat design
  • The shades are beautiful cylindrical, clear borosilicate glass that display the anodized handmade aluminum wire cylinders surrounding each bulb.
  • Uses 6 x 40 watt G9 xenon bulbs that come included in the purchase
  • Mounting the unit is easy and can be installed horizontally or vertically

Customer feedback

Customers loved this unit because of the design and artful look with visual effects. Users mentioned that this looked great in large-sized and medium sized bathrooms as wall lights for modern home design. Other users said that they used this light for bathroom remodeling projects and the results were fantastic.

According to customers while this fixture will no doubt look amazing in the bathroom, it is certainly not limited to it. They found that it applied perfectly to bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, covered patios and stairways as auxiliary lighting.

  1. Progress Lighting Gather Collection Brushed Nickel Six-Light Transitional Bath 48″ Vanity Light

Most bathrooms tend to have nice painted walls, a vanity, decent flooring, sink bowls, handsome faucet(s), cabinets and mirror(s) in good repair and some are actually elaborately furnished.Progress Lighting Gather Collection Brushed Nickel Six-Light Transitional Bath 48" Vanity Light

Adding quality lights is often a missing ingredient that is overlooked.

Having this long 48 inch bathroom lighting fixture will transform the ambience of your bathroom and complement the other decorative efforts that you have already put in place.

This Transitional Bath Vanity Light has an elongated length whose light can cover one or two mirrors when strategically placed.

Its back plate has 48 inches in length and is quietly reflective with brushed nickel coat and smooth curved arms that share the same hue.

The lamp holders delicately hold the light bases and the unit uses 6 medium base bulbs that can be LED or incandescent bulbs. However, the bulbs are not included in the purchase and one can buy them separately.

The bathroom is referred to the restroom with good reason. It can be made into an oasis of calm and relaxation using this lighting option to foster a calming yet stylish theme.

The unit is also compatible with most dimmers and switches for an even more ambient setting. Its bulbs are covered by beautiful frosted glass shades that ensure a stimulating and revitalizing atmosphere to calm your mind with illuminating shaded light when in that space.

This lighting fixture can be installed above a vanity mirror in the up or down position for beautiful reflective light that eliminates shadows from your face when using the mirror. The design is particularly applicable to bathrooms for an elegant look but also because the fixture is damp rated.

That means it is not affected by steam and the general wetness of a bathroom area when one takes a steamy shower. That feature makes this option also uniquely suitable for spa environments. The calming effect and mood setting ability is also a plus for spa and bathroom settings.

In fact, the transitional design in this fixture was inspired by a spa environment. That inspiration gently shines through the frosted glass shades for a relaxing ambience suited to any bathroom space.


  • The dimensions of the fixture are 48″L x 7 1/2″ H x 6 1/2″W
  • The back plate is made from stainless steel with a nickel coated finish
  • Arms or lamp holders are curved and finished with a nickel for a beautiful design
  • The frosted glass shades are cup shaped producing calming light from each bulb
  • Uses 6 LED or incandescent bulbs of no more than a 100W. The bulbs have to bought separately
  • Mounting the unit is easy and can be installed pointing upward or downward

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this item said they got value for their money because the unit functions great even in damp spaces such as the bathroom. They mentioned the quality is above average and the unit installs neatly for a stylish final look that complements the rest of the bathroom décor. Some used this lighting option as auxiliary lights in hallways, living room, bedroom kitchen and entry ways.

  1. Mirrea Long 48″ Modern LED Vanity Light for Bathroom Lighting

The design of the Mirrea LED Vanity Light shows that it is cut from a different cloth. It epitomizes the very definition of minimalist concept and design.Mirrea Long 48" Modern LED Vanity Light for Bathroom Lighting

If you are looking for a bathroom lighting fixture that is neat and unconventional, then you may have found it in this option.

A common challenge for slightly large bathrooms with a bigger vanity mirror can be finding the right lighting that has a decent length to illuminate the whole mirror unit as well as a vanity top with two bowls.

The 48” Mirrea LED Vanity is the perfect solution for such cases because of it many practical features.

The lighting fixture comprises of fine lines for an exquisite precise and minimal design. While the actual length of the acrylic rectangular light spans 48”, the back plate is a small rectangular stainless steel plate with a chrome finish.

The back plate on this unit neatly houses the wiring but also acts as a directional swivel that allows the user to direct the light in a preferred direction. This swivel is on a rotatable hinge allowing the light bar to rotate up to a maximum angle of 180°.

This feature is vital in this unit in case you need bright light on only one of the two sink bowls in the bathroom. It allows you to rotate the light in that direction for focused illumination of only that particular section.

Because of the units length, it can be placed over a single mirror to fully cover it with shaded lighting or in the case of a bathroom with 2 larger mirrors, the unit can be placed in the center. In the center position it overlaps both mirrors for extensive light which extends to all the areas of a two mirrors vanity with two bowls.

How bright is this light you might ask?

This is a valid question as some people have experienced the disappointment of buying a seemingly gorgeous lighting fixture for the bathroom only to realize the light is not bright enough for your bathroom.

With the 48” Mirrea LED Vanity Light, that will be the least of your worries because the 48” acrylic light dishes out 3680 lumens which is equivalent to light from 8 bulbs.

The light from this fixture is not overly dazzling with glare which is credited to the frosted acrylic lens.

The fixture is dimmable when you use traditional dimmer switches such as Lutron and Leviton TRIAC dimmer.


  • The dimension of the fixture are 48″L x 7 1/2″ H x 6 1/2″W
  • The back plate is made from stainless steel with a chrome finish and swivels to a maximum angle of 180 degrees.
  • The minimalist design has the back plate to serves as the lens holder for the 48” long rectangular frosted acrylic lamp.
  • The frosted acrylic lens is bright even at the dimmest setting.
  • It uses one long frosted acrylic light capable of 3680 lm and 5000 kelvin. The light is included in the purchase.
  • Mounting the unit is easy both vertically and horizontally.

Customer feedback

Users who were looking for a more modern and up to date light fixture for the bathroom, liked this fixture. They mentioned that after a long search they decided to settle on this gem for several reasons: the price was great for good value and installation was a breeze. The design is also unique and minimalist while the light is adequately bright and one can use this unit with a dimmable switch for ambient mood setting. Many customers who used this unit mentioned that they highly recommend it with a dimmer.

  1. Kira Home Everett 48″ Modern 6-Light LED Bathroom Vanity Light

Whether your bathroom already looks great and you are just looking to add a complementing lighting element to it, or you are considering a remodel on several aspects of your bathroom including the lighting, then this second fixture by Kira Home is for you.Kira Home Everett 48" Modern 6-Light LED Bathroom Vanity Light

The overall neat build and calming effect of the design works remarkably well in hotel rooms, commercial establishments and residential spaces. It can be placed in various spaces both dry and damp rated.

This versatility has won over many buyers looking for a decorative and auxiliary lighting for their spaces.

When installed in the bathroom, the 48’ Kira Home Everett can serve as the primary light source. That’s because the unit comes with 6  integrated LED acrylic lights capable of illuminating on mirrors, vanities, floor and any other section of the bathroom that need to be visible.

The unit has been engineered for compatibility with Lutron Diva DVCL-153P dimmers and other Lutron LED dimmers. The dimmers provide you control over creating an ambient mood in your space.

This feature allows you to brighten or dim the acrylic light based on your preference.

The back plate of this lighting unit has a length of 48” L x 5.25″ H x 2.75″ W. The plate is coated with brushed nickel.

Protruding from the plate are equally spaced six small metal troughs that serve as lamp holders to frosted acrylic square lampshades.

The design is simplistic yet incredibly beautiful and rife with understated charm.

At times, style and subtle elegance is in the simpler designs that are uncluttered and project a clean relaxing look.


  • The dimensions of the fixture are 48” L x 5.25″ H x 2.75″ W.
  • The back plate is made from stainless steel with a brushed nickel coated finish
  • Arms or lamp holders are square troughs finished with a coat of brushed nickel for a neat look
  • The frosted acrylic shades are square shaped producing calming light from each bulb
  • 6 frosted Integrated LED lights are equivalent to 360w of incandescent bulbs light output. The lenses come with the purchase.
  • Mounting the unit is easy and can be installed pointing upward or downward

Customer feedback

Customers who got this unit expressed their love for the design which has no bulbs and instead uses the square shaped lenses of frosted acrylic. The lighting is bright enough to illuminate the whole bathroom. Users who opted to use the recommended dimmers mentioned that the effect is simply gorgeous and is a great mood setter in any space.

Additionally, customers were very impressed by the bulbs because they are long lasting, eco-friendly and energy efficient.

  1. Kingbrite 48″ Vanity Light Fixture for Bathroom

The King Brite 48 inch Vanity Light Fixture for Bathroom is UL listed for your safety and approved for damp locations. That means, bathrooms with plenty moisture from steamy showers will not affect the performance and longevity of this unit.Kingbrite 48" Vanity Light Fixture for Bathroom

This feature, among others, makes this unit a popular selection for bathrooms as well as gym locker rooms and spa steam rooms.

The fixture offers ambient classy lighting and is crafted for safe use in the above mentioned locations.

So as you can see this unit is not just a pretty face, but a versatile option for enhancing your space. The unit can be installed facing upwards or downwards depending on personal styling preference.

Construction of the fixture is solid and features a neat finish.

The lighting not only complements the surrounding décor and color schemes but has an excellent light output for great visibility and ambient lighting.

The unit’s back plate runs for a length of 48 inches and is armed with 5 equally spaced curved hooks which are responsible for holding 5 x E26 medium base 60-watt light bulbs.

This unit is designed to work with a number of bulb options such as a variety of incandescent, CFL and LED bulbs. While these bulbs are not inclusive in the purchase, they can be easily found at your local hardware store.

It’s worth noting that you can take control of setting the mood in your bathroom space with this lighting kit by getting dimmable bulbs and a switch for the desired illumination effect.

Whichever bulbs you opt for, when installed they will be encased in cup shaped frosted glass lamp shades for gorgeous light play and gentle shaded light.


  • The dimensions of the fixture are 48″L x 8 3/4″ H x 8″W “
  • The back plate is made from stainless steel with a brush nickel finish
  • Arms or lamp holders are curved and neatly finished with brushed nickel coat
  • The shades are a beautiful bell shaped frosted glass that display a gentle shaded light
  • Uses 5 x E26 bulbs that have to be purchased separately. The unit is compatible with numerous other bulb varieties as well dimmer options.
  • Mounting the unit is easy and can be installed facing up or down

Customer feedback

A good number of customers who bought this item were looking for something that looked nice but pocket friendly. This looks great and installs easy with the length to cover a whole vanity. Majority of the customers praised the easy elegance of this unit adding that it instantly infused sophistication in their bathroom.

Users loved the unit’s ability to illuminate the entire bathroom as well as provide the flexibility of installing facing up or down. Purchasing this unit was certainly a good bang for the buck.

  1. Hykolity 48 inch Integrated LED Vanity Light

The Hykolity 48 inch Integrated LED Vanity Light departs from the conventional look which can often be a welcomed change when you need to create a different vibe.Hykolity 48 inch Integrated LED Vanity Light

This will work great for both remodeling situations as well as a new home installation.

The primary aim to go with when selecting a bathroom lighting fixture is a neat and amiable form combined with solid function. This 48 inch Hykolity emphatically scores well on both of those fronts.

The long fixture resembles a cylinder that has been cut in half but this design does not in any way complicate installation. The unit’s back plate is a rectangular steel plate that is 48 inches long and does an excellent job of neatly housing electrical wires and other components.

This plate has a nickel brushed finish and attaches to the wall with no fuss. The semi cylindrical vanity light is made of frosted lens which is then attached to the wall plate using brackets and screws on either end of the back plate.

If you love your toilet bright and every corner illuminated, this is a fantastic option that does just that. That’s because inside the frosted lens of this unit features 4000K LED chips offering a neutral white light.

Furthermore, this unit is eco-friendly and energy efficient with an ability to save up to 80% energy over the product’s lifespan.

If you like having control over the dimming and brightening of your bathroom light, you will be happy to know that this fixture is compatible with most household Triac LED dimmers for smooth and flicker-free light delivery.

The dimming range is awesome from 5% to 100%.


  • The dimension of the fixture are 48″L x 6″ H x 6″W
  • The back plate is made from stainless steel with a brushed nickel coat
  • A semi-cylindrical design has no arms as the back plate serves as a holder for the 48” long frosted lens.
  • The frosted acrylic lens shade is bright even at the dimmest setting thanks to 4000 k LED chips.
  • This unit uses one long frosted lens that is eco-friendly and energy efficient. The light is included in the purchase.
  • Versatile unit that can be installed horizontally or vertically

Customer feedback

Customers who got this fixture mentioned that the brightness does take some getting used to. Most users also shared the unit was excellent when used with a dimmer switch. This is to provide control of the brightness and an option to tone it down to a preferred level when necessary.

They were also happy with the ease of installation of the unit above the vanity mirror or parallel to the mirror for beautiful light play. Many praised the fixture saying it effortlessly blended in with their existing décor while illuminating the space.

  1. Monument 617609 Contemporary 48″ Long Vanity Fixture

It’s almost inevitable that when you add some styled lighting to your bathroom you can expect the look, feel and ambience of you bathroom to be affected positively. The design of the Monument Vanity Lighting is perfect for a contemporary space.Monument 617609 Contemporary Lighting 48" Long Vanity Fixture

Why the Monument 617609 Contemporary Lighting Vanity Fixture?

Well, this is a good selection because it not only has a metal back plate that spans 48” but the plate is able to hold 4 semi-circular alabaster lamp shades with complete ease.

Within each lamp shade there is a 100-watt light medium base bulb. The bulbs are not included with the purchase of the unit but can be easily acquired at your local hardware store.

While the bathroom is often the last part of the house to be made over, during remodeling, with this fixture you need not wait too long as it is affordable and easy to install unit so you can have it place as the other work continues.


  • The dimensions of the fixture are 48″L x 4-5/8″ H x 5″W
  • The back plate is made from stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish
  • Elegant design with 4 semi-circle lamp shades
  • The glass alabaster shades are gorgeous and bring about a cozy look for the bathroom
  • Uses 4 x 100-watt light medium base bulbs. NOT compatible with dimmer bulbs and switches.
  • Unit is versatile and easy to install facing up or down.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this unit remarked that the unit’s design and lighting enlivens your bathroom while easily blending with the rest of the bathroom décor. Although this fixture has good brightness levels, the light is gentle and shaded. Installation was fairly easy and the alabaster glass shades give off a nice warm glow. Many customers also loved the fact that they can use the fixture in their children’s bathroom and the kids are comfortable with the brightness.

  1. Possini Euro Modern Wall Light Chrome Hardwired 48.5″ Wide 6-Light Fixture

This Modern Light Fixture by Possini Euro has an exquisite design and detailing.Possini Euro Modern Wall Light Chrome Hardwired 48.5" Wide 6-Light Fixture

While this unit delivers on the need for lighting in a given space, it does so in style. That is what makes it an excellent option for hospitality spaces such as hotel rooms, spas, restaurants and lounges.

This lighting can also be a beautiful addition to residential spaces such as the bathroom, hallways, stairways and entryways. Its design is simple yet elegant and the 48 inch length is just right size to catch the eye. The six squares shaped etched white opal glass shades exude calming light that reflects well on the metal chrome finished back plate for a glossy contrast.

These shades are suspended neatly from two rods running the length of the unit and anchored to the wall by a central rectangular back plate at the center of the unit.

The lines of this transitional bath light are crisp and clean with a long design that augurs well even with double-bowl large vanities.

Its versatility allows the fixture to be installed pointing downwards or upwards and still look fantastic.


  • Dimensions of this fixture are 48 1/2″L x 7 1/2″ H x 5″W
  • The back plate is made from stainless steel with a polished chrome finish
  • Lamp holders have a suspended feel for an elegant design that can point upwards or downwards.
  • The shades are exquisite square shaped etched white opal glass that inject instant class to your space.
  • This unit uses 6 x 100 watt standard-medium base bulbs. The bulbs are not included with the purchase.
  • Can be installed facing up or down.

Customer feedback

User who got light fixture shared that they bought it because of the elegant design that is not over the top nor does it give the impression that you are trying too hard. They commented that the beauty of this fixture is the gorgeous look and elegant touches that allow it to fit in so many spaces of the home or commercial space. A number used it both in their homes and their places of business because it does a glamorous job of dressing up spaces.

Wrap Up

The truth is most bathrooms already look nice. Adding a beautiful long 48 inch bathroom lighting fixture lighting fixture will take the ambience to another level. The bathroom lighting fixtures reviewed above display the endless possibilities of sprucing up new bathrooms and remodels. What’s even better is the fact you can achieve great lighting effect in your bathroom space affordably and without feeling like you have to break the bank to do so.


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