2021 10 Best Locking Jewelry Armoires You Should Invest In

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Table of Contents

An avid jewelry enthusiast looking for a way of storing and displaying all your favorite jewelry securely in one location? Well, one way of ensuring that your necklaces, earrings and other accessories are safe and for your hands only is by using a fully locking jewelry armoire or cabinet for storage.

You’ll agree with me that locating small stuff such as jewelry can be time-consuming, more so if you have a lot of jewelry. These jewelry armoires come with multiple compartments that allow you to organize several items neatly thereby ensuring that your small accessories stay safe and always within your reach.

And not only do they offer a safe place to store your jewelry, these versatile pieces of furniture can also add value and aesthetic to your bedroom or living room furnishing depending on the color finish, material used in the construction and overall designs.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Jewelry Armoire

1. Type of jewelry armoire

Before shopping for a jewelry armoire, you need to understand that there are four major types of armoires available in the market, such as the free-standing armoires, chest armoires, wall mounted and over the door jewelry armoires. With this in mind, always know what you’re looking for before making a move.

2. Size

When shopping for a jewelry armoire, you’ll generally choose one from a collection of different sizes. But, before you can make your move, you need to think of these two factors; the size of your jewelry collection and the available space in your bedroom or walk-in closet.

If your jewelry collection is large, then there aren’t any limitation for you when choosing a jewelry armoire but one with multiple compartments and plenty of interior space will be the smartest move if you can afford. Because why not? Your collection can only increase over time so a bigger one would be a great investment anyway. On the other hand, if your interior space is quite limited, then choosing a compact jewelry chest armoire  or a compact door/ wall jewelry cabinet will be the best alternative as opposed to a freestanding option

3. Style

Another factor you need to consider when shopping for a jewelry armoire is the style. Taste varies so every piece you choose must complement the theme and furniture in living space. Among the classy styles and designs available include; traditional armoires with engravings, French, Asian-inspired, modern, antique and contemporary among others.

4. Additional features like Illumination and Mirrors

In case you opt for a jewelry cabinet armoire because of the many pieces of jewelry you may wish to consider choosing a jewelry cabinet armoire with interior LED lights for convenience. A mirror especially a full length mirror is another very beneficial feature you can chose to have in your armoire as it means you won’t have to look elsewhere for a mirror.

5. Price

Finally, every item you buy must have a price tag. Always shop for what you can afford. Although most people believe that price is equivalent to quality, there are numerous budget jewelry armoires out there that offer longevity and functionality without necessarily having to dig too dip into your pocket.

6. Security

Speaking of the security, in case you have valuable or expensive pieces of jewelry, you might opt to choose a jewelry armoire that guarantees you maximum security and protection of your vulnerable pieces. You can decide to choose a unit crafted from hardwood or fine exotic wood. You can also opt to choose one with dedicated locks and hidden drawers and compartments.

With that said, you’re in luck if you’re in search for such a unit because we curated this list specially for you with this review.

A Roundup Review of 10 of the Best Locking Jewelry Armoires

Whether you’re looking for a secure locking option for wall mount installation, door mount, freestanding, small and compact, stylish, a budget jewelry armoire, one with special features such as a full length mirror or LED lights, this guide will review 10 of the best and highly rated Locking Jewelry Armoires that you can buy.

1. Songmics 6 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet Lockable Wall Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire

Designed for the avid jewelry enthusiast, Songmics 6 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet Lockable Wall Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire comes with a large storage capacity that will help keep all your jewelry in one piece. It has a large ring cushion, a bracelet rod, 90 earring slots, 32 SONGMICS 6 LEDs Cabinet Lockable Wall/Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire Organizernecklace hooks, 2 bottom drawers and 49 stud earring holders.

All these can be kept safe from prying hands because this unit is fully locking so at to enable you to keep your precious pieces safe from kids and any unauthorized persons.

Additionally, Songmics has gone ahead to illuminate this jewelry cabinet with 6 LED lights that automatically turn on when you open the cabinet and off  when you close it.

This model is available in black, white and gray colors

Features of the Songmics Lockable Wall Door Mounted Jewelry Cabinet

  • Sturdy construction: Made from quality MDF this unit is sturdy so you know it will hold up for years.
  • Velvet lined: it features a comfy velvet lining in the interior, to keep your delicate pieces safe from any scratches.
  • Wall and door mounts: to save you space, this jewelry armoire has been designed with 3 adjustable heights that let you mount over the door with the available hooks or on the wall using special screws.
  • Real glass mirror: To make your grooming needs more simplified, the unit is fitted with a full-sized glass mirror which offers a head to toe view of your favorite outfits. This means you will not have to go elsewhere to look for  mirror.


  • This jewelry armoire is large enough and spacious.
  • The available LED lights offer an authentic display and illumination of your precious pieces at a glance.
  • Flexible space saving versatility thanks to its wall and door mounting options.
  • Includes a full length mirror
  • With a weight of just 28 pounds, this jewelry cabinet is considered to be light and easy to mount.


  • LED is powered by 3 AAA batteries that are not included with the purchase.

Customer feedback

No doubt this is one of the most popular and highest rated jewelry cabinets in the market, with hundreds of reviews, majority of which are extremely positive. A vast majority of customers have appreciated the large capacity, the sturdy MDF construction and the LED lighting. It’s received quite a number of reviews commending it for it’s general aesthetics as well.

Overall, this is a customer approved, highly recommended model for functionality and durability that is said to be one of the best available options in the market.

2. Homegear Modern Door/Wall Mounted Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Organizer Storage

Made with precision, Homegear Modern Door/Wall Jewelry Cabinet is designed with security in mind thanks to the heavy-duty construction and a locking system with key that keeps yourHomegear Modern Door/Wall Jewelry Cabinet valuables safe from unwanted hands.

When it comes to the interior capacity, there are multiple shelves dedicated to keep your favorite perfumes, glasses and watches. Additionally, there’s a rod to hang your favorite bracelets, scarves, ties and two drawers where one can keep super precious valuables.

Features of the Homegear Modern Door/Wall Jewelry Cabinet

  • A large interior: just like most high-end jewelry armoires in the market, the Homegear too has a large interior capacity that includes a ring holder (up to 80 rings), an earrings holder (up to 60 pairs) as well as 48 hooks for necklaces and bracelets.
  • Stylish design: in addition to the roomy interior, this jewelry armoire comes with an easily cleanable outer surface with a chrome plated metal hardware for extra beauty.
  • Space saving wall and door mounts: finally, whether you like to mount it on the door or at the wall, this cabinet comes with the right accessories that will help you accomplish all your mounting procedures with ease.


  • The interior is huge enough to fit a large jewelry collection.
  • This jewelry armoire arrives when it’s already pre-assembled.
  • The full-length mirror is a bonus for customers that comes built into the unit.


  • If you put large jewelry in all the places where there are hooks the doors won’t close.

Customer feedback

Despite the locking issues from some customers, the majority of the customers have appreciated the overall solid design, the huge capacity and the multiple compartments of this jewelry armoire.

3. BTExpert Premium Wooden Jewelry Armoire

Fully locking, BTExpert Wooden Jewelry Armoire cabinet features an elegant European space-saving design, a rich white MDF construction and a luxurious black inner velvet lining for Wooden Jewelry Armoire Wall Mount Cabinet,added beauty.

To ensure flexible installation for various customers, BTExpert has designed this jewelry armoire with hooks and wall mounts to make it conveniently easier to mount either at the wall or over-the-door.

Now, so that you get your money’s worth, the BTExpert Wooden Jewelry Armoire is designed with a huge interior capacity lined with velvet that’s capable of holding 40 bracelets and necklaces, 98 rings, over 130 different earrings, a rod for ties and scarf, 2 drawers and 4 shelves with 16 compartments to hold other valuables such as perfumes, glasses, watches and other cosmetics.

Features of the BTExpert Wooden Jewelry Armoire

  • Sturdy wood construction: made using durable MDF in black, white or cherry finish
  • Large interior capacity: although this jewelry armoire has a compact size of 48×15×4 inches, its large capacity interior has been its major selling point as it’s able to handle a  large jewelry collection and then some.
  • Lockable door: this feature is another major selling point of this cabinet as it ensures that your precious jewelry collection is locked safely to avoid damage or any mysterious loss.
  • Space saving design: this feature has truly worked as it provides customers with two options of either mounting this jewelry armoire at the wall or over the door.


  • Includes a full length exterior mirror
  • At just 20 pounds, this jewelry cabinet is considered to be light and easy to maneuver.
  • The magnets at the door are strong enough to hold it shut.
  • The interior has bigger rows and lots of hooks to hold a wide collection of bracelets and earrings.


  • The locking mechanism is faulty making it extremely difficult to lock or unlock the unit.
  • The earrings holder part is quite thick to hold your earrings.

Customer feedback

For the most part this jewelry cabinet has been welcomed with positive reviews from the vast majority of the customers. It’s said to be of good quality and very nice looking with plenty of room to store a ton of jewelry.

4. Kendal Shining Image Brown Leather Jewelry Box

Kendal Shining Image Leather Jewelry Box is lightweight at just 7 pounds and small in size making it extremely portable and ideal for most spaces.  LEATHER JEWELRY BOX CASE STORAGE ORGANIZER WITH TRAVEL CASE AND LOCK

This jewelry box is roomy with several compartments to hold a wide collection of your favorite necklaces, earrings and rings. The interior part consists of 5-slide out drawers, two fold-out side compartments, a removable jewelry box at the top and a large mirror at the top lid.

Features of the Kendal Shining Image Leather Jewelry Box

  • Durable little box: this is lined in white silsuede in the interior while the body is finished in oiled leather and durable synthahide.
  • Space saving size: with sleek dimensions of 10.3×9.5×12.1 inches, the Kendal Leather Jewelry Box is a space-saving box that fits perfectly in your bedroom without taking up all your space.
  • A medium sized interior: features 5-slide out drawers with 20 compartments, 3 large storage pouches, 2 removable earring holders and 10 necklace hooks.


  • Its compact size makes it easier to carry on trips and other travels.
  • Has a removable small travel jewelry box.
  • The brown leather casing is both durable and stylish.
  • Top handle on the box for easier portability


  • The manufacturer advertises this as “leather” but its not real leather. It’s faux

Customer feedback

A considerable number of customers have appreciated the large interior capacity with lots of compartments, the compact design and the lightweight nature of this jewelry box with some saying that carrying the box during trips and travels is easy and hassle free.

5. Songmics Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Mirror

Songmics Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Mirror is an excellent product made from high-quality MDF and is not only practical storage solution but it’s also a stylish piece of ockable Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Mirror, Wall-Mounted Space Saving Jewelry Storage Organizerfurniture.

Available in a compact design, this space-saving cabinet will not take up any of your floor space thanks to its wall-mounting characteristic. Thus, a great solution for those limited of spaces.

It comes fitted with a full-sized dressing mirror, 2 interior compartments with 60 ring holes, 24 necklace loops, 24 stud holes and 52 earring slots, enough for all your jewelry needs.

Features of the Songmics Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Mirror

  • Small wall mount installation: with a small size of 14.6×4.1×26.4 inches, this jewelry armoire takes up just a small space on your wall.
  • Quality construction: the super-quality MDF construction to make this unit durable and stylish at the same time
  • A spacious interior: the interior is able to hold a wide jewelry collection.
  • Mirror mirror: In addition to that, there’s a wide dressing mirror built into the exterior part of the unit.


  • This jewelry armoire is small and compact
  • Its weight of just 12 pounds makes it lightweight
  • Ideal for very limited spaces
  • Mirror included


  • The turpentine smell is strong at first though it fades away with time.

Customer feedback

This cabinet has been welcomed with all bells and whistles mostly, with customers loving it’s heavy-duty construction, sleek design and roomy interior.

6. Rowling Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Box

Rowling Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Box is a small, convenient and compact jewelry box that will fit demurely in your small bedroom or on top of shelves in your walk-in closet. It’s secure in that by by locking that top drawer, the whole jewelry box is locked.Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Box/Jewel Case Cabinet Armoire

Though small from the outside, this modernized jewelry box comes with a large interior capacity that fits quite a jewelry collection. The soft velvet in the interior helps to protect delicate jewelry against scratches.

There are 4 removable drawers—the first with 9 compartments, the second 6, the third 4 and the fourth with no compartments—all designed to create ample space to fit all your valuables.

It boasts of a stylish design that includes two side open doors, a removable tray at the top and a large mirror.

Features of the Rowling Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Box

  • Huge capacity: quite different from most traditional jewelry boxes, the Rowling Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Box offers its diehards a huge interior capacity that includes 4 removable drawers, a removable top tray, and two side doors with hooks and wooden splints.
  • A variety of colors: for those customers who are sensitive with colors, the Rowling Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Box offers you an option to choose between 6 different colors which include; Brown, Brown 011, Cherry, White, White 011 and Wine red.
  • Lock for security: having learned the need to keep your stuff safe, Rowling has added a lock and a key in this jewelry box to guarantee maximum safety of your precious valuables.


  • Though small, this jewelry box is roomy enough to accommodate lots of jewelry.
  • Its small size allows you to save more floor and shelf space depending on where you wish to display it.
  • With a weight of just 10 pounds, this jewelry box is easy to carry in case of trips or travels.

Customer feedback

The vast majority of customers have appreciated the huge interior and the small stylish design that makes it unbelievably convenient and perfect for customers with limited space.

7. BTExpert Premium Cheval Locking Mirror Jewelry Cabinet Armoire

A delicate yet elegant piece of furniture crafted from a stylish European design, the BTExpert Premium Jewelry Cabinet Armoire is a locking stand-alone unit that lets you save ample floor BTEXPERT Premium Wooden Jewelry Armoire Cabinet Floor Stand Organizer Storage Boxspace to display other pieces of furniture.

This jewelry armoire features a superior hardwood and MDF construction alongside a dedicated full-sized mirror for easy view of your best outfits.

It has a huge interior to hold your entire jewelry collection, a space-saving design and a soft interior to keep your delicate pieces of jewelry safe and free from possible scratching. The deep rows hold , 144 dangling/stud earring holders, 91 rings, 40 bracelets or necklace hooks, one 1 rod where you can have your scarves, 2 bottom drawers for additional accessories, 1 pouch, and 4 shelves with 16 compartments for glasses, perfume bottles, watches or bracelets.

Features of the BTExpert Premium Jewelry Cabinet Armoire

  •  Adjustable angles for the full length exterior mirror: this cabinet can be adjusted to three different angles for optimal usability during dressing and grooming sessions.
  • Secure and well organized: designed with a large interior, the BTExpert Premium Jewelry Cabinet Armoire offers you the perfect way of organizing and securing your precious/delicate jewelry for easy location.
  • MDF design: constructed from durable heavy-duty MDF, this jewelry armoire is not only stylish but it’s also classy.


  • The interior has multiple compartments to keep all your small valuables.
  • The MDF construction is not only stylish but it’s also durable.
  • Built-in full-length adjustable mirror included


  • The wood on the earring storage section is too thick to fit in stud earrings securely.
  • Unit is narrow and won’t close with chunky jewelry inside

Customer feedback

For the most part, this BTExpert Premium Jewelry Cabinet Armoire is said to be an excellent piece of furniture that is well constructed and very beautiful even for complementing the overall look of the room. It’s also said to be functional and a great cabinet for jewelry organization. However, some users did say that this unit is not ideal for those large and chunky bracelets and necklaces because the unit is narrow and therefore will not close well with them inside.

8. Songmics 8 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Beveled Edge Mirror

Songmics 8 LED Jewelry Cabinet Armoire is a fully locking storage solution that comes with 8 LED lights with an auto on feature that lights up the interior when the door is opened. Made SONGMICS 8 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Beveled Edge Mirrorfrom MDF material, this jewelry armoire from Songmics is both stylish and amazingly durable for long-term use.

When it comes to the storage space, there are 6 drawers, 48 ring slots, 40 slant earring slots, 18 necklace hooks and 4 earring wires which customers can take advantage of to keep their bracelets, ties, scarves, necklaces and earrings safe.

This unit arrives when it’s already pre-assembled making the overall process from unpacking to setting up for use a breeze.

Features of the Songmics 8 LED Jewelry Cabinet Armoire

  • LED lighting: the available 8 LED lighting are designed to turn on automatically whenever the door is opened.  this allows you to trace your favorite pieces fast and easily.
  • Hassle free storage: the interior of this jewelry armoire is large and well partitioned making for optimal neatness and safe storage.
  • Easy assembly: when it comes to the assembly, the Songmics 8 LED Jewelry Cabinet Armoire arrives pre-assembled for hassle free setup.


  • This jewelry armoire is very easy to assemble.
  • Comes equipped with 8 LED lights
  • Full length mirror also included
  • The roomy interior accommodates lots of valuables.


  • The LED lights have a tendency of malfunctioning.
  • Batteries for the lights have to be purchased separately

Customer feedback

This is one of the highest and most popular jewelry armories with a huge number of the customers appreciating the overall sturdy design, roomy interior and the bright illumination produced by the 8 LED lights as well as the easy installation procedure. It’s also highly rated for general aesthetics as a jewelry storage cabinet that also looks good.

9. Homegear Mirrored Lockable Jewelry Cabinet with Stand

Another cabinet with a locking system from the makers at Homegear, but this time a free standing model, the Homegear Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet with Stand is a spacious, lockable Full Locking Jewelry Armoiresand richly-crated jewelry armoire.

The large interior includes 48 hooks for necklaces and bracelets, 90 ring and earring holders, 2 drawers at the bottom, one rod for ties and scarves and several shelves for keeping your perfumes, glasses and watches.

Features of the Homegear Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet with Stand

  • Tilting mirror: to give customers a value for their money, the unit has a tilting mirror that measures 42.5×9.5 inches.
  • Free-standing: if you’re not a fan of the mountable jewelry armoire options, the free-standing alternative can be a suitable option that you can display in any location of your choice.
  • Spacious interior: similar to most other jewelry cabinets in its price range, the Homegear Freestanding Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet is also spacious and able to accommodate a large jewelry collection with ease.


  • The large head to toe mirror is an added bonus
  • The smooth surface and chrome plated metal hardware gives this jewelry armoire a stylish look when displayed.


  • The wood for the earrings is too thick making it difficult to hang earrings with small hoops.

Customer feedback

Most positive reviews have gone ahead to appreciate the rich construction, the roomy interior and the large tilting mirror.

10. Bonnlo Jewelry Armoire Wall Mounted Door Hanging Lockable Full Mirrored Cabinet

Bonnlo Jewelry Armoire Full Mirrored Cabinet with locking feature is a space-saving Jewelry Armoire Wall Mounted/Door Hanging Cabinetalternative that offers you two mounting options either at the door or on the wall using hooks or wall mounting screws.

When it comes to the construction, this jewelry armoire boasts of having a steady framework and neat construction using heavy-duty P2 High Density Board and reinforced with PVC coating to achieve a damp-proof effect.

For optimal usability the interior capacity of this jewelry armoire is large enough to accommodate a wide collection of jewelry without sacrificing the space to display your favorite glasses, perfumes, sprays and deodorants.

Features of the Bonnlo Jewelry Armoire Full Mirrored Cabinet

  • Solid construction: quality is key when it comes to jewelry cabinets. With this fact in mind, Bonnlo cabinet features a solid frame construction that includes a P2 High Density Board and a PVC coating on its surface to make it resistant to dampness.
  • Space-saving: dual wall and door mounting capability allows you to mount this jewelry cabinet either on the wall or at the door.


  • It has a roomy interior that lets you organize all your cosmetics and body care products.
  • The strong magnets help to keep the door shut at all times.
  • This jewelry armoire is quite versatile giving you the option to mount it either on the wall or at the door.
  • The soft velvet lining provides a comfy storage spot for your most delicate jewelry.


  • The shelves are a little bit thin to accommodate large body products.

Customer feedback

From a majority of the reviews, this has a lot of storing space and is a sturdy well built product that promises years of service. The locking magnets are said to very strong to ensure the unit stays closed when it’s supposed to and set up is pretty easy because the unit comes already pre-assembled. All you have to do is either mount it to your wall (with included hardware) or attach the brackets to mount it over a door.

Benefits of Owning Any of the Above Jewelry Armoires

1. Organization

Most jewelry armoires come with multiple compartments and removable drawers that help to reduce clutter. Jewelry armoires allow you to separate your jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces in separate compartments for easy location whenever you need them.

2. Interior decoration

Jewelry armoires come in stunning designs that suit your needs regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman. Whether you like the free-standing models, Asian inspired models or the self-illuminating alternatives, jewelry armoires are designed to complement your interior décor depending on your taste.

3. Security

This is by far one of the most compelling reasons why you need a jewelry cabinet in your bedroom or living room space. You see, jewelry are generally expensive and losing them can be very costly. Therefore, investing in a fully lockable jewelry armoire will generally help to keep these expensive pieces secure and away from kids and other people.

4. Protection from damage

A jewelry armoire will generally be the safest place to keep your collections. You see, some jewelry are naturally delicate and easy to get damaged.

With kids around, these delicate pieces can easily be scattered, disturbed or even dropped causing them to get scratched or permanently damaged. To solve this problem, a jewelry armoire offers safer compartments where one can keep the delicate pieces away from kids’ reach.

Final Thoughts On this Review of the Best Locking Jewelry Armoires

In case you’ve been struggling to find a way to keep your jewelry and other beauty items neat and organized, Full Locking Jewelry Armoires not only provide a clean, subtle and spacious storage solution but they also ensure your precious and most valuable of items are kept safe and secure.

Whether you wish to buy a free standing option or a wall/door mounted alternative, a self-illuminating armoire or one with side doors and hidden drawers, you are sure to find one if not several full locking jewelry armoire cabinets to suit your needs perfectly. There’s just no shortage of these units!

Varying in designs and sizes, however what all these Jewelry Armoires cabinets have in common is the full locking feature. So if security is a priority for you, then at least you have somewhere to start search from.

You see, jewels, gems and other precious stones are valuable treasures that need to be kept in cool, private and safe locations. They need to be kept safe to avoid scratches (in case of delicate accessories) and should be easy to locate. One way of doing this is by keeping them in those richly-crafted jewelry armoires.

Whether it’s Oak, Maple, Ebony or Pine made, jewelry armoires come with all sorts of authentic art that will not only keep your accessories safe but will also offer a contemporary aesthetic that will match your bedroom or walk-in closet.


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