9 Best Little Girls’ Vanity Table & Chair Sets of 2021

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Table of Contents

Remember when you were little and you were watching your mom in awe on her vanity table as she put on her lipstick and she magically turned prettier in your sight? You wanted so badly to grow up so you could play on your vanity set as well! Now you can give your little lady that delight with a little girls’ vanity table and chair set.

Start them young, as they say. Letting your little girl have her own vanity table and chair set will give her the feeling of pleasant responsibility that most kids love because she now has something similar with the grown-ups that she has to take care of and maintain.

Another benefit of having a vanity set for your little lady is teaching her how to put her things, like little trinkets of toys and accessories, in their right places. Because most vanity table and chair sets have their own built-in drawers, the little lady can now put her oils, sanitizers, baby powders and toy makeups neatly inside.

Not only will it stop her from curiously rummaging through your own drawers and things, because she now has her own, but will also keep her from excessively staring at gadgets like cell phones and laptops the whole day, instead playing in her own little world where she is the boss.

Vanity table and chair sets consist of a table, mostly with drawers and mirrors which are, most of the time, made to be extra durable for playtime, where she can put her own things in, while preventing harmful accidents.

These sets also come with a coordinating bench or chair so your pretty little one can have the full experience while further enriching her imagination and creativity.

While most of them are made to look really girly, there are also sets that come in different, more muted color, should you want your little girl’s vanity set to go with a certain interior design.

For the list of the best recommendations, we have made a roundup of the most loved vanity table and chair set for little girls, as evidenced by their raving reviews online. Read on to see what could be your next gift to your little princess.

Review of the Best Vanity Table & Chair Sets for Little Girls

1. Teamson Kids Pretend Play Kids Vanity Table and Chair Vanity Set with Mirror

Spark her beautiful imagination while giving her the full royal experience with this set by Teamson Kids!Teamson Kids Pretend Play Kids Vanity Table and Chair Vanity Set with Mirror

Delicate arch, fancy windows and elegant columns make up this set that looks like it came straight out of a fairytale. Because the age range of toddlers is crucial as it is their developing years where some habits that could last for a lifetime are being embedded in them, a vanity set that can double as a play area for your little one will be richly beneficial for her intelligence too, not to mention the organization and maintenance skills she will learn by having something to take care of.

This unit looks ever so gentle to the eyes with white being its main color and made even livelier with light pink trimmings, just perfect for a budding young princess while fitting in with any type of interior.

It features a central drawer where she could keep her little trinkets such as jewelries, toy makeups and toiletries. It has a knob in the shape of a crown to further fortify her royal status, as well as a round stool with fashionable scalloped legs for added aesthetic effects.

This set further comes with a throne, bathtub, a bed, and a treasure box where she can also put some tiny things in. With these accessories, her vanity table can also double as a doll house or a castle if she must!

Moreover, this vanity table has an uppermost top counter that can act as an additional storage space for more toys, along with the captivating castle backdrop to perfectly set the enchanting fairytale setting.

This vanity set’s mirror is made from unbreakable Plexiglas that is just perfect for an active and curious princess like yours.


  • Dimensions of 23.25” x 11.25” x 46” for the vanity table
  • Best recommended for ages 3 years- 12 years
  • White and pink color scheme
  • With a pull-out center drawer with a pretty crown knob
  • Vanity table has an arch mirror made from unbreakable Plexiglas for clear reflection and guaranteed safety
  • Also comes with a round stool with scalloped legs
  • Features a top counter with a castle backdrop
  • Accessories include 1 throne, 1 bathtub, 1 bed and a treasure box

2. Pretend Play Kids Vanity Table and Stool

Keep your little lady wholesomely occupied in a fun way along with her girlfriends with Pretend Play’s highly interactive vanity table and chair set.Pretend Play Kids Vanity Table and Stool

This set does not only come with a table with a mirror and stool, but also accessories to perfectly complete your little one’s little beauty corner.

The accessories included in this fun set consist of jewelries like a gorgeous pink and purple pearl necklace and two matching pearl bracelets, earrings, 3 pretty rings, as well as toiletries and toy makeups such as 2 little perfume bottles, realistic-looking lipstick and lip gloss, a comb with 2 hair clips, and a hair dryer that is realistically-detailed and working if powered by batteries.

Its 30 inches tall and 17 inches wide vanity table is made of high quality and durable plastic that is colored with a pleasant shade of dolly pink that makes it really pop out in your little one’s playroom.

It has a paneled mirror that is also made to be durable enough for playtime.

Further, down on the table are compartments or sections so she can organize her accessories while the girly makeup party is ongoing. It also features a little pull-out drawer so your little girl can keep her things neat and tidy after a fun day of playing.

Along with the table also comes a round stool that is perfectly safe for active children running around, with no edges to harm them. Top it off with gold swirl designs and a gorgeous crown with a heart on its very top and you’ve got yourself the perfect gift for your growing lady.


  • 30” x 17” table and 8” tall stool
  • Made of high quality durable plastic
  • Hot and light pink and white color scheme
  • Vanity table features a paneled mirror with golden swirly designs and a crown on top
  • Also come with a sturdy round stool
  • With a pull-out center drawer
  • It has a beauty and fashion set that includes 1 pearl necklace, 2 pearl bracelets, earrings, 3 rings, 2 little perfume bottles, as well as a lipstick and lip gloss, a comb, 2 hair clips and hair dryer.

3. Teamson Kids Pretend Play Kids Vanity Table and Chair Vanity Set

Teach your small one to be boldly beautiful and confident in her very own unique way, starting early with a vanity table and chair set that is equally boldly beautiful with the perfect example being this delightful set from one of the authorities when it comes to making the best pretend toys for kids, Teamson Kids.Teamson Kids Pretend Play Kids Vanity Table and Chair Vanity Set

This attention-catcher is from a clever blend of medium density board (MDF) and solid wood that is eco-friendly, so when the time comes that your little girl is not so little anymore, or this unit reaches the end of its long service life, it will not be an environmental hazard.

This vanity set features a pink and white leopard-print 3-way paneled mirror for a panoramic view of your baby’s adorable outfit, with black frames and legs, along with a center drawer for your little princess to put her little trinkets in, also prettified with the sassy leopard print.

It also comes with a sturdy stool that can efficiently carry the weight of your little ones in style.

But, that is just one design! This set comes in 7 different designs with fun patterns to choose from, such as a chevron pattern, zebra pattern, tropical design, and polka dots in a variety of cool colors, each made to perfectly suit not only the room’s interior but the unique personality of your little beauty!


  • Vanity table’s dimension: 23.5L x 11.5W x 38.5H inches
  • Recommended for children 3 years old and up
  • Pretty in pink, white and black color scheme and a sassy leopard print design
  • With a pull-out drawer with knob to put little trinkets in
  • Made from eco-friendly CARB Phase 2- compliant MDF, solid wood, and plastic
  • Features a 3-way paneled mirror
  • Also comes with a square leopard print stool with black scalloped legs
  • Also available in purple chevron print with black, pink zebra print with white, blue tropical print with white, pink polka dots with white, and aqua blue and pink giraffe prints with white

4. Milliard Kids Vanity Makeup Table and Chair Set

Teaching your future professional or future professional to face the day gracefully and well made-up won’t be complete without her own little workspace for her to plan things out for the day.Milliard Kids Vanity Makeup Table and Chair Set

This set by Milliard Kids is every bit of perfect with its generous surface area that gives your little one bigger space for a bigger future!

There is definitely a reason why this vanity table and chair set is one of the crowd-favorites in the market and it is not difficult to see why.

The whole set is in the gentlest pink hue that is perfect for the gentlest of ladies with minimal designs like the heart cut-out shape accents.

The surface of its vanity table is with a pleasantly shiny finish that makes it look more expensive than it really is and with a wide surface area to boot, so your princess is not only able to polish herself up but she can also use it as a study table as it can fit many things on its generous tabletop!

It also features a drawer with stoppers, so at the end of her jolly day, she can just stash everything up and slide them away.

The rounded corner of its stool, as well as its shatter-resistant mirror is made for the safest playtime for your kids.


  • 25.5×15.75×42” for the vanity table and 13.5 height for the stool
  • Recommended for ages 3-9 years
  • Comes in a gentle baby pink color with heart accents
  • Vanity table can also double as a study table with its generous surface area
  • With a pull-out drawer with a knob and stoppers
  • Its mirror is shatter-resistant for safety
  • With a rounded stool that is equally safe for playtime
  • Easy assemble with tools included

5. Fantasy Fields Toy Furniture Swan Lake Vanity Table & Chair Set

Let your little performer know that beautiful dreams can come true with a vanity table and stool set that is a perfect fit for a princess, or a beautiful court dancer such as this one by Fantasy Fields.Fantasy Fields Toy Furniture Swan Lake Vanity Table & Chair Set

Crowns, ballet slippers, a ribbon and pretty delicate swans will surround your promising little one as she picks out her hair accessory for the day and brush her hair like a big girl with this Swan Lake inspired set.

Featuring a curving arched real mirror with a pretty little ribbon print on top and a spacious tabletop, your little girl will surely feel more than ready to conquer the long day starting it in this pretty little corner that is all hers.

It also comes with an equally attractive stool that can support weights up to 100 pounds, so your girl will not only be able to enjoy it as she grows up but you can also pass this on to the next little lady in the family.

Its convenient easy pull-out drawer will also teach her to be neat with her things in the loveliest way possible.

It also comes in two other equally captivating designs, Bouquet and Magic Garden


  • Dimensions of 30” x 20” x 40” for the vanity table
  • Recommended for kids 3 years old and up
  • With a coordinating stool that can support weights up to 100lbs.
  • Crowns and ballet slipper patterns adorn its center drawer and stool
  • Also comes in designs Bouquet and Magic Garden
  • Real mirror for clearer reflection with ribbon and swans as designs
  • A gentle white, light pink and gray color scheme
  • Made from sturdy wood painted with lead free paints
  • Easy assembly with detailed instructions

6. Teamson Kids Little Princess Rapunzel Kids Vanity Set with Mirror

Teaching her some valuable life lessons like hygienic manners isn’t hard when you’re equipped with the most attention-catching toys and sets such as this demure-looking vanity set by Teamson Kids.Teamson Kids Little Princess Rapunzel Kids Vanity Set with 3 Drawer and Mirror

Let her learn first-hand with this pink and white vanity table and chair that efficiently comes with not one, but three drawers for your little one to compartmentalize and organize her things in, from school stuff to beauty and fashion accessories!

Looking all fashionable with graceful carvings and white scalloped legs, she will surely love this!

Its oval-shaped mirror is made from sturdy Plexiglas material that will be safe even in the roughest of playtimes.


  • 23.75” x 11.75” x 38.63” for the table
  • White and pink color scheme
  • Recommended for kids 3 years old and up
  • With an oval Plexiglas mirror
  • Also features 3 functional drawers with knobs
  • It also has a coordinating stool with scalloped legs
  • Graceful carved detailing

7. Wildkin Kids Princess Wooden Vanity and Chair Set for Girls

It’s never too early to teach your little lady her value and worth and this princess vanity set by Wildkin Kids will always remind them of that.Wildkin Kids Princess Wooden Vanity and Chair Set for Girls

Starting with its golden inscription below the mirror that says “Always a Princess”, she will always be reminded of how valuable she is with this gift.

Let her gaze in its heart-shaped mirror that is topped with a grand crown as she sits in its luxurious purple and pink backed chair with a removable cushion.

With its spacious tabletop, there is plenty of space for her to tidy herself up and neatly put all her things away after use with its two heart-topped jewelry boxes; one is for storage and one is a musical box that plays “Pomp and Circumstance” so she can feel more inspired and hyped-up as she gets herself ready to face a promising future.


  • 37” x 15.5” x 32” for the table and 26.3” x 13.5” x 15” for the chair
  • Pink, purple, and gold color scheme
  • Made of super strong MDF and solid wood blend, making it long-lasting
  • Recommended for children of 3-6 years
  • Its chair has a heart-shaped back and removable cushion
  • Heart-shaped mirror is durable and topped with a crown
  • Featuring two jewelry boxes; one for storage and one that plays a tune

8. Teamson Kids-Little Lady Giselle Wooden Pretend Play Vanity Table and Chair Stool Play Set

Minimalist is super in and you can introduce this neat style to your little lady, too! Let her imagination have a blast with this crisp white vanity set with thin black trimmings by Teamson Kids!Teamson Kids-Little Lady Giselle Wooden Pretend Play Vanity Table and Chair Stool Play Set

With its seamless and immaculate white design, your little one will surely love decorating her new vanity corner in her own way, further improving her creative skills.

This lovely set features 3-paneled mirrors so she can see how pretty she is in every angle, as well as 2 drawers on the table top for her to put her little accessories in.

The tabletop has a generous surface area so she could also draw and write on it while sitting comfortably in its coordinating stylish stool.

Made from engineered wood, it is built to last and withstand the most rigorous of playtimes so she can continue to use it as she grows up into a fine young lady. She can even pass it down to her kids someday!


  • 23.5”L x 12”W x 39”H for the vanity table
  • Made from engineered wood
  • Minimalist black and white design
  • Featuring a 3-paneled mirror
  • Also comes with a stool in a cool curvy rectangular design
  • Mirror is made from unbreakable Plexiglas
  • Also with 2 functional drawers on either side

9. Little Tikes Ice Princess Magic Mirror-Roleplay Vanity

A beautiful future starts with big dreams and big dreams start with a rich imagination! So let your little one pretend that she is a successful grown-up as much as she likes with this complete vanity play set by Little Tikes.Little Tikes Ice Princess Magic Mirror-Roleplay Vanity

Aside from the basics, this impressive set comes with a comb, a nail polish, a lipstick and even a hair dryer to equip your young dreamer as she gets ready to conquer the day.

Its vanity table’s mirror is far from ordinary as this magic mirror lights up in the most fun way and even plays adorable sounds to make her girly time even livelier.

The accessories it comes with are neatly tucked in compartments that are made especially for them, so she will also be learning how to put things back nicely to back to their respective places as she plays.

Made from the sturdiest plastic material, this set will not even crack even if your young one throws it around the room, because let’s admit it, even princesses get bad days, too.


  • Table dimensions of 13.5” x 22” x 39.13”
  • Made of the sturdiest plastic material with sparkling flecks on it
  • Blue and pink color scheme
  • Comes with a sturdy pink backed chair
  • Magic mirror features fun lights and sounds
  • Also comes with accessories such as chair, hair dryer, comb, nail polish, and lipstick with their own compartments on the tabletop


Who isn’t dreaming of a perfect future for their little ones? Taking it one fabulous step at a time, a rich childhood that is full of fun playtimes is the first step towards developing a child who is confident to show off her skills and know her value so she can achieve bigger dreams while growing up.

Giving your dreamer her own little corner where she can be the boss will surely help her practice and develop wholesomely. So don’t hesitate to spoil your princess a little bit and get her her very own vanity table and chair set today!

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